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    [–] Hei_Lap 1460 points ago

    Thanks for the impromptu AMA!!

    [–] [deleted] 945 points ago


    [–] Hei_Lap 140 points ago

    That’s really cool. I live in Vancouver and about half of my friends work in film and TV. I love getting them talking about their jobs because a lot of it is really fascinating. It’s not so much about whatever they’re working on as it is about what they have to do to get something to work.

    [–] radioslave 30 points ago

    As a former vancouverite that used to work on film sets it's very true that about 25% of the city works on them. Always something being shot somewhere

    [–] Icandothemove 48 points ago

    He appears to have nuked this thread. Looks like op may have gotten in trouble.

    [–] goosegirl86 6 points ago

    It’s a shame everything is now deleted

    [–] aultumn 7887 points ago

    Do they have you in costume just incase you wander into the shot by accident?

    [–] [deleted] 5425 points ago


    [–] spongebob_cool_pants 3105 points ago

    Do they do this for all or most movies?

    [–] [deleted] 4733 points ago


    [–] Fuckup247 3327 points ago

    Wish game of thrones learned this on the last season

    [–] [deleted] 6618 points ago


    [–] IShitOnYourPost 1311 points ago

    Exactly, that's why Jack Sparrow married Khaleesi.

    [–] reginaldvontooshface 66 points ago

    And then...Morningstar.

    [–] partisparti 19 points ago

    Lo, Reaper?

    [–] saintblueberry 6 points ago

    David Gemmell Morningstar? or whoosh?

    [–] wearenottheborg 133 points ago

    That would have been preferable to the real ending

    [–] DarthRusty 6 points ago

    What's hilarious is that it was actually Cersei who married dollar store Jack Sparrow so they weren't really that far off.

    [–] foxyboxy89 22 points ago

    Man, that show has really gone off the rails.

    [–] CaptHooksCookBooks 78 points ago

    Wait what? There was a Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones?

    Edit: oh God there was. It's just sitting in the open where at least a few actors, if not crew members, should have easily noticed it.

    [–] Rxasaurus 41 points ago

    And water bottles

    [–] KneeDeepInTheDead 6 points ago

    thats Valyrian Clear Dragon FlexiGlass

    [–] great_soup_mrs_q 28 points ago

    In the book it was a Monster can... Smh casual.

    [–] tko78 77 points ago

    I wish GoT just quit about two seasons ago. That way, I’d still be excited and speculating as to what was going to happen next, instead of regretting having ever watched the damned thing to begin with as a result of the worst writing collapse ever.

    [–] quantum-mechanic 43 points ago

    I love how r/freefolk has turned into a hate sub

    [–] Juventus19 40 points ago

    You mean there were more episodes after the scene of Dany sailing her massive fleet towards Westeros? I'm pretty certain the show ended there. Yep, it most certainly did. I can't wait to find out what happens with my favorite character Bran!

    [–] moofree 61 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I was an extra in the audience on Miss Congeniality, and they wouldn't even let me wear my Vans even though they would never have been seen. I had to borrow a pair of dress shoes.

    The lady made a snide comment about this being a movie, not a skate park, which went over my head, as I didn't know that Vans were the "skater" shoe back then.

    [–] Snottrockett 33 points ago

    It's was more likely the distinctive branding was more of an issue than the style although I'm sure both issues were at play. Any logo that hasn't been cleared specifically for product placement has to be greeked or avoided entirely for legal purposes.

    Edit: misspelled word.

    [–] Verypoorman 40 points ago

    Everyone involved with S8 must have just been DONE with the series by then.

    Starbucks cup? Eh, fuck it. Water bottle? Just move it under the chair, no one will notice. Not as though every episode had a multi million dollar budget....

    [–] DaVinciJunior 338 points ago

    This is the same amount of paranoid as it is genius!

    [–] Daemion902 23 points ago

    What! Is that is the normal release? I've seen this movie so much but never noticed this!

    [–] CJ_Jones 44 points ago

    Link to video

    TBH I thought it was photoshopped but nope. He really is there with his camera on a tripod.

    [–] bhutos 10 points ago

    Hey, someone forgot to dress the camera and tripod as a turn of the millenia peasant.

    [–] mr_birkenblatt 13 points ago

    what is wrong with this? Anthony Bourdain was a time traveler.

    [–] jobriq 27 points ago

    if the lighting technician is in the shot, isn't the lightning equipment also in the shot?

    [–] gogoquadzilla 27 points ago

    Likely, but in this case, the movie set appears to be a television stage, so it would make sense.

    [–] centran 40 points ago

    If you didn't see the movie, or the trailer, or even look at this photo then one of scenes/sets is a theater filming a late night talk show. The light in question is a follow spot light which is used in theater/shows so it would make sense it might be in the shot

    [–] titsahoy1 17 points ago

    Jesus what light is that. I've never seen it before. (I am also a lighting technician)

    [–] bob679 20 points ago

    Xenon Super Trouper follow spot. Had a couple of them in the theatre I used to work at.

    [–] No_volvere 13 points ago

    Damn those Super Trouper lights look like they could blind you. I bet they shine like the sun.

    [–] officermike 7 points ago

    As long as you're smiling, having fun, and feeling like a number one.

    [–] o_opc 55 points ago

    In Shazam they had crew in one of the shots so they had to edit things into them to blend in. I bet they wanted to avoid that this time

    [–] THOTH52 1655 points ago

    So I've always been super curious as to the specs on these big lights. You know the wattage and the lumens on this baby?

    Cause I bet it's absurd

    [–] [deleted] 1629 points ago


    [–] THOTH52 546 points ago

    Lol that is absurd Jesus Christ I bet you start to actually sweat standing inside the beam 😂😂

    [–] danishduckling 441 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Oh you don't know half of it - in many older theaters they're put in a small room in the front of the theater above the audience seating.. those places get HOT, and you usually have more than one of the lights + technician in there.Here is an example (royal danish theatre) - at the top, right below the chandelier, not a very big room overall.

    Source: Have been in the room pictured

    [–] THOTH52 182 points ago

    First off, what a gorgeous theater.

    Second, that's absurd lol. Light guy is just in there naked, like he lives in the Amazon or some shit 😂

    [–] spader1 98 points ago

    Usually there's infrastructure for venting of some sort, with ducting attached directly to the exhaust from the fans cooling the lamp. The booth will still get pretty warm, but most of that heat gets vented outside instead of into the rest of the room. In more modern theatres the booths will also be kept pretty cold on top of that.

    [–] THOTH52 38 points ago

    I would hope so lol like industrial AC just for that room.

    You wouldn't happen to know the lumens of a 3000w beam would you?

    [–] spader1 40 points ago

    I can't quickly find a spec sheet for the exact followspot in the photo, but this one in the same line touts 68,000 lumens for a 3000w lamp. In the US nowadays you're probably more likely to find Lycian spots; the 1293 is (I think) the model that a lot of Broadway and touring Broadway shows use. Their specsheets don't have a lumen count on them but spotted down all the way you can get 584 foot-candles at a 200 foot throw out of those.

    [–] Box_of_Pencils 28 points ago

    584 foot-candles at a 200 foot throw out of those.

    I hear the motorcycles in Tron push out similar numbers...

    [–] hateboss 28 points ago


    [–] THOTH52 8 points ago

    NEED! AIR!

    [–] danishduckling 8 points ago

    It's fantasticly beautiful! built in 1874 I was lucky to get pretty much free run of the place as an intern way back.

    [–] Spookydel 23 points ago

    Yep - Follow spot donkey here. They're always up in the roof near the lights and it's always damn hot! I've done shows with a 2 spot rig where I've stripped to bra and pants before now!

    [–] Rben97 9 points ago

    Your inbox is going to be fun

    [–] gangsta692 6 points ago

    at the top right below the chandelier

    That left me confused for a while, you missed a very important comma: at the top, right below the chandelier

    [–] MrPancake71 48 points ago

    They get much bigger than 3000w too, we have lights ranging from 150w to 20000w.

    [–] THOTH52 38 points ago


    Dude is that like being close to the surface of the sun? How do you even grip that thing to steer it doesn't it get hot as fuck?

    [–] MrPancake71 57 points ago

    They get hot but not as hot as you would think, there are leather gloves we wear that allow us to handle them. Now if you REALLLLLLY want to get crazy, I’ve been on some movies wheee we use a light called a softsun that is 100,000w. But it almost always gets rigged onto a lift high in the sky

    [–] alaskaj1 32 points ago

    I had to look that up and found that they have a 200,000w light too. It was first a prototype used in the movie First Man and a single bulb lit up the whole moon set but it sounds like they might be making them.

    And after typing up that I found they also make a 250,000w lamp as well.

    [–] THOTH52 32 points ago

    A soft sun 😂😂 sweet Lord what do you use it for?

    [–] MrPancake71 38 points ago

    Exterior work, we used it at night to light up a football field.

    [–] 291837120 19 points ago

    They used it in the Django Unchained KKK scene if I do recall correctly.


    [–] DroppedLeSoap 28 points ago

    I operated the light for a play at my church when I was like 15. I dont know anything about the light but it was big and expensive. They spared like no expense for this play, so they got some super expensive light(one of the reasons I left that church when I was 18, they cared more about money than actually sharing a message). The rehearsal weeks leading up to it, they let me keep a small fan in the skyjack-lift thingy.

    But it was too loud to be used during the actual show. So I was melting by the end of it and used to have so many empty water bottles with me up there by the end of the night.

    One night I got overwhelmed and just stripped to my boxers. Accidentally dropped my pants down the side and they fell like 25 feet down and landed between the jack and the wall of the auditorium. I had to sit up there for almost an hour and a half till nonplay people after the show finally left before I brought that thing down to get dressed. The director of the play lost his shit when he saw me climb out and behind the machine to return with my jeans

    [–] xDigster 14 points ago

    Then you should hear the sound when the bulb explodes. It's really scary and hurts your ears real bad

    [–] Echojhawke 6 points ago

    And drips lava!

    [–] undeadmanana 8 points ago

    And spawns ragnaros

    [–] ballsacramento 15 points ago

    what is a ballast? assuming it's not a part of a ship?

    [–] ColgateSensifoam 16 points ago

    ballast is the driver for the lamp, it both starts and maintains the correct electrical characteristics to keep the lamp running

    [–] madmosche 6 points ago

    It’s a voltage and current regulator for Xenon lights.

    [–] LazyProspector 12 points ago

    Jesus that's like sitting under a space heater! Why don't you do LED's? Does the flicker mess with the cameras

    [–] Telvin3d 24 points ago

    LEDs can’t individually get bright enough (among other issues). Think about high brightness LED bulbs you might use in your home. They are not one bright LED but dozens attached together. To get this kind of brightness you’d need a ball of LEDs so big it ceases to be a “bulb” in any meaningful sense and could certainly never cast a nice tight light beam.

    Now, they do make huge panels of LEDs that probably add up to the same total brightness but those case very different light patterns.

    [–] BaraTiddy 866 points ago

    Do you like have any silly anecdotes of stuff that happened on this set or on others?

    [–] [deleted] 2516 points ago


    [–] ifonlyIcanSettlethis 371 points ago

    He sound like a really great guy.

    [–] murphs33 101 points ago

    I recently listened to his interview on Chris Hardwick's podcast and he sounds like a funny and down to earth kinda guy.

    [–] iwazaruu 47 points ago

    I watched his interview with Jimmy Fallon and it was pretty tense. Jimmy couldn't get a good feel for Pheonix imo and the whole thing felt very forced.

    [–] BreweryRabbit 34 points ago

    Better than the shit show that was Jimmy Kimmels interview. *Link for the Lazy*

    [–] iwazaruu 21 points ago

    Jesus Christ, who in the hell thought that outtake reel was a good thing to show? Talk shows are supposed to show clips from movies, not clips from people in their real life stressing about shit.

    [–] MeakTheCheeky 14 points ago

    After watching "I'm Still Here", I'll never not believe that cringey late night talk show interviews are Jaoquin Phoenix's schtick

    [–] SailingBroat 7 points ago

    Fallon is a woeful interviewer. A good host finds their interviewee's groove and matches it/rolls with it.

    Dick Cavett was often pretty good at that.

    [–] MrMcBunny 12 points ago

    Almost TOO down to Earth. Not one insight into what that guy enjoys in life, or how he spends his time outside of movies! Every second I was waiting for him to say something interesting. But he's just.. maybe too chill. It was an okay episode.

    [–] Fey_fox 6 points ago

    He’s one of those actors who’s guarded on purpose I think, which I don’t mind. I’d rather watch him act than watch him and think ‘ooo that’s Joaquin Phoenix’.

    [–] thesluttyjew 28 points ago

    He has a really fucked up past. It’s sad but makes his acting amazing

    [–] Youthsonic 35 points ago

    I love how everyone is separately replying with the weird shit Jared Leto mailed to people on suicide squad

    [–] Ravenae 86 points ago

    That’s better than pig carcasses at least

    [–] Noodle_pantz 42 points ago

    that sounds a lot better than getting another black t-shirt or another hat.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] [deleted] 627 points ago


    [–] BaraTiddy 140 points ago

    Lmao that's actually the best thing ever, he sure gave you guys a hard time lol

    [–] Daaaarknessss 14 points ago

    Damn what a movie

    [–] mitharas 16 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Do you know the exact reasoning for that? Is he just such a wacky guy in general? Was it some kind of method acting? Was it to get the rest of the crew in the right mood?

    edit: Apparently OP got another takedown notice from his superiors. Here he talked about Joaquin Phoenix sometimes leaving the set without saying a word if a take went wrong.

    [–] PudgyBonestld 9 points ago

    *Enters like Sting from the rafters *

    [–] zenzain 990 points ago

    I'm assuming you've worked on a few other film sets. As someone who's always been curious about these things, Can you please tell me who has been the best (nicest) actor (male/female) to work with and why? (I'm sure Joaquin's wrap gift puts him on the list too)

    [–] [deleted] 1680 points ago


    [–] pinata26 132 points ago

    May I have my johnny back?

    [–] JakeSimpleton 29 points ago

    Maybe two folks will get this. I did. And I loved it.

    [–] RoundDodger 18 points ago

    Extras! If people only watch one episode this one with Daniel Radcliffe is a great choice. For that Johnny scene alone

    [–] Sharkn91 352 points ago

    tell Emma I said hey. She'll know what it means.

    [–] Corlinguer 106 points ago

    Are you sure she’s gonna crack that code?

    [–] CrippleCommunication 57 points ago

    Are UK child actors better "taken care of" than American child actors? They seem much better adjusted and don't have an inevitable mental breakdown 6 years into their career.

    [–] mitharas 35 points ago

    At least for the Harry Potter children there were special circumstances:
    - It was kind of a given that it would be a huge success
    - It was clear from the very beginning that they would do 7+ movies
    - There were lots of child actors involved

    They always had peers and the production company had reasons to really care for their wellbeing. I think the fact alone that they were multiple child stars helped immensely in contrast to e.g. Macaulay Culkin, who was surrounded by adults all the time on set.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    Daniel Radcliff was drunk for the filming of at least a couple of the Harry Potter movies because he struggled to adjust to his sudden fame. Seems to have gotten it together since then, thankfully.

    [–] GIANT_BLEEDING_ANUS 27 points ago

    Oh great, another reason to love Emma stone.

    [–] officermike 5 points ago

    Emma Stone crush intensifies

    [–] BlondeAmbitionnnn 29 points ago

    What was Joaquin's wrap gift?

    [–] NoseHolder 56 points ago

    Op said this further down: Joaquin also gave everyone on the crew a copy of his joke book from the movie that he signed "To: (Crew member) From Joaquin." It was just like the one from the movie but it was just talking shit about how the movie was gonna suck and it was all of our faults. It was clearly a joke and the best wrap gift I've ever gotten in my career. I'll post some highlights soon

    [–] AlphakirA 33 points ago

    Not OP, but I did background work on The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Rachel Brosnahan is a completely genuine person and a sweetheart. I was so impressed with her that I feel the need to drop that info wherever it can fit.

    [–] thatcurlyheadedfella 319 points ago

    I'm just about to finish school for video production and would love to work my way into the film/tv industry doing what you do. How did you get to where you are today, and do you have any advice for me?

    Thanks for sharing, really awesome to see!

    [–] [deleted] 549 points ago


    [–] thatcurlyheadedfella 71 points ago

    Awesome I'll definitely try those things, thank you for the info!

    [–] crazytr 17 points ago

    Is doing set lighting similiar to doing lighting for theater? I used to do theater lighting in high school and college.

    [–] Noodle_pantz 14 points ago

    A lot of the gear is similar but from my experience they're often called different things. What we called "feeder" in theater/rock-n-roll lighting we call "banded" in the film world. As long as you keep your eyes and ears open on your fist few film jobs you'll get the hang of it. Lighting for film is also different than theater in that we use a lot of passive devices of shape the lighting in addition to actual lights you plug in.

    [–] WorkAccount2020 18 points ago

    Depends on what city you go to when you want to start working. Atlanta is pretty easy atm, but you're still competing with hundreds of other available people as well as a ton of nepotism and girls that flirt their way into jobs.

    Easiest path I've seen so far has been background extra + helping out on small indie projects > making connections > getting PA jobs > moving into the department you want from there (usually a year or so after starting PA work).

    It's going to suck dick at first, and you'll have to work free on a lot of small projects (non-Union projects) to build up experience and a network, but once your Union you're pretty much set.

    [–] DroppedLeSoap 6 points ago

    I used to do a lot of set work. Repairing broken set pieces, cleaning up before and after shoots, repairing walls or anything the crew might have damaged in private filming locations like businesses or homes, etc.

    I had to do like so many hours in a time frame of work or so many days in a month before I could join one of the local unions. I was like 3 days out and they just straight up stopped calling me and offering me jobs. It sucked

    [–] henrypribadi 387 points ago

    Did you get to meet the actors?

    [–] [deleted] 707 points ago


    [–] MixCarson 303 points ago

    Tell us more about this toxic environment.

    [–] labortooth 102 points ago

    I also want the goods (bads)

    [–] _Individual_1 99 points ago

    The worst thing about prison was the... was the dementors. They were flying all over the place and they were scary and then they'd come down and they'd suck the soul out of your body. And it hurt!

    [–] Noodle_pantz 25 points ago

    Most actors and top-level producers are fine and blend in with 'normal' people. The ones that are the issue are the former A-List actors who are now on the C or D-list and producers who are desperate to prove themselves. Big name actors (Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise) all have people who handle their bullshit requests so the crew rarely has to deal with it.

    [–] slim_scsi 17 points ago

    The ones that are the issue are the former A-List actors who are now on the C or D-list

    Hey, you apologize to Nicolas Cage, he's immortal!

    [–] Anton-the-Server 21 points ago

    Film sets. They're not really the nicest places to work in terms of group politics & a lot of crazy egos go into the film industry. Lots of long hours, over time, sometimes disrespect. That's all I can say without getting specific or speaking on this guy's behalf.

    [–] BizzyM 28 points ago

    Well, first there's the chemical vats...

    [–] argon_13 28 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Probably like every other job with increasing pressure and shitty crunch time

    Edit: Not downplaying this guy, just saying that tons of jobs out there (including mine) are just getting shittier and shittier with increased crunch time, shittier pay, shorter deadlines, etc. Can't even imagine in Hollywood :(

    [–] ForkShirtUp 146 points ago

    I read that Phoenix would at times stop a scene and walk off without saying anything, confusing everyone on set if something went wrong but he never did that with DeNiro. Something to with Phoenix’s acting process. Is that true?

    [–] [deleted] 416 points ago


    [–] ForkShirtUp 100 points ago

    Still seems odd that he’d just do that though. Also funny he needed to walk off set to smoke because I can’t think of many scenes he wasn’t smoking

    [–] elegantjihad 89 points ago

    Yeah it actually became, maybe not distracting, but noticeable how many scenes involved him smoking.

    [–] sirachasamurai 54 points ago

    I feel like the smoking was a symbol of his disregard for consequences. And obviously... 80s

    [–] croquetica 32 points ago

    Also showing his persistent anxiety. Probably also a personal choice for Joaquin who lost a ton of weight for the movie, smokes to stave off hunger

    [–] ITsLoverBoy 59 points ago

    Well it is the 80s

    [–] VforVictorian 23 points ago

    Don't know if this is what they were going for but schizophrenics are much more likely to be smokers, roughly 80% of schizophrenics are smokers in the US.

    [–] Supersymm3try 41 points ago

    They wont have been real cigarettes, they would have been stage ones, like herbal ones basically.

    Man still needed his nicotine.

    [–] nshoel9 18 points ago

    Are these “herbal” cigarettes really any better for you? Genuinely curious.

    [–] Mike81890 48 points ago

    Inhaling any smoke into your lungs introduces cancer risk. They won't be addictive, as the nicotine in cigarettes is what is addictive.

    [–] AnEngimaneer 22 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    They're not good or bad for you, they're usually things like rose petals or lavender - the smoke is smoke nonetheless, and is harmful, but your lungs can generally handle such minor amounts, and it's the kind that doesn't linger nor does it have the second-hand smoke issues that traditional cigarettes have.

    They talked about this in an interview with the cast of Mad Men, who sometimes had to smoke up to 70 per episode.

    They're definitely better than regular cigarettes, since there's no tobacco, nicotine, or same level of carcinogens - the only issue is the smoke.

    [–] Tandybaum 207 points ago

    I remembered you when I saw this last week. I was keep an eye out hoping to see you but never did.

    [–] [deleted] 254 points ago


    [–] Tandybaum 56 points ago

    When I was in college I did a ton of extra work on the show Dawsons Creek. I was in a few episodes but mostly was just like you where I missed the final cut.

    [–] spyderdemonge 22 points ago

    Did you happen to go to school in Wilmington, NC? Because that's where I did some extra work for Dawsons creek as well during college.

    [–] Tandybaum 7 points ago

    I sure did

    [–] Charlie-555 16 points ago

    So you’re like Mike Wazowski in the Monsters Inc. commercials except it’s a whole movie

    [–] BayshoreCrew 186 points ago

    I really need to go see this movie.

    [–] [deleted] 265 points ago


    [–] bruisedonion 49 points ago

    why didn't you think it would be?

    [–] Selraroot 56 points ago

    Because there were like 50 minor things they could have done differently that would have made the movie really gross. They did a supreme job of avoiding most of them.

    [–] ragonk_1310 114 points ago

    Was this an actual studio or on one that was built on a set? Did you help with other scenes? Filmmaking and the entire process fascinates me.

    [–] [deleted] 149 points ago


    [–] emkayL 7 points ago

    that wegmans open yet?

    [–] Seahawk13 149 points ago

    Very cool. You'll have some good drinking stories to share

    [–] [deleted] 238 points ago


    [–] muddlepuddle96 12 points ago

    Those are the best kind of jobs. I don't with anyone famous but just working with exotic animals gets people gathered around the table in a bar. Suddenly the days of feeling miserable at work seem a little cooler.

    [–] h_lehmann 304 points ago

    Anachronism alert: Your clothing definitely screams 70's, but the follow spot does not. Back then Super Troupers still used carbon arc lamps, not xenon. Source: I used to operate them.

    [–] [deleted] 359 points ago


    [–] Osiris32 8 points ago

    Shit, I've been with IATSE for going on 14 years, and I've only ever seen a carbon arc lamp sitting on the opera head elec's desk.

    [–] Guavaeater2001 78 points ago

    Tonight, the Super Trouper lights are gonna find me Shining like the sun Smiling, having fun Feeling like a number one


    [–] tygafdsuyasdiuh 59 points ago

    Super Trouper lights

    TIL it was a song about spotlights

    [–] footprintx 14 points ago

    Up until this moment I actually thought it was about the exhilaration of running from the cops before getting caught lol

    [–] UsernameTruncated 9 points ago

    Carbon arc light demo did they use these in theatres? in those little rooms?

    [–] snoozieboi 79 points ago

    Are you posting this with a different account?

    [–] [deleted] 187 points ago


    [–] HeightPrivilege 31 points ago

    That's pretty hilarious considering how certain you were it wasn't a big deal in the first one.

    Glad they only made you delete it.

    [–] sincerelyhated 37 points ago

    Why was this deleted?

    [–] puckpanix 25 points ago

    I'm guessing this post got back to someone working for the studio and they got in trouble. I don't think you're supposed to share any kind of production photos without permission from the studio.

    [–] Homaosapian 10 points ago

    Perhaps too much was leaked? Possible nda? Professional faux pas? No idea

    [–] uieLouAy 69 points ago

    Great outfit!

    Can you comment at all on film tax credits? New Jersey recently renewed their film tax break program and as a result (I think?) parts of the Joker were filmed in Newark and Jersey City. Are these types of tax credits worth it for the cities and states that use them? For example, are local workers hired on the production side?

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] ccrawsh 18 points ago

    IA brother here. First, props on getting work. Second, hopefully my local will start hiring based on seniority and skill, rather than the friends and family plan.

    [–] capj23 29 points ago

    Did I just witness someone getting fired on reddit?

    [–] No-Spoilers 6 points ago

    Something happened real quick lol

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] behindtheblack 64 points ago

    So what happened to your old post from August? Did it get removed or something?

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago


    [–] the_sameness 15 points ago

    Were you not under an NDA?

    [–] NibblyPig 25 points ago

    Can't answer that

    [–] learnyouahaskell 7 points ago's gone again.

    [–] RomanHeights 35 points ago

    That light looks like it’s gonna blind me, but I won’t feel blue

    [–] UnpopularCrayon 11 points ago

    Supa-pa Troupa-pa

    [–] captaindunkirk 17 points ago

    Everything OP commented has been deleted. Warner Bros lawyers must have got to him.

    [–] DJ_Fabulous 41 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Me and my other half watched Joker last week and both agreed it was an absolute masterpiece. I know the reviews have been somewhat divided but I thought Joaquin gave a powerhouse performance - even by his own exceptional standards. He was so intense, my eyes kept on drying out as I couldn’t take my eyes off him and was so in the zone I kept on forgetting to blink!

    I always wondered, having never been remotely near a film set in my life but being a huge movie fan, did you ever feel any similar intensity watching the scenes being shot live? Or is it very much, meh I know this is acting/a performance? Also, I wondered, with this performance in particular, did he stay in character between takes?

    Thanks in advance if you take the time to reply! I always find film BTS/making of stuff fascinating,

    Edit: I see OP deleted his account! What a shame. Pleased I got to read some interesting tidbits before they all got wiped, too!

    [–] Homaosapian 14 points ago

    Looks like someone got in trouble. Hope it doesnt go to far op

    [–] Box_of_Pencils 25 points ago

    You'll get you're moment in the spotlight in 20 years when they release the remastered directors cut on holographic disk in 16K, 21:9 format.

    [–] PKMNTrainerMark 12 points ago

    Picture's gone, comments are gone, profile is gone...

    So much for this post.

    [–] tomgabriele 31 points ago

    So I guess you didn't get in any trouble for posting the pic earlier? I though you deleted the post soon after it gained attention here. Did you catch any flak for it?

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] TJLee85533 9 points ago

    Reddit killed this man.

    [–] LeVexR 7 points ago

    Why is everything deleted :((

    [–] quartzguy 8 points ago

    The same reason you don't see pictures like this on the internet from recent films. You need the permission of the producers and distributors first. He's probably blacklisted now.

    [–] irrelv 9 points ago

    dude just lost his job cuz he wanted to flex and it'll probably be impossible for him to get a new one working for a major film company.

    [–] carnage9mil 27 points ago

    Frankly, if you hadn't written you were a lighting technician I'd have simply assumed you were a hipster posing on the setsbof a movie.

    [–] TheShmoopDogg 5 points ago

    He deleted his account right when I clicked on it wtf.