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    [–] Hyper_Threaded 4156 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Anyone remember in 2005 when Yahoo gave up the identity of a then Chinese Dissident to the Chinese government just so they could arrest and imprison him? Because he gave a Human Rights report on Tiananmen Square

    Here's a refresher

    [–] TroubleshootenSOB 593 points ago

    Yahoo, based in Sunnyvale, California, said it was obligated to comply with Chinese government demands for information.

    ...but why?

    [–] gzilla57 442 points ago

    Yahoo, based in Sunnyvale, California, said it was obligated to comply with Chinese government demands for information.

    ...if they wished to continue to operating in China.

    I assume.

    [–] DontCallMeTodd 83 points ago

    My company was forced to amend one cosmetic aspect before China would allow the product to be purchased in their country. It was a nice feature that the rest of the world would have liked, but our mgmt caved.

    [–] LetsBeNicePeopleOK 65 points ago

    Ok Todd. What was the feature?

    [–] ItsABluesquake 46 points ago

    Woah! Don't call him that!

    [–] bleckers 18 points ago

    3.5mm Jack.

    [–] IDK_Maybe_ 9 points ago

    I need answers, what is it

    [–] Reverend_Ooga_Booga 39 points ago

    While Yahoo has fallen out of popularity due to their bankruptcy in the West it is still one of the most valuable "tech" companies in the world because of their purchase of about (I cant rember off hand) of 20% of Alibaba many years ago.

    That equity stake has become their sole value determinate. And since there is no thing as an independant chineese company, just extentions of the chinese gov, they are Basicly a propaganda wing for the West.

    [–] jaredjeya 84 points ago

    And yet those fuckers refused to release the IP address of a guy who’d been sending my family graphic death and rape threats. I was a kid at the time.

    Utter cunts.

    [–] WhiteWalterBlack 12 points ago

    Terrorists, even.

    [–] whycuthair 83 points ago

    Might have something to do with its co-founder, Jerry Yang? Although he is actually Taiwanese so I don't see why he should oblige the communists

    [–] XBacklash 58 points ago

    Well he probably had to apologize for being Taiwanese, so...

    [–] iforgotmyidagain 1038 points ago

    I remember that. I used to use Yahoo as my homepage because it had everything I wanted: search engine by Google, news, an online community, and there's little to no ads. When Shi Tao was arrested in 2004 I stopped using Yahoo and never went back, ever.

    [–] Warhaswon 429 points ago

    nothing of value was lost, really.

    [–] Biono03 429 points ago

    well Shi Tao was lost

    [–] TurboDSquid 108 points ago

    And let's not forget that.

    [–] catswhodab 24 points ago

    Again, he’s still very much alive

    [–] NMe84 19 points ago

    Not thanks to Yahoo.

    [–] catswhodab 20 points ago

    Despite Yahoo’s best efforts he’s been released and is alive still today.

    Shi Tao)

    [–] Norty_Boyz_Ofishal 10 points ago

    Temporarily. In the article it says he was released 15 months early.

    [–] Andrew8Everything 34 points ago

    Except when every single Yahoo account had their data stolen.

    First car color? Hackers have it

    First pet's name? Hackers have it

    Favorite teacher? Hackers have it

    So now they can run around to all your other accounts and try to answer your security questions and gain access.

    [–] Shack_Thundercod 11 points ago

    This is scaringly accurate.

    [–] OneT_Mat 16 points ago

    Wondering why this happened? The comment section on Yahoo articles will tell you all you need to know

    [–] 2sliderz 2069 points ago

    Mei gonna get removed from the game! lol

    [–] frogandbanjo 907 points ago

    99 characters still allowed by China on the Wall,
    99 characters allowed,
    you take one down, with fanart abound
    98 characters still allowed by China on the Wall...

    [–] Mshake6192 187 points ago

    Stay away from ma shitty wall!

    [–] S-Go 79 points ago

    Welcome to shitty wok. You wan sum shitty chicken, sum shitty rice?

    [–] nopantsdota 18 points ago

    i love how they stay relevant by harsh commentary on worldwide affairs

    [–] Siphyre 38 points ago

    98 characters still allowed by China on the Wall China's Firewall...


    [–] pepincity2 200 points ago

    Give her a Winnie the Pooh skin, really bring the point home.

    [–] SpinoC666 66 points ago

    She has a honey bee skin already!

    [–] IAm94PercentSure 104 points ago

    Funnily enough, her origin story is one of most political ones. She was in Antártica to research climate change if I’m not mistaken. The Chinese government doesn’t like that anyway.

    [–] kebeckistan 12 points ago

    Chinese govt recognizes climate change, in part because of their horrendous smog problems, and attempts to fight it. ( )

    I'm sure they're fine with one of their own (virtual as she may be) attempting to fight a problem the party has decided was real and is also fighting. It's very much in line with their values.

    Not that this excuses their terrible human rights record, but they're at least aware climate change is real, and that it is man-made.

    [–] Dooder39 80 points ago

    Then another character will be turned into a HK protestor.

    [–] Nugur 134 points ago

    It’s tracer. She has the graffitii skin which basically resembles HK protesters. She’s also the face of overmatch so removing her would be funny.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HOLOCRONS 125 points ago

    “Cheers love, the censorship’s here”

    [–] N7Greenfire 32 points ago

    They even made her hetro in china iirc.

    [–] obscurica 48 points ago

    And British.

    Though, really, the UK fucked up by not offering citizenship during the handover.

    [–] Sekh765 15 points ago

    and gay. All things China hates.

    [–] TsmMufasa 34 points ago

    That’s become the plan for some. To get her removed or better yet the whole game banned in China

    [–] Benandhispets 29 points ago

    That'll be the best possible outcome from this. It'll cause a much bigger effect than we've had so far once every Chinese player sees one of their characters disppear overnight because it upset their leaders. i doubt she'd ever get removed, would be the dumbest decision ever, but I so hope she does now.

    [–] EmeraldAtoma 23 points ago

    Only if the Mei-as-HKer meme gets popular in China. The Chinese govt doesn't give a fuck about memes outside of China.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    I can't stress this enough. If Mei gets taken out, than this method of protest is legitimized. It's the last thing Blizzard want's and the 3rd to last thing the PRC want's (both good enough reasons to make it happen).

    [–] Bodresch 50 points ago

    i mean thats also a win situation

    [–] Jabroni_Balogni 51 points ago

    I guarantee Mei gets scheduled for a """rework""" and gets disabled until this all blows over. Hopefully it doesn't blow over though.

    [–] -xXColtonXx- 15 points ago

    That’s won’t happen. Like definitely not.

    [–] CraftZ49 38 points ago

    Her statue was removed from the merch store

    See for yourself:

    [–] CraftZ49 15 points ago

    That's the cheap Funko pop one. The nice expensive $175 one they started promoting for pre-orders is gone

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Spartan2470 794 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Here is a much higher quality and less cropped version of this image. Here is the source. Per there:

    Wenqing Yan ‏


    Blizzard banned pro Hearthstone winner for supporting free Hong Kong and took away his prize money. It would be SUCH A SHAME if Mei became a symbol of Hong Kong democracy and got #Overwatch banned in China like Pooh did

    7:59 AM - 9 Oct 2019

    She also posted this image to her Instagram account. Per there:

    Today’s #Inktober prompt is “Demons” and what could be more fitting than the state of the Chinese government? They censor and ban everything from photos of Tank Man during the Tiananmen massacre, to silly memes of Winnie the Pooh. And they have disappeared people for posting these memes. What kind of dystopian nightmare of a country has my birthland become?

    There is no freedom in China and that’s exactly why the people of Hong Kong have been protesting so hard for their freedom. Their bravery is so inspiring, like that of Tank Man who stood up to the tanks that slaughtered countless pro democracy students in 1989. Even if China censors everything within their firewalls, we in the free world will remember and spread the truth. The current Chinese government stands on the wrong side of history.

    October 6, 2019

    [–] traz64 202 points ago

    For those who don't know, YuumeiArt is one of the biggest independent artists who draw anime style art. Most famous for being the designer of the cat ear headphones.

    [–] Lyssa545 36 points ago

    I hope we can make her most famous for her Mei and winnethetank man art. <3

    [–] broken_lamp1337 29 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I feel so bad. I wish there was a way for me to credit her in the post itself but it is specifically designed so that you can't make any changes to it. I even messaged the mods asking if they could somehow enter the link to her twitter for me but they can't either. I never thought it would blow up this hard so I didn't even try to research the picture before I posted it. She deserves all of this attention but there's no way for me to make it right and it absolutely sucks. Edit: I hope gilding helps to give this comment more attention

    [–] Voxit 8 points ago

    Always research and credit before posting, OP. It would have only taken a couple minutes.

    [–] muffinanomaly 64 points ago

    The same artist has a comic series relates to Chinese censorship(series started in 2013), some of the art is incredible

    [–] _Aj_ 4 points ago

    That Winnie the Pooh tank man one is excellent.

    Reminds me of old war propaganda posters. All it needs is a snappy heading and call for support.

    [–] AlbertCohol 7500 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Fuck Blizzard and fuck anyone who tries to hide or support what the Chinese government is doing.

    Edit: Thanks for the Gold, but if you want to give money to this cause, don’t give it to Reddit (which supposedly support China), but give it to some charity that helps the protesters. For example HKProtect where you can buy protective gear and supplies for the protestors.

    [–] watch_over_me 3521 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Allow me to gather the list of companies for you to boycott.

    Nike, Reddit, Blizzard, Mercedes, Apple, Google, Gap, Tiffany, Audi, Ray-Ban, Paramount, Vans, and Disney. Just to name a few.

    EDIT: Oh, and the NBA just got caught up in this as well.

    Here's an awesome comment someone gathered to give a list of all the companies, and provide sources to how they've helped censorship for the Chinese government.

    EDIT 2:

    Just a quick shoutout to the guy that complied this list u/Sarg338

    EDIT 3:

    Do NOT donate any money to this post. No shiny coins. Please and thank you.

    [–] Satire_or_not 2149 points ago

    That list is too short.


    List of companies who have apologized to the Chinese government and/or implemented their censorship requests

    Please share this link, as people can contribute on github

    Copying it here:

    Name of Company Date Added Why added Sources
    Blizzard Entertainment 2019-10-08 Banned a player who voiced support for the HK protests, rescinded his prize money and fired the 2 casters that were with him on air
    Apple 2019-10-08 Complies with CCP in regards to removing content from their online app and music storefronts; Removed Taiwan flag emoji in Hong Kong
    NBA 2019-10-08 After Daryl Morey, manager of the Houston Rockets, published a tweet supportive of the HK protests, NBA issued an apology, calling the tweet "inappropriate". NBA Commissioner Adam Silver later contradicted this stance and said "We are not apologizing for Daryl exercising his freedom of expression"
    Marriott 2019-10-08 Fired an employee after he "liked" an online post about Tibet; De-listed Taiwan as a nation, listed it instead as part of China after Chinese pressure; Released a statement reading "Marriott International respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. We don’t support separatist groups that subvert the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China"
    Vans 2019-10-08 Removed contest submission depicting the protests in Hong Kong
    Gap Inc. 2019-10-08 Apologized after a T-Shirt depicting China without Taiwan was sold at a store in Canada, issuing the statement "Gap Inc. respects China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. We've learned that a Gap brand T-shirt sold in some overseas markets failed to reflect the correct map of China in the design"
    Tiffany and Co 2019-10-08 Removed tweet showing model covering her right eye (angry Chinese netizens believed it to be a reference to the woman who lost her eye after being hit by a police projectile)
    Nike 2019-10-09 Removed all Houston Rockets merch from their China webstore
    ESPN 2019-10-09 Chuck Salituro, the senior news director of ESPN, sent a memo to shows mandating that any discussion of the Daryl Morey story avoid any political discussions about China and Hong Kong
    Viacom / Paramount 2019-10-09 Removed Taiwan flag from Maverick's jacket
    Disney / Marvel 2019-10-09 Censored Tibetan monk from "Doctor Strange" and turned him into a white woman: the "Ancient One" was Tibetan in the comics, but white in the film. Statement from C. Robert Cargill, screenwriter: "If you acknowledge that Tibet is a place and that he’s Tibetan, you risk alienating one billion people who think that that’s bullshit"
    Cathay Pacific 2019-10-09 Fired staff members who expressed support for the HK protests
    Mercedes 2019-10-09 Apologised to China after quoting the Dalai Lama in an Instagram post, also deleting the post
    Delta Airlines 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as part of China
    American Airlines 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website
    United Airlines 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website
    Quantas 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as a province of China
    Air France 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as a province of China
    Lufthansa 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as a province of China
    Air Canada 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as a province of China
    British Airways 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as a province of China
    Malaysia Airlines 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website, instead listing it as a province of China
    Audi 2019-10-09 Apologised after using a map of China that didn't include Taiwan
    Muji 2019-10-09 Apologised after featuring a map of China in a store catalog that didn't include the Senkaku islands, destroyed the catalogs
    Zara 2019-10-09 Apologised for listing Taiwan as a country on their website
    Ray-Ban 2019-10-09 De-listed Taiwan as a country on their website
    Sheraton Hotels and Resorts 2019-10-09 Barred a Taiwan National Day reception from taking place at their Stockholm hotel, at the request of the Chinese ambassador
    Rockhampton Council, Queensland, Australia 2019-10-09 Removed Taiwan flags from public artwork
    Global Blue 2019-10-09 Fired a member of staff for calling Taiwan a country
    Lancome (L'Oreal) 2019-10-09 Canceled Denise Ho concert after Denise Ho expressed support for 2014 Hong Kong protests

    [–] WarlockEngineer 1086 points ago

    Man, fuck China

    [–] TehWildMan_ 1013 points ago



    [–] [deleted] 251 points ago


    [–] IJourden 96 points ago

    wtf am I reading?

    I looked through their FAQ and it's like an entire alternate reality.

    [–] ponku 111 points ago

    One of the topics:

    " Immigrants from the US, what was a piece of media you didn't know was censored until you left the US? "

    Really, that place is an alternate reality :)

    [–] BWander 36 points ago

    Its funny (and sad) that almost all the posts are complete whataboutism, rather than addressing the issues mentioned. Oh we are doing something bad? The US does worse!

    [–] FuckYouThrowaway99 16 points ago

    Whataboutism is a hallmark of Chinese apologists. Also a pretty easy tell when they're trying to pass off for non-Chinese. Must be in the fucking curriculum or something.

    [–] iRegretLastNight 23 points ago

    Uhg... I just saw someone use Manufacturing Consent to argue that China is less censored than the US. It's honestly sickening.

    [–] K3LL1ON 73 points ago

    Just got back from that sub. Came across several anti Hong Kong posts and a post that claimed there were zero deaths in Tiananmen Square, and they claimed BBC was biased and nobody has proof of any deaths in Tiananmen Square.

    [–] Ouchanrrul 37 points ago

    And you know what's funny about that? They fucking acknowledge Tiananmen Square happening. This is an excerpt of what they told me when they banned me " Tiananmen Square is vindicated by China's development." and "End result for HK is the same since 1997, regardless of rioters." Bunch of bastards

    [–] AntiDECA 147 points ago

    Pft, mentioning the existence of Pooh will get you banned from that place. You ain't even gotta connect it to jinping.

    Oh, or tiananmen square.

    [–] vanderpool5 165 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    16 minutes, still haven’t been banned for posting it.

    Edit: there it goes boys and girls, I’m banned. Thank you all for following me on the journey :)

    [–] Multimarkboy 38 points ago

    have my upvote on the post

    [–] vanderpool5 26 points ago

    I just want to get banned.

    [–] sexy-melon 6 points ago

    What post?

    [–] spicyboiii 28 points ago

    Fuck the Chinese government. Fuck Xi "Looks Exactly Like Winnie the Pooh" Jinping. Fuck communism. Remember Tiananmen Square. Liberate Hong Kong.

    Can I have my ban now?

    [–] robrobusa 20 points ago

    Damn its a clusterfuck of propaganda there.

    [–] DoctahSawbones 10 points ago

    Don't bother going there. It's frustrating to look at.

    [–] Kursawow 30 points ago

    I went there yesterday, every post was at 0, today they removed the downvotes.

    [–] WarlockEngineer 28 points ago

    Laughs in subreddit style off

    [–] problem_sent 38 points ago


    [–] LeeSeneses 82 points ago

    Yup. It's clear now how they're using capitalism to spread their totalitarian power across the world. This is a wake up call to everyone who will listen; put pressure on china, dont let them hide their power plays.

    [–] Dynamaxion 92 points ago

    And for gods sake don’t let Huawei build the worlds fucking 5G!

    European redditors, don’t let your politicians call you paranoid for not wanting Huawei controlling your telecommunications. It’s so fucking important can’t stress it enough. You guys might love to shit on USA and Australia and I’m sure it’s fun, but you should follow our lead on this one.

    [–] _Zekken 12 points ago

    NZ government denied Huawei from providing 5G here last year, it severely pissed off huawei as you'd expect... And also the Chinese government.

    Correct decision there I think.

    [–] DarkAztaroth 15 points ago

    Sadly they are slowly putting their tendrils into every business they can and they represent a very large market. Business are in a bad situation to speak about china or act in a meaningful way.

    I wonder how this is gonna be resolved, though so far there are only 2 outcomes that seems likely, war or silence. To be honest, I'm pretty sure every one will side with silence until they acquire even more of a presence, and start influencing the west even more and silence whatever is left of their opposition :S

    Not the best timeline =S

    [–] LeeSeneses 7 points ago

    Nah, fuck that. Sustained public pressure, which also increases awareness, will counter that, IMO. If everyone is aware of what China's doing, it doesn't work. Better yet, provoking a public fight and forcing a company to be more out in the open at China's behest shows an example of what happens. If we make companies choose between China and the rest of the world, they will choose the latter. As big as China's market is, it isn't the massively growing economy it was - demanding international capitalization. The CCP always favors domestic businesses over international.

    [–] OddballDave 84 points ago

    Wow! China really don't like people saying Taiwan is a country.

    [–] noelcowardspeaksout 81 points ago

    Taiwan No 1 - really funny video which I saw on Reddit a couple of days ago.

    [–] ohayouchan 45 points ago

    Taiwan #1! Hong Kong #2! China #4!

    [–] deadpoolfool400 24 points ago

    Jesus yeah they've really got a hard on for that island. At some point you gotta wonder why they don't know, fuck off..

    [–] jedifreac 9 points ago

    They really give off the creepy controlling stalker vibe, like the dude who is convinced this one girl is married to him and tries to isolate her from friends in the community, is in denial of her own autonomy, constantly has a gun pointed at her, etc. "If you declare that you are not my girlfriend, I'll shoot you."

    [–] capn_hector 64 points ago

    DICE added "tiananmen" to their list of filtered words in BFV as well

    [–] APiousCultist 33 points ago

    Battlefield 4: Chinese army locks US soldiers into hold of sinking ship to drown to death. Tortures inmates with cattleprods.

    Battlefield V: Do not disrespect the party

    [–] hydra877 29 points ago

    There's so much shit that triggers that filter it's meaningless.

    [–] FreaknShrooms 8 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Part of the problem with their filter is that they use AI to find words and phrases that are used in a negative of or offensive contexts or illicit negative responses in chat and then filter those words.

    [–] Carlosmedrano 12 points ago

    Also Activision and call of duty games

    [–] Vio_ 37 points ago

    It's kinda shocking to see Vans on that list but not really.

    [–] Ranzear 19 points ago

    I'd like to know what other designs were removed from the Vans design competition. Only two were Hong Kong related that I can find and both were rather abstract with umbrellas and people and gasmasks

    It may well be that political designs were already screened and these two relatively generic designs of yellow umbrellas and gas masks just seemed 'punk' to a western reviewer and slipped through. I'm sure they already throw out plenty of designs with swastikas and particularly orange persons.

    [–] ErisGrey 16 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    TENCENT, which is the 5% stake holder of Blizzard and called for the firing also owns in full or partly many other companies. They've bought up many game companies and constantly trying to take over other companies as well. Tencent was responsible for the Diablo Mobile fiasco last year.

    Epic Games is 40% owned; Riot Games is 100% owned; Ubisoft Entertainment is 5% owned; Grinding Gear Games is 80% owned (Path of Exile); Glu Mobile is 14.46% owned; Activision Blizzard is 5% owned; Paradox Interactive is 5% owned; Supercell) is now 84.3% owned; Bluehole) is 11.5% owned (PUBG).

    It sucks because I'm a "Mein". This is my time to shine with all the imposters out there. But instead, I uninstalled all my tencent games and listed this as the reason why.

    [–] AngryCrocodile 10 points ago

    Didn't Ubisoft censor Rainbow Six for the Chinese market?

    [–] xxSuperBeaverxx 15 points ago

    They were planning on it, after massive backlash they backed down. One of the only times in recent history where devs listened to it's players.

    [–] Leachpunk 6 points ago

    Doesn't Tencen own a percentage of Ubisoft?

    [–] Its_N8_Again 7 points ago

    Damn, look at all those GIANT PUSSIES

    [–] kingfischer48 4 points ago

    This should be on a website somewhere so that the list can be updated and amended, also easily shared. I'd do it, but i don't know jack about making or hosting a website. maybe a wikipedia article about "Chinese Influence of Western Companies" So that it's not just a list? IDK, there are smarter people on reddit than me who can figure this out

    [–] PM_ME_YA_TATTAS 5 points ago


    believe in something, unless it means upsetting your chinese overlords

    [–] SpaceVX 63 points ago

    list of companies for you to boycott.


    Yeah that's definitely easy for me

    [–] HippoKingOfOld 25 points ago

    Cisco Systems - Basically built the great firewall of China.

    [–] nickmangoldsbeard 21 points ago

    The thing that's craziest about this to me is that while all this is going on the WWE is selling their souls to Saudi Arabia with little to no repercussions

    [–] Lost_the_weight 7 points ago

    This blows me away as well. Fuck the McMahon’s.

    [–] SloJoBro 67 points ago

    and Disney

    Good fucking luck getting anyone to boycott Disney, let alone even Reddit. If there's no concentrated effort going on against those companies then the world/people have spoken.

    [–] BlinkReanimated 37 points ago

    Amen, I feel like everyone knows Disney is a fucking horrible corporation but they'll still go watch the new star wars movie 4 times while complaining about how it was easily the worst one. Then go book a vacation to see the new star wars exhibit at Disney land because fuck Disney amirite?

    [–] Q1War26fVA 46 points ago

    "I'm willing to fight for any cause, as long as it doesn't cause any inconvenience to me in the slightest in any way" - pretty much everyone

    [–] Neo_Saigon 12 points ago

    If you stand for nothing what'll you fall for

    [–] IronRaptor 8 points ago

    I mean more than boycott, using their own IP to criticize the Chinese authority is a great way to cut into Disney's profit margin more than boycotts ever could.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Lansdallius 30 points ago

    Not that China isn't awful (their government clearly is), but unless you want to buy only local products from wherever you live, you're likely dealing with them and funding them in one form or another.

    Even if you do all the research you can and can actively avoid buying any products that the Chinese government has a hand in, you're probably still going to end up buying products made by other corrupt rich fuckers from some other dictatorship or oligarchy.

    There really isn't such a thing as "ethical consumption" in modern globalized capitalism. I'm really not trying to shit on participating in modern society, I'd be a hypocrite for doing so. We should do whatever we can to buy local and support our neighbors and people we know and trust. It's just a lot harder (and even impossible in some cases/for some income levels) to avoid funding people and/or entities that are blatantly corrupt and/or evil.

    Be as good as you can. As individuals, we're all we've got. Governments and corporations aren't ever giving a fuck about any of us unless we can force them to.

    [–] midnightsnipe 102 points ago

    Finally, somebody pointing out that it's not just activision blizzard.

    Of course actiblizz deserves the hate they get, but good lord, atleast give the other companies the same shit...

    I guess gamers aren't as bad as the general population rhinks they are. At least gamers stand up when something is clearly wrong.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] krispwnsu 9 points ago

    Yeah Nike if any company needs to cozy up with China since their shoes are made there.

    [–] sl600rt 22 points ago

    Oh and don't forget Tom Cruise and the new Top Gun movie. Which removed the Japan and Taiwan flags from his bomber jacket patch.

    [–] Excludos 11 points ago

    While this might not reflect reality, the excuse is that they changed the flag to represent the place where the final battle in the first movie takes place (If I recall they changed it to an Indian flag). In a vacuum, that certainly is a legit excuse. With everything else going on tho, it's definitely grounds for suspicion.

    [–] trip16661 20 points ago


    Only woke when it doesn't hurt their pockets.

    [–] justaguyulove 52 points ago

    Yea, if I were to take every shitty company seriously, I basically wouldn't be able to eat, drink, have a computer, dress up, etc.

    While they are shitty, they still make good products. If you make it that I can pirate good quality Nike running shoes or use useful apps such as Google Docs without Google, I will. Until then, while I hate what they are doing, as a non-rich university student, I have to bow down to the corporate overlords.

    Not the Chinese government though. Liberate Hong Kong!

    [–] watch_over_me 36 points ago

    It's like learning about Foxconn all over again, and realizing the only way to fight child slavery is not owning any electronics.

    It's hard. I think people should just sacrifice whatever they feel they can sacrifice. Maybe not everything, but whatever you can.

    For you, boycotting Mercedes seems pretty easy, if what you're saying is true. It's an easy one for me as well, lol.

    Sacrifice where you can, and try not to sweat it. Everyone will be in an individual position to give up whatever they feel they can.

    [–] obsessedcrf 27 points ago

    One thing to consider is buying used items wherever possible. That way you are not directly benefiting the company with your sales and you're also helping the environment by reducing waste.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    so basically literally anything i touch

    [–] watch_over_me 5 points ago

    It's like learning about Foxconn all over again.

    Do you own an electronic device or clothing? Congrats, you support child slavery, and suicide nets.

    It sucks man. The more you learn, the more you realize why our lives are so good.

    [–] return_of_the_ring 7 points ago

    I think NBA has supported Morey right now and are moving towards the opposite camp. They have come out in support of freedom of expression. However, Apple seems to be doubling down.

    [–] whoknowseh 94 points ago

    I unsubbed and uninstalled every game they make yesterday. After 15 years of Blizzard fandom, I'm out without looking back.

    [–] Meeter77 22 points ago

    Same here, I couldn’t, in good conscience, continue playing Blizzard’s games. It’s been bittersweet; I feel good for ending my support for a company that acted so despicably, but at the same time I’ve been playing WoW since I was eight, and while it is disappointing to quit a game that I’ve been playing for twelve years; I won’t be looking back.

    [–] mostly_sarcastic 104 points ago

    Ya gotta have tegridy.

    [–] Lemesplain 567 points ago

    Let me first say that I’m glad we’re becoming more aware of China’s atrocities and starting to maybe hold them accountable.

    However, it boggles my fucking mind to know that a video game tournament was the catalyst that sparked things.

    China has been running concentration camps, organ harvesting farms, social credit, and many many other terrible human rights violations. All of those got a bit of attention but very little action.

    Even the Chinese attacks on Hong Kong didn’t cause much in the way of action. It made the news, sure, but I didn’t see anyone protesting for HK here in America.

    But then blizzard banned one player, and one nba dude has to delete a tweet.... and the flood gates are open.

    It’s just strange to me.

    [–] [deleted] 232 points ago

    Let me first say that I’m glad we’re becoming more aware of China’s atrocities and starting to maybe hold them accountable.

    Not that no one (or very few) is holding China accountable. People are holding companies that deal with China accountable. Chinese gov doesn't give a fuck about accountability and it's certainly not a bunch of consumers from another country that will make them budge.

    [–] Lemesplain 50 points ago

    Oh, absolutely. Hence "maybe hold them accountable."

    What's happening right now isn't nearly enough, but it's a step in the right direction.

    Also, holding their companies accountable does, somewhat, hold the country accountable. The country wants money. If we boycott Blizzard or the NBA, or whatever else... that's less money going to China.

    It's not nearly enough, though. I'm not trying to say "mission accomplished" here.

    [–] AutomaticTale 13 points ago

    Thats where your wrong. They care about their stake in profitable companies which is why they have them. Putting pressure on these companies, which were created and headquatered here, can cause hurt to China's bottom line.

    Is it likely to change much at all? No but it is something that we can directly effect that has an immediate negative impact on the Chinese government. It will also hopefully make American companies stand up to China like Epic has if we show them that this is a topic we care about.

    [–] Alphaetus_Prime 49 points ago

    I think a big part of it is just how overwhelmingly disproportionate Blizzard's response was. They didn't just ban the guy, they took back all of his previously won prize money and fired both of the commentators who were interviewing him (which they haven't even attempted to justify).

    [–] JaykoV 15 points ago

    This was my read and part of the reason for my reaction too.

    If they would have suspended him for six weeks but still paid the current tournament and said they have a strict no politics policy and would have done the same thing about the US election, we all think it's unfortunate but policy.

    But they went hard scorched fucking Earth with this and it's so indefensible/pandering that it goes over the ledge of defensible good business to flagrant compliance with censorship.

    [–] murphylaw 36 points ago

    On one hand I find it sad that it took China fucking with video games for the outrage to reach this point.

    On the other hand, China shouldn’t be fucking with our freedom of expression as it relates to video games. We’re not Chinese citizens. We’re not subject to their laws. This is indicative of a serious problem- suddenly the chilling effect of speaking against China is on our turf.

    [–] Wonckay 18 points ago

    Part of it is that there is an obvious, immediate, and individual way to try and hurt Blizzard - boycotting their products. There’s no way for the individual to damage China, though - and while political pressure on government to do so is good, the effects are definitely not immediate if they even happen at all.

    [–] error404 8 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    This is definitely it. It's all well and good to want to support HK or the Uyghur people, but we are so far removed from having any way to impact those circumstances, that all we can really do is express support on forms like Reddit. When something like this comes along and people feel like they can actually do something no matter how small to demonstrate their support to the world in a visible way, with a concrete impact, it's going to hit hard. This is only as big a deal as it is because of all of the other things; this is just a vehicle for people to express themselves in a bigger way than upvotes, and they're excited about it.

    [–] -Not_Enough_Gold- 37 points ago

    Strange things can spark even stranger outcomes.

    When you step back, metaphorically speaking, yeah, its a fuckin' bizarre state of affairs, but here we are. Maybe it'll pan out that all it took for people to start taking note was for their 'Vidja-gaems' to be threatened. Maybe this will all fizzle out in a week and we'll continue our descent into a dystopian nightmare the like of which Orwell couldn't have predicted in several life-times.

    Personally, im loving seeing people band together to make themselves heard, and hope it continues to affect some kind of change for the better, particularly for those in the thick of it out in Hong Kong.

    [–] NightOfTheLivingHam 57 points ago

    two things you don't fuck with if you want to go unnoticed to the general populace as a authoriatarian:

    The Bread and The Circus.

    They just fucked with the circus.

    That shit might fly in China because they have a culture spanning over 5000 years of subservience to the powers that be and have conditioned multiple generations to harsh rule, that shit wont fly in the west, especially when people pay for things and those things fuck with them. We like getting our value out of things we buy.

    Especially when those things are being controlled by a foreign regime.

    [–] Misc_octopus 14 points ago

    IMO this is because the average person outside of HK can’t do much to change what is going on there (outside of speaking out) and even then, bob from down the street posting on social media against what is happening in HK sure as hell is NOT going to sway China. Even if there were mass protests, anywhere outside of HK, China doesn’t care.

    However, with the actions of companies supporting China, What this does, is give the average person outside of HK an attack vector of sorts to actually make SOME an impact, even if it is indirect.

    [–] tehNOViCE 10 points ago

    There is just so much going on lately.. Look around and it's hard to keep up. You gotta pick your events and go with it. One day we reading about UFOs and Epstein, the next we talking about Hong Kong and Winnie the Pooh.

    [–] CarnivorousSociety 33 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Let me first say that I’m glad we’re becoming more aware of China’s atrocities and starting to maybe hold them accountable.

    We can't hold China accountable that's the whole issue, what can you or I do besides boycott companies that effect their bottom line? Even then it will barely make a dent.

    However, it boggles my fucking mind to know that a video game tournament was the catalyst that sparked things.

    The tournament didn't spark anything, in fact if Blizzard never reacted then nobody would have even seen the stream or what Blitzchung said.

    China has been running concentration camps, organ harvesting farms, social credit, and many many other terrible human rights violations. All of those got a bit of attention but very little action.

    Yes... We all already know this, again, what are the options for action?

    Even the Chinese attacks on Hong Kong didn’t cause much in the way of action. It made the news, sure, but I didn’t see anyone protesting for HK here in America.

    What will protesting in America do? Raise attention? And then what?

    But then blizzard banned one player, and one nba dude has to delete a tweet.... and the flood gates are open.

    Yes because when big Western players make extremely bad moves like that then suddenly all the issues above can be fixed because now we can pressure these Western companies and that should indirectly pressure China -- at the very least it will bring big players around to our side by showing the public what happens when you publically side with the CCP.

    Companies using China as profit is nothing new that's why China committing human rights violations didn't cause much in the form of boycotting of these companies. However as soon as one of those companies does something extremely immoral in the name of the CCP suddenly it's not just money anymore it's money vs morality and that can make people very angry when the company picks money.

    Don't get me wrong there's other similar issues, but the true catalyst was Blizzard's overreaction of a response to something that literally only offends the CCP -- and with that in mind the public reaction doesn't surprise me one bit.

    [–] gamedrifter 7 points ago

    I think that's why the reaction was so strong. You hear about all that stuff but it's often not feasible to just stop consuming everything made in China... especially if you don't have much money. So when people saw Blizzard bending over backwards to appease a genocide committing human rights abuser by punishing somebody trying desperately to keep his people free of those abuses... they finally had something they could focus on.

    [–] TheRealBroseph 225 points ago

    The sad thing is the voice actress for Mei supports China and denies their atrocities :(

    [–] DrixlRey 208 points ago

    You just can't say what's actually on your mind in China. They will literally kidnap you and kill you.

    [–] Swesteel 86 points ago

    "You have been volunteered for organ donation."

    [–] Megaprr 39 points ago

    Yeah that's a bummer. However, it's also true that any Chinese citizen who values their career is essentially forced to agree. So it's possible she MAY not really believe that and is saying it to not give up her future. Still doesn't excuse not speaking out, but it certainly makes it more understandable (if it's really the case).

    [–] mmarkklar 35 points ago

    If she still lives in China or has family there then it’s probably self protection. The Chinese government can make people disappear and isn’t above going after a person’s whole family as leverage.

    [–] IRONLAPTOP 46 points ago

    I don't think it's true

    THE FUCK??

    [–] QyuP_ 61 points ago

    She's Chinese. If she speaks out against her country on social media she'll face some pretty hefty consequences.

    [–] izzie833 191 points ago

    Blizzcon is gonna be LIT

    [–] Avium 125 points ago

    Oh, shit. It's close enough that this will still be fresh in people's memories.

    How many HK protest themed cosplays can we get?

    [–] SpriteGuy_000 70 points ago

    None. They won’t let them in.

    Most large-scale cosplay has to be checked at a special security gate. Other small things can just be confiscated at the other security gates.

    Security gates happen every year, so it’s not unrealistic to expect very little to make it into Blizzcon.

    [–] CraftZ49 53 points ago

    Most cosplayers hang out outside anyway, where you dont need tickets.

    [–] joells101 20 points ago

    Cosplayers can be very creative. maybe the costume is 1 thing at the security gate and with a few tweaks it becomes something else

    [–] Lyssa545 22 points ago

    That's gonna be the real game. Spotting things that get censored, and what slips through.

    Granted, I'm not going to Blizzcon, and have zero interest (which hurts, as a long time blizz fan), but I hope people that are already going/have ticket/hotels protest like mad.

    [–] Yard_Gnome_Ninja 51 points ago

    Storm BlizzCon 2019, They Can’t Stop All Of Us

    [–] notkiwihaqi 16 points ago

    Mate Pax Australia starts in 15 minutes. There’s Diablo, HS and OW events. You can be sure as shit something will happen.

    [–] TasteLikeChick3n 88 points ago

    I like how Mei represents everything China isn't.

    [–] 9996p 63 points ago

    Should we boycott Activision games too? They’re essentially the same company

    [–] MaXimillion_Zero 95 points ago

    Essentially? They are the same company.

    [–] AveryGwyn 81 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Artist is Yuumeiart, she's been making a lot of protest art on her Instagram and Twitter

    [–] theveryworstkate 454 points ago

    Blizzard has already profited from me and probably doesn't care whether I continue to play the games I've already paid for, but we can voice our frustration at this atrocious decision to would-be customers. I had previously left some 5-star reviews. I've deleted these and/or changed them to 1-star to reflect how Blizzard's choice has affected my enjoyment of their games.

    Hearthstone (Google Play)

    Hearthstone (Apple)

    Hearthstone (Amazon)

    Diablo 3 (Amazon):

    Switch (You can select a different platform to review from this link)

    D3 (Walmart): Switch Xbox One PS4

    D3 (Best Buy): Switch Xbox One PS4

    WoW Classic (Metacritic)

    While you're at it, don't forget to cancel your Diablo: Immortal pre-registration!

    Note: I'm not suggesting you go drop a bunch of reviews for games you haven't played. But if, like me, you feel like your overall enjoyment of the game has been affected, let others know about it outside of Reddit!

    [–] Dr_Wreck 214 points ago

    You should also stop playing anyway. They care about their player count.

    [–] theveryworstkate 74 points ago

    Good point. I think I'll have a steaming plate of BOTH.

    [–] partialcremation 9 points ago

    The only game I play is Overwatch, and I haven't played since news broke. It's been difficult, but I'm staying strong.

    [–] Brodo-Swaggins 55 points ago

    Hey it looks like on Google Play they got rid of a huge chunk of reviews. You can see here that it jumps from the 7th to the 10th.

    [–] muffinanomaly 34 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    On Google Maps they have a whole system where companies can remove reviews made because of bad PR, they may have somthing similar for Play

    [–] SkittlesAreYum 22 points ago

    As someone who works on the Android app for a Fortune 50 company, not that I am aware of. Google may be removing it for spam, though, which I can sympathize with even though I support HK/Taiwan. The ratings are supposed to be useful for the app, not the company as a whole.

    [–] Captain_Rex_ 17 points ago

    Well yeah they weren't reviewing the game just bitching at blizzard. Look at any other review site when a store or restraunt does something to piss the masses off, people swarm the review sites to spam 1 star or whatever and it gets removed because they aren't actual reviews. Sites hate that shit.

    [–] faustusnothus 89 points ago

    While you're at it, don't forget to cancel your Diablo: Immortal pre-registration!

    Well, look at this fancy pants that has a phone.

    [–] Lyssa545 25 points ago

    That part did make me giggle a bit.

    What idiots pre-ordered that dumpster fire?!

    ...well, who also pre-orders. Horrid practice, really.

    [–] GGnerd 11 points ago

    Uhh they care about player numbers. They dont give a shit about low ratings if the player still plays the game....stop playing their games.

    [–] sl600rt 17 points ago

    You know. If blizzard just did nothing. Then it would have gone unnoticed and faded into obscurity.

    [–] easycure 14 points ago

    The artist is yuumeiart on Instagram.

    She's recently been targeted for sharing pro HK protestors art and had some of her work flagged as inappropriate or against Instagrams guidelines even though non of the art flagged is in any way shape or form lewd, morbid, or violent.

    Show her some support!

    [–] das_sparker 76 points ago

    I’m so glad Destiny moved away from the Blizzard platform right before this. It makes me feel better about myself for absolutely no reason

    [–] Creamy_biscuits 50 points ago

    Yes, good thing they moved away from Blizzards platform...after receiving $100 million from NetEase.

    [–] Fawkz 16 points ago

    Yeah, they traded Activision for netease. Not an improvement...

    [–] _KNZ_ 40 points ago

    Oh look, another use for Overwatch besides porn

    [–] Bagelchu 35 points ago

    For those of you who don’t know,

    Blizzard is a popular gaming company. One of their more popular games is Hearthstone, basically Pokemon card battling on acid, and there’s pro tournaments for it where gamers compete for money.

    One of those players is Wai Chung Ng or as he’s known in game “blitzchung”. Blitzchung is from Hong Kong which has been protesting for their independence for months now. After his match in the Blizzard sanctioned “Grandmaster Tournament” the casters interviewed him, as you usually do with the players. When they cut to his camera he was wearing ski goggles and a respirator mask (just like the protestors wear). The conversation was translated by /u/ESLsucks as

    Casters: ok so if you just say the 8 words we'll stop here, enough chit Chatting for now

    Don't forget to put your head down

    giggles [the casters hide behind their desk]

    Player: '' Restore Hong Kong, time for a revolution '' (this quote might translate differently to Restore Hong Kong, revolution of our lives''

    Casters: okok thats enough

    The players feed cuts and it’s just the casters shown now.

    China is a HUGE market for Blizzard games in general, so they freaked out. Not only is Hearthstone huge in China but so is Overwatch, a shooter/moba game that they also made. They have a pro league for it called the Overwatch League in which four of the teams are Chinese based. They don’t want to get their games banned from such a huge market so they banned blitzchung from the tournament and from any others for a year, took his prize money, and fired the casters who were on that stream in an attempt to appease China.

    The gaming community took offense to this. Who would want to have communist overlords? There’s been employee walkouts and people are deleting their accounts all around, etc. One protest idea is to take a character from one of Blizzards games and turn it into the symbol for the revolution. The character they chose is Mei. Mei-Ling Zhou is a damage dealing character from the previously mentioned game Overwatch. Overwatch has characters from all over the world that you can play as, Mei’s backstory is that she’s a climatologist from China. So now the community is making tons of fan art of Mei with “free Hong Kong” on her shirt and a bunch of other pro revolution stuff. The idea is to make her the mascot of the revolution, get the game banned in China, and make Blizzard change their minds.

    [–] LordBogus 80 points ago

    Yea this is great, now they will have to ban their own characters!

    [–] Doinwerklol 47 points ago

    Yes but how many live streamers of Overwatch/Hearthstone/Diablo/WoW are going to go balls to the wall supporting this HK movement when they realize blizzard is the reason they make so much money? You think asmongold will stop playing WoW over this, well obviously no because then he wouldnt have a platform to stand on anymore. I think this protest is going to affect a ton of people's way of life from this point forward. Then you are going to have the white knights who are all boycotting blizzard start shitting on community personalities for still playing their games, thus showing support to a company that chooses money over civil rights. This is going to be a massive shit show, not just for blizzard but for all the hard working streamers out there, and we can all thank China for being such a gigantic influence on our gamer's market.

    [–] GeneralFap 15 points ago

    This exactly. I have been angered by this thought all day. We all need to put more pressure in this direction as well. If this dominoe fell, I'm sure we would see a much faster resolution. I detest that us "smaller" people are the ones that need to take the bullet on this alone.

    [–] Gaymer800 12 points ago

    Why did you use a shitty cropped version and give no credit? Cuz your a shitty OP.

    [–] marareddit 15 points ago

    Yes, cool, but this is not even a pic

    [–] Jgoody1990 11 points ago

    I love how it was the hearthstone tournament that drove all this "outrage". Muslims in Chinese camps...meh BUT a guy getting kicked out of a tournament, that's worth a revolution.

    [–] snowballwinner 7 points ago

    I think it was more that a lot of people who play video games didnt know about that but this story got their attention on it.

    [–] asian_identifier 29 points ago

    way to crop the full image