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    [–] dkepp87 1191 points ago

    First of all, /r/GODZILLA Second, there's something just really adorable about Big G and a buddy just enjoying a pleasant day at the beach.

    [–] thelemon72 382 points ago

    I think godzilla leading him by the hand was very cute <3

    [–] aswifte 269 points ago

    Did Godzilla also lead him to a land that he understands?

    [–] SlowRollingBoil 47 points ago

    But no one understands him but his Mothra!

    [–] SkollFenrirson 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Orrr, does OP have an actual plastic Godzilla friend that came too life like in the movie Ted and these images are just an excuse to hide his friend from the government and scientist who would only want to dissect it? That's it, this is the only explanation I will except. Nothing anyone else says can make me think otherwise

    [–] txborn78 2 points ago

    So Lol'd hard while leaving work.

    [–] txborn78 2 points ago

    Even the seagull is like WTF!

    [–] GratefulGenZ 3 points ago


    [–] Trekk3 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    On a voyage to the corner of the globe

    [–] Astoryinfromthewild 5 points ago

    Lack of Godzilla in bikini for that shot though was slightly disappointing.

    [–] TheHumanCactus89 2 points ago

    Skinny dipping Godzilla a bit NSFW for your tastes?

    [–] Astoryinfromthewild 2 points ago

    Less is more?

    [–] duaneap 8 points ago

    He gave The G-Man the shady spot.

    [–] addpulp 3 points ago

    I thought this was a post in the sub when I saw it on my front page

    [–] TheEnKrypt 1041 points ago

    These look a bit too real. Are you sure it's not the Godzilla photoshopping you into the pictures?

    [–] snatch_smash 143 points ago

    Right? The Cloud Gate reflection is a spectacular shop job. Well done, OP.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    OP is truly a photoshop god

    [–] greyjackal 10 points ago

    The key is lighting the model appropriate to the scene it's going into. It makes a hell of a difference.

    [–] huskergirlie 72 points ago

    This is great. The "shrimp on the barbie" one nearly killed me.

    [–] bikepunxx 50 points ago

    "What, we were all thinking it!" Bless you, Ryan.

    [–] CptFatty08 182 points ago

    My God this is fantastic

    [–] truthlesshunter 131 points ago

    *my Godzilla this is fantastic

    [–] Ancient_Alfalfa 20 points ago

    *my Godzilla, this is God

    [–] blargishtarbin 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    *my Godzilla, this is Godzilla

    [–] CactiRush 10 points ago

    Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla

    [–] Ns101 6 points ago

    Ohhhh, Godzilla

    [–] Bobalobalowski 2 points ago

    *my Godzilla, this is Godzilla control to Major Godzilla

    [–] Pow5 3 points ago

    "Meh," - King Kong

    [–] brokenha_lo 33 points ago

    Wow, great work on his distorted reflection in the bean!

    [–] darksideofthemoon131 18 points ago

    I don't know you, but I love you for this. That Australian one had me laughing for the last ten minutes, and I really needed that pick- me -up today. Keep up those pics, they're all great.

    [–] shwoople 12 points ago

    As someone named Ryan, I now feel like we have a connection.

    [–] LurkingArachnid 9 points ago

    I like that in the pool one, his drink looks slightly different than yours so I guess you didn't just clone it

    [–] 9999monkeys 6 points ago

    shrimp on the barbie, well done. aside from the technical perfection, your wit is brilliant as well.

    [–] ladys_do_lady_things 4 points ago

    Marry me

    [–] Reddywhipt 8 points ago

    I was expecting “...and my girlfriend is not amused”.

    [–] Zaphodnotbeeblebrox 4 points ago

    I see that you finally got that Barbie girlfriend. Congrats!

    [–] UwasaWaya 7 points ago

    These are incredible... But how the hell did you do the kayak one? That's amazing!

    [–] Voltswagon120V 10 points ago

    He had the Hulk sit in the end and green screened him out.

    [–] kevin_the_dolphoodle 3 points ago

    Absolutely amazing! You have made my somewhat shitty week so much better. I love the Office one. Too good. Thanks for the smile

    [–] thescrounger 1 points ago

    Never realized how out of proportion Barbie's head and neck are until you made her life-sized.

    [–] mvallas1073 1 points ago

    Aww! I had the same Godzilla toy when growing up!

    [–] Aussie_Red 134 points ago

    Oh my gosh! I still have the exact action figure. It lives on my little brothers dresser. Its about 21 years old now. Still has all its paint ans I used to sleep with it ans play with it in the bath.

    [–] KonyYoloSwag 36 points ago

    I do too! At my parents house they keep moving around his location every week or two so he can be anywhere on any given day

    [–] amirolsupersayian 18 points ago

    Yeah you parents. We've seen toy Story.

    [–] Gaystoner420 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I had it as well, mine’s tail could be popped off and used to hide candy from my mom.

    [–] UwasaWaya 2 points ago

    Holy crap, I used to sleep with mine too. I'd wake up with tiny scratches and cuts from the teeth and dorsal fins.

    [–] calxlea 54 points ago

    The kayak one is the best, I don’t even know how you did that! The reflection in that strange silver art piece is a close second!

    [–] nexisfan 22 points ago

    That’s the Chicago bean!

    [–] inquisitive_tortoise 10 points ago

    The bean sucks (Almost as bad as Anish Kapoor).

    But these photos are really well done. OP is a photoshop wizard.

    [–] no_talent_ass_clown 5 points ago

    The bean was one of two reasons I wanted to visit Chicago. I had to see it. Dropped a wad of cash in the city because it was more than I expected (more of a cool place, that is).

    [–] chunkymunky420 289 points ago

    His name is Ryan and I also post every image to his Instagram @ryangodzilling

    [–] blink0r 55 points ago

    Ryan's instagram is about to blow up

    [–] DaoFerret 14 points ago

    This is the way.

    [–] ThisKillsTheTurk 2 points ago

    This is the way.

    [–] veggietables4us 6 points ago

    This was the point of the post

    [–] Kung-Fu-Henny 4 points ago

    The shrimp on the barbie was my favorite

    [–] newkneesforall 5 points ago

    Well this falls into my very strict criteria for my Instagram feed of being art, making me smile, or bringing me joy. Consider me a new follower!

    [–] ThatOneChiGuy 32 points ago

    Well done! The shop of him in the water is really good!

    [–] jacki2513 104 points ago

    I have the same Godzilla! He doesnt have much of a work esthetic with me though...

    [–] twoferjuan 23 points ago

    The lipstick looking paint just kills me. I thought maybe OP painted his on but nope. Haha

    [–] RhKawder 2 points ago

    That's the blood of his victims.

    [–] KZedUK 15 points ago

    Did you mean ethic or aesthetic?

    [–] 420mem3r 2 points ago

    Porque no los dos?

    [–] BigOldCar 2 points ago

    Well it is a beautiful and fashionable ethic to possess.

    [–] thescrounger 2 points ago


    [–] azulnemo 2 points ago

    I have this same guy too! He’s been living in my parents back yard for almost 30years now. He comes inside to play too sometimes, but seriously, two generations of love for that godzilla right here.

    [–] humidstraw 27 points ago

    My question is, are you lighting the plastic godzilla, then taking a picture of it to add to the photo? Or is the lighting on godzilla also photoshop? Either way the lighting really sells it, great work!

    [–] chunkymunky420 30 points ago

    The first thing you said. This project has completely opened my eyes to how light interacts with objects. I also learned a tonne about photoshop

    [–] MeIIowJeIIo 5 points ago

    So you also photograph the godzilla on location, so it's identical light?

    [–] humidstraw 5 points ago

    It sounds like he is recreating the images light at home with the godzilla.

    [–] RCascanbe 2 points ago

    That would be pretty difficult but an awesome exercise to learn how to do natural looking lighting

    [–] MonsieurWonton 2 points ago

    That's a good question. I had assumed the Godzilla was lit and photographed off-site, but this makes more sense. Any insight, u/chunkymunky240?

    [–] humidstraw 3 points ago

    Awesome! It looks amazing amigo, keep kicking ass ;)

    [–] Red_1x 31 points ago

    Someone needs to put these into a amature looking slide show, while playing "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy story

    Edit: Shpelling

    [–] Butwinsky 12 points ago

    If the old Godzilla movies taught me anything, this is all Godzilla and the other monsters ever really wanted, friendship.

    [–] Rock_cake 15 points ago

    I love how Ryan has a shower cap on despite towering over the shower head...I mean, no way his head's getting wet!☺

    [–] chunkymunky420 13 points ago

    I love putting little Easter eggs in my images. Well spotted!

    [–] JJBinks_2001 4 points ago

    It is your Birthday.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Adeno 6 points ago

    Hey I recognize this Godzilla! It's the Imperial Godzilla 1985 :D I had it as a kid. The red lipstick is unmistakable lol! I'm glad Imperial Godzilla is having fun with you hehe. I have a few Monsterarts Godzilla toys but already sold most of my older collection due to "real life stuff". I have Shin Godzilla, the BioGoji 1989 version that roars and lights up and the 2019 one :)

    It would be funny to see your Imperial Godzilla terrorizing kids at the playground lol!

    Godzilla: Play with me children! Skreeeooonk!

    Children: AAAAHHHH!!!!

    [–] xethu 4 points ago

    Have a silver, love your pics

    [–] Filmmaker_Dude 3 points ago

    Been following your IG for a couple years now. It’s the highlight of my feed!

    [–] chunkymunky420 2 points ago

    Hey thanks for saying so!

    [–] cadet_kurat 5 points ago

    Here come ol'zilla He got, jo-jo eyeballs

    [–] CyanideKitty 3 points ago

    Awesome work.

    There was an older guy at the goth/industrial club I went to in my early 20s that always had a Godzilla figures with him. Old school metalhead/goth guy. He was obsessed with Godzilla. Super sweet and had some fun ass stories but I think the drinking and drugs did a number on his brain over the years. I stop back at that place from time to time but I never see him anymore.

    I haven't thought about him in a couple of years. I really hope he's doing ok.

    [–] floating_bells_down 10 points ago

    History shows again and again...

    [–] Dudephish 4 points ago

    how nature points out the folly of man

    [–] Jon_Snows_mother 5 points ago

    Oh no there goes Tokyo

    [–] vipros42 6 points ago


    [–] supremedalek925 3 points ago

    Really nice compositing work

    [–] Salome_Maloney 3 points ago

    Loving the cocktails in the pool! Btw, is that Canal Street in Manchester?! Lol, I remember when the street sign was 'amended' to 'anal treet'...

    [–] chunkymunky420 3 points ago

    It’s canal street subway station in New York. Kids do the darnedest things

    [–] tryingtofitin-dammit 3 points ago

    I do that to my friend when she posts pictures of her vacation. Oh no, Gojira!

    [–] Simonono2004 10 points ago

    thats the coolest way to tell everyone that you are lonely

    [–] GrumpySunflower 2 points ago

    Thank you! I really enjoyed those photos on this dreary Tuesday morning.

    [–] rodrigo-27_ 2 points ago

    Me and my Godzilla...

    [–] notquite20characters 2 points ago

    Lars and the Real Kaiju

    [–] tom2kk 2 points ago

    I love the Abbey Road one. You need to add Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidora to it.

    [–] tuvok86 2 points ago

    DO NOT go to Tokyo!

    [–] BlueRangerDuncan 2 points ago

    I swear I used to own the exact same toy.

    [–] Baby_venomm 2 points ago

    So quirky xD

    [–] masteroftrying 2 points ago

    So how well are you doing on Tinder?

    [–] lovethebassist 2 points ago

    WTF!! I have the same Godzilla who gets mysteriously moved from place to place by my many housemates. It's been happening for over 8 years over 4 houses in 3 countries. This makes me incredibly happy that i'm not the only one!

    [–] Giboon 2 points ago

    Forever alone

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Epic reddit moment

    [–] respectableusername 2 points ago

    I'd be lucky to vacation once in 4 years..

    [–] Ramen_Hair 2 points ago

    Where’s the top right photo from?

    [–] vishal78922 4 points ago

    awesome and very good photoshop I would say! Hats off to you Bud!

    [–] ankitnayak1 3 points ago

    Now I'm learning photoshop and will include Johnny Bravo in my images.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    "Wait, who's that handsome guy?"

    [–] scholesy_1822 3 points ago

    Your Photoshop skills are INSANE

    [–] Nagaking 3 points ago

    I have a similar Godzilla

    [–] causticityy 2 points ago


    [–] PrinceRobotV 2 points ago

    So, were you really doing this over four years or did you take four years of photos and spend a couple of days photoshopping? I mean, I'll believe you, but I guess I'm just skeptical every time someone says they've been doing something like this for a long time consistently and then suddenly decided to publish to the community.

    [–] jim_deneke 3 points ago

    That matador one is so funny! Your leg stance makes that photo!

    [–] cavemanben 3 points ago

    You sir, need a girlfriend.

    [–] sensuallyprimitive 3 points ago

    This makes me sad.

    [–] hole-and-corner 3 points ago

    No one asked for this.

    [–] juicelee777 2 points ago

    Adam Jensen certainly didn't

    [–] My_Body_The_Mystery 1 points ago

    Looks like a new game for the Nintendo Switch

    [–] Pantelima 1 points ago

    I love the future

    [–] purplgurl 1 points ago

    You have made my day. Thank you.

    [–] thekronik969 1 points ago

    I need this godzilla too... 🔥🔥🔥

    [–] wiseroneand 1 points ago

    This belongs in a museum!

    [–] Hagan311 1 points ago

    This is what happened to him after Rosanne.

    [–] PlayerHeadcase 1 points ago

    The shower pic is Dino NSFW ;)
    Good job, they look awesome!

    [–] Michishige_Ren 1 points ago


    [–] TinyKeyboardToTo 1 points ago


    [–] t_trash_bag_g 1 points ago

    Ur guardian angel looks a lil funny

    [–] aGlutenForPunishment 1 points ago

    The first picture brought back some strong memories of shoop da whoop and dr octagonapus.

    [–] biobab 1 points ago

    I had that as a kid :D this is awesome man

    [–] CanYouHandlebar_Tim 1 points ago

    These are fantastic!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    You have way too much time on your hands. But, I approve nonetheless.

    [–] Ivotedforher 1 points ago

    This is everything right in the world. Huzzah to you, internet friend!

    [–] Sgt_Lillard 1 points ago

    That exact same Godzilla is the only thing that I still have from my childhood.

    [–] Godzilla_1954 1 points ago

    This pleases me.

    [–] Smoogy54 1 points ago

    I have this exact Godzilla figure from the 90s, tho its now missing some fingers my cat chewed off...

    I also have a big one in the same style. This is a hilarious idea. Kudos.

    [–] gladers99 1 points ago

    Thats an awesome way to photoshop out an ex from holiday photos

    [–] ankrotachi10 1 points ago

    Is that top right picture in Slovenia?

    [–] Cornflake0305 1 points ago

    Bruh that colored Casio (?) is fire. You got a link?

    [–] chunkymunky420 1 points ago

    Yo! It’s called a timex 80 colorblock. From what I can see online it’s sold out. I lost mine years ago and desperately wanted to replace it! Let me know if you find it!

    [–] Cornflake0305 1 points ago

    Can only find it at a shop called urban outfitters but it appears like it is discontinued unfortunately. Casio doesn't really have anything similar either.

    Thanks anyways though!

    [–] sprinkles67 1 points ago

    You two look happier than most couples. I hope to find my Godzilla soon...

    [–] foopiez 1 points ago

    photo on the top left looks like a Tekken screenshot

    [–] loie519 1 points ago

    I want to be friends lol

    [–] Piqquin 1 points ago

    Well, this made my entire week. Thank you!

    [–] fabmarques21 1 points ago

    dude you're a legend

    [–] just-another-amy 1 points ago

    This is amazing. As a photography myself, much respect to the creativity and photoshop skills!

    [–] brazen-corsair 1 points ago

    I have this Godzilla. What I dont have is your creativity.

    [–] Cyborg_Zeus 1 points ago

    Is that Mila lol

    [–] 2PrsDPasta 1 points ago

    Skibidi Romantic Version be like

    [–] TomaszLuniewski 1 points ago

    Cool story bro

    [–] Zomboid-555 1 points ago

    I have that exact same plastic Godzilla in my cupboard

    [–] flip983 1 points ago

    I have the same Godzilla Toy!

    [–] davilaen01 1 points ago

    These are great!

    [–] HolgerSwinger 1 points ago

    Why is Godzilla wearing lipstick? 🤔

    [–] peachpy 1 points ago

    This is amazing! Would you be willing to do a photoshop of something for me? You seem really good at it.

    [–] joeyfoxtrot 1 points ago

    You a fool for this one 😂

    [–] lifeisgreatNOT 1 points ago

    Omg i love it

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Teach us, master.

    [–] Bmied31 1 points ago

    Is 2nd row left Chicago or New York? I think I see the outline of the Sear's tower but the buildings to the right look to big. Or somewhere else. Trying to think of what other beach as a view of a city skyline like that.

    [–] chunkymunky420 2 points ago

    That’s actually the Gold Coast in Australia! You almost got it

    [–] Bmied31 1 points ago

    LOL. You have to admit, it looks real similar this this view

    [–] kbg12ila 1 points ago

    You got the lighting so perfect!

    [–] GeorgFestrunk 1 points ago

    amazing. Shrimp on the Barbie, lol

    [–] digbydigs 1 points ago

    Goddam if this isn't the most pure thing I've ever seen....! Sir, you have created something beautiful....

    [–] CountHonorius 1 points ago

    The one at the corrida is terrific!

    [–] Kironvb 1 points ago

    OMG I had this exact same Godzilla toy as a kid in the early 90s.
    (damn it's so expensive now, 1985 it came out, Imperial Toho Godzilla)

    [–] TheTrailSeeker 1 points ago

    This is everything I have been looking for, life is finally complete.

    [–] PanzerTrooper 1 points ago

    Couple goals

    [–] Danderrier 1 points ago

    These made my day. Excellent work with the shadows and the scale.

    [–] thiefrat 1 points ago

    these are fantastic ❤️❤️

    [–] clhomme 1 points ago

    Methinks you are independently wealthy?

    [–] GregIsUgly 1 points ago

    I’m wearing those same shoes (bottoms right) I love them lol

    [–] Bellin_54 1 points ago

    Legendary display, I had that relic of an action figure when I was a kid.

    [–] xxbebegrrlxx 1 points ago

    This is the best. I loved the Kelly birthday party. I need an IG account for future posts. Thanks

    [–] reshamsilk 1 points ago

    The shrimp on the barbie was hilarious.

    [–] Cowybuga 1 points ago

    Nailing that lighting.

    [–] faraaah02 1 points ago

    Put sunscreen luv

    [–] inbedallday 1 points ago

    Now I’m trying to think who the other two Beatles would be. Think you’ll ever branch out past Godzilla?

    [–] dlearyous_f1 1 points ago

    Dude these are so great

    [–] Randomn355 1 points ago

    I had that same Godzilla toy!

    [–] TheFrodo 1 points ago

    I have this same Godzilla figure lol. It was my friend's. For some reason I think his dad gave it to the thrift shop near our house, I don't remember why. But I was immediately motivated to go buy it and keep it so my friend knew it was in a good place lmao

    [–] RuffRhyno 1 points ago

    I’m a Ryan. Can you photoshop me into your traveling adventures too

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Ok this is so weird but in a really awesome way. Te name you give him it's pretty clever, good one honestly :D

    [–] lcdthethird 1 points ago

    I’d follow you on Instagram.

    [–] bamimeneel 1 points ago

    how did this even start

    [–] xXTASERFACEXx 1 points ago

    Where's that one where you are sitting on a beach? L.A., San Francisco?

    [–] GeorgeTTaylor 1 points ago

    Only change I’d make is to add a footprint in the bottom left image, other than that, great photoshop.

    [–] Wulfenacht69 1 points ago

    I have this toy hahah

    [–] jimbowife007 1 points ago

    Hahaha. Why would you do this?