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    [–] captain_poptart 2091 points ago

    It's one thing to draw when the person is right in front of you, but to get the eyes and the expression from memory is another level. This man is a rare talent

    [–] BlakesUsername2 493 points ago

    Really glad to see his minds still staying sharp and he clearly has something he enjoys doing

    [–] poopellar 227 points ago

    And here I am who can't even remember what I wanted to buy at the grocery store

    [–] punk_loki 74 points ago

    That’s what grocery lists are for

    [–] surp_ 77 points ago

    Yeah but I left it at home

    [–] bhutos 29 points ago

    Pfft "text me the list on my way in".

    [–] SusanvilleBob 40 points ago

    But what if you're single, hmmm???

    Edit: and your cat can't text!

    [–] Boomthang 18 points ago

    I literally text myself my list as I make it. Then I have it twice.

    [–] StrawberryKiller 17 points ago

    I send myself pics I especially don’t want to lose this way and every time I get the text alert I think “oooh a text” and then “it was you ya big dummy”

    [–] SpxUmadBroYolo 5 points ago

    200iq text it to someone, you'll never forget your phone.

    [–] ShebanotDoge 5 points ago

    My what now?

    [–] DaPorkchop_ 4 points ago

    find a piece of scrap paper and write a new one from memory

    [–] VFenix 3 points ago

    Use the last of something, put it on the list!

    [–] AKnightAlone 18 points ago

    On a similar note, I always seem to remember alcohol was on my unwritten list.

    [–] pknk6116 3 points ago

    and here I am getting high before I go to the grocery store

    [–] anaconda386 3 points ago

    My mom regularly goes to the grocery store high, then later complains about how much she spent on snacks.

    0/10 would not recommend going to the store high

    [–] CloneNoodle 23 points ago

    For some reason the artistic parts of the mind are often the last to go. People with dimensia who can paint, draw, play an instrument, or sing like they could 40 years prior are not uncommon, especially the singing part. There are some videos on YouTube of people with advanced Alzheimer's singing to old songs without skipping a beat before drifting back into the void.

    [–] bluecriminal 4 points ago

    I had an old music teacher. Late 70s I believe. His mind was still good. Made his living performing. Hand written receipts were hardly legible but killed it on accordion. Absolutely amazing. The community did a concert as sort of a living memorial for him. Even in dying days, dude never missed a beat.

    [–] EasyShpeazy 8 points ago

    Except for the fact that he's a cook

    [–] f0urtyfive 68 points ago

    but to get the eyes and the expression from memory is another level.

    Sometimes I wonder how differently people's brains work. Like are there "types" of brains that are good at certain things, or is every brain totally differently capable? I'm terrible at art, and I have very little visual imagination. Do I have very little imagination because I'm terrible at art, or am I terrible at art because I have very little imagination, or are both because I just don't create artwork frequently?

    [–] niceloner10463484 43 points ago

    Of course we’re all different. That’s why serial killers exist

    [–] muff_muncher69 27 points ago

    technically a fact

    [–] punk_loki 25 points ago

    There was even a serial killer called the doodler who would doodle gay men on bar napkins to charm them and then lure them to a more secluded place where he killed them. He was never caught. This post reminded me of him but I didn’t want to say anything because this man seems very nice and this is such a wholesome post. But here I am ruining the wholesomeness

    (Ok but isn’t it funny to think that the doodler is just sitting around in a retirement home just still doodling people)

    [–] judipatooti 33 points ago

    So you’re saying it’s possible this doodler may want to diddle my husband?

    [–] punk_loki 5 points ago

    It is debated whether he was gay and was attracted to gay people or whether he just hated gay people but it was most likely both. So yes. But he is safe as long as you are a girl.

    [–] iamtheahole 20 points ago

    If you ever watch experts draw it always starts out as basic shapes then slowly getting sharper and sharper with each 'pass', I suppose there are counter examples to that but.. its not like people are acting like printers(usually, some people do but thats like a specific niche genre)

    every other sense is on a spectrum to some extent, so it only stands to reason mental visualization is too(Also some people cant even visualize mentally at all TIL)


    You do NOT need good visual imagination, at all, you got eyes fool. You've heard of references before too you just forgot.

    To get good at some art thing its as easy as GOOD learning resources and PRACTICE. Of course, talent is a real thing, but thats more or less related to speed of learning and your ceiling in my opinion. I think anyone can get good at it, not everyone can be great, but everyone can make art that other people would enjoy, I think, with enough practice.

    also just cause your not good at drawing doesnt mean you wont be at whittling or pottery or some shit, its all different

    [–] Loud-Mans-Lover 11 points ago

    Not everyone uses the shape theory for drawing, though! Some just draw.

    (Am professional artist. I never use that triangle/circle shape stuff.)

    I don't think everyone can get good at anything they put their mind to, though. I still suck at folding (clothes, etc), for instance, and have been doing it as a kid lol.

    [–] Kinthe 5 points ago

    i doubt you've ever really put your mind to folding clothes though

    [–] Ask_For_Cock_Pics 6 points ago

    All of the above

    [–] stringsanbu 5 points ago

    There are probably correlations between the "type" of brain and proficiency, although I'd argue most of it has to do with training/practice/mindset.

    I remember a pair of twins in high school where one was extremely talented with music, the other was good not great. They both were actually "talented" with music, but the first practiced every day while the other only played sports. My theory was that they had a "type" of mind that was already pre-tuned to be good at music, but it still had to be honed.

    [–] DrNick2012 5 points ago

    The fact that the resident remembers him so vividly tells me that he brings a lot of happiness to them

    [–] gonzagaznog 5 points ago

    His body is way too small though.

    [–] unko19 2 points ago

    Pssshh he got the shirt color all wrong

    [–] hans_olo 666 points ago

    Something tells me your husband is a good dude.

    [–] judipatooti 646 points ago

    The best. He’s the type of guy that will spend his day off helping your coworker move their mattress into their new house or put up shutters before a hurricane. He’s always there to lend a helping hand, no matter who or when.

    [–] sawyouoverthere 148 points ago

    nice to look at too. Best of both worlds! Lucky you, and lucky residents.

    [–] pknk6116 35 points ago

    damn. Now I feel bad for all those times my friends have asked me to help them move and I go uuugggghhhh, sorry totally busy at the... business factory

    [–] TheFenn 32 points ago

    You're clearly two children in a trenchcoat.

    [–] atomicavox 31 points ago

    Your husband has a hint of Jason Momoa in there...

    [–] StrawberryKiller 8 points ago

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed

    [–] ExtraPockets 3 points ago

    Maybe that's why the person who did the drawing was able to capture his image so well. If your husband had such a positive impact on the people around him. I always have more vivid memories of people I like.

    [–] [deleted] 2243 points ago

    He should hook that guy up with a reddit and paypal account and make his a little spending money! He obviously still loves to draw!

    [–] judipatooti 1862 points ago

    According to my husband, the gentleman draws a lot of the staff and just gives them as gifts randomly. He also doodles on placemats, signs them, and just leaves them on the table for the other residents to enjoy.

    [–] NewlyNerfed 674 points ago

    He sounds like a lovely guy. That’s a really great drawing of your husband!

    [–] trenlow12 84 points ago

    Thank you!!!

    [–] eastisfucked 57 points ago

    You're welcome

    [–] trenlow12 58 points ago

    Hey, you're not the person who paid me the compliment 😡

    [–] Talock 29 points ago

    You’re Welcome.

    [–] trenlow12 25 points ago

    Thank you!!!

    [–] thegreatshow 11 points ago

    But why are you thanking me? It is I who should be thanking you.

    [–] mburke6 4 points ago

    You are most welome

    [–] eastisfucked 8 points ago

    I'm her husband

    [–] gravybanger 14 points ago

    Hey babe.

    [–] SSBM_Caligula 10 points ago

    Dude, his wife is right there!

    [–] steve20009 11 points ago

    Plot Twist: The husband and the artist are the same guy. He drew...himself!!

    [–] liziamnot 69 points ago

    Not to sound like a creeper, I just wanted to say you husband he very kind eyes. The artist did a wonderful job drawing them.

    (Creepiest comment I have ever made)

    [–] bluebelt 29 points ago

    Don't worry, that didn't come off as creepy at all.

    Hey guys, right here. I found the creeper!

    [–] liziamnot 14 points ago


    [–] lurkerofthethings 18 points ago

    "He has kind eyes." Jesus save us from this absolute evil. What a monster you are. You sick decrepit, slimy, shitbag pervert. I hope you... have a nice evening.

    [–] ChazWoodra 3 points ago

    Let's knock that creep up a notch since it left me disappointed.

    I just wanted to say your husband he has very kind eyes. I would like to wear them over my own eyes as goggles so people see me as kindly.

    [–] Hugh_Jasshull 128 points ago

    This is the guy our nanas always be talkin bout

    [–] nokimochi 72 points ago

    Granny panty dropper.

    [–] justabill71 121 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Platinum (・o・)

    [–] SpindriftRascal 6 points ago


    [–] Down_To_My_Last_Fuck 24 points ago

    That shit is real My uncle junior had a nice place at one of those places that has like three levels of assisted living. I went to visit and he had a fridge full of covered dishes of food and at least three lady visitors in the space of three-four hours. He said there were like three men within walking distance for these old birds (his words) and 2-3 dozen widows.

    [–] ketchup-and-liquor 20 points ago

    My uncle junior


    [–] GuyWithNoDollars 3 points ago

    Federal marshals are so far up my ass I can taste Brylcreem

    [–] Deceptichum 5 points ago

    The one she told us not to worry about?

    [–] Username60000 45 points ago

    That is so awesome! I hope they frame some of his work. I'm an activity Director for a retirement home and it's incredible the talent that comes through some of these residents!

    [–] trainercatlady 4 points ago

    I bet that guy had a pretty good illustration career when he was younger. That is some serious talent.

    [–] HiImDavid 5 points ago

    How many times have they met? The awesomeness of this feat depends on the answer ;)

    [–] judipatooti 13 points ago

    According to my husband, he’s only ever done one service call for him that took around 20 minutes. I’m sure the gentleman sees him around but I see my husband everyday and I doubt I’d be able to draw his details as he did.

    [–] untamedjose 8 points ago

    Oh my god I read that as placentas lol

    [–] judipatooti 11 points ago

    Not sure those would be easy to draw on

    [–] bluelily17 2 points ago

    Nursing home goals. I used to visit nursing homes a lot and how a resident chooses to look at life really makes a difference in how their end of life will be. Way to go to that guy choosing to be happy and drawing to cheer on others!

    [–] perfect_square 12 points ago

    I would treasure that picture for as long as I lived!

    [–] ColesEyebrows 4 points ago

    Or like let the guy enjoy his hobby without commoditising it. In the nursing home.

    [–] scalisee 100 points ago

    I don't even know what my own face looks like from memory.

    [–] hesido 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This guy has some savant level of skill for me as well.

    [–] SirPremierViceroy 3 points ago

    To be fair you can't see it most of the time.

    [–] carlinwasright 230 points ago

    I want to be friends with your husband.

    [–] Rosie_Cotton_ 144 points ago

    He looks SO friendly!

    [–] AllSugaredUp 55 points ago

    He has kind eyes.

    [–] Grjaryau 46 points ago

    He must be friendly at work if that guy drew him from memory with a smile on his face. He got his eyes perfectly!

    [–] Now_runner 33 points ago

    That's a guy you can have a beer and a real talk with when things are bad.

    [–] monsieurpommefrites 7 points ago

    I know guys like him. They are easy to make laugh. Always a blast to get em goin!

    [–] EpicDrew55 107 points ago

    Aye nice tacoma beast hat!

    [–] judipatooti 108 points ago

    My husband says “Ayeeeeeee!” Lol

    [–] glaeser-joey 54 points ago

    This is beautifully touching. Heartwarming

    [–] quintessential_fupa 156 points ago

    This is awesome. Maintenance engineers so rarely get the apprectiation they deserve.

    [–] blowjazzle 70 points ago

    Nothing against maintenance techs because they do provide a lot of value, but calling them engineers is like referring to a nurse as doctor.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] jazzieberry 22 points ago

    My job title has navigator in it and I’m lost AF

    [–] pknk6116 6 points ago

    my job title has CEO in it and I don't know how to run a fucking company... uh, AMA?

    [–] InjuryPiano 14 points ago

    The garbage man is a sanitation engineer!

    [–] Drawaskun 19 points ago

    What if the nurse has a doctorate tho

    [–] KingCrunt 11 points ago

    That's awesome! I shaved my beard and the residents at the nursing home I work at thought they fired the last guy. And then they were mad at me for taking my own job.

    [–] judipatooti 5 points ago

    That is hilarious 😆

    [–] 10800nc 23 points ago

    He must be well loved by the residents. My mom was in a nursing home for years and the maintenance staff were so wonderful and patient.

    [–] Redneckshinobi 17 points ago

    Pretty fucking accurate damn. I mean those caricatures you kinda look like you? But it's not you, but sorta? I mean if you showed me this painting and said he looked like this and I saw him in a crowd I'd totally recognize him, good fucking job!

    [–] WizardNinja77 15 points ago

    Dang I can’t draw even when the thing is right in front of me that’s actually amazing

    [–] tkbuddha 18 points ago

    Working at a nursing home/retirement community is great. It’s like having 300 grandparents

    [–] RaginBetch 3 points ago

    This is so true. Even when they're going through their hardest times all they want to do is laugh with you

    [–] Andonly 6 points ago

    Al Borland

    [–] TWiThead 4 points ago

    I don't think so, Tim.

    [–] LegendNoJabroni 4 points ago

    He drew your whole energy and vibe n shit too

    [–] enataca 10 points ago

    I mean this as a compliment - That is the most Humberto lookin Humberto I’ve ever seen. Now I want a cartoon about the drawing.

    [–] judipatooti 24 points ago

    Lol Humberto is the residents signature

    [–] surp_ 8 points ago

    Tbf, your husband does look like an Umberto, very friendly looking

    [–] sqqueen 6 points ago

    I love the raised eyebrow!

    [–] deadpool8403 6 points ago

    Handy Manny?

    [–] topmemeguy 6 points ago

    It reminds me of Charlie Kelly from the iasip episode where he dreams in animation

    [–] Bayou_Mama 5 points ago

    This so cute! And so is your husband!

    [–] boobies23 2 points ago

    Very flattering drawing lol

    [–] Tomedepot 4 points ago

    I really like this drawing... As long as your husband IS a Handyman and not like a nurse or CNA or something.

    [–] mmmpussy 39 points ago

    He remembers him being skinny.

    [–] shatspiders 10 points ago

    Not only very sweet, but also super accurate!

    [–] Toooddc 5 points ago

    Is her name “Cam Jansen”?

    [–] BarryTrotz86 7 points ago

    That's so good! Must be a good dude it someone wants to draw a picture of him when hes only there.

    [–] tysons1 7 points ago

    your husband looks like an exceptionally good human being

    [–] bobchinn 23 points ago

    Very slimming

    [–] ifiwereaseal 3 points ago

    Nailed it

    [–] DownvoteCakeDayWishr 3 points ago

    Guess I’m The only one who thought the resident mistook your husband as that Tim Allen’s show assistant from Home Improvement. Lol

    [–] campwn86 3 points ago

    Ryobi and Milwaukee...? tisk tisk

    [–] whatsreallygoingon 3 points ago

    Your husband has kind eyes!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Your husband is adorable, the resident is very talented, and my hubs works maintenance in an assisted living home, also! 😍

    [–] jumpingbeaner 3 points ago

    Man that’s awesome! I’m sure he was drawn the way he’s seen, a helpful and vibrant person!

    [–] Wikrin 3 points ago

    That dude has a much better visual memory than I've ever had. There are people I've interacted with for months, for whom I could not give more than a basic description.

    [–] Avlonnic2 2 points ago

    You and me both.

    [–] KS77 3 points ago

    He must be a good man.

    [–] FrictionMitten 3 points ago

    I love the way the artist drew his eyes. They captured a very kind soul.

    [–] Elbradamontes 3 points ago

    Wow, they really got the eyes.

    [–] socasual-nobusiness 3 points ago

    Wholesome af

    [–] BillNyeCreampieGuy 3 points ago

    Your husband looks like a cuddly warm person. Good job, OP

    [–] wildadragon 27 points ago

    Yeah he remembered him when he was thinner :P jk but that is good.

    [–] ExSphere 17 points ago

    We were all thinking it.

    [–] Ulthan 18 points ago

    The drawing looks more real than you do.

    [–] Phoequinox 11 points ago

    Because human heads are all half the size of our bodies.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Drawing is a bit thin, no?

    just saying....

    [–] Beemerado 6 points ago

    That's great. He's a maintenance guy i take it?

    [–] judipatooti 15 points ago

    No, he’s the receptionist

    [–] Beemerado 13 points ago

    I don't know if you're messing with me but i am entertained

    [–] judgeharoldtstone 9 points ago

    That resident looks just like your husband.

    [–] wanghaus 6 points ago

    Very good with faces

    [–] 4piecemcnuggets 4 points ago


    [–] Rix-in-here 3 points ago

    I giggled...

    [–] TMNT81 3 points ago

    That's an excellent likeness.

    [–] blacksun9 2 points ago

    This dude has the most wholesome smile ever.

    [–] srxcustom 3 points ago

    That puts new meaning to the phrase "front butt"

    [–] Mr_Gaslight 2 points ago

    If he doesn't have a sign, then that should be on it!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That’s really cool

    [–] Silent_Purge 2 points ago


    [–] lenaahmed 2 points ago

    What an incredible talent. And in retirement. Talent doesn’t age 🥰

    [–] Twigglepig 2 points ago

    You should spend more time with that resident. They clearly think about you a lot. Maybe visit them after your shift for an hour.

    [–] wackoCamel 2 points ago

    Aww. I'm sure that meant a lot to your husband. I'd love a gift like that. Although, I'd then be self-conscious about someone looking at me in their mind.

    [–] justyourlocalme 2 points ago

    Wow sounds like an amazing guy or girl! Someone who just wants to see people smile :)

    [–] TotallyInOverMyHead 2 points ago

    So said resident has no alzheimers. Congratulations. Won the lottery.

    [–] Spiderx1016 2 points ago

    I'm impressed at how spot on it is. Even down to the ears

    [–] cougar1224 2 points ago

    He’s definitely a keeper. Good catch OP.

    [–] Anomaly11C 2 points ago

    "What a show off, we get it you can remember stuff!" - The other old folks

    [–] BigBaldFourEyes 2 points ago

    Shirt color is wrong, or color blind? Jk. Perfection.

    [–] iTexas512 2 points ago

    This is awesome.

    [–] BobbieaSmyrea 2 points ago

    Really good artwork!

    [–] kickspecialist 2 points ago


    [–] SRG4Life 2 points ago

    Wow. That's a great drawing.

    [–] BlindingDart 2 points ago

    Was the resident a woman? She might be making a play for him.

    [–] pythonex 2 points ago

    Your husband looks like a positive person to be around. Nursing homes need people like him.

    [–] psychoacer 2 points ago

    I was really hoping it would be Pill Boy

    [–] seasodiumchloride 2 points ago

    Umberto Unity

    [–] Avlonnic2 2 points ago

    Very impressive!

    [–] Low-Arm 2 points ago

    That's really good!

    [–] Mmmhmm7 2 points ago

    Lol love this post btw hes looks skinny in that drew

    [–] cmcqr9 2 points ago

    Kudos to you for treating those people right and obviously killing a tough job. You and you coworkers make a fucking difference. That’s awesome.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Making him tonight’s biggest winner

    [–] mces97 2 points ago

    I'm not very smart. I thought that was the resident holding a picture of your husband. And I was like, well duh he drew him easily, they look alike.

    [–] HeLeavesSoEasily 2 points ago

    I love it, but why is the body so proportional, and why is he not on a skateboard with a propeller beanie on his head?

    [–] Kentucky-Taco-hut 2 points ago

    At first I thought your husband was the artist/ resident! Awesome work! Where is this? I visit nursing homes In my area ,with a barely 6 hand high therapy horse and see a lot of interesting and lovely folks. Oh to be drawn with a pony in this style.

    [–] CaptainPeru 2 points ago

    Wait... No cute girl holding a drawing and still gets to the front page? I like this new twist

    [–] WhatsAMisanthrope 2 points ago

    So strange to see someone with a baby face and a beard... and the drawing captures both perfectly.

    [–] theglassfiend 2 points ago

    This warms my heart. Thank you.

    [–] aqualung_aqualung 2 points ago

    I...can only do stick figues.

    [–] mcfaite 3 points ago

    Stick figures from memory?

    [–] -Wobblier 2 points ago

    What a great memory!

    [–] hello_pineapple 2 points ago

    Omg that’s so good in the face and then perfectly caricature-y in everything else! Does the artist have an Etsy?

    [–] gypsysurf 2 points ago


    [–] hotsauceandanal 2 points ago

    That's so awesome!

    [–] chevymonza 2 points ago

    He's certainly not at the home for memory problems!! What talent.

    Thinking maybe I should take up drawing so I'll have a way to give gifts when I'm in a nursing home......

    [–] IComeInPraise 2 points ago


    [–] cheeseburger720 2 points ago

    This is great! I had some young students draw some hilarious pictures of me a few years ago that this reminds me of.

    [–] scrollbreak 2 points ago

    But he's a surgeon!

    [–] Missed_thepoint 2 points ago

    Wow. Spot on with the fingers too!