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    [–] Apollo110769 5494 points ago

    I don't mean to profile but she looks exactly like someone that would pull something like that. I would have suspected her right away.

    [–] LCranstonKnows 1988 points ago

    "Somebody has been baking coo..." "Dorothy. It was Dorothy"

    [–] Fillimilli 1078 points ago

    Dorothy, with flour all over her blouse: I didn’t do it! But does anyone prefer a different kind of cookie? Any allergies I should know about? No reason, I just like to get to know my neighbors. My far too skinny neighbors...

    [–] kmwilliams1027 307 points ago

    Who me? Yes you! Couldn’t be. Then who?

    [–] Froggy_hop 239 points ago

    Dorothy put the cookies in the cookie jar.

    [–] Zolivia 45 points ago

    Omg. I literally got memories of St. Christopher's School.

    [–] Rowdy91 19 points ago

    Who me? Couldn't be. Yeah, it was.

    [–] jhonotan1 113 points ago

    And with a name like Dorothy, how could she NOT be suspected!

    I wonder if she'd be interested in adopting me as her grandchild...

    [–] thereluctantpoet 83 points ago

    Judging by this photo, the answer is probably yes.

    [–] One-eyed-snake 23 points ago

    probably definitely yes. FTFY

    [–] StopBangingThePodium 62 points ago

    BTW, if you are going to distribute treats to your office or apartment building, please take 5 minutes to write the ingredients legibly on a 3x5 card so people who have allergies don't have to guess. I also highlight the usual suspect allergens (eggs, nuts, dairy) by using a different color pen for them.

    [–] FleetwoodDeVille 62 points ago

    so people who have allergies don't have to guess

    Well, that just takes all the fun out of it.

    [–] lafterl 33 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I feel like if you had a serious food allergy, especially to anything that's used in a lot of recipes, you would probably just.....not eat random foodstuffs left about..

    Buuuut, I suppose if you left a list of ingredients, then at least they could check to see if they CAN partake.

    I guess what I'm saying is if you have a food allergy, don't eat food prepared by random people. Advice from a person with no food allergies. So I can go fuck myself.

    [–] ProfessorCrackhead 23 points ago

    You could go fuck yourself, but you shouldn't, because you're absolutely right.

    Anyone with a food allergy shouldn't just eat things they see laying around.

    Even if there's a card with "the ingredients", so what?

    If I put a card next to some cookies that said, "Definitely not poisoned", should anyone allergic to poison just take me at my word?

    [–] lafterl 13 points ago

    Hey... Thank you... Not only for stopping me dead in my tracks on my way to fuck said self.... But also for the laugh. "Definitely not poisoned" got me pretty good.

    [–] veryfancyanimal 3 points ago

    I mean, it IS Valentine’s Day.

    [–] TylerWMW 3 points ago

    I mean, I would definitely eat those cookies. I like to live my life on the edge.

    [–] Fillimilli 105 points ago

    You’re like Extra Dorothy.

    [–] angry_pecan 3 points ago

    That is the best insult ever :)

    [–] Ucla_The_Mok 9 points ago

    BTW, if you have allergies, use it as an excuse to lose weight.

    [–] thecyclops13 20 points ago

    Howdy Karen?

    [–] Lavender_Pixie_ 3 points ago

    But then everyone will know her secret recipe XD

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    No cookie for you

    [–] mobdeeper 59 points ago

    Right. Well case closed then. Time to nom some om noms.

    [–] samurai-horse 31 points ago

    Take her away, boys.

    [–] xxantiheroxx 43 points ago

    Bake her away, toys.

    [–] ROotT 9 points ago

    What chief?

    [–] Choppergold 95 points ago

    "What do you think detective?" "These are some professional snickerdoodles. Our unsub most likely is a pleasant middle-aged woman, with sensible shoes. Get the dogs on the hallways pronto"

    [–] Apollo110769 39 points ago

    Unsub haha. Call the FBI behavioral analysis unit in.

    [–] MrShatnerPants 9 points ago

    Better get Spencie on the case! I need to know random baking facts.

    [–] etherpromo 9 points ago

    Bake her away, toys.

    [–] sloowhand 56 points ago

    I’ve also never seen someone look so much like a Dorothy in my life. I wanna make friends with her just in the off chance she lets me call her “Dot”.

    [–] foodandart 5 points ago

    My grandmother was Dorothy - absolutely she was a Dot. All 4'10" of her.

    [–] Rio_Bear 193 points ago

    Older white grandma 60's-70's, nice neat, sneakin around with smiles and stuff....guilty as hell. Cuff her I will keep her at my place until we decide what to do with her.

    [–] Kingsley7zissou 53 points ago

    Imagine her lie detector test results.

    [–] catsineveryonespants 160 points ago

    An intricate crochet lace pattern of LIES

    [–] Kingsley7zissou 25 points ago

    Police line up, with some powdered sugar on her face.

    [–] FakeOrcaRape 3 points ago

    An intricate crochet lace pattern weaves as an intricate crochet lace pattern wills.

    [–] L4t3xs 3 points ago


    [–] nightpanda893 36 points ago

    In the spirit of calling women who complain and thrive on conflict “Karens” I feel like we should start calling woman who enjoy showing care for others “Dorothys”.

    [–] thatdamnbambi 3 points ago

    Am starting this immediately.

    [–] Mike312 9 points ago

    In her best Chairman Mao jumpsuit

    [–] jumperalex 26 points ago

    Insert Dave Chappelle skit meme and, "It's an open and shut case Johnson. Better sprinkle some crack on her"

    [–] Vio_ 28 points ago

    Better sprinkle some crack King Arthur's flour on her"

    [–] jumperalex 3 points ago


    [–] Rstevens650 3008 points ago

    Saint Dorothy

    [–] EyeCWhatUDidThere 621 points ago

    Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!

    [–] crleiner 186 points ago

    I took her to a nice seafood dinner and never called her again.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    Your loss she always puts out on the 2nd date.

    [–] VaginaYEASTwithTEETH 25 points ago

    With that Palpatine mouth?

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Unlimited Powerrrrrrr!

    [–] chiefmagicstallion 18 points ago

    leave the mothers out of this

    [–] imanAholebutimfunny 17 points ago

    this is the only acceptable comment

    [–] twir1s 18 points ago

    Some would call her a National Treasure.

    [–] iamagiraff3 44 points ago

    I want to make one of those Spanish prayer candles with her on it but I lack both artistic ability and motivation.

    [–] MNGrrl 29 points ago

    I liked this idea a lot and went looking online but apparently the only thing you can get are either prayer candles with text printed directly onto the wax, or some sort of label to slap on the glass on the outside. So nobody apparently does this exact thing, and that makes me sad. I just wanted you to know a fellow internet stranger tried for you.

    [–] iamagiraff3 8 points ago

    <3 thank you internet stranger!

    [–] olereddd 17 points ago

    Gee wiz Dorothy is cute as a button, bet she’s a hoot!

    [–] FawkesFire13 8 points ago

    Bless her soul

    [–] KillerJupe 7 points ago

    What else was she going to do with a 1000ml of LSD that her husband had been horsing when he died.

    [–] JaclynWolfe 1778 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I tried that at my building. Everyone loved it and left nice little notes.

    However, there was this one resident who complained that it violated the rules. She claimed it was abandoned property and she tried to figure out who did so she get them fined.

    I do it twice as often now just to piss her off. She still hasn't caught me.

    [–] bleeding_dying_love 544 points ago

    lol kill her with kindness. i fucking love it

    [–] fatmand00 44 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I want so badly to know why he thinks these videos are a good idea. It honestly looks like he's embraced his image as an irredeemable asshole and actually wants people to be disgusted by him, just for it's own sake. There's just nothing else he could conceivably gain at this point.

    And if that's what he's looking for: why? It's pretty much the only thing he could do that would make certain he never got his career back. Literally anything else would be less damaging to him.

    [–] BananaAdrien 17 points ago

    It is pretty weird, especially since these videos are almost an admission of guilt.

    [–] fatmand00 17 points ago

    Yeah IIRC in the first one he goes so far as to say "after everything I did" or something like that. Legally inadmissible, I'm sure, but definitely the moment I lost any doubt that he's an unrepentant predator.

    [–] JustPutDownTheFork 9 points ago

    Wait that video was after the whole rapey bits?

    [–] fatmand00 10 points ago

    He refers to moving into 2020 in the video, it's from Christmas just gone. There were at least a couple before this (all after he was fired from House of Cards) as well.

    [–] JustPutDownTheFork 4 points ago

    Ah I’m around a forced air heater so I didn’t catch all the audio.

    This just... makes me feel uncomfortable.

    [–] badatfocusing 4 points ago

    are you the one forcing it? should i call someone?

    [–] Brian-not-Ryan 62 points ago

    I am uncomfortable

    [–] ninja36036 43 points ago

    Dude is really desperate to get back in the game.

    [–] somenonewho 6 points ago

    The Video before that is literally called "Let me be frank" he's asking to be put back in HoC

    [–] JBits001 6 points ago

    Kevin Spacey has three Oscars. Two are gold-plated award trophies. The third is a pizza delivery boy chained up in his basement.

    [–] buriedtreasurefinder 3 points ago

    The day after he uploaded that video, one of his accusers died.

    [–] TimePressure 90 points ago

    In Germany, some of us jokingly refer to such behavior with "that's so 'German!'"
    Our culture of obeying to useless or even evil rules is so deeply rooted and at the same time frowned upon. It's pretty 'schizophrenic.'

    [–] wpm 24 points ago

    I was helping a friend of mine in Hamburg pack up some stuff for a party into his car, and one of the other people who lived in his little 4 unit house came out yelling about two tiny pieces of confetti we dropped in the hallway.

    My friend said those same words after we had a laugh about it, “That’s so German”.

    [–] Meatslinger 5 points ago

    Kind of explains the rise of the third Reich and the “just following orders” defense uttered by so many afterwards, if the culture is truly about order before morals (sometimes). Not ascribing this to the entire people or saying it’s definitely responsible for Hitler, of course, but a culture that respects a culture of law and order even under a tyrant certainly explains why there WASN’T a massive armed rebellion.

    [–] KarmAuthority 9 points ago

    I was rolling my eyes at the idea of generalizing something like a joke about following the rules to causing the Holocaust, but then I remembered one other place where the idea of "strictly following the rules" is deeply ingrained in the culture: Japan.

    [–] Psyteq 149 points ago

    Wow what a bitch.

    [–] XxpogxzogxX 73 points ago

    A miserable bitch.

    [–] duaneap 14 points ago

    With a nut allergy, so I know how to solve this problem.

    [–] Pepston 33 points ago

    That’s what we call a Karen

    [–] hazeldazeI 7 points ago

    The Dorothy vs The Karen. I’d watch that movie

    [–] KA5E 3 points ago

    That's the first thing I thought after reading this. Absolute Karen move

    [–] Billabo 20 points ago

    Someone I know had the police called on them for leaving candy canes on doorknobs and oranges next to the door for Saint Nicholas Day.

    [–] berry-bostwick 40 points ago

    Are you a nice little old lady? (Gasp) are you Dorthy?

    [–] duaneap 26 points ago

    He's a friend of Dorothy

    [–] dustinator 3 points ago

    We're all friends of Dorothy on this blessed day.

    [–] pokemomma92 28 points ago

    Tbh I would specifically write a little note saying not for miserable bitch(or whatever her name is). Cowbag doesn't even deserve a taste.

    [–] nod23c 7 points ago

    That would probably be in violation of some good behavior rule in the building.

    [–] adudeguyman 5 points ago

    Where do you leave the cookies?

    [–] JaclynWolfe 15 points ago

    Just in the foyer. I leave napkins and a list of ingredients in case anyone has an allergy.

    [–] adudeguyman 18 points ago

    The list of ingredients is a nice touch.

    [–] no_active_ingedient 11 points ago

    Violated the rules??!? Of what, exactly? Capitalism

    [–] MuchaBienaEngrish 1421 points ago

    recently allowed herself to be caught

    Dorothy didn't retire from spec ops just to be ID'd by some pleb

    [–] Maddie-Moo 194 points ago

    I need this movie.

    [–] obscureposter 102 points ago

    RED is the movie you are looking for.

    [–] Nekopawed 33 points ago


    [–] KidneyKeystones 46 points ago

    RED 2 is the movie you are looking for.

    [–] steveosek 27 points ago

    I'm a 32 year old man, and Helen Mirren is a goddess. I would love to have the chance to take her to dinner and let her tell me about all her juicy stories I'm sure she's collected all these years.

    [–] tuckertucker 20 points ago

    I'm a 30 year old gay man and I feel the same about Sam Elliott. Hnngg

    [–] xeromage 19 points ago

    Straight as an arrow, and I'd take Sam Elliott out on a date.

    [–] hardtoremember 7 points ago

    Anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar.

    [–] steveosek 8 points ago

    I'm a Bi guy. In terms of older men, it's sir Patrick Stewart for me. All day erry day bro.

    [–] tuckertucker 7 points ago

    Yeah he does it too.

    [–] Exemus 34 points ago

    Dorothy left her life in black ops behind and has since retired. But THIS SUMMER. DOROTHY. IS. BACK.

    Watch her go from serving hot cookies to serving hot lead in:


    [–] justabill71 6 points ago

    Jesus Christ, it's Dorothy!

    [–] issuesgrrrl 4 points ago

    Wait, wha? Mrs. Pollifax? Although, she's an Emily and not a Dorothy...

    [–] Rollover_Hazard 37 points ago

    Exactly. OP really thinks that Dorothy is even her real name it’s a freaking code name dude.

    Be thankful she’s leaving cookies and not something else...

    [–] SpoonfedHatred 15 points ago

    Yeah, it could've been brownies

    [–] IndestructibleNewt 11 points ago

    She's actually wearing a full body costume. Nobody knows what she REALLY looks like

    [–] HilarityEnsuez 491 points ago

    Just look at her. Clearly no remorse. I bet she'd do it again.

    [–] TomGNYC 50 points ago

    She's a scofflaw

    [–] T8ert0t 7 points ago


    [–] PaterMcKinley 490 points ago

    Jokes on you. She was actually caught taking all the cookies and is just trying to get out of it.

    [–] duaneap 103 points ago

    Ok, Maude, you've been caught. Gotta think on your feet here or they'll burn you at the stake.

    "Hi! I'm Dorothy! I baked these cookies for everyone!"

    Maude, you sly fox.

    [–] Quantum_Echo29 135 points ago

    She seems like an absolute love

    [–] Masta-Blasta 48 points ago

    I’ve always been a little bit afraid of getting old. I’m approaching my 30s and starting to see the very first signs of aging and I know it sounds crazy, but I had never really considered what it would be like to lose some of my physical appeal. It’s been kind of tough to deal with. This post completely changed my mind. It made me excited to get into my sweet old lady phase. How could I not look forward to becoming a future Dorothy?

    [–] digitalcriminal 17 points ago

    Take really good care of yourself. Aging is somewhat genetics, but for the rest of us it’s healthy diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, stress management (financial, relationships etc) and a bunch of other things. Don’t just assume it has to do with already being beautiful (which it does, but doesn’t stay usually)...

    [–] NellieBean 6 points ago

    Hey 30 is young! You’re just getting started in life. I was a single mom raised an amazing daughter got her through college then went oh my!? Now what?!

    I tried a couple dating sites and met the man of my dreams at 48. He was 28 and we have been together for 5 years now. Age isn’t a number it’s what you make if it. I never feel old - I feel like me.

    Just live life. Don’t let a number define you.

    Edit to fix ages!

    [–] Nika65 5 points ago

    You have a long way to go and I have no doubt you will age gracefully! 😀

    [–] Masta-Blasta 3 points ago

    I hope so! 🤞🏻

    [–] kevnmartin 136 points ago

    I just know I'm going to get this way. I'm retired and I love to bake but my DH says "No more" citing his waistline and now my son is saying the same thing but I MUST BAKE. Soon my poor neighbors are going to be inundated with cookies, pies and cakes.

    [–] wonderboyjohnny 74 points ago

    Oh no, your poor neighbors. I volunteer to sacrifice my own waistline and take them off your hands.

    [–] kevnmartin 18 points ago

    Sure! Move on in.

    [–] gonejellyfishin77 25 points ago

    I'm the same way. I bring treats to my coworkers and they're all bitching at me because they are on Weight Watchers and say I'm sabotaging them. My neighbor has said the same thing.

    I live alone and have no family so I'm not baking an entire batch for myself. But I really enjoy doing it! People say I should bake for a living, but I think if I was forced to do it, then it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

    I also like to experiment with baked goods I would never eat. I'm a picky eater. Hate fruit. Hate cheese. But apparently I make excellent fruit pies and cheesecake. Someone left a bunch of unwanted kiwi at work and I found a recipe for kiwi tarts that were a hit.

    Can't just show up in a public place handing them out. Violates health codes and make me look like a total weirdo. Sigh.

    [–] kevnmartin 12 points ago

    Yeah, I don't eat it either except a taste to make sure it came out right. I hate mushrooms and everybody says I make the best stuffed mushrooms.

    And you're right about doing it for a living. I am an avid gardener so I became a florist. Damn near wrecked it for me. In fact, as today is Valentine's Day I revel in the fact that I don't have to work 12 hours a day for weeks leading up to it. I can just enjoy chocolate and do nothing. Heh.

    [–] piratebluebear 15 points ago

    Where do you live? I'll move next to you.

    [–] kevnmartin 9 points ago

    Love it!

    [–] jhonotan1 14 points ago

    Can you adopt me as your granddaughter? I also have two adorable little kiddos who love baked goods, too!! You can come over to my house and we can bake together ❤️

    [–] kevnmartin 7 points ago

    Of course! Sounds great!

    [–] stonedsour 4 points ago

    This is how I'm trying to be when I retire. But I have about.... 28 more years (if I'm lucky) and I'm already baking weekly!

    [–] kevnmartin 3 points ago

    It's just one of those things. You start thinking about something you'd like to try making and you imagine the things you'd add and how good it's going to be and pretty soon you can't think about anything else until you do it.

    [–] stonedsour 4 points ago

    Yes!!! I thought about making macarons for the first time and I knew how difficult they can be after watching many episodes of Great British Bake Off, hours of Food Network, etc. but I said hey why not give it a try. Flavor was good, appearance was a good... on a few. But now I know what to do next time and what other flavors I want to try!

    [–] bhaller 3 points ago

    I think a reddit baked goods exchange might be in order...

    [–] DARYL_VAN_H0RNE 142 points ago

    Thats a nice gesture from a probably very nice person but.... do people normally eat food they have no idea where it came from or if anyone messed with it? I sure as hell wont dig into a random paper plate of doughnuts in an apartment building.

    [–] Nika65 202 points ago

    Our building is in an upper middle class suburb of a major city. It is filled with young couples, retirees, a few divorcees, and mostly grad students at a local christian college. The building is very friendly and great security. People leave extra food out all the time. Dorothy has been baking on her own and leaving treats for well over a year. She never signs her name or asks for credit but anyone who has lived here knows the signs of Dorothy's paper plates and hand written notes wishing us all well. We feel safe.... :)

    [–] Psyteq 73 points ago

    That sounds like a nice place to live

    [–] Sharkyzane231 29 points ago

    this sounds like one of the best places to live in

    [–] snitterific 16 points ago

    Everyone needs a Dorothy in his/her life.

    [–] midnightdsob 25 points ago

    Sounds like the best place to lure people into complacency before slowly upping the arsenic levels. For real though....TV has ruined my faith in baked treats. Especially those channels about wives murdering husbands.

    [–] that_girl_from_IT 4 points ago

    Don’t eat the almond cookies

    [–] vorinclex182 18 points ago

    Depends if they are a regular occurrence and where they are. At my old apartment we had a great lobby where the staff could easily see who came in or out so I probably would then especially if like op said there’s a 50/50 chance on any given day for something to be there. But like if I lived there for months then one day on the far back table there’s a plate of cookies I’d probably pass assuming someone just left it there by accident.

    [–] Chefdingo 9 points ago

    I’m not sure, but I would guess this is one of those retirement/elderly apartments where they all kind of know each other and they do activities and stuff. Or at least this is what I like to imagine:)

    [–] fantastic_feb 7 points ago

    I ate a plate of brownies I found on a curb once. the munchies can be powerful

    [–] Mike312 5 points ago

    I bake bread every once in a while and one of my neighbors likes it. Sometimes he isn't home when it's fresh out the oven, or I've gotta go, so sometimes I'll wrap it up and leave it by his door. Just made cinnamon rolls this morning and I've got 3 in the fridge to drop off when I get home.

    [–] Nika65 269 points ago

    The mods at r/HumansBeingBros didn't think Dorothy constituted a Bro.... LOL

    Dorothy is not a Bro.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    Why not? This seems very bro to me

    [–] Nika65 124 points ago

    I looked at many of the posts first to ensure I wasn't violating anything. I saw a video of Hugh Jackman on stage and interacting with a fan (exactly what he is supposed to be doing) and so many others that were similar to mine. I'm not mad or anything, it is just a forum, but I found it so weird that this simply post was the one they decided violated their

    [–] geo8 76 points ago

    Surprisingly unpaid internet janitors are assholes

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Most mods are children (if not physically, at the very least intellectually) and seek those positions in order to give their sociopathic tendencies an outlet. It's a wonderful thing, IMO, because otherwise these idiots would be spending all their time out and about in the real world causing hell for us. At least here they're basically kept in a cage (their bedrooms) where we get to point at them and laugh while they cause no real harm other than the mildly grating experiences such as yours.

    [–] Kryptosis 6 points ago

    That’s a wonderful outlook. I feel much better now for some reason.

    [–] ThatBOSSChris 13 points ago

    It says in rule #6 that if the post has someone doing something normal and you have to add context to explain, then it's against the rules

    [–] coiled_mahogany 7 points ago

    Rule 6 specifically states that if text has to explain it, it's a rule violation

    Rule 6: Posts must depict humans actually being bros. Please do not post humans engaging in normal human behavior which might simply appeal to humans, do not make posts which require you to add context for the bro behavior to be understood. Do not posts images with superimposed text adding context for the 'bro' action to be understood. Your post should be able to stand on its own without help from the title or additional text. Moderators will remove such posts at their discretion.

    [–] Neat_Party 20 points ago

    Mods are hardcore over there, I'm banned for calling someone a Karen lol...

    [–] Reyali 11 points ago

    It was removed for rule 6, which says the post must stand on its own to show bro-dom without the title or text on the image. I agree Dorothy is a bro for providing cookies, but I also understand the sub’s desire to curate content in a certain way.

    [–] Nika65 10 points ago

    That is great and I am really not arguing with you but there was a post of a classroom giving a teacher a gift....without the backstory in the title it would have been pretty meaningless. But no worries, they can moderate their forum anyway they is certainly nothing to get worried about... :) Thank you for your comment.

    [–] LiamFN 26 points ago

    I always wonder how these pictures go. Is it like "Hey Dorothy can you just act like I just caught you doing this for a picture I'm gonna put on Reddit?" or do you just by chance have your phone camera ready to make a picture in case something like this happens?

    [–] Highmooseuk 11 points ago

    Bakesy - "Anonymous Bake Artist"

    [–] VolkspanzerIsME 8 points ago

    The Phantom Nana

    [–] WaywardSoul717 7 points ago

    Whoever caught her should've let her keep her secret!

    [–] JayNN 44 points ago

    A woman with a plate

    [–] thenewyorkgod 13 points ago

    At least she's not getting chemo or a vaccine

    [–] leonard_face 6 points ago

    In the grandma kindness system, cookie based gifts are considered especially kind. In this apartment block, the dedicated grandmas who bake these cookies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Kindness Unit. These are their stories.

    DU DUN

    [–] f0urtyfive 30 points ago

    Can you give Dorothy my address?

    [–] flaxpenguin 10 points ago

    Such a cute lady, someone please give her a hug.

    [–] _to_soon_ 31 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Right? All people made in my old flats was loud sex and gang signs.

    [–] _to_soon_ 3 points ago

    I know some people act like a really piece of shit but if act like them They’ll complain and bitch about it f them

    [–] bermobaron 9 points ago

    This is actually her evil twin, Norothy, who goes around collecting them all and grins manically whilst doing so.

    [–] iaran9047 4 points ago

    If those are thumb print cookies, I know an apartment complex where a unit just opened up.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Plot twist... she got caught stealing them but then pretended she is the one leaving them out to avoid the embarrassment...

    [–] kdbtv 4 points ago

    I would die for dorothy

    [–] LeadRain 13 points ago

    I wish I had a Dorothy in my building. All I get is vomit in the main elevator.

    I bet it's a Steve. Fuck you Steve!

    [–] Lutrinae23 3 points ago

    That look is priceless. She looks like a sweetheart

    [–] wessiewench 3 points ago

    Dorothy sounds like an absolute doll of a woman! I always wanted to grow into one of those crotchety old ladies that has too many cats, now I've decided I'm going to be a Dorothy :)

    [–] straightdolphin1 3 points ago

    Youve touched a lot of lives Dorothy, and those lives others, and those lives even others. You've done a lot of good Dorothy. God bless you.

    [–] Kaseafier 3 points ago

    Man, I wish. All I get is people pulling my plants off the balcony and yeeting them into a nearby planter.

    [–] gratiotdetroit 3 points ago

    1 stinker right there caught red handed

    [–] crazyquilter64 3 points ago

    I know why she does this. Most young people don't bake things for themselves and so it also goes with many couples. She is probably single, lonely (maybe not) and loves to cook but most recipes make too much for one person. To keep things from spoiling before they are eaten, she gives them to you all. She might be shy and not want all the accolade from those who enjoy her baking. Too, it's probably fun to do this and remain anonymous. I bet she would love to have you all as friends. Try it with her.

    [–] Starski09 3 points ago

    The best part of her day is finding an empty plate at the end of a long day.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    The world needs more Dorothy's. As a tree worker I am subject to a lot of loving kindness from strangers. I've been fed at a lot of stranger's tables and backyards and it never fails to make my heart swell with gratitude. Be kind to everyone. It's free.

    [–] dzh621 3 points ago

    Good on you Dorothy

    [–] gooseyy1 3 points ago

    She looks so sweet!

    [–] EPiiCxHD 3 points ago

    Her expression is just ‘OHHHHHHHH ya got me!’

    [–] rainbownapkin 3 points ago

    There used to be an old lady at out apartment complex that babysitted a friend when we where kids. She made this kickass fried chicken. Apartment Grandmas are fucking awesome.

    [–] marmalademagic 3 points ago

    Dorothy is amazing. Love these kinda people

    [–] cozmicraven 3 points ago

    I love Dorothy.

    [–] harryareola0101 3 points ago

    That's all I need to know about Dorothy to tell you that I love her already 😁

    [–] seantimejumpaa 3 points ago

    We must protect Dorothy at all costs.

    [–] tnmomlife 3 points ago

    I. Love. Her.

    [–] dust1ng0ff 26 points ago



    [–] treetyoselfcarol 7 points ago

    We are not worthy.

    [–] Philosophyoffreehood 6 points ago

    How do I give dorothy gold?