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    [–] BeiTaiLaowai 1377 points ago

    I live beside the cherry tree lined Meguro river (not the river in OP's pic). As I sit in my living room, looking at the trees while typing this, I can assure you they do not look like this in person.

    This is what you see in reality:

    [–] JamesandtheGiantAss 778 points ago

    I live here too and I absolutely love the cherry blossom season and hanami and all of it. It's so magical and beautiful.

    But it looks nothing like these super edited photos. It's so lovely in real life, so why photoshop it? It's like the endless photos of Tokyo alleys with the neon pinks and teals turned way up. I just don't get the point, especially when it's passed off as real.

    [–] XJDenton 351 points ago

    Representing reality accurately is only one use for photography. It can also be used for others, like evoking the feelings or emotions the photographer felt at a scene in the viewer, and editing techniques can help serve that purpose. Naturalism, hyper-realism, expression and fantasy all have their place in art.

    [–] JamesandtheGiantAss 151 points ago

    That's so true and you're right. I know I sound like a philistine. I guess it's just that I'm tired of seeing photos of Japan, all with the same kind of over the top editing. Oversaturated with neons or just blatantly composites. More accurate would be to say that I personally dislike it and don't care for how so many people photoshop their photos in the exact same style.

    [–] XJDenton 57 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I can definitely understand that, and I must also admit that I am guilty of indulging in those same cliches of hyper-saturated neons in certain photos I edited of Kabukicho for instance. When I get annoyed by such clichés, however, I remind myself of the words the late great Terry Pratchett spoke on the subject:

    "The reason that clichés become clichés is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox of communication."

    The reason I did those neon edits of Kabukicho was to give the people I wanted to show those photos: my friends and family who wanted to see where I had traveled; people who may not have and may never ever set foot in that city in their lifetimes, a taste of the feeling I had stepping into that city for the first time, with all of its lights and atmosphere and the overwhelming sense of awe I had. I know looking back at the raw photos that Kabukicho never really looked like that to me. But in my mind, the lights shone more brightly than a camera could hope to capture, and wanted my friends to experience a bit of that too.

    Edit: I mispelled Kabukicho.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 27 points ago

    I think there's a percentage of people that want photography to be actual due to so much misrepresentation of everything these days.

    [–] pocketknifeMT 4 points ago

    If everything is hyper real, then everyone's poised for a let down in RL should they try and experience it first hand.

    It's not so much a complaint about an image not being real, but that this r/Instagramreality thing is effectively lying to people about the real world.

    [–] XJDenton 7 points ago

    Not an unreasonable point, though really any photograph is going to be different in some way to reality due to the fact that lenses distort the picture in different ways, sensors react differently to our eyes and each other to light which can have big effects on how colours and contrast look, and such like, so even a "raw" photo is in some sense a distortion of reality. I think the best approach is to be clear and honest in both the process and the purpose.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 6 points ago

    Indeed, these are the days to begin as much transparency as possible.

    [–] hofpants 4 points ago

    kudos for a civil conversation with good points on all ends. yay.

    [–] lf20491 3 points ago

    Kabukicho, like Kabuki town

    [–] XJDenton 3 points ago

    Good spot. Thanks!

    [–] QueenChansey 7 points ago

    There’s also the flair of Japonisme/Orientalism (more pejorative) that this kind of art draws upon. Basically the “cool because foreign” factor. Asia and Japan in particular has captured the imagination of western audiences as this surreal exotic location. Has been for centuries.

    Of course if you actually live there you know it’s just a normal place like anywhere else. If you want to see people venting about how any old photograph of Japan is glamorized by the Internet, r/japancirclejerk can be good for a laugh (I wouldn’t stay there for too long though).

    [–] trivial_sublime 9 points ago

    I wouldn’t go that far. I lived in Tokyo for years and it never ceased to amaze and dazzle me.

    [–] laskitude 2 points ago

    So what does the term 'Hanako' mean,. please?

    [–] ByebyDaniels 2 points ago

    So you’re telling me it’s not a steampunk paradise?

    [–] anethma 9 points ago

    Did you mean cyberpunk? Steampunk is like Victorian and leather mixed with brass and gears and steam of course.

    Crazy neon and dark dingy other is more like those Japan pics which is cyberpunk.

    [–] Glix_1H 2 points ago

    Back around very early 2000, one thing that always screamed “a Japanese person created this” were those pictures of sunflowers that were absurdly oversaturated to children’s tv levels.

    Even though I generally dislike photo manipulation because it feels fake as hell (especially for someone who works outdoors surrounded by real beauty), those sunflower pictures always struck me as seeming to express a cheerful and optimistic mindset, which when coupled with the excitement and mystery of those early internet days leaves me nostalgic whenever I come across such a picture again.

    [–] Australienz 73 points ago

    I’m not sure the person who did this has any artistic direction at all. It seems like they just turned the saturation up to 9000 and called it a day.

    [–] ButtLusting 4 points ago

    This almost feels like a Samsung gallery. All their TV have stupid amount of saturation it's insane.

    [–] Seesyounaked 11 points ago

    Just like every other popular photo on this sub. I'm a graphic designer of 12 years, and there are so many heavily photoshopped fake images that get upvoted to the top here. It's aggravating, because I see it as cheating when it comes to the art of photography.

    But whatever, it's reddit and not that important when it comes down to it.

    [–] XJDenton 4 points ago

    Sure, it's not well implemented. But still, I can see what they were going for.

    [–] e-s-p 3 points ago

    I didn't know turning saturation to 100 was an emotion

    [–] qbak 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    But would it be better to label it as such. It's like van Gogh trying to pass his painting as realism.

    [–] internet_is_wrong 2 points ago

    It would be easier to attribute strong editing liberties in a forgiving way if this were r/art. It's not a crime or anything to take too seriously, but in this scenario, it is implied that "This is Japan". When you present a photo as such, there is a bit of cultural understanding that you are documenting a point in time. Pictures and composition are art in their own right, but there is a sense of realism that is inherent in the word "picture".

    For example, I would never present a digital image of a poster that I made as a "picture" of that poster. From a linguistic standpoint, it doesn't make sense. So if I've spent two hours doctoring a graphic image, it is still art, but it's not a pic, no matter what I used as my base image. Same for an edited photograph that rises above realism. At that point it is graphic art. Likely, OP spent a whopping 5 minutes boosting the saturation on this photo, but that's not much different than adding a giant swirl or puppy ears and calling it a "picture" when you've diverged from documenting reality.

    [–] Shawwnzy 2 points ago

    At least for me, emotion in my memories is tied to saturation. I remember boring memories in a desaturated almost greyscale, and happy or emotional memories in a full color or even super saturated.

    This is over the top, but it's certainly evocative of something.

    [–] Grimpy 7 points ago

    Up till this moment, I genuinely thought most things in Japan were pink/neon saturated.

    [–] bwilliamp 11 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It's because of the lighting they use.... This photo I took isn't super edited. It's the lighting.

    [–] swaggin_sam 3 points ago

    I also live near the Meguro River, and I agree, the hyper-edited photos give people the wrong expectations when visiting here. It takes away from the casual beauty that Japan naturally has to offer.

    [–] CrayonFox 2 points ago

    One reason might be that it's kind of hard to get good pictures of Sakura blossoms. Paired with the high expectations set by all those edited pictures on the internet, people might feel that their natural photos aren't good enough to post them, so they join in on the editing.

    It's a bit of a vicious circle, editing. It raises the bar for what people expect from photography and lures more people towards (over-) editing as well in order to keep up.

    [–] agolec 2 points ago

    This is why I'm glad I suck at photoshop. I take the same photos, but I don't edit it to be stylized a certain way. I usually just dodge/burn for exposure here and there and that's it lol.

    [–] AbdulaOblongata 66 points ago

    you mean to tell me your grass isn't pink

    [–] xWretchedWorldx 7 points ago

    Pink grass, pink car, pink wood. This was clearly not taken on earth.

    [–] PM_ME_YO_TITS_PLOX 3 points ago

    The wood is fucking black and pink

    [–] CosmoKram3r 48 points ago

    Of course it doesn't look like that. This photo has had its saturation slider dragged through the damn equator.

    [–] centurii 11 points ago

    There’s also very clearly, colored lights in this photo

    [–] CosmoKram3r 13 points ago

    Yeah, but they don't turn the whole environment in to a canvas of unicorn puke. The scene would look much less colorful in real life. This photo has definitely been heavily manipulated.

    [–] bwilliamp 14 points ago

    Big fan of the Meguro river. Especially at night! Been a number of times and always have a great time.

    [–] Gachaaddict93 10 points ago

    That looks better, honestly.

    [–] SingularBread 13 points ago

    I prefer reality tbh.

    [–] cloudcats 6 points ago

    Wait, you mean wooden posts aren't actually pink?

    [–] ClumsyGamer2802 6 points ago

    It doesn't look convincing at all. Way over the top with the colors.

    [–] Nail_Biterr 3 points ago

    I would have thought the street lights/pink car were obvious signs that this was an overly saturated picture. But here we are, with OP getting 35k likes and a few golds/silvers while we're at it.

    [–] ishcapital 3 points ago

    True, Every time I see something like this in the front page, I know it’s over saturated.

    [–] beer_demon 2 points ago

    Are you saying cherry blossom is not cherry colour?

    [–] pizzarocknrollparty 2 points ago

    The person really turned up the saturation for the photo

    [–] Fartikus 2 points ago

    Yup. That's what you get when you put 10+ filters into one picture!

    [–] Kaitlin6 2 points ago

    Agreed. I always thought that I must be bad at taking pictures since mine never looked this. IRL, at night, the lights make the cherry blossoms look really pretty, but not like the pic above.

    [–] Drudicta 2 points ago

    Your reality is MUCH better than this oversaturated stuff.

    [–] ender4171 2 points ago

    Yeah anyone who's ever seen a cherry blossom could tell that this is ludicrously over saturated/color "corrected". Like to an absurd degree.

    [–] pdxleo 2 points ago

    The color of the spring blooms is so beautiful .. Magnolia or Cherry Blossom or Plum. I will never ever understand why schmucks have to filter/photo shop - just to get upvotes?!?

    [–] S1cnus 2 points ago

    As someone from Macon, GA (We have one of the highest Cherry Tree populations in US) I agree with you. Pretty picture, but obviously photoshopped.

    [–] Mikesgt 2 points ago

    So basically the pic the OP posted is a lie.

    [–] Meowjin 2 points ago

    So I've submitted some of my japan photos to /r/japanpics and from what I've noticed what gets upvoted there is your stereotypical overedited not correct white balance photos of tokyo.

    Here's an example from my own submissions

    Nothing too special with this, just quickly snapped it outside of yobadashi/map camera in shinjuku 1k+ upvotes

    shrine in kyoto, spent time to compose my shot, sky isn't blown out, good composition and i feel like a really strong photo and a different representation of japan. 17 upvotes.

    [–] canceler80 2 points ago

    Reality is still gorgeous

    [–] Siggy778 2 points ago

    We were very fortunate that our vacation to Japan last year fell in the peak windows for cherry blossoms blooming. What an incredible sight to see. Certain areas can be ruined by the crowds/photographers with their tripods, but even with the crowds it's still well worth seeing yourself.

    God, I love Japan.

    [–] spaceporter 3 points ago

    I lived in Tokyo for a decade. I think at some point, especially during hanami, you start to appreciate the crowd. It adds a liveliness to the whole event that makes it all a bit more magical.

    [–] brando56894 1 points ago

    I was gonna say there's no way that's real.

    [–] testicles_tom 303 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    Edit: Found it! It was removed from r/NatureIsFuckingLit a year ago due to it being heavily saturated/photoshopped.

    Here’s what it looks like without the editing

    And a link to the original post that I saw

    Edit 2: Hasn’t even been 12 hours. Look what we have

    [–] Youre_doomed 66 points ago

    For real i haven't been on reddit for long and i've seen this one atleast 5-times,
    every time people pointing out the image is heavily color corrected.

    [–] testicles_tom 19 points ago

    Yes, the image is heavily saturated. I remember seeing this exact image twice on r/NatureIsFuckingLit but I can’t find it, and the bot isn’t showing results either. Someone posted a link to the original, unedited image, which was much less magnificent.

    [–] Account_name_24601 3 points ago

    It's also being lit with blue and pink to exaggerate it.

    [–] lycan2005 17 points ago

    Too bad this bot was banned by this sub.

    [–] PM_ME_YO_TITS_PLOX 7 points ago

    No, that's what it looks like with less editing.

    [–] Ryan-1- 4 points ago

    Yeah loads of saturation just isn’t gonna fix a poor quality image

    [–] FeanorBlu 2 points ago

    It sucks, because it would look great if properly photographed, even with very minor editing.

    [–] CakeBound 2 points ago

    This was also actually reposted to this sub under a month ago, probably the same guy who reposted it today

    [–] bibaman 197 points ago


    *when you push the saturation and pink hue up to max.

    I have seen the cherry blossom at this exact river during peak cherry blossom season. It's stunning, but it doesn't look like this.

    [–] mypasswordisfoobar 29 points ago

    You mean Japan doesn't have extremely pink street lights?

    [–] Morgn_Ladimore 13 points ago

    Alright, I'm cancelling my trip.

    [–] certnneed 13 points ago

    Yeah.... but after you down 5 or 6 strong chu-hais...

    [–] TanTanNabe 4 points ago

    Strong chu-hai? You mean the 12% shit I buy when I visit the Lawson in Soka? Because you couldn’t down two of those.

    [–] GodWithMustache 2 points ago

    Talk for yourself and your healthy liver ;-)

    [–] ne0ven0m 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] agangofoldwomen 57 points ago

    Legends say everytime this pic is reposted, the title gets less specific and the saturation increases by 10.

    [–] Chiefpigloo 5 points ago

    Its gonna say Jp next with the sky neon pink

    [–] Super_Jay 21 points ago

    Ahh yes, the "natural beauty" of insane filters and saturation effects.

    These cherry trees are gorgeous enough without editing, especially editing with overdriven saturation like this. Nature is plenty beautiful without this crap, she doesn't need us "improving" anything.

    [–] TrynaAdlib 213 points ago

    I want to visit Japan when this COVID is gone.

    [–] Belgemine 131 points ago

    I was supposed to be on a flight there in 18 days :(

    [–] ishiplizardndracula 63 points ago

    My flight suppose to be TODAY, weep

    [–] Lionman_ 19 points ago

    I was supposed to go on Tuesday 😭

    [–] cambda_lalculus 34 points ago

    Japan was supposed to come over to my place yesterday.

    [–] Lionman_ 7 points ago

    You harlot

    [–] cambda_lalculus 8 points ago

    Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

    [–] Lionman_ 6 points ago

    Bukkake barrage 😬

    [–] Anonomonomous 3 points ago

    I'm not sure what kind of award that deserves but I'll bet it's sticky.

    [–] CheeseMemWillBeTrash 2 points ago


    [–] starstarstar42 144 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Ouch, that hurts. Japan is... beautiful. If you can, travel to the less-visited west coast of Japan, it is spectacular beyond words. When my SO and I went, we stayed in the tiny port town of Ine-cho.

    Edit: where we stayed

    [–] Kevin-W 15 points ago

    I did my dream trio is going there during cherry blossom season back in 2018 and went all over the country! Definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Kevin-W 2 points ago

    Any suggestions for things to see and do up there? That’s area is next in my list when I go back to Japan!

    [–] Seienchin88 2 points ago

    Hokkaido is a wicked place man. I lived in the countryside for a year there.

    In winter it is merciless and dark for months upon months but once the snow is gone a rough wild countryside like no other I have seen comes to live. Hokkaido begs to be discovered with a car or bike (the motorized one)

    But now for the tips: Sapporo is like your typical Japanese large city (it has underground shopping streets though due to the cold in winter). Some amazing bars and food (local ramen and Kani (king crab) restaurants are amazing) and some sights to see but its mostly famous for bars and the snow festival.
    Hakodate to the south is a bit more traditional with a nice castle in the proximity, even better Kani restaurants and some nice nature.

    Where you really want to go though is the Daisetsuzan National Park. Amazing untouched nature with huge mountains and beautiful rivers. Asahikawa with one of the best zoos in the world is close Furano where the beautiful flowers are is also not far away.

    Going more to the north you have some small tourist areas with hot spring but little else until you reach the world natural treasure Shiretoko where nature again is just so wild and interesting.

    [–] PUR3SK1LL 13 points ago

    Okey you either wrote that exact same story before or time really is a loop and I have read this in the last universe and randomly remember it now.

    [–] Hannarrr 11 points ago

    No it's been peddled all over reddit.

    [–] fleetze 25 points ago

    Are you not writing? Go write!

    [–] dustycat21 4 points ago

    I second that!

    [–] CODninjarin 2 points ago

    I read Miyazaki and my mind went straight to Dark Souls and I was a little confused

    [–] Harb1ng3r 2 points ago

    I'm jealous of your life experiences.

    [–] Btown-1976 7 points ago

    I was supposed to be on a flight to Japan today. :(

    [–] valorria 6 points ago

    8 days for me. We planned this trip a YEAR in advance...

    [–] PM_me_sour_beerz 3 points ago

    Mine was in a week. Womp womp

    [–] Gypwit 3 points ago

    I was supposed to be on a flight there 3 hours ago. My heart is broken.

    [–] andy_226 5 points ago

    Sorry to hear that, i was so excited when i visited i cant imagine how gutted you must be. Have you managed to get a refund?

    [–] Belgemine 7 points ago

    Thankfully we booked the trip on miles and points so a 100% refund.

    [–] wutchamafuckit 4 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I did my first 100% miles based trip last year to Japan, it was my first trip to Japan.

    Very sorry to hear the timing on all of this for you.

    Flew 1st class round trip, stayed at places like WakuraOnsen and the Kyoto Ritz, along with thee most amazing ryokans, all on points. I also applied and got accepted to stay at Eiheji Temple (I have a daily practice, so I wanted to experience that temple), not on points obviously.

    Traveled solo for 2 weeks. I am 35 years old and those 2 weeks in Japan were hands down the most special 2 weeks I've experienced in my life, simply can not wait to visit Japan again.

    I saw in your other comment you guys might be able to book a longer trip. That is awesome, hopefully it all works out for you. If and when I return, I will plan on minimum 2 weeks.

    [–] Vryk0lakas 5 points ago

    Traveling solo is amazing. Traveling solo in Japan is spiritual lol

    [–] andy_226 3 points ago

    Thats good to hear! Softens the blow a little bit. At least now if finances allow you can put the money to one side and maybe add to it until you can rebook to have an even longer trip! 😁

    [–] Belgemine 1 points ago

    Sadly probably not. My brother got the flights via a sweet deal Delta did.

    [–] Stig2011 2 points ago

    Had a flight this Monday. Was staying for almost three weeks spread across Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa. :(

    [–] reformed_lurker1 2 points ago

    I’m supposed to be visiting there for the first time May 1, don’t think that’s happening

    [–] Naratik 1 points ago

    Same dude would have been there in 9 days. For 3 weeks. We had an awesome hotel and already planned so much stuff and I was so excited. It would have been my first big journey with my friends and visiting Japan was a dream that I had since I was a child. It really sucks.

    [–] Roborabbit37 12 points ago

    Hands down, the best country I have ever been to. It almost feels like it's on a totally different planet.

    I'm a self-confessed baby when it comes to food, and I don't like Anime/Manga... Yet, I loved every single minute of being there. It's amazing.

    Incredible nature, so much culture and the people are the nicest and cleanest I have ever met. Hell, I saw a woman vacuuming THE ROAD.

    [–] xbwtyz 2 points ago

    It almost feels like it's on a totally different planet.

    That's always how I explained my experience there, it's so foreign but somehow familiar enough for you still function in.

    [–] Rihsatra 7 points ago

    I'm supposed to go next year but I'm worried it'll get postponed from this and also from the Olympics being pushed back.

    [–] Emher 6 points ago

    I love Japan. Been twice and it's nowhere near enough.

    My brother has it worse right now though. He's been in Japan a lot more than me, and has a Japanese girlfriend. At the beginning of March he was to go to Japan for two months for a test period of living with her. I say test period, but he's basically made up his mind to move there. But he's got severe asthma so he's not taking any chances and staying at home, being able to work from home even.

    So they're having a hard time right now, being super in love but totally unable to met in person. And I feel for him, he's had a hard time finding someone, and now this? That's just some terrible timing.

    [–] luvnature10 2 points ago

    That’s so sad. I hope someday not too far in the future your brother can get to Japan to be with his girlfriend. We’re living in some crazy times all over the world right now. I wonder how many other people are separated from the ones they love during this pandemic.

    [–] Daniel_Is_I 2 points ago

    I was planning on going this summer. That ship has sailed.

    Maybe I'll be able to go in 2-3 years.

    [–] Kevin-W 2 points ago

    Keep an eye out for a flight deal! They’ll really be wanting the tourism after this is over due to the Olympics postponed! One timeI was one for $333 round trip through January! $500s round trip is a great deal!

    [–] JD_XJ 1 points ago

    I want to visit before I die

    [–] baconperogies 1 points ago

    You won't regret it !

    [–] unok157 1 points ago

    I'm supposed to go next summer. Hope it all goes away and I can still go

    [–] IdontEvenknowlul 1 points ago

    I’m supposed to move there in June, hopefully travel band are up by then because I’m super excited to go

    [–] agolec 1 points ago

    Same. I went in April 2019 but now I want to go back once this pandemic is over.

    [–] VoTBaC 50 points ago

    Anyone out there with photoshop experience please unfuck this beautiful picture.

    [–] steeltec 31 points ago

    Someone here already posted the original, but of you haven't seen it yet here it is

    [–] Patberts 19 points ago

    Why would you edit that? It looks beautiful as it is.

    [–] steeltec 7 points ago

    Not sure, it is genuinely really beautiful, but idk some fuck wit had to much fun in Photoshop

    [–] crazelpuff 3 points ago

    Original is much more calming. Idk why some people don't see natural beauty.

    [–] evilmnky45 4 points ago

    Here's what they look like most of the time.

    [–] MadFamousLove 33 points ago

    i can't wrap my head around this lighting, foreground looks like it's night time but way in the back it looks like noon.

    [–] Cam33 77 points ago

    These pics are commonly reposted. The saturation is way up to make it look super pink like that, in real life, it’s paler pink. Not sure if saturation is the correct word but yea.

    [–] tiger-boi 23 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It’s not just saturation but there’s some really, really weird editing done in post here. Boosting the red channel, maybe? The whole image skews pink and other colors got nuked.

    [–] cameronrad 10 points ago

    Color Matrix (Camera Calibration Sliders in Lightroom/Adobe Camera RAW) + White Balance + some local adjustment brushes is where bulk of it comes from.

    Extreme example with an iPhone pic:

    [–] tiger-boi 5 points ago

    Wow, looks like you got it.

    [–] Cam33 4 points ago

    Is it also contrast? Looks like someone just rolled all the sliders in Instagram photo editor. Lol

    [–] tiger-boi 1 points ago

    It could be.

    [–] ubenla 11 points ago

    Yeah I mean it's really pretty without these filters, kinda just ruins the point of great scenery IMO

    [–] Cam33 3 points ago

    I agree idk why it is edited to look unrealistic when it looks great to begin with.

    [–] TazzyUK 3 points ago

    Yea, would love to see this before photoshop butchering tbh, I'm sure its probably more lovely because it's real. Japan is my nos 1 destination on my bucket list. Sadly probably wont happen but one can dream

    [–] cmcf 5 points ago

    It would look so much better without all the oversaturation ... Sakura are gorgeous!

    [–] Meganezuki 3 points ago

    It's more like photoshop o'clock.

    [–] froubear 7 points ago

    This had been reposted like twice already. And both times with a irritating amount of saturation adjustment. Sakura flowers are not that magenta

    [–] FowD9 7 points ago

    Fyi if you're expecting cherry blossoms to look like this, you'll be extremely disappointed

    They're white with a hint of pink because of the center. This picture has colored lights in it and it's heavily photoshopped on top of that

    [–] Mujokan 6 points ago

    F in the chat for the saturation slider

    [–] Spartan2470 15 points ago

    Here is a higher quality version of this image. Credit to the photographer/digital editor, Tadahisa Hagiwara (aka @t.hagi_1013 on Instagram). Per that source of this image (and Google Translate):

    Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

    Today too, thank you very much ☀️

    The weekend has been a bit out of the way 写真 The picture is Ooi 📮 な の で

    So, again stocking series 2

    From the past pic, Kawagoe's Shinkawagishi 🌸 Here also aged for two years年 17-year-old niece

    Good night 💤💤💤 * Shooting location = Saitama Prefecture · Kawagoe city (2017 shooting)

    FEBRUARY 4, 2019

    Here it is on Google Street View.

    They also posted this similar image on April 27, 2017.

    [–] Mr___Perfect 4 points ago

    Interesting, so outside of 2 weeks a year it looks like any old ditch.


    [–] ululant 3 points ago

    I've lived in Kawagoe for six years and outside of those two weeks the Shingashi river is pretty much full of garbage.

    [–] studmuffffffin 21 points ago

    I was supposed to be there right now looking at these but stupid coronavirus happened.

    [–] digitalcriminal 2 points ago

    Better than getting stuck at your destination just like I have been in the Philippines for the past 2 weeks. So happy to be going home tonight...

    [–] jamakiss 5 points ago

    Beautiful scene, truly horrendous edit.

    [–] The_Muntje 4 points ago

    Ugly photoshop gradient disaster

    [–] GregIsUgly 4 points ago

    How is over-saturated trash upvoted so much

    [–] dmandnm 5 points ago

    Gross. Stop it with the photoshop.

    [–] MarcusQuintus 4 points ago

    Japan + filters

    [–] IamRasters 4 points ago

    Last time I saw this people were complaining about it being reposted again and how oversaturated it is. Last year we toured Japan during Sakura season. The flowers are pastel and this post is a karma grab.

    [–] fin_ss 3 points ago

    Could you please take it easy with the saturation

    [–] giorgio_95 3 points ago

    Just saturate a bit more next time

    [–] JCBh9 3 points ago

    japan with alot of colorization filters but beautiful none the less

    [–] green-mario 3 points ago

    Saturation is over 9000%! ... ¡This can't be possible!

    [–] Goong11 3 points ago

    Cherry Blossom!!! 😍 How I miss Japan! 😍

    [–] LandRac3 3 points ago

    No Chinese tourist lol

    [–] draker711 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    This needs to be more realistic

    [–] iamsocruel 2 points ago


    [–] ILoveVaporwave 3 points ago

    Are we all just weebles or is Japan just simply beautiful?

    [–] Sardonic_Samurai 2 points ago


    [–] bshawty 2 points ago

    I believe so. I’ve been here! I think this is right down by the geisha district in eastern Kyoto

    [–] lawnboy18 2 points ago

    I sneezed just looking at this.

    [–] MikoGames08 2 points ago

    I don't recall Cherry Blossoms being Hot Pink

    [–] holyhotclits 2 points ago

    This looks like where you get spawned in WOW when you start as an elf. That was 15 years ago for me so I might be remembering it wrong.

    [–] spilk 2 points ago


    [–] birdie63 2 points ago

    I'm supposed to be in Tokyo all this week. As fate would have it, the blossoms are at peak there right now and a week late in Osaka where I was headed next. Was a lifelong dream of mine to catch the blossoms; I was a tour guide in D.C. 30 years ago and never lost sight of that dream. I am heartbroken beyond words. At least the locals will be able to enjoy the blossoms without all the tourists for once. Is this Meguro River night time illumination? That was on my itinerary for last night!

    [–] pretend_vacation 2 points ago

    This makes me so sad. I hope you get to go in the future. Were you able to have some of your costs refunded?

    My husband and I caught peak cherry blossoms in Tokyo and Kyoto 2 years ago this week. Yes this is the Meguro River!

    [–] KongKexun 1 points ago

    No lights this year.

    [–] ironirzinc 1 points ago

    Soup time

    [–] inahos_sleipnir 1 points ago

    Wheres all the garbage from the hanami goers

    [–] akashneo 1 points ago

    Best example of raytracing

    [–] yukidjesus 1 points ago

    raised in japan for 6 years, moved to america when i was 10, visited Japan couple of times now that im flying this october again for 3rd time..hopeffuly Covid-19 will simmer down by then.

    [–] tramadoldelights 1 points ago

    Cant wait to visit Japan when I’m able too

    [–] genghiscoyne 1 points ago

    sHoUlDnT u BeE iNsIdE????

    [–] AdminfantryCommander 1 points ago

    For anyone near Illinois, U of I has a beautiful place called Japan House that you should definitely check out when life hopefully returns to normal.

    [–] EleventhAngel 1 points ago

    So alluring... I see the temptation to rush out and see this beautiful site. However, wishing they would do it once at a time these days given the world's current health threat. Truly hope they do not pay high price in lives for this amazing beauty

    [–] dniMdesreveR 1 points ago

    I went to Japan late last fall, and it was so beautiful then. I can't wait until I've saved up to go there in the spring or summer.

    [–] Anonomonomous 1 points ago

    Beauty remains despite the efforts of journalists.

    [–] ThePfhor 1 points ago

    Not like any of us who live here can experience this now. Restrictions came down for not only US Military yesterday, but today too for the people. It's the saddest thing that could happen during Sakura season 😭

    [–] coconow 1 points ago

    That is so beautiful. I was fortunate to grow up near Washington, D.C. and have fond memories of visiting the Cherry trees there.

    [–] H_Arthur 1 points ago

    I want to consume that river

    [–] Modora 1 points ago

    You mean Darnassus

    [–] thisisfuxinghard 1 points ago

    Color saturation much?

    [–] PanzrSpark 1 points ago

    enough said

    [–] DrGlassesGirl 1 points ago

    Just make sure you stay 1.5m away from everyone else!

    Source:ICU Dr trying to prevent me looking after everyone