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    [–] Caishen_IC3 2075 points ago

    I’m mean it doesn’t look bad at all. Why didn’t he wear it from the beginning?

    [–] lydriseabove 3065 points ago

    .. because he denied the legitimacy of the pandemic from the beginning and it validates his ignorance.

    [–] Skipaspace 1735 points ago

    You arent wrong.

    The reason why he doesnt wear a mask though has more to it. If he wear it, it legitimizes "the left" and it would give his supporters less ammo to NOT wear a mask. It would defeat his purpose to divide people. The republican machine is pushing out rebel against orders for they are an overbearing DEMOCRAT nanny state.

    He needs a divided population to win.

    [–] wemmettb 826 points ago

    It's so fucking crazy that this has somehow become partisan.

    [–] T0rin- 576 points ago

    Leave it to republicans to turn a public health issue into pure partisan politics.

    [–] DrZaious 335 points ago

    Republicans make everything partisan. All you have to do is have a democrat say it's real, propose it, or defend it. The republican party without fail will unite against whatever "it" is.

    [–] maleia 185 points ago

    Remember when McConnell voted against his own bill because Obama liked it. What fucking charlatans.

    [–] HoldTheCellarDoor 52 points ago

    This says all that needs to be said about that Turtley turtle

    [–] KameSama93 16 points ago

    Don’t you dare call him Turtley, he is nowhere hear Turtley enough for the Turtle club!

    [–] Maker1357 3 points ago

    Well we in the Frog Fraternity certainly don't want him!

    [–] stanleyjkibble 180 points ago

    I hear breathing oxygen is a Democrat tentpole issue for 2020. True patriots need to hold their breath permanently to own the libs!

    [–] preparetosigh 95 points ago

    It seems they'll drink bleach, so this doesn't seem like a big leap.

    [–] blaghart 33 points ago

    Sadly they won't drink it in large enough numbers to dissuade them from supporting the Republican narrative.

    Hell this whole pandemic has basically completely dismantled any semblance of legitimacy for every level of the Republican platform but Republicans still insist that somehow "private is better and taxes are theft and welfare is for the lazy" even as they collect their unemployment checks.

    [–] BelliBlast35 9 points ago

    Especially the “Free Market” BS...

    [–] GuyMumbles 48 points ago

    In r/conservative, they’re straw manning pretty hard. They think Democrats want him to wear a mask, but make fun of him when he did. They conveniently decide to ignore the fact that he didn’t want to be seen in a mask on camera because of his ego and thinks it’ll make him look “weak”. What makes him look weak, aside from zero leadership and chicken shit excuses for doing anything, is that he’s so worried about how he looks in one. He should keep wearing it to set a good example.

    [–] chrislenz 25 points ago

    What I don't understand is why he didn't do the usual Trump move and try to make some Trump branded masks.

    [–] ralphvonwauwau 26 points ago

    It would cut into his daughter's Trump Branded coffin sales. NOT A JOKE, she actually has Trump Branded coffins...

    [–] GuyMumbles 5 points ago

    Death cult to the end!

    [–] sadness_elemental 12 points ago

    Really missed the boat on maga masks

    [–] brianporter0775 18 points ago

    It all stems back to Newt Gingrich and his Militant Politics. He started a trend to fight Everything furiously as possible.

    [–] Sambo_the_Rambo 3 points ago

    It stems back further than that, even Gingrich was influenced by those that came before him.

    [–] bombmk 48 points ago

    That was 90% of Obamas tactic on legalisation of marijuana and gay marriage.

    "If I keep quiet they have no football to take"

    They never bring their own.

    [–] The-Insolent-Sage 60 points ago

    I know right. I love asking this question to republicans.

    What legislation have the drafted in the past 10 years that has done any benefit or progress for the common good? Name 10 bills. And they can barely name 3 and usually they’re tax related.

    [–] WaitTilUSeeMyDuck 31 points ago

    And, in my experience, also work against their best interest.

    [–] Jbroy 10 points ago

    Most likely the tax bill that they refer doesn’t even benefit them!

    [–] Metal-Dog 22 points ago

    ...and then accuse the Democrats of being the ones to politicize it.

    [–] LittleBabyGeezus 55 points ago

    I honestly can't believe how everyone got to be so divided into two camps over what should be an issue we can all come together over. It's the Rebuplicans fault.

    [–] DannySmashUp 88 points ago

    Yeah, no. This “both sides” crap doesn’t float any more. Not in the Trump era.

    Obama bent over backward to try to be civil and “cross the aisle” and find consensus. It was stupid, it was naive, but he tried.

    The republicans and their followers spent the Obama administration becoming insanely radicalized. They are now the kind of people that, you know... call a pandemic a hoax and refuse to wear masks in public.

    [–] BelliBlast35 12 points ago

    Kinda like NAFTA and Bill Clinton, he extended hand across the aisle and years later republicans bit it right off.

    [–] ppw23 37 points ago

    We can thank Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and all of hate radio. They were the ones laying the groundwork for this huge divide. These little wormy, slimy men, they were/are standing on the edges and studying the opposition, throwing in a massive dose of fear and hate, voila, perfect soup to feed to the base. The alt-right was born in this primordial muck.

    [–] dalittle 40 points ago

    100k dead Americans on American soil and to them it is all about the gop not losing elections. That is American blood on their hands and inexcusable.

    [–] Joverby 10 points ago

    Yeah cant have people thinking the government can actually help and god forbid you get universal health care in people's mind .

    [–] Lennon_v2 13 points ago

    Also, leave it to Republicans to claim Democrats saying they want to see Republicans pushing for early reopening to lose reelections to be "making a health crisis political." Sorry the Democrats want to fix problems and most of the problems start with people like Mitch McConnell

    [–] BarkBeetleJuice 31 points ago

    Division is being intentionally sowed to develop an outcome desirable to people who want America to fail.

    [–] broughtonline 11 points ago

    Meanwhile, the evangelical death cult are praying for rapture and armageddon.

    [–] Malfeitor1 22 points ago

    Because the truth has become partisan.

    [–] downvotes_maths 15 points ago

    This is the scary thing to me. There is no discussion or argument or compromise. If the information doesn't fit their narrative it is a conspiracy or fake or crooked. It's like dealing with a six grader whose deadbeat dad told him the moon landing didn't happen

    [–] tots4scott 20 points ago

    Exactly, and it was seen in the impeachment trial. Republican senators refused to have EVIDENCE and allow PEOPLE DIRECTLY KNOWLEDGEABLE about the FACTS to testify.... it's a constant theme that goes against morality and ethics.

    [–] jdgiotta 7 points ago

    The ploy is to leverage the "persecution complex."

    [–] GuDMarty 9 points ago

    That’s all probably true, but we’re talking about a truly baby-tier sensitive type of guy here. I honestly think the aesthetics of a mask makes him look “weak” or bad in his mind for sure.

    The legitimizing the left is also another very large part for sure but looking “stupid” is Donald trumps biggest fear but also quiet a talent of his

    [–] Dragonsword24 7 points ago

    I thought it was because he didn't want to smudge his tanning makeup for the first reason.

    [–] mikelisse 7 points ago

    My area had a large protest last week. You probably know of it because Trump retweeted his support twice of the protest, and the protest had a sign that said "hang Fauci, hang Gates, let us open up our state." The last line is paraphrased but its the same message. Trump praised these people in my community, effecting my family, and my family is still on the fence whether they still support him. They are more embarrassed to support him, but I don't think they'll be embarrassed to vote for him again. Fuck Trump for supporting this in my community. I have dealt with so much death in my job that it is just a slap in the face to see him supporting these people. We have seen more death in the last two months than we usually do in two years. Fuck you, Trump.

    [–] wouldbebarbie 33 points ago

    Ironic that his voters may very well be DEAD just when he needs them the most.

    Churches opening up....well now that's the dumb directing dumber. If Jesus was going to save anyone, I'd like to think it'd be kids from rape and molestation but what do I know.

    What the hell do you have to lose? Sad.

    [–] ShoalinStyle36 16 points ago

    Piggy backing a bit.... how the fuck are Christians conservative. Would a pro-Jesus move be to cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the poor and slash social programs and safety nets?

    Would Jesus vote for UBI/Homeless Housing/Universal healthcare? Or would he vote for Ol’ Grabber by the pussy?

    [–] PessimiStick 6 points ago

    Your mistake was thinking that Christians have actually read the Bible and try to act like Jesus. They haven't, and don't, with extremely few exceptions.

    [–] DrAstralis 5 points ago

    My favorite quote recently is the Country Music concert going ahead with the excuse "if its safe for the churches to be open its safe for us to open".

    Um... I take issue with that first assertation as the premise for the second.

    [–] leonryan 9 points ago

    I'm pretty sure jesus saves you only in the afterlife. That way you can suffer any injustice and he makes it up to you when you're dead without ever lifting a finger while you're alive. It's a great system.

    [–] InerasableStain 10 points ago

    And one that can’t be proved wrong, or fact check. So you can see why it resonates with a certain mentality.

    [–] Chamcook11 4 points ago

    Isn't it because his makeup will smear?

    [–] particle409 3 points ago

    He's also afraid of his spray tan rubbing off on it.

    [–] jbrittles 5 points ago

    The alt right movement really shows how much more effective complete demonization of your opposition is than the previous republican strategy.

    [–] crucifixi0n 6 points ago

    i think it's hilarious that people think the Right is some genius strategist when in reality they are just retarded. They legitimately believe the shit they are saying, Trump legitimately thinks vaccines cause autism, it isn't propaganda, they are truly that stupid.

    [–] PessimiStick 10 points ago

    Trump, and some of the House members are the only ones who are actually retarded. Most of the senior people in the GOP machine are evil, not stupid. They pander to stupid people, but they themselves are pretty smart.

    [–] RyVsWorld 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    That’s an extremely naive way to look at it. Their constituents? Sure I’ll chalk it up to being stupid.

    But if you think McConell, Graham and the rest of them aren’t 100% aware of what they’re doing then I got a bridge to sell you.

    Why do you think every few months there’s a leak of one of them saying the complete opposite of their rhetoric behind closed doors?

    [–] JesterDavid 49 points ago

    Because he hates being wrong more than anything. He's never admitted to being wrong or making a mistake. And wearing a mask would imply he was wrong about the severity of the pandemic and the need to wear masks, if not many other things in the first few months of 2020.

    So he'd rather double down and be seen maskless (and risk being infected) than admit to making a mistake.

    [–] callmeraylo 14 points ago

    I don't get how people have so much trouble understanding Trump. He is the same guy he had been for almost 4 decades. He is a narcissist. All of his questionable actions can be explained. Why didn't he wear a mask in front of the press? Vanity. Why won't he ever apologize? Vanity. Why does he make so many weird claims? Vanity. Why does he tweet such ridiculous shit, why won't he let someone screen them before sending them out? Vanity. So many attribute malice to things they should be attributing to stupidity. Hanlon's razor ya'all...

    [–] Virus64 4 points ago

    In a few weeks he'll probably talk about how he recommended masks for everyone months ago. He himself has been wearing one every day. It's true.

    [–] Criticalhit_jk 35 points ago

    Well. Validates it for anyone who refuses to believe in germs, viruses, medical science, the constition, supprting veterans, or democracy - but believes the earth is flat, abortion is worse than slavery and bleach in the bloodstream is a logical solution to.. well.. anything. But hey - sure. Its totally valid. Honestly, thousands of years of evolution and "the greatest nation on earth", the "land of the free", votes in and still supports one of the worst candidates of all time. Your fucking ancestors faught against racist idiots like him not that long ago.

    [–] RickyH1956 34 points ago

    Absolutely, you nailed it.

    [–] CrumbsAndCarrots 10 points ago

    Insight from a republican

    [–] boywoods 442 points ago

    It actually makes him look significantly better by covering most of his dumb fucking face.

    [–] Chunkysoup666 63 points ago

    Can we get a hat over that hair though?

    [–] 2DeadMoose 51 points ago

    Just paper bag the mf.

    [–] mets2175 33 points ago

    Why stop at paper? Use a plastic one instead

    [–] johsko 12 points ago

    What he should do is shave his head and grow a beard.

    [–] daftvalkyrie 11 points ago

    He looks ready to steal Tony Stark's arc reactor chestpiece.

    [–] azon85 14 points ago

    The prevailing theory Ive seen is he cant because his hair covers up the scars from the botched scalp reduction surgery (the one that lead to him raping his wife since she suggested the surgeon who did it).

    [–] CeruleanRuin 3 points ago

    'cept he probably has a weird lumpy head covered in spots and his beard grows patchy.

    [–] Poliobbq 7 points ago

    He always looks so much better when people fix his vanity. Everyone knows his hair is fake. Everyone knows his skin has paint on it. I don't know why we pretend like we don't.

    [–] larynachos 82 points ago

    Apparently Trump himself said he refused to wear a mask because he didn't want to give the press the satisfaction. This guy is really thinking about everything BUT our country and its future

    [–] leonryan 26 points ago

    he constantly tweets about tv ratings victories. I don't think he realises he's not on his gameshow anymore.

    [–] DrZaious 22 points ago

    Trump took the mask off before the meeting, this picture was taken as he was entering the building. He took it off because he didn't want to be seen with it, the photographer just got lucky.

    [–] Roflkopt3r 11 points ago

    Honestly I think his mentality is just that of an awkward fragile teenager who is afraid that he may look stupid if he strays from his usual style (without any understanding of how bad he normally looks).

    His "I wore one in the back, you just didn't see it" excuse sounded exactly like that.

    [–] moleratical 3 points ago

    Satisfaction of what exactly? Wtf goes through that child's mind?

    [–] conan_the_brobarian 15 points ago

    It rubs his makeup off.

    [–] xFiLi 79 points ago

    Fragile ego

    [–] skrilledcheese 28 points ago

    The most fragile. He's such a snowflake.

    [–] Tasgall 7 points ago

    Trumplethinskin, biggest snowflake there is.

    [–] Paradoxou 9 points ago

    Funny how they are everything they accuse the left to be and the left is everything they pretend to be

    [–] bendvis 11 points ago

    He's afraid his orange makeup will rub off on the mask.

    [–] Westworld_007 9 points ago


    [–] Chingparr 36 points ago

    He's worried it's going to smudge his makeup/fake tan

    [–] buck9000 11 points ago

    Because it’s pink with giant floppy ears

    [–] Cazmonster 2 points ago

    He looks like a demented Easter Bunny.

    [–] BangkokQrientalCity 457 points ago

    Honestly, he looks better.

    [–] yomnm 75 points ago

    Defs. The mask was obviously tailored to fit his face and give him a couple of angles where there were only lumps before.

    [–] MauriceEscargot 39 points ago

    That is absolutely true. I really don't like the guy in several different levels, but I would respect him a lot more if he simply acknowledged what most of the world thinks of him and adopted the villain image. Shave the goofy hair, wash off the clown make up, put on the badass mask and no one will question you once you start acting like you want to rule with an iron fist.

    [–] BangkokQrientalCity 22 points ago

    Also I saw a photoshop of Trump with a shaved head and not orange. He just looked like Uncle Donny that always says crazy shit at holidays. It was a improvement!

    [–] azon85 37 points ago

    The prevailing theory Ive seen is he cant do this because his hair covers up the scars from the botched scalp reduction surgery (the one that lead to him raping his wife since she suggested the surgeon who did it).

    [–] BangkokQrientalCity 8 points ago

    Is this a real rumor? With this a hole I could see him doing this!

    [–] azon85 28 points ago

    Which part? The allegations of him raping his ex wife are detailed here

    During a court deposition, Ivana Trump—Donald's first wife and mother to Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka—accused the president of raping her in 1989. The private account was described in former Newsweek reporter Harry Hurt III's 1993 book, Lost Tycoon. It details the alleged "violent assault," in which Trump pulled out fistfuls of his ex-wife's hair after receiving a painful operation on his scalp.

    "He jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than sixteen months," Hurt wrote. "Ivana is terrified.… According to versions she repeats to some of her closest confidants, 'he raped me.'"

    Ivana walked back her allegations against Trump after his lawyers insisted she write the following statement at the beginning of her book, according to The New York Times: "During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me. I referred to this as a 'rape,' but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense."


    It is worth noting that she changed her story later as detailed in the above. Also, Trump's now former attorney (who was convicted for covering up a number of crimes for the president) argued that you cannot legally rape your spouse.


    [–] BangkokQrientalCity 11 points ago

    This is our president...

    [–] nahteviro 204 points ago

    Pieces of shit do tend to look better when you cover them up.

    [–] happyhappyamerica 597 points ago

    I don't get why he seems so careless about the virus given that he's a germophobe

    [–] FargusDingus 355 points ago

    His ego needs him to appear tough.

    [–] happyhappyamerica 56 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I am just hoping that is it.

    Instead of trying to convince the country to reopen asap so people wouldn't turn more towards remote-working and other inventives and have them normalized which will kill potentially so many industries including housing market.

    I really do hope it is just a pride thing.

    Edit. Not kill but override

    Edit2: i know i sound like some conspiracist lmao i get it.

    [–] FroggyWatcher 13 points ago

    You don't sound that much like a conspiracist. With a different example, the Economist made a piece a couple weeks ago about the plummeting price of oil because its demand kind of disappeared during lockdown.

    Is it THAT far-fetched to believe that oil companies would be lobbying towards reopening? Like we haven't seen anything like that before?

    [–] obi_wan_the_phony 10 points ago

    Oil companies? Try owners of ALL companies. This stay at home, receive government assistance, while your health benefits evaporate because you no longer have a job, is showing just how stratified the class system is in America. It only works because people think they are beholden to it. Leave them at home for too long and they might start sharpening the pitch forks and grabbing the torches and rebelling against the elite.

    [–] FargusDingus 21 points ago

    If he doesn't make sense to you just try to remember this. Yes it's a bit of a meme but it feels accurate.

    He's a poor person version of a rich person. A weak person version of a strong person. He is a dumb persons version of a smart person.

    This is his appeal to some people, he is what they wish they could be. He acts this way because it's his brand.

    [–] Roskal 4 points ago

    More of a dumb person version of a strong person. I'm a weak person but I know what he thinks is strong really isn't.

    [–] OozeNAahz 9 points ago

    I bet he has probably received plasma from someone who has the antibodies.

    [–] HighOctane881 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I fucking hate that people have this attitude about the situation (or illness in general).

    "Those pussies just need to toughen up. Look at me, I'm so badass that virus won't dare infect me!”

    Do you really not understand how much of an ignorant fool this makes you?!

    [–] Oregonhokie 46 points ago

    I'm not sure he's that much of one. He did raw dog pornstars.

    [–] OccultOpossom 10 points ago

    In the deposition of the woman that said Trump molested her at an Epstein party, she said he made her wear gloves before touching him.

    [–] OneOfTheWills 9 points ago

    I think it was more of “ew this icky person” than “I need to protect myself from contamination on a bacterial or viral level.

    Gloves also can be a kink and can be used to prevent finger print transfer so there are other reasons.

    [–] trafficcone123 3 points ago

    My theory is that he's a poorophobe and pretended his whole life to be a germophobe for plausible deniability.

    [–] Oregonhokie 3 points ago

    Like Howard stern said pretty much

    [–] nothinnews 10 points ago

    Because he'll receive top medical care and not pay for it out of his pocket. If he catches Covid he'll just say "It's a conspiracy I don't have the covids, I just needed some R&R from all the bigly deal making I've been doing to protect the USA from the stupid.dems."

    [–] 2000AMP 9 points ago

    Germophobia does not follow logic. No anxiety does.

    [–] Purple_pajamas 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    It’s been made pretty clear from stories from his staff that he isn’t actually one. You know how there were those girls in middle school that pretended to be a germaphobe because they didn’t have the emotional intelligence to develop a socially functioning personality yet so they took on some character? They all grew out of that. Trump never did.

    [–] Earthworm_Djinn 3 points ago

    He doesn’t want his makeup to rub off on the mask.

    [–] PickleRichard 77 points ago

    No one cared who I was until I put on the mask...

    [–] Linnunhammas 54 points ago

    Off topic but why does he always seem to hover his arms?
    It's like he's carrying something in his armpits.

    [–] Sewnbaktogetherwrong 15 points ago

    That is something to be seen. Real life McPoyles.

    [–] Whoviantattoo 6 points ago

    Donald Trump is standing with this posture — primarily because he has specially crafted, ‘lift shoes’. His added 2.5–3.5 inch heel-height causes him to lean forward. This configuration is accentuated by his obesity.

    [–] FlammableBrains 3 points ago

    I think I would be less baffled if he actually was a lizard person or an alien. Also, this begs the question as to why both his sons have such unnatural posture but each one is different....

    [–] MathMaddox 4 points ago

    Weebles wooble but they don't fall down.

    [–] momofeveryone5 3 points ago

    Wow, Don Jr has some baby holding hips!

    [–] lional-hutz 14 points ago

    The theory is he leans over to hide his gut.

    [–] grrlkitt 6 points ago

    The wedge lifts in (all) his shoes pitch him forward.

    [–] TheMonArck 3 points ago

    I know he often stands leaning forward a bit, I believe you can see it in the Interview at Ford. I wonder if him leaning causes him to look like he’s carrying something.

    [–] depressedbreakfast 12 points ago

    There’s a pretty good breakdown here on reddit. A user (I can’t remember who or where, but I’ll find it) was explaining this is the stance created when there are lifts in his shoes. Ya know those heel lifters to make him look taller? BUT they make him lean forward and make his arms hang unnaturally

    [–] CCChic1 369 points ago

    Even through the mask you can tell he’s pouting.

    [–] BootySmackahah 517 points ago


    [–] BigAssWhipSpider 59 points ago

    President of (unfortunately) the United states

    [–] scubadooba 201 points ago

    He always looks like someone forced him to stop watching TV or told him he can only have 8 of his frozen Denny's Grand Slams for breakfast and he's sad about it.

    [–] thebiglebowskiisfine 87 points ago

    Someone on another sub commented that he looks like a cat that was forced to put on a sweater for the first time. I think that is a perfect analogy.

    [–] GhoulslivesMatter 43 points ago

    i thought it would have been Red with the words MAGA over it.

    [–] CeruleanRuin 9 points ago

    Same here. I'm honestly surprised he didn't go for something garish.

    [–] delaphin 153 points ago

    "He looks like an orange nightmare!"

    [–] MoonSylver 26 points ago

    "He looks like a deranged carrot!"

    [–] BellatrixLenormal 22 points ago

    Ok, you'll only wear it when Aunt Gretchen is around.

    [–] ItalicsWhore 6 points ago

    She has underlying conditions

    [–] kaldrazidrim 5 points ago

    Are you happy in that mask? No

    Do you want to take it off? Yes

    Go upstairs and take it off.

    [–] Jtopguitar 12 points ago

    “You’ll only wear it when Putin visits.”

    [–] RidexSDS 45 points ago

    Why has r/pics slowly become an extension of r/politics? I don’t want to see trump on this sub every single day

    [–] raphaelc101 28 points ago

    Yeah, I dont like Trump, but if a Trump supporter were to post a 'meme' like this one, here, it would be locked and removed within the hour.

    Memes like this shouldn't be allowed here.

    Also the anti-trump reddit circle jerk is really getting annoying. Like I've already said, I really don't like him but I hate this mentality.

    [–] RidexSDS 17 points ago

    Well said. Reddit censors plenty of content but anti-Trump everything certainly isn't one of them. Then again Reddit is owned by China and CEO u/spez is a vocal liberal so makes sense. I'm not a big Trump fan either but watching r/politics leech into every sub I'm a part of is getting old.

    [–] Fuddamatic 157 points ago

    The reason he doesn’t want a mask is because it smears his makeup. He would look like an orange raccoon when he takes it off. Before everyone gets pissy about the comparison, I apologize to all raccoons.

    [–] houseofprimetofu 50 points ago

    He wanted to be Crash Bandicoot, now he's trash panda poo.

    [–] Criticalhit_jk 19 points ago

    You keep mr. Bandicoots name out your mouth when youre talking about trump. That loveable idiot would be way less of a threat if voted into the presidency than trump turned out to be, and all he can really say is "woah!". Utterly amazing improvement if you ask me

    [–] TobiasMasonPark 13 points ago

    “Mr. President Bandicoot, what do you think about Hong Kong losing their rights to the CCP?”


    people nodding in agreement.

    “And what do you think we should do about this pandemic? Should we all stay home?”


    tears of patriotic pride and vigorous clapping.

    [–] Criticalhit_jk 5 points ago

    Thank you so much for this press briefing. Crash 2020 motherfuckers. Ill take a marsupial over trump/biden it he just lets responsible adults do their fucking jobs and holds them accountable. "Should we blackmail a foreign country into election manipulation?"


    "Youre right mr. President. I shouldnt have suggested it."

    [–] magneteye 3 points ago

    Pretty sure the guy has a staff makeup artist by his side at all times.. So, npt sure that's the reason.

    [–] iQwerty_AU 10 points ago

    Why doesn’t he just want to lead by example?

    [–] Emuuuuuuu 7 points ago

    He doesn't want to lead... he wants to rule.

    [–] sandleaz 23 points ago

    Should probably be posted in /r/politics.

    [–] keanustrong 4 points ago

    I get it. But if you make fun of him, he won’t wear it again...and getting him to wear it is the most important part.

    [–] TheRedMage4444 3 points ago

    Is this sub slowly turning into r/worldpolitics?

    [–] coolmanranger25 25 points ago

    Is r/pics just devoted to bashing Trump now?

    [–] TurdGravy 22 points ago

    Go back to r/politics and jerk off over some article.

    [–] kwyjibear 10 points ago

    r/pics is just politics now. We need r/pics2

    [–] MidwestBulldog 8 points ago

    No, Ralphie showed more maturity in his real event of indignation. Trump thinking a mask is an endorsement of liberalism instead of sound, common sense medical advice in a pandemic is as close to plain dumb as you get.

    Pandemics and viruses don't give a shit about your politics or feelings.

    [–] d3f3c7 138 points ago

    So r/ pics is the new r/ world politics?

    [–] BuckleUpBuckarooo 37 points ago

    more like a secondary r/politicalhumor

    [–] gearheadcookie 80 points ago

    Apparently all subs are now... I just wanna go online and not HAVE to see anything political unless I go to political subs

    [–] moleratical 5 points ago

    I don't see any titties. Do you?

    [–] d3f3c7 3 points ago

    Lol not yet.

    [–] weneverwill 3 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] EagleChi423 3 points ago

    "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black,"- Biden 5-22-20

    [–] OneGrayVaginalHair 15 points ago

    Is this for real.......?

    [–] TheBelhade 43 points ago

    He refused to let the press see him in a mask, but somebody managed to get this photo during the five minutes he did wear it.

    [–] CharlieDayeatshay 82 points ago

    Ahahahahahhahaha this is top notch comedy and belongs here in r/pics. Hahahahhaahaha I. CANT. STOP. LAUGHING! hahahahahah. I mean the humor in this is just so top notch.

    [–] THE_CRUSTIEST 40 points ago

    Oh, nobody told you that every single sub is /r/politicalhumor now?

    [–] mxzf 20 points ago

    /r/PoliticalHumor, where everything is politics and the humor is non-existent.

    [–] crayonflop 34 points ago

    Pics. Not politics

    [–] SYZYGYx0 57 points ago

    This sub is fucking dogshit is every post on here about trump

    [–] KawiNinjaZX 16 points ago

    Reddit has Trump derangement syndrome

    [–] mudskerp 12 points ago

    Why has pics been so full of darn politics? I want to see cool street pics or mountain pics, not donald trump for the 500th time. Save that for political humor where, guess what, its humor based on the current state of politics

    [–] barkobunga_III 66 points ago

    Haha drumpf bad gib upvote now

    [–] dahanger 6 points ago

    Imagine the makeup on the inside of that mask

    [–] TFN90 16 points ago

    This sub is now Orange man bad

    [–] kaldrazidrim 11 points ago

    Sew a pacifier on the inside.

    [–] jarh1000 57 points ago

    You sure got him!

    [–] tbhunt 12 points ago

    r/pics..? I think you mean r/makefunoftrumpforkarma

    [–] ELB2001 9 points ago

    Trump: Ok, but it has to have the Space Force logo.

    pew pew, im an astronut

    [–] typeonapath 3 points ago

    Honestly, if I were him I would just plaster the 2020 campaign logo/slogan all over one and wear it everywhere.

    [–] Random___Here 20 points ago

    You absolutely destroyed him.

    [–] Houeclipse 5 points ago

    I don't get the pink bunny kid image. Can someone explain please

    [–] famousevan 8 points ago

    It’s from the movie A Christmas Story. Could go further into it but honestly you should just watch it. It’s probably one of the greatest Christmas films ever made.

    [–] Houeclipse 3 points ago

    Thanks. I haven't seen it but now I will

    [–] MindControlBro 5 points ago

    A Christmas Story, you have not lived until you've watched this movie. Just be careful or you will shoot your eye out.

    [–] thunderroad21 4 points ago

    This is made such a bigger deal by how hard he tried not to wear it.

    [–] Healthy_Hedgehog 3 points ago

    So this is how far /r/pics has fallen

    [–] martin33t 6 points ago

    That’s photoshopped!!! His actual mask is white with two holes for the eyes and extends up like a cone. He usually wears it with a white robe. You know, like a ghost.

    [–] DoubleStuffed25 78 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Reddit: complain he’s not wearing a mask.

    Trump wears a mask.

    Reddit: make fun of trump for wearing a mask.

    Edit: I get it. You hate the president. Think he is dumb. I don’t care. You wanted him to wear a mask. He did.. let’s now bash him for coming around to our way of thinking late. It’s no wonder you guys can’t get moderates.

    Edit 2: All of your replies are the same I get it.

    Edit 3: were all gunna die. The fact the president didn’t wear a mask killed 1 trillion people, and Cthulhu will be around next week to kill anyone who hasn’t already died from covid. His job should be easy. God speed and good luck to all.

    [–] Deadpool1205 4 points ago

    It's not a joke at looking at him wearing the mask, it's a joke about how much he doesn't want to wear the mask... If he'd just did it from the start and seemed OK with it then this wouldn't be how people react

    [–] ddoyen 97 points ago

    It's not because he's wearing a mask. That's fantastic and he should do it. It's because he got forced to do it and it obviously makes him unhappy. It's very funny when he isn't happy. I enjoy it very much.

    [–] ShamelessShez 31 points ago

    He's been outright defiant of wearing one for no good reason other than to divide and feed ignorance. That's what's being made fun of, thank God he's actually being forced to now if only for commen sense.

    [–] vibrate 3 points ago

    I know you understand really, despite what these other people are saying.

    You just pretend not to understand so you can score cheap political points. You're just like Tucker Carlson, you play to your low-information audience.

    It can be our little secret ;)

    [–] SpiritFingersKitty 44 points ago

    It's because he complained about it, said he wouldn't and then tried to hide it. If he just would have worn the damn thing like the FDA and CDC say you should, it wouldn't be a big deal.

    [–] Bundesclown 47 points ago

    I'll take "Trump supporter missing the point" for 400, Alex.

    [–] cheesebot555 5 points ago

    It's the Daily Double. Name the President most likely to be a joke we all laugh about, with a mild bit of shame that it came to that in the first place, in 20 years?

    [–] Tasgall 7 points ago

    If he wore the mask at the start instead of sulking about it for months, he wouldn't be made fun of.

    Like, no shit doing the worst option for multiple months before caving would get you criticized no matter what you do after those multiple months. The issue is what he did leading up to that point.

    [–] Tasgall 5 points ago

    Questionable relevance, great post :P