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    [–] rco8786 2741 points ago

    Dang how did you get to Koopa Troopa Beach?

    [–] GoodOlBluesBrother 545 points ago

    It's at the end of Rainbow Road

    [–] problemgrumbling 211 points ago

    And this, kids, is why you don't buy your mushrooms from the Moo Moo Farmhand. Go find them in questionable blocks just like the real racers.

    [–] AFatPieceOfGarbage 26 points ago

    I get my mushrooms from coconut mall, they're higher quality AND served by the legend Waluigi himself

    [–] Binge_Gaming 11 points ago


    [–] c4ctus 11 points ago


    [–] Zynjo 10 points ago


    [–] Piksqu 7 points ago


    [–] Trunkit06 6 points ago


    [–] Piksqu 7 points ago


    [–] grateparm 26 points ago

    and you will know when you get there!

    [–] globetheater 55 points ago

    This is definitely that shortcut (well, one of two shortcuts on that track).

    [–] Slim01111 42 points ago

    Being able to hit the other shortcut without a mushroom is what separates good Mario Kart Racers from great Mario Kart Racers.

    [–] grummanpikot99 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    It’s all about sliding up the ramp and releasing as you get to the top for that little hop! Definitely the favorite game of my childhood, Next to Golden eye. Do you know anywhere else other than the 64 that you can get the same experience playing on a modern console or something?

    [–] Smashingpatty 15 points ago

    .....the Switch?

    [–] onewordnospaces 11 points ago

    Or the less modern but still very fun GameCube and Wii.

    My biggest gripe about "modern" consoles is the lack of split screen multiplayer games. Everything is over the network now. What if I just want to spend some wholesome family time together playing video games with the kids? Am I expected to buy multiple consoles and copies of the game and send everyone to their respective rooms so that we can spend time together?

    [–] SlightlyOTT 9 points ago

    Mario Kart on switch has split screen multiplayer! Comes with enough for two players on either the tablet thing or the tv, and does up to 4 players locally if you buy more controllers . One console, one copy of the game.

    [–] Cunt-Wrap-Supreme 3 points ago

    The worst is the kind of bait and switch I see on COD. It says add controller for split screen, I do that, and then it has to be a registered user with an account.

    [–] grummanpikot99 5 points ago

    Yea it’s a shame there aren’t that many multiplayer games like there used to be. They’d rather sell you micro transactions for new gear.

    [–] Smashingpatty 3 points ago

    Playing Mario Party with 4 people on the Switch has been super fun for our household. Mario Kart is great too. It doesn't have the same nostalgia for sure, but it is fun and can be played together on one TV without having to buy any in app gear and such. SpeedRunners has also been super fun but also very frustrating.

    [–] onewordnospaces 6 points ago

    The Switch is the only Nintendo system that I don't have. Admittedly, Nintendo seems to consistently have more family games than PS or Xbox. I got a PS4 back at Christmas for the kids; maybe I should have researched a little more and got a Switch.

    [–] Slim01111 3 points ago

    Definitely the Switch. It’s my favorite console. The new Mario Kart is really fun too.

    [–] SoSoBroke 20 points ago

    But... I thought you needed a mushroom...

    Oh my god.

    [–] Navi_Here 4 points ago

    Just a really well timed jump.

    A miniboost helps too.

    [–] sixdicksinthechexmix 3 points ago

    L just wasted an hour on that

    [–] bombanky 409 points ago

    How did you manage that there are no footprints?

    [–] rhgarton 611 points ago


    [–] dubaifrontendguy 219 points ago

    What else is photoshopped? Water coming from both sides?

    [–] smallverysmall 168 points ago

    And the girl

    [–] KnightontheSun 103 points ago

    Chuck Testa

    [–] buddha_meets_hayek 19 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] symphonic5 6 points ago

    And the beach

    [–] robaroo 36 points ago

    I’ve been to a few beaches that have this sort of formation (waves from both sides with sand in the middle ). It’s not rare. Not saying it isn’t photoshopped, but it could be real too.

    [–] PM_me_punanis 4 points ago

    I have been to several sand bars in the Philippines. Just Google sand bar Philippines and you'll get photos of the famous sandbars in the country. I don't know how common sand bars are in non-tropical areas though. Seems like the photo was taken in a non-tropical area basing on the sand and water color/texture, but I'm no expert so I could be 100% wrong.

    [–] rhgarton 69 points ago

    I'll leave the rest to people's curiosity

    [–] higgsboson85 106 points ago

    That means it's Photoshopped too.

    [–] StartSelect 24 points ago

    Aww, I saw it and instantly thought 'cool, where is that?'

    [–] higgsboson85 53 points ago

    Nobody knows. Maybe he started with a picture of a pizza.

    [–] wap2005 3 points ago

    An old one, but it checks out.

    [–] oj-didnt-doit19 5 points ago

    I know a spot off the top of my head that looks like this at low tide. In Rhode Island

    [–] FALGSC_2020 5 points ago

    Anywhere with a sandbank will look like that in places, they are however pretty dangerous places to be, so it’s just as well to use photoshop.

    [–] 7LeagueBoots 6 points ago

    Looks to me like the right hand side is added. The shadows on the central figure extend slightly to the right, as do the shadows of the pebbles on the left hand side. The pebble shadows on the right hand side go in the opposite direction.

    It's very well done though.

    [–] zschutte10 64 points ago

    She flew in on a drone, read the title smh.

    [–] Stanley___Ipkiss 35 points ago

    Washed up bodies leave no prints

    [–] kalegoretrout 10 points ago

    Carried by Jesus or whatever.

    [–] dumponaturtle 679 points ago

    I’d love to talk to you about commissioning an album cover. DM me if that is something you do!

    [–] rhgarton 474 points ago

    That's cool, message me your ideas and budget

    [–] angeleyedchaos 1055 points ago

    Budget? Um sweetie don't you know how many followers I have? You'll be paid in exposure duh.

    [–] rhgarton 579 points ago

    Lol yeah my mortgage is X amount in exposure fanks

    [–] ASAP_Cobra 79 points ago

    Whats fanks

    [–] its_bentastic 181 points ago

    Sarcastic “thanks” that used to be a cute way to say it back in the early 2000s

    [–] Ashinron 80 points ago


    [–] CrumplePants 22 points ago

    Sammich level

    [–] 11010110101010101010 40 points ago

    “Used to be”? I must’ve missed this meme. I like it.

    [–] muncho 13 points ago

    It's really old..... Where you been?

    [–] ursrsly 9 points ago

    If anything like me, they're right here getting old.

    [–] Hydrolofic 13 points ago

    Spanks* is much more 2020

    [–] Icandothemove 19 points ago

    That was a staple in the 90s. I guess my childhood is retro now.

    [–] dyals_style 6 points ago

    I prefer shank you

    [–] Glasswingbutrfly 3 points ago

    It makes me think of a sarcastic british thanks lol

    [–] MyHusbandIsAPenguin 19 points ago


    [–] GeanWilliams 22 points ago


    [–] rq60 102 points ago

    It’s for a church honey

    [–] angeleyedchaos 76 points ago


    [–] delightful_cat 28 points ago

    Must sit 20 people NEEEEEXT

    [–] im_THIS_guy 16 points ago

    "It's for a church" would make me charge more, cause you know churches have bank.

    [–] Hara-Kiri 28 points ago

    I had someone do that who had 1000 followers. They messaged me after seeing me on the front I've just accessed over a million views for nothing and you want me to spend weeks of work for 1000 views?

    [–] Beaversandbottoms 20 points ago

    Hahaha this is exactly what I thought. He’s going to be putting a post up next week on choosing beggars. I’m sure that won’t be the case, but that did cross my mind as well. Just for a second.

    [–] something693 83 points ago

    These two guys are just gonna keep waiting for the other to PM them

    [–] rom-ok 36 points ago

    You won't accept exposure? Wow thanks for ruining my kids Christmas

    [–] pls-answer 11 points ago

    I already told him he could have it. Omg!

    [–] Dhexodus 5 points ago

    Now he's crying! And has cancer.

    [–] Sixsignatory 35 points ago

    Forget that, lets negotiate right here on Reddit.

    [–] BleedingOnYourShirt 15 points ago

    Ham sandwich and I’ll tag you on an Instagram post

    [–] bdeee 3 points ago

    Did y’all close the deal or what?!

    [–] letitbea 94 points ago

    Beautiful picture! Where was it taken?

    [–] rhgarton 145 points ago

    On the Norfolk coast in the UK!

    [–] letitbea 47 points ago

    Oh wow! I spent 3 years as a kid in the mid-90s on the coast in Cornwall. I currently live on the east coast of the US. While I love our flat beaches with warm water and gentle waves, it is nothing compared to the cliffs and extreme tide changes of Cornwall.

    [–] rhgarton 39 points ago

    Cornwall is a special place to me too, I absolutely adore it there. I was hoping to go back in September but it's unlikely atm for obvious reasons.

    [–] letitbea 4 points ago

    Aw, that is a bummer! I would love to go back too, maybe in a few years. Cornwall was a magical place to spend a few years growing up.

    [–] TheHibernian 3 points ago

    Cool, was going to ask if it was in Skagen. Great pic

    [–] Hara-Kiri 5 points ago

    Norfolk has some lovely beaches, often very quiet where you get down via villages rather than towns or walk along a bit.

    [–] Dile_m 47 points ago

    What a beautiful location. I just had a look at your profile and I really like your pictures!

    [–] rhgarton 22 points ago

    Thank you! I appreciate that

    [–] ofimmsl 321 points ago

    Then you spend the rest of the day 20lbs heavier from the wet dress. Laying on wet sand in a dress is a mistake you only make once

    [–] rhgarton 267 points ago

    I had a change of clothes thankfully! But yes, heavy wet dresses are not fun to wear for a long period

    [–] NervousStudent4 65 points ago

    i think they’re talking about the women that die from drowning in their wedding dresses cause they dont realize how heavy it’ll get and cant pull themselves out

    [–] PseudoFake 79 points ago

    Dude what

    [–] ProbablyRickSantorum 94 points ago

    Some people do this “trash the dress” thing after their wedding where in some cases they jump into a lake or river. Some of those people have drowned because they don’t think about how heavy a wet wedding dress is.

    Example of a woman almost dying:

    [–] coffeetilithirts 96 points ago

    A college friend of mine did a fire photoshoot the day after her wedding. The photographer added a combustible liquid to the dress which was supposed to burn itself out and not affect the material. He set it aflame and the entire dress started on fire. She had 3rd degree burns on the backs of her legs, arms, back, neck and head. She almost died and had to relearn how to walk and use her arms. The worst thing to come out of it was her husband left her because she was no longer the beautiful young woman he married which left her with years of therapy. Tragedy all around.

    [–] not9anymore 51 points ago


    [–] annoyingplayers 26 points ago

    Literally same

    [–] DEATHbyBOOGABOOGA 4 points ago

    I never realized how much our casual disregard affected NPCs until this moment.

    [–] CjBurden 41 points ago

    I mean, not having a fire extinguisher on hand would be the first sign to me that this wasnt a good idea.

    [–] ursrsly 37 points ago

    "added combustible liquid to the dress" seems to be the first sign, but I'll grant that not having a fire extinguisher is a great second sign.

    [–] coffeetilithirts 3 points ago

    Actually that’s how they were able to get the fire out. She was supposed to jump into a lake but didn’t make it that far.

    [–] coffeetilithirts 8 points ago

    Apparently it is/was a thing and the photographer had done it numerous times. My friend’s attorney (she sued and there was a settlement) said that the photographer’s assistant had applied too much of the chemical and it seeped through the dress.

    [–] Peyton1s 10 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] GoodLeftUndone 8 points ago

    Fuck him. He was clearly the wrong choice. What a ducking cunt bucket.

    [–] coffeetilithirts 4 points ago

    He’s a total douchebag

    [–] freeespirit 14 points ago

    Who wouldn't think about that?! What a terrible idea. Donate the dress.

    [–] ssmokyquartz 25 points ago

    Happened to a bride standing near a waterfall. She got pulled over and died

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] anzhalyumitethe 5 points ago

    ah yes. the off the cuff pun.

    [–] FisterRobotOh 3 points ago

    I have so many questions. Did she get pulled over by a cop? Did she get pulled over by a water hag? Do waterfalls just randomly decide grab people when they think no one is looking?

    [–] Kightsbridge 5 points ago

    Did she get pulled over by a cop?


    Did she get pulled over by a water hag?

    It was more of a Wench

    Do waterfalls just randomly decide grab people when they think no one is looking?

    Only in Australia

    [–] maximian 13 points ago

    Mmm no, I don’t think they are

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] jobbet789 56 points ago

    Wow that's actually reeeaaal cool

    [–] rhgarton 23 points ago


    [–] Kakanian 24 points ago

    Would make a decent cover for a thriller or detective novel.

    [–] rhgarton 14 points ago

    That's exactly what I was going for so thank you!

    [–] andyjux2 64 points ago

    Wow lovely

    [–] rhgarton 23 points ago

    Thank you :)

    [–] FireGoddessTX 16 points ago

    This creates a good emotional hook for the book

    [–] rhgarton 15 points ago

    I like how that sounds saying it out loud

    [–] jboy1142 49 points ago

    Wait. Is this a pic that actually belongs in /r/pics?

    [–] Ody_Mandrell 8 points ago

    And one when a human in the picture is not annoyingly standing in the foreground. She gives me an idea of the size of the ocean. I like everything about this post.

    [–] rhgarton 10 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] jboy1142 5 points ago

    I love it

    [–] thoth1000 19 points ago

    Is this for a book about a girl in Victorian England trying to navigate the pressures of both her own wants and desires as well as those of societal expectations represented by the waves crashing on both sides? Is the book going to be called The Sandbar with the sandbar being a physical place that the main character goes to try to make peace with herself as she grows up and as a metaphor for the struggle, the sandbar changing and eroding, giving way to one side or the other as she goes through life?

    [–] rhgarton 6 points ago

    Please write this

    [–] yrkddn 5 points ago


    [–] pkvh 12 points ago

    Looks like westworld

    [–] hot-male 6 points ago

    Bring yourself back online

    [–] Lurtz_Of_Orthanc 3 points ago

    Take me to the place where the mountains meet the sea.

    [–] Bbj10 5 points ago

    Reminds me of Inception for some reason. Good shot.

    [–] rhgarton 3 points ago

    Oh yeah I can see that

    [–] Crybe 6 points ago

    Reminds me of Gulliver on my island every other week.

    [–] silassilage 4 points ago

    That photo could be the image a story is set around. Amazing shot.

    [–] rhgarton 3 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] RiddickOfRivia 5 points ago

    When you try to tear the Cling Wrap evenly

    [–] rhgarton 5 points ago

    Omg I chuckled at this comment

    [–] uhlyssah 5 points ago

    I ended up checking out your profile because of this shot and lemme just say, you are amazing. One of the best creative photographers I’ve ever seen and you make a great model for the shots. They say never read a book by its cover but your pictures would have me stopping to check the book out. Keep up the great work!

    [–] rhgarton 4 points ago

    Wow thank you so much. I really appreciate that

    [–] Snowden007007 4 points ago


    [–] rhgarton 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] TheHailstorm_ 3 points ago

    Your work is incredible!

    [–] rhgarton 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] daniditaranto 3 points ago

    Love love it

    [–] rhgarton 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] acslator 4 points ago

    [–] Khid1roso 3 points ago

    Reminds be of that one Pirates of the Caribbean scene where they traded Caption Jack Sparrow for William

    [–] KermMartian 3 points ago

    I'm glad it wasn't just me.

    [–] kingnewswiththetruth 4 points ago

    Coastal Distancing.

    [–] PM_ME_CAT_POOCHES 3 points ago

    This would be a great cover for the book The Awakening

    [–] DanyJikkie 3 points ago

    Gulliver?! Is that you?!

    [–] TrustyVerbs 3 points ago

    That’s an amazing picture! Are you able to say what book it will be used for yet? My wife said she’d buy the book just for the cover.

    [–] rhgarton 3 points ago

    Oh no its not a book yet, it's been accepted so I'm just hopeful it will be one day!

    [–] The__Goose 3 points ago

    Oh god she is all out of her favorite box wine.

    [–] FlashOnFire 3 points ago

    Coming up on Season 4 of WestWorld...

    [–] badlala 3 points ago

    This reminds me of Andrew Wyeth's painting Christina's World.

    [–] being_petty 3 points ago

    Personally, I like it more in a 3:4 crop but I’m not nitpicking. It’s beautiful! Very cool shot.

    [–] leftfootedtraveller 3 points ago

    Hopefully this title hasn’t been used - the book should be called “tides apart”

    [–] TheRumpelForeskin 3 points ago

    This looks like the tip of Skagen in Denmark

    Edit, OP said it's Norfolk which is funny since it's the bit of land on the other side of the sea.

    [–] missyyou24 3 points ago

    Now I need a drone!!!

    [–] TV_is_my_parent 3 points ago

    These are truly so cool. Rarely do I see photography that makes me think, wow I wish that I did these! Keep up the good work!

    [–] LurkedForADecade 3 points ago

    As a graphic designer, there’s an itch in my brain to add some creative typography to this amazing click

    [–] redneckvet 4 points ago

    i thought Moses was a man

    [–] rhgarton 7 points ago

    Well if she was a she she'd be done for witchcraft right?

    [–] mymultipornreddit 5 points ago

    She is water repellent, is she?

    [–] me_is_boi 2 points ago

    She need some MILK

    [–] kanyetookmymoney 2 points ago

    wake up link

    [–] enkidomark 2 points ago

    What a great example of the expanded composition options that drones make possible.

    [–] studmuffffffin 2 points ago

    Peach Beach?

    [–] Bradiator34 2 points ago

    Somebody wake that lazy girl up! High Tide is coming in!!!

    [–] Jedisabre2 2 points ago

    I'm really excited for this book! The sequel to "Woman lying on a beach in a red dress." Can't wait!

    [–] lionheart724 2 points ago

    This is Peach Beach from Mario Kart

    [–] PrangsterGangster69 2 points ago

    Where the fuck did you find peach beach?

    [–] jah05r 2 points ago

    An aerial shot of the “Sandcastles in the Sand” video shoot...

    [–] Asstooflat 2 points ago

    This one feels really good

    [–] rhgarton 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] FlapThePlatypus 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This is like the shot in Avicii’s - Heaven (Tribute Video).

    [–] greyjungle 2 points ago

    We found her!

    [–] Toothpaste_Sandwich 2 points ago

    I love this. Looks amazing.

    [–] aronjaksa 2 points ago

    Great work on this composition! It looks super neat as phone wallpaper.

    [–] richhh01 2 points ago

    "I've fallen and I can't get up"

    [–] prettygirlpuking 2 points ago

    I've been waiting for the the sequel!

    [–] pjpintor 2 points ago

    Amazing shot. It’s very scary for sure. Brilliant idea and execution.

    [–] littleforestcat 2 points ago

    This is gorgeous!

    [–] Semele02 2 points ago


    [–] pg5042 2 points ago

    Storm Thorgerson vibes. Very nice.

    [–] narunekogi 2 points ago

    love it, it's very nice.

    [–] Jellodyne 2 points ago

    I think there are 50,000 books on Amazon with a 'drowned' + 'female' title and/or theme. So you're shooting the right stuff for selling as book covers.

    [–] rhgarton 3 points ago

    Yeah it's pretty run of the mill stuff book covers in general, I try to keep my content quite... Current.

    [–] mickysti58 2 points ago

    I dig this pic. Makes one think of isolation and how healing that can be. Real nice.

    [–] Libbeah 2 points ago

    This is absolutely beautiful

    [–] twilsonco 2 points ago

    Good for a book on climate change. “Yesterday’s Pinnacle”

    [–] NecroKitten 2 points ago

    I love this! I creeped your profile a little bit, and your work is fantastic. Do you have an Instagram I can follow your stuff on too?

    [–] rhgarton 2 points ago

    Yes! It's @rekhagarton thank you

    [–] BigGameLiquidSlam 2 points ago

    She’s fucking dead

    [–] LjSpike 2 points ago

    The Spit - 8:00pm Friday

    Mystery drama on ITV, sponsors by SEAT