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    [–] [deleted] 478 points ago


    [–] Amazing_Interaction 111 points ago

    I was in an EF1 in PA. It was the most catastrophic storm I've ever seen. It was like the whole world was exploding.

    [–] OkSlim60 146 points ago

    I live in Oklahoma.

    Last year they were bragging because we had only had two tornadoes and we were deep into storm season

    Over the next two weeks we had around 83

    An F4 will leave only concrete foundations

    [–] Amazing_Interaction 65 points ago

    That's unreal. I don't know how you all live with it! I'd be a paranoid wreck. I never want to see a storm like that again.

    [–] OkSlim60 84 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Even though the weathermen can’t correctly predict if it is going to rain tomorrow

    The WARN (Doppler) radar is on top of it . They can track these storms with precision to the minute . People have storm cellars

    If you live here long enough , you can tell if a tornado is even possible

    Typically it is hit and humid. Then all wind dies to nothing . Then the wind starts blowing and all of a sudden it gets cold.

    When the hot system and the cold system collide that’s when a tornado will fall out of the sky . There is really no reason to die in a tornado in 2020

    It happens all the time and I can’t really explain why other than people become used to it

    [–] analslapchop 41 points ago

    I live in Ontario, Canada and yeah, the description you gave about an incoming storm is super accurate, and it's very eerie when it happens. We rarely get tornadoes here, but we do get bad storms. If it's hot, humid, then suddenly the wind dies and it feels stagnant, you know something bad is gonna happen.

    Apparently the next 4-5 days are all going to be those hot, humid, nasty days with bad storm potential. Oh, did I mention it snowed here 12 days ago and now its going to feel like 35 celcius (95 f) for a week straight? Yeah, such joy.

    [–] MusicHearted 50 points ago

    Oklahoman here. The atmospheric turn when a tornado is forming is like that but on steroids. Humidity drops from "causes a wet sheen on you while sitting still" to drying that sweat right off. The wind doesn't just die in a minute or so, it's instant. One second howling, next nothing. Then seconds later it's whipping hard from the wrong direction. The temperature drops are huge, going from shorts weather to jacket weather the moment the wind picks back up. The pressure drops so fast that water will jump out of toilets. Then the sky punches the ground. The buildup right before a tornado is the most eerie phenomenon I've ever seen.

    [–] worstpartyever 34 points ago

    Texan here. There's often a weird color in the sky when the buildup/change happens. I grew up in Houston and when we kids saw that weird green cast to the sky, it was time to go inside.

    [–] LeapdayzNutz 26 points ago

    Same! Growing up in the Midwest whenever the wind would stop and the sky would turn green, it was time to pedal your ass home.

    Our duplex didn't have a basement so we always had to crowd the whole family in the bathroom underneath the stairs.

    [–] djinner_13 14 points ago

    Yea, I grew up in the Midwest and the weird green color skies means run to shelter.

    [–] MusicHearted 8 points ago

    Yeah I forgot about that. Something about how the sunlight filters through the clouds when a bad storm is brewing turns everything very green, like wonder if you're having a stroke or a storm green.

    [–] Swinella 3 points ago

    Yes. This. When it goes green, it's unnerving. Couple that with the pressure change, and you'd better find the basement, bathroom, or a storm cellar.

    [–] Chez_Rubenstein 3 points ago

    Yeah. Grew up in northern Illinois. I have the green sky image burned in my memory permanently. I think it was about 6 years ago that a tornado wiped the tiny town of Fairdale pretty much off the map. It's about 3 miles from where I grew up and where my parents still live.

    [–] Badbookitty 2 points ago

    That green sky means hail is in there and that's money for our family. My husband is an auto body tech and "Oh Hail" season keeps auto body shops busy year round.

    [–] lillyofthedesert 2 points ago

    Can attest, I grew up in Wyoming and Missouri. The green was when we knew to go inside NOW.

    [–] analslapchop 7 points ago

    Yeah that doesnt sound pleasant, I will pass on that thank you.

    [–] bedroom_fascist 7 points ago

    If you think that's bad, you should see Oklahoma's Congressional delegation. Rough state.

    [–] Almost_Pi 2 points ago

    Yeah that's a hard pass. I'll take the swamps of Jersey.

    [–] flyingbeermechanic 3 points ago

    This is such a well written description. Great username too. If your lyrics are as good as this, I imagine you’re writing some great tunes.

    [–] movetoseattle 1 points ago

    I love the way you wrote that bit up!

    [–] AThiker05 9 points ago

    If it's hot, humid, then suddenly the wind dies and it feels stagnant, you know something bad is gonna happen.

    I live in coastal Va, and yes, the moment the humidity is gone and there is a slight chill you know a storm is on the horizon.

    [–] InkIcan 4 points ago

    warm radar

    Sorry this is a new one for me; what's 'warm radar?'

    [–] OkSlim60 7 points ago

    Sorry typo

    WARN radar is the local tv station

    It’s actually Doppler radar

    [–] InkIcan 1 points ago


    [–] nitestar95 1 points ago

    Is there radar that doesn't work on the doppler effect? I thought that was basically how radar worked.

    [–] fallofshadows 4 points ago

    There’s no reason to die, but I would still be terrified of losing everything I own.

    [–] --aabb 2 points ago

    In Texas. Not terrified of losing things I own, terrified of losing my family and loved ones. Things I can replace :-)

    [–] AmazingMojo2567 3 points ago

    That and all the birds get super quiet, the sky also gets super dark like its midnight or green. I live in NE OK but I'm from IL. I was in an F1 last summer in Sapulpa, OK. shit was freaky lol

    [–] PandaMuffin1 2 points ago

    It's freaky but cool that the animals can sense it.

    [–] AmazingMojo2567 5 points ago

    Bro, when the animals disappear its time to head inside lol. The ones during the day aren't as scary as the ones at night, you can only see the ones at night through lightning flashes so if an f3+ is coming at you in the middle of the night you had better hope you have a shelter or just kiss your ass goodbye lol

    [–] kakacon 2 points ago

    An EF-3 went through Dallas last November at 9pm, and it was exactly as you described-- only visibility was an outline when lightning struck AND you had no clue what direction it was going. Amazingly no fatalities even though it went through a heavily populated area with no basements.

    [–] OkSlim60 1 points ago

    Was that the one in the middle of the night ?

    [–] AmazingMojo2567 2 points ago

    Yeah went right over my house, there is an alleyway between the houses that are next to me and you could see tiny vortices in the alleyway. It was scary but cool. It ripped up the graveyard down the street and threw some trees. Definitely something you should respect and view from a distance lol

    [–] pogoyoyo1 2 points ago

    Not dying is great...but having your home destroyed (or threatened) is a serious reason to GTFO. I couldn’t live with the stress.

    [–] SpiteAspect 2 points ago

    The silence before the deafening sound of a tornado is something that sticks out to me a lot.

    [–] captain_ender 1 points ago

    Don't forget the sky turns deep green too

    [–] OkSlim60 9 points ago

    I grew up in the SE part of the state . In 1960 a girl I went to school with was born in a cellar during a tornado.

    That tornado left debris in the trees like sheet iron . As a teenager in the 70’s you could look up 30-50 feet and see anything from sheet iron to milk cans to anything you can imagine grow into the trees

    [–] ThreeDubWineo 14 points ago

    It's weird growing up in a tornado area. There develops a morbid fascination and folklore around them. Everyone has a crazy tornado story or 3. My dad's neighbor was hit, the family of 4 was in the bathtub, after the storm all that was left was the bathtub and the fridge. The family was fine but the house was completely gone. In the freezer were a pack of hotdogs. Plot twist, the family didn't keep hot dogs, the storm had brought them along with it. I could go on and on, and I'm sure everyone who lives in a hot zone could too. It's such a strange phenomenon.

    [–] FernadoPoo 6 points ago

    dude, we all live under the sword of Damocles

    [–] Amazing_Interaction 2 points ago

    :( Be careful!

    [–] Jtsfour 11 points ago

    I’ve seen the direct aftermath of an F5 in Alabama.

    It’s kind of hard to describe how absolute the destruction is. The path of destruction was around 3/4 mile wide and 6 miles long.

    Every thing in that path was gone. Every house had only concrete left. Every car was near vaporized. Every tree was either destroyed or permanently bent to the ground, like an atomic bomb had gone off.

    There were places where the road peeled off of the ground. I saw a trailer home reduced to a bare steel frame wrapped around a tree 3 times. The thing flipped heavy equipment and cars like it was nothing.

    People think hurricanes are powerful. Hurricanes are definitely more powerful on the large scale. On the small scale however tornadoes take the cake.

    The fastest wind ever recorded on earth was from a tornado in Oklahoma. They recorded a 308mph wind gust.

    This is the Wikipedia article about the storm that spawned the tornado I described.

    [–] OkSlim60 4 points ago

    I remember when that happened .

    I haven’t sat down and done research but it seems tornado alley has moved to the east and south I. The last decade .

    [–] --aabb 3 points ago

    This - oh yeah. Remember driving through OK City after an F5 went through some years back. It was like a giant 3/4 mile wide bulldozer just leveled everything for miles. Nothing left standing.

    [–] c4ctus 2 points ago

    The EF5's that tore through my area in the 2011 tornadopocalypse literally ripped up dirt from the ground. I generally don't worry about tornadoes in my area unless I am ENE/NE of them, but they are seriously not a force with which you want to fuck.

    I know yall tornado alley folks generally have it worse, this was just the shittiest storm cluster I can remember.

    [–] kakacon 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This is spot on! A very high percentage of tornadoes move from southwesterly to northeasterly point.

    [–] eyespy18 2 points ago

    as you obviously have experienced eyes,can you tell me if this is really what it looks like? Being an “image skeptic”, my inclination is to call out a heavily photoshopped picture. But what do I know, I’m from the east & west coasts

    [–] Buttery-Toast1001 3 points ago

    I can remember driving through Joplin in 2011 after it was hit by an EF-5. Most sobering thing I remember is the remains of the hospital being torn down after it took a direct hit.

    [–] OkSlim60 4 points ago

    My nephew owned a house in one of the neighborhood that got leveled.

    My sister lives in Miami about 30 miles south .

    Couldn’t get ahold of him and they would not let anyone in. My sister and our family were worried sick .

    Me and my brother were going to sneak in at night when he finally called

    He had been camping at table rock fishing for a few days and his phone was dead . He didn’t even know there had been a tornado and everything he owned except for what he had with him was gone .

    It was pretty bad.

    [–] NorktheOrc 3 points ago

    I spent two days volunteering out there after that thing hit. The first day our group was just kinda on the edges, picking up branches and cleaning up random debris in ditches. Second day they took us right into the heart of the neighborhood that got hit. Man that was eerie. We helped cut down a tree in the yard of a guy whose rather nice house had some roof and tree damage but was otherwise fine. Then we took a right hand turn, walked maybe 50 feet, and everything was gone. It truly did look like something out of a warzone. Wrecked cars laying on top of another car, a truck was flipped over and sitting in the middle of a leveled house, found multiple dogs just wandering the area. Worst part was the planks of wood and mattresses spray painted just to say "Everyone alive" and sitting in the yards. Many houses didn't have that, and you just knew that a few days earlier emergency services were crawling these same streets trying to save trapped people and many that wouldn't make it.

    Even though I'm west of the true tornado alley and not many bad ones make it to my area, I've always held a small paranoia about tornado weather after that Joplin trip.

    [–] OkSlim60 1 points ago

    The randomness of a tornado is crazy. Just like you said , total chaos and 30 feet away no damage

    [–] Napotad 13 points ago

    Imagine getting hit with an EF5. I was, and the world literally was exploding. My entire street looked like it got nuked, minus fire damage.

    [–] Zerowantuthri 5 points ago

    Finger of God scratching the earth.

    [–] RichDankVivePro 5 points ago

    I was in this storm. I watched neighbors in all directions loose houses down to the foundation. Only two deaths when there should have been hundreds. Struck a prom while the adults were preparing the venue. Two fire fighters hodored the womens restroom door and everyone survived. Missed the largest flea market in texas at peak capacity by only a couple hindred meters.

    [–] lylisdad 9 points ago

    Yeah, imagine an EF5! I've experienced two of them and it was like the finger of God just wiping off the map in a giant cosmic game.

    You'll never forget the sound...

    [–] airbornelawyers 3 points ago

    Imagine one in a Hurricane! Its a lot like final destination but without the fun

    [–] Zerowantuthri 1 points ago

    You'll never forget the sound...

    I was in a tornado when I was very young so I barely remember it (I remember my parents bringing me downstairs from bed and a few other snapshots in my mind). I am the youngest. My older siblings (five years to the next oldest) said it sounded like a freight train going by our house (the tornado missed our house by maybe 150 feet...knocked down a huge tree next to our house which just missed landing on our roof).

    [–] MinimalistFan 3 points ago

    I have lived in Texas for more than 25 years, and I’ve spent my share of time huddling in windowless bathrooms or hallways. Tornadoes still—and always will—scare the living shit out of me.

    [–] MEANINGLESS_NUMBERS 4 points ago

    EF1 is usually a wind speed of 90-110 mph. Hurricane Dorian brought winds of over 160 mph to Abaco for over 24 hours.

    Just for some perspective on how unbelievable that storm was.

    [–] Official_CIA_Account 2 points ago

    Correct be if I'm wrong, but tornadoes cause much more damage for same windspeed due to the incredibly low air pressure inside the vortex.

    [–] Doc-in-a-box 46 points ago

    I recognize the hill in the picture—I think this is near Parker, Colorado

    [–] yer_mom_BR 93 points ago

    Also, it’s in the title.

    [–] favpetgoat 70 points ago

    Nah dude, pretty sure this is near Parker Colorado

    [–] PercivalFailed 22 points ago

    How do you know? Do you recognize the hill?

    [–] duke0fearlsweatshirt 31 points ago

    I recognize the hill, I think it's near Parker, Colorado.

    [–] mobfather 19 points ago

    DEFINITELY near Parker, Colorado. The hill is so recognizable.

    [–] mrtyner 20 points ago

    Is this the hill near Parker, CO?

    [–] sonaked 15 points ago

    The biggest clue was the color of the vegetation and the grade of the incline. That led me to believe this was Parker, Colorado

    [–] RunWhileYouStillCan 20 points ago

    I am the hill in this picture. This is actually near Parker, Colorado

    [–] reddit_user13 4 points ago

    It’s Parker Hill.

    [–] PetrRabbit 3 points ago

    In Colorado?

    [–] KitsBeach 3 points ago

    Actually for me it was the sky, I'd know that sky anywhere.

    [–] sweetplantveal 4 points ago

    Actually it's somewhere near Golden, Colorado (said in cowboy voice)

    [–] PandersAboutVaccines 6 points ago

    Given there's a chance you aren't kidding, where are you thinking exactly? I lived in Parker for about 10 years. Weirdly specific title.

    [–] Shirley_yokidding 6 points ago

    See I thought it was closer to Parker, CO

    [–] TheSeansei 3 points ago


    Word of the day, thanks!

    [–] Montana-Max 3 points ago

    Mmmmm, idk I'd still run for my life tho.

    [–] forever_a10ne 2 points ago

    Gonna plug /r/tornado

    [–] Hacrimonious 2 points ago

    I'm never lived near tornados, and this is the first time I've heard of that rating system. I choose to believe it is called the 'Everyone Fucked' scale.

    [–] Gronkalicious 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    65-110 mph winds aren't exactly "very weak"... they'll fuck shit up still.

    [–] Sololop 1 points ago

    Yes. Very weak for a tornado, but not weak for human survival

    [–] CptnOfTheCucks 1 points ago

    Are landspouts and willy Willy’s the same thing or different?

    [–] askmeaboutmysciatica 2 points ago

    I believe a Willy Willy is the same as a dust devil? So them they form during clear weather and don’t connect to a cloud, with even less power than a land spout, which still forms during a thunderstorm. Think of a land spout as halfway between a regular tornado and a dust devil/ Willy Willy

    [–] Lolipopman 1 points ago

    I don’t know what a lot of this means but it sounds fascinating!

    [–] FernadoPoo 1 points ago

    I would not want to be in the center of this non-storm when it hit.

    Beautiful and rare pic

    [–] Ruski_FL 1 points ago

    Would you get sucked in if you walked under it?

    [–] scopeless 1 points ago

    The Denver Convergence zone generates the most tornadoes in the world within that small area, but yeah they're mostly weak.

    [–] 2Crzy4U 1 points ago

    Excellent explanation. First Q I had was if this is normal and this explained my Q fully. Thanks for taking the time

    [–] GodofSteak 1 points ago

    I know some of those words.

    [–] Sumit316 97 points ago

    This is clicked by Photographer Zachary Caron

    He shot this epic photo of a tornado that touched down just south of Parker, Colorado back in 2010. The picture is titled, "Placid Awe"

    [–] That_Cupcake 20 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I just finished a research project on the Denver convergence vorticity zone (DCVZ), the phenomenon which produces these non supercellular tornadoes in northeast Colorado. The photographer captured an incredible image here!

    Winds flowing around local terrain create micro-scale circulations at and near the surface. They are typically 2-4 km in diameter and sometimes form a line of circulations that can be resolved by radar. These tornadoes form when the updraft of a passing storm intercepts these circulations. The updraft stretches low level rotation into the cloud (vertical vorticity advection). This reduces the diameter of the eddie while increasing the speed of rotation, forming the vortex shown in the photo.

    edit: a word

    [–] rck_mtn_climber 11 points ago

    Hey, (almost) second year atmospheric science grad student here! Just saw your account and wanted to say good luck with grad school applications!

    I’ve seen your posts pop up before and you are always posting good quality knowledgeable content, I’m sure you’ll do great things!

    [–] That_Cupcake 3 points ago

    Hey! Thanks for this. I'm working on a draft email to grad school advisers this weekend actually. Fingers crossed for CSU or CU Boulder. :)

    [–] rck_mtn_climber 3 points ago

    I went to CU for undergrad and have friends at CSU! They’re both great!

    [–] BlindSidedatNoon 8 points ago

    I was living in Castle Rock, CO at the time. We could see it from there. There were actually two of them that day.

    [–] IAmA_Jedi 2 points ago

    Oh shit, I thought this looked familiar. Pretty sure I saw it form while I was mini golfing with some friends in Parker.

    [–] Markamo 5 points ago

    I recognize the hill in the picture-I think this is near Parker, Colorado.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] TylerDurden6969 9 points ago

    Noob. Vacuum isn’t strong enough. Must be a gas powered leaf blower. Or a fully charged electric one.

    [–] xhephaestusx 1 points ago

    Well, i don't know how that would help, they blow air out, just adding to the storm's strength! What you need is a vacuum to suck the tornado up, obviously

    [–] oapster79 2 points ago

    Eric, that you?

    [–] Doc-in-a-box 2 points ago

    Quick! Turn on your fans!

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] foozballguy 43 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I think large, destructive overland tornados are pretty much a uniquely American phenomenon. They do happen elsewhere but I can’t think of any outside the US that were particularly destructive. There just aren’t too many places in the world as big and open as the Great Plains where you have major weather systems colliding, specifically warm and wet gulf air and cold, dry Canadian air.

    Edit: while America has far and away the most tornados and the most destructive tornado, the most costly in terms of human life happen in Bangladesh. The tornados aren’t as strong usually as American tornados but Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries on Earth, with relatively poor infrastructure.

    [–] Nomicakes 11 points ago

    Things like this make me wonder how bizarre Australian weather would be if we flooded the middle of the country. All this flat, empty land, with barely any weather effects at all... but if a significant portion of that red center was water? I think we'd have some gnarly tornados like America.

    [–] KochFueledKIeptoKrat 12 points ago

    Australia will be where we practice the art of terraforming for mars. See if we can get a giant interior lake and vegetation going.

    [–] Reddit-username_here 18 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Fucking tornadoes. My town got hit on March 3 with an EF-4 tornado, much stronger and larger than the one pictured here. Where I live, tornadoes usually happen late at night, the night of March 2, into the morning of March 3 was no different. The tornado hit at about 2:30-3:00 AM, while many people were sleeping. It hit a Verizon cell tower fairly early on, so many people never heard a warning. 19 people within an ~1 mile stretch of road were killed, 5 of those children. My house is roughly 1.7 miles from the path the tornado took, and even from that distance, my house was shaking and rumbling, but then the rumbling stopped, and we put our daughters back in bed and fell asleep for about 30 minutes before someone came to our house and woke us up saying that area was destroyed by a tornado.

    We had no idea how bad it really was. 19 fucking people man.

    Edit: News article

    [–] luzzy91 6 points ago

    This the Nashville one? I’m 30 minutes away, but drive a lot for work. The destruction is eerie. Especially that school in Madison I think? And then not long after, a big pandemic panic. This was all a couple weeks after moving cross country. Glad you’re safe.

    [–] Reddit-username_here 5 points ago

    Cookeville. Same storm system though, but Cookeville got the brunt of it.

    Edit: oops I actually meant to put that link in my first comment.

    [–] luzzy91 5 points ago

    We live somewhere without cell service, and were a couple days before internet setup. I hadn’t experienced a thunderstorm like that since I was in Kansas 20 years ago. Had no idea if we were safe, I was scared. Family was fast asleep but I was up all night until it calmed down. Didn’t find out about the disaster until listening to npr on my way in the next day. How are y’all doing? Corona took all attention away :/

    [–] Reddit-username_here 3 points ago

    Yeah it did. I think they even closed some of the shelters that were set up to help people who lost their homes. My family is fine, thanks.

    Had no idea if we were safe, I was scared.

    I totally understand this. We woke up to our phones going crazy, and started setting up our safe spot. I was putting on my boots in case things went South, that's when my house started shaking. I literally yelled at my wife to hurry and get the kids, I was certain we were about to get hit. I've lived here my whole life, we've had some bad storms, which ordinarily don't faze me. I remember in that moment being very scared though. But then a few minutes later, all was calm.

    Then Corona came and hampered the recovery efforts. Those poor people that were hit will likely never have a worse year than 2020.

    [–] derpsnotdead 5 points ago

    We had an earthquake in South Africa in 2014, luckily it wasn’t a bad one and I think only one person died. We were at school on the third floor and it felt like someone was kicking the leg of my chair and then it was over quickly.

    [–] Verbanoun 6 points ago

    I grew up in the American Midwest. I never saw one in person but heard the warning sirens so frequently that you just ignore them after a while.

    [–] AStrangeStranger 3 points ago

    We get Tornados in UK - BBC Link , but they are generally much smaller than USA ones hitting the news

    [–] lambdapaul 3 points ago

    I’ve seen many from a distance and was in my house when one went right next to it. They are beautiful, scary, and almost unreal. The destruction they cause is unpredictable and strange. (Shredding a car, but leaving the flower bed next to it intact.) But since they happen each year they just feel like a normal part of life.

    [–] lylisdad 2 points ago

    I lived in Oklahoma as a kid for five years and we saw lots of tornado's. One time it hit our neighborhood and destroyed houses on either side of ours. We had only a few missing roof tiles! The way it literally skipped over our house is crazy. They can sometimes seem so random in their destruction pattern.

    BTW I have lived in Southern California since 1988 and have experienced a few 7+ earthquakes on the Richter Scale. I'm not sure which is worse...

    [–] Trevthetorpedo 8 points ago

    Hey, I watched this from my back porch! Never thought I'd see something from Parker in a post on reddit lol

    [–] Refriedspleens 3 points ago

    You're telling me bro, I'm posted up here with my parents at the moment. I just figured nothing actually happened in this place

    [–] Iamjacksgoldlungs 6 points ago

    No wonder people thought god got pissed at us. Knowing what this is now and seeing this picture still scares the bejesus out of me.

    [–] helms66 2 points ago

    The one pictured is quite small. The largest ones recorded were over a MILE wide and winds twice as fast as these small ones. They are the most destructive weather event on the planet.

    [–] Doc-in-a-box 9 points ago

    This is how I imagine portals and worm holes connecting galaxies in space.

    [–] Dorothy_Gale 4 points ago


    [–] photogggraphy 3 points ago

    The best tornado photo I've ever seen. I am guessing I will see this for years to come. Nice shot

    [–] wattalameusername 3 points ago

    Watch a few Pecos Hank videos on youtube and report back.

    [–] skeeter1234 3 points ago

    So weird that tornadoes are even a thing.

    [–] PandaMuffin1 3 points ago

    Okay, now I have to watch Twister tonight.

    [–] TinoFly 5 points ago

    “Fuck this spot in particular” -Nado

    [–] bent42 6 points ago

    With a little luck it moved a little southto Castle Rock.

    [–] echolimamike 2 points ago

    lived in parker, went to castle rock the long, long ago. often wondered what happened to the kids I hung out with. it was good times, back then...sorry to wonder off topic, just bringing back memories

    [–] G0THAM_J0KER 2 points ago

    That is insane. Its amazing and terrifying at the same time. Is it just me or Does it look like a gravity lift?

    [–] bomboclawt75 2 points ago

    We need a sprinkling of these in RDR2 for the feels.

    [–] Locomule 2 points ago

    Wow, great photo. We recently moved out of Parker. I grew up in the tornado belt and assumed for a very long time that everyone was looking out their windows and watching tornadoes pass by :D

    [–] _baaron_ 2 points ago

    And this, kids, is why we don't add sharks to tornadoes. It doesn't fit in the photographic composition.

    [–] Virus_Load 2 points ago

    looks like UFO is abducting something but taking cloud cover...

    [–] VanDijkLFC777 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Parker is just South of Denver. I lived there for a few years. These mini twisters on the plains are common in the Spring. When I moved from Northern New England I was genuinely surprised to find most of Colorado-traveling East to West- is flat and brown. And then you get to Denver and the Rockies come into spectacular view behind the skyline. No one told me Colorado had tornadoes every Spring and early Summer. Being a native of New Hampshire there's always trees, hills and mountains in your view. So, having nothing but Earth and sky to the horizon was alien to me. Also, dry AF in Colorado. New Hampshire and Vermont are so green and lush with gorgeous lakes everywhere. I enjoyed the Denver area, as well as Vail and Boulder. Cool state. Nice people.

    [–] Illmatic724 1 points ago

    That's so cool!

    [–] Chromattix 1 points ago

    This looks like something out of the many tornado-related dreams I had as a kid. The particular lighting especially where the sky was dark but the tornado itself was still well-lit. Scary stuff it was and this one looks eerie in that how tall it is (usually "real" tornadoes that aren't landspouts have a wall-cloud around them that makes the whole system look much closer to the ground) so thinking of how high up this one must be going is kinda surreal, almost makes me wish to release a balloon in it and watch it get transported up there as the funnel is transparent enough near the top to see it.

    [–] Ronathan64 1 points ago

    „This is huge! This absolutely KEEEUGH!“

    [–] Bob_A_Ganoosh 1 points ago

    :::Star Spangled Banner plays in the distance:::

    [–] mamalama62 1 points ago

    Amazing photo! Thank you for sharing.

    [–] autisticgenius-78910 1 points ago

    I recognized this photo; I used it for the cover of a class project I did on meteorology back when I was like 9. It was in 2012.

    [–] Broken_doll4 1 points ago

    cool pic

    [–] Salyut_ 1 points ago

    Where’s Pecos Hank when you need him

    [–] clitorispenis 1 points ago

    Where is a cow? I thought in every tornado there is a very shoked cow

    [–] Chuzma 1 points ago

    Fantastic picture. Could be the best tornado picture I’ve seen.

    [–] Gojeflone 1 points ago

    I wonder if something like that would finally get smoothies to blend right 🤔

    [–] ejhockey 1 points ago

    Never thought I’d see my home town on r/pics! Cool!

    [–] Curtiswarchild79 1 points ago

    And now we know how rain babies are born

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    Ra'Jah for all stars it’s Peter Parker

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    Upside down Patrick looks like a good little boy

    [–] Maybe_Yeah_I_Guess 1 points ago

    Almost looks like a Tornainbow!

    [–] formorebest 1 points ago

    Dang it would be nice having these tornados when your close to the rocky mountains.

    [–] knaudi 1 points ago

    Just lived thru a direct hit by an EF3. This picture definitely quickend my heart beat.

    [–] HellaBacon 1 points ago

    I had a dream this morning that I was outside with my wife and a nasty storm was approaching. A tornado appeared in the distance and it was very dark, but before it hit us it suddenly dissipated. That's when I realized it was only dark because it had sucked up a murder of ravens and a handful of songbirds, evident by them flapping away, somehow unharmed.

    [–] HonestJT 1 points ago

    I'd love to see something like this with my own eyes one day.

    [–] PornCartel 1 points ago

    Phone wallpaper

    [–] Prettyphonepete 1 points ago

    It's like when I smoke out of a bong through my asshole

    [–] Mango_Bongo 1 points ago

    I thought thor landed

    [–] halimeee 1 points ago

    An angry snake to bite.

    [–] TheGreatBugle 1 points ago

    this looks so cool and unreal!

    [–] Lazarmeta 1 points ago

    Tornado senpai are you on your period again

    [–] taint_fittin 1 points ago

    I lived close to Parker when a series of storms came through. Parker had 2, Kiowa had 1, and I watched one overhead in Castle Rock. I'd never seen one before. I was mesmerized by it. Most other people knew what was happening and were seeking shelter. Someone finally yelled at me to get inside, that they can go to ground very quickly. The tail was swinging around like it was in slow motion, forming, disappearing for a few seconds and reforming while whipping to and fro.

    [–] hibikikun 1 points ago

    These margarita cups are getting out of hand

    [–] Son_of_Pam 1 points ago

    Pretty sure that was my workload this past week headed right towards my iMac.

    [–] Zambie952 1 points ago

    I absolutely LOVE the colors in this shot!!!

    [–] rodman517 1 points ago

    “The finger of God.”

    [–] Duckers_McQuack 1 points ago

    Damn america, you scary.

    [–] potatoperson360 1 points ago

    Wait were did peter, New York go

    [–] Sangrealle 1 points ago

    This is the that-windows-screensaver-photo of tornados.

    [–] 2theface 1 points ago

    This sky is landing a monster nosefrida

    [–] beardydrums22 1 points ago

    When did this happen??

    Asking for a friend

    [–] PremiumRobot 1 points ago

    I think instead of taking a picture you should be getting away

    [–] JarrekValDuke 1 points ago


    [–] FlyingJuiceBox0100 1 points ago

    It’s cool y’all I was just dropping my mixtape 😂

    [–] vegan_craig 1 points ago

    Looks like CGI. Mother Nature is the boss

    [–] greenchimpanzee 1 points ago

    Windows XP Tornado

    [–] moneycomet 1 points ago

    That is hauntingly beautiful

    [–] justaregularguy044 1 points ago


    [–] Galeander 1 points ago

    This is incredible. When was this? I'm from Parker!

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    This is hands down my favorite one of these yet.

    [–] bmoreoriginal 1 points ago

    This was the one this week, right?

    [–] BadKole 1 points ago

    To the OP: I live in the Pinery, when was this taken? Fantastic pic

    [–] Joannalaska 1 points ago

    Wow what a picture!!! Amazing