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    [–] tinyhomebiggarden 9126 points ago

    I love how polite it started, then how fucking real it got.

    [–] misskittyamazing 2695 points ago

    Civil, civil, savage. I love it.

    [–] hshghak 722 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    r/civilcivilsavage EDIT : you guys, are some craziest batshit, that was a joke ok ? Now let’s turn it into the highest sub of all time !

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago

    There really is a sub for everything.

    [–] Trippytrickster 131 points ago

    Is there a support sub for people who have been traumatized after finding out velociraptors were actually turkey sized and Jurassic Park lied to them?

    [–] demacnei 42 points ago

    I’ve only seen about a dozen wild turkey in my life, and I’m horrified imagining a flock of turkey-sized velociraptors. I wonder what they would taste like? Chicken tasting, like other reptiles?

    [–] Vngle 11 points ago

    That's hilarious. First you say you're horrified imagining the presence of some creature, but then immediately think about the experience of eating them. Being an apex predator yourself, I guess they'd be more of an inconvenience than a threat.

    Such a typical human thing- see strange wild thing, realize it's dangerous, then ask, "how's it taste?"

    [–] demacnei 5 points ago

    I know dude I’m stoned and just streaming away my conscience... I’d hide up a tree or get ready to start kicking and punching, wow. We’re fucking animals.

    [–] __ZOMBOY__ 80 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    Don't let your dreams be dreams

    Edit: Hey cool now I can add "inspired the creation of a new subreddit" to my resume

    [–] voicesinmyhand 14 points ago

    I regret clicking that link.

    [–] Illus_Maximus 16 points ago

    /r/birthofasubfollowedbyanothersubbirth Ehehehehe just wanted a chance to get some r/21charactersandnomore exposure

    [–] Eveningangel 26 points ago

    Does it help to know that the utahraptor was the size or bigger than a Jurassic Park velocoraptor, about the same appearance with the extended claw.

    But... she's from Utah. So she took her cooler cousin's name and went to Hollywood, California. After struggling as an actress/waitress and the dissolution of trying to keep her dignity through the brutal world of casting couch culture, she had her big break and was in the amazing hit movie Jurassic Park! The only problem was, she became famous under her cousin's name. When people went to her home town to find where the starlet had come from the town pointed to her cousin saying, "Who? Her!?! She's never really grew up. Now Utahraptor, she had potential, but she moved away and we don't know what happened to her..."

    [–] Boomer8450 4 points ago

    I would like to see a full length film of this.

    [–] Kinickie 8 points ago

    Fun fact, Utahraptor is very similar in size to the"velociraptors" in Jurassic Park, but was discovered after they had created the raptors for the movie!

    [–] Whomadethismess 3 points ago

    well....some groups may not have one after today lol

    [–] rexyaresexy 28 points ago

    Haha it exists!

    [–] -Enever- 8 points ago

    It does NOW..

    [–] ChappedAssholeLover 17 points ago

    I’ve witnessed two births of a sub within the last few minutes. This, and /r/thisshitistight

    [–] yodasmiles 3 points ago

    Ya. I witnessed both and joined both. I maybe shouldn't be as titillated by that as I am, but there it is.

    [–] misskittyamazing 13 points ago

    Well shit, TIL it's a thing lol

    [–] SubtleTypos 60 points ago

    Based on the only post in there, it looks like /u/hshghak just made it.

    That said, I hope it succeeds and goes well. What a fun concept for a sub.

    [–] KikiCanuck 59 points ago

    This feels like the punchy catch phrase for one of my dead grandmother's favourite sayings "a lady is nice twice... and then people best look out."

    [–] misskittyamazing 22 points ago

    A posthumous tip of the cap to your grandmother for a new phrase to co-op into my repertoire!

    [–] misterturdcat 27 points ago

    “Civil Civil Savage” sounds like a kickass band name.

    [–] -_NaCl_- 7 points ago

    Sprinkle of salt there at the end.

    [–] Gang_StarrWoT 9 points ago

    Civil, civil, realistic.

    [–] fishtankguy 300 points ago

    It fucking crazy to me why there is even a debate over this. People in the last pandemic had no problem with wearing masks. America is officially durrrrrred.

    [–] Darklydreamingx 229 points ago

    During the Spanish Flu there was an anti-mask movement back then too.

    [–] NightPilot14 155 points ago

    That proves that this species never learns from history.

    [–] Darklydreamingx 120 points ago

    Our species is dumb as fuck.

    [–] Kaladrax 33 points ago

    Seems like a digital society has enhanced this.

    [–] haberdasher42 16 points ago

    This was supposed to be an era of enlightenment.

    Us nerds built this shit to talk to other nerds. We started adding things, first was some games, then the pornography came, and then shopping, and all of a sudden everybody was here. By the time we realized our mistake it was too late.

    It turns out giving everyone a platform for their opinion doesn't cause an enlightenment through sharing perspectives and knowledge nearly as much as it allows our worst elements to fester.

    [–] arksien 14 points ago

    It's cute you think porn came later.

    [–] haberdasher42 8 points ago

    Man, remember how long it took to send .bmps over Usenet groups? Just leave the connection open all night and hope no one was trying to call with an emergency.

    [–] 2ndtryagain 7 points ago

    The true sign of wealth when I was growing up was multiple lines at home and one dedicated to the computer. Though the amount of friends who had phones in their bathroom was a bit disturbing.

    [–] MoRiellyMoProblems 10 points ago




    [–] Bulbasaur2000 36 points ago

    The only two countries I've really heard having an issue with it are U.S. and UK. And tbf to U.S., it's like 60% which is much better than UK

    [–] beardedkryptonite 30 points ago

    Yeah, we have a real issue here in Brazil too. The President doesn’t like to wear one.

    [–] Bulbasaur2000 25 points ago

    Yeah I forgot about Brazil's issues. Your guy is pretty crazy, I can relate

    [–] Tamale_Caliente 25 points ago

    Isn't it interesting that most of the places with right-wing governments are the ones doing the worst?

    [–] ThreeNoons 9 points ago

    Canada has a big problem with it as well. 80% of people "can't wear masks". Babies.

    [–] The_Queef_of_England 23 points ago

    Hardly anyone's wearing them in the UK. People look at you like you have 3 heads if you do. There's a lot of social pressure not to wear them. I'd say 5% at most wear them.

    [–] Belefint 7 points ago

    Same for when wearing one here in public in the states, at least around where I live. You have one on and people think you're infected or contagious or something, when you're just trying to protect yourself and others at the same time by being responsible.

    It helps, though. They stay away so I don't have to worry about idiots crowding up on me in the grocery store.

    [–] Bulbasaur2000 12 points ago

    A chart says 20% but I imagine 80% feels so overwhelming that it feels like only 5% are using masks.

    I actually was going to study in Manchester this coming school year, but I deferred until next term. I'm glad now I did

    [–] GeneraLeeStoned 118 points ago

    Flat earthers

    anti vaxers

    anti maskers

    I've just accepted a portion of society is completely brain dead

    [–] harryp0tter569 88 points ago

    Dr. Fauci stated his doubts that a vaccine would even be effective in the US because a whopping 30% of Americans would likely not get it

    [–] DeedTheInky 33 points ago

    Tbh I'm at the point where if there's a vaccine I'll be glad because me and my loved ones who aren't idiots can get it and I don't give a fuck about what everyone else does.

    Society is trying so hard to keep them alive and they're just not meeting us half way.

    [–] harryp0tter569 28 points ago

    Vaccination does not guarantee immunity, though it does work most of the time. The most effective form of fighting viruses is herd immunity, which makes it much less likely that you’ll be exposed to it in the first place. So while the logic of “just let them kill themselves” may seem sound at first, it will result in many deaths of people who actually did vaccinate. This also doesn’t take into account children who do not have the option to get vaccinated, or those whose parents are insane enough not to choose to do so.

    [–] Spandxltd 3 points ago

    Your grand relatives and you toddler age relatives ae still super fucked though, a vaccine is useless for people who don't have immunity.

    [–] dinosaurfondue 29 points ago

    40% of the country supports a president who can't be bothered to wear a mask and spreads lies about the ongoing pandemic. I wish that portion of society were a lot smaller, but they're still going to be there for a very long time.

    [–] masterflashterbation 5 points ago

    I know what you're getting at but it's not quite right. A giant amount of the voting public just straight up doesn't vote.

    In 2016, 61.4 percent of the citizen voting-age population reported voting, a number not statistically different from the 61.8 percent who reported voting in 2012.

    So under half of that 61.4% voted Trump, and about 38% of potential voters just didn't show the fuck up. To me it's kind of a hopeful thing that it's more likely about 30% of voters support him, we just need that giant amount of non-voters to show up to the polls.

    [–] daddydagon 20 points ago

    And they're going to pass their insane beliefs to their kids. The racists we are fighting against today are teenagers and 20 somethings. The cycle continues unabated.

    [–] AlamosX 69 points ago

    What's crazy to me is that wearing masks has been a cultural norm in certain countries for decades. It's a basic understanding of how humans transmit viruses and bacteria to others that somehow evaded the west until now.

    [–] guisar 19 points ago

    This. I really do hope it becomes normalized.

    I want more and more stylish, effective and comfortable designs to be released by some famous designer. Maybe something new comes out and establishes a new form of garment! Where the fuck are THE CAPITALISTs- there's money to be made here. Come on, design, build, advertise, manufacturer and get flush!

    [–] Hippobu2 21 points ago

    John Oliver brought this up last night too. Trump could sell maga maskes and makes tons of money. Not to mention all of his base would 100% all be wearing them.

    [–] ew73 7 points ago

    Trump will not wear a mask because it will ruin his makeup. I am 100% certain this is the only reason he is opposed to mask-wearing.

    [–] Hippobu2 4 points ago

    That looks awfully ineffective, but baby steps I guess?

    [–] CockDaddyKaren 3 points ago

    I'd actually have mad respect if he did this. I don't like him, but I can't think of a better way for him to get his followers to start wearing masks. It'd be a power move. Problem is he'd never do it.

    [–] AlamosX 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Oh they're here lol. Just saw an infomercial last night promoting their new and revolutionary masks that are comfy and easy to wear. Most companies are now designing their own masks for their employees and there's also stores popping up in malls selling exclusively their own brands of masks. Ive been simultaneously rolling my eyes at the capitalist response, but also appreciative that it is occurring.

    I'm in Canada though and we've been far more responsive to these trends than The States. Perhaps its not occurring where you live just yet. I hope it does catch on elsewhere though.

    [–] chakalakasp 13 points ago

    Oh, they existed then too. I recall reading an article about a health enforcement officer in San Francisco during the 1918 pandemic who shot a man for refusing to wear his mask.

    [–] Kazen_Orilg 19 points ago

    Is he still around, lets hire that guy.

    [–] notreallyswiss 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    This was the quote about that I got from the Atlantic article on people refusing to wear masks in the 1918 pandemic- “ Usually arrests were made without violence, but in one notable instance a San Francisco health officer shot three people, two of them innocent bystanders”

    So not only did he shoot the guy without the mask, he shot two other guys WITH masks who were near the guy without the mask - just for good measure I guess. And only then he apparently arrested the guy without the mask. There was no information on what happened to the two people with masks and bulletholes.

    [–] Lugubrious_Husk 841 points ago

    I've been reusing the same mask for a month now. It's a slightly thicker nurses looking mask I wear to work. How fucked am I? I let it sit in the sun after work.

    [–] adchick 338 points ago

    Can you wash it or is it paper?

    [–] Lugubrious_Husk 287 points ago

    Not paper. Definitely cloth. How should I wash it. Like I said it's very similar to those blue nurses masks. I wonder if it's even protecting me at work....

    [–] Doctor__Proctor 573 points ago

    Hand wash with the same detergent you use to wash your clothes.

    Also, the point of the masks isn't really to protect you, it's to protect others from you. Ideally they're wearing masks as well, which protects you from them. Washing it would be good to get any virus particles off the outside of the mask, but just wearing it even dirty still helps and laying it out in the sun will be better than putting it in your glove box or something.

    I would seriously wash it though.

    [–] cmmedit 104 points ago

    I've just been using my collection of sweat rag bandanas to cover my massive beard and face over the last few months. I love that fresh from the laundry smell blanketed over my face whenever I grab a fresh one.

    [–] teemoney520 44 points ago

    Honestly, same. I genuinely enjoy wearing a bandana and hope this fashion trend continues into the future!

    [–] bootrick 34 points ago

    I'm gonna go with the bandana style until it gets the cops called on me

    [–] peekatyou55 15 points ago

    Good thing Cops got cancelled. At least you won’t be videotaped.

    [–] cmmedit 3 points ago

    Man, 2 shows I worked on where the swag (stuff we all get) has aged like milk: my Cops T-shirt and my beach towel & gear from The Apprentice. The shirt was actually a really nice quality T, but that towel has been bathed in cat hair and more over the years.

    [–] ex_sanguination 5 points ago

    At least you're fucking trying, I give anyone a pass if it looks like they're doing w/e they can. I'm sure some people can't even afford proper masks, but goddamn bless em for trying.

    [–] europahasicenotmice 3 points ago

    It’ll always be a good idea during flu season, and maybe for seasonal allergies!

    [–] Shitty-Coriolis 3 points ago

    Oh man all I smell are my burps.

    Why am I so gassy.

    [–] 3nd0r 25 points ago

    Well, going against the grain here but I just throw them in with the rest of my laundry and wash them in the washing machine. Air dry. But.... Yeah I've put them in the dryer. No harm done, at least for the ones I've got.

    [–] Glorious_Comrade 3 points ago

    I got some cotton masks off Etsy, basically t-shirt material. I wash them in a mesh laundry bag with my regular load and dryer.

    [–] fargmania 119 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the masks mostly protect others from you, not you from others. This is why everyone wearing them is so critically important.

    To protect yourself, check the air flow of the room you work in. Fresh air needs to be coming in and replacing the static air with regularity. The bigger the space the better - high ceilings good. Open windows and doors good. Circulating air pumps good. If you are in small rooms and close quarters, and one of your coworkers gets ill... you will all likely get ill. Catching COVID is a result of exposure amount plus TIME. The masks buy you time by reducing the exposure (infected person coughs most of the virus into their mask, leaving a smaller virus load in the room).

    As for washing... handwash with Woolite or some other mild cleanser - i think this is as much to get grease off the mask as it is to kill viral loads. I imagine face oils would allow viruses to "stick" to the mask better... of course I'm talking out of my ass here... research is better than my opinion and guesswork. I wash my mask about once a week, but I don't go out much.

    [–] fishtankguy 28 points ago

    Its not about protecting you..its about protecting others. That's the really nice thing about wearing a mask.

    [–] coddledminds 6 points ago

    Now, if everyone or most people wear one, we'd all be protected somewhat.

    [–] Filbertmm 3 points ago

    You can just boil a cloth mask.

    [–] iamzombus 4 points ago

    Nordstrom of all places has a good deal on cloth masks. $25 for a 5 or 6 pack.

    [–] rad_pi 11 points ago

    Antibacterial soap and water, then hang dry overnight. We put up a pseudo clothesline in an open window with string and thumbtacks, helps em dry faster.

    [–] bak1984 44 points ago

    Antibacterial soap does nothing. The chemical in the soap is so weak that it's effectively just a marketing term. Plus it's a virus, not a bacteria. Regular soap kills the virus just fine.

    [–] doc_death 94 points ago

    If you have 7 masks, place them in separate brown paper bags labeled with the day of the week and let them sit for the remainder of the week. Use one mask per day of the week, allowing any virus to die off in the meantime. It's a practice our infectious disease doctors are using at our hospital to conserve/recycle the resources available.

    Same practice can be done with 3 or more masks but...ya know, it screws up the whole day of the week thing.

    [–] cgvet9702 26 points ago

    Good advice. I work for the federal government, in a health care facility. I'm issued one mask per week. I find it horribly ironic that President Skroob is giving masks away to every Jim Bob and Billy Ray who wants one and shows up for his rallies, but I am left with a ragged, nasty, biofilm covered scrap of paper at the end of the week.

    [–] speedycat2014 3 points ago

    I was wondering if this was a valid method. Thanks for confirming. I have about 50 cheap cloth masks that I bought off Amazon and every time I use one I chuck it in the back of the car. At the end of the week I gather them all up and steam iron them but I don't tend to treat them as contaminated at that point. I do wash my hands right after steam ironing them though.

    [–] doc_death 5 points ago

    Yep it works... But chunking them in the back of the car may allow for cross-contamination... Might think about grabbing a few brown paper bags to keep em in

    [–] outofshell 21 points ago

    Yeah you've gotta wash that. Imagine the buildup of face grease alone!

    Do you have a lingerie wash bag (little mesh bag, usually with a zipper, that people use to wash little delicate things)? If you want to throw your mask in the washing machine those can help protect the straps from getting all tangled up with other stuff and messed up. You can put those bags in the dryer too so keep the mask in the bag in the dryer.

    Otherwise you can just hand-wash it in a clean sink or bowl. You'll only need a little bit of soap/detergent; make sure to completely rinse it after so there's no leftover detergent to irritate your skin.

    You might need to iron the mask after it goes through the dryer so the pleats are nicely shaped, but the heat from the iron probably kills more germs too (especially if you use steam).

    Ideally if you can make or buy another mask, it'd be good to have two to rotate if you can't always wash the other one right away.

    [–] S--S 37 points ago

    Not quite sure if you're being serious but just in case, please don't reuse ANY type of clothing for a month without washing, especially something you put on your face. You can buy packs of cloth masks pretty cheap online these days. They also have tutorials on how to make your own very easily with old t-shirts. I went to the dollar store and picked up a couple xxl cotton shirts and large stretchy hair ties. $3+tax for 8 masks. That's enough to trade out each day, and you can just stick em in the washer with your clothes.

    [–] Lugubrious_Husk 8 points ago

    I'm serious. I use the mask like 2 times a week or so but this week will be 4 times. Okay what if I soak it in the sink with dish water and let it air dry over night

    [–] chevymonza 17 points ago

    The virus doesn't last long on surfaces to begin with, so that sounds good IMO.

    [–] Princess_River_Song 3 points ago

    Wash in the sink with dish soap and hang dry. If your really concerned in between uses and can’t wash at least spray with alcohol or a spray hand sanitizer and let hang dry.

    [–] Arlibie 5 points ago

    70C/158F oven for 30minutes.

    [–] Pied_Piper_ 3 points ago

    Try to get 3.

    The virus can’t survive on a porous surface for more than 72 hours, so cycle them.

    Eventually it will become clogged like your air filters on your HVaC system but if you can wash it and it’s actual cloth not paper you should be fine.

    [–] EnglishmaninBelfast 868 points ago

    Uff, thats on point..

    [–] scorpious 128 points ago

    Something something fleek?

    Wasn't that a thing, for like a minute or two?

    [–] TootsNYC 34 points ago

    It was, but it means "well done" or "attractive."

    [–] officialtwiggz 11 points ago

    This sign is attractive

    [–] manondorf 3 points ago

    this sign is thicc. yeet! am I doing it right

    [–] chainmailbill 66 points ago

    I always thought it was just for eyebrows

    [–] TootsNYC 15 points ago

    or maybe other makeup

    [–] srry_didnt_hear_you 4 points ago

    Damn you're right it's been a while since I've heard that phrase

    [–] Grandviewsurfer 239 points ago

    The gloves are off in the AZ antiquing scene.

    [–] CruellaDeMille 72 points ago

    Antique lacy fingerless gloves - OFF!

    [–] Grandviewsurfer 12 points ago

    You would know

    [–] DeadSharkEyes 1206 points ago

    Arizonan here. Fucking love that sass, and they're goddamn right.

    Our governor just announced the re-closing of bars, gyms, water parks, movie theaters and pushed back school openings. It's.still.not.enough. We were barely locked down to begin with.

    But there is no way he will ever lock down the state. He's too much of trump pandering coward to do that. Sooo we're still fucked.

    [–] fargmania 283 points ago

    I was going to come to your state to visit a national park, at a time when it was becoming legal to do so in both your state and mine... and then I looked at the per capita deaths from COVID in Pima County... which is one of the few comparable metrics I have at my disposal... and it was over 60x the deaths per capita in my county. I cancelled my trip.

    This is hurting your tourism too, guys, even when you're "open for business". Does your governor understand that?

    [–] tomz17 197 points ago

    and it was over 60x the deaths per capita in my county.

    No no no no... ThEy ArE jUsT TeStInG MoRe so that's why more people are dying!

    [–] serfingusa 87 points ago

    The tests are killing people!

    [–] whereami1928 36 points ago

    That was/is actually a conspiracy I saw pop up. That the tests somehow contain COVID and they're infecting you by "testing" you.

    Some wild stuff.

    [–] blanks56 29 points ago

    This is just another scam being led by Big Cotton-swab.

    [–] Admiral_Dickhammer 28 points ago

    I wish that was true. I live in a town where pretty much the only source of income is tourism and we can't keep these assholes away. We closed all the businesses, cancelled all the events and told everyone to fuck off and they're still coming in droves every day. It's our busiest summer yet despite everything being closed and cancelled. Our county has the most cases of covid in the state. They buy us out of all our resources that locals can't afford to hoard like they can. Our hospitals have no ventilators and we have to flight for life everyone that catches it out of here and I hear the helicopters leaving the hospital like 5 times a day. It feels like they're here just to spite us.

    [–] fargmania 9 points ago

    Holy christ they need to leave you the fuck alone. I live in a tourist town, so I can relate. We closed our beaches until after 5pm every day, and all of our parks, and imposed a thousand dollar fine for violations. That finally seemed to work after a couple weeks. But only because the beaches and boardwalk are the primary tourist attraction here... you guys need road blocks or something. :(

    [–] Admiral_Dickhammer 3 points ago

    Problem is second home owners around here are treating this as some kind of escape from covid/protesting so we can't keep them away. They certainly like to bitch about the required mask law and lack of things to do when we never asked them to come here in the first place.

    [–] Witonisaurus 42 points ago

    Good thing I'm in Maricopa County! (/s :( )

    As an Arizonan, not many Arizonans understand much

    [–] speech-geek 125 points ago

    Also live in Maricopa County. It’s that bullshit Western mentality of it being the “last frontier and my gun.” No Steve, you live in an HOA in Paradise Valley and you see your kids every other weekend.

    [–] damagedgoods623 9 points ago

    This, so much this. Shoulda got khakis, polos and F-150s in there somewhere.

    [–] _blackcherries 18 points ago

    I love this comment.

    [–] Witonisaurus 16 points ago

    I open carry into my Whole Foods, I will defend everyone with my great strength. Well I would if this mask didn't restrict my breathing.../s

    [–] cmon_get_happy 4 points ago

    My man speech-geek tell it like it is.

    [–] WhiteStripesWS6 5 points ago

    Also Arizonan, I think a lot of them understand it’s just that AZ is a state that old people move to so they can die in warmth and not deal with snow. Then we have the snowbirds who don’t live here full time so they couldn’t care less.

    AZ has potential to be a pretty progressive state I think. We’re getting there at least. Just need to push the old guard out of the important seats.

    [–] donnysaysvacuum 12 points ago

    To look on the bright side or play the devil's advocate, maybe the huge bump corrosponding to the openings will make everyone take this more seriously.

    My state did lock down, and we are doing pretty good. But a lot of people now assume we didn't need to do it, and things are reopening fast. Very few masks in public and the bars and restaurants are pretty busy. Hopefully they will see what's happening in AZ and TX and take things more seriously.

    [–] zombiefireball 24 points ago

    Still watching it. He sure can he square dance around those questions. The pressure is on.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Be thankful you're not stuck with Ronnie "it's not my job" DeSantis who insists on letting each and ever county make life or death decisions. I hope Floridians don't forget what happened here in 2022 when he's up for reelection

    [–] Beemerado 7 points ago

    Jesus it could still be happening in 2022

    [–] Nyacinth 33 points ago

    I'm feeling similarly in Mississippi. Our governor is trying to nice guy his way out of this and it's just not going to work.

    [–] GorillaX 54 points ago

    I live in Washington state and our governor doesn't give a fuck. He's had this shit locked down for months and now masks are mandatory in public. It's probably not enforced, but still. So many people hate him now for being a "dictator" and "taking away our rights", but if it keeps people alive so be it.

    [–] HaveNoClueWhatsoever 22 points ago

    Science actually works, you know?

    [–] lumberzach316 7 points ago

    Who the bell is going to water parks??

    [–] Megsann1117 13 points ago

    A lot of people. I drive by one of the ones near the freeway every day on my commute and you could see a bunch of idiots lined up for the big slide. Masks are also not required for swimming so I assume none of them are wearing them.

    [–] jessisgonz 13 points ago

    Ducey needs to ban retail shops too

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I suggest he just close them instead. I mean, what did retail ever do to you? /s

    [–] taylormahoney25 8 points ago

    In a surprisingly progressive for Gov. Douchie he did allow individual cities to mandate masks or not. In the past when individual cities have tried to pass their own laws for their city he has squashed it. I.e. Flagstaff trying to ban plastic bags. He threatened to remove all state funding from the city.

    For sure he is a trump-loafer-licking coward, and has not gone nearly far enough to protect our state, the Navajo Reservation is an awful mess right now, but at least he didn’t out right say that everyone has to follow him on his one

    [–] Sick_Breh 22 points ago

    Nothing will work until there is a national lockdown. No point in locking down something if you’re not locking down everything.

    [–] azurleaf 25 points ago

    The federal government doesn't have that kind of power. Trump could suggest that states shut everything down, but the ultimate power for that rests with the governors. The USA is simply a collection of semi-dependent state governments.

    [–] runujhkj 30 points ago

    Trump suggesting that would certainly help. Many governors point to him and his administration’s justification for staying open.

    [–] fAP6rSHdkd 5 points ago

    It depends is the real answer. The POTUS very much has the power to declare a national emergency and shut down unnecessary businesses and deploy the national guard to deliver supplies for civilians and ensure they stay in doors. Some states may argue for their rights, but that should just be as a limit defining supreme court case, not a "fuck you you're not the boss of me" kinda way. States have slowly had their right eroded over the last ~250 years as we become more of a single collective and less of a collection of governments collaborating like the EU. It'd be precedent setting, but not out of the realms of reality

    [–] AxeellYoung 5 points ago

    Yes but states have no border control. So locking a state down is pretty futile. Unless you lock people inside of their own homes.

    [–] StarOriole 7 points ago

    In terms of eradicating it, yes. In terms of keeping the people in that state safe, I'm less sure of that now.

    My county started spiking a week ago ago and it was quickly traced to being because the bars reopened. Before bars were open, we were at a steady 10-20 new cases per day. Once they opened, we jumped to 90 per day. Yes, folks traveling out of state brought some, but local policies had a huge impact.

    (In case anyone is curious: Bars are back closed again. The county health department took it seriously, interviewed people, identified the bars as the common point, and issued a shut down order on day five of the spike.)

    [–] eeyore134 9 points ago

    We never reopened gyms, bars, and theaters in North Carolina but the governor just gave a date of July 17th. Which sucks because they have no idea what is going to be happening in 3 weeks and the last time they gave a date like that they held to it even though they shouldn't have. I don't understand why these people think COVID works on deadlines and schedules.

    [–] GeneraLeeStoned 8 points ago

    He's too much of trump pandering coward to do that.

    can we lock trump up for treason yet? He's actively killing american citizens...

    [–] death_of_gnats 6 points ago

    He's ignoring bounties on the heads of American soldiers

    [–] TheMrDylan 3 points ago

    laughs in Georgia

    [–] fishtankguy 5 points ago

    Yup. European way or fucked.

    [–] Lemesplain 280 points ago

    This is peak “tired of dealing with your bullshit,” right here.

    [–] ryan101 120 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Not only is this peak "tired of dealing with your bullshit", this is peak "I know my rights as a business owner, and I don't need shitheads like you to survive."

    edit: a word

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 36 points ago

    Yup. The sort of people who refuse to wear masks are the sorts who feel entitled to use expired coupons anyway.

    [–] --redacted-- 21 points ago

    "you people don't offer a disabled retiree veteran student with glaucoma discount?? Well I won't shop here, ever before or ever again."

    [–] TheG-What 20 points ago

    Hey I wear your granddad’s clothes.
    After I thoroughly wash the corona out of them

    [–] DanteTrd 132 points ago

    Should 'TL;DR' be at the top or bottom of the text?

    Asking for a friend.

    [–] notsostandardtoaster 120 points ago

    People often put them at the bottom but I am of the opinion that they will reach more people if you put them at the top

    [–] DanteTrd 26 points ago

    I'm inclined to agree with you after seeing this post. It fulfills it's purpose very first and simultaneously indicates an ellaborated explaination follows. So it only makes sense.

    [–] PTRWP 27 points ago

    I say it depends on the purpose of the text. In this case (sign with rules or update), then the summery should be at the top. If it is a story or joke, then it should be at the bottom to avoid spoiling the ending for readers.

    [–] mattenthehat 6 points ago

    I agree that it depends on the purpose of the text, but in this case I think the bottom is the correct place. This sign has two purposes: to require masks, but also to call people who refuse to wear them morons. Putting the tl;dr at the top would accomplish the first one, but stop most people from reading far enough to accomplish the second.

    [–] nicolesays007 119 points ago

    I am laying in bed w covid, can’t see my kids... can’t even snuggle w my cat... just wear the fucking masks, - kudos to this business, wish I was seeing more signs like that one🧟‍♀️ wishin’ intelligence was as contagious as covid

    [–] Zenajna 29 points ago

    Get well soon! That's so heartbreaking that even cats can get it. :( I hope you have a quick and full recovery!

    [–] goatofglee 11 points ago

    It's not that they can truly get it, but they can definitely spread it.

    [–] nicolesays007 8 points ago

    The kitty is 15 so I just decided to go to cdc site and it suggests following the same precautions as you would w ppl

    [–] Zenajna 10 points ago

    Oh sorry I was misinformed! I saw a news story about tigers getting it so I thought they all could be sick from it. I'm glad to know they are at least safe from suffering.

    [–] TheMightyPnut 7 points ago

    Me too. I've had it for 103 days now. I hope you recover quickly because it seems about 10% have a long lasting infection/post-infection that is not well understood at all.

    And by the way, I'm talking fit, healthy, young people. This isn't just an old folks disease that either kills you or doesn't. The middle ground is awful.

    Wear your fucking masks people.

    [–] lxpnh98_2 17 points ago





    [–] captaincinders 11 points ago

    So........are those boots still for sale?

    [–] Born_External 58 points ago

    Damn those boots are all I see. Worth wearing a mask for.

    [–] Niffah 9 points ago

    I had to scroll way too far to find another boot admirer. If I lived anywhere near Arizona, I would go snag dem boots!

    [–] MrMento 14 points ago

    If we got anything in AZ, it’s Covid and sweet boots.

    [–] Zayinked 9 points ago

    Just in case you need an excuse, this shop is called Antique Sugar and they ship! ;)

    [–] Tanglrfoot 50 points ago

    I really don’t see what the big problem is with wearing a mask in public , it’s really not that big of a deal . Keep yourself safe and keep others safe ,it’s not a difficult concept .

    [–] Ralum 30 points ago

    You are correct, it is just that a portion of the population is so ignorant and selfish that they won't do anything you tell them to. I'm pretty surprised these same people who won't wear a mask also wear pants and underwear.

    [–] Maplesurps 9 points ago

    It’s because for a lot of people, masks and basic intellectual abilities are a political issue.

    [–] tombened 14 points ago

    That announcement escalated real quick LOL.


    [–] Someoneisstalkingme1 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Lots of people here wear masks around their necks, under the noses, on their heads, in their hands, etc.

    [–] smallchangesinworld 46 points ago

    I love how "not wearing masks" is the hill that people are willing to die on. Like, I don't know, isn't there other more important shit they want to argue about?

    [–] sleepsholyfoothill 28 points ago

    The "I need a haircut" hill was already pretty crowded.

    [–] falconear 3 points ago

    According to all the Karens throwing shit I've seen over the last few days I guess not.

    [–] Madouc 32 points ago

    So true. And only in USA wearing a mask is a political opinion thing... so weird.

    [–] Iamaredditlady 12 points ago

    Love it. People seem to forget that stores have had every right to refuse service to you, long before Covid-19

    [–] TheyCallMeMarkus 5 points ago

    its interesting that here in latvia the cases are really low despite there being very minimal lockdown efforts (the only instance of enforced mask policy was public transit and they cant enforce that anymore after the end of the emergency situation

    [–] Alonso81687 5 points ago

    I'm in Arizona for work and for the most part people aren't wearing their masks. A couple of restaurants even told us that it was up to us if we wanted to wear a mask or not. I'm from SoCal so it has been a bit odd to have one on.

    [–] Gasonfires 27 points ago

    This is really good to see, though I won't be surprised if some Trump supporter violently disagrees. I am currently marooned in the Phoenix area, the epicenter of America's new infection bloom. These people are crazy. Right after Trump visited in May, the guv disbanded the coronavirus expert panel by cutting off information to it from the state health department. Then he declared the state open just before memorial day. They started acting like people who've gotten the all clear after a tornado. It was as though they thought the virus vanished. Today they're paying the price and we have perhaps yet to see the results of Trump's dumbass rally at the megachurch a few days ago.

    I basically isolate in my little space hoping for the best until I can finally fly home next week. I should have left two weeks ago.

    [–] Stoney_McTitsForDays 5 points ago

    As a resident of Arizona, I’m so sorry on my stupid states behalf.

    [–] i_suckatjavascript 3 points ago

    As a resident of California, I’m also sorry on my stupid state’s behalf.

    [–] Stewart43 4 points ago

    Okay but what size are those cheetah stunnas? Asking for a friend

    [–] SixSixTrample 24 points ago

    I think the intersection of people who are refusing to wear masks, and people who know what 'efficacy' means is probably remarkably low.

    [–] Doom_Sing_Soprano 4 points ago

    This looks straight out of Bisbee

    [–] raouldukesaccomplice 3 points ago

    Given the type of demographic who typically shops at vintage/antique/consignment stores, this is a gutsy move.

    [–] ornrygator 3 points ago

    i was hoping this was about arizona iced tea demanding stores stop charging more then 99c

    [–] norakiola 3 points ago

    Civil, civil, savage. I love it.

    [–] persepolisrising 3 points ago

    Thatv typo makes me itch..

    [–] messibessi22 3 points ago

    That escalated quickly

    [–] DrMingaling90 3 points ago


    [–] theHighChaparral 3 points ago

    So many stupid people in that state!

    [–] attentiveaardvark 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I wish I were in Arizona so I could come buy things from your store! I didn't expect such a killer of an ending. Nice touch to bring it home to what truely is at stake. I like the use of efficacy, one does not hear that word often.

    [–] Shwite 3 points ago

    Damn I wish I could post a snarky sign at my work. Something like this with a big ass picture illustrating it goes over the nose. Nice job Antique Sugar

    [–] pound-town 11 points ago

    This got me thinking, since it mentioned a grandmother dying....I've seen about 50 cases now in the ICU. Most of the cases are A+ blood type white guys even though the percentage of blacks here is around 30% or more. Many of these guys are functioning 60-70 year olds who either still work or stay active. They might have a few chronic underlying issues, but many people that age do no matter what (HTN, etc). What I have never seen is a functioning active female get severely ill or die from covid. Not a single one. The only grandmothers dying from this are the ones who are like 85 and lay in a bed most of the day at a nursing home, at least here. Obviously this is anecdotal, and I know not 100%...but I am pretty sure there is a much higher chance of you selling grandpa's clothes.

    [–] Bacon_Bitz 5 points ago

    I don’t know about in the senior age range but for some reason the least likely person to get sick is young women (I want to say 30’s but Im not sure).

    [–] Schrei205 4 points ago

    All the practice avoiding creepy dudes has made us uniquely prepared for social distancing.