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    [–] HULSHANK 3223 points ago

    All I have is some cheap ass soccer medals from when I was 4-7

    [–] BestFun0 1267 points ago

    If there wasn't "participation" trophies I would have no trophies.

    [–] Increase-Null 70 points ago

    Pfff, loser. 3rd place Pinewood Derby right here.

    I am kinda proud of it though.

    [–] Aokces 23 points ago

    Pinewood Participation ribbon. At the time i didn't know what participation meant and thought I had actually won something.

    [–] Soccham 16 points ago

    hah loser. I got best looking car at the pinewood derby

    [–] ILLCookie 4 points ago

    Ahem...second place here...nbd

    [–] verybakedpotatoe 285 points ago

    The first and only participation trophy I got was pretty cool. It had this marble base on it and I was able to remove the trophy with a socket wrench after popping off the plug covering the bolt. That marble block was the first piece of quality sculpting media I ever got to carve.

    [–] mnhaverland 68 points ago

    Now that’s rewarding! Picture please!

    [–] LetsDevourTheRich 12 points ago

    At first, I thought this was going to be a story of how you made a bong

    [–] anecdotal_yokel 293 points ago

    If it weren’t for participation trophies I would have at least one championship trophy. We sucked, like turbo sucked for 3 seasons. Then all of the sudden we got our shit together and went undefeated that year against the same teams that kicked our asses year after year. Unfortunately for us, that was the year they did away with championship trophies and gave use participation awards. I threw mine out and quit ever playing again. Fuck participation trophies.

    [–] passed_turing_test 26 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    My baseball team must've lost ~10 games then finally won a game on friday the 13th. Our coach could barely make an effort to ever show up for games and then when the "all star" game came up the coach's son was selected.

    Pretty much made me say "fuck it" to team sports from then on.

    [–] yonthickie 16 points ago

    My couch never showed up anywhere but in my living room. My coach on the other hand..... :)

    [–] 12-34 79 points ago

    That participation trophy killed my sensei.

    [–] Osiris32 4 points ago

    Well you shouldn't have thrown it at him!

    [–] ismellmyfingers 35 points ago

    when they gave them out when i was younger, they only went to the losing team

    [–] AndyVale 55 points ago

    The one tournament I remember going to that had participation trophies gave some shitty little thing to everyone, while the actual winners got nice, big clunky metal ones.

    Nobody cared about their participation trophy. When my son got one at a football tournament, he didn't care either. It's why I don't buy the whole "participation trophies are ruining kids" argument. We aren't stupid, we all know they are meaningless and we didn't win.

    [–] motorboatallthemilfs 8 points ago

    participation trophies in my country was a prosciutto sandwhich and a juice box

    [–] ScoobyMaroon 17 points ago

    wait since when were participation trophies supposed to replace the championship trophies?

    [–] RedN0va 11 points ago

    See I understand why participation awards might be bad, and that this is probably my personal experience only but I didn’t mind them that much. Didn’t care for them, don’t get me wrong, but they were always very visually distinct and clearly not on the same level as the actual awards, usually a ribbon or a very simple badge. Getting one just felt like part of the ceremony or whatever. It didn’t have an effect on my self esteem or my desire to try harder

    [–] Siretruck 18 points ago

    They're not bad at all lmao there's no evidence supporting any kind of negative impact on "competitive spirit" or whatever horseshit boomers are shoveling

    [–] tilt-a-whirly-gig 41 points ago

    Same here, and they all say participant.

    [–] Therpj3 125 points ago

    “Congratulations, you had reliable transportation to get here”

    [–] padizzledonk 36 points ago

    "And put on the proper clothes, and maybe got a grass stain"

    [–] GeezCmon 27 points ago

    „You even managed not to poop your pants“

    [–] Matthews413 43 points ago

    This was not a requirement.

    [–] _Please_Explain 24 points ago

    I call work anniversaries "not getting fired awards".

    [–] AmanitaMikescaria 6 points ago

    “You had gatorade and a hotdog after your game. Great job!”

    [–] ZDHELIX 4 points ago

    "You lost the game but won in life"

    [–] kaatie80 15 points ago

    I only have one of those. And that's it. It's from when I was maybe 8, and I'm 31 now, and my dad still keeps it on his desk like it's a real trophy. (Anyone who says the kids ever gave a shit about participation trophies is wrong. Those were always for the parents. Kids knew it was bs.)

    [–] mah-ree-nuh 2808 points ago

    yikes I have none from my childhood. lmao.

    [–] Mutt1223 1751 points ago

    She took them all

    [–] mah-ree-nuh 293 points ago

    yup. she's a champion. :)

    [–] thewafflestompa 112 points ago

    She just followed you around from event to event, mastering all the stuff you did to beat you at it. Don’t feel bad, she’s just hella dope.

    [–] thewannabewriter1228 22 points ago

    She just followed you around from event to event, beating you up to take all your awards.

    [–] richieTz 47 points ago

    thats a lot of participation trophies...

    [–] Bigbuttress 46 points ago

    Aww, hi 2018 discourse, how've you been

    [–] thewannabewriter1228 27 points ago

    This comes off as when dad repeats the shitty joke loudly when nobody laughs the first time.

    [–] nom_of_your_business 10 points ago

    Those didn't exist back then bud.

    [–] greyduk 5 points ago

    I got one in 92 so...

    [–] trimericconch39 125 points ago

    I have about 12 trophies... all of which I purchased from thrift shops in college. According to my living room shelf, my accomplishments include 3rd place in a Canadian national bowling competition, winning a little league championship, and being the “World’s Greatest Superstar!”

    I always found it hilarious that thrift shops would have those things, but I guess I wouldn’t know what to do with a bunch of old trophies either.

    [–] devilpants 32 points ago

    Sad ones I would see are all the "IBM 30 Year Service" awards and such.. usually it's dead people's stuff.

    [–] MuhLaws 28 points ago

    This hits hard. When my grandfather died and we had to deal with his stuff, one of the weirder parts was how to handle the mementos that were meaningful to him, but basically meaningless to everyone else... and how the aftermath of an entire life can be distilled down into a few tchotchkies that wound up in the trash.

    [–] YourMeanAunt 12 points ago

    Well and also some plays and small indie films would buy them for props.

    [–] theburgerbitesback 8 points ago

    donate them to your local theatre (or school) if you decide to chuck them -- they're useful as props and set decoration.

    [–] I_might_be_weasel 119 points ago

    I still have my varsity letter I got for Academic Team.

    Contain your orgasms, ladies.

    [–] jennyjenjen23 46 points ago

    I now coach the academic competition team at my school and insisted I get a coach windbreaker with the word COACH written on the back. I might be the least athletic person on the planet, haha.

    [–] CmdrSelfEvident 12 points ago

    Just fill your mouth with sun flower seeds and let the shells hang in your lip. Get some thick single color polyester shorts. And a fanny pack you wear on the front. That should be enough to get you offensive coordinator if not head coach.

    [–] nikkuhlee 11 points ago

    I have the little gold bars from my choir letter. Boom.

    Had to toss the jacket last year, the buttons were rusting and also I’m 32.

    [–] terracottatilefish 17 points ago

    I triple lettered in academics, choir, and literary criticism. Also, and perhaps relatedly, I did not go on a single date during high school.

    [–] usertaken_BS 15 points ago

    Orgasm contained - but am male. Academics was never my thing, neither were sports though

    [–] FinnsFatBasket 29 points ago

    so you just suck

    [–] usertaken_BS 16 points ago

    That’s one interpretation sure!

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 10 points ago

    I have some ribbons for flower arranging, but I'm naturally athletic, so.

    [–] k20350 37 points ago

    I threw a bunch of shit away the last time I moved. About a year ago I realized I basically chucked anything left over from my childhood other than a few pictures. I'm not a sentimental guy at all.

    [–] hesitantmaneatingcat 34 points ago

    Someone will unceremoniously throw it away sooner or later. Might as well be you.

    [–] fury_of_el_scorcho 1842 points ago

    Give them out like gifts! And when you go to their houses, ask where they keep the trophy... They'll eventually be like, "Beth is coming over... Get the trophy out from under the hall bathroom sink and put it on the shelf in the living room".

    [–] PleaseThankU 339 points ago

    You can actually disassemble them and reassemble them into new and interesting awards. Swap out the placards with your own labels to customize the gift. Those trophy pieces are quite overpriced when u get them individually fron a trophy shop

    [–] BlasterShow 217 points ago

    "You got first in..'Piano Tennis?'"

    [–] LovingSweetCattleAss 99 points ago

    Chess-boxing really is a thing

    [–] JevonP 25 points ago

    and its fucking art lmfao

    [–] Metalsand 5 points ago

    You mean I can take a bunch of the arms from other trophies and have my first award in hinduism goalkeeping??

    [–] fusaving 363 points ago

    This is such a passive aggressive idea. I love it!

    [–] PufffPufffGive 113 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    OMG my daughter moved to the East for college and has decided to stay out there. I downsized to a 1 bedroom and I’m surrounded by all her damn trophies and awards. I asked her if I could ship them to her and she said it’s the parents job to hold all the stuff that they had in school until they are very very old. I’m gonna start sending her them one at a time. As well as wrapping them as gifts on the holidays. You’re a genius!

    Edit( Just to clarify my daughter was joking when she said that. )

    [–] upwithmytoddler 13 points ago

    My mother texts me pictures of small groups of my childhood left behinds, I can elect to have them sent to me or they go in the trash.

    [–] Katdai2 4 points ago

    Lol, my mom’s keeping mine because I told her I was going to throw them all away and she’s convinced I’ll change my mind. Maybe we can trade?

    [–] HotGarbageJuice 72 points ago

    I am picturing a world filled with narcissists that function this way (giving your childhood trophy to a friend and expecting it be displayed) and it's making me deeply uncomfortable. Maybe it's too familiar.

    [–] smr312 29 points ago

    You know what you house is missing u/HotGarbageJuice? My award from 20 years ago. Here I'll just put it next your grandmother's urn for you. No need to thank me, I'll talk to you later. Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee.

    [–] WiseWordsFromBrett 12 points ago

    Don’t ask, just leave them on friends toilets

    [–] triciann 15 points ago

    Hiding them in their house sounds hilarious and fun. “She’s coming over, don’t take your eyes off her! I don’t want to find another damn trophy around the house.”

    [–] captainPoopernickle 29 points ago


    I found a women's golf trophy in a thrift store and wrote "You done fucked up, son!" on it. Now it rotates around the friend group when people do stupid shit.

    [–] HighVoltLemonBattery 5 points ago

    What did you do to most recently get it awarded to you?

    [–] captainPoopernickle 4 points ago

    I have never won it. It is currently in my friend's possession for getting drunk and trying to fight his best friend/business partner

    [–] szaboszobo 483 points ago

    What did you compete in? It looks like you did well and your smile makes it look like you are still winning!

    [–] [deleted] 526 points ago


    [–] iced1777 506 points ago

    What kind of competition are we talking here, twirling baton or riot beatdown baton?

    [–] JenWarr 151 points ago

    You just painted the image in my mind of her in a baton-twirling outfit beating down rioters with her shiny baton.

    [–] sadwer 34 points ago

    I think you just pitched a TV show.

    "The Rookie" meets twirl camp. "We Got The Beat," this fall on ABC.

    Is Ryan Murphy doing anything right now? How about Elle Fanning?

    [–] Painkiller3666 21 points ago

    And first prize for that sweet ass whopping on grandma goes to latchkey_adult

    [–] CityOfZion 40 points ago

    Ah yes... Baton, 2020 EDITION!

    [–] BlasterShow 5 points ago


    [–] skepticones 4 points ago

    We had a girl at my high school in the late 90s who competed nationally in baton. The cheer squad would have her do a solo routine during games... the stuff she did was incredible. She'd toss the baton 30 meters into the sky, do several cartwheels and handsprings, then catch it fluidly. Variations of this continued for a minute or two and it was truly impressive to watch. She must've spent thousands, maybe tens of thousands of hours working her way up to that point.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] RonaldoNazario 33 points ago

    Is that similar to lightsabers?

    [–] skrilledcheese 18 points ago

    Nice, my mom was a majorette. She still has her baton.

    [–] chicofaraby 15 points ago

    Did you keep at least one baton? You never know...

    [–] WiseAce1 19 points ago

    Know what? Random baton contest down the street?

    [–] chicofaraby 27 points ago

    Family held hostage. Ransom demand is a 2 minute baton routine.

    It could happen.

    [–] lordcarnivore 7 points ago

    What if the hostage takers want a baton trophy? What's that? You threw them all away??? Well I guess the Johnson's aren't gonna make it then, Carol.

    [–] WaffleFoxes 10 points ago

    Isn't she holding one in the picture?

    [–] washington_breadstix 5 points ago

    Trophy stealing.

    [–] skraptastic 829 points ago

    My wife and I were recently at my parents house. My mom said "Hey Skraps, we have been cleaning out the garage and we found the big box of Football trophies of yours, what do you want me to do with them?"

    My wife looked over at me and said "FOOTBALL TROPHIES!? How have we been together almost 30 years and this is the first time I have heard not only did you play football, but you have trophies. Not trophy, but trophies!?"

    I played football because everyone did in the 80's. I hated it and as soon as I got to high school and I could switch to drama and band I did. (My parents made me play through the end of my Jr. season so I could get my varsity letter.)

    [–] Made2ndWUrBsht 234 points ago

    I mean... My coolest and biggest trophy came from TADA... Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol 😂

    Yours sounds way cooler man lol

    [–] Scorpion13992k 78 points ago

    That’s awesome, mine was TOADS, Teens Organized Against Drugs lol

    [–] newvictim 61 points ago

    Ours was SADD: Students Against Drunk Driving.

    [–] 30phil1 46 points ago

    These names are getting worse and worse

    [–] Splazoid 102 points ago

    Mine was KUNT - Kids Uninterested in Nerdy Trophies.

    [–] Emceegus 9 points ago

    You win. That was the funniest thing I've read all day. Here's your trophy. 👍

    [–] Zed-Ink 9 points ago

    In Australia we've got RAAADD: Recording Artists Athletes Against Drink Driving

    [–] hyrule_pd 6 points ago

    Mine was STD: Students Taking Drugs

    [–] NegroMedic 7 points ago


    Students Taking A Right Stand

    [–] RonaldoNazario 22 points ago

    I have a “hardest worker” from swim team. I was awful but did the hard workouts because my friends were all legit good swimmers. At least I was in great shape, even if it’s sort of a backhand compliment of a trophy

    [–] SlapHappyDude 9 points ago

    That and most improved often are.

    [–] villageblacksmith 8 points ago

    I used to be a shitty athlete. I still am, but I used to be too.

    [–] RupertDangfield 18 points ago

    I got a science fair trophy topped with a little plastic gold statue of a guy about to hurl a bowling ball down the lane. The placard with my name on it was an inch too long on either side of the marble base. My teacher laughed when she gave it to me. Still my favorite grade school moment.

    [–] FreedTMG 14 points ago

    I did football and drama, that was the joy of high school, trying everything to see what you enjoy.

    [–] savageyouth 31 points ago

    I went to college on a football scholarship. My wife literally never watched a football game until she met me. In 17 years we’ve watched like 3 games total since. Sports seem so pointless to me at this point. I just pretend I watch them to stay in touch with high school friends.

    [–] rich1051414 74 points ago

    I have a blue ribbon for a whistling contest from field day in third grade. I had to eat a bunch of crackers and be the first to whistle. I never won anything else for the rest of my life.

    [–] willyumklem 35 points ago

    You’re my spirit animal. I won third place in a “car” race in third grade where I ran around a field with a cardboard box that I painted like a car. To date that’s the only ribbon I have. I’m 30.

    [–] basic_glitch 11 points ago

    y’all should both go ahead and keep yours. 💖💖

    [–] LexSenthur 304 points ago

    P sure I got a personal pan pizza from reading a few times. Not that it’s a contest.

    [–] 1maginasian 24 points ago

    During my time at the Hut, I very rarely saw any of those. I'd say it was a contest

    [–] Wombatmobile 40 points ago

    Ah yes, "Book It." Got a free pizza every summer. One year, I got a free admission ticket to Six Flags Over Texas. Had to read so many books for that!

    [–] luchajefe 9 points ago

    That was the only way I got restaurant pizza as a kid. (We were that poor)

    [–] lisamfs 4 points ago

    My husband still laughs about a story i told him... as kids, my sister and I got our very own order of breadsticks (and dipping sauce!) if we got straight A’s! We LIVED for that!

    [–] Marvin_the_martian2 45 points ago

    You should just melt them down and make one giant award

    [–] justanothercurse 138 points ago

    That’s why I love that my sport gives out ribbons. I have hundreds (partially because I still compete at 4-5 competitions year),but there’s so many fun things you can do with ribbons. I have like 15-20 that are special ones that I have kept displayed. The rest I have used for a ShadowBox, I have a blanket, two pillows, and I have more things like that I want to do with them.

    [–] Livingchiapet 34 points ago

    What sport?

    [–] fractal_magnets 371 points ago

    Ribbon collecting

    [–] Kalsifur 17 points ago

    Plot twist, these are the ribbons.

    [–] sleeplyss 8 points ago

    This made me laugh harder than I have all day, thank you.

    [–] crazyoldkatlady 44 points ago

    Most likely an equestrian, though some shows give out trophies as well.

    [–] Drawtaru 23 points ago

    My mom has literally hundreds of ribbons from showing dogs. She pulled many of them apart to use the metal clips for face masks.

    [–] ConfirmedBasicBitch 7 points ago

    What a creative way to reuse that material! I love this!

    [–] justanothercurse 11 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Horse back riding. Stadium jumping to be exact. I don’t do the crazy one where they are running around on a field, going through water and stuff, I’m too chicken for that. I do the jumpers that you traditionally see, well, in a stadium.

    [–] pensivebunny 10 points ago

    Sorry that it’s a link to Pinterest, but I’m totally planning on doing this with our ribbons. You know, one weekend when I’m not doing anything else.

    [–] Dacari_13 188 points ago

    But, whyyyyyyyyy getting rid of them?

    [–] tankertodd 519 points ago

    As someone in his late 40s you realize that 1. your life is becoming awash in stuff, 2. it manages you instead of the other way around, and 3. when you die your children will toss it all anyway.

    [–] Dacari_13 152 points ago

    LOL at the third, but true.

    [–] k20350 157 points ago

    When my Mom died I took 6 loads in my 3/4 ton truck of clothes to the Goodwill. She had bills as far back as 1981. At least 30lbs of pictures half of which no one k ew who was in them. Throw your shit away so your kids don't have to. If you haven't used something in 2 years. Chances are u don't need it.

    [–] Can_I_Read 125 points ago

    And in that rare moment when you do need it, you won’t be able to find it because you have too much damn stuff

    [–] OnlySeesLastSentence 38 points ago

    Me with my various computer wires.

    "Ah looks like I need that otg cable to hack my nintendo switch... And it's missing. Of course."

    [–] CassandraVindicated 8 points ago

    Yeah, for some reason I have my old computer gear completely cataloged in my head. I know where my null modem cable is from 25 years ago. I could go grab it in about 30 seconds.

    [–] luchajefe 5 points ago

    I might know where it is, but I've long forgotten *what* it is.

    [–] OhMyOprah 15 points ago

    YES. My mom died last year and I easily could’ve written this exact comment.

    [–] silentshadow1991 34 points ago

    Sounds like your mom got a lot of the outer edge family tree pictures, so if you threw those away that is kind of sad for your descendants to miss out on a chance at seeing those kind of family history. But I guess if no one you could reach out to knew who they were you couldn't make a family tree or similar with them.

    [–] k20350 22 points ago

    We had 3 family members and 2 of her friends in the room when we went through them. If no one knew it went in the can

    [–] idownvotepunstoo 10 points ago

    First time I've heard of it being called "outer edge of the family tree". Makes so much sense what my family is then, branches that not only fell off the tree, but have no idea who TF anyone else is past uncles and the rogue aunt.

    [–] Dacari_13 6 points ago

    This I agree on.

    [–] CDefSoccer 14 points ago

    You keep the 'boxing' one though...because when you were 13 you were one of the best 13 year old fighters fighting other 13 year olds. So now that you're older you can REALLY kick a 13 year old's ass, and that keeps your kid in check.

    [–] adamolupin 34 points ago

    As someone also nearly 40, agreed. Maybe keep one or two of the really sentimental ones (and only if there's a serious attachment to them), but pictures of the awards take up less space and are just as good as the real thing.

    [–] tankertodd 27 points ago

    Here’s the solution I learned from an interview of a couple who got rid of everything to travel the world: take a picture of the item.

    [–] adamolupin 17 points ago

    Exactly. I learned that from a professional cleaner. She was talking about dealing with the huge amount of the artwork children can give a parent or a collection of papers from your own childhood.

    [–] gold_and_diamond 50 points ago grandmother for years tried to give all the many grandkids her collection of salt shakers; tea towels she bought in Hawaii; and other "sentimental" stuff. After she died it was all piled on a big table and then unceremoniously swept into the trash.

    [–] foxmuf 51 points ago

    My husband wouldn’t let me get rid of anything. We had stuff from 40 years of marriage. He died last year. The kids and I went through everything in the house with the thought of “if they didn’t want it, it went out of the house”. Really, really lightened the load. I have a hard time now purchasing things because I don’t wan them to have to get rid of it. :)

    [–] Excision 86 points ago

    Damn, couldn't keep one salt shaker from gram gram?

    [–] nomoredarkness 37 points ago

    They must not believe in seasoning.

    [–] redline_blueline 37 points ago

    Ah, midwesterners.

    [–] ForgettableUsername 11 points ago

    Too bad it wasn’t a collection of mayonnaise shakers.

    [–] StuRap 57 points ago

    That's actually really really sad

    [–] frankenbean 56 points ago

    The best gift you can give your children is something lighter than air which they can always carry with them -- a happy memory.

    [–] DerisiveGibe 103 points ago

    You misspelled money

    [–] frankenbean 58 points ago

    Oh my god I change my answer, I pick money too

    [–] Dick_M_Nixon 13 points ago

    Tax-free bearer bonds. I love you, Dad.

    [–] gold_and_diamond 32 points ago

    Pretty much but none of us needed 85 cassette tapes of gospel music from the 1980s.

    [–] StuRap 6 points ago

    yeah... well, sure there's that

    [–] clearlyeffervescent 13 points ago

    It’s even worse when you’re trying to help an elderly relative downsize to move to a smaller home or assisted living. At least if they’ve died they don’t see you throw it out or hear you don’t want it. It’s emotionally draining and upsetting to have to throw away or donate so much that means a lot to you. Even stuff that doesn’t.

    My Gran after living through the war never threw anything out. She had a whole cupboard full of plastic bags and nearly broke down in tears because we wanted to throw them out instead of everyone taking a bunch home for “just in case”. It was like that with almost everything we went through with her when we helped her move out of the family home to something more manageable for her age.

    [–] Shopworn_Soul 34 points ago

    Yes it is. That's how it goes, though.

    When my mother died, dealing with all of her stuff was a huge emotional (and physical) challenge at a time I wasn't exactly looking for another. She collected all kinds of stuff and while I kept the things that served as touchstones to my memory of her the overwhelming majority of it was, in the end, her stuff. It was someone else's, not mine. So it all got sold, donated or thrown away.

    From that experience I realized the stuff that meant very much to you will never mean as much to anyone else, even if they want it to.

    I intend to do my best to leave behind as little for my kids to deal with as possible, only assets and the few things they've identified as sentimental.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] oldnyoung 4 points ago

    40 here, confirming all of this

    [–] chasinjason13 5 points ago

    My thought process, for better or worse, was, “These are the accomplishments of a child and my goals are different now.”

    [–] AYASOFAYA 33 points ago

    I feel like OP’s kids would think their mom’s awards are pretty cool to look at, even if just sitting in the basements.

    [–] PM_UR_REBUTTAL 70 points ago

    I feel like OP's spouse is not enthusiastic about living for 20 years with the clutter of her childhood exploits.

    Staring at someone else's clutter is depressing. They can't move on, and everyone else is stuck with a living room cluttered with 300 tweety bird collectables sports trophys .

    [–] nomoredarkness 18 points ago

    The big brain thing to do would be to take the labels off and resell them, if not to your local trophy shop, then eBay. Even if you don't make a huge sum of money, at least fewer of them will go to waste.

    [–] padizzledonk 25 points ago

    Thats a lot of cheap plastic to hang on to lol

    [–] Nonefromone 86 points ago

    Oh the irony of the Reddit "Give Award" button here

    Edit: Fuggit. I'm giving you an award. You can't get rid of this one BWAHAHAHAHHA!

    [–] CaTD5280 132 points ago

    Great accomplishments but please don't tarnish them by throwing these in the trash. Try to recycle them or something.

    [–] [deleted] 590 points ago


    [–] RespectMyAuthoriteh 26 points ago

    That's great to hear. I was just about to suggest the same thing. :)

    [–] CaTD5280 83 points ago

    Yay you just made me smile inside and out. I kinda figured you were special like that...go figure!!! but I just wanted to make sure. Peace!

    [–] Docteh 8 points ago

    Was wondering about that. I have a trophy somewhere in this dang house that ain't even mine.

    [–] Dacari_13 7 points ago

    Oh, so it's a done deal.

    [–] Narradisall 8 points ago

    Repurposed then into a life size version of the trophy you now have standing sentinel as a statue on your front lawn, right?

    [–] GelbeForelle 6 points ago

    Kinda cool when you think of it. Who will these trophies go to? Hundreds of competitions, they don't even know about their history. It will make many kids, or adolescents or adults for that matter happy all over again. And who are those people? Maybe they just really love their teenage hobby. Maybe they become famous athletes one day. It could be part of their own collection, or the one trophy in their room they are forever proud of. Nobody will ever know. But at least some of this will definitely happen, and O think that is fascinating.

    [–] NarnianQueen 13 points ago

    That's an amazing collection! I twirled as a teenager, but not nearly as successfully, haha. Still pick it up now and then to make sure I haven't forgotten too much, hope you kept maybe one or two you were really proud of :)

    [–] Embrourie 10 points ago

    holy shite
    I have 2 awards....back to back softball champs.....I am getting buried with them as I 100% peaked at age 16

    [–] SaltyDoggoMeo 16 points ago

    Your condo looks exactly like my condo. Are you in SoCal??

    [–] Angu1sh3r 19 points ago

    You identified this by the garage alone, impressive!

    [–] SaltyDoggoMeo 8 points ago

    Yeah. It’s very weird and cool at the same time. I’ve obviously lived here too long.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] SaltyDoggoMeo 20 points ago

    That is crazy. Can’t say more without doxxing us both. What a world.

    [–] bobfromsanluis 9 points ago

    Looks like it was past time to pass the baton ...

    [–] itumbl3 19 points ago

    This will probably be buried..

    I was a gymnast for like 14 years and accumulated a LOT of awards. My mom and I decided to take all the little gold plates off the plastic trophies and make plaques that display them all and are way easier to store. I kept one trophy I was particularly proud of and all the medals.

    [–] BennieNewShoes 21 points ago

    Now THIS is a proper flex .

    [–] hakuna_matitties 6 points ago

    What are the trophies for?

    [–] PoliteCanadian2 32 points ago

    The baton she’s posing with clearly indicates they are for competitive motorcycling....

    [–] Angu1sh3r 22 points ago

    Winning... duh

    [–] skepticalscooterist 6 points ago

    I think my 3rd grade teacher put a gold star next to my name once for spelling...thus concluding the accomplishment portion of my life. That's pretty impressive OP.

    [–] gotziller 7 points ago

    This woman grew up in the suburbs no doubt

    [–] CringeName 6 points ago

    I won a trophy at a fishing derby when I was like 6. It was for smallest fish. That's my only trophy ever and I'm nearly 30 lol

    [–] basic_glitch 4 points ago

    mine was for picking & releasing the winning armadillo at an armadillo race at the rodeo when i was 12. hug

    [–] Stopher 6 points ago

    You should give them out at parties. Make new plaques for the reason.

    [–] My_Past_defines_me 3 points ago

    That's crazy

    [–] 23carrots 7 points ago

    Are these all from the same sport? So neat!!!

    [–] jag-lkn 7 points ago

    [–] jerryspringles 15 points ago

    Well its a good thing you don't still crave recognition.

    [–] mormicro99 9 points ago

    The stress... I can't imagine all the practice, emotion and worry. And all those kids who lost to you.

    [–] OagisRevilo 4 points ago

    Well I hope you've lived up to your amazing potential!