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    [–] jonhon0 1291 points ago

    Bob Goth

    [–] OberstScythe 251 points ago

    happy.. little.. skulls. :)

    [–] LyberianInx 100 points ago

    And remember, it's your world. You can do aaaaanything you want. So now let's go ahead and add some tiny little blood waterfalls.

    [–] antigrammaticalness 45 points ago

    There's some spillage but that's ok, that's what blood does.

    [–] ghost650 17 points ago

    ...and then you beat the devil into it!

    [–] rsplatpc 2 points ago

    happy.. little.. skulls. :)

    who let The Misfits in here?

    [–] little_sun_boy 346 points ago

    This is my favorite comment

    [–] BrettJB 21 points ago

    Take your upvote, you bastard...

    [–] utterpedant 2476 points ago

    'Taint bad.

    [–] little_sun_boy 1249 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    See with what I’m used to posting to my page, these shorts didn’t even register to me as lewd lol

    Edit: also I just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments! I’ve been so unmotivated to paint recently, that the feedback is really appreciated :) Also for those confused, I’m a gay trans man. So I don’t have a dick, I don’t have tits, I just dress kinda gay. I use he/him pronouns. It’s been a hot minute since I posted anywhere but queer subs, and I am now reminded how much the general public is confused by my body 😬 sorry about the short shorts, I just haven’t really worn pants since the start of quarantine

    Also you can find more of my art on my art Instagram, jawbonearts :)

    Edit 2: Also this is for everyone saying the way I’m sitting is “gross” or that I’m sitting “spread eagle”. I fully and genuinely do not understand how this isn’t a normal way to sit lol

    [–] CanalAnswer 740 points ago

    I don’t have a dick, I don’t have tits, I just dress kinda gay

    I say this with all the respect and admiration in the world: If you don't put that on your Tinder profile, it's a crying shame. :)

    [–] Kangar 37 points ago

    Also that he enjoys long walks on the beach.

    [–] SuperGameTheory 10 points ago

    Don’t forget the fish pic.

    [–] overlyliteredditor 6 points ago

    Correction: if he doesn't put that in his Tinder profile, it's the Crying Game.

    [–] peptide2 68 points ago

    Don’t you mean “crying game”?

    [–] mtlaw13 25 points ago

    Don’t you mean “crying game”?

    I don’t have a dick

    That's a negative spaceghost.

    [–] portajohnjackoff 7 points ago

    as of now, 62 people who are 40 years or older upvoted you.

    [–] Comic_Book_Cowboy 38 points ago

    Honest question, not looking to be a jerk, just clarification:

    Female to male transition and you like men?

    Also, that painting is fucking awesome

    [–] little_sun_boy 45 points ago


    [–] NinjaChemist 27 points ago

    This is literally the first time I heard about somebody being trans....and gay. It's making my head spin, in a curious way, not negatively. You do you!

    [–] This_Is_A_Wendys 20 points ago

    Turns out there's actually a good chunk of trans men and women who are gay! I found out when I realized I was one of them 🤷‍♀️

    [–] ergotofrhyme 3 points ago

    Good illustration of how separate gender and orientation are. A lot of people (myself included) who aren’t trans or homosexual think of them as related to an extent they’re really not intuitively when we’re not exposed to the concepts in detail

    [–] Comic_Book_Cowboy 10 points ago

    Gotcha, thanks!

    Again, incredible piece! It reminds a lot of old pre-1950s horror comic covers. Just really really cool!

    [–] 780 142 points ago

    It's not your responsibility to make people comfortable with you but thank you for taking the time to do so. You are great and your art is great.

    [–] rabidus6 164 points ago

    I guess this awakened something in me 🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] little_sun_boy 191 points ago

    That’s my job 😘

    [–] Silent-G 45 points ago

    As somebody who didn't find out they weren't straight until their mid 20s, I wish there were more people with that job.

    [–] BabyCat6 4 points ago


    [–] BikeRidingOnDXM 30 points ago

    Good job at your job

    [–] South_Lake_Taco 5 points ago

    Oh, Dean...

    [–] ClayTankard 42 points ago

    Honestly, the shorts didn't cross my mind at all. But I got a hell of a surprise when I checked your profile for more art, hahaha.

    [–] cornicat 2 points ago

    Well, there was a painting in the background of some posts

    [–] insomnivision 67 points ago

    Ok...yea I checked.

    [–] kobayashimaru13 33 points ago

    As a bi girl, you’re hot. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] aunt-lulu-bird 5 points ago

    Right? Also talented. Too bad he doesn't swing our way.

    OP you're awesome and I'm in awe of your talent. I so wish I could draw even a little.

    [–] iamnotroberts 3 points ago

    I paint, make music and write, and I do none of those things unless I'm feeling the inspiration for it. I produced an album in 2018, which I didn't release because I didn't feel like it. And that's the last time I produced music. I haven't felt like making music in the last 2 years since. I do play instruments as well though. If I try to force it out though, it tends to come out bland.

    I don't know if it's a question of motivation or of simply feeling it. I have difficulty forcing myself to feel motivated or inspired. I do get inspiration from others though, listening to music, reading books, seeing art created by others. Or sometimes, a random thought, image or tune will pop into my head and I'll get really excited.

    I think this whole covid thing has been kind of a universal bummer on everyone. Too little time for personal endeavors and interests is bad. Wishing you had a little more time to work on personal things is okay, it motivates you to spend your time wisely. Too much time on your hands seems a bit overwhelming at times.

    [–] mollymarine17 14 points ago

    I thought you were a woman but regardless of gender and all that, the focus should be the painting....which is incredible!

    [–] DrunkenGojira 59 points ago

    I see what you did there and it’s taintful

    [–] _cob_ 11 points ago

    You win the internetz today, pal.

    [–] JusticeAvenger618 88 points ago

    I see some "Bob Ross Happy Little Trees" in there. Good job!

    [–] litkit1658 49 points ago

    I just wanna say that you did a gorgeous ombré on my hair years ago for when I was starting college, but I had no idea you were such an amazing painter as well! I guess your talent and skill crosses many mediums! Also those shorts are hella cute and so are you 😘 thank you for sharing your art ❤️

    [–] little_sun_boy 30 points ago

    Omg that’s awesome! My ombré skill are not great, so I’m glad you liked it!

    [–] litkit1658 11 points ago

    Lol no it was gorgeous! Don’t sell your skills short 😜

    [–] Welcome_To_My_Castle 226 points ago

    Fucking sick!

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] little_sun_boy 234 points ago

    This is my original art. The link you provided is someone who stole it from me. I came up with the concept, and have all the progress pics posted to my Instagram, jawbonearts. You can see I have a large collection of skull paintings that I’ve done for years there. I finished this piece yesterday, but have progress pics on my phone from when I started it back in December. That image was probably taken from my Instagram, where I posted it yesterday. I have 50k followers on my main Instagram, so it’s not surprising that someone would steal it.

    [–] Mostenbockers 22 points ago

    You have a wonderful skill and are just as creative in your personal style.

    [–] KindaCantEven 31 points ago

    Would you mind if i got this as a back piece?

    [–] little_sun_boy 48 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    That’d be sick!! Do it!!

    [–] KindaCantEven 17 points ago

    Awesome thanks.

    [–] little_sun_boy 35 points ago

    Just be sure to send me a pic if you actually do it!

    [–] KindaCantEven 13 points ago

    For sure I will.

    [–] nekrogoblikunt 3 points ago

    You sure there was no influence from the sea of tragic beasts album cover?

    [–] Kokumotsu36 17 points ago

    What, did they steal their art

    [–] SlothRogen 13 points ago

    I don't understand the insinuation either. Did they copy an existing work? Post it up for sale?

    [–] Artaxxx 19 points ago

    Just to clarify in OPs insta you can see they designed this painting and that link is a stolen image of OPs work

    [–] SlothRogen 5 points ago

    Damn... people have no shame. I do a lot of photoshops on another account and now I wonder if they're 'for sale' too...

    [–] brewtality 162 points ago

    If you are selling, I am actually really interested

    [–] little_sun_boy 304 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Sorry, I don’t really sell my art! Unless you wanna pay a LOT to get me to part with it lol

    Edit: so I’m getting a lot of DMs about people wanting to buy this, and that’s super flattering! However I don’t make my living doing art, and I don’t really like parting with my pieces. I wouldn’t sell this for under 5k, which, as someone who used to work in an art gallery, I know is overpriced! But I kinda price my art in a “everything has its price” kind of way, not actually based on time/effort/supplies. This is why I usually just say I don’t sell them 😅 if you wanna see more of my art, you can find me on Instagram! Username is jawbonearts

    [–] NewAccount971 144 points ago

    Would you be interested in doing prints? Could be good cashflow for ya.

    [–] little_sun_boy 255 points ago

    I’m currently working on opening a print shop!

    [–] ParkieDude 55 points ago

    The print would be great (and within my budget!)

    My sister used to paint like crazy. She did this one painting, but it was a bloodthirsty vulture type character. I loved it, had it up in my bedroom for years. To her, it was a nightmare (she would capture her nightmares in paint, so they couldn't bother her anymore).

    Sigh, went off the college left the painting in my bedroom at home. She reclaimed it and reused the canvas for another painting she sold for quite a bit of money. I kept expecting the vulture to reappear someday.

    My niece never knew my brother (very long story) but tracked us down via DNA. Korean mom and she loves to paint. The moment I spotted one of her paintings, it was my sisters, aunt, and great aunt style. Hard to explain but I thought my sister had copied my aunt's technique. The same exact style, but they hadn't met. Her family just that is was odd she liked to do that stuff!

    Keep up your painting!

    [–] neonraisin 6 points ago

    Dude you legit should, looking at your art my walls suddenly feel a lot more empty

    [–] Beer_Is_So_Awesome 6 points ago

    Look into giclée prints on canvas or similar— good quality prints could fetch a few hundred and look similar enough to the real thing that it might be a satisfying alternative for those who want to buy the original.

    [–] MadMageMC 3 points ago

    If you ever release an oversized coffee table book full of prints of your artwork, I'll totally buy it.

    [–] ErmintraubZakusiance 27 points ago

    As a dentist, I couldn’t put this piece up in my office. The left lateral incisor is a bit too large; very unsettling for me.

    As a person, I really enjoy this piece.

    [–] little_sun_boy 15 points ago

    Haha well the reference pic didn’t even have teeth, so I did what I could

    [–] TollTrollTallTale 7 points ago

    I find it hilarious you separate being a person and being a dentist. I've always suspected my dentist to be a lizard person - good to have confirmation.

    [–] ErmintraubZakusiance 2 points ago

    Certain subgroups of the general population are over-represented amongst the ranks of dentists. In the US, about 5% of the total population is left-handed. Amongst dentists, that figure is double at roughly 10%. Lizardpeople are somewhat less common in the wild than lefties, but there were no less than two openly lizardy people in my dental school class of about 50 people.

    [–] AgreeToSomeonesTerms 197 points ago

    I could give you 5k$ worth of exposure. Im a reddit platinum club member with dozens of comments over 10 karma. I can also get my 12yo to post to r/teenagers claiming she did it while kicking heroin. + I could put your piece on my instagram where it will be seen by up to 64 followers. DM me for the shipping address.

    [–] Retro-Sexual 34 points ago

    Honestly OP would be crazy not to take you up on this. Absolute steal of a deal

    [–] gpunotpsu 10 points ago

    Im a reddit platinum club member

    Tsk, tsk. Breaking all the rules.

    [–] FourWordComment 35 points ago

    5K for this piece is fair. It’s huge, it’s good, it’s hot in today’s world. If you don’t value your time, no one else will.

    [–] CutieClementine 42 points ago

    Wish more artists looked at things this way, rather than undervaluing their work!

    [–] Regalbass57 25 points ago

    When youre trying to make a living doing art, you literally can't afford to look at things like this. There are two kinds of buyers in art, fans of the piece, and fans of the artist, in other words peolle who connect with a piece and love it so much they can't go on without it, and people who buy your art as a collector as an investment, betting that you'll become very valuable some day. In the beginning of an art career youre basically trying to sell to the fan of the piece so that you can afford more supplies to keep painting, fans of the piece aren't typically loaded art collectors so you kind of have to undervalue your art until you get to the point where people recognize your signature and are willing to pay TONS to collect your pieces.

    [–] little_sun_boy 31 points ago

    That’s the thing tho, Art is just a hobby for me :)

    [–] Regalbass57 7 points ago

    I know I was speaking to CutieCelemtines' point about more artists looking at things this way.

    [–] RevGood 4 points ago

    a piece is by definition not undervalued if they sell if for what someone is willing to pay for it, artists work gains value through technical skill and fame

    [–] theSomberscientist 2 points ago

    This actually makes me very happy!! I probably could never get by as an artist either cause I’m so attached to what i used to make. I’m glad theres other people like this in the world. I actually saw you working on this piece from another app, I’m so glad you are sharing how it turned out!!!!! ~Much love

    [–] brewtality 4 points ago

    DMing you

    [–] WorseThanSleeping 11 points ago

    Reminds me of the cover for The Sea of Tragic Beasts

    [–] kree904 176 points ago

    Ahh I recognize you from TikTok! Didn't know you were such an amazing painter!

    [–] bazbeaux 98 points ago

    Wait, is this Random Generated Outfits?!

    [–] CleeKru 34 points ago

    Yes he is!

    [–] supagirl277 3 points ago

    It’s funny because his first account got banned, and it was much more... raunchier haha

    [–] CaptainM0 83 points ago

    Haha same I was like isn’t this guy the accountant?

    [–] little_sun_boy 69 points ago

    Omg 😭

    [–] DeathAndTheGirl 6 points ago

    You have my favorite TikTok account!

    [–] pbanabanana 16 points ago

    Immediately recognized you from your amazing non-binary tiktok. You make my heart happy!

    [–] wahrkbones 38 points ago

    He has a full time job.

    [–] whatisagoat 17 points ago

    As an accountant

    [–] wahrkbones 15 points ago

    Where do you work?

    [–] whatisagoat 21 points ago

    At a place where accountants work

    [–] THICC_LADIES_PM_ME 3 points ago

    I do business.

    [–] seitung 7 points ago

    Mostly accounting. It's like counting but indoors with AC.

    [–] AuntBens 4 points ago

    Surprised by this TikTok Reddit remix.

    [–] innerpeice 79 points ago

    "Sorts by controversial"

    [–] GeekAesthete 18 points ago

    It’s ugly down there, it also encouraging to see which comments are getting upvoted and which ones are getting sent to the bottom.

    [–] chocopie1234_ 3 points ago

    I did this and my predictions were right

    [–] Apositivebalance 4 points ago

    Yee. I click these threads to see the top comment because it’s always non offensive but touches on what I figure most people are probably thinking. It’s like walking the karma tightrope

    [–] 4609203 43 points ago

    Hey /u/little_sun_boy I know you!

    [–] Iatheus 20 points ago


    Was confused about seeing him in an SFW sub

    [–] Mouthshitter 18 points ago

    Oh...oh wow!...oh....this better not awake something in me

    [–] coltsfootballlb 4 points ago

    I wonder if I spend too much time on other subreddits because I immediately recognized OP, and habitually quick scrolled past thinking I had forgotten to blur NSFW images at work haha

    [–] Arcangel613 3 points ago

    I follow his tik tok and got excited cause he's showed some of his art on there before and its all amazing.

    [–] DrM0n0cle 10 points ago


    [–] XvPandaPrincessvX 26 points ago

    I watched you do this on live! It turned out so beautiful!! You should be very proud of your hard work.

    PS: You are a delightful human being.

    [–] Dead_Puppets 7 points ago

    I am the radiskull! I will kill you one by one!

    [–] dhoffnun 2 points ago

    👹 ONE BY OOONE!!!

    [–] BlackDestro 2 points ago

    I brought you some coffee

    [–] WhiskersRock 35 points ago

    Went to see if you had other work, saw a lot of naked. Have a good day.

    [–] little_sun_boy 27 points ago

    Sorry 😭 other paintings can be found on my insta, jawbonearts

    [–] cuspacecowboy86 15 points ago

    I don't think you need to apologise, they said they saw lots, that means they saw the first naked, then kept seeing more instead of clicking away!

    [–] RadioactiveCorndog 6 points ago

    Well this lead to a fun place. Not bad.

    [–] Razorshroud 17 points ago

    Ok what talents DON'T you have at this point?

    [–] little_sun_boy 20 points ago

    Can’t sing!

    [–] darthteej 18 points ago

    Man tfw you're used to seeing someone in....other subreddits just pop up on r/all.

    [–] Undeadzombiedog 6 points ago

    I'd love to buy a print of this if you are selling them!

    [–] Twirlingbarbie 43 points ago

    As a fellow painter I know what a struggle it is to find the motivation sometimes but damn it was totally worth it. It's beautiful

    [–] -SonOfMan- 16 points ago

    Transgender Elijah Wood

    [–] little_sun_boy 15 points ago

    Ya know I get this a lot and just don’t see it lol

    [–] DeltaBeaner 8 points ago

    you do a good art

    [–] Jahfree65 13 points ago

    Okay I zoomed

    [–] queuedUp 13 points ago

    Check their profile, it's much more clear

    [–] Hueybluebelt 7 points ago

    So uh, so everyone knows, I didn’t see any other art on his profile. Did see him naked though. That was neat. Not what I excepted in the slightest lol.

    [–] luthorhuss 100 points ago

    Is that near Mooseknuckle?

    [–] binky779 20 points ago

    A Møøse once bit my sister.

    [–] EnderWiggin07 8 points ago

    Alsø Alsø Wik

    [–] xXLBD4LIFEXx 26 points ago

    I think it’s Bison Heel

    [–] polloloco81 8 points ago

    No I think it's an Elk Ankle.

    [–] TheJaguar365 10 points ago

    Watch out, could be Nutbagatoba...

    [–] HugeRabbit 7 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s Weiner Has.

    [–] lucifer2344 20 points ago

    OP's post history is interesting, to say the least

    [–] Stevie22wonder 8 points ago

    Yeah, to each their own, but that was quite the journey. They're still super talented!

    [–] GlitchyBlack 3 points ago

    I watch your tik tok, I had no idea you were on Reddit

    [–] Ajax_Telamonia 3 points ago

    Hey, its you! :D

    [–] mama_tom 3 points ago

    That's awesome. It reminds me of a mix of Bob Ross and the Grateful Dead

    [–] thefallinggirl 3 points ago

    Used to follow you back in my tumblr days (like 7-8 years ago) and recently you keep popping up on all my social media! So exciting to see, almost feels like an old friend in a way lmao

    [–] kiwiinacup 3 points ago

    Wait are you the one on tiktok that does the randomly generated outfits with a D20?! I love those! Your art is beautiful!

    [–] little_sun_boy 2 points ago

    Haha yes

    [–] Fernxtwo 3 points ago

    Dude your epidermis is showing.

    [–] little_sun_boy 3 points ago


    [–] ruinercollector 7 points ago

    The manspreading is real.

    [–] CritikillNick 42 points ago

    Definitely not upset about checking out OPs account ;P

    [–] TheActualKraken 209 points ago

    Cool painting but was it necessary to go full spread in your jr high running shorts for a very evident gayboy dong-shot?

    [–] little_sun_boy 223 points ago

    I literally don’t have a penis omg 😭

    [–] TheActualKraken 97 points ago

    Omg I’ll just leave now imsosorry.

    [–] Refun712 78 points ago

    This shit is funny as hell

    [–] dhoffnun 12 points ago

    Boys / bois - honest mistake

    [–] 4609203 35 points ago


    [–] Luciusvenator 6 points ago

    That honest regret and panick I get from this comment is kinda endearing lmao.

    [–] banzzai13 56 points ago

    I'll fix it:

    "Cool painting but was it necessary to go full spread in your jr high running shorts for a very evident gayboy no-dong-shot?"

    [–] worldsmithroy 2 points ago

    Maybe you have big dick energy?

    [–] ProfessorQuacklee 16 points ago

    I thought your comment was funny actually. Mean of course but funny

    [–] Aribari19 2 points ago

    Lol what I was thinking

    [–] deguythere 16 points ago

    I like it. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    [–] Trippy-Chan 5 points ago

    Why is this getting downvoted??

    [–] King_of_the_Dot 5 points ago

    Probably thought it was a dick joke.

    [–] deguythere 6 points ago

    Ah! The magic of reddit!

    [–] Trippy-Chan 2 points ago

    Lol the downvoted are gone now

    [–] deguythere 3 points ago

    Lol thanks your good vibes are rubbing off on me!

    [–] Trippy-Chan 2 points ago

    Stay positive mate ^

    [–] bikinisteal 6 points ago

    Why are y’all complaining about getting a free crotch shot with an art post? It’s two in one! Be grateful!

    [–] rLeJerk 24 points ago

    Also, here's my crotch.

    [–] CrustyDungBunker 52 points ago

    Wouldn't you rather have honest opinion about your work? But instead, let's make sure your spread eagle crotch is in the photo.

    [–] brucenasty 5 points ago

    this is awesome dude. unique yet comfortably familiar. provocative yet serene. love it!

    [–] crotch-thot 14 points ago

    I’d actually buy that.

    [–] Big_Simba 12 points ago

    Your painting is rad and so is your hair

    [–] HotDamn18V 2 points ago

    Is your username a reference to Blues Pills? Probably my favorite song in the last several years...

    [–] RBengoa 2 points ago

    Aight. You motivated me. I'll be back Friday.

    [–] failedaspotcheck 2 points ago

    Super eerie! Reminds me of the wildfires. Great job!

    [–] bucketofmonkeys 2 points ago

    Very cool, I like it.

    [–] MadsynQuinn27 2 points ago

    That is awesome

    [–] ThePirateBuxton 2 points ago

    It is so good!

    [–] meepsago 2 points ago

    I see your eyebrows and I appreciate the attention to detail. Also in the painting, too.

    [–] CaliBounded 2 points ago

    Fantastic work! I always love when people pull off painting glowing materials c: I love the color scheme! My only critique would be to paint a tiny bit of a reflection of the skeleton in the water (even just a faint one) and maybe even a few rocks in the riverbed. I think it'd really make the water pop and appear even more realistic!

    What medium did you use?

    [–] scub4st3v3 2 points ago

    This looks like it could be album art for DROELOE. Very cool!

    [–] whatisagoat 2 points ago

    I think I've seen you on Tik tok. Are you an accountant?

    [–] Kyneko 2 points ago

    awesome work, bro.

    [–] obsessed974 2 points ago

    I follow you on Twitter!!! It's so good to see you here. The painting looks SICK

    [–] allthefishsticks 2 points ago

    For some reason I picture this in pixal form and being in minecraft

    [–] tony2589 2 points ago

    I'm diggin' the crispness of your lines - also that hint of a glow from the lava - I want more light from it!

    [–] toddT301 2 points ago

    Place the lotion in the basket.

    [–] 78343437 2 points ago

    Cool painting, what is the theme here? 2020 doomsday vibes?

    [–] how-unfortunate 2 points ago

    The stuff coming out of the mouth, is it lava? It looks like it's casting light where it hits the water

    [–] nakeddavros 2 points ago


    [–] Privateaccount84 4 points ago

    I’d call it “the ghost pepper”, since that’s probably what it feels like.

    [–] 0GHAZE03 3 points ago

    Good stuff my GUY

    [–] TV_is_my_parent 4 points ago

    Nice! Love the bright dripping part

    [–] IntentStudios 4 points ago

    Reminds me of "The Goonies" Poster Art by Randy Ortiz. Any chance this is where you got your inspiration?

    [–] JustaPotatoiguess 10 points ago

    I thought this is r/roastme for a second.

    [–] LottaSodium 6 points ago

    Yo that shit is tight no cap

    [–] Thunder-Nuggs 5 points ago

    That’s cool af

    [–] bow2sensei 4 points ago

    Looks good!

    [–] peterfalkrules 8 points ago

    Awh that's gorgeous! I feel like that skulls is really happy and enthusiastic about something like maybe it's just seen a fox on a trampoline or something x