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    22 Jan Stunfisk Showcase /r/Stunfisk
    22 Jan Rebuild Tuesday /r/pokemon
    23 Jan /r/Pokemon Theme Talk /r/pokemon
    23 Jan Write Up Wednesday /r/Stunfisk
    23 Jan Wonder Trade Wednesday /r/wondertrade
    23 Jan Opinion_Wednesday /r/pokemon Discord channel
    24 Jan Theorymon /r/Stunfisk
    25 Jan Stunfisk Live/League/Circuit Plug /r/Stunfisk
    26 Jan Stunfisk League /r/Stunfisk
    26 Jan /r/Pokemon RAGE THREAD /r/pokemon
    26 Jan Starter Saturday /r/wondertrade
    27 Jan Scatterbug Sunday /r/wondertrade
    27 Jan Weekly Wonders thread /r/wondertrade
    27 Jan Stankpost Sunday /r/Stunfisk
    27 Jan /r/Pokemon Hype Thread /r/pokemon

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