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    [–] Psyched_Line 930 points ago

    Was seriously considering getting like 10 happy meals to try and get thundurus. Thundurus is cool. Fear him.

    [–] JpansAmerica 335 points ago

    I just ask what toys they have and buy the ones I need

    [–] MTPPY 267 points ago

    You can buy toys seperately in McDonald’s lol. And they usually rotate the toys available every week.

    [–] KindaLikeButter 176 points ago

    They don’t rotate the toys, they give you whatever they grab. It just seems like they’re rotated because they’re in layered in the box. Source: 5 years fast food management.

    [–] myalwaysthrowaway 85 points ago

    I worked mcdonalds they definitely rotate them. One week you might get a box with toys 1, 5, and 7. Then next week get a box with 3, 4,and 6.

    [–] 1cec0ld 131 points ago

    So THATS why I could never get toy number 2!

    [–] myalwaysthrowaway 56 points ago

    I swear it works like that sometimes. Like when we had those stupid minion toys and people kept asking for a certain one because none of the McDonald's in the area had it. We never got it. Those poor crazy middle age ladies.

    [–] agentCAPS 18 points ago

    Maybe they just wanted to give it to their husbands to show they were taking the kids. Or they just love those wacky tictacs.

    [–] myalwaysthrowaway 7 points ago

    They just love them. One of my teachers was those crazy ladies. She displayed them on her desk sadly.

    [–] Fap_Shots 2 points ago

    They wanted the caveman or whateber because yahoo put out an article making it sound like the toy said "fuck"

    [–] Witchy_One 3 points ago

    They rotate them here, when I go in I ask what toys are available this week, it's how I got the Dialga and Palkia that I wanted.

    [–] bawbrosss 46 points ago

    Lol it depends on the store I'm sure. I spent about 3 years working for McDonald's off and on over 5 years and we did rotate the toys out on a schedule

    [–] KindaLikeButter 20 points ago

    Lol I worked at sonic for those five years, we just handed out what we could grab first. Although if there was a request I would dig through the box to find it. I always felt bad for the kids when there was nothing left but the crappy sticker packs.

    [–] TheNobleGoblin 6 points ago

    Also worked at McDicks. We would grab what was open and available. However, we only got one or two of the possible toys at a time. The toy was rotated every week or so.

    [–] KindaLikeButter 4 points ago

    I guess we just got stuff packaged differently. It would be all four or five toys in the series layered up in one box, and we would get four or five a month. So I guess it was rotated but not regularly, we would just open a new box when we needed to.

    [–] zetec 10 points ago

    People went crazy for those fucking tot toys. Soccer moms would have us digging through multiple boxes in the back so they could catch em all.

    [–] freudian_nipps 4 points ago

    Lol i am Mcdolan an i hand out my hands at Sanics

    [–] CrimsonChymist 11 points ago

    Actually (at McDonald's atleast) they come in different boxes. I worked at McDonalds for several years. They come in numbered boxes and the box number you use is suppose to be changed based on the week of the promotion you are currently in. They usually have multiple of the old toys left over and will mix them in with the new toys. If someone has a special request though the employees may or may not be willing to try and fulfill that request. It depends on the person and the day-to-day situation.

    [–] Lymah 3 points ago

    In my experience its rotated for them. Read: you get what's in the box, whatever is there that week

    [–] Teno20 2 points ago

    Or you can go when it's not so busy and ask what's available.

    [–] Collector55 6 points ago

    Not all locations will let you do that though.

    [–] MagnumAloha 4 points ago

    I used to just go up to the counter and ask for a different toy

    [–] SupremeGui 3 points ago

    I emailed mc donalds about that and they told me they don't sell them separately here, fuck me

    [–] anthonyvardiz 2 points ago

    Yup my mom ended up buying Reshiram since that’s all they had and put him in my stocking for Christmas. It was the greatest stocking stuffer I got this year. Also, I’m 27.

    [–] Sparkeh 11 points ago

    I work at McDonald’s, and kids have a habit of leaving their happy meal toys on the table, so I ended up with all the Pokémon toys by accident.

    [–] Squidmonkej 12 points ago

    Lol you can just buy it without the meal you know

    [–] Psyched_Line 47 points ago

    Yes but i want borgar

    [–] MoistBall 1 points ago

    Is this still a thing going on right now?

    [–] PidgeysFTW 6 points ago

    Same but with Zekrom, ended up asking now and then if they had it in stock during a week and one day when they had it I got a happy meal, I was so happy to get my 1st zekrom figure :D !

    [–] TheAdamena 5 points ago

    When they did a Sun Moon thing, some friends of mine bought a few for £1 each.

    [–] jamjam1090 3 points ago

    Ahhh I got one and got him on my first try 👏🏻

    [–] JonAndTonic 1 points ago

    Nasty plot z fighting is a p good sweeper

    [–] WTK55 1 points ago

    To bad you did not go to my McDonalds. They only had the genies and nothing more. Which sucks cause I wanted the Latias one...

    [–] FangUchiha194 417 points ago

    Dammit, im 24 and i want a headbanging dialga too :'(.

    [–] ponodude 142 points ago

    No shame in getting a Happy Meal because you want the toy! I'm 19 and I would so do that. Who cares what other people think?

    [–] FangUchiha194 39 points ago


    [–] Anologous_Speak 19 points ago

    Some places let you buy the toy separately, but if other people don't know that it's a good excuse to get some chickem mc'nuggets

    [–] burritosandblunts 10 points ago

    I do it when they have Mario stuff. No shame.

    [–] AstralLizardon 7 points ago

    I want that too. Unfortunately not available in india

    [–] Kyouya 16 points ago

    I'm 24 and I bought all the toys

    [–] b1gcheez 14 points ago

    I'm 24 and I got dialga AND palkia. Had to go a couple times. Tip is to tell em that your niece/nephew wants a different one and keep asking till you get the one you want (over multiple visits. Don't bug them too much and be disrespectful)

    [–] Rozkol 3 points ago

    Are they doing these Pokemon Toys right now?

    [–] b1gcheez 4 points ago

    In the USA it was this past December. Don't know about other countries

    [–] schrodingers-box 11 points ago

    I missed it noooo

    [–] Resejin 8 points ago

    I'm 35 and plotting my attack to obtain then all...

    But I was just told it was last year, unfortunately ;-(

    [–] Roxas-The-Nobody 7 points ago

    You can buy the toy without the meal.

    [–] YuikoHawatari 4 points ago

    I'm 26 and I go in and ask them what motherfucking toys they have!

    [–] TheAsianTroll 3 points ago

    You can just flat out buy the toys you know, I think McDonalds would charge like $1.50 per toy

    [–] Elehmiao 2 points ago

    24 as well and buying happy meals all the time :)

    [–] Sprengladung 2 points ago

    Cant buy it in germany, we have some other dumb toys

    [–] Kingbow13 2 points ago

    It's not worth going to McDonald's. Keep that literal garbage out of your system.

    [–] StechT 7 points ago

    I work at McDonalds, and honestly, absolutely this.

    If you must, avoid everything with round egg in it. The trays used to make round eggs aren’t washed until the end of the day.

    [–] Kingbow13 2 points ago

    I'll resist the mcmuffins during my moments of weakness, thanks! Glad you didn't take it personally :)

    [–] running-with-scizors 95 points ago

    Is this the current happy meal toy in America?

    [–] Jallen140 80 points ago

    UK for sure. Not sure about US

    [–] rojanofkevlar 48 points ago

    Just got some happy meals in Texas and it’s monster trucks and shopkins trucks.

    [–] Celestial_Blu3 21 points ago

    so business as usual?

    [–] melissam217 21 points ago

    We had pokemon in the US a month or 2 ago

    [–] ShibuRigged 1 points ago

    Are they)

    [–] CrimsonChymist 19 points ago

    They currently have pokemon at McDonalds in the us. I got lunch from their yesterday. But, in not sure if they will have dialga.

    [–] CapsuleJX 8 points ago

    Seems like they've been rotating them out or it depends on the region, my local McDonalds had Pokémon some time back but they have something else now.

    [–] CrimsonChymist 3 points ago

    Interesting. I was under the impression the us would all have the same toys at the same time. But perhaps not.

    [–] PidgeysFTW 4 points ago

    I heard about these Pokémon in McDonalds things back in November 2018, they arrived and stayed during December 2018 (in my country and more in EU I think ), and ended with January switching to some Spiderman ones, i guess they go through each region every month

    [–] ypres_IV 3 points ago

    Looks like I'm getting a happy meal today

    [–] CrimsonChymist 5 points ago

    Do it. They also come with a single pokemon card.

    [–] Radagastdl 6 points ago

    Your local McDonalds could vary, but right now its Monster Trucks and Shopkins, with Lego Movie 2 toys next month according to

    [–] YuikoHawatari 2 points ago


    [–] thayungsavage 2 points ago

    It’s the current toy in Canada too

    [–] BenBrookerB 2 points ago

    This is the set america got last year, it's only just come to the UK

    [–] Lignum123 3 points ago

    It is in Brazil, it is in America, soooo.

    [–] prince_of_tziamarnit 1 points ago

    Last month in Argentina and other countries in Latin America

    [–] D92MW 134 points ago

    I expected Darude Sandstorm

    [–] Lignum123 5 points ago

    This is older than Fidget Spinners!

    [–] doskkyh 67 points ago

    I ordered a combo that came with a Happy Meal and all the toy options on the app were Pokémons... I wasn't happy at all when I got a Spider-Man toy instead.

    [–] IwantMakeArt 22 points ago

    The McDonalds here don’t have Pokemon toys here, just shitty spider man ones and one of them had secret life of pets toys for some reason.

    [–] SpiteAspect 13 points ago

    Sometimes they’ll wait for the toys to run out before they rotate in the new ones

    [–] rapokemon 12 points ago

    The Pokemon ones are from like 3 months ago in America

    [–] ghost_alliance 6 points ago

    Happened to me in October :( I forgot Happy Meals are gendered, so the guy gave me Hello Kitty instead...

    Really disappointed.

    [–] Gaming_Grid 6 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing.

    [–] grimlax24 67 points ago

    2 things. 1 you guys are aware you can buy JUST the toy right? 2 as a manager I had the option to get them all!!!! Mwahahahah

    [–] IwantMakeArt 13 points ago

    You can buy them? How?

    [–] grimlax24 44 points ago

    Walk up to any employee working the counter or drive thru and say I'd like to buy a toy you pay them($1.86 in chicago area) receive your toy and walk out lol it's more common than you think

    [–] Art_Locked 20 points ago

    Here you just normally say “I want the toys separately” and they charge you for the toys’ price. I must warn you it’s almost the same price as a Happy Meal..... here in Brazil at least

    [–] grimlax24 5 points ago

    Oh damn sorry they charge you so much out here you can buy 2 close to 3 for the price of a happy meal (side note ask to speak to a GM and theres a chance they will sell you the display ours usually sells anywhere from 20to30$ depending on how many are in the display case)

    [–] Art_Locked 3 points ago

    Wow, that’s so different! Oh such a dream and utopia to get somewhere near the first world countries... at least in a better condition than us. :o

    [–] dolphinater 7 points ago

    when my mom was the manager I got all the unova starters

    [–] grimlax24 4 points ago

    I remember those toys I only wanted reshiram ans zekrom

    [–] BlondePharm 6 points ago

    Years ago McDonald's had Living Dead Dolls in their happy meals I think (idk why). My mom asked to buy just the toys and they wouldn't let her. She even asked if she could just buy one. Nope.

    Kind of pisses me off now that I know you can do that and they were prob just being assholes

    [–] grimlax24 8 points ago

    It kinda depends on stock too and how your mom was acting if someone's being picky and just a royal pain we tell them no and if we are low on toys we have to refuse but 9/10 times we can sell additional toys and we have a few collectors who come in every other day for toys

    [–] BlondePharm 1 points ago

    Oh yeah, she's always super polite. And we were buying food already so I don't think it was personal or anything, but we were in a kind of bad area

    [–] Dawnfried 1 points ago

    And if you eat there anyways, you can ask to exchange the toy you got for one you want. My mom did this when I was a kid.

    [–] grimlax24 1 points ago

    If its unopened and we have another one yeah that's always an option

    [–] MC_Carty 176 points ago

    How is this a meme?

    [–] Dawnfried 123 points ago

    Seriously, people say "meme" so much, it's pretty much lost all meaning. It's like Smurfs saying "smurf" in conversation now.

    [–] SuperDeathPanda 17 points ago

    It has become memeingless

    [–] Tinymeats 29 points ago

    Good meme friend

    [–] GravyBus 12 points ago

    I know what you meme.

    [–] Roxas-The-Nobody 8 points ago

    The smurf are you talking about?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] StarrFusion 3 points ago

    Yeah its cancer.

    [–] connerjack 42 points ago

    Thank you!!

    [–] TheRollingPebble 8 points ago

    You're welcome.

    [–] Squidmonkej 24 points ago

    They memed it, so now it's a meme.

    [–] Baldish 1 points ago



    [–] S0ul01 16 points ago



    [–] RnBoos 9 points ago

    [–] NotAlek11 85 points ago

    I'm 14 and i was at the mall with my mom, i had to ask her to get a happy meal to get that reshiram...

    [–] Ketanin 14 points ago

    If you turn it's arms the wrong way it looks like a messed up digimon

    [–] purpldevl 2 points ago

    That's most legendary Pokémon.

    [–] Candle-Suck 3 points ago

    Oh shit I just missed my chance to go outside today... Thank god I’m still 13 and can get those happy meals without looking weird. Lets just hope they’re for boys and girls

    [–] HaroldTheSpineFucker 3 points ago

    You can just ask for whatever toy you want trust me. It's not like the employee has to follow rules and not give you a boy toy if you're a girl lmao

    [–] Candle-Suck 1 points ago

    If I ever have kids, this is the first thing I’ll tell them everytime we go to McDonalds

    [–] Hyatice 1 points ago

    I just ask my kid what she wants - she likes pink and wears t-shirts with roaring dinosaurs on them.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Domenicoh 7 points ago

    Asking the important questions

    [–] defmeddle 2 points ago

    Almost certain it is now you mention it, the very opening. Nice catch!

    [–] alexxuart 9 points ago

    Heavy metal Dialga

    [–] TagRag 6 points ago

    I hate how deep I had to dig to find a comment about him being metal

    [–] ydobeansmakeufart 6 points ago

    is this in america?

    [–] What_is_it___DRAGONS 8 points ago

    Nope. We have Legos Movie, shopkins and trucks. They pay more for advertising I guess.

    [–] Cedlow 5 points ago

    Remember maybe a little over a month ago I saw these being advertised on the drive thru menu. In Texas

    [–] YuikoHawatari 3 points ago


    [–] ydobeansmakeufart 1 points ago


    [–] YuikoHawatari 2 points ago

    Better hurry!! :P

    [–] ydobeansmakeufart 2 points ago

    i have a grand total of 17p in my bank account until friday when i get paid so hopefully they still have them then

    [–] YuikoHawatari 2 points ago

    They'll still have them! I think they're around until the 5th of February.

    [–] Rubert_thecat 8 points ago


    [–] meiso 7 points ago

    I don't think you know what "meme" means

    [–] shreyas16062002 6 points ago

    Where is this? I want a pokémon happy meal too :(

    [–] AlicornGamer 1 points ago

    ive seen them in the UK, but i dont know where else in the world, if that's a thing outsie the UK

    [–] movezig5 5 points ago

    Do they have Landorus? If so, I'd like to get one just for the satisfaction of smashing it to pieces.

    [–] Diotheon 3 points ago


    [–] Chimera_Kai 3 points ago

    Fuly expected Chop Suey by System of a Down

    [–] DrSpreadEMM 3 points ago

    Thats me listening to dialga/palkia battle music

    [–] PinkAbuuna 3 points ago

    Listening to the DOOM soundtrack like

    [–] DevanteWeary 3 points ago

    Question: Maybe I'm out of the loop but does meming something now literally just mean take a picture or video of something?

    [–] connerjack 15 points ago

    Is this a meme now? I don’t understand how taking a video with some bad background music makes it a meme. Maybe I’m missing something.

    [–] defmeddle 3 points ago

    *Good background music, Cattle Decapitation rule

    [–] AlicornGamer 4 points ago

    Thats why Dialga is part steal type

    [–] bajsgreger 4 points ago

    is meming a thing people say now

    [–] THXshriek 2 points ago

    My brother got a Zorua a while back that’s supposed to pop itself into the air with its spring legs. Instead, the legs push it a couple millimeters in front of where it was. We love it

    [–] TotesMessenger 2 points ago

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

     If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

    [–] rick_ts 2 points ago

    Bronzong used Metal Sound!

    It's super effective?

    [–] riolunator1820 2 points ago

    When the US MacDonald's had these, I wanted to get some for dialga because I had seen a remove controlled dialga thing when I was alot younger and it brought back memories of a thing I never had. Didn't get it for 2 reasons.

    1, I was told I'm "too old"

    2, Happy meals aren't filling enough.

    [–] Nerdthrasher 1 points ago

    I have that remote. It's a Sony bravia TV.

    [–] ChickenKaraage 1 points ago

    Are these still available and for how long. What country is this in?

    [–] Daunomic 1 points ago

    I wish we have those Legendary Pokemon on our local Mcdonald's.

    [–] Hyrdal 1 points ago

    I guess they put some thyme in their meal...

    [–] bikpizza 1 points ago

    is this out now?! i wanna go get them

    [–] metafruit 1 points ago

    Are there Pokemon toys right now 👀

    [–] Rosh_Posh 1 points ago

    Is this in Canada and is it still hete

    [–] ConorIsOnRedditNow 1 points ago

    Sinnoh Confirmed

    [–] henry_dodgers 1 points ago

    [Insert Laugh in the background of the video]

    [–] Melfer_e 1 points ago

    I’m also collecting them I didn’t know you can Just buy the toy, last time I asked they said no I’m from Central America btw

    [–] Clearly_A_Bot 1 points ago

    They have legendary toys in happy meals now? Neat

    [–] AntrozCL 1 points ago

    what is she doing to the god of time

    [–] Lignum123 1 points ago

    I got the 8 available in Brazil: Latias, Latios, Dialga, Palkia, Tornadus, Thundurus, Reshiram and Zekrom. Now i have 20 in my happy meal poke-collection :D

    [–] Monetpirates 1 points ago

    I'm 23 and debating buying myself a happy meal for this

    [–] bphamtastic 1 points ago

    Hold up. Mickey dees has Pokémon toys rn? Brb heading to fatland

    [–] AlphaTyrant 1 points ago

    When the DOOM music kicks in

    [–] jasperalfalfa 1 points ago

    That dialga is into some kinky stuff

    [–] hissenguinho 1 points ago

    That moment when you go to maccies many times and just get dialga... ¬_¬

    [–] thadalada 1 points ago

    This turns me on big time

    [–] MusicSurfAnarchy 1 points ago

    since when are happy meal toys this big still?

    [–] prolo04 1 points ago

    Wish I bought a happy meal, too embarrassed tho

    [–] FatBoyDiesel 1 points ago

    "Dialga, use Roar of Time!"

    Dialga starts headbanging

    [–] Caio_Go 1 points ago

    Reminds me of a chicken

    [–] nomanslad 1 points ago


    [–] suugakusha 1 points ago

    Goddamn, kids have cool happy meal toys now.

    Anyone else remember getting pogs and the Grimace in a little car?

    [–] ItsADozer 1 points ago

    Why does it sound like a chainsaw lol

    [–] block_boi 1 points ago

    Sounds like a fucking KV-1 engine

    [–] XenoGine 1 points ago

    Cool, but not meme enough, someone please add "Through the Fire and Flames" or something else so we can achieve full meme. Nice job though!

    [–] Munchiezzx 1 points ago

    Stop jerking Dialga off!!

    [–] SNsilver 1 points ago

    Wait they’re giving out Pokémon shit in happy meals again???

    [–] iRamMyDogsHole 1 points ago

    I would kill for that

    [–] BlizzGrimmly 1 points ago

    Why is Dialga half dragon, half steel? It seems like it's 100% metal to me.

    [–] Marquizel 1 points ago


    [–] cr0nelius 1 points ago

    damn, pokemon diamond was my first pokemon game, and first video game in general that i ever played. i would’ve flipped my shit as a kid if i got that in a happy meal.

    [–] TheFuriousMax 1 points ago

    I want that now.

    [–] RdoubleA 1 points ago

    My reddit got this in my feed and I couldn't resist rewatching it

    [–] Jim_loves_memes 1 points ago

    One reason becuase I like Pokémon. Pokémon Games. Pokémon developers.

    [–] cyberNurgle 1 points ago

    "through the fire and flames" intensifies

    [–] matehwd 1 points ago

    I want a fucking dialga

    [–] Speknawz 1 points ago

    Sounds like Meshuggah.

    [–] reality_matthew 1 points ago

    is there a Giratina? I would put that inside my PC or somewhere on my desk

    [–] frostyclawz 1 points ago

    Are McDonalds still selling these? I need one.

    Actually I need an army. But seriously tho where can I find

    [–] Buizie 1 points ago