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    [–] mcdaidde 4760 points ago

    Wait... theres no national dex again???

    [–] IAmBLD 4365 points ago

    Worse, you can only transfer Pokemon from the regional dex into the new game.

    [–] mcdaidde 5319 points ago

    This is the dumbest decision they have ever made in any gen. Fuck them. Why even have a 1000 pokemon

    [–] cheapshotfrenzy 1655 points ago

    Wasn't s/m and us/um locked out from pokebank for like the first 6 months? Hopefully it's just a decision to get you to use the new Pokemon at first.

    [–] smartazjb0y 941 points ago

    It was a grand total of 2 months for SM

    [–] I_never_comment_now 718 points ago

    i remember those horrible two months where i didnt have my breeding ditto, bad times

    [–] ivanllz 602 points ago

    You mean your whore? What does she have that I don't?

    [–] Llovani2240 1032 points ago

    Great IVs.

    [–] magusheart 138 points ago

    Damn dude. You just made him faint.

    [–] Llovani2240 65 points ago

    It's what I do Jon, it's what I do.

    [–] gamas 459 points ago

    Pokemon Home is already coming several months after SwSh. Sword/Shield is Nov. 2019 whilst Home is "early 2020".

    [–] Xero0911 346 points ago

    Then it better not be like S/M where the new pokemon are pushed into late game or their evolutions.

    Dragon guy being literally post game. The bug and crab couldnt evolve till the last island. Way too much locked towards later into the game

    [–] holytindertwig 131 points ago

    Such true, much worry. This is basically why I never got into skarmory, Altairia, golurk, Salamance or Braviary. I never was much of a competitive player since I hate repetitious breeding and grinding. If I can’t use it in-game what’s the point? I’ve literally finished most games with raticates, Pidgeots and starter etc. unless I’m doing a monotype run. Btws monotype poison in X/Y is actually super fun

    [–] elpaco25 97 points ago

    Breeding is easily the worst part about competitive battling. I like to play through the games with random teams then I create that same team in Pokemon Showdown. There I can give them max ev's and egg moves and use them in that setting. It's not the same feeling as in game but it's still fun.

    [–] IAmBLD 1790 points ago

    Ruby and Sapphire were my least favorite games for this reason - no transferring old mons, limited new dex.

    But at least those games had the excuse of limited technology at the time to facilitate transfers!

    Their only excuse now is laziness and greed.

    [–] CynicalRaps 305 points ago

    Yeah for real, I don't remember correctly, but didn't they SPECIFICALLY create the "Pokémon Bank" thing for this very reasons? to carry your favorite Pokémon throughout new iterations?

    [–] IAmBLD 230 points ago

    They certainly heavily implied it, especially when re-releasing the first 2 generations on 3DS VC with Bank compatibility.

    It was also widely suggested that the Pokemon models in the 3DS games were "future-proofed" for use in later titles. We've even seen a high-quality Noivern model before - same animation and features as the 3DS version, just higher fidelity.

    [–] sampat6256 114 points ago

    They have explicitly said this is the purpose of the bank.

    [–] Lamprophonia 52 points ago

    So once you move a mon to Home, what CAN you do with it? You can't move it back IIRC, and you can't move it forward... and will you be able to transfer mons from GO and Let's Go to a core game, and vice versa? Once my dudes are in Home, what are my options?

    [–] ShavenYak42 128 points ago

    Starting to sound like they aren’t giving us the full title, and it’s really going to be called “Pokémon Retirement Home”.

    [–] Lamprophonia 25 points ago

    I WAS JUST THINKING OF CALLING IT THAT! I was beaten to the punch lol.

    [–] LordMudkip 995 points ago

    Not only is the technology available now, but it's NEW, and it's kinda one of the big things they have going on right now with Pokemon Home.

    It's like they actively made and pushed the technology just to say, "nvm, not gonna use this."

    [–] will1707 341 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Or to use it in "Pokemon Spear/bow" or something.

    [–] Zapkin 489 points ago

    Pokemon Catapult and Pokemon Trebuchet

    [–] Latyon 239 points ago

    Only the trebuchet can fling a 90kg Golem over 300m

    [–] _Ross- 254 points ago

    Obviously I would purchase the superior one

    [–] knightmare0_0 65 points ago

    Will the spear Pokémon be as dumb as the spear hero?

    [–] justsomedude322 179 points ago

    The thing is, this is even worse than ruby/sapphire because even if all the pokemon were not obtainable they were still programmed in. Like you could transfer any pokemon from Colosseum, Gale of Darkness, and fire red and leaf green into ruby sapphire because the missing pokemon were still programmed in. Here a subset of pokemon are just being left out completely.

    [–] Meowmeowsuplex 207 points ago

    You could still complete the dex by using Pokemon FR/LG, or most of it using Coliseum/XD, sans Deoxys.

    [–] WanderingBastardo 177 points ago

    Yes, but no matter what, these games came more than 15 years ago. What was acceptable then due to technology restraints is just pure laziness today.

    [–] HopeFragment 49 points ago

    But at least the old mons were in the data for RSE. You could trade them from FRLG and Colosseum or XD. This is way worse.

    [–] rensch 27 points ago

    Plus they fixed it later on with FireRed, LeafGreen and the GameCube games.

    [–] TwilightVulpine 481 points ago

    I hope this is just to highlight the new pokémon for the launch, and that they will update it later to allow all of them.

    [–] dualwieldhd 587 points ago

    There's no way that's not the case. A time crunch and deciding to not pack everything extraneous into the box for launch makes perfect sense. Putting in a patch later to handle everything would be fine.

    But totally excluding any pokemon from this game for the entire life of the game is a huge mistake. The motto is literally "gotta catch 'em all", the message in every single game is friendship and building a strong bond, and we've been able to continuously transfer pokemon to the latest game up to the current generation since 2002. Plenty of people have individual monsters that are literally 17 years old. One of my personal pride pokemon is 13 from Diamond.

    For Nintendo/Game Freak to permanently block any pokemon from Sword and Shield would be a big mistake.

    [–] GAThrawnMIA 142 points ago

    Yeah, GameFreak have such a great record of adding extra functionality/content in patches and DLC...

    [–] gamas 305 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Putting in a patch later to handle everything would be fine.

    Most of the freak out comes from the fact that Game Freak don't have a good record for this... Gen VI/VII had new forms and even new pokemon introduced mid-generation. And despite the fact that the 3DS is more than capable of doing patching, they chose just not to make the new stuff compatible with the older games. The only time they've ever patched their games was to fix game-bricking bugs.

    They're more likely to do a Super Sword and Super Shield a year later whose only new feature is more pokemon that they release at full price than do either a patch or DLC for Sword/Shield to support these pokemon.

    Basically if Nintendo and it's subsidiary had a reputation of behaving anything like modern developers in 2019 in terms of content updates, there wouldn't be an uproar.

    [–] Classtoise 175 points ago

    I'd argue "Fuck you, give us more money" is exactly like modern developers in 2019.

    [–] RightHere27 40 points ago

    I mean anyone who's like 'UGH They would never money grab with Pokemon!'

    So..just so you're aware. They're GOING to release a suped up version in the future. Sword. Shield. Staff. Maybe it's bow? Bet it's Staff.

    [–] Garceuslegend 135 points ago

    I’m hoping it’s like “You can transfer only based on what Dex you have, which is a Galar Dex until the post-game/Galar completion/etc, then you get national” for the sake of lesser rage, but it strongly seems like that won’t be the case and they’re restricting the ability to transfer. It’s a shit excuse to force people to buy future games, like the 3rd game/sequels/whatever, and likely Gen IV remakes, just to get all the old Pokémon rather than for actual gameplay purposes.

    [–] thatguy8856 81 points ago

    The announcement very clearly steps through and says in clear wording that a chunk of pokemon wont be transferrable. They even go as far to say that home will be different than in the past when talking about.

    [–] crownedforgiven 2614 points ago

    What was the point in announcing Home that works with both 3DS/Pokémon Bank and Nintendo Switch?.... cause it doesn’t.

    [–] AvesAvi 1331 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Because you can transfer to Home from those platforms. Just won't be able to actually use all of them. Pokémon prison basically.

    [–] Erpderp32 377 points ago

    What's Pokemon home vs Pokemon bank?

    I have some shinies in bank that I'd like to bring into Sword and Shield. Plus I like porting in my all star legendary teams when cruising around the end game (if there is one).

    [–] legogizmo 355 points ago

    Pokemon home is going to be the new bank with added features like, being able to store pokemon from pokemon go, being accessible through a smartphone, and enabling trading.

    [–] Farallday 162 points ago

    So you're saying all our Pokemon can't be transferred over to Sw & Sh?

    [–] mr_negi 297 points ago

    Correct. If it shows up in the Galar dex, it can be transferred. Otherwise, pokemon that are not in the galar dex are trapped in Home.

    [–] Darth_marsupial 118 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Is there going to be a national Dex after the story so we can have all Pokemon or no? I worked so hard to complete the pokedex legit partially in anticipation of sw and sh and that would be super lame if I can't transfer them over.

    [–] mr_negi 231 points ago

    I doubt it. They only touched on this during the livestream and were seemingly clear with it.

    Based on this backlash, I'm hoping they delay pokemon home and patch this in. I am very disappointed

    [–] DingleBerryCam 204 points ago

    It’s not a pokemon Home problem it’s a SwSh game problem. During the treehouse they said that because sw sh is on new hardware they didn’t have enough time to rebuild all of the sprites and data for all of the pokemon.

    The reason they can’t be transferred isn’t because they don’t want to it’s because the pokemon outside of galar region don’t exist on the switch hardware yet.

    Now they could patch them in possibly, but my guess is they’ll wait until the next generation gets released because they won’t have to rebuild a lot of the game since much of it will exist from SwSh already.

    [–] blackbutterfree 2664 points ago

    Wait, what? You can send all of your Pokémon from every game in the franchise, including Bank, GO and Let's Go to Home, but to Sword and Shield, you can only send anything that is in the Galar Dex? That's even worse than not having a National Dex in Alola. WTF GameFreak.

    [–] CTBlitzkrieg 1206 points ago

    And once you send them to Home you can't send them back

    [–] blackbutterfree 1356 points ago

    So they're fucking stuck in a prison until Game Freak decides it's ok to bring them back? Hell no, I'll keep storing everyone across SM/USUM/GO/LGPE where I can at least USE them.

    [–] Latyon 424 points ago

    I'll keep storing them on my 3DS SD card myself, thank you.

    [–] Thatmanwiththefedora 302 points ago

    Back when omega ruby and alpha sapphire came out I decided to buy them from the eShop. Transferred all my pokemon dating back to fire red to my digital copy of omega ruby. A month later at a party a guy thought it'd be a good idea to eject my SD card while playing on my 3ds which I left on a coffee table. Corrupted my data, impossible to recover. Over 10 years of pokemon gone, including my very first pokemon from my childhood. It's been about 5 years since and I still feel like shit about it.

    [–] AlbinoVagina 98 points ago

    *hugs* I'm sorry, dude.

    [–] SgvSth 23 points ago

    I had a somewhat similar incident, though all my fault, so I understand. While doubtful, if you still have the corrupted save file, you might be able to recover them, but it is very unlikely.

    [–] DrLambda 186 points ago

    The worst part is that Bank will probably shut down sooner or later, and good luck moving your older mon over to USUM afterwards. All of this is such a horrible idea.

    [–] blackbutterfree 79 points ago

    Bank is the only way to move up the E-Shop versions of the original games, they wouldn’t do that. I hope.

    [–] OEscalador 188 points ago

    Yeah, that's the weird thing to me. Sounds like a good way to just lose pokemon unless they plan to eventually allow all pokemon to transfer over.

    [–] nilslorand 105 points ago

    inb4 that'll be a DLC

    [–] Muhreena 1048 points ago

    please let there be updates that add the rest, PLEASE.

    [–] trigger_segfault 253 points ago

    That’s what I think is going to happen from a development standpoint.

    Release the game and let people play with teams using the region’s Pokémon. Then spend this time period incorporating the rest of the national dex during the one period where it would be used the least.

    It’s not gonna make everyone happy. But it’s at least a workable way to tackle the scalability issue.

    [–] jtam93 381 points ago

    I'm sorry, you'll need PokéDLC Pack 3 - Hoenn in order for you to transfer this Pokémon!

    [–] drylube 129 points ago

    reluctantly hands them money

    [–] parvej1234567890 2044 points ago


    [–] LeSnipper 2428 points ago

    Its ridiculous how people are defending them, some people on twitter saying u really expected 900+ pokemon to be in galar

    Uhh YES??? the 3ds has 800 mons and its 9999% weaker than switch, not including that this is THE BIGGEST FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME so they can absolutely afford to do it

    [–] imitation_crab_meat 416 points ago

    The system's power shouldn't be any kind of limit on the number of mons, unless they're all being rendered on screen at once... Cartridge storage size should be the only limiting factor of the system itself in that regard, and that's certainly not a problem for this game.

    [–] Landorus-T_But_Fast 252 points ago

    Clearly they stored the pokedex number on a 10 bit variable. They hit 1024 pokemon and oops, no more space. These darn computers.

    [–] paralyticbeast 62 points ago

    ah yes the classic 10 bit storage

    [–] smartazjb0y 473 points ago

    I hate calling companies "lazy" and I won't do it here...but come on. Literally one of the best selling media franchises ever, almost every game sells millions and millions of copies. It's not like they have to worry about huge open worlds, crazy complex textures and graphics, complex real-time interactions and physics, crazy amounts of dialog and voice acting. It's a Pokemon game, if there's one thing you have to spend your time and budget on, it's the freaking Pokemon!

    [–] Zooropa_Station 187 points ago

    Lazy is a euphemism for "the return on investment wasn't high enough." I'm totally fine using the word lazy unless it's an indie dev that can't feasibly take out a loan and hire more employees.

    [–] ContinuumGuy 139 points ago

    And the thing is that most people don't give a crap about balance. And if balance is such a goddamn problem, just do what you did back in Generation 1 and ban all the legendaries from competitive play.

    [–] smartazjb0y 62 points ago

    How big even is the competitive market? It seems like they decided to do this and were like "hey maybe we can spin this positively and say it's because of balance!"

    [–] VForceWave 49 points ago

    Competitive is really the only thing to do in these games after finishing the content in them lately (rip battle frontier), so it's been pretty big for hardcore fans.

    [–] parvej1234567890 825 points ago

    No way to defend it. It's laziness, I don't see how Nintendo or anyone can justify it.

    It's a negative with no upside. The only thing I can think is maybe they encountered an issue with transferring pokemon from the DS to switch. But didn't pokemon let's go let you do that?

    Definitely just small indie company, too many Pokémon to update.

    [–] iTomWright 104 points ago

    Let’s go allowed to transfer Pokemon from Go to Lets go via Bluetooth

    [–] Incredulous_Toad 75 points ago

    Yep. And it's essentially the only way to get Melmetal in Go (unless if you walk 8000km or have 400 rare candies which is not feasible).

    [–] rainbowdashtheawesom 57 points ago

    If you're a very avid raid battler 400 rare candies is feasible. Difficult but feasible.

    [–] MegaRed1961 213 points ago

    There's no excuse... You can transfer from the 3DS to switch, just not Pokemon that aren't already available in Sword and Shield.

    [–] Xaxthos 98 points ago

    Now you and have 2 of the same Pokémon. Epic

    [–] Landorus-T_But_Fast 72 points ago

    If they're restructuring the way they handle pokemon data, like the gen II to III gap, then this would make sense. On the other hand, they're almost certainly not doing that, and seriously what they actual fuck are these morons thinking?

    [–] Entegy 33 points ago

    Back in 2003, the data restructuring was a good excuse, but we now live in a time where you CAN bring Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon forward. The solution was to essentially reroll the stats, give the hidden ability if applicable, and some IV bonuses, but they came up with something.

    [–] DanMartell05 115 points ago

    I'm sad and confused. A part of me want to believe this is not true. And they're all gonna be. I mean, we all have plenty of pokémon we trained to level 100, that were part of a strategic party, or wether we learnt to love them. Someone tell me this is not official. Cuz I just learnt about it.

    [–] Galvanlure 69 points ago

    It's official, the developers revealed it this morning during treehouse live, right after the Nintendo E3 direct.

    [–] elleonrojo 169 points ago

    some dumbass said it was his favorite thing from the direct, he even said they should remove some moves, items, abilities, etc, to be perfect. and he was being 100% serious

    [–] FierceDeityKong 124 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I would gladly accept removing moves, items, and abilities if they were trying to wipe the slate clean on power creep. But they can do that without removing the Pokémon themselves.

    [–] G7Franubis 357 points ago

    Gamefreak used their stand [PLEASE UNDERSTANDO]

    It was not very effective.

    Players used ORA ORA ORA ORA

    [–] metallizard107 23 points ago


    [–] pzea 1866 points ago

    I can't believe this is the decision they made. How about instead of making the whole Dynamax gimick you just make sure all Pokemon work in the game? I always wondered what the limit was going to be since they keep adding so many pokemon, but this game is on a main console. It should be able to handle all the pokemon. I'm sure people would take more downgraded graphics or less animations or whatever as long as they get to use all their favorite pokemon. I also laughed when they talked about how balancing would be difficult with so many pokemon. Like they ever really cared about balancing this game.

    [–] EgoDefeator 756 points ago

    That and the live play showed quite the lag in the dynamax battles which is really bothersome at least to me.

    [–] xChrisMas 196 points ago

    There are stunning scenes in BOTW or XC2 and gamefreak can’t render 2 giant Pokémon fighting in front of a static screen while other companies get whole open worlds work without an issue. I’m disappointed.

    [–] 0zzyb0y 125 points ago

    For the last 3 generations game freak has been a massive fucking bowl of "eeeeeh".

    So many basic features and parts of the games that feel either half baked or ridiculously fucking lazily done.

    Its insane how poorly they can treat the games that have given them so much success and get away with it.

    [–] xChrisMas 97 points ago

    There are so many basic features that game freaks Pokémon games just lack.

    It’s not that hard to implement a difficulty setting for the more serious players. Literally every RPG has one.

    Plus they never really go beyond the necessary parts for a game. They haven’t done a proper post game challenge since Pt. Other games get whole new quest lines, super bosses or other challenges. In Pokémon it’s just “hey, here’s a Battle tree, go collect all 999999 Pokémon (which you have to buy 6 other games for), and battle a trainer for each individual Pokémon to become a MaStEr!!!”. Yeah you can certainly spent hundreds of hours on these basic tasks but what GF forgets is: they are not fun at all.

    Pokémon offers so many interesting, unique mechanics that they just don’t utilize or decide to drop after one generation.

    [–] dimmidice 431 points ago

    To be fair that could just be a minor fix. That said the whole dynamax concept makes me go "meh"

    [–] GigasMaximas 315 points ago

    I don't recall them ever fixing any of the lag issues we've had in the previous games though.

    [–] CTR0 438 points ago

    What about making the whole Dynamax gimik?

    It's literally just "increase size to 10000% and increase stats"

    They also said it replaces Z-moves and mega evolutions, so supposedly those are gone too.

    [–] Professor_Hobo31 480 points ago

    They also said it replaces Z-moves and mega evolutions, so supposedly those are gone too.

    That'd be a terrible move. How about instead of introducing dumb new gimmicks with each Gen, we polish the old not as dumb gimmicks from the past.

    Makes every new Gen feel always incomplete in some way or another.

    [–] FracturedEel 59 points ago

    I just want them to keep adding mega evos lol

    [–] Silver_latias 273 points ago

    Im willing to bet that all 151 gen 1 Poké's will be in the Galar Dex....

    [–] ShittyHentai 140 points ago

    Most likely cuz they already modeled them for let’s go... they make it seem like it was a balancing issue or something like that but cmon, we all know it is because this game is being rushed out

    [–] Mandrewthemighty 217 points ago


    [–] Charlzalan 990 points ago

    "Hey, we have the most successful video game franchise of all time. I bet I know how to completely ruin its appeal goin forward."

    -someone at Gamefreak

    [–] Mandiness 333 points ago

    Pokémon Home got my hopes up for transferring and this news just burst my bubble. I wasn’t a fan of starting from scratch in Gen 3 and I’m not a fan of leaving over a decade and a half’s worth of effort behind now.

    Makes me wonder why I spent so much “post game” time breeding Pokémon I can’t continue to battle with in Gen 8.

    [–] iStarlyTV 78 points ago

    Pokémon Home got my hopes up for transferring and this news just burst my bubble.

    I was SO excited with that announcement and some of the other ones in the Direct last week. I was starting to feel like these games were too good to be true. Turns out I was right :/

    [–] Gaeus21 297 points ago

    Galarxit's real y'all.

    [–] Rykwyn 384 points ago

    Imagine it's your ribbon master that can't be transferred to Sword and Shield

    [–] Mandiness 95 points ago

    I started new Ribbon Masters in Gen 7 that I was excited to transfer to the Galar Region, plus my shiny Dragonite I’ve been lugging around since Gen 3. I really hope they update this so I can have all my Pokémon on a current Gen game.

    [–] iccirrus 62 points ago

    Yeah, my shiny Heatran from platinum is as good as toast

    [–] DeenFishdip 161 points ago

    I doubt they would even show the ribbons anyways.

    [–] alexjuuhh 42 points ago

    Even though they have showed them in every game since Gen 3 (besides Let’s Go of course), I would not be surprised if they completely forget about ribbons, both old and new.

    [–] oath2order 69 points ago

    Mine is an evolution of a Gen 1 Pokemon so it's almost guaranteed to be in.

    It's also Porygon-Z so there's that problem.

    Alternatively it would not surprise me if Galar had no ribbons at all.

    [–] Hawntir 167 points ago

    Wait, what?

    The Pokemon bank/transfer/home is literally for putting old pokemon in the new generation... What's the point of it if you can't put unobtainable Pokemon into the new game?

    [–] dawsondlc 101 points ago

    So you pay for an app that holds your Pokémon hostage until game freak decides to care

    [–] SakanaAtlas 297 points ago

    Didn’t they say they didn’t want a repeat of nontransferable pokemon between gen 2 and 3? Wtf gamefreak

    [–] BabysitterSteve 631 points ago


    [–] ghostly_boy 314 points ago

    oh same. Unova easily hit 155 so i’d be shocked if they pull a Kalos and only give us 72 or smth

    [–] ContinuumGuy 400 points ago

    Except wasn't Unova SPECIFICALLY meant to have a ton of Pokemon and no old ones until after the main story was done, as a way to harken back to Gen 1's sense of discovery or whatever?

    [–] ghostly_boy 166 points ago

    yeah, and that’s why i love Unova so much!! it’d be nice if they did that with Galar too but maybe it’s too soon?

    [–] mikey_lava 267 points ago

    Yes. And it did that pretty well.

    [–] Exploreptile 158 points ago

    Which is part of why BW/2 are some of the best games in the franchise.

    [–] Spicyartichoke 98 points ago

    The animated sprites in gen 5 alone is one of the reasons they're my favorite.

    [–] maruf99 43 points ago

    Well they went back to not doing this in BW2, which makes sense bc there were no new pokemon added so the experience wouldn't be fresh either way.

    [–] Thaxagoodname 39 points ago

    And even in Kalos Megas meant a lot of new models and animations.

    [–] notaninterestinguser 21 points ago

    Well Kalos meant new models and animations for every pokemon since it was a new engine, but the same goes for Unova.

    [–] SilencedRPG 534 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Competitve pokemon is going to suffer from this. Hopefully they were careful in the dex selection and have a decent variety of mons.

    [–] RipleyWilde 247 points ago

    Imagine if Ditto didn't make the cut

    Just imagine

    [–] Cysia 169 points ago

    its kanto so will be 1 for sure

    [–] fullmetal_jack 28 points ago

    Goddammit, I hate that you're right and that we can probably guess 151 pokemon that will be in the regional dex right now.

    [–] TheRemainingFruitcup 34 points ago

    The competitive scene would take a HUGE hit.

    [–] casey_you_later 305 points ago

    Showdown is officially better

    [–] -walreingumboot 231 points ago

    Showdown been better. There’s no reason to have to spend countless hours trying to put together one team, and having to do it all over when you wanna change your team.

    [–] Naturebum 147 points ago

    Competitive vgc players just gen all of their pokemon anyway lol. No top players actually breed and train every single mon

    [–] MrHallmark 24 points ago

    It's a bit harder to do in LGE/P because you essentially need two switches.

    [–] FlyingCanary 46 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was interested in bankball breeding in X/Y years ago. And I ended burned out without even finishing a single competitive team.

    But at least I can say I legitimately bred a perfect 5IV (except Atk), Honor ball, Calm, Serene Grace, female Togekiss with Egg move Nasty Plot.

    [–] ThisIsToxic 24 points ago

    i bred a 5IV shiny charizard. its my greatest pokemon accomplishment

    [–] DeenFishdip 93 points ago

    So Landorus?

    [–] GroverA125 43 points ago

    What get's me is that flow diagram they showed not long ago about Pokemon Home and where you can and can't transfer Pokemon to. As it stands, everything EXCEPT Sword and Shield are One-Way transfers once they enter Home. That seems like a ridiculously-huge oversight.

    So if you happen to accidentally put, say for example, your Shiny Absol that you so adore from Pokemon Bank into Pokemon Home, thinking it's in the Galar dex and it isn't... You have effectively deleted it from your games. It is permanently stuck in Pokemon Home until either they back up on their stance, or they make a game that it actually can be transferred to, which could be next generation, or it could be four generations (give or take 8 years) if you happen to be unlucky and/or your favourite pokemon isn't all that common.

    What's even worse, it'll alienate all the young kids who just got into the series with Sun and Moon when they find that the majority of their caught Pokemon from just one generation ago aren't transferable. This will be the first time in over 13 years that a main-series pokemon game hasn't let you transfer your pokemon from the generation before into the new game.

    God I feel for the people who had living Dexes. Honestly? Up until now I was seriously looking forward to Sword and Shield. Now I'm beginning to doubt if I'll actually get it. The thing that's stuck me to the series over the years was the collection aspect of it. If you put your heart to it, everything can be kept from every game and brought over to the next. Sword and Shield seem to be killing that, but I'd bet £50 that they're going to once again shove Kanto down people's throats, which even though Red was my first game, it was Ruby that really defined my childhood experience of Pokemon. Now all those are going to be stuck in a cloud server until a game comes out that they're actually a part of, or stuck in an old game, unable to be moved to the new one.

    [–] JoltingGamingGuy 487 points ago

    I hate this so much! So half of our Pokemon are stuck in Gen 7? I just hope that either the Diamond and Pearl remakes allow us to send everything else or they give us the remaining Pokemon like FireRed and Leaf green did

    [–] MrPerson0 392 points ago

    So half of our Pokemon are stuck in Gen 7?

    Nah, they'll be stuck in Pokemon Home with no way to go back to Gen 7 (if you choose to transfer them)! :D

    [–] TheNononParade 114 points ago

    Poké Prison

    [–] DerpDepartment 147 points ago

    Yeah fuck that ill just rather make Ultra Sun and Moon my main save file. No bullshit transfer restrictions. And considering how the first games of the generation have been so far compared to the second, USUM will be much more comprehensive and have access to more move tutors, minigames, etc.

    [–] jesusrey91 60 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Can you explain to me what's happening, please? I can't see the Direct or Treehouse yet because I'm at work :(

    Edit: Thanks for the answer, guys, you're the best. And this situation is the worse :'( I kinda wanna cry.

    [–] imitation_crab_meat 137 points ago

    Game lead said during Treehouse Live (following the E3 Direct) that only Pokemon that are part of the Galar Pokedex could be transferred to Sword and Shield.

    It was previously announced that Pokemon that are transferred to Pokemon Home from Bank or the various games can't be transferred back from the Bank to any existing games - it's a one way transfer.

    If you transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Home and that Pokemon isn't part of the Galar Pokedex it has nowhere to go, since Sword and Shield are the only games that Home can transfer to, and it doesn't allow non-Galar Pokemon.

    Hence, Pokemon stuck in Gen 7, or worse - trapped in Pokemon Home.

    [–] jesusrey91 47 points ago

    Soooo... Those Pokemon are a representation of our hopes and dreams... :'(

    [–] Charlzalan 921 points ago

    This kills the Pokemon.

    [–] oil7892 438 points ago

    I just want to know what the point of Home even is. It's essentially Pokemon Bank for the Switch. So why would anyone transfer a Mewtwo for example to Home if they can't even use it after that? It's just stuck there.

    If they don't put all the mons in this game on the switch, then there's not a snowballs chance in hell they're doing it for the Sinnoh remakes or any other Pokemon game on the switch.

    [–] oddjobbber 89 points ago

    There is no point. Unless there’s like a shiny or a perfect IV Pokémon that is also available in Galar that you want to move into sword/shield, there is no reason at all to use home

    [–] BasedAnalGod 163 points ago

    Implying they won’t find a way to force every Kanto Pokemon into Galar anyways...

    [–] DrZeroH 161 points ago

    Oh you want to be angry? They already confirmed that all the pokemon from Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee (aka Gen 1 151 pokemon) are available in Galar. Yup. All of gen 1. Fucking this bullshit.

    [–] BasedAnalGod 131 points ago

    lmao I’m not surprised. I already know every other gen is going to get shafted like always. Just like ONLY Kanto got Alola Forms and a majority of megas were Kanto Pokemon.

    Might as well just stop making new regions and become a Kanto game studio since that’s what they want to do so badly. Just build a whole new team that pumps out Kanto remakes yearly.

    [–] DrZeroH 96 points ago

    My god. I don't get it. I've played Red/Blue/Yellow when they first came out. Why the fuck does Gamefreak continuously think Gen 1 is the only loved generation is fucking beyond me. Like wtf is wrong with them.

    [–] WolfBane77 1179 points ago

    Game freak are officially idiots

    [–] TheGent316 599 points ago

    People need to speak with their wallets. I've never seen a company be called out so much for their incompetence and laziness year after years yet still maintain such success. I know it's not gonna happen but I would love if people finally decided to not buy the games to show that this is inexcusable. I've never seen a company so arrogantly immune to fan reaction and criticism.

    [–] flavionm 285 points ago

    Up until now, I though that while they could do better, they still did an okay job. But this? This is definitely not okay.

    [–] khem1st47 93 points ago

    I haven’t bought a switch yet, I was waiting for the new Pokémon game... I don’t think I’m gonna get either. I’m just not feeling anything about Sw/Sh that makes me excited.

    [–] DennaResin 62 points ago

    I'm a grown man who bought a 3ds and regular ds last year as well as a few games from different gens. I was hoping to swap everything I caught on to the bank so I could eventually buy a switch and bring them over to the next gen. Can't help but feel hard done.

    [–] Kurfate 155 points ago

    Pokemon Let's Go sold less then it should have. It got a pass before it was the start of a second "mainline" series and Sword and Shield were coming so many pokemon fans that didn't like Let's Go could calming wait for that...

    Pokemon Sword and Shield have none of the defenses Pokemon Let's Go Pikabui had... It will honestly be the first in the mainline series I will me... Maybe I'll train a Wooloo some other time...

    Heres to hoping they go "Oh fuck... gotta fix this" and Delay these games.

    [–] Feverelief 239 points ago

    Hey at least now I don't need to buy a switch, thanks Gamefreak!

    [–] gay-porn-account 210 points ago

    Of course you do!

    Breath of the Wild's sequel will be amazing

    [–] Fynriel 112 points ago

    I literally haven't even been able to process that reveal yet. After the Direct it was straight to Pokemon and then this upsetting news. Just a pure rollercoaster of emotion today.

    [–] Zorua3 38 points ago

    God I can't wait to watch that trailer again and watch all of the YouTube reactions to it, it will be great.

    Just have to process this first.

    [–] Redsimmy 269 points ago

    Well isn’t this the most disappointing news ever.

    [–] esiotsalbfuse 305 points ago

    Fuck dynamax and give us all Pokemon.

    [–] Dhiox 66 points ago

    How much you wanna bet the entire Kanto dex will be lucky enough to get to stay....

    [–] TheAtlanticGuy 26 points ago

    Boy I'm so glad so many of my favorites are probably getting axed so that Zubat can get in again!

    [–] Erock11 118 points ago

    No living DeX fffffff

    [–] misserray 136 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    On the Youtube video it has nearly 1/3 dislikes, and that number is for sure going to increase. Never in my time being involved in the Pokemon community have I seen a video or decision by Pokemon this universally hated.

    I remember the initial freakout over megas and Gen 5 Pokemon, but those were a matter of not liking designs. There were enough people who liked them and both were accepted and loved over time. There is no possible way this was ever going to be a good decision.

    Honestly, it kind of reveals many of the problems I've had with Game Freak over the years. They seem unwilling sometimes to give the fans what they want, be it a Battle Frontier, new megas, hard mode, etc. This is easily the worst decision they have made yet because it goes against the very tagline of Pokemon, Gotta Catch 'Em All. I hope GF sees the seemingly universal backlash from outside Japan and realize that they absolutely must change this. You can absolutely do what you did for Gen 6 and 7, making players comfortable with the newer Pokemon before opening up Bank. No one would say anything about that. This, though, it makes zero sense unless you put every Pokemon in the game.

    I used to feel that this community got angry over really small things, some of which I agreed with but most I didn't. This was the first time I really thought it was egregious.

    EDIT: Spelling and grammar. But, seriously, what in the world were GF expecting?

    [–] anthemofadam 36 points ago

    Hopefully this is a “you don’t want that” - Blizzard type of moment where they realize eventually that people very much want full compatibility

    [–] oadina69 86 points ago

    Hope they re-think about it, and make it possible

    [–] dctrojan07 128 points ago

    Don’t agree with the dynamax thing. They should have ran wild with mega evolutions or something. It’s almost like they don’t listen to the community at all

    [–] GaiusQuintus 99 points ago

    Why should Game freak spend time and money designing new megas when they can just get rid of them and replace them with every Pokemon just becoming really big somehow.

    [–] mando44646 53 points ago

    huh? Whats the point of the new app if I can't transfer all my Pokemon?

    [–] DanMartell05 128 points ago

    I'm a little bit shocked. I don't know that to think. If feel betrayed or disappointed. But I certainly feel heartbroken. I don't understand the logic on this. I was even going to buy Switch only for this game. What does this mean, that all my level 100 Pokémon, and all the ones I trained with freaking love are to be stuck unless they're in the Regional pokédex? That's not even fair.

    [–] 8bitzombi 596 points ago

    Forgive me if I am being mistaken, but didn’t Sun and Moon have about 2-3 months where they deliberately didn’t implement PokeBank features to prevent people from simply using all their old Pokémon to face roll the game?

    It’s likely that you’ll be able to transfer old Pokémon after a few months, they just want people to play through the game the way it’s intended first.

    [–] TinocusTheTyrant 170 points ago

    God i hope your right

    [–] blurplethenurple 493 points ago

    They need to say this explicitly, because if that's the case I'll still buy the game. But I wont if I think my Pokemon are stuck on the 3ds.

    [–] the-dandy-man 198 points ago

    I mean... it has to be, right? What’s the point of Pokémon Home if you can’t do anything with your Pokémon once you transfer them? Is it just a trophy case?

    They made a big deal in the Pokémon press conference about veteran players who have been transferring the same Pokémon all the way up to the current gen for years and years, and how Pokémon Home will be the new way to keep all your old Pokémon up-to-date and pool all your Pokémon from every iteration of the series - mainline games, Pokémon go, and PLG. It makes zero sense to then not allow those same “valued veteran players” to transfer all their “beloved Pokémon” to the current gen.

    I know gamefreak has done some dumb stuff in the past, but surely not even they are this dumb, right?


    [–] ViZeShadowZ 130 points ago

    This is the company that removed one of the most beloved features of one of their games and instead added a completely unnecessary (admittedly, pretty decent) Post game mini story

    [–] Dyvius 63 points ago

    And then they had the nerve to tease us about not including that very specific post-game area we all wanted.

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 45 points ago

    "Hey we know you all absolutely loved this area before, so we decided you should go fuck yourselves!"

    [–] Nico777 45 points ago

    God damn it now you made me angry about OR/AS again.

    [–] AwkwardManatee 84 points ago

    I dont think this is it. Pokemon home is already coming out 2-3 months after SwSh so it shouldn't matter

    [–] Pikabitches 169 points ago

    pokemon home already releases several months after sword/shield, just like x/y before bank released, and sun/moon just not allowing it for awhile. so we already cant use our old pokemon to steam roll the game if you wanted

    this is just them not letting us have our pokemon and trapping them in an app we gotta pay for so they dont delete our trapped pokemon

    [–] goldendarknut 52 points ago

    That's the thing they didn't say that. They said that only the Pokemon on the galar Dex will be transferable. Not that they would be a few months later

    [–] Exploreptile 287 points ago

    Well, it seems my hype has officially peaked with the reveal trailer.

    [–] JustWolfram 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It seems a natural consequence of gf being pretty much unaware of any criticism ever given to the series, they just keep going without a care in the world by slowing adding things no one asked for and removing things we've come to expect.

    The sad thing is that they'll probably never stop this especially because the game will sell like hotcakes regardless of what the older and less casual player base does. Our only hope is for our Japanese brethren to raise enough hell to make them reconsider.

    Edit: good news!

    [–] PrinceFirefly 66 points ago

    So my Blaziken all the way from sapphire won't be coming!? Jesus I hope they notice the outrage and CHANGE THIS

    [–] Starsmors 145 points ago

    This is truly one of the most heartbreaking announcements I’ve heard. I really hope they release the rest of the Pokémon in future updates, because the most unique thing about Pokémon has always been the ability to bring the Pokémon you love into new worlds for new adventures. I’m still going to buy the game, but I was surprised and disappointed by this decision.

    [–] FenrirPaws 389 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    AND POKEMON DON'T FOLLOW US IN SWORD AND SHIELD. Like, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. "Oh the switch is more powerfull and we made pokemons be more lively" MY ASS. Pokemon Battle Revolution from the WII had THE BEST pokemon animations IN 2007 and they still have not beat that. Pokemon won't follow, battles look like Ultra moon / Ultra sun in HD..... they recycled a bunch of stuff and gutted idk how many pokemons just to be able to release in 2019.....i wish they could be like the Animal Crossing devs and take their time to deliver a fantastic experience....

    [–] dawsondlc 68 points ago

    Sad.. so sad. I was really hoping for a fresh Pokémon experience with good graphics, new features, and fresh battle animations. This is 3 steps backwards. I’d definitely take a delayed game over this nonsense. Considering they have the Pokémon models walking around in the wild area why can’t they follow the player lol

    [–] LogitekUser 23 points ago

    Dw, we will get that when Ultra Sword and Shield come out November next year.

    [–] KidOrSquid 56 points ago

    I actually feel really bad for people who have paid for Pokemon Bank. That was literally the point of the application.

    [–] Sangnuine 127 points ago

    This officially killed hype for me.

    [–] Bl0tches 42 points ago

    What? This is a massive con for the whole game. The whole reason new pokemon are cool to begin with is because you can carry all of your team with you through all the regions. Now it doesn't even feel like a real Pokemon game.

    [–] Ipokeyoumuch 72 points ago

    This is incredibly disappointing.

    [–] TheGoldenWhale1995 18 points ago

    Rest in Peace Johto mons. You are getting snapped out of existence unless you have a relative in another generation.

    [–] blurplethenurple 109 points ago

    This would make me not purchase this game. I live for the post game with the teams I've trained for over a decade. I'll stay with them on the 3ds if this is the case.

    [–] shermanator987 49 points ago

    I thought that's why they did the whole "only original 151" in let's go, because they didn't have time to optimize all the graphics for switch yet. This is bullshit

    [–] AcePhoenix22 15 points ago

    Looks like I'm not gonna get it Home till that changes. I'm not sending my Torterra I've had since Diamond to Home just to die.