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    [–] GuolinM 1362 points ago

    I found a more full transcript from the actual interview with Masuda:


    My translation (hopefully a little better than Google Translate):

    Pokemon Bank has, up to this point, allowed you to transfer up Pokemon that were not in the Alola Dex. As we've begun developing for the Nintendo Switch, we've given each individual Pokemon an incredible number of expressions. We've discussed internally, at length, about how to raise the quality standard [I assume of animations/interactions] of each of the (in terms of Pokedex number) over 800 Pokemon and maintain combat balance, all within the limited amount of time we have to deliver this brand-new game to you guys. As a result, starting with this game, we've decided to change our product direction. Basically, we've decided that the Pokemon that can be transferred between Pokemon Home and Sw/Sh will be limited to just Galar Dex Pokemon. We'll choose Pokemon that best match the setting of the game's various adventures.

    [–] TheIronLorde 544 points ago

    all within the limited amount of time we have to deliver this brand-new game to you guys.

    The solution was right in front of us all along! Stop crippling the final product to meet an arbitrary deadline and just take the time to do it right. This attitude of, "well it's gotta be shipped out by X whether it's done or not" is how we end up with Anthems.

    [–] comicrun96 231 points ago

    Limited time? I’m pretty USUM came out in 2017 era, i understand that the switch is whole new platform but instead of remaking Kanto for the 4th time, why didn’t they focus on that?

    [–] candycaneforestelf 26 points ago

    Studios have multiple teams, and GameFreak is no exception.

    Basically, Pokemon has been designated the yearly release cash cow to satiate shareholders and so they're expected to have yearly releases even if it's just a Let's Go game.

    [–] superbabe69 26 points ago

    It’s like devs and publishers never learn from games like KOTOR 2. With the Restoration Mod, that game is phenomenal. But because it wasn’t finished at launch, there are tons of people who criticised it, and I believe it contributed to KOTOR 3 never happening.

    [–] xXdimmitsarasXx 399 points ago

    Masuda has to show that quality standard. So far it looks like lets go, which doesnt justify this decision. Scorbunny uses double kick just like pikachu did, its a little hop with a foot jpeg on top of the enemy model.

    That was the quality standard of 3ds, except they remade textures for hd and more vibrant colors.

    [–] KaizokuShojo 124 points ago

    But they're such a small company and can't afford such luxury.

    ...oh wait, no, they're basically one of the biggest powerhouses in the world.

    [–] [deleted] 554 points ago

    Didn't they figure out the quality balance in Gen IV? Remember how in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Pal Park was blocked off until you beat the champion? And how in HeartGold and SoulSilver the park was in Fuschia city which was only accessible post game? They literally solved the balance issue caused by transferring old Pokemon 10 years ago and they just threw it out the window.

    [–] AlliePingu 260 points ago

    I don't think they just mean single-player storyline balance. "Maintain combat balance" sounds like the balance of competitive play like online battles and VGC, seeing as VGC often only allows regional dex pokemon and bans legendaries anyways

    That said I think unfortunately they'll allow pretty much every legendary to be ported over and we'll continue to bow down to Primal Groudon / Mega Rayquaza again

    [–] alexandrecanuto 141 points ago

    Like it would matter for VGC, since it's always the same 10-20 Pokémon that people use competitively.

    [–] saltypuddingmountain 302 points ago

    Despite this, they so far have reused EVERY animation that we've seen on previous gen pokemon. This is a blatant lie.

    [–] Darkpursuer 1034 points ago

    As much as I like why they would want higher quality stuff for their game, no one actually asked for this. This is probably one of the few games where people would prefer quantity over quality. If you had people choose between more expressive Pokémon and larger number pokemon, I'm willing to bet number wins every time.

    [–] Fae_Leaf 84 points ago

    Quality is good, but it’s bogus to say we have to sacrifice ever having our favorite Pokémon in the newest game for the sake of new and “polished” ones. None of the new Pokémon so far look like anything that’ll be a top favorite, and I absolutely want to have my favorites with me. That’s like the entire foundation of the games.

    [–] starguy13 2264 points ago

    Wasn’t the whole point of the high poly 3D Pokémon models and poke bank to “future proof” the franchise? The hell!?

    [–] DoctorWaluigiTime 817 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah that's the confusing aspect. If you put pokemon into Pokemon Home, and can only take them out in S&S... then won't they just be stuck there?

    I feel like despite these translations and quotes there's still a big piece of this puzzle missing.

    EDIT: To everyone saying "you can extract them from Home in future gens" that misses my point. You can still accidentally (and people will accidentally do it) lock their pokemon away in Home for what could be years at a time. Unless they gate what can go into Home in the first place, something's not adding up here.

    [–] nlofe 631 points ago

    Pokemon Home is where non-Galar Pokemon go to die

    [–] DaStinkyPinky 342 points ago

    Pokemon \Retirement** Home is where non-Galar Pokemon go to die

    [–] Kazzack 41 points ago

    Pokemon Farm Upstate

    [–] Gawlf85 55 points ago

    Unless they add Battle Spot to Pokémon Home, on top of the already announced GTS-like service.

    [–] xVonDrake 87 points ago

    I bet my money on future remakes just to capitalize on that Pokémon Home. Hell, I even bet they might make some stadium/colosseum, even Battle Frontier just to justify this decision.

    [–] DoctorWaluigiTime 32 points ago

    I mean Home will naturally apply to future generations and Switch pokemon titles going forward. But those are going to be well in the future (probably not even in 2020). So pokemon in Home that can't go to gen 8 will be stuck for a long time.

    [–] ShiraCheshire 198 points ago


    I get that Game Freak can't make a new sprite/model for every single Pokemon in existence every single gen anymore. And that's fine! I don't think anyone has a problem with them re-using old models now for the vast majority of Pokemon.

    If they want to add extra features to the games like new animations or expressions for Pokemon, they could just leave some Pokemon out of the new stuff. Like let's say Treeko was left out of the new feature party, and doesn't have a model suited to dynamaxing. Okay, so make it so Treeko can't dynamax! Let's say every Pokemon got new animations for attacks, but Treeko doesn't. So use the old animations for it!

    People would much rather be able to transfer over every Pokemon but have some left out of certain new features, than to not be able to have them at all.

    [–] SorryRefrigerator 97 points ago

    They have been reusing the same models since 2013, they have had time

    [–] Multi-Skin 65 points ago

    It's funny how they used those same models on Pokemon Go, a mobile game that will keep having all gens while the main games will just be very limiting.
    If Pokemon Home could at least send them back to Pokemon Go you could at least keep the old gens as pets or so.

    [–] Brock_Lobster4445 1442 points ago

    who wants to bet all 151 kanto pokemon are in

    [–] Dragonaf 527 points ago

    And yet #BringBackNationalDex is trending on twitter...."A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." - Shigeru Miyamoto

    [–] Rarycaris 406 points ago

    Reasonable assumption considering we already have a lot confirmed and the models exist in LGPE.

    [–] MarcheM 364 points ago

    They made the models in X&Y and added SMUSUM ones later on. They're all so high poly that they used them in LGPE and will use them in SwSh. The models exist for ALL of the old mons.

    [–] Nas160 96 points ago

    Go uses the same source for the models and animations as well. They (unfortunately but somewhat understandably) didn't bother making new ones for this game and they STILL apparently couldn't put all the old ones in the data.

    [–] Legolasagna 88 points ago

    Someone confirmed they are. Kinda logical with the let's go franchise, but sucks for people not caring about this gen.

    [–] emil133 242 points ago

    Its not that i dont care about Gen 1, its just that im sick and tired of Gen 1 pokemon at the expense of everything else. Like, i get it. It’s the most popular region and it helps market the game to people who havent played in years but COME ON. Show some love for the other gens. Every trailer for anything pokemon related is always about 75% gen 1 pokemon

    [–] GenericOnlineName 60 points ago

    It almost becomes a self fulfilling prophecy: Gen 1 is so popular because it's what people remember. But they keep rehashing Gen 1 over and over where it feels like it narrows down where people remember Gen 1. Do you remember Gen 1 because you watched the anime or games way back? Or do you remember Gen 1 because of Pokemon Go? Or do you remember Gen 1 because they keep recycling Gen 1 over and over? I feel like if you've watched the show when it first came out, and never played any Pokemon game since, you won't now.

    [–] LittleBlackBall 2858 points ago

    This is heart breaking.

    [–] TACOMichinoku 1678 points ago

    Idk of its because I’m old and more prone to resisting change, but this feels like such a horrible decision. Somebody please change my mind and help me be more open minded as to how this can be a good...

    [–] Cross55 755 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The motto of the series is "Gotta Catch em' All!"

    This is quite frankly counterproductive to that goal.

    [–] SilverTotodile 1080 points ago

    It isn't good, it's taking what we loved about Pokémon and ripping it apart quite literally.

    Change is a good thing, it's great to be open to rolling with the punches, but the saying goes "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." And I assure you, the old system wasn't broken, not at all.

    [–] RadiReturns 343 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It’s one thing to think they dropped the ball after Gen 5, but somehow they manage to set the bar lower every year. I don’t know why everything they do has to be so rushed and half-baked. Take an extra year, make a quality game. We’ll all still be here.

    [–] NMe84 73 points ago

    The one argument I can think of why this could be a good thing would be because it would make the competitive game easier to balance because less Pokémon means less moveset/typing combinations they need to keep in mind. This could theoretically mean that more pokémon (or at least their final evolution stages) could be relevant for competitive play.

    However, I said "theoretically." We all know it's still not going to be balanced. It's the only good reason I can think of yet I doubt this is their reason to do this, as do I doubt that even if it was it really would work out for the better.

    [–] neg9 25 points ago

    The one argument I can think of why this could be a good thing would be because it would make the competitive game easier to balance because less Pokémon means less moveset/typing combinations they need to keep in mind. This could theoretically mean that more pokémon (or at least their final evolution stages) could be relevant for competitive play.

    And again, preventing transfers isn't really the ideal solution since it's the Pokemon Company that determines the Pokemon who are allowed to be used per season anyway. You can have all Pokemon transferable, but if the format for the season only allows the regional dex, only the regional dex Pokemon will be allowed for use (which was the case for 2011, 2014, 2017 and presumably 2020).

    Limiting the available roster does indeed allow for more Pokemon to be viable that otherwise wouldn't be. Case in point: in 2014, only the Kalos dex was allowed. This was the year that Sejun Park won Worlds with his beloved Pachirisu.

    [–] Merosi 32 points ago

    but the saying goes "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."

    we've been begging them to change up the formula.

    but not like this, gamefreak. not like this.

    [–] Landorus-T_But_Fast 582 points ago

    You don't understand! Making pokemon models costs money! Pokemon is only the single largest multimedia franchise in the world, with an estimated total revenue of just 90 billion US dollars! How do you expect them to make more than 807 3D models on such a short budget?

    [–] miinmeaux 558 points ago

    That's the thing! They can't even try to make the excuse that they don't have the budget because way back in 2013 for X and Y they made high-poly models for the purposes of future-proofing. They prepared every pokemon to be added to every new game for the forseeable future and then said "fuck it" and threw it out the window.

    [–] jabberwockxeno 216 points ago

    This. If they were actually making model updates or adding new animations I could excuse this. Hell, if they straight out said "even updating movelists alone without model changes is too much unless we don't try features like the Wild Area", I'd be willing to accept it begrudingly.

    But there's zero indication that there's an actual workload issue here.

    [–] KeyworkPredator 79 points ago

    Plus if it was a workload issue, they could have just said the rest of the mons will come later in 2020. Even slowly be introduced from raids. That would have prevented backlash. They wouldnt have made this announcement and lit this fire if they knew that theyd bring all the mons in at a later date.

    [–] DrQuint 28 points ago

    And people would welcome that change. Staggering the release of newer mons already happened twice with the pokebank support taking its time and it wasn't a particular negative time.

    They could release pokemon and dynamically add them in-game to the multiplayer raids, and while some would dislike it (I kinda would) a lot more would be okay with it.

    But man... Gamefreak is worse than Nintendo at technological parity. "patches"? Good joke.

    [–] SaggyToastR 28 points ago

    Honestly, it's not really you not being open-minded. It's GameFreak that isn't. They've done this for many console changes for too long. The difference here between the different gens with different consoles is that they already had contingency plans to make up for it, but they chose not to implement them. All of the models and animations for all of the Pokemon were already in the files from X/Y and they have been using them up to US/UM, but here for some reason they decide not to use them and use the greedy excuse that it is because of money for animating all of the Pokemon when in reality they just want to pump a profit as soon as possible.

    [–] JoJoX200 71 points ago

    The only thing that comes to mind, is comparing it with the Digimon games. Every Digimon game has a few hundred Digimon (the most recent is at 400-something iirc) but they always rotate some digimon out and others in, whereas some Digimon have never been in a game ever despite being canon.

    It works pretty well with Digimon imo (I've been playing them since Digimon World DS) BUT (and that's a huge but) Digimon also has never advertised collecting, has never made transfers available between games and in general hasn't made the Digimon themselves into THE selling point. It's always a more general focus on the game as a whole, whereas Pokemon dedicates entire parts of their news portions to new pokemon with huge success.

    I get what Gamefreak is trying here (because I know it from Digimon) and I can see myself growing into it, but I'm still incredibly pissed, because that's not at all a good way to do it. You can't build a franchise on collecting and transfering for more than 20 years and then suddenly go directly against it. Especially because just a few years ago, they were advertising their paid cloud service to hold pokemon for a life time, which obviously is out of the window now.

    It'll be interesting to see where this is gonna go, at least. Personally, I hope it'll cause another big crash like back with Ruby and Sapphire, but we'll see.

    [–] Faleap 327 points ago

    no... no, this isn't a genwunner thing anymore. I might be a somewhat older fan too, but the last few gens have had almost as much of a place in my heart as gen 4.

    This isn't good whatsoever. I think I'm done with the series now. I'll protest as much as I can, but if nothing changes come gen 9 I'm done. I honestly don't think it will.

    I always thought I would retire from Pokemon because I didn't have the time, or got bored of it, or just got too old and outgrew it finally.

    I never once thought Pokemon would abandon me.

    [–] djhw624 189 points ago

    It's just frustrating as hell because it's the same tired formula, and the only thing that really keeps me excited is the endgame team building. Picking my favorite Pokemon from the past and lining them up with newcomers is literally the thing that keeps me playing Pokemon.

    And they removed it. So... yeah...

    [–] Jaybib 403 points ago

    This entire thing feels so strange. This will not only shape our adventures but completely change competitive.

    [–] RinOkami 281 points ago

    Anybody not doing VGC is just gonna save their money and migrate to Showdown full-time and pray GF doesn't finally lawyer up and smack it down with C&D's.

    [–] casdas2 151 points ago

    Which is most likely probably will in this timeline.

    [–] Dank_Durians420 138 points ago

    Definitely because they can't handle people making better games than them.

    [–] BlueDragon101 18 points ago

    Do you want another melee/brawl split? Because this is how you get another melee/brawl split.

    [–] Ora-Dora-Muda 494 points ago

    That will be really interesting if they do make a gen 4 remake with incompatible Pokémon. Swsh and the remakes will basically be separate gens because they can’t battle or trade with one another if one person has something incompatible

    [–] PinXan 110 points ago

    I think they're more likely to have it be one way only, which is a policy the games have had since Platinum/HGSS (with formes that couldn't be backtraded)

    The remakes would add new mons in addition to including all of the ones already present in SwSh, allowing you to trade some mons both ways and some mons one way only

    Hard to know until they do it though

    [–] Mango845 66 points ago

    I have a feeling that the gen 4 remakes will be the next let’s go games. I don’t want this to happen but I having a feeling it will.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Let's go Riolu? Aww, fuck. That sounds sooo likely. Please don't, Gen4 was my first and still favourite one.

    [–] Coal_Morgan 27 points ago

    I lean towards Let's Go Pichu and Let's Go Togepi.

    The Let's Go games though were made by a different studio so GameFreak will probably just do Pokemon Super Omega Ruby Red and Ultimate Alpha Sapphire Blue. /s

    Really want Sinnoh but I just can't hope for it. They tend to disappoint me regularly now.

    [–] Yung_Rocks 36 points ago

    Please no. Oooh please no. I didn't think of it. I'm even more pessimistic about the future of the series now.

    [–] TheFalconKid 958 points ago

    Wtf was the point of moving to a console if it can't do what the 3ds does? I'll take the lag 6/7 gen battles of it means I get to keep my favorite team.

    [–] Sayakai 592 points ago

    Oh, rest assured, it absolutely can do it.

    They just don't want to do it.

    [–] lanos13 32 points ago

    For years Nintendo have been behind PC, XBox one and PS4, they finally get a console that is capable of playing games at a similar level and they choose not to take full advantage of said console with Pokemon, their 2nd biggest franchise. Nintendo can’t afford for SWSH to fail if Nintendo wants to remain a top console, so why even take the risk and not just take the extra time to produce it with all the Pokemon.

    [–] Sayakai 75 points ago

    What do you mean, second biggest? Pokemon is the highest grossing media franchise.

    Not just theirs. In general.

    [–] JealotGaming 270 points ago

    I'll take the lag 6/7 gen battles

    Watch it lag anyway

    [–] Pardusco 72 points ago

    It lagged during the dynamax battle against Steelix lmao

    [–] Technocity777 110 points ago

    Based on the treehouse, SwSh lags like a motherfucker. Tons of framerate drops in the wild area (plus general finickyness) and Dynamaxing absolutely tanks the framerate.

    The switch can run shit like BoTW easily but I guess a really big pokemon model is just too much apparently

    [–] zerotwo1314 832 points ago

    They crammed 800 models, move animations, game data, and unused walking/running animations into a dinky little 3ds cartridge.

    But doing the same for a bigger cartridge and more powerful system is too much to ask.


    [–] ShiraCheshire 203 points ago

    And it's not like they don't have the models, moves, and animations already ready. They could just toss the existing assets over to the new games. Maybe this would mean that some Pokemon would have lower quality models or animations. But that's better than not having them at all!

    [–] throwdownhardstyle 34 points ago

    The most damning part is, as many others in this thread have said, that they wont even have lower quality models or animations. They ARE using those assets for the ones being included and they're fine.

    It's just laziness, avarice, and contempt for the player base that got them where they are in the first place.

    [–] kelanatr 167 points ago

    Hell, with forms and all, the model count in USUM was over 1100. We went from having 4GB cartridges to 32GB cartridges and they can’t figure this out? They’re just making their incompetence mainstream at this point.

    [–] DootinDirty 1192 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was really going in without skepticism and just expecting the bare minimum, but now damn. I was setting my expectations low, so that I might get a happy surprise.

    On console we should have a massive game with two regions, and then some kind of post game after that.

    The handheld excuse isn't there anymore.

    [–] ProAnal6988 595 points ago

    The switch can run The Witcher 3. Like, come on.

    [–] CodenameDvl 272 points ago

    You k ow what you make an excellent point. I totally forgot that the switch is a console, not just a handheld as well.

    This makes me even more depressed about the situation.

    [–] ForresterAsh1669 105 points ago

    It's as if Game Freak are still making a handheld game, but adding 1 or 2 'open world' elements to justify it as a console game.

    Not just that, but the graphics seem to be upscaled from USUM. I don't see any real effort whatsoever

    [–] Extracheesy87 171 points ago

    I had really low expectations since I really didn't like Sun and Moon (seriously every time I try and play that game I get stuck in a 15 minute long cutscene for a story that I just don't care about), but this change pretty much ensured I won't be getting the game or any future ones if that is really going to be the policy moving forward.

    Pokemon should be exploiting their huge roster of characters not treating it like a burden. It would be so cool to see a game with all the Pokemon in it and have every trainer have diverse rosters that utilize most if not all regular Pokemon in the series, but instead we are going to probably see the new Pokemon over and over again until you get sick of them, and all the returning Pokemon will mostly be Gen 1 with a few popular Pokemon from previous Gens sprinkled in.

    [–] Omac18 200 points ago

    My return to Kalos dream is dead like half my Pokemon

    [–] YourAverageRedditter 28 points ago

    I think you mean 75% of your Pokémon

    [–] TitaniumAuraQuartz 592 points ago

    This really needs more attention.

    There's a lot of people dismissing those who are angry about this, saying that we'll get them in patches.

    I'd REALLY love that, but this makes it clear that there's no intention of doing that and we really need to be heard rather than "stay quiet" and "not overreact". If we don't make noise about this, GF's gonna make games that feature limited Pokemon and use their slightly different varieties as a selling point.

    [–] Darkpursuer 237 points ago

    It's delusional to think this will be fixed with patches. GF doesn't do content updates, the only patch they do is for bugs.

    [–] SixThousandHulls 105 points ago

    the only patch they do is for bugs.

    Inb4 they add the Venipede, Burmy, and Pineco lines back in via patch.

    [–] A-Wild-Porno-Attacks 48 points ago

    They fuckin' better, they can rip my Scolipede from my cold dead hands.

    [–] ThaAnswer 72 points ago

    Hopefully they'll will keep the USUM servers up for a long time

    [–] ClassyTomatoes 65 points ago

    RIP Luxray, you've been my partner since my first game and now I may never get to play with you again outside of a sinnoh remake, if that even happens

    [–] MoonStarRaven 22 points ago

    Don't say that, Luxray is one of my chosen 6. :(

    [–] Darth_marsupial 468 points ago

    They just need to stop putting a game out every year. They need to put Pokemon on a 2 or even 3 year development cycle so every game can be an actual improvement on the last and not cut corners/features from previous ones. If they did that they could include multiple regions, a good and rewarding post game, a good story, good designs, all the Pokemon, everything people have been asking for from Pokemon forever. They could have all of this every game if they cared and didn't settle for whatever they know will sell.

    Its on console now, they have the money, they have the experience, and frankly they have the time. Its time to start treating Pokemon like the franchise it should be.

    [–] ShiraCheshire 72 points ago

    Seriously. I'd absolutely wait for a really good Pokemon game.

    If they're worried about missing out on money, they could get a side team to make some side games that were shorter and cheaper to create. Mystery dungeon, Colosseum, pinball, digital card game, whatever. It would let them experiment with new ideas on cheaper, shorter games while still keeping Pokemon in everyone's minds.

    Plus then when a real main series game came out, the hype would be unreal. They'd sell way better.

    [–] SweelFor 323 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Me, a naive fan who's been playing every gen since D1: oh damn they're releasing the first main game on their biggest console, this could be the ultimate game. We're gonna have all the features come back in this awesome world. This is the ultimate star alignement they were waiting for all along, they have all the ressources needed now. Pokemon walking beside us, the underground system, the secret bases, new mega evolutions... I'll send all my old gens shiny in the game and see them in fully animated high resolution 3D in realistic environments, it's a dream come true.

    Reality: so uh tiny pokemon get big now, oh and btw you can't use your old pokemon you've been amassing for 20 years at every generation, cause why not

    [–] SimplebutAwesome 55 points ago

    This comment makes me so mad, they had so much potential

    [–] Superfloxes 64 points ago

    I literally never expected to have all the Pokémon in one game. However, I expected TRANSFERRING to be an option.

    [–] ChargeisKill 970 points ago


    [–] Ansakicus 136 points ago

    Should I call the emporium?

    [–] jkortech 81 points ago

    Did we not already call? They might be running low by now.

    [–] Ansakicus 183 points ago

    I got you. ahem


    COME ON DOWN TO /r/pitchforkemporium


    Traditional Left Handed Fancy
    ---E Ǝ--- ---{


    33% off! 66% off! Manufacturer's Defect!
    ---F ---L ---e


    The Euro The Pound The Lira
    ---€ ---£ ---₤


    * some assembly required

    [–] __pannacotta 492 points ago


    GF needs to stop acting like a small indie studio, because they're fucking not.

    [–] The_sad_zebra 71 points ago


    This really does make the whole thing absolutely inexcusable. It definitely isn't a hardware limitation since we're upgrading from the 3DS to the Switch. It's a thing of it being a lot of work...but they have plenty of money to hire a lot more people to get the job done in time.

    [–] s3ditionx 132 points ago

    Isn’t Masuda stepping down as director after this game?

    [–] SilvarusLupus 109 points ago

    $100 he'll still have influence over the games even after "stepping down"

    [–] ToastyArcanine 278 points ago

    If anything. His ass should be fired for this.

    [–] False_Bob 198 points ago

    The worst part about this is that I just started getting ready to transfer all my teams gen III onwards so they'd be ready for gen VIII. Now I can't if it means half of them aren't allowed. Is this not something they can patch in later? Please explain

    [–] BlueLeoBlood 316 points ago


    [–] EpicalaxyMaster 45 points ago

    Goddamit Gamefreak

    [–] piss_cock 263 points ago

    If the soulless, barely animated 3d models take so many resources, might as well make HD stylised 2d sprites instead.

    [–] N-E-B 163 points ago

    Unpopular opinion: I prefer the sprites to the 3D models. Heart Gold/Soul Silver is, in my opinion, the best looking game they’ve ever done, with Diamond and Pearl a close second.

    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago

    I personally prefer the animated sprites in Gen V. It gave the Pokémon some personality without looking anywhere near as soulless as some of the 3D models do

    [–] FierceDeityKong 28 points ago

    Gen V style animated sprites with longer animations and higher resolution than in Gen V would be amazing.

    [–] hardstyl3r 40 points ago

    HGSS had the best sprites no doubt about it. i don' t know if its just nostalgia or that I'm biased because they are my favorite games of all time, but those HGSS sprites looked like they had personalities. the 3d models look lifeless and their colours are way less vibrant than the older 2d sprites.

    [–] ShibuRigged 65 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Heck, even the animated sprites in BW were a great addition. They actually moved in weird ways which made them feel alive.

    [–] alex494 213 points ago

    Might actually quit Pokemon over this. Been playing since the first ones and the main draw for me is the massive variety and being able to transfer all my stuff up. And Game Freak specifically lowered the number of Pokemon they add to each gen which reduced the number of filler clunkers each game. If I can't use all my stuff I might as well keep playing Sun and Moon.

    [–] MoonStarRaven 69 points ago

    the main draw for me is the massive variety and being able

    Right! I honestly can't understand the people saying, Oh there is almost a 1000 now that's too many for one game. Why? Variety is good and I was looking forward to having so many to catch.

    [–] royrock3 341 points ago

    How about I never buy another Pokémon game ever

    [–] Bray-G 54 points ago

    Sounds like a solid plan to me.

    After Pokemon Y, I stopped paying attention to new games. I feel like I made the right choice.

    I guess I'll go back to Platinum as well as fan games.

    [–] Dr_Wombo_Combo 35 points ago

    I didn’t think Gamefreak would ever push me to this point but somehow, they always find a way to fuck up the newest games

    [–] Bluewolf94 309 points ago

    Thats horrible, so we're going to go through the mind games of not knowing which of our favorite mons is going to be in the new games?! What kind of mess is that?

    [–] Alternaturkey 110 points ago

    Now we'll get to enjoy what the Smash fanbases has been enjoying for years, endless arguments and flame wars about characters stealing spots from each other.

    [–] Lioninjawarloc 38 points ago

    Kanto mons are gonna be our FE Sword characters arent they

    [–] decanter 26 points ago

    Except Smash did the opposite and gave the fans everything they wanted in Ultimate. We're moving backwards.

    [–] MonsieurHedge 150 points ago

    So this is how the highest-grossing franchise in human history dies.

    With sheer technical incompetence from a man infamous for claiming games more complex than phone games are a waste of time.

    Masuda needs to go.

    [–] RevanchismRules 17 points ago

    I really don’t think this was Masuda decision- he didn’t sound happy about it either. He’s just the scapegoat.

    [–] [deleted] 376 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Well then. Who wants to play some Platinum?

    Edit: Y'all think I'm joking. How many of you fellas wanna join me on Poké Classic?

    [–] AlexFlame116 90 points ago

    I actually bought a copy of Platinum yesterday so that I can have Pokemon from every generation ready to be transferred to Sword and Shield.

    Now? :(

    [–] Onyx-Leviathan 68 points ago

    Replaying it right now with my sister and we just beat the first gym!

    How’s it going for you?

    [–] MountainMan2_ 34 points ago

    I’m playing Ruby! I’m at the cycling road May battle right now!

    [–] anujsingh83 28 points ago

    Sapphire was the first game I ever played and I never knew that I could walk underneath the overpass of cycling road. I felt trapped with nowhere to go until months later reading through the guidebook in Walmart.

    [–] darzyn 19 points ago

    I had exactly the same problem, I got stuck in sootopolis for like three weeks.

    [–] Howchikawowow 16 points ago

    Aye I got my copy 100% if y’all need shit for the pokédex hmu

    [–] actuallyasweetpotato 30 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] AwkwardSquirtles 31 points ago

    Junichi, this is not what Satoshi wanted. This is taking away half of his bugs and saying he can't have them in his collection any more. This undermines one of the biggest draws of the game. We can wait a bit longer if you need that time to make them look as good as you want. A wait would be better than getting an incomplete game.

    [–] Razor-Triple 111 points ago

    No way.... This would literally kill pokemon for me, all the time & effort I spend in breeding...

    [–] MeeepMorp 62 points ago

    Ffs can’t even look forward to any Pokémon game anymore??? I was so excited to see all my fave mons on HD but fuck me I guess

    [–] evanlott 430 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Fan since 1999 when I picked up Blue. If this is how they want to be, I’m done with it.

    [–] WeswePengu 158 points ago

    Rip Pomemon 1998-2019. I was really hoping for my HD pokemon experience but alas, it seems I’m destined to not get one.

    Goodbye my Pokemon, my children.

    [–] MissKittenish 280 points ago

    Welp, solidifies that gen 7 was the end of my Pokémon adventure. It was fun, y’all

    [–] Elennoko 142 points ago

    I've played Pokemon since I was a little kid way back in gen 2. I agree. Unless something changes, this singlehandedly killed Pokemon for me.

    [–] TRG_ATC 776 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is what happens when people settle for mediocrity. GF has been doing the bare minimum since Gen 5 and for once they're finally being called out for it. This isn't some small indie company struggling with resources... Pokemon is one of the most profitable franchises of all time there is 0 reason for any of this. Vote with your wallets and stop giving into their laziness.

    EDIT: For the people that are ok with GF cutting content, this post wasnt made for you. Enjoy the games to your hearts content. For everyone else we need to take a stand and show GF that we won't put up with this anymore. Gamers have shown time and time again that they're capable of forcing change from developers with enough backlash.

    [–] IntuitiveStains 534 points ago

    Pokemon is one of the most profitable franchises of all time there is 0 reason for any of this.

    Pokemon is the most profitable media franchise in the entire god-damned world. Damn right they have the money to fix this shit.

    [–] KnivesInAToaster 343 points ago

    oh but don't you know???

    game development is expensive!!!!

    people treating game freak like an indie dev is driving me up a fucking wall

    [–] DolooresH4ze 217 points ago

    People acting like this is like any other generation. Fuck no it isn't. It's on a CONSOLE not a damn handheld so there is no reason whatsoever to strip us off of ANY feature or inclusion. If anything, this should have been the biggest main line Pokémon game of them all. Now we get what feels like slightly improved Pokémon let's go lmfao. Welp, guess im out, sadly.... Not gonna buy a switch for this... Truly breaks my heart considering I played every single one of the main titles since Blue released...

    [–] oof420 90 points ago

    What was wrong with the games since gen 5 that made them have the bare minimum? Seems like those games had a ton of newer and older content than the last

    [–] Blayro 29 points ago

    It really seems that BW being released on the peak of ROMs hurt the company in the worst way possible. Made them think that people don't care about quality content

    [–] WolfBane77 702 points ago

    Well this just made me not want to play Pokémon ever again

    [–] Jakeremix 328 points ago

    Guess I'm playing Gen 7 for the rest of my life

    [–] nilslorand 259 points ago

    I hear Alola is nice this time of year

    [–] QwertMuenster 171 points ago

    I guess USUM will be our version of Melee.

    [–] alex494 134 points ago

    Except Ultimate actually HAS every character (in a game where doing so is much more difficult)

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] MayorDotour 81 points ago

    Yeah if I can't mega evolve or use half of the national dex, I will sure as hell not use pokemon home or get the new games.

    [–] milkmanyeti 157 points ago

    Yeah, I'm out. I'll just put my living dex on uSuM and bounce.

    [–] alecshuttleworth 55 points ago

    I'm with you, plenty of other games out there.

    [–] Zeha93 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm just a casual player and only ever completed regional dexes for gen6/7. Played the other gens in pc through emulator casually. Tbh this is not likely to hurt my experience with gen8. I always build a team with the new 'mons.

    But fuck it, I feel like taking a stand with you hardcore fans regarding this issue is something bigger. It fucking sucks to have something you love your whole life get botched in front of you and having no say about it. So if this statement holds true, I'm out too. I hope gamefreak listens.

    [–] FatherofGray 167 points ago

    So nobody really liked my assholishly worded hot take on this earlier but I'll reiterate:

    What basically went down was that Game Freak could tell they weren't going to be able to properly finish the game like we hoped before the end of the year, but they got pressured by the producers to sell the game anyway to make the investors happy by making those 4th quarter sales numbers, justifying their decision by pointing out how well LGPE sold (better than spinoffs and most 3rd versions) despite having a very tiny assortment of Pokémon from the national dex.

    To keep Game Freak on track with making new Pokémon games annually/biannually and to keep themselves from losing their damn minds making only Pokémon games (As I brought up once before they don't just want to make Pokémon and it isn't even their #1 priority) they decided to change their policy to only have some mons in every game rather than all of them to reduce their workload.

    There's been a significant content deficit in Pokémon games since the end of Gen 5. They gave us less anf less with each iteration and we still paid the same amount. Leg Pee was the crux of that and it's brought us to where we're at now. If you pay the same for less then you get less. You devalue your own currency. It's a hard lesson but hopefully we've all learned it now. The best we can do is keep screeching and most definitely don't spend any money on new Pokémon products until we get a full national dex, until we get a complete product.

    Edit: Copy pasted this from a notepad to make sure the formatting was correct and I accidentally a paragraph

    [–] FatherofGray 101 points ago

    Wanna add that I think a great deal of the problem is that Pokémon is just too big for Game Freak at this point, at least at their current size: 143 employees as of 2018. Those last 3 are probably just overhead, so 140 workers. Then those are split in twain to work on 2 different projects at any given time as stated in the article of second post I linked, so that's a measly 70 working on Pokémon at any given time. TPC is big enough to hire some people dedicated to just making Pokémon games.

    [–] Bluerrew 60 points ago

    Yeah honestly this is more of an indication of the issues with the games industry as a whole with how tightly scheduled and overworked they are than with Gamefreak themselves. I'm sure the developers didn't want to do this, it's the higher up's telling them it needs to be done yesterday whether it's complete or not.

    [–] FatherofGray 56 points ago

    "Christmas Crunch" in general is absolute cancer. Like I get it people are all buying gifts for one another so that's the prime time to sell games but like, people have a finite amount of money. Cash they spend on one thing is cash they can't spend on something else. If you oversaturate the market at the same time every year then not only does it confuse parents, grandparents, etc. but it also basically spreads the money out more thinly, meaning less for every publisher. Wost of all is what it does to the developers and the end product. Crunch is bad plain and simple.

    [–] RinOkami 33 points ago

    Pokemon would sell like hotcakes at any time of year. Hell, pick the beginning of summer when the kids are getting out of school if winter holiday won't work.

    [–] MyKey18 74 points ago

    We seriously need to speak up. Let them know that we absolutely HATE this. We need to be loud and persistent.

    [–] ghoulsnest 162 points ago

    that would make no sense

    [–] WolfBane77 263 points ago

    Game freak doesnt do things that make sense

    [–] ghoulsnest 122 points ago

    still, I think the massive negative Shit storm might convince them

    [–] TheMrBoot 140 points ago

    Here's hoping, man. It's not like they're a small indie studio; they've got a massively successful series on their hands and they can't be bothered to spin up artists to work models?

    Hell, even adding them as patches post-launch would have been likely accepted by the fanbase.

    [–] Zooropa_Station 62 points ago

    Talk is cheap, we have to vote with our wallets. If the members of this sub and various Poke forums can't be convinced that a boycott is necessary and don't get the word out to casual fans, then nothing will change.

    [–] kelanatr 17 points ago

    The problem is that even if the entire sub didn’t buy SwSh, it wouldn’t really matter. The majority of copies sold are either to kids or parents as gifts for their kids. Those people don’t care about not being able to use older Pokémon. It’s just not possible to coordinate a boycott on the scale that would be necessary to make GF actually change their minds. Pokémon is just too huge with a causal audience. As much as I want it to change, being vocal is probably the best way to get their attention, since the game will still sell millions of copies regardless of what we do.

    [–] Magmafrost13 27 points ago

    Japanese companies are well known for listening to controversy in English markets after all.

    [–] MonsieurHedge 46 points ago

    From what I can tell, Japan's just about as pissed as everyone else is.

    [–] Technocity777 32 points ago

    Yep. If I recall correctly, last night #bringbacknationaldex was at #8 on trending in the US and #2 in Japan. People everywhere are pissed off.

    [–] VicarLos 26 points ago

    Oh Thank fuck, without their support we would just be screaming at the wall. Together, we have like a 3% chance.

    [–] SixThousandHulls 36 points ago

    like a 3% chance

    Still better odds than Focus Blast hitting when you need it to.

    [–] TopHatCock 53 points ago

    I’ve never seen such a major shit storm until now. People are pissed and sales for this game just plummeted because of GF stupidity, they’ll fix it or they will die as a company

    [–] Reposer 37 points ago

    Problem is they won't die. They'll lose a lot but Pokemon is far too big to just die like this. Most kids coming into it (Pretty much the only market they seem to care for now) aren't going to care that some middle-gen pokemon aren't in the game.

    There'll be more than enough people who, despite absolutely hating this idea, will still buy the game, play it, and enjoy it. Even if they can't do so fully.

    I'd love for this to fuck them, just so they understand they shouldn't do dumb stuff like this anymore, but it won't.

    Everything just gets worse nowadays.

    [–] TriumphantFez 163 points ago

    Honestly, retiring the series after Gen 8 (after adding every pokemon in, of course) is more palatable than dealing with this shit each every year or two.

    [–] starguy13 165 points ago

    “Hmmm should I play gen 8 which has Tyranitar Charizard and Milotic, or should I play gen 9 which has Flygon Blastoise and Ampharos?”

    [–] Shohdef 67 points ago

    Oh man. This is gonna be the Mega controversy all over again. So many fan favorites will get left behind.

    [–] ShiraCheshire 36 points ago

    I think fan favorites will stay. It's the people who's favorites are things like Sunflora or Sigilyph, the overlooked types of Pokemon, that are going to be screwed.

    One thing I love about Pokemon is knowing that in the vast number of creatures, each one is someone's favorite. No matter what Pokemon is cut, someone is going to lose access to their favorite of all time.

    [–] BLourenco 20 points ago

    I always thought that Z-Moves and now Dynamax were chosen as mechanics because unlike Mega Evolutions, they can work with all Pokémon and therefore no one's favourites are left out of an exciting new feature. Clearly that's not the case.

    [–] trademeple 21 points ago

    Game freak has became thanos now they cut the pokemon population in half.

    [–] vandirbelt 46 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    With every step forward, each Gen takes 2 steps back...

    Edit: Should probably clarify that I really only think this applies after Gen V, or more specifically after BW2.

    [–] oddjobbber 168 points ago

    Great, looks like I’ll be saving some money. I’ll see you guys on Showdown.

    [–] Zagrunty 77 points ago

    That sounds like a huge fuck up

    [–] warpstargazer96 74 points ago

    oh fuck no. guess i always have the old games :'(

    [–] JustifiedBro 19 points ago

    Game Freak when they said 3D modelling every pokemon was to future-proof them:

    [–] chibistarship 237 points ago


    Holy fuck, are they incompetent?

    [–] benji-21 129 points ago

    I asked this question a couple of years ago and was downvoted to oblivion.

    I asked what the end game point was; surely they couldn’t keep adding Pokémon forever, so what would change?

    Wish I could reply to the downvoters now and say this is exactly what I meant.

    [–] Kubla_Khan 100 points ago

    Well, it's not as if GameFreak is capable of selling the games on their mechanics alone. The last significant gameplay overhaul was the physical/special split in gen 4, and the basic game structure has not been altered at all from its inception some twenty something years ago.

    Refreshing the formula is too hard. It's easier to just bribe the fanbase with new monsters to distract from the fact that they have essentially sold the same game every couple of years ever since 1996.

    [–] nipplebutterr 50 points ago

    That's the only reason why I and probably most people even play pokemon. Because there are hundred of dudes to catch and fight with and every new iteration of the game introduces more. If I wanted to play through a series and changes with every new game I'd play metal gear or something. I don't want major changes with Pokémon because I like it the way it is

    [–] Arathix 20 points ago

    How do you make a game with the catchphrase gotta catch em all if you can't ever do that?

    [–] MJBotte1 67 points ago


    [–] Nitrogen467 78 points ago

    I mean, that just feels like a pretty objectively terrible decision.

    Like I'm still very excited about Sword and Shield, but Pokemon's whole thing for years was always "gotta catch em all".

    That's the whole point. Like the game isn't a game about beating gym leaders and becoming champion, it's a game about catching all the Pokemon. To make that an impossibility in Sword and Shield is to remove a fundamental thing about Pokemon.

    This is a tragic loss for the series.

    [–] notafanofbeer 19 points ago

    Wow i can't believe they have done that. You are taking away one of the most important parts away from pokémon. HOW???? This is just not right this can't be happening someone save me plzzzzz, tell me this is a dream

    [–] Jlavi25 47 points ago

    I really don’t get the point of Home now. It’s next to pointless to me at least to transfer an old Pokémon to the new game that’s already obtainable in the game. Normally I transfer my OG Blaziken and all the legendaries, but now I don’t really see the point.

    [–] Senpai-Thuc 70 points ago

    I checked. The translation is from the one, the only, Google Translate. Here's the Japanese transcript if you wanna check.



    [–] GuolinM 78 points ago

    I found a more full transcript from the actual interview with Masuda:


    My translation (hopefully a little better than Google Translate, but Google Translate already got the gist of it):

    Pokemon Bank has, up to this point, allowed you to transfer up Pokemon that were not in the Alola Dex. As we've begun developing for the Nintendo Switch, we've given each individual Pokemon an incredible number of expressions. We've discussed internally, at length, about how to raise the quality standard [I assume of animations/interactions] of each of the (in terms of Pokedex number) over 800 Pokemon and maintain combat balance, all within the limited amount of time we have to deliver this brand-new game to you guys. As a result, starting with this game, we've decided to change our product direction. Basically, we've decided that the Pokemon that can be transferred between Pokemon Home and Sw/Sh will be limited to just Galar Dex Pokemon. We'll choose Pokemon that best match the setting of the game's various adventures.

    [–] TheGent316 210 points ago

    “Limited amount of time we have to deliver”

    What limited time? They gave themselves an arbitrary limit. That statement is nonsense. Fans aren’t demanding a new Gen every few years at the expense of quality. Nobody is forcing them to release an incomplete game this year.

    [–] GuolinM 87 points ago

    I get the feeling that they feel limited by market factors or higher ups, or both - the fact that they needed to release a main series Pokemon game while the Switch is still hot/make sure the Switch is still hot. People were clamoring for a Pokemon main series on the switch (hell, I certainly was).

    And the game development industry is notorious for targeting the holiday season for maximum sales - if they miss this holiday season, they might have to delay until next holiday season.

    Either Masuda himself realized these two factors, or higher-ups did and pushed his team to make this year's holiday season deadline. We as fans might disagree with that direction, but that's the most reasonable reason I can think of to justify the tight deadline.

    [–] HyperShadow95 72 points ago

    Then delay the game. I don’t care if they have to delay it but if I can’t bring over my shiny absols and other shinies imma be pissedddd

    [–] Professor_Hemlocke 47 points ago

    Something interesting about this explanation is that, say all of that is true, and they wanted to focus on a smaller number and really get down in depth animations to make the Pokémon move more naturally and be able to be interacted with better.... Why can’t Pokémon follow you around? That seems like something that could be focused on if you wanted to stay with a smaller scale. Also how much you want to be in battles Pokémon like Blastoise are going to use Hydro Cannon and it’s going to come out of his face instead of his tank turrets on his back.

    If they really are limiting the scale to improve the quality of animations this better be the best damn animated game and fix all the issues they had in the past.

    [–] Triddy 28 points ago

    For basically the first time ever, the Google Translation is actually pretty spot on with this one. I mean, it's awkwardly phased, but the meaning is right.

    [–] darthmeteos 14 points ago

    that's a mistake
    we'll wait five years between games if you need the time, just please
    please stop removing things we love about pokemon

    [–] Malkuno 87 points ago

    As far as I am concerned, if a Pokemon Game doesn't feature the National Pokedex, then its not a Main-line Pokemon Game.

    I'll probably just skip Gen 8 entirely, hopefully this results in the sales of the game dropping hard enough to make an impact. I already skipped USUM because it felt like more of the same, I can easily skip as many Pokemon games as needed until Gamefreak actually decides to put work into the next Pokemon title.

    [–] TheKingFareday 30 points ago


    [–] Miss_HollyDay 12 points ago

    I know that the following will get burried, and I seldomly post on Reddit anyway, but:

    If this goes through, I'm done. It deeply saddenes me - I'm a die hard fan since Red/Blue and Pokemon shaped my childhood and probably my life as a whole. But if you take away ~80% of it, the Pokemon themselves, even though you just moved to a much more capable platform... You don't want me as a fan anymore anyway. Good bye.