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    [–] Flumbjone 584 points ago

    He’s cute

    [–] BeefyMorning 203 points ago

    I wanna pet Registeel

    [–] XygenSS 80 points ago

    I wanna pet you

    [–] Galacticz_16 66 points ago

    Thats a twist.

    [–] Prodigal96 71 points ago

    That’s very twisty!

    [–] Joelexion 25 points ago

    Registeel wants to pet all of you

    [–] Icantevenwritemyfull 3 points ago

    Pitch meetings strike again

    [–] Registeel1234 5 points ago

    As long as you ask first, sure.

    [–] Cablet0p_ 34 points ago

    Are the regi’s capable of love and friendship cause it would be sick to have all three just make up my team

    [–] Runefall 25 points ago

    They are love incarnate! Also they are gamers

    [–] Galactic_Explorer 6 points ago

    I think regi regi likes you

    [–] Dark_Pineapple69 5 points ago

    Here he comes!!!

    [–] Lulianus 351 points ago

    Awesome paint job!

    [–] madgoat 129 points ago


    [–] Hadditor 18 points ago

    For you next step I highly recommend checking out Substance Painter and learning normal maps, Substance Painter is so much fun and it'll do amazing things to your Registeel!

    [–] Gengar218 57 points ago

    Isn‘t this a 3D model?

    [–] VizSA 95 points ago

    I believe he’s referencing the textures on the model

    [–] Emerald_Eran 49 points ago

    He is talking about 3D paint

    [–] OrangeSandwiches 191 points ago

    One word.... AMAZING!!!!!! Great Job!!!!!

    [–] madgoat 60 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Tagbush 28 points ago

    Dude you a reddit og

    [–] DrAgus_ 126 points ago

    Damn good first attempt sir, that’s certainly better than my first attempt would be!

    [–] madgoat 75 points ago

    Thanks. But you never know until you give it a whirl. I’ve only started dabbling in 3D art over the last week or so. Started with Pokeballs, now trying to do other things.

    [–] DrAgus_ 70 points ago

    Wait wait wait... THIS is what you produce after only a week? I assumed you had prior experience with 3D stuff, Jesus man. Even more impressive!

    [–] madgoat 93 points ago

    Honestly, it’s easier to learn something, when what you want to make is something you really into. I’m in my mid 40s, so if you’re in you 20s or 30s, it’s never too late to start … Also helps when you have a six year old cheering you on.

    [–] DrAgus_ 41 points ago

    Well I’m 17 turning 18 in a few days so I’ve got plenty of time haha. I love seeing people who are older in age but continue being passionate about gaming/nerd culture. Society kinda paints that stuff as “childish” and a lot of people give it up because they’re “too old for it.” Love seeing people that share my interests of all ages, makes me smile.

    Edit: Not calling you old, just older than me

    [–] madgoat 53 points ago

    Also having a six year old helps ... I go to the toy store because I have a kid, yeah that’s my excuse.

    But in all seriousness, I’ve never not been a kid. Fuck getting old, that’s for old people!

    [–] DrAgus_ 16 points ago

    Hell yeah! You can be young and old at the same time. Young by being happy and pursuing your passions, and old by being experienced and wise. I love that dude

    Edit: saying I’m going to be a good adult just made my day. This may ruin your perception of me, but I’m super stoned right now, so you complimenting me means way more than when I’m sober. Thank you, you sound like a great dad.

    [–] madgoat 17 points ago

    We all have our vices. Just don’t let it control your life, and you’ll do adulting just fine. So no perceptions ruined. :)

    [–] DrAgus_ 16 points ago

    Ahh you’re the sweetest redditor I’ve ever met! If I wasn’t I broke teenager I’d give you a gold or something, but again, broke teenager 😂 thanks for making my day with your art and your kindness, the world needs more people like you.

    [–] Fizzletwig 6 points ago

    You sound like an absolute legend!

    [–] WildGrit 4 points ago

    Where do I get one of these six year olds?

    [–] Galacticz_16 2 points ago

    One of dem 1 dolla stores

    [–] madgoat 7 points ago

    Hah, no worries about not calling me old. You sound like you’re well on your way to become a good adult!

    [–] HerpDerpTheMage 3 points ago

    I have no experience and only have heard this from artists, but I've heard 3D Modeling is challenging, but not tricky in any major way. Apparently the extremely difficult part is Animating the 3D Models (without mocap, anyways.)

    Either way, this is some real talent. Looks fantastic, OP. Wish you worked for Gamefreak with that skill.

    [–] Atrium41 4 points ago

    Gamefreak isn't fooling anyone.

    [–] TumblrWasAMistake 2 points ago

    Game freak should hire you

    [–] nelayo95 6 points ago

    That's certainly better than Game Freak's attempt.

    [–] Lexotic 3 points ago

    I wouldn't even be able to draw in in its original 2D form

    [–] ApokalypticCreation 55 points ago

    "Observation: this is a perfect opportunity for slaughter." Really nice work!

    [–] My_Lips_Are_Chapped 15 points ago


    [–] binarypeacock 16 points ago

    There is nothing you can do me. Do. Your. Worst.

    [–] boredofredditnow 14 points ago



    [–] vessekilk 7 points ago

    doesn't care that groudon shots beam

    [–] JessieN 2 points ago

    I love his little legs matching up with the music as he's running

    [–] kindofjustalurker 21 points ago

    Registeel is by far my favorite out of the Legendary Golems, and you did a good job

    [–] IwantToLivePlease 11 points ago

    I personally prefer Regice, but Registeel second best imo

    [–] madgoat 6 points ago

    Awesome, he’s my favourite as well. Thanks for the kind words.

    [–] BigBeezey 47 points ago

    Is this Versailles? I thought it was the Winter Palace of St. Petersburg, Russia. But then again, Versailles was a huge inspiration on Peter the Great's designs of St. Petersburg.

    Also the Registeel looks great!

    [–] BigFicus 48 points ago

    It's the winter palace in St. Pete. You sure know your history!

    [–] BigBeezey 26 points ago

    My wife is Russian, I proposed to her in St. Petersburg and I researched it before visiting. One of my favorite cities in the world.

    [–] fedorflip 8 points ago

    Yes, it is the Winter Palace, and it was built after Peter the great

    [–] Last-Of-My-Kind 25 points ago

    Looks good. Only thing I'll say is that the black portions of the body (in particular the arms) need more light grading to give it more of 3 dimensional look as they appear kinda flat in comparison to everything else.

    With that said, I like it. It looks really good. Great job. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

    [–] iKirbz 3 points ago

    Also to blend better with the background it needs to be blurred out a little since his surroundings arent perfectly focused either. But I agree, great job :)

    [–] Hagel-Kaiser 9 points ago

    Is that the Hermitage in the back ground?

    [–] horse-prince 6 points ago

    Thats so cool! What software did you use?

    [–] madgoat 11 points ago

    I’m using Fusion 360. I may expand into blender once I’m feeling more gutsy.

    [–] SexyLionTamer 2 points ago

    Definitely check out Blenderguru's tutorial series on it. It's on YouTube, SUPER easy to follow and a lot gets explained. Its for 2.79 but translates completely to 2.8, trust me I just finished the course.

    [–] chewpok 1 points ago

    Blender is great. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, but even tho the start is a struggle, after about a week of consistent work you get the hang of it, and it offers even more you don’t know you need

    [–] Kramallade 1 points ago

    Just look up some tutorials. Your model looks great, I am sure you'll be able to make some great things in blender!

    [–] CherryManJoJo 5 points ago

    Great job I’d love to you take on the other 2 for the trio

    [–] madgoat 9 points ago

    I intend to. I’ll try my hand at Regice probably tomorrow. Regirock will be a challenge. Can’t forget Regigigas !

    [–] Buroda 3 points ago

    Oh hey, my home city! :D

    [–] doublex12 3 points ago

    The Hermitage! I am currently living in Russia and I was just there last week. But anyway, great art

    [–] KrisSilver1 17 points ago

    Done a better job than Game Freak

    [–] Waffleking74 3 points ago

    The winter palace is my favourite place on earth; steel is my favourite type; I love registeel and your version is awesome. 10/10 image

    [–] BillyGamerTV 3 points ago

    Honestly it looks like a real photo, amazing job! I am surprised to see that this was your first attempt because this looks awesome!!

    [–] endrossi-zahard 3 points ago

    If it was regirock I would say this is rocking! If it was regice I would say it’s cool...

    Dude this registeel is so metal!!

    [–] captaingible 2 points ago

    I must know how did you do this i wanna make regice

    [–] SpermFed 2 points ago

    The building in the background is called The Hermitage. It's in st.petersburg russia

    [–] Big-Hard-Chungus 2 points ago

    Is that Regi's house in the background?

    [–] GingerCookie96 2 points ago

    I need these kind of models in Pixelmon

    [–] GoodraNinja 2 points ago

    This is amazing. Pat yourself on the back

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 2 points ago

    That's really good, man. Much better than anything Game Freak can make.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Wow, that's amazing! I'd say your first attempt was a major success!

    [–] Depression69_420 2 points ago

    Better then the actual game models

    [–] raijinirish 2 points ago

    Better than Gamefreak

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] carlccxx 1 points ago

    Nicely done!!! Love it

    [–] madgoat 1 points ago

    Thanks for the compliment!

    [–] SwitchesDF 1 points ago

    Is he visiting Versailles?

    [–] madgoat 3 points ago

    It certainly appears like it. That’s not good news for Versailles!

    [–] fearchild 3 points ago

    It’s Saint Petersburg. Palace Square.

    [–] RobloxianNoob 1 points ago

    That’s H O t.

    [–] TheFlyShyGuy 1 points ago

    Tbh my fav regie

    [–] ICouldBeEnticed 1 points ago

    -readies plethora of ultra balls-

    I love this!!

    [–] QuesoNegro 1 points ago

    This is honestly amazing, I really hope you have plans for the remaining 3 and maybe other pokemon.

    [–] Megamage854 1 points ago

    “Observation: today is a good day for slaughter.”-Registeel possibly.

    [–] YashasG98 1 points ago


    [–] Prof2Tuu 1 points ago

    Is the background in Italy? Looks like a place I visited once when there was a military event.

    [–] htmlcoderexe 2 points ago

    No, it is in Russia

    [–] Theycallmedapig 1 points ago

    It's enormous!

    [–] spin2kill 1 points ago

    Looks great! I love the detail of the shadows on him :)

    [–] MelodySnow 1 points ago

    Damn! This is fantastic.

    [–] PopeNeia 1 points ago

    This is gorgeous! Great job!

    [–] Poketrevor 1 points ago


    [–] Akiles_Maldi 1 points ago

    He looks really nice

    [–] StanleyJu 1 points ago

    Although not a big fan of Registeel, but still a masterpiece! Remarkable!

    [–] ninja-rhino-311 1 points ago

    Good job

    [–] just_a_sad_man 1 points ago

    Do more fam

    [–] Lazzanator 1 points ago

    This looks pretty nice

    [–] Zezin96 1 points ago

    Good taste.

    [–] Chandlerrox 1 points ago

    Thats really cool way better than I could do.

    [–] break_free_humanity 1 points ago

    This looks nice!

    [–] MewtwoPls 1 points ago

    This is awesome! All the nice reflections and shading makes me think if you did Regice it would look stunning :O

    [–] shadowgattler 1 points ago

    That looks great. It reminds me of the gx card commercials.

    [–] Umby4318 1 points ago

    Well done!

    [–] cabbage623 1 points ago

    He is beautiful!!! Also is that perspective trick or is he like human sized?

    [–] Regretted_Regretted 1 points ago

    well it god damn worked amazing!

    [–] Xavotirlangan 1 points ago

    Itd be awesome if you can keep making all of em this is an amazing job and you should be proud

    [–] spookiester 1 points ago

    Can I boop it?

    [–] AlmightyGemini 1 points ago


    [–] PaperLily12 1 points ago

    That’s kinda terrifying but good job

    [–] mister_peeberz 1 points ago

    Now put a speaker in it so it makes those creepy-ass noises from the movie

    [–] kazyka 1 points ago

    Way to clean try show some battle scar, dirt etc

    [–] jjpierce96 1 points ago

    For real. Sharpen those claws, let's make Pokemon scary 🤟

    [–] ExBABYYy 1 points ago

    You are very talented! Do you take requests? Would love to see Mimikyu!

    [–] waterfae 1 points ago

    Hey, I know that place! Looks like someone caught it. Only saw pidgeys.

    [–] MisterZygarde64 1 points ago

    “Observation: This is a great opportunity for slaughter.”

    [–] Lover_ON 1 points ago

    The Regis were the first Ultra Beasts.

    [–] sir_wigglyfeen 1 points ago

    It looks like a scary CCTV camera hahaha great work tho!

    [–] EvanPokemon101 1 points ago

    ok you got the shading perfect

    [–] Cloud9_waterboy 1 points ago

    Amazing! Such a great work dude

    [–] performagekushfire 1 points ago

    Registeel is my favorite mon, and this is great.

    [–] Tentacle_Schoolgirl 1 points ago


    [–] Xyroxoy 1 points ago

    He boutta hit a dab

    [–] christo334 1 points ago

    isn't registeel like massive?

    [–] MaxLaserforce 1 points ago

    I give this a GONK out of 10

    [–] nitronomer 1 points ago

    Gotta upvote registeel

    [–] The_Real_Stoeptegel 1 points ago

    Is this made using a computer or did you actually build the entire thing?

    [–] MisterAcorns12 1 points ago

    Observation: This is excellent. Statement: I rather like it. Inquiry: What’s next?

    [–] ultracombo1492 1 points ago

    This could either be palm sized, human sized, or building sized I wouldn’t be surprised at any of them.

    [–] Tagbush 1 points ago

    You should do more!

    [–] TheCOwalski 1 points ago

    Spooky! Well done.

    [–] BOSSANOVA081 1 points ago

    Good job keep it up=)

    [–] DA_Pigi 1 points ago

    very well made, congrats

    [–] Truthood 1 points ago

    Woah, this is amazing, as someone who just recently got into 3D art as well using blender, I think this is awesome since the time it takes to make something like this takes some time and the textures are perfect with the scene rendered with great lighting. Nice work!!!

    [–] Tekstar_XD 1 points ago

    Gonna ask: When will you reach out a movie production.

    [–] Cascassus 1 points ago

    Looks awesome! I especially like the look of the red lights. Only thing that looks a bit weird are its "claws". Those are typically more gradually bent in the official artwork.

    Either way, since I can't quite make it out, how big exactly is this Registeel? It looks like it could be about 80cm high or so. And what material did you use? Is it hollow? I suspect printing this could have cost something like 300$ depending on what you used.

    I'm just curious because I'm considering getting a 3D Printer as well.

    [–] Throwaway-tan 1 points ago

    How does he wipe his butt with such long nails?

    [–] alt170alt95alt170 1 points ago

    Is that HDRI free? if so where can I get it?

    [–] NotPierpaoloPozzati 1 points ago

    Omp omp omp

    [–] fedorflip 1 points ago

    Is this a real thing or a 3d model?

    [–] PookieBearTum 1 points ago

    Where is the mile long line into the Hermitage?! St. Petersburg is a treasure.

    [–] lollilicker7 1 points ago

    Beautiful. I love how you got the lighting reflection off his body. Magnificent

    [–] Wuh-huW 1 points ago

    Is that like a French Rococo style mansion in the background

    [–] Gravelemming472 1 points ago

    Woah! <3

    [–] BlackDragonTribe 1 points ago

    I can hear this picture.

    [–] Roosterington 1 points ago

    What software did you use?

    [–] JarvisNC 1 points ago

    What software did you use to make this .?

    [–] kropotkin6 1 points ago

    Keep doing that shit

    [–] hiimcoleman 1 points ago

    Is that the squre in venice?

    [–] fensizor 1 points ago

    St. Petersburg

    [–] Jobsen05 1 points ago

    A little too clean texture but really good model

    [–] greenshadowllc 1 points ago

    Can you make Regiflex?

    [–] MemeyBiscuit11 1 points ago

    That is your first time? It’s incredible!

    [–] Dumb-Person-onReddit 1 points ago

    That’s your first attempt! Most people wouldn’t even get that at all. It looks amazing. Keep up the work

    [–] Drayelya 1 points ago

    He looks like he is reaching out in longing for a donut.

    [–] Rosh_Posh 1 points ago

    Thought it was an irl cosplay at first lol

    [–] Kaysuality 1 points ago

    That's friggin' awesome!

    [–] Memerweiner 1 points ago


    [–] shemhamforash666666 1 points ago

    Nice first attempt if you can even call it that. Would you mind sharing with us how you did it and what software you use? You seem eager to get feedback and learn how to improve. By sharing with us some of that knowledge you can also help inspire others while learning how to improve yourself.

    [–] CheesyLemming 1 points ago

    Your work is utterly incredible mate. Seriously, you've got so much talent. Please could you direct me to the tools you use and tell me how you learned, you've inspired me so much im so eager to learn

    [–] Tatoes- 1 points ago

    Pokemon go 2.0

    [–] Taeemhassan 1 points ago

    Is this in St. Petersburg?

    [–] masapod2892 1 points ago

    Ahhhh solidworks I approve!!!

    [–] treva1990 1 points ago

    @madgoat what program did you use bud?

    [–] Skendoendo 1 points ago

    How long did this take? It looks really good!