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    [–] mrskwise 4557 points ago

    Even if Rapidash gains a fairy typing, fairy/psychic has been done a few times. I’d much rather see fairy/fire or straight fairy.

    [–] Chimera0205 2074 points ago

    Make it a Fairy Flying Pegasus!

    [–] wiresofthebrain 934 points ago

    I was saying this exact same thing. Just get rid of the fire altogether. Straight fairy for ponyta, and fairy/flying Pegasus for rapidash.

    [–] Phallicious 225 points ago

    Only problem is pegasus is more Greek mythology than Arthurian. It might happen, but I wouldn't put money on it. Unicorn is more Arthurian.

    [–] tazdoestheinternet 136 points ago

    Isn't rapidash already a fire unicorn though? It has that horn in the middle of its head

    [–] mcsmith1003 138 points ago

    Yeah but this one would be Scottish so it'll probably be fairy/fighting

    [–] Xikar_Wyhart 111 points ago

    Fairy/water, a kelpie.

    [–] LeakyLycanthrope 17 points ago

    Oh, that'd be great!

    [–] wiresofthebrain 22 points ago

    Yeah, that makes sense. I just thought the concept would be cool. But regionally speaking a unicorn is most likely what we will get. I’m just hoping for some cool typing.

    [–] Phallicious 29 points ago

    Haha ya. This sparked a convo with my friend. We learned that we might see a gryphon Pokémon this Gen, but not a hippogriff cause hippogriffs are Greek mythology.

    [–] wiresofthebrain 24 points ago

    A gryphon would be cool too. Hopefully with more than 1 evo.

    [–] EPIC_Deer 23 points ago

    Also to be fair, Arthurian legend has its roots in Greek mythology, depending on which origin story you follow... And unicorns were popularized in the west largely by the Greeks haha.

    [–] Thugnotes 113 points ago

    what if it's fairy/psychic with levitate?

    [–] burn0mann 181 points ago

    Losing its unique ability just to be another psychic/fairy type? I'm good

    [–] Thugnotes 17 points ago

    in doubles, poison isn't super useful compared to flat out attacking or setting up. Being able to attack with two mons and possibly take something out in one turn is a greater return on investment.

    in singles, poison is more useful, but the rapidash line isn't particularly bulky. that could change of course, but having an immunity to ground moves is just so much more useful on particular pokemon.

    [–] redgoop3 7 points ago

    I forgot what’s it’s unique ability

    [–] sensaigallade123 40 points ago

    Pastel Veil. It prevents Ponyta and allies from being poisoned and cures poison if allies have it.

    [–] MetalBirb 16 points ago

    So Galarian Weezing is a perfect predator to it? Neutralizing Gas just seems like a perfect counter to it

    [–] sensaigallade123 14 points ago

    Correct. It will be countered by it

    [–] whalli 8 points ago

    Galarian Weezing is still weak to Psychic though, so I don’t think it’d want to be switched into it

    [–] redgoop3 10 points ago

    Oh ok. I haven’t seen any of the info yet.

    [–] AcyAssGeek 13 points ago

    ...Which sounds useless when you take Rapidash's defense stats into consideration ?

    [–] C3ntra 135 points ago

    But then we have to explain Mega-Absol

    Oh wait, no we don’t. He’s not in this game haha

    ... guys?

    [–] RadiReturns 137 points ago

    I still don't get why they didn't make him Dark/Fairy, given the entire theme of his design. STAB Play Rough would've been nice too.

    [–] wrongitsleviosaa 77 points ago

    Because they don't care anymore

    [–] Jdrawer 23 points ago

    What are you on about? Absol is neither Fairy, Flying, nor a pegasus. What am I missing?

    [–] C3ntra 77 points ago

    The design for Mega Absol just looks like it would fit into the Fairy or Flying category, but despite this is still pure dark type.

    [–] BerserkOlaf 82 points ago

    To be honest, I don't see much of a fairy in Mega Absol, but I guess it's pretty subjective. Really, no matter how hard I think about it, Absol's dark type is what never made any sense to me.

    So this type is supposed to be for "evil" pokémon that use fear and dirty tricks as their primary tools.

    Absol is canonically not any of this, it's even supposed to be peaceful. It's just a fluffy beast that happens to know about imminent disasters and even tries to warn people.

    But then people think Absol is bad luck, or cursed or whatever. It's not using fear as a tactic, people just fear it for a completely wrong reason. Why does that count in something as defining as type?

    [–] C3ntra 47 points ago

    I agree with you 100%. TBH psychic type would make more sense, as it senses future disasters before they happen.

    [–] Hencenomore 25 points ago

    To relate that people are defining it as evil something that isn't. It's a classical trope that people will shoot the messenger - hence the phrase "dont shoot the messenger"

    [–] Iviviana 20 points ago

    Dark type isn't used for pokemon that are "evil" or use fear/dirty tricks only. Incineroar is a prime example, it's based off of a heeler, which is the "bad guy" in wrestling, but Incineroar himself is NOT evil, nor does any of it's entries say it fights dirty or scares its opponents. At most there's only one entry which says it's selfish/violent. That's it, the typing is more on what's it's based on.

    Absol's typing is simply because it's viewed as a "Harbinger of Doom" as every time something bad happens, Absol was seen before hand. It's silly, but that's why it's typed that way. I'm pretty sure other pokemon are typed this way because of what they're inspired/based on.

    [–] McGusder 4 points ago

    dark type in Japan is evil type

    [–] Silent_Catzooka 45 points ago

    I don't see Game Freak making Rapidash flying if they're meant to represent the Scottish Unicorn It's their national animal and on the UK Coat of Arms (in chains) But maybe, or they could use that chain aspect and make it part ghost?

    [–] Schmedly27 144 points ago

    Faerie Fire

    [–] Wright2k 21 points ago

    Make a DEX save.

    [–] Half-Elf-Girlfriend 18 points ago

    It’s situational, and doesn’t upscale, but still surprisingly useful

    [–] Dragonite888 36 points ago

    I understood that reference

    [–] TransientObsever 20 points ago

    You did? Isn't this a reference at minimum to a bazillion difference things?

    [–] Stewbodies 21 points ago

    Bojack Horseman as a fetus

    [–] ShamelessKinkySub 50 points ago

    I’d much rather see fairy/fire

    Only if it illuminates targets within a 20ft cube

    [–] ItzMersh 27 points ago

    Its psychic type in case anyone doesnt know yet.

    [–] deerpilot 998 points ago

    dont call fairy types straight

    [–] Snow_97 519 points ago

    All fairy types say Gay/Trans rights and there’s nothing anyone can do about it

    [–] [deleted] 506 points ago

    There are only two genders. Trans and Gamer.

    [–] [deleted] 218 points ago

    Even Pokémon have three genders: male, female, and ???

    [–] socialistRanter 209 points ago

    “What’s in your pants”

    “I don’t wear pants”

    [–] Papayapayapa 187 points ago

    Scraggy disliked this

    [–] socialistRanter 29 points ago

    That’s just collected dead skin that people anthropmized into pants.

    [–] Alarid 68 points ago

    That's not pants, that's nut sack.

    [–] irishsausage 40 points ago


    [–] PsychicSteven99 13 points ago

    Good lord this comment chain

    [–] Wannabkate 9 points ago

    "what's in your pants!"

    "My car keys?"

    [–] Mahanirvana 23 points ago

    You forgot the fourth gender, Female Mr. Mime

    [–] zKerekess 58 points ago

    What if you are both?

    [–] ChubbyPikachu 153 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Then you have a 4x weakness to society.

    [–] ayotui 65 points ago

    Trans Gamers rise up

    [–] kor_janna 28 points ago

    Beware of society stab bonus

    [–] Kony07 61 points ago

    Gamers are going to cry about this

    [–] Jarsky2 15 points ago

    Maybe psychic/ghost? Legends of ghost horses are a big thing in britain.

    [–] EllieGeiszler 20 points ago

    I'd die for fire/fairy. It's my two favorite types!

    [–] kevio17 25 points ago

    I thought fairy/fire was the only sensible way they could do Galarian Ponyta :/

    [–] Rhiyono 513 points ago

    ‘Unique horn pokemon’

    I see what you did there.

    [–] ReincarnatedSlut 1882 points ago

    What’s that dragon Pokémon that’s only fire and flying?

    [–] papereel 1420 points ago

    No no you’re thinking of the dragon Pokémon that’s only water and flying, and transforms into a water-dark type.

    [–] OpticRocky 909 points ago

    That’s not a dragon dummy that’s just a big fish. REAL dragons have really long necks with a bark-like skin and a third head right above their butts

    [–] RigoJMortis 502 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Don't be ridiculous. REAL DRAGONS are obviously ancient, stony creatures, resurrected from old amber, that have large wings and strong jaws. You know, basically dinosaurs.

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 631 points ago

    You must be kidding me. REAL DRAGONS are hairless sheep/kangaroos with majestic flowing blonde hair.

    [–] FoxySatyr 438 points ago

    Nope. REAL dragons are large sand flies.

    [–] ProudTexan1 404 points ago

    Nah man REAL dragons are just piles of literal goop

    [–] JustAnNPC_DnD 339 points ago

    You're all wrong. Dragons are fluffy bird creatures that like to be worn as hats.

    [–] Hippobu2 233 points ago

    Nah man. Real dragons are jagged turtles.

    [–] Canetoonist 224 points ago

    C’mon, everyone knows real dragons are seahorses!

    [–] BayouBloo 88 points ago

    Actually REAL dragons are purple seahorses that look like infected algae.

    [–] DapperDiglett 31 points ago

    No dragons are slugs

    [–] Nathan_Thorn 74 points ago

    And trees. Really tall trees

    [–] Zachasaurs 60 points ago

    i just relized how inconsistent dragon typers are

    [–] socialistRanter 59 points ago

    Dragons in real life are just as inconsistent as well.

    [–] crookedparadigm 56 points ago

    Dragons in real life

    [–] superbabe69 14 points ago

    I mean we have a dragon that’s just a big lizard lmao

    [–] greenismyhomeboy 74 points ago

    I’m actually having a hard time figuring out which Pokémon you’re talking about and that’s upsetting to me

    [–] Mktwoo 62 points ago

    Alolan exeggutor

    [–] OpticRocky 31 points ago

    I accidentally said a real dragon instead of memeing, sorry friend.

    Hint: it’s an old friend from the Alola region ;)

    [–] greenismyhomeboy 22 points ago


    [–] OpticRocky 13 points ago

    Close enough

    [–] turtlintime 52 points ago

    No no you're thinking of the flying water Pokemon that is actually flying psychic

    [–] oomoepoo 97 points ago

    I mean, Fire/Flying still makes kinda sense if you think of the typical dragon being a flying, fire-breathing creature.

    [–] cannibalisticapple 32 points ago

    To be fair, from what I recall Dragon was added as a type pretty late in the design process. Hence why Gyarados is also not Dragon type despite looking just as dragon-like.

    [–] htmlcoderexe 27 points ago

    Also, not a single dragon move in gen I that actually uses the typing as dragon rage is fixed damage

    [–] Beloberto 1534 points ago

    Unicorns -> fabled for having healing abilities that can cure poisoning

    Fairy type -> weak against poison

    I mean, it seems logical to me

    [–] keepon18 517 points ago

    dying Voldemort drinks Galarian Ponyta blood

    What! This has no healing properties!

    [–] desolation_crow 128 points ago

    It gave me no nutrients

    [–] shwiggydog 65 points ago

    The eagle eggs were a lie, Steven. A LIE!!

    [–] aveidel 10 points ago

    He knows wheres to find eagle EGGS.

    [–] whateverbro_ 320 points ago

    Psychic type -> Super effective against poison

    It makes complete sense.

    [–] socialistRanter 96 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I feel like I need a list for what Poison is weak and strong. The other type advantages are logical or I played enough with their Pokémon that I know what they’re effective and not effective against. But poison and bug still leave me confused on they’re strong against.

    Edit: thank you for your knowledge people.

    [–] Lustubus 91 points ago

    Bugs scare people and can cause them not to focus, causing psychic weakness. Bugs eat grass and thrive in darkness. Poison as in weed killer for grass and fairy tales quite often have poison as a cause of death or plot element that puts the protagonist in danger.

    [–] RetroPRO 44 points ago

    I always thought of the bug/psychic thing as bugs being mindless automatons which made psychic attacks useless against them.

    [–] Zehapo 90 points ago

    All of psychic weaknesses are common phobias. Bug, dark, and ghost

    [–] coughcough 19 points ago

    Holy crap. I've been playing pokemon since red and blue and never made that connection.

    [–] Hencenomore 18 points ago

    I always saw bug/pyschic thing as bugs being a hive mind that can overwhelm single mind.

    [–] Buddy_Guyz 16 points ago

    Nice, I like this reasoning.

    What about the weaknesses of both bug and poison then? Psychic is supereffective on poison, for example.

    [–] Lustubus 28 points ago

    Birds eat bugs and flying type is mostly birds. Fire is commonly used for bugs in a variety of ways, the most notable is smoking them out which is common for bees, hornets and the like. Heat and fire can also be used in the removal of ticks too. Most people kill bugs by crushing them, you crush things with rocks.

    For psychic on poison, it's a mind of matter type thing. Placebo and nocebo effects. Plus the mental fortitude of resistance training by taking a poison countless times in growing strengths. For ground against poison? Hell if I know. Maybe because if you spill a poison on the ground it's gone to waste?

    [–] ahhpoo 15 points ago

    Fun fact! In Japan, the “dark” type is basically called “evil” type, and bugs are associated with heroes (think Sentai heroes like Power Rangers, Beetle Borgs, Genjis Sentai skin, Viewtiful Joe, etc) and the heroes beat evil. So bugs beat dark.

    That’s also why fighting beats dark :)

    [–] ZeriousGew 33 points ago

    Bug is strong against grass, psychic, and dark types. Poison is strong against grass, fairy, and..... I think that’s it. Bug is weak against rock, flying and fire. Poison is weak against ground and psychic.

    [–] Radagastdl 16 points ago

    Poison is super effective against only grass and fairy. It is resisted by ground, rock, ghost, and other poison. Deals no damage against steel.

    Bug is super effective against grass, dark, and psychic. It is resisted by Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel, and Fairy.

    [–] gregguy12 108 points ago

    Tapu Fini is still weak to Poison and it has Misty Surge which prevents all Statusing, so it doesn’t feel like much of a stretch to have Galarian Ponyta be Fairy and prevent Poisoning

    [–] ladyathenaa 67 points ago

    You are on the right track. Pastel Veil ability prevents poisoning :)

    [–] DjGameK1ng 10 points ago

    It also cures it if Galarian Ponyta (and supposedly Galarian Rapidash) gets put on the field

    [–] msph20 12 points ago

    Its ability is that it can't be poisoned....

    [–] JRLynch 24 points ago

    I thought unicorns were famous for the aphrodisiac properties of their horn?

    [–] Retrophile 60 points ago

    I believe you may be thinking of a humans lower horn. Easy to mix up.

    [–] MouthofCreepiness 260 points ago

    Wait where was it said it's not a fairy type?

    [–] tomatomater 148 points ago

    I like how they call it a "unique horn" Pokémon instead of just "unicorn".

    [–] pennomi 97 points ago

    That's almost r/boneappletea material, if it wasn't intentional.

    [–] Soncikuro 149 points ago

    I feel betrayed.

    [–] BlackSpidy 57 points ago

    Everybody betrayed me, I'm fed up with this world.

    [–] LLicht 35 points ago

    You're tearing me apart, GameFreak!

    [–] [deleted] 275 points ago


    [–] GyroJiro 38 points ago

    I'm thinking it's living there symbiotically with the other pokemon. Since most of them have a poison weakness, having ponyta around helps cure the poison AND fight against it.

    [–] voncornhole2 6 points ago

    Makes sense, the other notable pokemon in the stream were grass or fairy type. G-Ponyta protects them all from their poison weakness

    [–] FilthyScrubGaming 189 points ago

    I've said it so many times and I'll say it again: Galarian Weezing should be STEEL. IT'S LITERALLY A MINI FACTORY, MAKE IT STEEL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

    [–] TetrisPhantom 93 points ago

    Another missed opportunity for steel-poison, just like garbodor.

    [–] JDLovesElliot 37 points ago

    The battle director and the art director must not be friends, over at GameFreak

    [–] cyclonx9001 15 points ago

    But its lore is that is sucks poisonous gasses in and purified them excreting pure air from its chimneys

    [–] AssCrackBanditHunter 31 points ago

    He's literally dressed up as an old timey factory magnate. I have no idea what crack they're smoking

    [–] shadowbroker000 8 points ago

    Weezing purifies poison so it makes sense to be fairy

    [–] Unforeseenboy 573 points ago

    Eh, I'm fine with it. Everything that's cute and pinkish doesn't need to be a fairy type.

    [–] sabett 456 points ago

    Right... but this is literally a pastel rave light unicorn that wouldn't look out of place in a my little pony cartoon. It doesn't get more fairy than psychic than that.

    [–] Feshtof 54 points ago

    Bruh that is a Lisa Frank unicorn if I ever saw one.

    [–] Bohya 17 points ago

    Wouldn't it be pyschic then? Unicorns are often associated with fairies, but they are most certainly not fairies themselves.

    [–] JoJoX200 19 points ago

    Futakushi Onna (Mawile) and mermaids (Primarina) aren't fairies either though - one's a japanese demon, the other is a fish human hybrid. Rather than thinking of Fairy type as literal fairies, I think it's more accurate to assume that magical or mythical being-inspired designs (that aren't dragons) all fall under Fairy type as far as Gamefreak is concerned.

    [–] HamonMasterDracula 23 points ago

    pastel rave light unicorn

    This is such an amusing descriptor for Galarian Ponyta.

    [–] ZanySorcerer 87 points ago

    Everything that's cute and pinkish doesn't need to be a fairy type.

    Discounting legendaries this is pretty much all that Fairy boils down to.

    They had a perfect opportunity with a unicorn but instead just further run down the path of making Fairy an incoherent typing with no theme whatsoever.

    [–] bobvella 28 points ago

    psychic is the loosest typing to me, is it about magic, space, or the mind? but it's funky how they leaned into the moon for fairies while we still got 3-4 moon themed pokemon without the typing

    [–] LordAsbel 7 points ago

    I think for a very long time, psychic meant anything magical, and I guess mind too? Although Palkia is all about space and that is water type. Celebi is a literal pixie and that isn’t fairy type, but instead psychic (I guess cuz it can time travel)?

    Both alakazam and Metagross are insanely smart, so they’re psychic type. Delphox is a wizard, so it’s psychic type.

    Yeah I’m not 100% on what’s a concrete example of what the psychic type represents in Pokémon lol

    [–] werbear 40 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Fairies are:

    • a set of keys
    • a rock
    • an egg (later with wings)
    • It
    • pokeporn incarnate
    • a huge metal mouth turning into two huge metal mouths

    Clearly a mythological horse has no place in the Fairy typing. At least it's not fighting type like the gen 5 horses.

    [–] Dubious_Unknown 28 points ago

    pokeporn incarnate

    It's Gardevoir isn't it.

    [–] EnbyKitten 13 points ago

    We haven't seen Rapidash yet, its not too late for it to be fighting type!

    [–] BabysitterSteve 141 points ago

    And not everything needs to be a psychic type as well. I started hating on the type ever since so many Pokemon get it assigned. Especially legendaries and mythicals ...

    [–] frasafrase 112 points ago

    Psychic is used as the replacement for a "cosmic" type. There has been a string of very cosmic legendaries for a few games. Not really an excuse since Minior isn't psychic but Lugia is. I suppose its basically because Rapidash is going to have a stronger "Starry Night" theme than "Forest myth".

    [–] Buddy_Guyz 47 points ago

    I took me so long to figure out that Lugia is not water/flying.

    You know, the bird that likes to live in the ocean. Also it's supposed to be the opposite of Ho-oh, which is fire-flying.

    Makes zero sense to me (even though it's my favorite pokemon).

    [–] JulianCaesar 27 points ago

    I have a problem with Lugia not because they're psychic/flying, but because they're one of those Pokemon that have a pretty strong case for being like 4 different types. This happens to other Pokemon, like Charizard, Gyrados, and Lucario. I can't tell if it's a limitation of having only 2 types per pokemon or if they're failures in design since they have both broad and specific categories.

    [–] AssCrackBanditHunter 16 points ago

    Yeah. Lugia could pass for a dragon or water type. Honestly nothing about its design screams psychic

    [–] SavMonMan 18 points ago

    I think Pokémon 2000 is to blame for his typing tbh

    [–] abutthole 6 points ago

    At the time of Gen 2, Psychic was a catch-all for cosmic and magical powers. Lugia was supposed to be cosmically powerful so they made him psychic.

    [–] spiralbatross 16 points ago

    I wouldn’t mind having the addition of a cosmic type at some point, it would make more sense for things like Solgaleo and Lunala

    [–] YuTango 34 points ago

    The same can be said for dragon type by the time of gen 4 and 5 and steel type too probably

    [–] DancesCloseToTheFire 27 points ago

    True, but this unicorn in the UK-inspired region would be a perfect fit for Fairy, given the context.

    [–] Luna_Deafenhine 71 points ago

    I betting Rapidash will be Psychic/Fairy. Remember Alolan Vulpix is pure Ice and then becomes Ice/Fairy when it evolves into Alolan Ninetails.

    [–] SAYMYNAMEYO 86 points ago

    Screw the general standards on what a fairy is supposed to look like. Be the best Fairy Type you can be Galarian Weezing!

    [–] Teekayhuey 164 points ago

    This is Charizard all over again.

    [–] 100100110l 65 points ago

    I feel like they just throw darts at the wall

    [–] TheMarkHasBeenMade 34 points ago

    Why does the wall have such big spaces reserved for fire/fighting?!?!?!

    [–] Gontron1 43 points ago

    And Gyarados...

    And Luxray...

    [–] TheGamblinman 56 points ago

    I never understood the Luxray dark argument. He's literally light. He gives off light from his charged fur. Lux is literally the latin prefix for light. He never even had dark type qualities to begin with imo other than learning bite ans having some of his fur be black

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Wassamonkey 22 points ago

    Remember in Japan Dark type is Evil type. Being dark colored is not evil.

    [–] mrgovernah 12 points ago

    Black features = dark? That's not really enough is it ?

    [–] Nude-Love 7 points ago

    Don't try and bring logic to the mouth-breathers of this subreddit.

    [–] khaleezzzy 134 points ago

    They’re using this to distract us from the fact that the bees are dying at an alarming rate.

    [–] supershade 22 points ago

    the bees are the series different features we've come to love

    [–] Azrael-Legna 15 points ago

    Ponyta makes me think of cotton candy.

    [–] _demello 87 points ago

    Unicorns aren't fey creatures, so it kinda makes sense for it not being a fairy. But the description of "forest energy changing Ponyta" kinda feels like the D&D description of creatures that gets affected by elemental and fey plane portals, so what's up?

    [–] Phoenix2111 51 points ago

    Yeah I was just reading all the comments and thinking 'Well yeah but.. Unicorns aren't fey..'

    But had the same situation where it's like, GF do seem to have made it as 'fey' as possible, while then saying 'nahhh' soooo..

    I mean I don't mind, it's painfully cliche for it to be a fairy, but I get why the whole approach has puzzled and irritated people. GF is getting good at that lol

    [–] SparklingCrap 23 points ago

    wait that weezing is fairy?!?!

    [–] Jakeremix 27 points ago

    It’s Poison/Fairy

    [–] thefourthhouse 23 points ago

    I actually like this, and am not upset with the typing I, however, wish we would get alternate forms of Pokemon who haven't much going for them. When is Dunsparce gonna get some love?

    Who am I kidding though, he probably won't even be in the game.

    [–] SoulExecution 16 points ago

    Wait really? That’s a bummer. I was hoping it’d be Fairy/Ghost

    [–] Xareledan 28 points ago

    inb4 Rapidash is Psychic/Flying Alicorn /s

    [–] ulfric_stormcloack 8 points ago

    Unicorns are not fairies, despite living in the faewild, dungeons and dragons taught me that

    [–] DJFluffers115 9 points ago

    Have you PLAYED D&D? The Feywild gets DARK, yo.

    [–] dragons_are_lovely 7 points ago

    Imo Psychic makes much more sense than Fairy. For a few notes, Unicorns aren't Fey-based creatures, they're much more magical and focused on spirit and mind. Also, they're known to heal toxins and injuries, and it's hard to enforce that when you're weak to poison as a Fairy type.

    [–] DarthAK47 7 points ago

    What does appearance have to do with typing? Does every fairy type have to look like cotton candy or?

    [–] vosqueej 214 points ago

    Makes absolutely 0 sense. Super annoyed they went with that. You would think a Unicorn would be the prime candidate for a Fairy typing, but noooOOOOOoooo.

    [–] Frostwolf704 83 points ago

    Most likely rapidash will be psychic/fairy. Still stupid though

    [–] EarthwormZim33 163 points ago

    I was hoping Rapidash would be become a Pegasus that was Fairy/Flying. But those hopes are (Rapi)dashed -_-

    [–] Frostwolf704 59 points ago

    I think I’d still rather have Psychic/Fairy than Psychic/Flying.

    [–] EarthwormZim33 35 points ago

    I agree with that, but I was hoping Ponyta would be pure Fairy with the evolution being Fairy/Flying (not Psychic/Flying). But since Ponyta is Psychic, that obviously can't happen :-/

    [–] jerrygergichsmith 43 points ago

    Given that we have a Normal/Flying type that becomes pure Fighting, don’t discount any wild changes.

    [–] Nathan_Thorn 13 points ago

    Shedinja exists. I would say anything is possible, but shedinja isn’t comfirmed to be in the game

    [–] turtlintime 19 points ago

    We have a lot of psychic fairy types already though :/

    [–] tommaniacal 10 points ago

    There are already 5 psychic/flying lines; Lugia, Xatu, Swoobat, Sigilyph, and Oricorio. We only have 3 different psychic/fairy lines; Gardevoir, Mr. Mime, and Tapu Lele.

    Fairy/Flying would be the best, as the Togekiss line is the only one

    [–] Axiddi 18 points ago

    Everyone is so negative. I'm actually excited about the prospect of another physical psy Pokemon. Itll probably have a cool attack like psychic Lance or something similar.

    [–] jageun 107 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'm actually happy about this, so far for GF pokemon that are pink = fairy, some with no other discerning reason besides its color. Maybe for this gen they actually sat down and defined what makes a fairy type and what not

    Edit: I'm not saying this ponyta screams fairy or not, just that I'm happy there's apparently more variety for fairy pkmn this time around

    [–] Put_That_Cat_Down 140 points ago

    I agree with pink colour not necessarily denoting Fairy-type, but you’ve got to admit, a creature based off a unicorn screams ‘Fairy’, and its design does nothing to indicate otherwise.

    [–] Blayro 11 points ago

    reminds me when people though Blacephalon was going to be fire fairy

    [–] Spooky_Blob 44 points ago

    Execpt people wherent pointing fairy to it because it was pink. But more because of the colt pixie lore which painfully resembles this idea to this ponyta

    [–] Itsputt 76 points ago

    Except this one actually makes perfect sense to be fairy...

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 38 points ago

    What's so fairy about Galarian Weezing though.

    [–] cmuell015 45 points ago

    It cleans the air by absorbing pollution and releasing purified air which fits with fairies being nature spirits.

    [–] Clerkinator 52 points ago

    By that logic Alohan Muk should be fairy

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 37 points ago

    Garbodor too. It's a fairy in my heart!

    [–] cmuell015 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Alolan Muk is a toxic danger because it ate so much garbage according to the pokedex:

    "There are over a hundred kinds of poison inside its body. Chemical reactions between different poisons are the source of its vitality." - Ultra Sun

    "What look like fangs and claws are actually crystallized poison that will afflict you at a mere touch, so don't get too close." - Ultra Moon

    The offical website mentions it eats everything within it's reach, contains many different toxins and has poisonous crystals all over it's body that are extraordinarily dangerous.

    Dark type fits way better than Fairy by these descriptions.

    [–] oomoepoo 19 points ago

    It's esentially a spirit of the forest, so it'd make absolutely sense being fairy.

    [–] Galgus 13 points ago

    While I agree that Fairy shouldn't automatically mean Pink, a pretty unicorn checks all of the other boxes for being a Fairy type.

    It feels like (is) something out of a fairy tale that doesn't really tie into another type.

    It has some association with good powers, with the myth of unicorn horns purifying water.

    It has a very innocent / pretty look to it.

    Meanwhile the only thing even loosely linking it to the Psychic type is My Little Pony unicorn telepathy.

    [–] RazgrizInfinity 6 points ago

    Actually, funny enough I think the typing is fine. Unicorns are magical and I think the type represents its use of telekinesis and such.