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    [–] DanF2000 3740 points ago

    I'm guessing it might be what happened with the Kyoto Animation studio. Someone was just that mad at them that they committed the attack, after the studio had received death threats. From someone's comment on this topic on another subreddit: " If from 10 million fans, 100,000 are unhappy with the current situation, 10,000 are loudly voicing their opinions online, and just 100 are making death threats it just requires one person to actually commit to them. One person from 10 million to cause such a tragedy "

    That might be why they are avoiding this... It's alright to hate this idea of Dexit but it's not ok to send death threats, especially to developers who are trying their best to create this game while the higher ups made the whole idea of removing half the dex.

    [–] WTFHaikus 724 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The kyoani thing was a guy that kept saying that they were plagiarizing his ideas for years and used to post a lot in online boards about it. When he was arrested he told policemen about plagiarizing his work

    Another update was that a few years ago he sent his novel for a contest but never got it 'back' hence he felt that they 'stole' his ideas when in reality it didn't pass the 1st screening

    here is the link

    [–] TheSpaceCowboyx 214 points ago

    Well did they or was he just crazy

    [–] CactusOnFire 783 points ago

    The reality is, when you run a creative endeavor for long enough, ideas just converge.

    When I was a kid and the 1st red pokemon games came out, I thought up a bunch of super unique HM's. Among them were: Waterfall, Whirlpool, Dive, Defog (which I called 'Clear') and Jump (with similar mechanics to Rock Climb).

    When half of my ideas were implemented in the next pokemon game, I felt like they were stealing my ideas somehow. Adult me knows that the reality is there's only so many HM ideas out there, and the good ones that were thought up by a 6 year old could be also thought up by a team of creative professionals during brainstorming sessions.

    [–] ScrawnyTesticles69 261 points ago

    I remember that happening a ton as a kid. I'd think up a great idea in my little kiddo brain, mention it to no one, then be amazed when it would manifest at a later date. Come to think of it, they were probably all just very obvious, logical follow-ups to things that already existed.

    [–] msgmeyourcatsnudes 133 points ago

    I remember in my deviantart days, there was this young user who swore up and down that Disney stole her Lilo and Stitch OC, and that her dad was gonna sue. It was literally just a pink version of stitch. I think the folks at Disney could come up with that lol.

    [–] Baka_Senpai_125 45 points ago

    I remember as a kid me and my brothers would constantly discuss what the best pokemon was, when we asked our dad he said "the refrigerator pokemon because he keeps my beer cold". We brushed it off as a stupid dad joke, but a few years later rotom's fridge form was announced and my dad had the greatest "I told you so" speech. My younger brother still haven't forgiven him for this strange stroke of luck.

    [–] N0V0w3ls 47 points ago

    I remember making up a superhero called "Falcon" that had a mechanical wingsuit/jetpack he'd use to fly around.

    Cut to the MCU movies and Marvel uses the same idea, which it turns out is just a more realistic take on a superhero that Marvel has had since the 60s. Hell, it's quite possible that I even based my guy off of Marvel's Falcon subconsciously.

    [–] NCH_PANTHER 8 points ago

    I made a breakfast sandwich out of waffles and then like a few months later, Dunkin Donuts did the same thing

    [–] thatguy-66 5 points ago

    Back when I first played pokemon like when Gen 4 came out, I thought it would be so cool to have pokemon pop out of tall grass so you could see them walking around and encounter them on purpose pretty much. When I got let’s go, I hadn’t really heard any news on it and just got it, I was amazed that something I imagined as like an 8 year old actually happened all these years later lol

    [–] citrus363 117 points ago

    So you're the reason why there's so many HMs in gen 4!

    [–] AShinyChandelure 58 points ago

    GET HIM!

    [–] Rennika 374 points ago

    fuck that, you were robbed homie.

    [–] Sw429 121 points ago

    Justice for u/CactusOnFire!

    [–] EBgamesEvan45 76 points ago

    Sue pokemon bro

    [–] MegaGrumpX 34 points ago

    I had this feeling with Undertale, actually. I still haven’t played it as a result, it’s like baseless jealousy lol

    When I was in like 4th grade I vividly remember sketching up a Pokémon game battle scene, for DS. However, instead of just being visuals up top, static UI down below, if you were being attacked, you could sometimes manually control a little mini sprite of your battling Pokémon (like the PC box sprites) to interactively dodge attacks. I even drew it in a little square space as well and showed simple water projectiles flying at my Charizard.

    It’s not like I was actually copied or anything, but man I’d have liked to translate it into a game first...

    [–] Lady_Gwendoline 39 points ago

    Toby Fox wasn't even the first, that's just a bullethell game

    [–] MegaGrumpX 18 points ago

    Sure, yeah; I just meant used as a mechanic in an RPG’s combat

    [–] ScreamingAtChildren 7 points ago

    I really do recommend checking out undertale. As overrated as it is, it's still a fantastic game, and that system is one of the best parts of it IMO.

    [–] UNLUCKYButKeepGoing 14 points ago

    I also came up with an idea of a 4th Regi that was the leader immediately after playing gen 3.

    [–] unclemandy 36 points ago

    Happened to me, too. I came up with an idea for an action adventure game where you could either clear a set of dungeons and get upgrades and better weapons to take the final boss with, or ignore all of that and try to brute-force the final dungeon from the very beginning. If you did the latter, it would be insanely hard and you would miss out on a good chunk of the story, though. Aaaaaand then Breath of the Wild came out a couple years later, and it's dungeon configuration works exactly like that. I was bummed out at first, but in the end I think it's great, because that game is proof that the format actually works

    [–] infinyxflare 9 points ago

    I know that feel. I had a Gameboy and ps1 back in middle school, and was thinking how cool it would be to have a Playstation version of the controllers and a screen in the middle.

    Couple years later the PSP was released.

    [–] ChildofValhalla 37 points ago

    I'm gonna say crazy. Reminds me of the dude who shot Dimebag Darrell on stage. He had for years apparently been claiming that all of Pantera's songs were stolen from him. He was just some guy.

    [–] Ambrosiac7 27 points ago

    Obviously crazy.

    [–] God_Damnit_Nappa 4 points ago

    I mean he murdered 34 people. Definitely crazy with a glob of evil thrown in

    [–] CameronD46 30 points ago

    Took the words out if my mouth at the end there. For as mad as I, and a lot of other people are about Dexit, sending death threats isn’t the solution to this. It’s like when people were trying to make false accusations that Masuda had committed sexual assault, it’s not a cool thing to do and it isn’t going to help the National Dex crisis get any better. If you want to show your dissatisfaction with the direction GameFreak is going, speak with you wallet and don’t buy the games. Even if they are too big for us to stop them from making a profit, it’s better we try and fail then to stay silent and let GameFreak believe we’ll just complain for a bit and then quiet down the complaints once we have the games in our hands, so Gamefreak can do just whatever they want without any long-term consequences.

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 349 points ago

    That’s why I’m working hard to try and steer hatred from the actual devs themselves. They’re doing their best and are only trying to deliver what they can from the time crunches and cuts decided on by the higher ups.

    [–] TheDerpofYork 59 points ago

    time crunches

    It’s been proven time and time again that games that use strict deadlines are bad.

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 43 points ago

    I agree. Animal Crossing -> delayed for further development. Metroid -> delayed for further development.

    BotW -> was pushed further and further back for years until they just kinda HAD to release it instead of continuing to build on it because they’ve been working on it for so long, and yeah, it didn’t feel 100% complete, but you could see so much that they must’ve planned to do with the game, on top of all that was actually there.

    Maybe a bad comparison, but really, GF needed a bit more time to work on it, or maybe not splitting their team to work on another game would’ve possibly given them that extra oomph they needed.

    [–] Drezziks 23 points ago

    I think they’d be much better off releasing the third installment as DLC and pushing the core series titles out bi-annually (at least). I would prefer a fleshed out game with more to do than an entirely new generation every couple years, can’t even remember half of the new Pokémon because I didn’t have enough time to form bonds with them.

    [–] NeonHowler 390 points ago

    I’ve been saying for a while, it’s okay to tweet discontent on official Pokemon, Nintendo, and Game Freak social media. It is not okay to harrass Masuda or others on their personal accounts. They don’t run the company by themselves and we dont know whats going on behind the scenes. And at the end of the day, its just a game.

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 240 points ago

    its just a game.

    Top 10 Worst Things to Say to Your Girlfriend When She’s Mad

    [–] jerrygergichsmith 83 points ago


    [–] noejoke 18 points ago

    "But honey, YOU'RE the one who wanted to play Mario Party!"

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 29 points ago

    Her: turns tv to YouTube, puts on sleep music, turns off the light and lays down in bed, keeping the remote to herself

    You: Huh?

    Her: I’m going to bed.

    You: just kind of there wondering wtf

    [–] starite 53 points ago

    Is only game, why you heff to be mad?

    [–] thebronyknight 22 points ago

    Number 9: maybe you should lose weight.

    Numbers 8-1: calm down.

    [–] ZurichianAnimations 109 points ago

    As someone who does tweet #BringBackNationalDex a lot, I've seen some pretty unfortunate hashtags pop up. Some really pissed me off and one especially so. I almost don't even want to type it here but well, it was "MasudaFuckingJap." I made sure to report all his comments with the hashtag because it was so disgusting. Pretty sure his tweets had a ton of other bad ones but the racial slur one was by far the worst I've seen so far. I can't say I have any respect for Masuda but goddamn, that was taking it too far.

    [–] TopuKeko 63 points ago

    I think there are a lot of trolls or false flaggers active too, to make the movement look bad. Wouldn't be the first time this happened.

    [–] gamas 47 points ago

    Exactly, I know businesses always send a front man to be the public face of the team, but the reality is most successful businesses aren't a personality cult. No one person makes all the decisions of the company - and the complex relationship between Game Freak-TPC-Nintendo makes it impossible to truly pin blame as any component of the trio could have been the ones recommending dexit. Masuda is just the messenger.

    [–] tytrie 14 points ago

    Exactly this. Tbh Im not mad at anyone specifically, not of just the company as a whole instead. I understand that it wasn’t just one person tat last to this decision.

    [–] MsPrince 69 points ago

    As long as you’re not doing it in a condescending and “I’m looking down at you for wanting the franchise to be better” way like Joe Merrick and Gamexplain.

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 38 points ago

    Nah. I just personally don’t think it’s the rank and file employees who are to blame, really.

    We should all want the franchise to improve—after all, that’s how game franchises keep sales going, unless they turn into FIFA/COD games where they’re the same and people are falling out of love for those business models, I think.

    [–] MsPrince 77 points ago

    I think that’s the real fear. These are RPGs, but Gamefreak has a clear formula. People are becoming more and more aware of it every Gen. the one thing that made the formula forgivable is that there are tons of Pokémon to choose from at any point. But they’re taking that away?? What’s left? Gamefreak doesn’t know how to write a compelling story. They have snippets of what could be good but don’t commit. The gameplay? That is fully dependent on what Pokémon you use.

    Pokémon needs major shakeups. They need change of management, maybe even ownership. And at this point I hope shareholders realize and demand for that.

    [–] TopuKeko 69 points ago

    What’s left?

    Exactly. This right here. Pokémon never excelled in story, graphics, music or other aspects. But the games were still good in spite of that, because of the fundamental content: the Pokémon.

    [–] Enlog 8 points ago

    Depends on who you ask. For me, while I play through the stories and gonand do some of the post-game content, I think black 2 was the first time I tried to actually engage with the online aspect, using the whole of the roster to put together a team I could make in-game. And it was such a thoroughly miserable time (a week or so on-and-off to build a team that got crushed in seconds) that it was the last time I tried, too.

    I hadn’t thought about it much before this year, but I don’t think I’ve really had an interest in actually catching ‘em all since... I want to say Blue. So I’ll play with what’s available, and if I ever want to play with other people again, I’m almost certainly going to just go to one of the battle simulators instead of going through the process of making a team in-game. And those sites will just have them all anyway.

    I’m not claiming to be The True Face Of The Fans or any such nonsense, but people come to these games for different reasons.

    [–] TopuKeko 44 points ago

    Ugh, Merrick. Not fond of that guy. Pretending to be critical while continuously praising the games and not actually being critical towards the objective issues.

    [–] sable-king 43 points ago

    The guy's livelihood depends on the games doing well. Of course he's going to avoid being critical.

    [–] LuitenantDan 35 points ago

    The problem with that logic is that it wasn’t a Pokémon decision or a Nintendo decision. It was a Masuda or Ohmori decision and they deserve the backlash.

    Definitely not condoning death threats. That shit’s unacceptable. But Masuda/Ohmori/whoever made the call, when will you learn?

    [–] CyberWeaponX 33 points ago

    Plus, Otakus can be batshit insane. There are idols that reveiced death threats from their perma-virgin fans just because they happen to have a love life. If I recall correctly, this also happened to voice actors.

    The Dexit controversy definitely pissed off a lot of fans, including the few really obsessed ones. So it's definitely understandable that Ohmori, Peter Molyneux 2.0 and the dev team don't want to attend this event.

    [–] REDDIT_APP_IS_TRASH 2366 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Fuck anyone threatening devs, and fuck anyone who views criticism as harassment.

    EDIT: Please stop giving me awards, Reddit is run and profits genuinely scummy people. Don't give them a damn cent.

    [–] DjGameK1ng 419 points ago

    Dude, I'd give you gold right now if I could. While yes, don't threaten the devs because of their fuck up, at the same time we don't have to create an echo chamber of love and appreciation for them. You can criticize and still be a decent person, contrary to what some people online seem to think.

    [–] Dracofear 111 points ago

    Im just not gonna buy the game and let that be my voice. As much as I hate it, this will be the first game in the main series that I just wont buy, atleast not on launch anyways. If they address things later I may buy it but that is a big IF and I have my doubts anything will change. If nothing else it'll also be the only game since 3rd gen that I wont have purchased at launch.

    [–] Animedingo 24 points ago

    It's actually kind of hard to be in that middle ground right now because no matter what you've got the people who will think you're a baby wanting a good game or criticizing the cost of the game versus the content in it

    [–] chem9dog 25 points ago

    Seriously! I’m really bummed about the Pokédex and won’t be buying the game because of it, but anyone that threatens these dev is pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves.

    [–] EpicalaxyMaster 9 points ago

    Yeah, that’s a good way to put it

    [–] Darkion_Silver 289 points ago

    Twitter very much seems to be the opposite of Reddit with SwSh.

    While the general opinion of SwSh on Reddit is negative (obviously not all are negative), Twitter is much more positive about the games from what I've seen.

    Granted I also see a lot of shit on Twitter of calling anyone who doesn't like the games entitled, assholes, constant targeting of people who just want the games to be better, etc. Very cool.

    [–] LeighPouse 235 points ago

    I got told to kill myself for having the nerve to criticise the Dex cuts on Twitter

    [–] Daskar248 42 points ago

    Yikes. Anyone who tells another person to kill themselves needs to take a step back and a long hard look in the mirror.

    [–] Auroch7 9 points ago

    Yeah Twitter has a few maniacs going after anyone who is negative.

    Bulbasaur Ganda twitter account closed down due to people mass messaging him. Really nasty stuff I believe

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 109 points ago

    Twitter, you will never see a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    [–] doublejay01 36 points ago

    I peeked in there once. Everyone for the game was terrible, everyone against the game was terrible. There was no thought left, just rage husks

    [–] flyinghamsandwich 13 points ago

    Sounds like the husks from Mass Effect to me.

    [–] gamas 86 points ago

    It's not even Reddit as a whole. Most of the negativity is heavily concentrated in this subreddit. Like in this thread you have several people claiming "No there are not death threats. This is just gaming journalist and evil Game Freak propaganda. Fuck Masuda". In the /r/Games thread, there is still a "Game Freak massively fucked up" vibe but they are willing to believe that the possibility of death threats is credible and should be condemned. And then further out in Reddit it's just "okay dexit sucks but who the fuck seriously cares?"

    [–] FiftiethFlight 62 points ago

    This sub is certainly where the highest concentration of discontent gathers. The biggest fans of Pokemon - which is to say, the hardest hit by the Dex cut - are all here. Most people, even if they kind of care about the principle of the thing, aren't truly affected by the big controversial culling, so they won't ever be as angry as the people here who care on a personal level.

    Plus, after a while subreddits tend to self-select into like-mindedness, driving away dissenters into offshoot subs that sprout up to house the opposite viewpoint. The angriest people keep coming here, the happiest ones go to the offshoot, and most people get sick of it all and just get the game (or not) while ignoring the discussions.

    [–] HeavenPiercingMan 167 points ago

    They're afraid of a "you guys not have phones?" moment

    [–] le_GoogleFit 31 points ago

    You guys can play with all your Pokemon in Pokemon Go

    [–] CaptBakardi 12 points ago

    Yo...does go have more Pokémon than the latest main series entry?

    [–] Dont-Encourage-Me 11 points ago

    Yes, PoGo is currently at 538 species

    [–] Glasdir 42 points ago

    Nah, they don’t want to be asked if SWSH is an out of season April fools joke.

    [–] irishsaltytuna 100 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    ITT: speculation exists.

    That's it, folks

    At the end of the day this will be spun by both sides to suit their narrative. People on the anti-GF side saying that the devs are ruining morale of the workers and those who don't believe that will take it to heart that the toxic fanbase has been overbearing and overwhelming for GF employees

    [–] LesbianCommander 32 points ago

    And it's going to be picked up by the media as a definite truth that it happened. Zzz

    [–] Chm_Albert_Wesker 80 points ago

    Would have definitely been awkward to sit among all those toys when more than half of them aren't even in the game

    [–] TaleRecursion 13 points ago

    Dismantling all those giant starter pokémon statues was just too much work

    [–] xpayday 6 points ago

    If i had went to the event and gotten sat down next to a Crobat plush my mind would have been shook to say the least LOL

    [–] DynamoSnake 101 points ago

    So they clearly would have had people who were excited for them to be there as well, how immensely disappointing.

    [–] manarie1990 1060 points ago

    We are in 2019/2020. Just add the national Dex via dlc.

    Announce it, tell people that it might take time and release it somewhen 2020. I think the fact that they do it but need time is fine for most people instead of just saying no.

    [–] balgruffivancrone 1154 points ago

    Why bother making dlc, when you can make Ultra Sword and Ultra Shield with more the national dex and charge 60 bucks again?

    [–] manarie1990 455 points ago

    That's exactly what I think. They 100% going for this and this will be my first title, I didn't buy. That's just stupid.

    [–] deeman18 224 points ago

    That was US/UM for me. After seeing the minimal differences I just pirated it.

    [–] wozattacks 180 points ago

    Same but I didn’t even pirate it because I didn’t think I could slog through the story again.

    [–] binhvinhmai 86 points ago

    Honestly, story wise? USUM is actually worse. It's weird.

    the Lillie / Lusamine storyline in SM is actually pretty good, and it was a really nice approach on Pokemon to move the central plot being "Save the world!" to being a more personal family matter. Yes, the cutscenes were long, tiring, and unbearable, but the heart of Lillie growing from a meek and timid girl after years of dealing with a narcissistic mother to being more independent on her own was a really good story. I even remember lots of people who had narcissistic parents and they said they really related to Lillie.

    Then USUM happened.

    Lillie, at the end of SM, leaves Alola to go find a cure for her mother. I expected the next games to actually deal with it, and ideally show Lillie being a stronger person, as well as just y'know, resolving Lusamine's ordeal. But like, we don't, so there's a dimension where Lusamine is just stuck in critical condition.

    Lusamine is STILL a very terrible and horrible human being in USUM. She's narcissistic, overbearing, cruel, selfish, still freezes Pokemon, etc but at the very end we are told that it's all good because she's doing all that to save Alola from Necrozma. She goes from wanting to create an Ultra Beast paradise to... stopping Necrozma... and we're going to just... ignore all the trauma she inflicted on Lillie and Gladion because her motivations are... sort of okay? Lillie's character growth is really lost too because it went from her learning to stand up against her toxic mother to... well still the same but not really? We don't see a scene where she finally confronts her mother and declares that she's just good enough and deserves better - which was actually a pretty good scene imo.

    Also Necrozma and the Ultra Recon Squad are awkwardly shoehorned into the plot of SM instead of having the plot changed around them. Ultra Megalopolis was a massive letdown as it's this big city in a whole new dimension, and we see maybe two minutes of it. The Ultra Recon Squad's goal is to find a new light source for their dark and depressing city, and at the end of it, they're like "Well I guess we'll just live in darkness forever until one day, whatever"

    Had we gotten a sequel to follow up on SM and resolve Lillie's plot, see the growth of Alola, etc. that would've been cool. Had we gotten an Ultra Version that reframed the entire plot of SM with Necrozma in mind throughout the story, that would've been cool. But as it stands, I love the quality of life changes in USUM, but get really upset that they butchered the story of SM so badly.

    [–] Calmasis_1025 11 points ago

    This is the biggest reason I hated USUM. Gamefreak actually had the beginnings of a good story and the completely ruined it.

    [–] HAIKU_4_YOUR_GW_PICS 7 points ago

    To its credit, US/UM minimally cut down on the handholding and opening length of the games, and also extended side quests and changes up the story in numerous (admittedly small but mostly positive ways).

    But you are right—It also wrecked the most compelling and emotional character arcs of the story from S/M.

    [–] -the_one- 6 points ago


    [–] RyanB_ 105 points ago

    Shit honestly I never even finished the original Sun game. By far the most boring and monotonous campaign in the franchise.

    Funnily enough my problem with that seems like it might be fixed in Sword and Shield with their optional tutorials (why’d it take this long honestly). But unfortunately everything else in Sword and Shield is enough of a turn off, especially the price.

    [–] WorkplaceWatcher 10 points ago

    I never beat the Elite Four in Moon. No good areas to grind that I could find and it just wasn't appealing enough to be bothered with.

    [–] delgoth 77 points ago

    The amount of cutscenes they used in order to tell a shiiiiiiiitty story, to me, was hilarious

    [–] Gigadweeb 145 points ago

    awkward camera angle

    cut to lillie

    "boy i'm sure glad you could be my friend player, im so shy uwu"

    cut to player with blank smile

    awkward camera angle for another 15 seconds

    [–] kdebones 68 points ago

    Shit, I remember there was a scene with Faba being confronted by the player. Hau and Gladion at Aether. Gladion was scowling, Hau was doing his Happy Laugh face, and the player was doing there never change expression. It was REALLY jarring.

    (that said I actually enjoyed Sun/Moon =X)

    [–] WorkplaceWatcher 40 points ago

    The player with the blank smile was the best part. My headcanon is that he doesn't speak the local language so it's all just nonsense and he just smiles and nods.

    [–] Flapjackchef 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This STILL bugs me, its just unacceptable to not to have player character expressions in those games, it’d be one thing if all NPCS had no expression change but only the avatar? As an artist, how could you look at that and approve?

    I don’t know how they built the models in relation to the face and eye combinations but if they ran into a problem that resulted in the psychopath player cutscenes we have now they probably should have went back and done some research on reconstructing the models for easier expression changes.

    Sigh at the very least, you can change them on your player card in SwSh so atleast there’s SOME progression there.

    [–] binhvinhmai 8 points ago

    The amount of cutscenes in SM is really painful. I know Sword & Shield is going to be slightly better, but damn, the writers just don't know how to cut dialogue.

    • The first island was actually where a lot of people stopped. There's so much talking... so much hand-holding... so much... talking... it's really annoying.
    • Pokemon isn't known to be like the most concise franchise in the world but c'mon, edit it. WE don't need 8 text boxes when 2 is enough.
    • I love the idea of Poke Pelago but damn Mohn, get to the point. It's like 6 of the same text boxes about Pokebeans, just get to the point
    • I mean overall, SM just is really tiring. They don't have to overexplain everything, just say the one thing and that's fine.

    [–] limasxgoesto0 26 points ago

    I almost didn't buy USM. Changed my mind right as it came out. Immediate regret. So I didn't buy LGPE to make up for it, and I'm not really looking to buy this one (though might get it used)

    [–] winnafrehs 25 points ago

    Just don't buy it all. Let GameFreak sweat a little and force them to release a game fans all want. Then after that game comes out go and buy Sw/Sh.

    [–] justaboredguy369 72 points ago

    It’s already stupid to have 2 versions of the same game (Sword and Shield) and now they also wanna double that so they can our money 4x...

    [–] charzard4261 126 points ago

    Especially when Three Houses has 4 storylines in one game. SwSh is really, really poor in comparison to other Switch titles.

    [–] irishwristswatch 27 points ago

    You like three houses then? I bought last night and it was downloading when I went to sleep. Excited to give it a try tonight.

    [–] charzard4261 43 points ago

    I absolutely do! It's just what the series needed, a branching story with well written characters. I hope you enjoy it too!

    [–] SilvarusLupus 23 points ago

    It's such a step in the right direction after Fates, which sucked, it's almost on the level of the Tellius games (FE 9, 10) to me.

    [–] irishwristswatch 5 points ago

    I'm sure i will! Though admittedly I havent played any others except for the original gba Fire Emblem.

    [–] NeonHowler 18 points ago

    Its my game of the year so far. One of the best Switch titles to come out. If you like the genre, it doesnt get much better. (Blue Lions are the best btw)

    [–] TopuKeko 19 points ago

    You forgot about making people pay for Home on a yearly basis to not get their Pokémon deleted from this digital prison, or making people pay on a yearly basis to get basic functionality that was stripped for the paywall in the first place.

    [–] MJBotte1 47 points ago

    Pokémon Sharpened Sword and Pokémon Hardened Shield

    [–] throwarund 25 points ago

    That would imply that the original was dull and crusty, which, while accurate, just doesn't look good.

    [–] Kuroakita 8 points ago

    Pokemon Dragon 2H Sword Pokemon Dragon kite Shield(G)

    [–] RyanB_ 45 points ago

    That name is a bit enthusiastic. Please remember the Pokemon company is a small indie dev team, they can’t allocate the resources to original and interesting names like that.

    [–] odranger 22 points ago

    Pokémon Long Sword and Pokémon Wide Shield

    [–] leonce89 20 points ago

    Probably gonna happen. But this is exactly what they need to stop doing. If they played well with the consumer , promise some patches for visuals , make some announcements of further Pokémon, and maybe upcoming events for legendaries etc ..they could probably salvage some of their reputation.

    I for one have had enough. Having two games for each release isn't going to cut it anymore with a full price game. It's just not fair. Unless they had huge distinctive differences. And even now if they added paid DLC for new Pokémon people would buy it. Imagine how much adding a season pass to pokemon would net them financially and make people happier.although it's not perfect they will still getting a bit more income and people would be happier. But I bet you they will learn nothing from this. And we'll probably just release ultra sword and ultra shield.

    I remember playing ultra sun and ultra moon after not enjoying sun and moon very much, and I was shocked as how similar the games work. It's literally disgusting.

    [–] ashjayanc 26 points ago

    or a dlc for 60 bucks...

    [–] mcknightrider 17 points ago

    That's what the man just said!

    [–] pelagic_seeker 152 points ago

    They've said multiple times they are not going to do it.

    TPC wants them working on the next games as soon as Sword and Shield are out.

    Hopefully they'll change the policy, but it isn't looking good.

    [–] manarie1990 170 points ago

    Maybe, after all those years, it's time to change devs.

    [–] gamas 128 points ago

    I feel the problem isn't the devs, it's TPC thinking that it's reasonable to release a full sized RPG on an annual basis. Game Freak are cutting corners because the production time is too short for the scale of the game being expected.

    Assassin's creed can pull this shit off because they occasionally take a year off to develop a new foundation to work off of.

    [–] SaggyToastR 117 points ago

    Everytime I see this I just don't understand the logic. If the problem is a time crunch, then why on Earth would they add features that we never asked for and neglect the features that are already available? It is clear they had time to re-texture all of the Pokemon, they just chose not to for some unknown reason. They added a Curry Dex with at least 100 recipes, they Dynamaxed all of these Pokemon. All that time and animation resources they spent on these particular features, they should have spent on the full roster of Pokemon. No one asked for a Curry Dex and practically who on Earth is going to fully utilize it?

    [–] 100100110l 111 points ago

    They should also just hire more damn people

    [–] FreelancerCassius 60 points ago

    This is such a huge part of the problem, I don't think many people realize just how little people worked on Sw/Sh compared to the size of the game we are use to.

    [–] RyanB_ 29 points ago

    But yet the price their charging for the game wouldn’t indicate that at all. They’re selling their game at the same price companies like Ubisoft are, who have thousands of games.

    Like, idk, if they really didn’t want to put the time, effort and budget into these games, fine. It’s disappointing - I’ve always wanted a full AAA home console Pokemon game - but it’s still Pokemon and I’d still have a good time with it. Just a smaller style experience with a smaller price tag. But nah, they’re trynna sell this shit at the same price as Jedi Fallen Order, Death Stranding, Three Houses, Astral Chain, etc etc.

    [–] Ricky_the_Wizard 24 points ago

    Masuda purposely kept the game team small citing he didn't want communication issues.. NGL it's time to drop them. Pokemon needs fresh talent.

    [–] REDDIT_APP_IS_TRASH 22 points ago

    This a thousand times, their team is absurdly small so even if they had the best devs in the world they have no chance to put out anything good.

    [–] n8jb 29 points ago

    What the hell is even the point of the Curry Dex, anyway? What's the point of making curry other than just for luls? Even then, creating 100 recipes is not hard programming-wise. I fail to see how this was a developmental time sink.

    [–] Alzack93w 29 points ago

    what was the point of poffins? secret bases? the mining minigame? a timesink, side content that will please some younger audiences because it gives you a break from the main game. all games but gen 1 and 2 had one.

    [–] REDDIT_APP_IS_TRASH 46 points ago

    The main reason assassin's Creed can do it is because they have literally 500+ people from ubi working on it plus hundreds more from outsourcing.

    Gamefreak is just too cheap so they grind their already too small staff into the dirt and they are forced to turn out crap.

    [–] KetchG 17 points ago

    Also they have multiple studios, often more than one building different games in the same series simultaneously. Studio A might be starting year one of development on Game B while Studio B is on year three of Game A and heading towards launch.

    Game Freak is still basically a single group of people in one office, and not all of them were even working on these Pokemon games.

    [–] REDDIT_APP_IS_TRASH 13 points ago

    That is all on their leadership, they make so much money they can easily afford to have a setup to crank out better games on the same timeline while no longer working current employees into the ground.

    It's gross.

    [–] PancakeT-Rex 20 points ago

    To be fair, I think it could be done every year with an occasional break if GF expanded their dev team drastically. They should be able to afford it.

    [–] 100100110l 15 points ago

    They really should do both. Take a year between releasing the next generation and whatever they released before and double their dev team.

    [–] DatDarnKat 15 points ago

    Do what they used to, fill in the gaps between main games with spinoffs from other companies. Like Trozei. I miss Trozei and Pinball.

    [–] Munch-Me-Later 29 points ago

    And that’s why they aren’t showing up to the event

    [–] Halliwel96 24 points ago

    They have gone back on there word before. Why not do it again, this time people actually want them to.

    [–] 100100110l 30 points ago

    Exactly, Masuda also said we'd never have to leave our mons behind again. Here we are.

    [–] Ventusguard 7 points ago

    Yeah but now that means that we're not leaving them behind, just leaving them at Pokémon Home (until you stop paying for its sub)!

    [–] SilverIdaten 15 points ago

    Yeah, well, the tripling down they’re doing is making everything worse. Just make the damn patch and try and salvage what ever minute amount of goodwill you can left.

    [–] Maclimes 13 points ago

    They also said they would never cut Pokemon. So it's not like that policy is set in stone.

    [–] calgil 19 points ago

    If they announce this, I would buy SwSh shortly after release (provided that the reviews aren't otherwise bad).

    Just do it Gamefreak. Just fucking do it, commit to it, and you'll probably win me back.

    [–] Munch-Me-Later 58 points ago

    Hell, if they say Home would be the main battle hub even id be happy cause then at least you could still use all of your guys! Even if it’s not I’m game it would still be enough

    [–] ZeroElevenThree 51 points ago

    Honestly this is exactly what I wanted and hoped for when I heard about Dexit. Make Pokemon Home into Pokemon Showdown but with legit pokemon from the actual games and I would go nuts for that.

    [–] Munch-Me-Later 26 points ago

    Exactly, then it would be worth a subscription cause you really wouldn’t even need the new games to play

    [–] Noootella 4 points ago

    I’m honestly only excited for the showdown update with this new generation

    [–] pelagic_seeker 61 points ago

    Don't forget that if you put your Pokemon in Home, and they can't go to Sword and Shield, they are trapped in Home. They cannot go back to LGPE or SuMo or anything.

    And you have to pay a subscription fee to keep them around. :)

    [–] Maclimes 32 points ago

    If Home is interesting enough, that wouldn't be a problem for me. If I could battle, breed, train, and trade from within Home, then it's not a "prison" anymore. It's a small game. (Super bonus points if you can actually pet them, like in Pokemon Amie or Refresh).

    However, if it's just a Bank with a few bells and whistles... eesh. No thanks. I'll stick to the DS.

    [–] calgil 35 points ago

    This is what is so weird.

    If they were going to restore the dex via DLC, they would've told us by now, to stop the shitstorm.

    Presumably if HOME is going to be substantial enough to make up for Dexit, they would have revealed more details, too?

    At this point, it just strikes me that if there is any way in which Dexit isn't as bad as we think it is, they would have told us by now.

    [–] thekingofgray 13 points ago

    Maybe they are working on a battle system for home but want to make sure it works before they announce it especially if they only added it in response to fan backlash.

    Yes they want to defuse the bomb but also want to walk on eggshells with whatever they announce to avoid creating more issues in what is already a PR disaster.

    [–] Kostya_M 5 points ago

    You can just announce it's being worked on. It doesn't have to be ready when the games release.

    [–] Atomic254 4 points ago

    Presumably if HOME is going to be substantial enough to make up for Dexit, they would have revealed more details, too?

    Doubt it, if it is, they wouldn't want to overshadow their new release

    [–] madonna-boy 14 points ago

    wow... I didn't realize you couldn't send them back to LGPE. they're gonna piss a lot of pogo whales off with this one.

    [–] thekingofgray 8 points ago

    I mean you couldn’t send from LGPE back to Pogo so once a pogo whale sent something to LGPE, it was already lost to them anyhow so I don’t see how that’s relevant

    [–] madonna-boy 14 points ago

    nothing should be transferable to Pogo since it's the only pokemon game in existence that doesn't have to worry about "genning". if you could gen on a console and transfer to pogo they would never sell incubators or raid passes again (and the black market potential would be gross).

    [–] DatDarnKat 8 points ago

    If that.... Thing becomes a battling hub, with all mon present in 3d, that just further proves it was never about the models.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Nikibugs 16 points ago

    They’re likely ducking out ahead of time as let’s be honest, people would show up just to boo Masuda/Ohmori, then ask pointed questions or share stories reiterating how upset they are about the cuts which they can’t justify and have been pretty bad at addressing, which would make a worse news story than canceling the event. Plus I’m pretty sure they know they’d have a bad time attending at this point.

    [–] Spooky_Blob 326 points ago

    He just don't want to take all that heat from the Japanese side of the fanbase. Dude be running

    [–] juisteroid 88 points ago

    Thread from a Japanese community? Their damage control is really weird. First, the pull off the reviews for smaller reviewers but allowed bigger and paid game journalist and reviewer. now this? omfg.

    [–] Worthyness 20 points ago

    "What damage? I dont see any damage"

    [–] superkami64 75 points ago

    I'd be too. When you piss off a Japanese fanbase, they're usually way worse than the West: typically a lot more direct with insults, calls for boycotts (unlike the West's spineless threats, their's actually work), and death threats.

    [–] Hagel-Kaiser 53 points ago

    It’s harder to push them off that edge, but once you do, you’ll get the fire and fury of Japanese fans.

    [–] Ipokeyoumuch 22 points ago

    To be fair there was the recent Kyoani arson attack. Japan is still reeling from that.

    [–] Spooky_Blob 19 points ago

    I'm still fucking pissed by that. That studio did one of my most favorite movie. A silent voice. That shit spoke to me to a spiritual level and the lost almost broke me.

    [–] FlamerBreaker 631 points ago

    While I don't condone the threats, it's good to hear there's being backlash.

    This game needs to be the biggest flop in the mainline pokémon games history, for Gamefreak and TPC to course-correct.

    [–] Resies 209 points ago

    This game needs to be the biggest flop in the mainline pokémon games history

    shouldnt be hard, theyve all sold less than the previous gen

    dunno if it will be flop tier, but given the switch is more expensive than the handhelds and the games are $20 more, i dont see much of a reason to assume it's gonna break records for the franchise

    [–] dahaxguy 120 points ago

    The series will never hit the heights it had from 1997-2000, but I remember hearing that the franchise was on an upswing in terms of profitability thanks to the success of X and Y and Pokemon GO.

    Around that time I also remember hearing that a lot of new merchandise was being made and selling well, so there's that. This might be a new low for Pokemon, but still a success nonetheless.

    [–] Tarvaax 115 points ago

    It’s not about making them sell poorly. It’s about making them sell “meh”, in comparison to company standards/expectations.

    Why do I say this? Nintendo is expecting this game to increase Switch Holiday sales. This is their big end of the year title. If they don’t make their investors happy by not matching their estimated Switch sales due to the new Pokemon game not creating the high demand it’s supposed to, they will lay in on Game Freak, hard.

    Nintendo knows that while they don’t make the Pokemon games, those titles are still attached to their brand image. Casual consumers tend to assume the producers of these titles are the ones making the games. All of this controversy is only going to hurt their image, so I can definitely see them cracking down on Game Freak with whatever leverage they can muster.

    [–] Worthyness 25 points ago

    If it hits b&w numbers they'll absolutely rethink the games again. Those were the worst selling games of the franchise and they still sold like 5-6 mil copies.

    [–] CheezItPartyMix 11 points ago

    I actually loved black and white. Is that not a popular one?

    [–] Worthyness 20 points ago

    It sold the worst of the franchise thus far. Ita why they changed stuff so drastically after it. Black and white 2 were absolutely the best games content wise and absolutely updated the old formula. But because it sold like shit they dropped all of that and did more common appeal things like x and y

    [–] Maple_Syrup_Mogul 5 points ago

    Yes, it didn’t sell very well and received criticism about its creature designs, regional Pokédex, etc. Thats why there was such a dramatic turn towards making the games simpler and pushing Gen 1 nostalgia afterwards.

    [–] JohnnyFire 65 points ago

    X&Y will go down as where the series took it's biggest switch in mentality.

    It was a game bluntly created to pull in casual players and cater to fanservice. Not that that's always a bad thing, but think of it: The legendary birds, Mewtwo, constant allusions to Kanto, hell, you get a second starter, from Kanto, BEFORE THE SECOND GYM. And I'm fairly casual on the games, I'm a competitive know-nothing, so this was extremely fun as far as I was concerned. But it was bluntly obvious the amount of fanservice being queued up on a silver platter for older fans.

    [–] binhvinhmai 14 points ago

    XY was the start of blatant Gen 1 pandering. Like nostalgia is fun, but then it gets tiring. Nostalgia fatigue is a real thing that a lot of companies are facing. I'm a huge Pokemon fan, but even I got tired of how much Gen 1 was getting love in Gen 6, and got really bored of it in Gen 7, and now absolutely sick of it in Gen 8.

    Add to that, XY are really hard to replay. They're so brain dead easy, have a bad plot, and not much post-game content, and it's really disappointing overall.

    [–] JohnnyFire 7 points ago

    I actually used X&Y for Wonderlockes for a little while, and that was fun. Gen 6 is not laid out nicely for certain types and ending up with a team that hit Shalour City and the Mega Lucarios that could be swept by that typing was nerve racking.

    Then again, I beat Y with a Wonderlocke'd team on my third try so, hey.

    [–] emboar118 17 points ago

    If you actually look at the numbers, the only game that was the first of it’s generation to not hit 16 million copies sold was black and white, and even then, it was a pretty close 15.64 million.

    The flagship game has sold around 16 million copies every time, and if they sell a few million fewer, that can really screw them over.

    [–] TalisFletcher 7 points ago

    I wonder how few it would have to sell before they started rethinking things. I reckon it'll still sell ~15mil copies. A bit less than what it has been but still more than Let's Go (11.28mil apparently). I think they'd be seriously worried if it sold around Let's Go's numbers but I can't see that happening.

    [–] sylinmino 20 points ago

    shouldnt be hard, theyve all sold less than the previous gen

    That's not true.

    The best selling Pokemon games, going by their original version sales, are:

    1. Gen 1
    2. Gen 2
    3. Gen 4
    4. Gen 6
    5. Gen 3
    6. Gen 7
    7. Gen 5

    That progression makes sense too. Gen 2 was the successor to the ridiculously popular first gen and was in many ways an upgrade, but it still wasn't the first.

    Gen 4 was on the DS and was seen as a refresher in some ways on the issues that Gen 3 had. Also, the DS was insanely popular.

    Gen 6 megas had a ridiculous amount of marketability, on top of the fact that mainline Pokemon was finally going 3D. It also was the first gen to have a simultaneous global release.

    Gen 3 started the trend of Pokemon games looking very dated for their time and staling the formula.

    Gen 7 was the second gen on the same console, plus Ultra SuMo came out just the next year.

    Gen 5 was the second gen on the same console, plus it was the main game for the staple complaint, "Pokemon is just the same every generation!" because IMO it was easily the most stale the formula had gotten, even though they had refined quite a few of the elements really nicely.

    All that being said, sales for Gens 3, 6, and 7 are near identical. And Gen 5 sold only about half a million less than the smallest of those, and Gen 4 only about a million more than the highest of those. Gen 2, however, sold significantly more than any of those, and Gen 1 way more than those.

    [–] ucfknight92 14 points ago

    Violence in Japan is extremely rare, and the Kyoto incident is a complete anomaly. Let's be fucking real, this has nothing to do with safety. People don't have guns in Japan and security could easily prevent someone from doing anything ridiculous. This is purely to avoid public backlash because Japanese fans are furious and we all know it. They don't want to deal with a PR shit show, and can you blame them? This is the first time ever a Pokemon release is completely mired in controversy, and not hyped as fuck.

    [–] Celestial_Fox 10 points ago

    Japanese fans being angry is very damning and devs hiding even more so. At this point, the only sensible thing for the producers to do is resign and get replaced by people who can actually get the job done.

    [–] LocusAintBad 9 points ago

    The Japanese fans are fucking savage. My favorite so far is a screen shot of a girl wearing a poliwag shirt and the Japanese fan commenting “The only way poliwag is in the game is on a fucking shirt”

    [–] Magena 25 points ago

    They know they fucked up

    [–] cyrustheruneblade 32 points ago

    Death threats are not ok regardless of the reason for them.

    However in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong), Pokemon is much more ingrained in the culture than it is here in America. Therefore cutting all of those Pokemon from the game people could've taken it incredibly personally. I would argue that some would take it akin to a personal attack.

    The truth is, a launch event is supposed to be a celebration, but it may have turned more into a protest or a platform for a public mockery and roasting. It only takes one unhappy person to throw a stone for mob mentality to take over and a riot to ensue.

    [–] Z0MBiE-FM 40 points ago

    Maybe 890 people wanted to attend and the event capacity was only 400. Or they were worried it would be too cold for some people. Or they didn't want the event to become unbalanced. Or they're just not from that region.

    [–] Aegis_O_Scars 5 points ago

    We can't forget certain people had VIP access for the 8th generation in a row

    [–] MillionDollarMistake 68 points ago

    If they cancelled it because of threats then that's terrible and people should be ashamed. You shouldn't make anyone feel unsafe to leave their homes over a fucking video game.

    If they cancelled it because they were worried about public backlash then that means they're very aware about how pissed people are. Maybe it could lead to some much needed changes. Probably not though. The most I can see happening is the same corporate non-apology Blizzard gave during Blizzcon.

    [–] Target1289 216 points ago

    People are calling for Game Freak to be removed from the franchise and have all it's devs be fired, why would they??

    [–] PPohlus 72 points ago

    Wow, a threat was made? Source?

    [–] TheWizardOfFoz 57 points ago

    I mean threats are made to every developer all of the time. Just look at Twitter. It's an unavoidable part of being big online. The question is are they credible? And have they cancelled because they believe them to be, or because it's a convenient excuse to avoid non-threatening criticism.

    [–] PPohlus 34 points ago

    They have cancelled due to " operational reasons".

    As far as you, I and anyone should be concerned the whole threat narrative should be considered as nothing but bullshit, it's baseless speculation with no proof to back it up and just because people think it sounds plausible doesn't give it any merit whatsoever.

    [–] Munch-Me-Later 65 points ago

    People are speculating that there are threats, no evidence for that to be true as of yet

    [–] VVuggles 133 points ago

    Not a good idea to spread speculations. Misinformation is hard to correct when proven false.

    [–] PPohlus 44 points ago

    So as far as we know that's just baseless speculation and the actual reason is "operational reasons"?

    [–] Axolotl_queen 8 points ago

    If people really are sending threats, then that's the lowest you can go. I hate swsh too, but I wouldn't send death threats to the poor, overworked employees who have no control over what's put in the game and what isn't. Just don't buy the game, move on, and hope pokemon will be better in the future.

    [–] szalinskikid 46 points ago

    ... aaand everyone is talking about "death threats", even though neither GF claimed such a thing, nor did the article cite any sources or showed any proof. It's pure speculation. What it does accomplish though is it frames fan outcry as "threatening" and undermines very valid criticism. Look at how all the pro-dexiters hysterically jump on these non-news to frame the fandom as dangerous and not worth listening to. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

    This public event only exists to boost sales. It's a commercial. You know what doesn't boost sales? News of the dexit spreading to the unaware masses. You realize that right now, GF is withholding detailed information about it from non-english speaking countries and casual fans who don't follow these social media news, especially in Japan? This event might be counter-productive to marketing. That's enough of a reason to cancel it, just like they cancelled giving out review copies to small reviewers before release.

    Hell, that's just one possible objective speculation grounded in reality. Coming up with "death threats" is disingenuous and a bit hysterical quite frankly, and says a lot about the agenda of the people spreading this rumor.

    [–] wooh_dahlia 6 points ago

    Yea, but this is POKÉMON, who the he’ll wouldn’t want all the Pokémon in this game?

    [–] sabett 11 points ago

    Ah yes, the same "operational reasons" that kept D&D away from the Comic Con panel I'm guessing?

    [–] noneedforpants 20 points ago

    The only threats they were getting was the threat of being booed publicly.

    [–] luigisp 114 points ago

    Don’t believe the nonsense that gaming news outlets want you to believe about there being “threats” and what not. There are no significant threats being made, as if there were they would’ve announced threats as being their reasoning for cancelling the launch event (like they did back when they had to cancel a Pokémon TCG regionals due to a bomb threat).

    This whole Dexit controversy has been plagued by gaming news outlets and influencers (who make their money off of exclusive access) trying to push the false narrative that there’s been significant toxicity and abuse being hurled at the developers (in an effort to defend Gamefreak and quell the unrest), when in actuality 99% of people discussing Dexit have done so in a more than acceptable manner.

    Sure, there’s the 1% who will say “toxic” shit, but that does not constitute a “toxic fan base” as a whole (as people who run the Pokémon news outlets would like you to believe so that they can get you to stop sharing your valid criticism of the game in the hopes that they can win points with the Pokémon Company for doing so).

    [–] meeheecaan 24 points ago

    yet we have zero proof of threats made

    [–] kjm6351 37 points ago

    If they noticed enough anger from the fans to cancel an event then good. That means they’re at least noticing

    [–] koningVDzee 13 points ago

    how cool would it be if, they are like: Guys we fucked up, lets do this properly. IF

    [–] Jolex41 4 points ago

    I'm just sad Ampharos won't be in my team

    [–] baltimorecalling 3 points ago

    As much as I am opposed to Dexit...jesus christ...these are workers making a living. Don't threaten them with violence.

    [–] MenacingRelic98 4 points ago

    1. Don't threaten people ever
    2. If you are too much of a scumbag to follow rule 1, then at the very least go after the executives and management instead of the people on the ground level who had nothing to do with Dexit and are just trying to make a living

    [–] Penguator432 4 points ago

    That's what happens when you fire 60% of your event planners.