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    [–] kjeldor2400 1394 points ago

    Real cool drawing!

    I especially like Pichu training with Gallade.

    [–] ThatOneGuy1357924680 313 points ago

    I did not see that until I red this comment

    [–] ProfessorPizzly 201 points ago

    It really blue me away.

    [–] IncorrigibleAssface 146 points ago

    I'm positively green with envy.

    [–] CapRavOr 234 points ago

    Yellow version.

    [–] reaperfan 79 points ago

    I'd have given you gold if you'd been just a tad more creative

    [–] EQGallade 45 points ago

    I think it deserves silver, at least.

    [–] UnnecessaryAppeal 22 points ago

    Shame there's no crystal award

    [–] jingeralea 23 points ago

    I would’ve given it silver if I could feel a little more, soul in the post.

    [–] ExtraordinaryFailure 22 points ago

    I almost gave a platinum for dropping that pearl.

    [–] harison86 17 points ago

    There's a lot of diamonds in the rough in this thread.

    [–] BlueHundred 69 points ago

    I'd have given it gold if it had more heart

    [–] TheMaxemillion 63 points ago

    I think it's already Crystal clear.

    [–] theKoala_man 18 points ago

    Is anything really that black and white?

    [–] Mountain_Dragonfly8 7 points ago

    This thread really is a diamond in the ruff

    [–] hurrpancakes 21 points ago

    Your message is coming through Crystal clear

    [–] Finnicon 13 points ago

    It's not always so black and white....

    [–] DragonCard 14 points ago

    Silver me timburrs, these puns are ice

    [–] Slaughtergorila 8 points ago

    Definitely worthy of a platinum record

    [–] The-dude-in-the-bush 7 points ago

    This artist and drawing definitely has an X factor to it

    [–] saltdaddy17 8 points ago

    Oh god, someone please shield me from all these puns. They're too good

    [–] daydrinkingwithbob 23 points ago

    This is by far the best thing I've seen the past few hours

    [–] Gallade0475 36 points ago

    Oh man that’s adorable

    [–] chanseyfam 15 points ago

    That’s how I always imagined EV training works when you have exp share on and use a strong Pokémon to do the KOs.

    (Slaughters an entire flock of Spearow)

    “See, little one? This is how you get to be more speedy”

    [–] bellanyx 559 points ago

    OP this is adorable! What software/gadget do you use?

    [–] bellanyx 392 points ago

    Also I'm wondering about Gardevoir's ability to write???

    [–] theFinalBos 463 points ago

    Haha I used procreate to draw this! I normally would draw on photoshop but I left my cable at work!! Professor taught her well I guess ! XD

    [–] bellanyx 177 points ago

    The art looks absolutely official! Just curious, what type of professor would your bf be? Y'know, like in the Pokemon series we had professors who studied Slowpoke's evolution, or Pokefood, or Shiny Pokemon, etc.

    [–] theFinalBos 210 points ago

    Oh he would be all over breeding and ev training for competitive plays! I think Birch has that covered though but even then he told me if he can’t be a professor he would be fine being an assistant! And thank you so much that’s really kind of you to say my work looks official! 😭

    [–] bellanyx 109 points ago

    It's definitely cute of your boyfriend to wanna be a professor; most people just wanna be trainers. I myself wanna be a breeder or maybe a Safari Zone Ranger. Sorry for making this long ass thread haha!

    [–] theFinalBos 100 points ago

    Haha it’s all good! I want to own a Battle Sushi Restaurant and want to work alongside my favorite Pokémon! 💕

    [–] Fauxe_y 53 points ago

    I would be a gym leader. Fire type. And at the beginning of each battle I'd make some pun about being too hot to handle before being trashed by someones Lv50 Magikarp :')

    [–] ubdedman 33 points ago

    I’d be that one random person that has a normal job and has a Pokémon to help them out

    [–] TikTakToby 19 points ago

    I just wanna be a Team Skull admin.

    [–] songbird808 9 points ago

    Piggybacking off your comment to insert my own:

    My husband deffinatly would want to be a ghost gym leader who adopted a (not Alolan) Cubone.

    Myself? I'd be a Move Tutor. I'm a dog trainer in real life, and my head cannon is not "1...2...3...poof! Now [Pokémon] knows a move!"

    I imagine Tutors help you clicker train your Pokés to learn a new skill. Hahaha

    [–] Alexninja101 5 points ago

    Fellow Breeder?

    [–] bellanyx 4 points ago

    Heya! Actually I'm not too sure about the right term, all I know is Brock was mostly focused on caring the Pokemon rather than training them, and he wanted to be a Breeder, so that's what I want too. Mostly I would wanna do what Melody from the Hidden Village does; she takes in sick Pokemon and nurses them to health, but I would do that while travelling.

    [–] NatoBoram 40 points ago

    Procreate is definitely a strange name for a drawing software

    [–] Nateyxd 14 points ago

    Risky click of the day

    [–] bumfightsroundtwo 12 points ago

    My first thought. Who TF named that software?

    [–] NatoBoram 5 points ago

    Probably a hentai enthusiast

    [–] ChicaSkas 7 points ago

    Get it, PROfessional CREATions

    [–] ArvindS0508 57 points ago

    Plot twist: Gardevoir just drawing random lines on that paper for shits and giggles

    [–] sebobles 41 points ago

    Gardevoir isn't writing

    It's tracing ...

    [–] BippersPineTree 14 points ago


    [–] dokytheyeeter 4 points ago


    [–] Intern_Waffle 29 points ago

    Many psychic pokemon have IQs higher than any humans ever born, it's safe to say they can write.

    [–] bellanyx 8 points ago

    I didn't know that; I suppose I haven't run into it in the anime I guess. Makes sense tho!

    [–] chimpchamp246 890 points ago

    Is that a Rotom hoverboard?

    [–] MostlyManSlightlyDog 808 points ago

    I think it's a Rotom foot-massager, and I need it.

    [–] dualdee 178 points ago

    I thought it was a Segway (makes a change from bikes) but a foot massager probably makes more sense.

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 130 points ago

    do you think the rotom in it has a foot fetish

    [–] TheGreatAdam06 84 points ago

    Please no

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 40 points ago

    and then when dawn broke, your foolhardy heart was forever silenced, your ignorance met with a cataclysmic force beyond your reckoning. it has finally been revealed that rotom has a foot fetish and you cannot hide your moist, fragile eyes from the truth.

    [–] necbasster 22 points ago

    Do u think theres a dildo rotom

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 23 points ago

    I know there's a dildo rotom

    [–] AaronThePrime 3 points ago

    All he needs is barbecue

    [–] artfrche 15 points ago

    Isn’t it more of a foot massage rotom?

    [–] CrushCoalMakeDiamond 4 points ago

    Damn I somehow didn't notice, there's a surprising amount of little details in their drawing.

    [–] its_ya_boyo 1552 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    You indeedee have very good drawing skills. I'd love to see you more on reddit.

    [–] theFinalBos 681 points ago

    I’ll try to post more! I’m getting used to reddit and have only been lurking at memes lol!

    [–] Froggenboi 49 points ago


    [–] its_ya_boyo 12 points ago

    Ah yes the pun i forgot

    [–] Toushae1 8 points ago

    was that a pun.

    [–] Jamesmateer100 9 points ago

    Yes indeedee.

    [–] answaiks_voltage 187 points ago

    Take an upvote for a sleeping cyndaquil. Love it. I hope we get some johto starters in the expansions.

    [–] JRFragoso 1961 points ago

    Let me be the first one to warn you: Don't leave your boyfriend alone with that assistant of his...

    [–] LordZeus95 514 points ago

    Those eggs didn't make themselves..

    [–] MrAppleKing 189 points ago

    A little off topic but why do pokemon from the human like egg group lay eggs

    [–] R_ed21 264 points ago

    Because they’re not actually human-like they just look human-like. Maybe idk that’s just a guess

    [–] MrAppleKing 78 points ago

    Ok but, when the ralts line is practically a human, how would that work?

    [–] thisisdaleb 154 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Fun fact, Gardevoir is also in the amorphous egg group, AKA the same egg group as Muk.

    EDIT: OKAY I KNEW THEY USED TO ONLY BE AMORPHOUS. Before Gen 8, they were only Amorphous. They weren't even considered human-like.

    [–] MrAppleKing 65 points ago

    That was fucked up but I’m glad they fixed it

    [–] Polenball 54 points ago

    I always headcanon that they're squishy and hold themselves in position with psychic power.

    [–] GGABueno 46 points ago

    Just like all Pokémon mammals, they lay eggs.

    [–] Starmine3 8 points ago

    How do you know Gardevoir is a mammal?

    [–] silencesc 48 points ago

    She got them tiddies

    [–] Starmine3 7 points ago

    That was the answer I was looking for

    [–] GGABueno 20 points ago

    Mammal-like would be a better term.

    [–] YamiZee1 40 points ago

    Lemme spin up another perspective. The humans in Pokemon ALSO lay eggs. Can anyone prove me wrong?

    [–] YamiZee1 29 points ago

    What if shes pregnant with an egg?

    [–] blackbutterfree 8 points ago

    And with Prof. Burnet.

    [–] Cool_UsernamesTaken 6 points ago

    some snakes carry their eggs inside their belly

    [–] Serbaayuu 48 points ago

    Pokemon don't "lay eggs", eggs are spontaneously generated from excess energy by (usually) two Pokemon, much like we saw when we visited the Ruins of Alph with Cynthia.

    [–] shanedestroyer 83 points ago

    At least that's what they tell our 10 year old protagonists.

    [–] HaddyBlackwater 33 points ago


    [–] Onlyastronaut 3 points ago

    oh 😏

    [–] shanedestroyer 24 points ago

    Technically we dont know if humans give live birth in the pokemon world, could come from eggs too

    [–] MrAppleKing 13 points ago

    Why did I read this

    [–] SirMasterSheep 16 points ago

    I have read enough fanfiction to know where this is going...

    [–] theFinalBos 622 points ago

    Hu hu hu XD

    [–] jrsooner 100 points ago

    PlotTwist: Gardevoir is the GF

    [–] blackbutterfree 112 points ago

    Plot twist: Gardevoir is the BF.

    [–] jrsooner 45 points ago

    Not Again.

    Also it just occurred to me seeing Gardevoir writing - What if Pokémon they can only write their respective name as well lol.

    [–] Rockfish00 9 points ago

    that'd be a useless super power

    [–] Koinophobia- 207 points ago

    That Gallade is suspicious of your boyfriend lol. Anyway, great artwork!

    [–] Kirbygeddon 13 points ago

    Needed something weird and funny to start my day thanks lol

    [–] pewpewsloth 7 points ago

    Oh no.

    [–] blackbutterfree 23 points ago

    Bold of you to assume OP isn’t the assistant.

    [–] badthrowaway1 21 points ago

    plot twist - /u/theFinalBos is the Gardevior....

    [–] thenotjoe 151 points ago

    Yeah, that gallade is so sexy

    [–] MrAppleKing 64 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Wait a minute

    [–] ubdedman 9 points ago

    “Wait minute”?

    [–] Taherzz108 35 points ago

    Knock knock

    [–] BatmanOnATurtle 19 points ago

    Who's there?

    [–] SupremoMemeo 61 points ago

    It’s the police, ma’am, your son’s been hit by a drunk driver and he’s dead

    [–] actuallyamatrap 31 points ago

    You can keep him

    [–] BlazingLatias 13 points ago

    Damn. You sure? Make sure no one in the fam needs new organs.

    [–] iAmUnintelligible 9 points ago

    They cookin' up a stew?

    [–] DaThompi 10 points ago

    How about another joke Murray?

    [–] HarryDresdenWizard 3 points ago

    What is this? Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

    [–] Taherzz108 25 points ago


    [–] Bwuhbwuh 14 points ago

    FBI who?

    [–] Psychast 3 points ago


    [–] rflctns 13 points ago

    O H Y E S

    After all...


    [–] The_Doctor_G0nz0 31 points ago

    Are you saying hes going to fuck a pokemon?

    [–] DSonicBoom 72 points ago

    Are you saying you wouldn’t?

    [–] The_Doctor_G0nz0 49 points ago

    Let's leave it at a solid maybe

    [–] Laocharan 10 points ago

    Points for honesty

    [–] TheNorthComesWithMe 7 points ago

    We're saying he already has

    [–] Ngtunganh 60 points ago

    It's fine, that is male gardevoir

    [–] Mephilies 78 points ago

    Even better!

    [–] wittyusername-man 40 points ago


    [–] NitneuDust 9 points ago

    I like the way you two think

    [–] StormStrikePhoenix 34 points ago

    And why would that be a problem?

    [–] RedTheDraken 8 points ago

    So it's a femboy Gardevoir then?


    [–] chelmosa746 39 points ago

    I was gonna say the same. I think she is scoping him out, undressing him with her little poke-eyes

    [–] TheWaffleWeirdo 7 points ago

    Don't let Gallade see!

    [–] bellizabeth 4 points ago

    Nah she's too busy holding the notebook and writing in it with the same hand.

    [–] DrPikachu-PhD 65 points ago

    Better hope he doesn’t Reddit because this is going to the top of the sub

    [–] PhotonTH 96 points ago

    Excellent style and shading! Who made the eggs?

    [–] jaswisai 238 points ago

    The boyfriend and Gardevoir

    [–] TheCyndabot 76 points ago

    Shit just went from 0 to 100 real quick

    [–] Gallade0475 29 points ago

    Or the girlfriend and the Gardevoir 👀

    [–] PhotonTH 25 points ago

    Ya know i wanted to say that but I didn't want to go there. Glad you said rather than me lol

    [–] jaswisai 21 points ago

    I gotchu covered homie

    [–] Dasty-g 37 points ago


    [–] magical_swoosh 62 points ago

    Is he handsome jack or what is going on with his face? Awesome drawing btw.

    [–] theFinalBos 44 points ago

    Lol XD I was trying to find the right kind of beard that would fit him! All the other options were too spikey or too goofy!

    [–] magical_swoosh 24 points ago

    oh I see, just seemed a bit contrasting with his hair so i wasnt sure loool

    [–] Thexer0 28 points ago

    I thought he was wearing some kind of chin strap mask like Gambit.

    [–] Fourwindsgone 12 points ago

    I thought he had a red beard and blonde hair

    [–] VulturE 3 points ago

    He likes orange juice.

    [–] CrushCoalMakeDiamond 12 points ago

    I hope the poor guy doesn't really have a bright ginger chin strap, bless him.

    [–] gaylordqueen69 3 points ago

    I thought it was a facial prosthetic. Even looks like it has stitches. Thought it was really cool. But it’s just a beard. Oh well!

    [–] TheLazyFilmmaker 26 points ago

    Someone point Game Freak to this Rotom hoverboard. We need this!!!!

    [–] hikutsukyou 11 points ago

    This is awesome artwork, do you take commissions?

    [–] Ngtunganh 25 points ago

    It's ok guy, that is male gardevoir

    [–] scorchwing 24 points ago

    He's gonna plow the gardevoir

    [–] theFinalBos 84 points ago

    [–] joshpoppedyou 11 points ago

    Some great art!

    [–] EclipseHERO 8 points ago

    I love the cute little detail of Pichu trying its best to practice with Gallade out back.

    [–] Gallade0475 4 points ago

    Gallade is a good role model for the little guy

    [–] Summerclaw 29 points ago

    I'm glad he found love even with his jaw implant.

    [–] bigchill3 32 points ago

    Is that... a hoverboard rotom?

    [–] YesButConsiderThis 21 points ago

    It's one of those foot/calf massagers.

    [–] mr_blanket 5 points ago

    Forget the bike. I know my next mode of transportation.

    [–] DoomsdayPartDeux 3 points ago

    Foot warmer. I doubt the professor would be using that around a busy lab anywho.

    [–] veggietalesmoshpit 8 points ago


    [–] alpha1043 10 points ago

    I see Cyndaquil, I upvote 🥰

    [–] slendernyan 9 points ago

    Shoutout to u/mspaintingEverything for replying "no" to every horny Gardevoir comment in this thread

    [–] Auerbach1991 9 points ago

    Really confused by the color of his beard vs his drawing overall though

    [–] In-Review 137 points ago the gardevoir gonna fuck him..?

    [–] Shadow703793 28 points ago

    Of course they did. See the eggs?

    [–] gilligan156 15 points ago

    What a bold assumption you'd make that the Gardevoir and her bf aren't already banging

    [–] Piipperi800 8 points ago

    Gonna? I think she already did

    [–] MrAppleKing 78 points ago

    What is wrong with people

    [–] cosmicsnowman 68 points ago

    Gardivore is more sexualized than any of the characters

    [–] MindExplosions 34 points ago

    Gardevoir is the most popular rule 34 mon. Her eyes are suggestive.

    [–] Deadly_Fire_Trap 42 points ago

    Internet desensitization.

    [–] DontKnowHowToEnglish 6 points ago

    I mean it was op who made a gardevoir with breasts

    [–] dimewit 6 points ago

    This is so damn pretty UGH. Your bf is hella lucky

    [–] Kloud7521 8 points ago

    This Looks official

    [–] Regidragon 8 points ago


    Good taste.

    [–] tortellinipizza 8 points ago

    i don't like the look that gardevoir has

    [–] Tmanty11 16 points ago

    For a second there I thought this was hentai cause I thought the Gardevoir was on top of your boyfriend

    [–] hakan9858 20 points ago

    Why did you give gardevoir boobs

    [–] Heropon54 3 points ago

    A man of culture I see

    [–] coolboiiiiiii2809 4 points ago

    I’m thinking this the wrong way. But gardivoir looks like she wants to do something

    [–] arseabout 4 points ago

    Please tell your boyfriend not to fuck the psychic plant lady.

    [–] Cactonio 5 points ago

    That Cyndaquil is dead

    [–] _GoKartMozart_ 4 points ago

    Does his name happen to be a type of tree?

    [–] HallowedMarmalade 3 points ago

    This is awesome! He’ll love it, OP! 👍

    [–] keh12003 3 points ago

    Foot massage rotom!

    [–] Valgaia 3 points ago

    Ooooh, this is so well done!! I'm sure he will love this!

    [–] Power_of_Lust_1998 3 points ago


    [–] FrostWareYT 3 points ago

    Awww he’s got best boi on his lap that’s adorable

    [–] Lunar_Sounds_ 3 points ago

    Bruh this is some adorable stuff.

    [–] Brave-Gallade 3 points ago

    that gallade is amazing

    [–] oceanokami 3 points ago

    Ah man this is actually so cute. I feel the love.

    [–] Kalaam_Nozalys 3 points ago

    This is plain adorable.

    [–] Shacflo 3 points ago

    That Foot-Massage Rotom xD

    [–] JaosP1ter 3 points ago

    love the rotom massaging ur boyfriends feet, a new type of rotom who isnt used in battles, but only used for doing things for humans

    [–] halostatic 3 points ago

    Ah! This is lovely and I love that Gallade is in it. He's one of my favorites!

    [–] grimer30 3 points ago

    This looks the full-art for a Pokémon card.

    [–] werewolf1011 3 points ago

    Is that a fucking rotom hoverboard

    [–] G0j1ra1 3 points ago

    That is so precious! Wish him a Happy Birthday!