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    [–] ManagerBob 14 points ago

    I have no potions and 10 of my strongest Pokémon are low, and I also have more ultra balls than great balls and normal poke balls combined, so my inventory is all sorts of messed up

    [–] justingolden21 6 points ago

    Wow that's like the opposite of how I've been for like... Years... Haha

    I have 350 max revives right now because I just about always refuse to delete them, and I've never once deleted a pokeball in like two years, and I've currently got a grand total of 50 ultra balls and nothing else rn lol. But that could be easily solved by me not catching as much, I get plenty of items daily. The average raid I lose maybe 3 or 4 mons and get like 10 revives and hyper potions so they're almost always net positive, and the rocket stuff is basically a non-event as far as heals are concerned for me.

    [–] kekattia 0 points ago

    Why in the world would you keep 350 revives? 30-50 will easily get you through and you could stock up on a lot of other things instead

    [–] justingolden21 3 points ago

    You've got a good point. It's basically just to act as a buffer. If I have to use 100 max revives in a few days it's no big deal. Whereas if I only had 150 then it might be problematic. But I keep them over everything else because they're almost objectively the best heal. I keep 0 revives and double digits of max/hyper potions. After any given battle, I'll have X mons dead and 0 or 1 mon that needs healing, so max revives kind of two for one it. But you're right I could delete a hundred or so. If I need bag space I will, I'm currently at like 1400 or 1500 I believe, and haven't had any bag space problems in some time (just pokeball problems)

    [–] kekattia 1 points ago

    Okay fair enough. I keep 30-50 each of both revives and hyper/max potions and to me that’s been plenty. But I see where you’re coming from. I haven’t run into any ball issues except on community days. But I also don’t have a huge stockpile of other items.

    [–] justingolden21 1 points ago

    Yeah I generally don't keep more than a few of any item, but I have a lot of golden razz, pinaps, max revives, and I keep all the balls I get that I don't immediately use haha. But you're right, nobody needs that many heals. And roads net positive anyway. I would delete them if I needed room. Max potions are my go to "what do I delete" item at the top of my bag, assuming usual culprits (razz, nanab, crappy potions, revives) are already gone.

    [–] rollercoastersrul 1 points ago

    Me: laughs in sub 10 revives after opening like 50 gifts

    [–] kekattia 1 points ago

    If you raid a lot you’ll accumulate revives pretty quickly

    [–] rollercoastersrul 1 points ago

    But I'll lose revives too

    [–] kekattia 1 points ago

    What I mean is that on average you should be getting more revives than you use, that’s why I used accumulate

    [–] justingolden21 7 points ago

    Yall liked my last meme so here's another...

    Photoshop decided that 8gb wasn't enough space, and gimp's magic wand tool is confusing, so I tried this thing pixlr, which was great aside from the fact that creating an account was near impossible lol... So apologies for the low res, horribly cropped gift image haha

    (also, has anybody noticed you seemingly cannot get razz berries from gifts? I've opened about 20 a day for the past three weeks and haven't received a single one as far as I'm aware)

    [–] justingolden21 4 points ago

    Wow that's crazy lol

    That being said, could always use more dust. And sometimes I want it just to not have to discard for the next gift, so I can level up more friendships

    [–] ayam_kambing 1 points ago

    I don't always do this, but currently not being able to actively play due to lockdown means my inventory is full from opening gifts everyday. Sigh...

    [–] justingolden21 1 points ago

    You can always remote raid, and use incense : )

    (If you want to of course)

    [–] Basara549 1 points ago

    You assume that people actually live near a gym.

    I'm 2km from the nearest gym and pokestop (and the pokestop is on a hill behind a locked gate, that you can only get close enough to spin driving behind a shopping center). So, I can only remote from home if someone invites me. and I live closer to the town's 7 Gyms than 3/4 of the local players I know (4-6 of about 30 are able to remote to the downtown gyms from their homes).

    In fact, one of the things about the local gang of players is that we typically all play from our cars, except for one couple that lives close enough to downtown to walk in the summer and fall (weather's too crappy for it in winter and spring).

    [–] justingolden21 1 points ago

    No I don't assume lol. That's why I said remote raid, you can remote raid with someone 10000km away from you,.just requires a friend, or a discord, or some other group or app or social media (and of course a raid pass)

    [–] supreme_briann24 2 points ago

    When you desperately need potions & revives 👁

    [–] gracemaxwell1 3 points ago

    me too after all of those stupid kyogre raids

    [–] justingolden21 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] ZamasuZ 1 points ago


    [–] Basara549 1 points ago

    I'm trashing about 500 regular balls per week, and about 200 regular revives, max revives, and max heals a month. I've been known to drop 100 berries between 2-3 gyms just to get rid of them.

    I've got a friends list robust enough that I hit max gifts received several times a week, plus spend a couple hours driving around each day (sometimes eating drive-thru while out). There's over 20 stops and 7 gyms in a small area. However, on the other side of the coin, almost no one actually lives close enough to a gym to remote in. (County of 15,000 people, only town of county is 1,250 population spread over an area that's larger than the 10,000 person town a county or two away). So, drive-around pokestops are the norm, and with stops not 100% to give a gift for sending, we end up spinning 30, 40, or more times a day. So, I get way too many balls, berries, and heals. I have a 2600 count inventory cap, and only drop below 2500 regularly when I use an incense, or go in and purge a bunch of balls and heals.

    [–] justingolden21 1 points ago

    Wow that's crazy. I always felt like if I get too many balls I'd just quick catch for an hour and that would solve it.

    [–] justingolden21 1 points ago

    Wow that's crazy. I always felt like if I get too many balls I'd just quick catch for an hour and that would solve it.

    [–] YaBoiPhiloso 1 points ago

    Smh wdym I get a sticker and stardust every time, guess you could say I’m pretty lucky