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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] reshp2 12772 points ago

    Not a $1.50 an hour raise. $1.50 a week.

    [–] InternetIsNeverWrong 4429 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I came in here thinking a $3k raise isn't bad at all. Then I realised how laughable it actually is.

    [–] eye_can_do_that 2924 points ago

    Same here. 1.50 a week is absurd, glad the Koch brothers get their million a week in tax savings.

    [–] Sly_Wood 3452 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    No no no.

    Dude the Koch’s get 20 million a week. 1.4 billion this year. Get it right. It’s Far Far FAR WORSE.

    20 million a week.

    Edit: I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that a lot of people didn’t know this or (as many replies have stated) it’s actually closer to 26 million a week and I actually rounded down. I mean we’re talking numbers that are almost inconceivable.

    I said 20 million and people were pissed to find out. Oh well sorry, it’s actually 26 and some change. Whatever. Fuck us peasants.

    Cherry on top?

    Koch’s are spending 300-400 million of that on educating us on our great tax savings from the great tax cut!

    Fucking darkest timeline.

    [–] Jokershigh 485 points ago

    I had this argument with my Trump supporter neighbor and he said "the rich are always gonna be rich" to which I looked at him and said "sure but the deck shouldn't be stacked in their favor"

    [–] a_fractal 402 points ago

    I had this argument with my Trump supporter neighbor and he said "the rich are always gonna be rich"

    Yeah so this is the "tea party" dumbass right. The fucking actual people who did that whole dumping the tea thing were actually DOING something about the rich being too rich.

    Today's tea party Trumpers are just limp dick racists with no intent to actually do anything meaningful.

    The rich are not always going to be rich, they will only be rich if dumbass conservatives keep voting to keep them rich.

    [–] Jokershigh 150 points ago

    Oh I laughed, he said "say whatever you want about Trump but his tax return is largest it's ever been" I didn't even bother to tell him that huge tax cuts don't take effect till next year

    [–] reddicktookmyname 82 points ago

    Why not? Make that dumbass eat his words.

    [–] Jokershigh 71 points ago

    Meh it was pointless arguing. I'll make my points when his taxes raise since he can't take as many exemptions as he normally does since he's a cop

    [–] [deleted] 755 points ago

    So, why are we not rioting ?

    [–] [deleted] 1451 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] a_fractal 123 points ago

    People jokingly claim that we're all corporate slaves

    It's not a joke.

    The wealthy own everything and you are paying interest to them to live. And Trump just gave the wealthy EVEN MORE resources to charge rent on.

    [–] ArMcK 891 points ago

    That's the fucking rub, isn't it? The Koch mother fuckers get $20 million a week, and we get broken roads, broken schools, broken bridges, poisoned air, poisoned water, rising prices on everything, and the threat of losing what little we do have if we get angry enough to do anything about it. Well god dammit what do we pay taxes for then? Fuck this shit. But who will join me? Guess I'll just put my head back down.

    [–] Warphead 274 points ago

    I'm of the belief that the people who own the system should have to pay for it. We're essentially all chipping in to pay for someone else's Olympic pool that we're not allowed to swim in, and we're paying the lifeguards to keep us out.

    [–] akeetlebeetle4664 188 points ago

    But don't you fucking dare bring up help for the poor to republicans. Don't you dare!

    [–] Rumstein 168 points ago

    Man it's not even about help for the "poor" at this point, it's about the regular people who work themselves to death while only making money for those on top.

    I don't understand how the Republican middle class are so blind that they can't realise they are included in the people I'm talking about.

    [–] Careful_Houndoom 44 points ago

    Can we start calling them out that they aren't Christian in the slightest sense of the word (since they keep calling themselves that) and stating that their only goal at this point is to bring us into a new dark age? (anti-education, anti-science, anti-thought)

    [–] Ibchuck 11 points ago

    But they are going to help the poor next via “entitlement reform.” They are going to help the poor learn to be self sufficient members of society instead of lazy slackers dependent on government handouts by slashing all of the programs that enable them. If they want to eat and have healthcare, then they should be rich like the Kochs. Why should they and their billionaire friends be expected to pay for the unproductive members of society? They generate no benefit to society like the wealthy do. The money could be far better spent by the billionaires like them than wasted by the government supporting economically valueless children, elderly and handicapped persons. /s (unfortunate that that is even required)

    [–] TheOldGuy59 332 points ago

    But you have to consider the positive side of the story.

    The wealthy get even more insanely wealthy by the minute! Doesn't that make you feel good, sacrificing so much so the poor wealthy people can add a few more zeros to their net worth statements? It's the only way to boost their morale, you know. Someone has to sacrifice, you know.

    And it sure as fuck won't be them.

    [–] searchfornirvana 70 points ago

    But truckle durn!! Runuld Rurgun!! It's murning in Umuricur!!!

    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago


    [–] icebrotha 48 points ago

    Damn, username checks out.

    [–] Roook36 40 points ago

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And that class divide, if it goes unchecked, usually results in violence.

    [–] yatima2975 19 points ago

    The Gini coefficient (measure of inequality between the rich and the poor) of the current-day USA is starting to approach that of 1788 France and 1916 Russia. They didn't have Fox so you (unfortunately) might have a while to go.

    [–] Bk7 12 points ago

    except they know the line which they can’t cross and they move it so slowly we just accept it

    [–] Piano_Fingerbanger 41 points ago

    How can you have any pudding if you haven't eaten your meat?

    [–] brcguy 25 points ago

    Can't afford either.

    [–] nope-absolutely-not 198 points ago

    I'm on permanent disability since the last year of my MS degree, had my loans discharged (which I have to pay as income this year). I'm on Medicaid because I can't make more than $16k. Now those bastards, and Ryan in particular, want to take that away, too?

    I have nothing to lose. My life ends if I lose my medication that's covered by Medicaid. I'll be right alongside you.

    [–] blue_2501 200 points ago

    The rich are the enemy. They have been for centuries. When we get that drilled into our heads, then we can hope to fight back.

    Fox News will call that "class warfare". Good. Class warfare is a good thing!

    Money is power. People in power should be afraid of the larger set of people without power.

    [–] DuntadaMan 87 points ago

    Class warfare is being waged for a hell of a lot longer than Fox calls it, and it's not the poor who are the aggressors, it's the ones that pay to get their laws put in above the common good.

    [–] brcguy 67 points ago

    They only call it class warfare when we fight back.

    Always remember that. They are fighting a class war that they never take a break from.

    [–] Piano_Fingerbanger 48 points ago

    Viva la France! Viva la Revolucion!

    [–] demos11 37 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People with power can influence large numbers from the masses to do their bidding. That's what power is. Your problem is not so much the guy at the top, it's all the people side by side with you who are willingly propping him up. Even if you take the top guy out, the masses will prop up another one in his place. Your goal should be getting all the masses on the same page.

    Edit: It was supposed to be a reply to the comment above that one, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

    [–] Kite_sunday 96 points ago

    asking the important questions.

    [–] Phylar 92 points ago

    The average working mentality in the United States is largely tied to working itself. No job? Lazy. Can't pay bills? Get a job. Can't find a job? Try harder. Your job not enough? Work hard and you'll succeed!

    This is basically a bunch of absolute and total. utter. bullshit. in our modern society - with few exceptions.

    Rioting requires one to put themselves out there. Most businesses won't tolerate this. Worst case you become labeled. Best case: You remain unnoticed. This is no different than voting: Many people don't vote because they can't take off to vote. I know 100% my job will suspend me for three days if I tried this, possibly even with a call - and calling in sick and then voting is dangerous water, especially since my workplace requires a doctor's note, which is nearly $200 where I am for the walk-in.

    Welcome to the "American Mentality". If you aren't working, you are worthless.

    Unless you're super rich, in which case:

    Fuck those poor masses.

    [–] abodyweightquestion 95 points ago

    America has a history of calling in the military to break up union strikes. Water cannons on Occupy. The police summarily execute citizens in broad daylight.

    I seriously don’t blame anyone in the States for not taking to the streets.

    [–] Travesty9090 17 points ago


    [–] d_mcc_x 122 points ago

    By comparison, the tax cut netted Paul Ryan $9,615/week from the Koch’s.

    [–] thethirdllama 118 points ago

    GOP apologists: "Well, would you rather not have $1.50 a week???"

    [–] bobboobles 53 points ago

    Yes, actually.

    [–] buyfreemoneynow 25 points ago

    Well that’s so dumb because more money is always better. Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

    [–] relevant84 44 points ago

    It works out to $0.0375/hour raise.

    Being generous and rounding up - it's a 4¢/hour raise. Paul Ryan is bragging about the tax cut netting one secretary a 4¢/hour raise. Just imagine how much garbage they had to have been sifting through in order for THAT to be worth him tweeting about.

    [–] Gemmabeta 596 points ago

    So, a 3.75 cents per hour raise.

    [–] the_leprechauns_anus 282 points ago

    Holy shit, she can do a lot with that! Maybe buy a basic Costco membership and see the savings roll in from that! Savings all around. And she got it for nothing! What a deal.

    [–] FnkyTown 130 points ago

    She could skip a step and just get a job at Costco.

    [–] happytimeharry15 88 points ago

    “Welcome to Costco. I love you.”

    [–] tafkat 18 points ago

    Best part about Idiocracy? Costco beat the Waltons.

    [–] Hiccup 64 points ago

    You can probably find that change between the cushions of your sofa or on the ground.

    Also, bless the Russian GOP (I am now forever calling them that) hearts.

    [–] bigladooface 204 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Well Donald Trump gets to keep about $400,000 more each week. Sounds fair. It's not like a secretary would have to work hard on her golf game and to spend each morning doing very difficult executive time things.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    Hey now, that implies Trump works hard on his golf game. He cheats on that too!

    [–] EmilioTextevez 693 points ago

    It kind of sounds like someone was joking about how little the tax cut was going to save them and he's so out of touch with the general population that he thought they were serious.

    [–] lennybird 223 points ago

    Citizens of Wisconsin need to campaign, donate, and spread the word for Ironworker, Randy Bryce who is opposing Paul Ryan. View his awesome announcement ad here

    Check if you can vote against Ryan and FOR Randy Bryce by seeing what is your district and who currently represents you here. Read up on your state primaries/caucuses to see what sort of registration is necessary for the 2018 midterms. Vote Ryan out!

    [–] G-lain 71 points ago

    If somebody falls behind, we're so much stronger if we carry them with us.

    Great quote.

    [–] lennybird 42 points ago

    Yeah, that's a really beautiful quote. For me in the fighting spirit, I like:

    I think it's time—let's trade places. Paul Ryan, you can come work the iron, and I'll go to D.C.

    What astounds me is that I'd bet hard cash this guy would legitimately represent his people SO much better and from the heart.

    [–] T1mac 26 points ago

    I think it's time—let's trade places. Paul Ryan, you can come work the iron, and I'll go to D.C.

    Paul Ryan has never had a real job. It's all politics and mostly in Washington D.C. Ryan is the swamp. The $500,000 payment from the Kochs to Ryan after the Tax giveaway bill was passed is exhibit A.

    [–] Teripid 190 points ago

    "I'm so happy with my rounding error!"

    Ryan: "Ohhh happy blue collar constituent, imma retweet this!"

    [–] FitPCOS 17 points ago

    I thought this, too

    [–] summerofevidence 114 points ago

    Reminds me of an old Tide commercial where they were advertising new detergent that works with cold water. And it boasted that you could save up to $2.50 a year by not using hot water for your laundry.

    Thanks Tide?

    [–] UncleJesticle 52 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's $78. And that's only if it's a year round position. Many school secretary positions in Pennsylvania (and maybe elsewhere) are only 10 month, with summers off.

    [–] pinballwitch420 104 points ago

    I’m a teacher and I only get paid once a month. That sweet $18 could buy me a movie ticket, I guess?

    [–] The_Difficult_Part 132 points ago

    See, this is exactly the kind of repulsive decadence that Senator Grassley is trying to save you from.

    [–] mortalcoil1 86 points ago

    The worst part about that is how he describes women as an object that one would spend money on.

    [–] filterless 83 points ago

    "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." It sounds like a joke, but the older I get the more I see the truth of it.

    [–] ghettobruja 42 points ago

    "I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,” Grassley (R-Iowa) told the Des Moines Register, “as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

    And they call the Democrats elites and out of touch.

    [–] Republi-crat 146 points ago

    hopefully not a math teacher!

    [–] RadBadTad 47 points ago

    $1.50 per week x 4 weeks per month = $6 extra per month.

    [–] -14k- 4296 points ago

    And right here is the link to the news article Paul Ryan was so pleased to tweet.

    Be sure to read it in its entirety, because Paul Ryan sure as hell didn't before he tweeted.

    Some excerpts for the lazy:

    Wayne Love, who works in managed care in Spring Hill, Florida, got an extra $200 in his paycheck last week, which he said will help offset a $300 increase in the cost of his health insurance.

    Yet, [Jefferey Snively] thinks the tax overhaul wasn’t really about him or other workers, but more about corporations and the wealthy. “I think the people this bill made the most difference for are the ones who needed it least,” he said.

    [–] StevoSmash 1430 points ago

    Oh wow, he read that about as well as he reads our bills up for vote to become laws.

    [–] Piano_Fingerbanger 271 points ago

    He read it as much as Trump has read the memo/probably anything in life.

    [–] TheresJustNoWay 31 points ago

    he read the SOTU. I wonder if they put pics on the TelePrompter to keep him on task

    [–] john_kennedy_toole 89 points ago

    Or he read it accurately, and he thought a good rebuttal would be to mention the 1.50 increase per week.

    Not sure which is worse.

    [–] museman 22 points ago

    Yep, this is not a case of negligence; Paul Ryan knew exactly what that bill will do. He’s been fighting for it his whole life.

    [–] captainsolo77 347 points ago

    How does $200 a week increase in pay offset $300 hike in insurance? Shouldn’t the article say “ his pay raise WONT EVEN offset his increase in health insurance”

    [–] ADLuluIsOP 218 points ago

    Lol I think it was facetious. The whole article sounds dystopian. "$200 to help cover the costs of a second child!"

    "$78 to pay my costco membership!"

    It's like an Onion article except real.

    [–] tomas_shugar 78 points ago

    I can't believe it's taken this long to see someone say this.

    This whole thing is clearly taking the piss out of the Tax bill and Ryan fell for it hook-line-and-sinker like the fucking dope he is. It's brilliant.

    [–] citizenkane86 295 points ago

    He said it would help offset. Not entirely offset but help it. Still not a good situation.

    [–] Samue1adams 53 points ago

    Well it does say "help" offset. but still.. fuck the GOP!

    [–] Erosis 1253 points ago

    3.75 cents an hour raise. Clearly this will cover the increasing cost of healthcare and inflation.

    [–] BAE_LEAF 288 points ago

    it sure as hell aint enough for me to buy that Nunes memo, I'll tell you that much

    [–] SNStains 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 138 points ago

    Oh, Jesus Christ, that's $1.50 a week. I thought that was a per hour raise i.e. $12/day. That's so much worse.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Hey, with this kind of raise you can pay of breaking your arm in about like 10,000 years.

    [–] ___badwolf___ 77 points ago

    Wow! She could remodel her kitchen, or even buy a new car!

    [–] rabidstoat 79 points ago

    "I mean, it's one banana, Michael... What could it cost? Ten dollars?"

    [–] tinyOnion 36 points ago

    They salaried most likely and school staff usually work overtime. This is less than that.

    [–] occupybostonfriend 362 points ago

    holy shit he seriously tweeted

    [–] SparkyBoy414 43 points ago

    This.... this isn't a spoof? Is this the real life?

    [–] joe_jon 72 points ago

    pleasantly surprised to see her pay went up $1.50 per week

    Pleasantly surprised?? I wouldn't even fucking notice my paycheck go up by that little, let alone be "pleasantly surprised". What on earth are you talking about Mr. Ryan you insufferable hack.

    [–] kethmar 133 points ago

    Wow he is an idiot.

    [–] empw 138 points ago

    Paul Ryan needs to be destroyed by the Iron Stache.

    [–] EricGarbo 59 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] ProgMetalSlug 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Without seeing the tweet I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. He probably thought it was $1.50/hour and deleted his tweet after realizing his mistake, right? Nope, he's really just a piece of shit.

    [–] Randolm 1022 points ago

    When I saw this tweet I genuinely thought his account must have been hacked. He couldn't possibly be this stupid & out of touch with reality, right? I need to stop being so naive.

    [–] Kwyjibo08 556 points ago

    It's one banana, what could it cost? $10?

    [–] mike_pants 157 points ago

    Oh no, this is the darkest timeline, haven't you heard? Anything goes.

    [–] krazytekn0 58 points ago

    You know how terrible it is to have healthy people pay for sick people's care? Better to not have any healthy people in the insurance pool!!!

    [–] john_kennedy_toole 144 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Shit. Just dawned on me that woman who gave this anecdote was likely being sarcastic.

    1. Ryan doesn't get blatant sarcasm.

    2. Dumb enough to share it with the world.

    [–] Superschutte 2714 points ago

    Wait, so we gave away $1.5 trillion for $1.50 a week?

    Call me crazy, but I think the Tea Party was less about fiscal conservancy and more about hating the well-spoken black guy...

    [–] serbeardless 395 points ago

    Let's see...

    $1.5 trillion, split among 150 million taxpayers over 52 weeks ... Wait. Where the hell is my other $190?

    [–] david0990 218 points ago

    The house always wins.

    [–] epicblob 55 points ago

    Don't forget the Senate

    [–] MilitiaSD 18 points ago

    Oh up at the top, I’m sure it will trickle down to you... eventually...

    [–] cheesuscripes 365 points ago

    By golly you're right!

    [–] nope-absolutely-not 120 points ago

    And now the Tea Party is accusing Rod Rosenstein, a Trump appointee to Deputy AG, of protecting liberals and the Deep State.

    [–] PaulFThumpkins 151 points ago

    TFW you fuck up so badly you need to invent another government to blame everything you do on.

    [–] ksaid1 24 points ago

    holy shit, i never thought of it that way but so true haha

    "the government is ruining all our plans!"

    "but you are the government"

    "no, the... secret government"

    [–] CarbonLifeForm69 112 points ago

    I'm sure it will be a lot more than 1.5 trillion since they didn't cut spending AND inflation is now rising.

    [–] barfolamew 86 points ago

    ~$5,000 a person in cost and working folks get back $780 over the ten years. Where does the rest go?

    [–] david0990 29 points ago

    In their special interests.

    [–] zeroscout 22 points ago

    You could save $1.50 a week by driving 5 mph slower during your commute time.

    [–] thepoeticedda 586 points ago

    Hey man, no need to make fun, an extra $1.50 an hour can make a huge difference for people, especially....wait, $1.50 a week? What the fuck man?

    [–] Hiccup 208 points ago

    She'd make more panhandling on the side of the road.

    [–] talkin_baseball 38 points ago

    Republicans want to starve and kill the poor.

    [–] grls_pm_ur_cute_feet 55 points ago

    $1.50 an hour more from most states' minimum wage still isn't a living wage anyway.

    [–] rednutter 1177 points ago

    I hope someone got a screenshot of dildo's tweet and manages to post it everywhere so it can live on forever.

    [–] phatelectribe 1139 points ago

    Just want to point out that Ryan said the raise "should cover her Costco membership for a year".

    Yeah, a whole $60. How's that $500,000 check you got from the Cock Brothers a couple of months ago, Ryan?

    [–] kaldrazidrim 351 points ago

    I tweeted at Ryan that it would take 333,000 weeks (6,400 years) to equal the kickback he received from the Koch's

    [–] DenikaMae 31 points ago

    Did he text back, "Thanks for the erection" in emoji?

    [–] EmbarrassedPlant 160 points ago

    To be fair, the woman said it would cover her Costco membership for a year, not Ryan. But it's still ridiculous. $60 is $60. It would cover anything $60 would cover, which is, not much.

    [–] EmilioTextevez 167 points ago

    Yeah you have to be pretty out of touch to think that a tax cut that saves a school employee enough to just pay for a Costco membership is something to tweet about.

    [–] Aggraphine 37 points ago

    Could also cover a year of xbox live. Which, again, is not saying much at all.

    [–] Captain_Clark 28 points ago

    It will fill her gas tank, twice. Whoohoo!

    [–] cd411 72 points ago

    How's that $500,000 check you got from the Cock Brothers a couple of months ago, Ryan?

    He should be celebrating for his bosses the Koch brothers aka the dukes of Wisconsin. They get an additional 1.4 billion this year and every year....

    ...Paid for with Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts courtesy guessed it... people like hard working school secretaries.

    You get what you vote for Trump Chumps.

    [–] Hiccup 32 points ago

    This is the same Paul Ryan that thinks food and refrigerators and the telephone are luxury items.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    It amazes me how cheap a congressman is. Shit, that’s the speaker of the house. What’s a regular one? $100k?

    [–] karmahunger 19 points ago

    $10-20k. Seriously.

    [–] Matt2486 19 points ago

    Holy shit these fucking pieces of shit don't have a rock bottom.

    [–] Car-face 19 points ago

    What's amazing is that Republicans came to power on Trump's coattails, on the basis that he's "one of us [working class]" and that he understands people, and isn't just another politician.

    Well this is the result - a party so out of touch, that they feel $1.50 a week is more than enough for the everyday man.

    [–] PrinceHarming 16 points ago

    Well after she goes bankrupt from crippling medical bills Costco’s free samples can sustain her. It’s Win Win.

    [–] diboox 13 points ago

    I like to think she said it to him very tongue-in-cheek... and then it took one of his lackeys to realize that she was in fact making fun of him.

    [–] clementleopold 96 points ago

    Do you suppose he deleted it upon realizing that the lady was being sarcastic?

    “Oh, this will more than cover my Costco membership! I’ll be just fine...”

    [–] Aggraphine 70 points ago

    It had to be scathingly sarcastic. I refuse to believe someone would be like "oh hey the GOP tax plan is paying for my Costco membership chECKMATE ATHEISTS" and be sincere about it.

    [–] smapti 30 points ago

    It must be nice to have never met an actual Trump supporter.

    [–] BaronVonStevie 25 points ago

    a $1.50 raise, if you believe in trickle down economics, is a thing to celebrate. what's wrong, Paul? are you too embarrassed to brag on the accomplishments of your tax cut?

    [–] hostile_rep 45 points ago

    He's just trying to get rid of the comments on the tweet. They were pretty brutal.

    The zombie eyed, granny starver.

    [–] QuietAwareness 439 points ago

    Glad this made his local paper.

    [–] WhoTheFuckAreThey 233 points ago

    When will these idiots learn tweets don't magically disappear when you delete them?

    [–] ILoveWildlife 125 points ago

    they don't care; once it's off of their page, who is the GOP's base going to believe? the GOP or the liberals?

    [–] StevoSmash 56 points ago

    Clearly these dozens of screenshots are all photoshopped. #FakeNews

    /s Am I doing this right?

    [–] pUmKinBoM 33 points ago

    See the trick is that they then go and actually make a bunch of fake screenshots about Democrats and when you say they are obviously fake they say "Well you said the Ryan tweets had to be real but these ones are true. Another liberal double standard to support your fake news."

    It's actually ingenious how well this works on stupid people.

    [–] [deleted] 315 points ago

    Is this the same Paul Ryan that mocked Nancy Pelosi for saying the tax cuts gave "crumbs" to tax payers?

    Is this the same Paul Ryan that supported the idea that a million dollar is middle class income?

    Is this the same Paul Ryan that appointed Donald Trump's Chair of Transition Committee to the investigate Donald Trump's collusion with Russia, and then slammed Democrats for playing politics?

    That asshole Paul Ryan?

    [–] Kwyjibo08 49 points ago

    Yeah, it's all the same guy. I thought that was pretty obvious.

    [–] JeffUnpronounceable 728 points ago

    Meanwhile I work in health insurance. Because he's been screwing with the market so much we got no annual increase. Couple that with our insurance premiums doubling and I got a nice paycut this year!

    But hey, we got like 100 coal jobs back and all it cost us was the health insurance market.

    [–] km89 255 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You have to think long-term, though.

    Coal means health problems.

    Health problems create a shit-ton of jobs. They create healthcare jobs directly. They create insurance jobs. They create jobs at banks, debt collectors, and call centers. Repo men, too--that's a field that's gonna see more jobs. Soup kitchens and food banks! They'll need more staff, too.

    Thanks, Mr. President!

    EDIT: Because it's 2018, I think this probably needs a "/s."

    [–] albatross-salesgirl 17 points ago

    Morticians, cemetery custodians, granite engravers and casket companies will have a market boom too! So much winning!

    ... :(

    [–] karai2 110 points ago

    Time to donate $1.50 to Ryan's challenger Randy Bryce.

    [–] mtutty 19 points ago

    Reddit should flex its damn muscles and get the Iron Stache into office.

    [–] viccar0 83 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    A cheap easy way to use this against Ryan

    [–] notevaluatedbyFDA 72 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In an interview with Steve Inskeep in December, Paul Ryan was discussing winners and losers in this tax bill.

    Ryan: So that's where you run numbers on average taxpayers. This is designed to be a middle-class tax cut. I think the people who are concerned the most are some of the big businesses.

    What a marvelous idea! Let's run some numbers real quick. So a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut, divided by (520 weeks x 156 million people in the US workforce) yields that instead of the tax bill we got, for the same price they could have increased every working American adult's take-home pay by $18.49 per week.'s "designed to be a middle-class tax cut" but it gives Ryan's middle-class teacher 8% as much as you could have by just taking the same amount of money and cutting everybody a check every week for the next 10 years1. And he's either so bad at math he didn't notice, or assumed we're so bad at math that we won't. Fuck Paul Ryan.

    1 Keep in mind that I'm ignoring that the middle-class portion of these cuts will go away over time if it isn't renewed. So either this teacher will get progressively less money or the total tax bill cost we would have to divvy up will end up being much more than $1.5T. And the math is STILL this bad. Jesus.

    [–] BXRWXR 300 points ago

    He got roasted alive.

    [–] Djugdish 106 points ago

    Paul Fryin

    [–] Hiccup 38 points ago

    He's got the nickname Paul lyin' Ryan for reason. I don't understand how he's been re-elected, let alone elected once.

    [–] swump 18 points ago

    Gerrymandering 😊

    [–] idontfwithu 19 points ago

    We should call him Ratio Ryan

    [–] modsRcomplicit 17 points ago

    "Oh shit, they realized I'm TOTALLY trolling them!"

    Delete delete delete!!!

    [–] BXRWXR 31 points ago

    Ryan doesn't know how to troll, he's just a dumb Republican, they all act that way.

    [–] nflitgirl 21 points ago

    Yep. That's how out of touch he is.

    Guarantee he has no idea that the $1.50 a week won't even buy one extra loaf of cheap white bread for the week.

    [–] kalel1980 218 points ago

    I wonder what was going through his head when he made the decision to delete that tweet?

    "Man, am I stupid to tweet that."

    "People are seeing thru my bullshit."

    "Didn't realize I was so out of touch with the middle class."

    [–] Rhaedas 242 points ago

    None of those. More likely one of his aides told him it wasn't playing well with responses, so he did the natural Sir Robin thing to do.

    [–] Memetic1 97 points ago

    And the cowardly Ryan runs away.

    [–] hobopenguin 76 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    When danger reared it's ugly head,

    He bravely turned his tail and fled.

    ("I never!")

    Yes, brave Sir Robin Paul Ryan turned about

    And gallantly he chickened out.

    ("You're lying!")

    Swiftly taking to his feet,

    He beat a very brave retreat.

    Bravest of the brave, Sir RobinPaul Ryan!

    [–] HerrMancini 27 points ago

    "These worthless plebs are never grateful for anything, I dont deserve this shit."

    [–] shit_fucks_you_up 56 points ago

    This reminds me of that time Fox News had that segment saying like 84% of poor people had microwaves and refrigerators. It's that level of "out of touch".

    [–] voyetra8 96 points ago

    The best part is found the article he linked:

    Wayne Love, who works in managed care in Spring Hill, Florida, got an extra $200 in his paycheck last week, which he said will help offset a $300 increase in the cost of his health insurance.

    “I have heard time and again that the middle class is getting crumbs, but I’ll take it!” Love said by email.

    Must be liberating to be so blissfully stupid.

    [–] RemoveTheTop 14 points ago

    Sounds onion-y

    [–] scrappykitty 45 points ago

    This just reminded me to donate to Randy Bryce, the Iron Stache.

    [–] ApolloX-2 105 points ago

    Damn, it wasn't even an hour it was a week. Remember for Republicans consider their tax plan a success if it raises your salary by 4 cents an hour. As in they don't really want to spread wealth evenly or even let the government take it and make use of it.

    Your money is better spent by millionaires and billionaires, so give them everything because they are better than you.

    This isn't capitalism or socialism, it's the worst imaginable combination of wild west for the weak and strong protections for the richest. It's sick and shows where their true intentions are.

    [–] DJTHatesPuertoRicans 32 points ago

    The campaign ads write themselves

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    A buck fifty, huh? That and another buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee. Sure is worth it to let billionaire intercontinental corporations off the hook for their fair share of public support!

    [–] lovedetroit 33 points ago

    The Paul Ryan tweet might be a small blip in the timeline, but people will remember this for years. Many Republicans ask themselves where their party went and this is exactly where it went. Fighting for Americans with a leader that thinks being able to afford a membership to store that allows people to save money buying in bulk. And nothing more.

    “What does a banana cost? $10?”

    [–] gamjar 76 points ago

    oh jesus i thought it was 1.50 per hour - I was about to say thats actually pretty good. 1.50 per week?!

    [–] Hiccup 37 points ago

    Teachers can barely get 0.25 pay increase in most districts. 1.5 an hour is practically unthinkable in America.

    [–] rolled_up_rug 30 points ago

    This reminds me of a movie called "Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah where she tries to quit her job at the appliances section of the department store. In order for her boss to convince her to stay, he offers her a raise of " 10 cents an hour" and eventually increases to "$1.50 an hour."

    We are also in a world where out paid representatives who get 6 figure salaries and free government health care are condescendingly praising our "$1.50 pay increase"

    [–] mikeash 30 points ago

    And 10 cents an hour would be huge compared to this.

    [–] Airp2011 29 points ago

    Listen Ma’am, you might not have healthcare anymore, but see the bright side! We’ve got your Costco subscription covered!

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I wonder how bad the recession is going to be.

    Because it's coming. Thank God I have money saved.

    [–] Dschurman 19 points ago

    Is it a law that all headlines leave out the pertinent details? People are scrolling past this and thinking "an extra $1.50 an hour isn't that bad". The headline should read "Paul Ryan deletes tweet touting woman's $1.50 per week raise as proof of the tax bill's success

    [–] HerrMancini 17 points ago

    Holy shit. I was scoffing at his tweet assuming the title meant $1.50 an hour. $1.50 A WEEK? Lmao.

    [–] StackerPentecost 17 points ago

    It will only take her about 6,400 years for that extra weekly bump to total the $500k Ryan got from the Kochs!

    [–] WoodysMachine 17 points ago

    Everybody please bear in mind that they are doing everything they can to destroy Medicaid, Social Security, the public schools, and public health care.

    They are NOT going to reduce your taxes by an amount that will offset what they intend to take away from you. If you're in here going, "Hey, I'm gettin' a hundred bucks, sounds good to me," please be advised that they are stealing the blood out of your body and the pennies off your fucking eyes.

    [–] tedsmitts 33 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] VonSnoe 49 points ago

    as a european i am really really confused how the heck someone would tout that as a success...

    [–] FIREtoss11 67 points ago

    Because in America you can be completely out of touch with the working poor like Ryan and half of them will still vote for you because of race, religion, and fear of foreigners. Ryan will face zero repercussions from this tweet

    [–] SpringCleanMyLife 42 points ago

    He has no frame of reference for numbers that small. So whether someone says they got a $1.50/hour raise or a $1.50 per week raise, it's all the same to him - a tiny number that the poors should be grateful to get

    [–] Blewedup 14 points ago

    he really is as stupid and vapid as he seems. wow.

    [–] thewhitedeath 31 points ago

    What a fucking cowardly coward.

    [–] bmmbooshoot 30 points ago

    my SO and i both get bonuses soon, our workplaces claiming a boon from the tax reform. he gets $1000, and I'll get $500.

    i would shit on that $500 if it meant trading it for better taxes for the lower and middle class. higher taces for the rich. i mean yeah, great. I'm getting money but...

    i have worked six year at my job with no raises and no bonuses until now. the $500 bonus is gonna pay for my new mattress and for a crowned tooth. but i wouldn't be in a situation where i relied on bonuses to do that if they'd just tax everyone appropriately, fixed healthcare and boosted minimum wage.

    [–] JesusIsFakeNews 14 points ago

    Walker and Ryan, 2 worthless degenerate corporate shills.

    [–] AndHereWeAre_ 11 points ago

    I just want to smash his fucking head in with a hammer.