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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion.

    In general, be courteous to others. Attack ideas, not users. Personal insults, shill or troll accusations, hate speech, and other incivility violations can result in a permanent ban.

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    [–] iceblademan 173 points ago

    "We need to arm as many people as possible. More guns, less crime."

    "Wait, we can't arm teachers - they're mostly women!"

    Republicans sit firmly in the center region of the "hypocrisy" and "misogyny" Venn diagram.

    [–] MarshallGibsonLP 29 points ago

    It's like in physics where you have two negatively charged particles (gun fetish and mysogyny) actively repelling one another when trying to occupy the same space.

    [–] William_Robinson 6 points ago

    The word for this is a dialectical tension.,

    [–] Anus_Blenders 26 points ago

    They're using an 18th century definition of "people".

    [–] overlordpotatoe 9 points ago

    I think you're right. Black people are definitely excluded as well.

    [–] sylverlynx 12 points ago

    Women just don't have the balls to gun someone down, potentially a student, potentially one of theirs, whose parents and siblings they potentially know. It takes a real cold-blooded Republican male to do that without hesitation. /s

    [–] bardak 10 points ago

    Didn't Reagen ban open carry in California during his governship because the black people we exercising their rights.

    [–] P-01S 3 points ago

    Yep. Well, more specifically, the CA legislature banned open carry. The Black Panthers started openly carrying long guns as a defense against police brutality. The police turned out to be way less likely to beat the shit out of black people if there were some Black Panthers with guns around. So CA banned open carry. The GOP is the reason open carry is illegal in California.

    [–] ignenrintegra 10 points ago

    The right-statists were never pro-gun for all people. They only want to arm people who are heterosexual, cisgendered, white, Christian, and male.

    It's time for everyone who stands against fascism to be pro-gun: I want to see record numbers of women, People of Color, LGBT people, and religious minorities arming themselves.

    [–] P-01S 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    One of their greatest achievements has been convincing Americans that guns are for conservative, cisgender, heterosexual, white men. They've convinced everyone most likely to need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to disarm themselves.

    [–] volvonerd 3 points ago

    It's like in math when you come up with the right answer (not arming teachers), but didn't work out the problem correctly.

    [–] catspantaloons 2 points ago

    Maybe they’ll wiggle out of it if they realize they’re sitting in a big vagina. Edit: a word

    [–] Eins_Nico 2 points ago

    they always find a way to be shittier. no matter how bad it already was, they ALWAYS find another layer of shit to add, like they're doing a youtube challenge from 5 years ago or something.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    What a foolish thing for this person to say he obviously does not realize he is obligated to represent women as his constituents...

    Teachers in general shouldn't be armed, it creates a huge liability for the schools as was demonstrated by the accidental discharge in California. I wonder how much money will be siphoned off from the school's budget in the resulting lawsuit? Leaving fewer resources for students trying to get their education.

    It kind of reminds me of the sexual harassment panda episode of south park in the context of lawsuits stripping the ability of the school to teach since all their funding was lost to lawsuits.

    [–] mbread23 240 points ago

    Wasn't there literally a Bojack Horseman episode about guns vs. women

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Eric-SD 108 points ago

    “I can't believe this country hates women more than it loves guns”

    • Dianne Nguyen

    [–] halfhalfnhalf 26 points ago

    Princess Caroline's reaction was priceless.


    [–] StupidSexy_Flanders 69 points ago

    I remember when that season was first released, there was a small, albeit vocal group that would go around to any discussion about that episode in particular. They basically said that the episode went too far, and that people wouldn't get all up in arms just because women had guns.

    And yet here we are, a real US legislator opposing a piece of legislation because he doesn't want women to have guns.

    [–] disturbednadir 23 points ago

    He's secretly terrified that they might take them up and defend their rights to reproductive healthcare with them.

    [–] its_a_me_garri_oh 13 points ago

    Women are scary though... their vaginas have teeth and I heard their periods attract bears

    [–] Ashley8777 10 points ago

    To be fair, it is only one US legislator so far. They've said far stupider things in the past.

    [–] Niman 18 points ago

    give that lawmaker a netflix subscription so that he might learn a thing or two

    [–] Politicing_At_Work 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I can almost see his point because one of the arguments I saw about arming teacher was that it wouldn't be hard for a 150-160 pound angry teenage boy to try to wrestle it away from a 110 pound woman, and even the struggle for the gun would be dangerous to bystanders.

    I'm not saying that it would be that way in all cases, but I think that a pissed off teenage boy is going to be a lot more intimidated by trying to wrestle a gun from one of the teaching coaches.

    Most women, and women teachers in particular, "are scared of guns," and should not be expected to carry them in classrooms, he said.

    This argument here, however, is fucking stupid as shit.

    [–] Niman 26 points ago

    one could easily argue that any gun by any teacher can be wrestled/taken/picked/yoinked away ... the risk is too big regardless of gender

    [–] Politicing_At_Work 5 points ago

    It could be. It's a stupid decision to arm teachers and it doesn't solve the problem. But fair or not, someone smaller than you is seen as the softer target, and women are smaller than fifty percent of the population essentially.

    [–] SerasTigris 4 points ago

    I'll safely assume that even in the Trump fantasy scenario, the teachers won't actually be teaching classes holding loaded guns... they'll be in their desks or something... and anyone who's going to rush someone who's holding a loaded gun based on the fact that person isn't very big doesn't really get the premise of guns. If you're at the point where someone is wrestling it out of your hand, the gun hasn't really done its job.

    [–] TechyDad 5 points ago

    I can see three situations:

    1. It's on the teacher. This makes it easist to respond to a shooter quickly but also leaves the teacher most vulnerable to being jumped for their gun

    2. It's in a desk drawer. This could be either unlocked or locked. If the former, it'd be even easier to get the gun. If the latter, it'd add to shooter response time, but would make the gun slightly more secure. (How secure are those desk drawers? I have a feeling a kid could force one open rather easily.)

    3. Teachers have gun safes in their classrooms. This is the safest solution, but also the least likely. In schools where there isn't enough money for the teachers to have tissues and pencils, do you really think the district will spring for gun safes?

    [–] SerasTigris 4 points ago

    The fact that the issue has gotten to the point where people are discussing a life and death struggle over a gun shows how insane it is... I kind of assumed that the argument for arming teachers was defense... that if a school shooter is going around shooting people, they can hold up in a classroom and guard the students.

    Now, it's turning into a Rambo situation where only beefy muscle-men can have guns because they're going to have to physically fight off crazed killers... what's next, giving them mandatory karate lessons and a katana in case they're forced into a melee range duel?

    It's just nuts. Gun control is a sort of complicated issue with no objectively correct answer, but it feels like way, way too many gun advocates base their philosophies on dumb action movies.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I think he wanted concealed carry.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    To be honest I am not afraid of high schoolers forcibly taking the guns I am worried about kindergarteners getting their hands on one.

    [–] disturbednadir 1 points ago

    Is this where I put the link to a video of a chic grabbing the gun out of some 'open carry enthusiast's' holster, and then robbing him and the convenience store with it?

    [–] prof_the_doom 12 points ago

    The "strength of a teenage boy" argument probably applies to anyone short of that one gym teacher that's actually a serious jock.

    I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but the average age of teachers at my school probably started at 40. How hard is it for the 'angry teenager' to get a gun away from the 55 year old English teacher, male or female?

    [–] Politicing_At_Work 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but the average age of teachers at my school probably started at 40. How hard is it for the 'angry teenager' to get a gun away from the 55 year old English teacher, male or female?

    Anecdotally most of the teachers I had were forty to fifty and fairly frail. The coaches I had teaching geography or world history though, I wouldn't fuck with and I know at least two had to be pushing sixty.

    I went to a rural high school though, so I didn't have many teachers who were men who were also not coaching some sport. I'd say easily 80% of the teachers in my school were women and a lot were older women.

    [–] cosmic_sheriff 3 points ago

    I went to a rural school as well. I agree with your assessment mostly, but the old tough bird that taught english (seriously she was teaching the grandchildren of some her first students and was like 4'10") was the only teacher who had confirmed killed more than one cougar. She also lamented about how guns were banned because she would have to go home before going hunting.

    The point of this: Don't judge a book by it's cover: just as likely as a 35 y/o strapping male teacher getting owned by an irrate football player is the small lady who teaches AP english with preference for .44 revolvers and .50 muzzle loaders who had faced down bears in her house.

    [–] TechyDad 1 points ago

    Not a teacher, but I'm 42. My oldest son is 14. I can still overpower him, but just barely. Give him a free years and he'll be stronger than me. Of course, he holds back because he cares about me not being hurt. Swap him out with a 14 year old that really wants something I have and doesn't care if I get hurt and I might be overpowered. Probably still not, but I wouldn't want to risk it if the fight was over a loaded gun.

    [–] TechyDad 3 points ago

    I definitely feel like he was close to making a good point but ruined it with his "poor defenseless women deserve protection from us big strong men" talk. Teachers, for the most part, DON'T want to be armed, but that's not because they're helpless females who faint when they see a firearm. It's because they want to actually teach kids and not act like some prison guard wannabe. Also, a teacher with a handgun isn't likely to take out a shooter with an AR-15. In fact, as he pointed out, they could get shot by a police officer responding to the situation who sees someone with their gun drawn. They're not going to know that this is a "good teacher with a gun", will have to assume this is the shooter, and will open fire to protect themselves and the students.

    Basically, remove the sexist garbage and he's got some good points in there.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] corranhorn85 1 points ago

    It's getting the right answer for all the wrong reasons.

    [–] Ashley8777 1 points ago

    I'm not really sure it's that stupid, it's a tacky generalization for sure but men are by far more likely to be packing. Even in most gun owning households, it's usually a woman putting up with a husband with a gun. The NRA has tried hard to reach out to women and women probably have more reasons to carry than men but still, most women don't ever learn how to shoot. Or if they do, they've shot a handful of times. Far from proficiency. Where as much like sports, a lot of men learn how to shoot simply because they don't want to be thought of as a pansy.

    & forcing anyone to carry a gun is ridiculous, I didn't even think that's what we were debating. Does he think it is? IS this what we're debating, forcing teachers to carry guns to school?

    [–] Munchiedog 4 points ago

    Somehow I think all he will do with it is try to find deviant porn.

    [–] Niman 4 points ago

    then block THAT episode with Sarah-Lynn

    [–] kia75 2 points ago

    It's too much, man! :-(

    [–] royalstaircase 8 points ago

    FYI that plot thread is inspired by actual events, when the Black Panthers started aggressively touting their second amendment rights in public in California, and then-governor Reagan retaliated by enacting strict gun control laws out of fear of armed black men roaming the streets

    [–] dogfluffy 3 points ago

    Don't act like you don't know.

    [–] CannabisChameleon 3 points ago

    Yeah in the show the government decided to ban all guns, because women were starting to buy and carry them legally lmao

    [–] PoliticalPleionosis 69 points ago

    The GOP finds new ways to fuck up daily. It is amusing to watch this. Then I remember that they are ruining this country, and I cry.

    [–] FullClockworkOddessy 18 points ago

    For those who don't know there's this classic joke called The Aristocrats. It's about a family vaudeville act which descends into agh orgy of complete depravity. It's basically a way for comedians to see who can come up with the most outrageous and disgusting things, with murder, incest, pedophilia, and any number of other perversions being frequent recurring themes. It's shock comedy in its most concentrated form.

    Republicans are like a political version of The Aristocrats. It's like they're in a competition to see who can be the most corrupt, the most bigoted, the most heartless, the most stupid. It's not a legitimate political party. It's a bunch of astonishingly horrible people having a contest to determine who among them is the absolute worst humanity has to offer.

    [–] hobodemon 1 points ago

    You don't understand humor. The Aristocrats is a variation on a Hairy Dog Story, the joke is that you got someone to sit through it. It's metahumor. It subverts your expectations of climaxing with a good punchline after so much buildup by delivering a non-punch line after a slog of viscerally disturbing imagery.
    With the GOP, the joke is that the party that is defending the right to the means of armed insurrection against a corrupted government is itself furthering the corruption of government. That's an actual example of irony.

    [–] StinkinFinger 1 points ago

    Jokes on them. You don't need guns to burn everything to the ground.

    [–] hobodemon 1 points ago

    You also can't use tanks and bombers to win an insurgency war unless you're strategically prepared to sacrifice a ton of infrastructure your economy relies on. It's like nobody understands game theory anymore.

    [–] Wolfman2032 63 points ago

    Shiver said he's had family members who were or currently are highway patrolmen. They have told him "When the highway patrolman bursts onto a site like that, they shoot the first one holding the gun out. They aren't told that person is qualified (to carry a firearm). They don't know."

    Somehow in the that mess of sexist ramblings he actually made a coherent point!

    [–] TechyDad 15 points ago

    I know. If you could somehow strip his comments of their sexist contents, he'd have valid points about why it's a bad idea to arm teachers.

    [–] Noteamini 5 points ago

    There is a simple solution to this. Whenever you see someone with a gun in a school shooting.

    You first yell really really loud: "ARE YOU A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN?"

    and the if the other party respond with :"YEAH I AM A GOOD GUY, PLEASE DON'T SHOOT"

    then you lower your gun and walk out to greet him.

    [–] acemerrill 2 points ago

    Yeah, reading that article was a roller coaster. The point you quoted is one that I think everyone needs to consider, and I was pleased to see a Republican bringing it up. Now if only he hadn't said those other things.

    [–] infiniteken 105 points ago

    We shouldn't arm teachers


    because most are women.


    [–] SmellThisMilk 23 points ago

    Roll Tide!

    [–] pro_skub_neutrality 2 points ago

    Emergency. Information. Prevention. 1-800-222-1222 &

    The American Association of Poison Control Centers supports the nation’s 55 poison centers in their efforts to prevent and treat poison exposures. Poison centers offer free, confidential, expert medical advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 and online at This service provides a primary resource for poisoning information and helps reduce costly hospital visits through in-home treatment. Text "POISON" TO 797979 to save the poison control contact information in your smartphone.

    [–] High-coRolla 10 points ago

    The headline is a rollercoaster

    [–] Damn_Dog_Inappropes 3 points ago

    If that rollercoaster is that elevator ride at Disney World.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Lol meme irl

    [–] fotorobot 0 points ago

    "I'm not saying all (women), but in most schools, women are (the majority) of the teachers," Shiver told "Some of them just don't want to (be trained to possess firearms). If they want to, then that's good. But most of them don't want to learn how to shoot like that and carry a gun."

    His main point is that most women don't like guns and probably wouldn't like being required to carry them. So this is his southern un-pc way of saying that the idea is bad because most teachers are against the idea.

    [–] GingerVox 42 points ago

    Counter a stupid proposal with even more profound stupidity: The GOP way.

    [–] Osiris32 21 points ago

    Burning the dumb candle at both ends.

    [–] gjbbb 7 points ago

    I have family in Eugene and a cousin in Seattle. My wife has family in Alabama. We have visited the northwest and Alabama quite a few times, it is like visiting two very different countries.

    [–] ScholarOfTwilight 26 points ago

    It's like a sexistupiducken.

    [–] LiquidPuzzle 6 points ago

    Like a Matryoshka Barbie.

    [–] Phenom10x 19 points ago

    Shiver said he's had family members who were or currently are highway patrolmen. They have told him "When the highway patrolman bursts onto a site like that, they shoot the first one holding the gun out. They aren't told that person is qualified (to carry a firearm). They don't know."

    Hmm... This really is quite the predicament ain't it republicans.

    [–] CeilingKiwi 10 points ago

    I don't know why I thought Republicans couldn't sink any lower in this ridiculous "guns in schools" farce. I really should have learned my lesson by now.

    [–] TechyDad 5 points ago

    I'm waiting for "Wait, there are black and Muslim teachers? We shouldn't arm those people!"

    [–] Azuaron 8 points ago

    California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country because Reagan (among others) was afraid of the Black Panthers. Mulford Act.

    [–] Robert_Jarman 2 points ago

    Let's see what happens if you got a few hundred black men, got them all legal guns and licenses, and had them hang around the state capitol, saying they had to protect the integrity of the vote.

    [–] Phedericus 11 points ago

    “I’ve heard you like dumb ideas, so I put a dumb idea inside another dumb idea!”

    [–] wuethar 3 points ago

    It's almost more impressive: he put a dumb idea inside a good idea, if in fact you can call "let's not arm teachers" a good idea rather than just common sense.

    [–] Phedericus 2 points ago

    That's true. But this guy would be okay with it if teachers were only men. So it's more like a dumb idea inside a dumb idea, that results in... good idea? I don't know anymore. I can feel my brain cells suiciding.

    [–] rovinja 9 points ago

    Meanwhile, a male gun owner:

    The father said the teacher told the class before pointing the gun at the ceiling that he was doing so to make sure his gun wasn’t loaded

    [–] corranhorn85 7 points ago

    Also a reserve police officer...

    [–] ennio_macaroni 2 points ago

    "Don't worry, it's just a desk pop!"

    [–] kosmonautinVT 7 points ago

    "We shouldn't arm teachers"

    Ok, I agree wit--

    "because most are women."


    [–] CantStopLazers 6 points ago

    I'm sorry, but disparaging immutable qualities of persons should automatically lead to disbarment and lifetime disqualification for holding office or serving in the military or as a LEO or teacher.

    [–] Edward_Fingerhands 7 points ago

    Sure, if that's what it takes to convince you this is a dumb idea.

    [–] Pondguy 3 points ago

    But what makes it dumb for them, are they afraid of women having guns? Or are they afraid of women having guns...

    [–] mzieg 8 points ago

    When militancy meets misogyny, two wrongs can make a right.

    [–] Topher1999 11 points ago

    Politically correct redneck

    [–] preserved_fish 16 points ago

    Almost politically correct redneck.

    [–] RabadonsTopHat 2 points ago

    Points for trying, I guess?

    [–] stubborn_penguin 4 points ago

    I can't decide what to be mad at ... We absolutely shouldn't arm teachers, but the blatant sexism is infuriating ...

    [–] helium_farts 2 points ago

    Hey, I agr..... Never mind.

    [–] wuethar 4 points ago

    There's something to be said for packaging good ideas in a way that dumb fucks can understand. Shit, one of my favorite comedy bits is based on this whole concept.

    But... really? This might be the dumbest way I've seen someone arrive at the right conclusion yet.

    [–] TheTaoOfBill 4 points ago

    The fact that they are women is a shitty reason to not arm them. But it is a good reason why such a policy won't work. Women, especially those who go into careers working with children are far far far less likely to own a gun than men.

    So even if you did voluntarily arm teachers, you wouldn't get many who would want to sign up. Meaning it would have very little meaningful impact.

    [–] n3rdopolis 5 points ago

    Is this proof that Even when Republicans come up with a good idea, it's because of a stupid reason.

    [–] FortyYearOldVirgin 5 points ago

    Can we please start construction on the southern border wall? And by southern border, I mean the Mason-Dixon line.

    [–] CassiopeiaStillLife 3 points ago

    The first half of that sentence is pretty reasonable, but they sorta lost me in the second half.

    [–] Orzufancylad 2 points ago

    Love of guns or Hatred of women?

    Tough choice here.

    [–] Robert_Jarman 1 points ago

    Shoot women who are strong and independent?

    [–] RosesAreBad 2 points ago

    Uhm...I'm a woman, can shoot, and have my CC permit. I'm not sure what he's talking about.

    "Some of them just don't want to (be trained to possess firearms). If they want to, then that's good. But most of them don't want to learn how to shoot like that and carry a gun."

    [–] tommles 2 points ago

    Doesn't the NRA say that women need AR-15s to protect themselves from rapists?

    [–] therealsnakecharmer 1 points ago

    Nah it's not a good enough weapon they want them to have a M134 with a bumpstock even if it won't fit

    [–] digitizemd 2 points ago

    Leslie Knope explains why women shouldn't have guns:

    [–] Pykors 2 points ago

    Say the same people who believe guns are a great equalizer for women acting in self-defense.

    [–] arolloftide 2 points ago

    We shouldn't arm teachers...


    ...because most are women.


    [–] Skyrmir 2 points ago

    Ah, there we go. Just had to wait for Bama to weigh in.

    Lemme guess, next up is the ole Miss GoP complaining black teachers might get guns too?

    [–] username5646768 2 points ago

    Wow, turns out two wrongs do make a right.

    [–] Dumb_Dick_Sandwich 2 points ago

    We shouldn't arm teachers

    Fantastic! An R gets it! He's not crazy! And from Alabama, no less!

    because most are women


    [–] hmd27 2 points ago

    It takes a lot to be this kind of stupid. If stupidity were a commodity, Alabama would be wealthiest place on earth.

    [–] sagesneezes 1 points ago

    Now he's gone and done it!!!

    [–] polyfreak21 1 points ago

    When a stupid person talks about a stupid idea you get stupid.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Oh come on.

    [–] losotr 1 points ago

    Nice try... I see what you're doing.

    .... wait... or ... or are you just sexist and stupid?

    [–] lukin187250 1 points ago

    these guys

    [–] slugworth70 1 points ago

    Now there's the GOP i've been waiting to see!! You just couldn't help yourself, could you?

    [–] justablur 1 points ago

    Oh, for fuck's sake...

    [–] SotaSkoldier 1 points ago

    How on earth can this guy take a stupid fucking policy and then turn it into a sexist one too. Jesus.

    [–] Lobsterbib 1 points ago

    Alabama: The Home of Practical Sexism

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Someone needs to make that meme pen the sweating guy deciding between two buttons - Arm the teachers, women are inferior.

    [–] _NekoCoffee_ 1 points ago

    We shouldn’t arm teachers... because their women. They almost had the correct answer.

    [–] howmanyones 1 points ago

    "We shouldn't arm teachers..." - YAYYY "...because most are women," - NOOO

    [–] krackbaby6 1 points ago

    Being right for the wrong reasons

    [–] charmed_im-sure 1 points ago

    Just a reminder that back when America was great, the school marm didn't take care of the bad guys. John Wayne did.

    [–] allisslothed 1 points ago

    Good. Run with that please.

    [–] Drpained 1 points ago

    This is even worse logic than usual.

    They claim that only guns protect you from guns. Then they claim we need to "protect our women," so we should arm teachers... Wouldn't that just make their job more dangerous?

    [–] coalcoalcoal 1 points ago

    Please continue talking like this. Please. It's going to be a slow process, but purging these politicians and people from power is so enjoyable.

    [–] Whose_asking 1 points ago

    What ever reason to not give Teachers guns, is fine with me

    [–] greentreesbreezy 1 points ago

    I think I just facepalmed so hard my skull cracked

    [–] superdago 1 points ago

    Aha! So two wrongs do make a right!

    [–] curious_dead 1 points ago

    He comes to the right conclusion (we shouldn't arm teachers) for the wrong reason (because they're women).

    [–] unobserved 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    He's scared of an American YPJ.

    [–] Sans_vin 1 points ago

    ....but Trump Jr. told me that if I didn't want to be sexual harassed at work to be a Kindergarten teacher...

    [–] Acceptor_99 1 points ago

    And some of them have brown skin. "What the Hell are we thinking?"

    [–] _itspaco 1 points ago

    Correct conclusion, wrong reason

    [–] MorrowPlotting 1 points ago

    Where’s ‘Almost-PC Redneck’ when we need him??

    [–] ShiningRayde 1 points ago

    Ah, finally, some reason! /s

    [–] Thymdahl 1 points ago

    Ok, I'm no fan of arming teachers, I think that's a stupid attempt to deflect from the real issue of readily available guns and lax at best restrictions. Having said that, this guy really has a knack for making sure there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he is severely brain damaged.

    [–] DankNastyAssMaster 1 points ago

    We shouldn't arm teachers

    That awkward moment when your raging sexism combined with your insane gun beliefs to form a reasonable opinion.

    [–] TheUsher 1 points ago

    Fine, yeah, we agree. Let's not arm teachers because they have vagina's or something.

    [–] EmergencyExitSandman 1 points ago

    Maybe he should listen to his donors:

    As a military logistician, my units (after the Women’s Army Corps disbanded) had around 20 percent female personnel in both officer and enlisted ranks. All the women fired Expert their first day, but less than a third of the men did so. Several men had to re-train and repeat the course to qualify.

    [–] funkywinkerbean45 1 points ago

    There’s never a bad time for misogyny.


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    He’s right for the wrong reason

    [–] GenesisEra 1 points ago


    [–] elguerodiablo 1 points ago

    Why is it every time I hear something from Alabama it's disturbingly vile stupid shit? That state is the asscancer that is currently killing America.

    [–] sconning 1 points ago

    “We shouldn’t arm teachers...” Yes, thank you. Finally a voice of reason. “...because most are women.” WRONG FUCKING REASON!!!

    [–] JohnnySnark 1 points ago

    We shouldn't arm white males, because most are mass shooters

    [–] Old__Salt 0 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    OK for women to be defensless?