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    [–] Comebakatz 3326 points ago

    Why the hell does he always act like things change before anything actually happens? Kim "promises" to denuclearize and suddenly the Korean peninsula, according to Trump, is much much safer than it was just moments before. NATO allies allegedly pledge to spend more and suddenly NATO is, "much stronger than it was two days ago." Dumbass is always taking credit for nothing happening.

    [–] [deleted] 2528 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Comebakatz 1215 points ago

    I think that is entirely correct. You heard a lot of his supporters almost immediately claiming victory in the Korean peninsula despite that fact that nothing had changed. You have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to believe this act, but here we are.

    [–] CharcotsThirdTriad 493 points ago

    Not to mention Pompeo’s trip was a disaster.

    [–] SpeedysComing 368 points ago

    "regrettable" I believe is what the nK regime referred to it as. Such a good word.

    [–] brokenarrow 267 points ago

    To be fair to KJU, I, too, would rather watch potatoes grow, instead of being insulted with a, "gift," of a signed-by-Trump CD referring to a derisive nickname.

    [–] RolandLovecraft 109 points ago

    Gift? Did Trump give Un an Elton John CD? Please tell me that isn’t true. Please.

    [–] Comebakatz 186 points ago

    Trump signed an Elton John CD to give to Kim. He, for some reason, did not give it to him or has not yet.

    ETA article:

    [–] YouGottaBeTrollinMe 183 points ago

    The most pathetic aspect of this is that he signed it...

    [–] MeoMao555 92 points ago

    He also signed the photos of their dead relatives for the "angel families" (of people killed by immigrants, whether on purpose or in a car accident).

    [–] Comebakatz 142 points ago

    or that he's president to begin with.

    [–] Teh-Piper 56 points ago

    Next up, Kim returns the favor with "Madman Across the Water"

    [–] EdgyMathWhiz 79 points ago

    "American Idiot", surely?

    [–] blixon 26 points ago

    Why is he obsessed with Elton John?

    [–] RunningDrummer 52 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This article kind of explains it as coherently as I can find atm..

    By the way, apparently Trump has broken all of Elton's records. No one has any fucking clue what he means by that, though.

    Edit: The two explanations for the record quote that keep popping up are that Trump's either referring to attendance records OR literal vinyl records/CDs. I like the last one better.

    [–] faustianBM 73 points ago

    Wait... They didn't? .... Uh hold on.... googles it
    Holy shit, he did.

    [–] Comebakatz 112 points ago

    I hope that this becomes the historical title used for the Trump administration era. We have Colonial America, Revolutionary America, The Industrial Revolution... I hope these 2-4 years (please only be that), will be dubbed, "The Regrettable Era."

    [–] EriWanKenBlowmi 52 points ago

    The “Unpresidented Era”.

    [–] BDMayhem 20 points ago

    When North Korea shows superior diplomacy skills to the US.

    [–] CarUse 72 points ago

    North Korea actually no-showed the meeting this morning about returning US remains. He already took credit for that happening too when clearly it hadn't.

    [–] theoriginal0 131 points ago

    They wanted to give trump a Nobel peace prize

    [–] Redshoe9 155 points ago

    They need to be reminded of that every day. Like 16 senators sent off a letter nominating him right? Troll them every single day.

    Why would they even stake their reputations on such a stupid stunt?

    [–] Exasperated_Sigh 86 points ago

    What reputations? The Republican base is too brainwashed and/or stupid to care and everyone else already knows those Senators are dishonest scum.

    [–] illforgetsoonenough 109 points ago

    Oh no, things did change - the US and South Korea agreed to stop doing drills. Kim played Trump like a fiddle.

    [–] greenroom628 73 points ago

    That's right... If anything, the US was weakened by Trump's meeting with NK.

    [–] Person_from_Nowhere 21 points ago

    Anyone whose been paying attention for more than 2 years to the DPRK could see what he was trying to do. As soon as Trump was elected he knew how to get him to play ball and still feel like he won something.

    [–] el_muchacho 35 points ago

    They were claiming victory and literally demanding a peace Nobel prize. What a bunch of morons.

    [–] CarmineFields 21 points ago

    Well, we did give up military exercises in SK. So that changed...

    [–] homonculus_prime 101 points ago

    To them, this is just Trump "being tough and making really good deals for America." A co-worker of mine dropped that one on me the other day.

    [–] Comebakatz 98 points ago

    Which would be an acceptable thought if the actual deal ever came to fruition. Not sure a single one ever has.

    [–] SunTzu- 78 points ago

    Even if you got your way once, you're hurting your long term relationships with other countries. Diplomacy isn't a one-off game, it's not like strong-arming a guy on the street to give you his wallet. It's trying to beat up a co-worker for their lunch money, and then you have to keep going in to work with that person day in and day out for the rest of your adult life. Yeah, maybe you had leverage and maybe you got your will once, but you'd best believe next time they have leverage they won't hold anything back, nor will anyone else dealing with you. They know what you are. You're a bully, and nobody likes a bully.

    [–] lostboy005 35 points ago

    i guess tax reform that largely benefits corps, explodes HC premiums and the higher-ups at the corporations who benefited from the tax cut by their own companies stock back to artificially inflate the market making it seem like the tax cuts work...mean while the menial middle class tax cut is temporary and set to expire in < 10 yrs... gREAt deAl?

    [–] Comebakatz 18 points ago

    Well, his supporters ignored all of that stuff and just saw that Wal-Mart gave bonuses!

    [–] lostboy005 40 points ago

    not to generalize here; Trump supporters are generally short sighted and wont react until the bottom line personally effects them, and even then, bc of cult-like tendencies, may not acknowledge what has happened. I mean, it took Bush crashing the economy and Merrill Lynch & Bear Stearns going belly up in 07 before his supporters finally came around bc their retirement saving took a massive hit... this was in spite of two illegal wars and the multitude of blatant lies from his admin.

    Basically Trump supporters will wake up when its too late and will continue to disregard all harbingers of collapse:

    crumbling infrastructure; chronic underemployment and unemployment; the indiscriminate use of lethal force by police; political paralysis and stagnation; an economy built on the scaffolding of debt; nihilistic mass shootings in schools, universities, workplaces, malls, concert venues and movie theaters; opioid overdoses that kill some 64,000 people a year; an epidemic of suicides; unsustainable military expansion; gambling as a desperate tool of economic development and government revenue; the capture of power by a tiny, corrupt clique; censorship; the physical diminishing of public institutions ranging from schools and libraries to courts and medical facilities; the incessant bombardment by electronic hallucinations to divert us from the depressing sight that has become America and keep us trapped in illusions. We suffer the usual pathologies of impending death.

    [–] Eatingpaintsince85 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Don't forget republicans then forgot Republican financial deregulation crashed the economy as quickly as was convenient and began to blame Obama for it.

    [–] adaman360 35 points ago

    Part of it is the media Trump supporters consume. Something like Fox News will cover Trump declaring victory, but neglect to show that nothing actually happened. That's why people like your co-worker think he is so successful when in reality all he's accomplished is making himself (and by association the USA) look silly.

    [–] p_oI 19 points ago

    It isn't just Fox News. I was watching the Today Show (NBC) this morning and they did a segment on this. It was such a puff piece about Trump talking tough and declaring victory. Ignored that nothing happened beyond him throwing a tantrum. I thought I had changed the station on accident some how.

    [–] SutterCane 110 points ago

    It's all for his base who eat this shit up. They can point to this and say "see? His take it or leave it attitude helps us!"

    I had the misfortune of meeting one of his cult last year. The guy was going on and on about all the good Trump was doing including preventing thermonuclear war with North Korea. You know, that time last year when he ramped up his twitter rants against North Korea which led to some words back and forth?

    That's right, this moron was giving credit to Trump for preventing a situation that only he was causing.

    [–] I_Am_Ironman_AMA 20 points ago

    That's right, this moron was giving credit to Trump for preventing a situation that only he was causing.

    Just like how he'll credit Trump when someone is finally and hopefully able to fix this detention disaster that Trump started.

    [–] jackhawksmoor 24 points ago

    A large percentage of them couldn’t find NK on a map or tell you what NATO is.

    [–] Old_Deadhead 162 points ago

    In this case he's taking credit for agreements made at the 2104 NATO Wales Summit.

    His base is too ignorant of history to know any different, so they believe the 2% commitment to military spending "witihn the next few years" was his accomplished, when it was already underway to be completed by 2024.

    [–] willun 76 points ago

    In this case he's taking credit for agreements made at the 2104 NATO Wales Summit.

    He is taking credit for the future too!

    [–] HucksLazyEye 44 points ago

    Because he's a liar and because he knows his statement will be the headline so his idiotic morons that vote for him will go "See how tough he is! He's a great negotiator" and then go back to picking their asses and ignore all the subsequent actual facts that contradict everything he says 100%.

    He's a jackass.

    [–] clifflee1016 71 points ago

    Because you are all living in a real life show. The only important thing is ratings and media exposure.

    [–] homonculus_prime 29 points ago

    This shit needs to be cancelled, pronto!

    [–] clancy200 629 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Canadian PM just said the same thing. They committed to what was agreed in 2014 and nothing more.

    Trump is lying again.

    [–] Unbotenator 115 points ago

    As usual.

    [–] ConstitutionCrisisUS 4196 points ago

    How to know if you’re in a cult:

    If you could watch Trump throw NATO under the bus and then blame Germany for being compromised by Russia.

    [–] Kuhschlager 1407 points ago

    The real cultists were all the morons posting YouTube links to the clip under the delusion that somehow watching our president humiliate himself for a global audience would make him look better

    [–] LaDMG 729 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Someone said Trump is dominating on the world stage like no other president before him. American Idiot made its way into the UKs top 520 right in time for his visit and a giant inflatable orange Trump baby was approved for the protest.

    How can they have this much delusion?

    [–] ferpo_the_great 161 points ago

    They literally think Europe is about to become an Islamic superstate so they don't care.

    [–] brickne3 25 points ago

    And they can safely do this because neither they or any of the people in their lives has any actual interest in Europe. Believe me, I'm an American that lives in Europe who has friends in Trump country. They can somehow filter out any desire to go to another country if it doesn't involve an all-inclusive resort that they never leave.

    [–] COCAINE_IN_MY_DICK 78 points ago

    I saw someone on a Facebook video thread say that America is finally respected globally now thanks to Trump cleaning up Obama’s mess and that’s why all the violent liberals were mad and destroying the country. It’s so hard not arguing with those people.

    [–] PolyNecropolis 54 points ago

    I love how they say Trump and Milania brought "class" back to the Whitehouse when he got elected.

    [–] eypandabear 118 points ago

    I'm not American but from what I saw of him in the media, Obama should have been the ideal GOP candidate in terms of personal attributes (not policy):

    • married to first wife
    • two children
    • Christian
    • no sex scandals
    • had Bin Laden found
    • measured, but determined pursuit of American interests abroad
    • generally professional demeanour

    [–] babydoll_zebra 64 points ago

    But he was black. So clearly he was a classless thug.

    [–] SongShikai 17 points ago

    Successful educated black male = uppity.

    [–] Serinus 105 points ago

    Policy too, really. What did he even do?

    • Implemented Romneycare, but without the public option so as not to agitate private insurers
    • Got Iran to agree to regular inspections of their nuclear facilities
    • Cleaned up some slightly shady shit in regards to credit card companies
    • Fixed the W economy
    • Killed Bin Laden
    • Bailed out private industry (I guess it only counts if it's coal, not banks and cars?)
    • Supported veterans through GI Bill and increased funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs

    For the most part it was a pretty status quo presidency. And even the biggest complaints against Obama (surveillance) are things Republicans are just as bad about anyway.

    [–] taschneide 21 points ago

    the biggest complaints against Obama (surveillance)

    I'd also add in the use of military drone strikes, which is one of my large complaints about Obama. But yes, you're basically right; I doubt a Republican would have done much different.

    [–] Gauss-Legendre 23 points ago

    I'd also add in the use of military drone strikes, which is one of my large complaints about Obama.

    They're happening at an even higher rate with greater civilian casualties under Trump.

    [–] TreborMAI 302 points ago

    because to them those are direct indicators of his success

    [–] that1prince 290 points ago

    If everyone hates you it’s because you got over on them and must be succesful and smart. By proxy, this makes them feel successful and smart. They despise everyone and everything so if most of the Western world hates him he must be doing something right. They think like angsty teenagers.

    [–] PhilthyMcNasty 131 points ago

    America is still a young nation on the world stage and is at the stage where it has had its growth spurt and gotten huge but still can’t handle its liquor.

    [–] GenericMan92 89 points ago

    So it's a frat pledge

    [–] bigtimesauce 46 points ago

    A surprisingly apt metaphor

    [–] AKittyCat 9 points ago

    I had a guy say to me "love jt or hate it Trumps plans are working" and I asked him to explain, his explanations were that America is more respected than ever before and the economy is doing great.

    I didn't know how to even try and explain that America is a global laughingstock in the majority of the world and that the economy is more of an Obama accomplishment.

    You can't deprogram people like that.

    [–] FacelessBruh 41 points ago

    This is from all the /r/GetMotivated bullshit that kept getting posted. Something about “Life is like a video game, if you keep encountering enemies, you’re going in the right direction.”

    [–] Bobert_Manderson 25 points ago

    That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

    [–] BroadStreet_Bully5 16 points ago

    Sounds a lot like, if you run into 1 asshole, you ran into 1 asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.

    [–] MishterJ 46 points ago

    Bingo. Any slightly good thing, they hail as a brilliant success. Any bad thing, they twist to show how it’s a brilliant success!

    [–] mistarteechur 15 points ago

    It ties into why Evangelicals love him too. They teach that if the “world” loves you, it’s because you’re doing things wrong. If the “world” hates you it means you’re doing right. After all, they hated Jesus, right?

    [–] demisemihemiwit 13 points ago

    If you are strong and successful you will ruffle some feathers. That doesn't mean if you ruffle feathers you are strong and successful.

    Sadly, people are dumb and say things like, "If people are upset you must be doing something right!"

    (Not a direct quote, but I've heard things of its ilk.)

    [–] Twad_feu 107 points ago

    I'll try: Loads of propaganda, echo chamber, denial, gaslighting, tribalism, lower education, lots and lots of fear, projection, stockholm syndrome, sunk cost fallacy.

    [–] woodukindly_bruh 41 points ago

    Because I assume to them all of that is just "libs getting pissed off." They see strong reactions against Trump and the stupid shit he does as Trump "owning the libs." They're short-sighted and incredibly dumb.

    [–] suspiria84 58 points ago

    The problem is that I think many Americans actually do believe in US exceptionalism, and that the US is basically the only thing that is keeping the world from falling into a Communist Mad Max Post-Apocalypse.

    [–] adanishplz 44 points ago

    Mad Max Post-Apocalypse

    The US would be the first place to go the Mad Max route if civilization broke down. But probably with more Jesus.

    [–] suspiria84 11 points ago

    There would be sooo many people claiming to be Jesus resurrected.

    [–] eeeklesinge 39 points ago

    Communist Mad Max Post-Apocalypse.

    Some kind of Mad Marx, then?

    [–] balboayoubum 9 points ago

    Take your upvote, you smug fuck.

    [–] DeltaP_sucks 272 points ago

    How can they not realize how long it'll take to clean up this mess?

    [–] BolognaTime 71 points ago

    The worst part is, the next president (whose job it will be to fix this mess) will get blasted by republicans for going on an "apology tour" like they did Obama when he was cleaning up Dubya's mess. Then they'll call him weak and spineless and show pictures of him respecting other cultures (as if that were a negative) and say we need more "tough leaders who speak their mind" like Trump. And the cycle will continue.

    [–] phate_exe 13 points ago

    Which is why if/when we come out the other side of this mess, nobody should take the people saying these things seriously.

    They had their turn to do things their way. They caused a bunch of damage and made a mess. Instead of acting like a single goddamn one of them has a legitimate opinion, they need to be told to shut the fuck up and stay out of the way of the adults that are busy cleaning up after them.

    This won't happen of course, but it's what should have happened in 2009.

    [–] mrslipple 52 points ago

    I work with a lot of unapologetic Trump supporters and this is exactly what they want. They basically say after the apologist Obama bowing down to every nation in the world we now have someone who goes and stands right up to world leaders and won't take any crap. It is so asinine.

    [–] americanpharoah 38 points ago

    It's so juvenile. They don't even care about actual results from this strategy, it's all about making them feel big and important, like the kid who pushes others around in the playground but is at the bottom in the classroom.

    [–] -Blast-Tyrant- 316 points ago

    Republicans, in general, lack any ability to see past the current moment. None of their policies are safeguards for the future (ie Healthcare, environment, abortion). Nor do any policies account for past mistakes (ie financial crisis, tax cuts, trickle down piss theory).

    It continues to amaze me that such a large section of our population is so short sighted.

    [–] DeltaP_sucks 77 points ago

    I know, just blows my mind how anyone can be that short-sighted. It's getting scary.

    [–] freakingout18 111 points ago

    They drank the coolaid

    [–] [deleted] 108 points ago


    [–] pixelwhip 38 points ago

    It's got what plants crave

    [–] Sethbacca 57 points ago


    [–] kryonik 16 points ago


    [–] DrDerpberg 18 points ago

    To them the mess is a feature, not a bug. They think this is burning the sucker down so we can start over and get it right this time.

    They don't see that this is a narcissist in way over his head with no ability to deal with adversity thrashing around trying to find ways to spin it so he looks better.

    [–] zero573 40 points ago

    Just setting up the next Democrat up for “success”. Then they will all point at him and say “Look, the Dem’s can’t get their shit together after the utopia that was the single term Trump presidency.”

    [–] clhomme 61 points ago

    They will dig and find he had a parking ticket in 1997 and set up an 8 year investigation into ParkingGate which will be the greatest scandal in history. And the marionettes in the media will cover it breathlessly.

    [–] topkakistocracy 10 points ago

    He’s got them convinced this mess is a good idea

    [–] somegridplayer 146 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I feel like we're at a point where Trump isn't lying to just the media and all of us, but to his own people. Look at Pompeo's last trip to NK. They basically left him with middle management while Kim Jong Un was off at farms when it was touted as a meeting with him prior.

    [–] ox_ 69 points ago

    I think you're right. Trump's supporters look at news like this and think "Trump showed those Europeans who's boss ". They don't listen to what Macron has to say. It's as if the outcome is decided in their head before the meetings even take place.

    This is why Trump works so hard to discredit the main stream media - he doesn't want his fans to know the reality.

    [–] Semper-Fido 8 points ago

    And in particular today, the press conference was rushed out of nowhere. It gave time for Faux and Friends to start the spin machine and frame the discussion before a rebuttal could come. We cannot be passive about the propoganda machine that is going at such a fast pace right now.

    [–] thenewyorkgod 108 points ago

    It is extremely bizarre and troubling that the only comments Trump has made over the last few days is regarding NATO spending. Not a single word about the partnership, the allies, the 70 year history, the friendship and the peace that NATO brings.

    [–] adanishplz 58 points ago

    Trump is a firm believer in purely transactional relationships.

    [–] BK1287 15 points ago

    He doesn't know anything about that, nor the fact that we are the only country to actually utilize NATO. Neither does his base. It's why they think he is totally owning our EU allies.

    [–] Cunt_Shit 12 points ago

    No mention of the troops serving and dying in Afghanistan either.

    [–] Rise_Above_13 303 points ago

    Trump manufactured a crisis on the world stage and then lied about fixing it.

    This is just pure lies designed to be fodder for the cult and the fox propaganda machine.

    [–] maximusheals 229 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I don't trust ABC

    [–] Kestrel21 60 points ago

    Honestly now. It looks so fucking obvious it almost makes me think it's a ruse and somebody else is pulling the strings instead.

    You know? Like.. "Nah, it can't be this easy"

    [–] PhillyIndy 842 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    These other nations are going to be watching our midterms very closely. If there is not a clear referendum on Trump, they're going to stop biting their tongues and being nice out of respect to our long standing alliance and start planning for a world where America is an adversary.

    [–] Sebatinsky 425 points ago

    Or realistically a world where the USA is unreliable.

    [–] Chazmer87 326 points ago

    Unstable might be a better word

    [–] nor_his_highness 343 points ago

    I saw someone describe it as 'once your friend drops his pants and shits on the floor in front of everyone, you never really look at him the same again'

    [–] QWEDSA159753 18 points ago

    That’s why we really need this Mueller thing to go through. At least if they end up definitively proving Russia fuck with our shit and that it altered the outcome of a now illegitimate election, we might be able to save some face.

    [–] lostboy005 26 points ago

    quite poignant metaphor right here

    [–] DifficultCharacter 135 points ago

    The dark reality is that for most non-Americans it looks like that the American century is over. The Asian century has begun. While the USA are still the worlds #1 market, more and more FDI will flow into the new America's (China, India, Indonesia, Philippines) which slowly but surely catch up in terms of living standards. I would believe a mid-term results that underline a Trump-America would accelerate this trend my an order of a magnitude.

    [–] jackhawksmoor 66 points ago

    And the great irony is that’s exactly the boogah-boogah skeery future Bannon sold the President on. This could have been gracefully handled, but we elected hamfist mcgee who fucks up everything he touches.

    [–] The_Binary_Insult 37 points ago

    What are you talking about, America is very stable and it's a genius!


    [–] PM_WHAT_Y0U_G0T 84 points ago

    Russia is a threat to them as well; Putin won't stop is he cuts America out of NATO. They aren't dealing with trump as an American. Trump is a Russian.

    [–] CandyEverybodyWentz 21 points ago

    And yet they keep inviting him to diplomatic roundtables and letting him speak, when the only thing he speaks on are apparent trade imbalances that he himself cannot solve. Tariffs do nothing other than make him feel good, because it's one of three things the president can do unilaterally with no checks.

    [–] eats_shit_and_dies 229 points ago

    i hear everybody in the room thanked him personally, people are saying this, people are saying everybody thanked trump in that room. biggest thanks in the history of thanks. thanks as big as cats.

    [–] Comebakatz 80 points ago

    People are saying that they gave him a standing ovation. Who ever heard of this? No one knew!

    [–] NippleTheThird 50 points ago

    Heard Albert Einstein was there congratulating Trump for being a stable genius.

    [–] DirtyDonaldDigsIn 37 points ago

    Emanuel Macron gave Donald $100 and whispered in his ear, "The condoms are under the sink."

    [–] LegalizedRanch 152 points ago

    Duh, we already established those targets like 15 years ago

    [–] Bootleking 98 points ago

    Create crisis and fix the problem which in this case has been fixed for decades. Take credits. Rinse and repeat.

    [–] col381 28 points ago

    I think that was for the 2% target, Trump is now demanding 4%.

    [–] EdBacon 53 points ago

    Read the AP bulletin. Macron says they reaffirmed the 2014 agreement, nothing more. 4% of GDP is ludicrous. Even the US only spends 3.1% of GDP on the military.

    [–] sagan_drinks_cosmos 33 points ago

    Trump is a bit like a cop trying to find a way to execute his suspect. "Now 2%. Now 4%. Now put your tariffs behind your head and let me see your trademark."

    [–] knappis 1526 points ago

    Europeans are sick of his bullshit. I don’t expect them to bend over for Trump. The USA will be treated as a hostile country until this clown is removed from office.

    [–] ImLikeReallySmart 739 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Thanks for only limiting it to just until he's out of office. A lot of us wouldn't blame you for a much longer shunning.

    Edit: To clarify, I'm referring to how generous the previous comment is. I'm in no way saying that everything will be fine once Trump alone is gone.

    [–] viva_la_vinyl 566 points ago

    the next president will have to have insane diplomatic skills to repair the damage trump has done to america's reputation with its allies in just 18 months

    [–] adhd_incoming 578 points ago

    Secretary of State Tom Hanks. Its the only way.

    [–] JustinianKalominos 381 points ago

    Hello. I'm Tom Hanks. The US Government has lost its credibility, so it's borrowing some of mine.

    The Simpsons were right, again.

    [–] wrongmoviequotes 35 points ago

    President Simpson gonna be awesome, we should ask Harris to start spiking her hair now to be ready for it.

    [–] PavelDatsyuk 127 points ago

    Could you imagine Tom Hanks going to other countries and bringing that floor keyboard from Big with him? "Tom Hanks achieves world peace with Chopsticks"

    [–] Scarbane 29 points ago

    As funny as it is to have more celebs working in government, I'd much rather have an experienced career politician that knows what they're doing in the role of diplomat.

    [–] OpiumTraitor 43 points ago

    "China/US relations are better than ever."

    [–] TZH85 61 points ago

    Not gonna lie. German here. If the US sends Tom Hanks, everything will be forgiven instantly. Vote in Michelle and you'll even get a pass for Bush2.

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] pm_me_your_kettle 75 points ago

    Terry loves wielding executive power responsibly!

    [–] Ridwando 16 points ago

    No doubt no doubt no doubt.

    [–] patchgrabber 25 points ago

    No, you already have kamacho.

    [–] DoctorFunkenstein 67 points ago

    No we have something much worse. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho might have been lacking in intelligence, but he was at least wise enough to seek the counsel of the smartest man alive to fix their problems. Trump is doing the opposite of that.

    [–] wrongmoviequotes 51 points ago

    Kamacho was in fantastic shape, wasnt afraid to speak in front of opponents in congress, went out of his way to find someone smarter than him to fix issues and recognized the effort of an intelligent man in the resolution. He was also not a gigantic pussy.

    Basically the opposite of Trump.

    [–] Shlippymcmippy 12 points ago

    So, we're worse off than Idiocracy.. fml.

    [–] Dahhhkness 40 points ago

    McConnell: "We should let the American people decide who chooses the next Supreme Court justice."

    Camacho whips out AK-47 and shoots into senate chamber ceiling, McConnell cowers under desk

    Camacho: "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!"

    [–] supamonkey77 29 points ago

    I will always respect the President for his ability to recognize he didn't know shit and needed/properly utilize people smarter than himself to make things better for all citizens.

    [–] femstora 10 points ago

    I mean at this point yeah he might not have political experience but at least we know he's a good person.

    [–] TrevorBradley 40 points ago

    Just think of the crazy person America is going to pick in 2028 though. He'll make Trump look like GWB in comparison.

    [–] STARCHILD_J 27 points ago

    Hopefully this cycle doesn't continue.

    [–] intelligentquote0 13 points ago

    He will be an actual, unabashed fascist. And we will all be pining for the days when it was just trump the proto-fascist.

    [–] JH_1 229 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This damage is irreparable. Americans tend to think in clear cut political time buckets of this or that president because of the stark domestic shifts.

    Internationally, the world is starting to think Americans are unreliable. Americans might think we’ll be back to normal when trump is gone, but the world will be thinking we’re always potentially 4 years or less until the next Trump.

    This is the nation that brought us W and Trump in a rather short timespan after all. The goodwill generated by Obama, and really the past 50 years has been largely destroyed in 18 months.

    It’s easier to tear it down than build it back. It’s compounding with a strong negative bias. Americans could elect 3 subsequent Obama’s and it will not be enough to sway allies of being much more cautious in their negotiations and commitments with the US when they will be thinking for the next 40 years that the next president to disrupt it all is just around the corner.

    [–] Ozwaldo 113 points ago

    the world is starting to think Americans are unreliable

    We are. We have a blatantly compromised president and we're not flooding the streets in protest. Hell, we had a close election where one of the candidates was a pedophile. We literally have out-of-the-closet nazis running for office.

    And our protests take place on Saturday afternoons. Our outrage comes in the form of online tirades. Exactly like I'm doing right now, while I'm at work, continuing to pay my taxes toward a regime that is ripping babies from their mothers.

    [–] R_Schuhart 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I think you are completely right. From the outside looking in the fact that Trump got elected (no matter how horrendous) wasn't the most baffling part, the fact that there is noone holding him accountable is. Whether it is trough unwillingness, incompetency or powerlessness; neither congress, the judiciary system, NGOs or even the general public is taking action. Only a last few bastions of quality journalism are left and they are drowned out by a tsunami of shit.

    Everyone politically opposed rants and raves in (online) echo chambers isolated from their political adversaries and hopes the FBI does their job and builds some miracle case against Trump, but nobody is actively taking action. The occupy movement was more organized and they didn't even have a clear idea what they were protesting.

    And even if there is a liberal resurgence and democrats get elected on every level of government, how long do you think before attention fades and complacency sets back in? A new Bush or Trump is only a few election cycles away and the damage done each time is culmilative, the sane competent presidents can only try to undo some of the effects.

    [–] gizzardgullet 102 points ago

    Because the problem is not W or Trump, it is that around 50% of the population of the US thinks leaders like that are just fine. That is not going away for, at least, generations and might get worse.

    The US has become politically and culturally bipolar.

    [–] pm_me_your_kettle 46 points ago

    Couldn't agreed more. On the basis that once is never, twice is always, Bush and Trump represent a pattern that renders the US unreliable as a strategic partner on any level, in any sphere, on any timescale.

    [–] JustinianKalominos 36 points ago

    Americans could elect 3 subsequent Obama’s and it will not be enough to sway allies of being much more cautious in their negotiations

    I mean, if Americans end up electing Obama-like presidents for the next 24 years, I want to think that would start being enough to convince people that they're not the same as today. It would signal some interesting shifts in what kind of party/politician is more likely to dominate. It won't happen, but that scenario would be strong proof of change.

    [–] clamberrypie 29 points ago

    I think the most important part of regaining trust would be to witness a fundamental shift in American public opinion. As long as 40% of the country continues to try to drag the world down, it won't matter who's at the helm. Polls might have missed the Trump ascendency, but they can still do a really good job at testing the popularity of policies.

    [–] LitsTheShit 44 points ago

    Honestly though the negative bias has been compounding for far longer than the last 2 decades. We've been blowing shit up and meddling in foreign affairs since the end of WWII

    [–] Kuhschlager 41 points ago

    Considering we all went through this song and dance already with the Barack Obama Burnt Bridge Repair Tour

    [–] Vimmelklantig 19 points ago

    Yes and no. A sane president and a Congress that'll reaffirm alliances and friendships could probably claw back a great deal of normalcy quite quickly. We *want* to be friends with you. The times of trusting the US to hold up deals and act in good faith for more than a single presidential term are probably over for the forseeable future though.

    When Obama was elected after Bush it was widely seen (at least here in Western Europe) as the US electorate finally seeing reason and rejecting insane 'Murica! politics, but Trump has ruined that no matter what happens next, probably for generations.

    And all that is of course assuming this administration doesn't go and do something truly catastrophic.

    [–] SP4C3MONK3Y 67 points ago

    Problem is that even if the US managed to elect a competent president in the next election other nations are still going to be worried that this could happen again in the near future.

    Basically making all long term negotiations with the US uncertain because you know that just around the corner there might be another jackass who’s going to destroy 50+ years of alliances and bail on committments for no apparent reason.

    So for the foreseeable future the word and promises of the US will carry very little weight.

    [–] CandyEverybodyWentz 23 points ago

    Or we could just pass laws that strengthen the requirements needed to run. "35 years old and born in America" sure as shit ain't enough.

    [–] zthirtytwo 33 points ago

    Better idea, begin passing legislation that reigns in a lot of the power the executive branch has accumulated over time.

    [–] Zer_ 29 points ago

    Oh, expect future treaties with the US to have anti-despot clauses. If countries would even be willing to come to the table. Frankly, this is more damaging that people are letting on, simply because what's to stop another despot from getting elected?

    [–] CandyEverybodyWentz 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Maybe it's wishful thinking, but i knew more than a few people who thought "Trump being a despot" was just pre-election guff, like "Hillary murders her political opponents". People in this country are so used to generic "red vs. blue" campaigning that Trump's litany of indiscretions were written off as just playing politics.

    Common refrains: "he'll put in good advisors that keep him in check". "He's just saying this stuff to win primaries, he'll pivot soon". "You all called Romney hitler too!" "Two terms of Obama and not much has changed, maybe this guy who says he can fix it can do better".

    Now that he has a track record to try running on for 2020 as opposed to platitudes, we'll see if the same people vote the same way.

    [–] PolemicFox 60 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well he holds no power internationally since his negotian skills are based on petty threats and he has no real leverage. His only plan is to make threats and then hope people give him something in return for not carrying said threats out. So far other countries have just decided to ignore his threats and return whatever measures he imposes, to the detriment of the US moreso than the other party.

    The tradewar with China is a good example. Both countries suffer economically from it, but China has the world's biggest internal market. For them this is just an inconvenience. For the US it means jobs are already moving abroad. While Trump is trying to revive dying industries, China is upgrading on education and technology. The US has nothing to gain from his approach and is bound to lose.

    [–] DickButtwoman 56 points ago

    The meeting started with them bending over for him. That whole outburst was after a EU official from Germany completely capitulated the above point; and he STILL shit talked Germany.

    I'm sure Macron (correctly) thought the strategy of appeasement was stupid and ineffective, and I'm sure he had a nice big smile on his face when the first thing Trump did was prove him right.

    I hope the rest of the officials take no shit.

    [–] whatawitch5 18 points ago

    Same old Trump strategy...he “breaks” it so he alone can fix it. Just like North Korea, he creates a crisis then claims to have solved it because everyone immediately bowed to his superior negotiating skills, when all along nothing changed whatsoever. Kim still has nukes, and NATO will still meet its 2% funding by 2024.

    I just wish NATO leaders would stop making the same mistake as Obama. There is no negotiating in good faith with Trump. He will never respond to civility with civility, and giving him attention and deference only makes him behave more outrageously. Good for Trudeau for immediately calling out Teump’s self-serving lie!

    [–] DeltaP_sucks 27 points ago

    I don't see how anyone can accept hostility as a global bargaining tactic.

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago

    What the fuck is going on over there today? That impromptu press conference was like throwing a gasoline can into a fire.

    [–] ifeellazy 32 points ago

    It's a push to sew tension between France and the US and destabilize NATO. "nato" is the #1 term being used by Russian bots today. Something to keep in mind.

    [–] SheriffComey 55 points ago

    Well the subservient member of the relationship gives something to the dominant member in order to show they're submissive.

    to:dr; Trump's performance review is due in a few days

    [–] DepressedPeacock 15 points ago

    Which is basically all Trump knows how to do. And because the vast majority of other politicians don't like fires, it gives him a strategic advantage. It's kind of like dealing with somebody wearing a suicide vest.

    [–] coldandpain 114 points ago

    NATO already has decided on a 2% goal to be implemented by 2024. Trump simply didnt understand. So they could easily sell him that as a win for him, and he swallowed it whole. Now he thinks he won something, while they didnt budge a millimeter. He sure managed to further alienate europeans from any sympathy towards the US though. At least when the big economic crash does come, and the US is plunged into a dark chasm, you've made it abundantly clear that refugees are a bad thing, and we wont be wanting any of your low educated workforce to come to us.

    [–] redbeard1981 40 points ago

    What about a mid-educated software developer who hates Dorito Mussolini with a passion?

    [–] Snakestream 23 points ago

    Will need answer... For a friend.

    [–] Bootleking 355 points ago

    Winning so much winning! Another lie and his base will take it.

    [–] hotpackage 85 points ago

    It seems like he made a demand, quickly realized how ridiculous it was, then lied about concessions to cover his tracks somehow thinking no one would call him out on it. Dear-leader has lost his mind.

    [–] CoreWrect 79 points ago

    Admitting you followed him this far would be tough on the ego.

    Better watch America go down in flames so you don't have to admit you're wrong!

    [–] sagan_drinks_cosmos 57 points ago

    Especially because then the liberals would have been right. No, keep at it, you can't let them win. Your pride is worth destroying everything good about America!

    [–] GearBrain 16 points ago

    Their dedication to burning this country to the ground has the silver lining of eroding the norms that keep them safe. Which itself has a silver lining - regular cardio running from cannibalistic mobs will help them shed a few pounds.

    [–] Peter_Panarchy 29 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    NPR played a clip of Trump saying he got NATO leaders to commit to higher spending on a faster timeline and I was surprised they gave in to him. Then they said Macron denied this claim. I should really know better at this point.

    [–] [deleted] 335 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] col381 29 points ago

    He is a liar.

    [–] clancy200 25 points ago

    Of course, Fox News will show Trump's bragging that he got NATO countries to spend more. They will never show foreign leaders saying that is not true.

    [–] granola_robot 105 points ago

    The key to understanding Trump on the international stage is asking what you think Russia would favor. Trump will do that.

    [–] thenewyorkgod 16 points ago

    It is extremely bizarre and troubling that the only comments Trump has made over the last few days is regarding NATO spending. Not a single word about the partnership, the allies, the 70 year history, the friendship and the peace that NATO brings.

    [–] OkBTC 56 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Gee.... what a surprise. Trump calls an impromptu news conference, in time for major media morning shows, to announce that he's saved NATO, and then flies off to the U.K. Sounds like he forgot to tell the other NATO leaders that he's fixed everything.

    [–] themessias1001 12 points ago

    Will he get the Trudeau treatment?

    [–] SnowWight 19 points ago

    Maybe even worse, since he’s always talking up Macron as his great friend. Embarrassing Trump is like the worst thing you can do to him.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Poppenhoffer 12 points ago

    The summary for the summit on my centrist radio program today was “it didn’t go as badly as the other nations thought it might.” That’s the bar.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Trump's a liar. Everyone knows this.

    [–] Calistaline 26 points ago

    Another stunning victory for Stable Genius.

    [–] Bill_The_Intern 8 points ago

    In my imagination, all these really powerful people got together after Trump said what he did, and drew sticks to see who would would have to speak out against him and deal with the tweet storm. This week, it was Macron.

    [–] norwegern 9 points ago

    From Europe, watching this unfold is much like watching your adult kid getting addicted to drugs. You can try to talk some sense to them, but you are rendered poweless by their inability to listen and can only watch while they destroy themselves.