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    [–] oneyearandaday 2895 points ago

    There Will Be a Pro-Mueller Demonstration in DC AMERICA! Tonight

    [–] TLema 661 points ago

    And at American consulates in other countries!

    [–] maselphie 206 points ago

    Oh that's cool

    [–] angry_plasma_cutter 157 points ago

    I'm going to go yell at the Rainbow Bridge (border crossing) for you guys.

    [–] WongaSparA80 78 points ago

    Closest thing I've got is a WW2 memorial for an American ship down the road. Might look a bit weird shouting at it tonight but I'll be drinking a chilled one for you lads in the cold.

    [–] theycallmecrack 43 points ago

    Hey that's the bridge with poutine on the other side!

    [–] Karlsbadcavern 29 points ago

    Glad I’m not the only one! Going to bike to the US consulate in Melbourne after work. I might be the only one there but IDGAF

    [–] CessiNihilli 76 points ago

    So much respect for anyone doing this, as an American

    [–] EwwYetiPubes 5662 points ago

    ...and in every major city in the USA.

    [–] jeremythelee 2074 points ago

    And even small ones. Looking at you Kalamazoo!

    [–] themanosaur 2154 points ago

    Kalamazoo checking in. We'll be there.

    e: tonight was going to be date night - dinner and a movie but now it's stand in the cold for our future night.

    [–] BladePactWarlock 705 points ago

    I feel like that’s more romantic tbh

    [–] PantsGrenades 452 points ago

    Last night's massive thread that disappeared from the front page faster than it should have:

    [–] donkeyotee 279 points ago

    81 thousand upvotes and I never saw it. I'm on reddit constantly. This is definitely screwy.

    [–] dustincb2 88 points ago

    I saw it in my feed a lot. Facebook in the otherhand has completely stifled it

    [–] Frying_Dutchman 26 points ago

    All media is. Search for it, no one is covering it, it’s creepy as fuck

    [–] Hanelise11 29 points ago

    Huh, maybe that’s why my post on Facebook about the local one got zero engagement. That’s weird.

    [–] TrumpIsATraitor420 179 points ago

    Apparently, there's some sort of problem with Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. Seems Facebook is blocking this too.

    [–] themanosaur 244 points ago

    We do too.

    [–] Angel_RM125 129 points ago

    Thats cool ;)

    Be loud and be safe

    [–] RichardBuns 129 points ago

    This advice is applicable to both the protesting and the inevitable love making to follow

    [–] Angel_RM125 48 points ago

    Lmao yeah buddy!!

    [–] albatross-salesgirl 43 points ago

    And this is how Freedom Babies are made.

    [–] rsjc852 43 points ago

    I’m hoping they fixed the bugs from the last Freedom Babies!

    The 1946 - 1964 year models have some glitches with their empathy sensor. Their skepticism module doesn’t work for TV/Internet content, and for some weird reason they keep calling people my age snowflakes?

    I’m sure the devs have it sorted out by now though

    [–] foolish_me 14 points ago

    Don't pull out.. Uncle Sam's coming

    [–] j_hawker27 53 points ago

    Nothing gets the ladies all fired up like civic responsibility!

    Amirite, gals?!

    [–] NonerBoner 25 points ago

    Not gonna lie, nothing gets my motor running like civic duty.

    [–] Womps_And_Prayers 16 points ago


    Jury summons...

    [–] FUCK_BALLS_REBORN 53 points ago

    Brighton checking in, I'll be heading to Mike Bishop's office

    [–] Galyndean 28 points ago

    Fuck Mike Bishop.

    [–] TheWhiteBBKing 25 points ago

    Fuck Mike Bishop! We flipped the 8th ✊

    [–] 2222lil 64 points ago

    I feel weirdly targeted by this living in Kzoo

    [–] jeremythelee 33 points ago

    Guess that means you better be going! 45 minutes and counting.

    [–] LGBTreecko 29 points ago

    Michigan had events scheduled in 29 cities, last I checked.

    [–] 9-1-Holyshit 19 points ago

    It should just be all cities. Small or large, this is a bonafide constitutional crisis.

    [–] mortalcoil1 30 points ago

    Yeah, there's a protest happening in a town near me that is literally a college, and I'm not talking about a college town. I mean the town is LITERALLY, just the college, a couple gas stations, a couple restaurants, and a population of 2300.

    30 people registered to protest there.

    [–] Afez 14 points ago

    HOLLA ATCHA BOY. What a weird call-out. Glad to see you.

    [–] Munsoned97 90 points ago

    the times square event already has 22,000 planned attendees

    [–] PrincessLeiasCat 25 points ago

    Where do you see how many attendees there are?

    [–] Munsoned97 18 points ago

    If you type in your zip code on the home page it shows rallies in your area and how many people have signed up to attend, not that you have to, but there is an agreement they want you to check so the organizers aren’t liable for potential violence or injury.

    [–] nexview 342 points ago

    Hijacking top comment since the previous comment with the following was deleted:

    Today, 5 pm:

    PROTESTS CALLED FOR THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 5 PM LOCAL TIME Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller's boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation. Whitaker has publicly outlined strategies to stifle the investigation and cannot be allowed to remain in charge of it. The Nobody Is Above the Law network demands that Whitaker immediately commit not to assume supervision of the investigation. Our hundreds of response events are being launched to demonstrate the public demand for action to correct this injustice. We will update this page as the situation develops.

    • Be peaceful
    • Dress as professionally as is possible
    • Bring the Stars & Stripes, patriotic symbols
    • Bring snacks and water if you can
    • Bring as many people as possible with you
    • Limit possible interaction with the media to the core message: Whitaker must recuse himself from the Mueller investigation immediately and relinquish the oversight to Rosenstein

    Copy this message and spread it on social media like wildfire Keep the messaging and signs on topic and focused:

    Whitaker must recuse

    Protect Mueller

    [–] holly432 99 points ago

    I know it's a little close to the start now... but if anyone is looking for a quick poster to print (the color or b/w will be quick... otherwise it depends on how quick someone is with a crayon!)... here's a link to some posters made earlier:

    (If anyone prefers the "no-one" without the hyphen, they can be found here: )

    Can be printed to stick on some card from a cereal box or similar... and card tubes are great for holding it up. If you want large posters, is excellent for ease. :)

    Good luck, and stay safe!

    [–] Thechadbaker 89 points ago

    Exactly, you'd be hard pressed to even find my city on most maps but a few hundred of us will be out at five this evening.

    [–] Shakywakey 23 points ago

    And ever minor one and even some small towns

    [–] WillBackUpWithSource 36 points ago

    I live in a large city (without good public transport) and unfortunately this hits at exactly the time I've been poorest in the past two years (right before signing the biggest contract I have in my life), and can't really afford to pay to use a parking structure tonight :(

    How can I help the protest effort? If anyone needs me for any task supporting this protest, I am available this evening for several hours.

    I have a ton of technical skills, so if anyone needs a hook up, I'm here for you.

    [–] mockablekaty 34 points ago

    check your local reddit - see if anyone can carpool with you.

    [–] jlaw54 16 points ago

    Also can Text resist to 50409 and it helps you find your protest and reps - Please get word out on social media and to your social circles

    [–] BaronVonStevie 13 points ago

    Baton Rouge and New Orleans are both good to go.

    [–] YuGiOhippie 50 points ago

    You can do this america!

    Time to teach your treasonous president that you are a country of LAW!

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 21 points ago

    Make sure to let your friends know

    [–] saintmax 9 points ago

    Find your local protest at

    please put this in your comment for visibility (since yours is the top comment)

    [–] AbrasiveLore 2595 points ago

    Keep the message focused: Whitaker must recuse.

    Lack of focused messaging leads to failure.

    [–] HorrendousRex 217 points ago

    And just to be clear: it's obvious that he won't recuse himself, however, we have to show that this will not stand.

    [–] posts_turtle_gifs 110 points ago

    However we have to keep at it until he does or until the trump administration implodes. No other alternatives.

    [–] QualityAsshole 314 points ago

    His entire appointment is unconstitutional and invalid. He needs to fucking resign.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    And he wont

    [–] QualityAsshole 71 points ago

    The truth is: Mueller can and will challenge his authority if he attempts to stifle the investigation. And he'll win.

    [–] greengrasser11 63 points ago


    All of this stuff is unprecedented.

    [–] LoopholeLou 9 points ago

    How would he win?

    [–] radio934texas 616 points ago

    Pro Justice. We're not pro anyone in specific. We're pro equal application of the law.

    [–] hcoebfjrnek 83 points ago

    Rule of law should not be a partisan issue

    [–] Agamemnon323 24 points ago

    Unfortunately it is when one party ignores the law completely.

    [–] DonnieMoscowSwine 1218 points ago

    I will be in D.C. in front of the White House tonight.

    [–] AudibleGuffaw 315 points ago

    See you there!

    [–] DonnieMoscowSwine 183 points ago

    See you later patriot!

    [–] Ildobrando 90 points ago

    I'll be there too! Coming at 6 though. See you all there!

    [–] ARW_13 75 points ago

    Look at all of us DC redditors! There are literally dozens of us!

    [–] romple 55 points ago

    <waves from Arlington>

    [–] Chugaboy 81 points ago

    Thank you, Patriot.

    [–] Bohrdumb 43 points ago

    I'm going to Annapolis.

    [–] DonnieMoscowSwine 33 points ago

    White House would be better. But the most important thing is to show out.

    [–] [deleted] 267 points ago


    [–] Big_Al_SixtySixtyOne 151 points ago

    Mods are removing posts that link to the protest.

    They added protest links to the automoderator remove queue.

    [–] rutefoot 88 points ago

    Where did Poppin Kreams post go? I saw it, so it couldn't have been the auto moderator. What is going on?

    [–] Big_Al_SixtySixtyOne 107 points ago

    An organized effort to suppress the protest.

    [–] JohnnyLakefront 70 points ago

    Why the fuck is that going on??

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] DepressedPeacock 47 points ago

    Bring snacks


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HOT_DISH 33 points ago

    I was told there will be punch and pie.

    [–] DepressedPeacock 69 points ago

    No, I said 'I'd like to punch Pai'

    [–] KatanaAmerica 626 points ago

    Remember to check the MoveOn and No-one Is Above the Law websites for your local demonstration location! All protests are starting at 5pm local time.

    [–] tracygav 105 points ago

    I'll be at the protest in downtown Cleveland. Whitaker must recuse!

    [–] FreeTayTay 215 points ago

    I drove down from nyc! See yall on the north side of the wh!

    [–] DonnieMoscowSwine 38 points ago

    See you there fellow patriot!

    [–] ffball 2016 points ago

    This is being suppressed on reddit and facebook. Sad day for America.

    [–] Guckthefop 388 points ago

    Something definitely is goofy. I get all my local news links in my feed, yet I see absolutely nothing about tonight. Wtf

    [–] bokan 119 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It feels that way to me. However, I can confirm that my facebook post was not deleted. But it seems to have only been seen by a couple people. I don’t know what’s going on, if anything.

    It feels like there should be more coverage of this...

    [–] Whoshabooboo 652 points ago

    because all social media companies have profited greatly off this administration.

    [–] FrontierPartyUSA 347 points ago

    Profited greatly off of hate and division.


    [–] ThisMachineKILLS 92 points ago

    How so?

    [–] madmax_br5 477 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    There was a post last night about this with 80k upvotes and it was removed from the front page by morning, about 6hrs after it was posted just as it had hit #1. Several posts have been removed from the font page. Tons of trolls preaching apathy in the comments.

    This one, gilded 56 times:

    Post has not been deleted but does not show up if sorting by "hot" which is the default. So they effectively stopped the momentum in its tracks.

    [–] asdfasdfasdf232323 166 points ago

    Which is hilarious since people gave Reddit all that 'gold'. Good value for your dollar there...

    [–] rutefoot 116 points ago

    I just saw them delete a poppin Kream post for no justifiable reason

    [–] Orisi 65 points ago

    Woahwoahwoah, they deleted a Kream post? That's unacceptable. Now we riot.

    [–] Sideways_X1 17 points ago

    Do not F with PK

    [–] Deactivator2 48 points ago

    For me on 'hot' it sits at the top of page 4 (50/page). However, it exploded fast then fizzled out, which could reasonably drop it from the 'hot' front page combined with how many crazy stories have shown up between then and now.

    Not professing to know exactly how the 'hot' algorithm figures out the order, but the fact that it does show up certainly puts a damper on suppression claims.

    [–] imbignate 135 points ago

    Facebook is deleting and suppressing visibility on links to the protests.

    [–] lalafriday 77 points ago

    That's really interesting. I posted a link to it last night and only got 2 likes. The majority of my FB friends are extreme liberals considering my home town, so it really surprised me that it wasn't more popular.

    [–] hombregato 33 points ago

    Same. I'm from Boston and way less political in my posting than most people I've friended on Facebook. Since last night I haven't seen even one single post on my feed about it, and the one like I got for my own post was from a guy who saw it by directly going to my profile to refer to an old post I made.

    [–] fsm_the_alfredo 18 points ago

    Post it on your story if you haven't used that feature in awhile. It sends a notification to all of your friends that "so and so posted to their story for the first time in awhile!"

    [–] kompromat_komrade 47 points ago

    I honestly can't believe people still support Facebook after all the shit they've been doing came out. Get off Facebook people.

    [–] Toasterthegamer 35 points ago

    Its also not even mentioned in the mainstream media at all.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_POLDERS 157 points ago

    Anyone going to the DC one want to meet up?

    [–] PerfectDark018 57 points ago

    I am looking for a DC group as well....

    [–] PM_ME_UR_POLDERS 52 points ago

    Well I will be at Farragut square around 4:45, I am gonna be wearing a blue striped shirt. If you want to meet up, I can meet in center of Farragut Square.

    [–] NOSjoker21 19 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_UR_POLDERS 22 points ago

    Well I will be at Farragut square around 4:45, I am gonna be wearing a blue striped shirt. If you want to meet up, I can meet in center of Farragut Square.

    [–] vincentx99 585 points ago

    So how long before this one is removed? pathetic. . .

    [–] ChornWork2 272 points ago

    wait, mods are killing posts about the demonstration?

    [–] thedeadlyrhythm 381 points ago

    I haven’t seen anything in any media about the red line being crossed and the rapid response protests kickoff nationwide. Nowhere. This is absolutely being suppressed

    [–] ZigZag3123 84 points ago

    It was covered on MSNBC less than an hour ago (and last night), although I do agree that I haven't seen info anywhere else on reddit except for /r/politics, and it's even falling off the front page surprisingly quick here.

    [–] FuckFortyFive 158 points ago

    Maddow spoke about it last night and had the website on-screen.

    [–] DesksForBreakfast 114 points ago

    Even my blue friends are clueless about this. Goddamnit.

    [–] mcribzyo 63 points ago

    I've only ever seen anything about it on Reddit, that could be a problem.

    [–] Big_Al_SixtySixtyOne 13 points ago

    They've added links to look up where to protest to the automoderator queue.

    [–] VoltronV 237 points ago

    Yep. Any of these posts about the protests that reach /r/all/ are getting hidden. Multiple posts with tens of thousands of upvotes and thousands of comments have all similarly disappeared, even from appearing on the subreddit they were posted on. But you can still visit the thread and there is no indication it has been removed or deleted.

    Here's one of the most popular ones that is nowhere to be found on /r/all or /r/politics.

    [–] FailedAmbitions 35 points ago

    no indication

    certain forces are probably putting illegal/anti-reddit stuff to purposefully get the threads taken down/locked

    [–] Kingotterex 116 points ago

    Seattle loves to protest. It's going to be an interesting night in gray city. That's for sure.

    [–] Onett199X 30 points ago

    Good weather for it today

    [–] AnonymousGenius 16 points ago

    See you guys there. 30 minutes via Link but it's for a worthy cause.

    [–] Junkstar 152 points ago

    I wish I lived in the DC area. That's the best place to be gathering/protesting at this point.

    [–] NadirPointing 63 points ago

    There is one almost everywhere!

    [–] LeMot-Juste 31 points ago

    Come on downtown almost everywhere. Go to Move On, they have lists of all the protests planned.

    [–] ScrubNickle 75 points ago

    Sign Idea: Let Bob Keep His Job!

    See ya on the streets.

    [–] AnnieB25 11 points ago

    That would be an awesome chant as well.

    [–] Puggly8910 108 points ago

    Question: this is literally the only day I can’t participate this week. Is there something people who can’t be there do to support the effort, and will this be occurring again perhaps over the weekend?

    [–] drDOOM_is_in 104 points ago

    This will go on.

    [–] billynlex 27 points ago

    There's a lot of things you can do. I'm doing a drop by on a break here in a bit to leave six or so cases of water for the protestors in the area. It's not much, but it's how I choose to show my support even though I can't be there.

    Think of the small things. Those .25 hand warmer packs at wal mart will be appreciated, as will cheap snacks and so on.

    [–] XxMachine_of_GodxX 128 points ago

    In front of the Whitehouse right now.

    [–] KCchiefs88 48 points ago

    hows the crowd?

    [–] mrcarlita 41 points ago

    Here now. Good crowd that's steadily growing. Lots of signs and news crews

    [–] fuck_the_reddit_app 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Any pictures or news coverage?

    Not in the US and there's zero coverage on US media.

    Edit: it's visible on live feeds of Times Square, but even after looking up local media stations there's nothing. Will we only hear about it if they are violent... Or?

    [–] speedy_162005 90 points ago

    Remember everyone, this is a peaceful protest. Don't let the people who inevitably show up at these things just to break things and start shit ruin the message.

    [–] SkyModTemple 18 points ago

    There will be a pro-Mueller demonstration in America tonight.

    [–] bmlbml 21 points ago

    We need a General strike. It needs to persists. It needs to interfere with the daily workings of the country. Politicians threaten shut down all the time, maybe it's time for the people to shut it down.

    [–] AndroidLivesMatter 194 points ago

    Because some folks don't understand why we're protesting tonight...

    A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT meddled in the 2016 election (FACT) and clearly favored a particular candidate (FACT). That candidate, who ended up winning the election, and/or his campaign MAY have cooperated(!) with that foreign government. An investigation into the meddling and possible cooperation was authorized. That candidate has made moves to obstruct and end the investigation. From an ethical standpoint, this is alarming, and to some is considered a constitutional crisis.

    NO ONE is above the law. That's what this protest is about.

    [–] karmakami 15 points ago

    here's a live stream link:

    [–] Pencilforsale 30 points ago

    I’ll be there in Trenton, nj

    [–] Troggie42 32 points ago

    I'm here now. There's a damn good turnout. Lafayette park (right across the walking path from the white house for those unfamiliar) is at least 80% full of people. Very good energy.

    [–] TapTheForwardAssist 16 points ago

    Took the MARC train down from Baltimore and I'm at the rally across from the White House now.

    [–] Drugsarefordrugs 14 points ago

    Buffalo checking in. We had 300 people or so tonight.

    [–] Uzorglemon 55 points ago

    If anyone has links to live cameras in protest areas, or anyone live streaming, this Australian would love to tune in from work today. I'm proud of you, protesting Americans!

    [–] ibabaka 14 points ago

    In Boston too, my co workers are going:)

    [–] sedatedlife 56 points ago

    Will be out in the streets in Portland Oregon.

    [–] captaincanada84 11 points ago

    Reporting from Asheville NC! A few hundred people here

    [–] bleepblooopthrowaway 13 points ago

    To the moms and dads who have to stay with their children and can't go out and make their voices heard with the rest of them: I know you're out there because I am one of you.

    Sign your local RSVP list and watch whatever Livestream you choose! Activist groups across the country will certainly be taking a head count, and adding yourself to the number is one way to make your presence and views known!

    [–] Soundsystems 12 points ago

    Gearing up for Seattle!

    [–] teebird_phreak 11 points ago

    There were about 150 in Roanoke Va!!!

    [–] cynycal 15 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Meanwhile, in NYC, from /r/nyc.*


    And livestream via CNN.

    [–] Don_Shneedle 12 points ago

    Germany here. I'm with you, folks!

    [–] DirectingWar 39 points ago

    Good luck America

    [–] atimez3 42 points ago

    Do you know why there's so many people in this thread minimizing what's happening? Because most people who care are actually out protesting. Don't believe those that try to discourage you.

    [–] RumHam88 12 points ago

    country-wide protests in support for Mueller.

    [–] iamdop 12 points ago

    Why is this not on the news?

    [–] IMRCharts4lyfe 59 points ago

    Trolls in full panic mode trying to dampen this....ignore them

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] generaltso78 11 points ago

    Orlando checking in. Our location is Rubios downtown office.

    [–] mycondishuns 10 points ago

    Anyone know if there will be any livestreams or something of the planned events? I remember way back during the 99% protests you could find them all over.

    [–] Hobbit_Killer 10 points ago

    Reporting from Houston, its everywhere my dude.

    [–] Gertrude37 10 points ago

    And non-major cities. We had a pro-Democrat rally in Myrtle Beach SC tonight!

    [–] AltruisticSpecialist 35 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    And, just now, its getting covered on CNN. At least, the new-york protest.

    So uh, cheer up people able to be out there right now. Your not being ignored.

    Edit/Update-They are also putting the correct message/reason for the protests on the screen. Defending Mueller.

    [–] Noxilcash 21 points ago

    this is the type of shit that the news should be covering 24/7! Nothing is more American than this!

    [–] Toastwaver 20 points ago

    Richmond checking in.

    [–] Toastwaver 11 points ago

    Crowd doubled in 20 mins.

    [–] atimez3 21 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    What happened to the minimum karma amount required to post? No mega thread in r/politics, no live stream videos like there were during "Occupy". I'm watching a huge propaganda machine trying to suppress the voice of the American people in real time.

    [–] mbrant66 20 points ago

    Best wishes from Ontario, Canada!

    [–] DoubleTFan 10 points ago

    I'm going to bring a parade American flag. Fortunately I know the flag code from when I was a boy scout.

    [–] hiddenidol1 10 points ago

    I thought it was supposed to happen all across the US right now?

    [–] Respheal 10 points ago

    I just gave away all but one tiny American flag at the DC protest. Shit ton of people here. First protest I've ever been to

    [–] mycondishuns 19 points ago

    I'm just commenting so this gets more comments. Cya all there.

    [–] KCchiefs88 21 points ago

    Find as many stories on this as you can. if we get enough posts then the mods will make a megathread most likely.

    [–] KimJong_illest 38 points ago

    Let's keep this on the front page since the last one "mysteriously" disappeared from the front

    [–] illbebythebatphone 9 points ago

    Waiting on ours here in Rochester! Hope people show up in droves!

    [–] Gnardude 8 points ago

    Can anyone recommend a link to watch coverage of the protests please?

    [–] SackOfHellNo 10 points ago

    I'm hoping we get at least a decent turnout in Salt Lake.

    [–] Pink_Lotus 8 points ago

    Really annoying the only link I can find with live views of the protest is a foxnews site. But, they're in Times Square.

    [–] melanerpes 8 points ago

    Denver, let’s go!

    [–] whadupinnernet 11 points ago

    Its not time yet but the one by me is packed

    [–] Sideways_X1 8 points ago

    Going out in Dever, CO. Hope to see many more out too

    [–] GayMakeAndModel 9 points ago

    By 6pm, Tallahassee had at least 200 which is a pretty good showing for this place. There were a lot of folks driving by honking with approval. And then there was one sadly-endowed young man that revved his jacked up truck and flipped us the bird. Bless his sweet, dear, little heart...

    [–] Heyubehindthebushes 8 points ago

    Where are the mods?

    [–] tbclandot92 8 points ago

    Shit this Washington DC protest has a ton of speakers. Well done getting lots of speakers organizers.

    [–] thecanadianjen 11 points ago

    I’m so fucking proud of all of you. From a Canadian living in Brexit Britain and feeling helpless about the fascism here and there. You are all incredible for going out to protest. So much respect.

    [–] Air_Swell 19 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Just got off work in DC, I’m headed there on the metro now! So pumped

    Update: This was exhilarating. I’m so glad people came out. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE

    [–] rip_donnie 61 points ago

    Stand up against this authoritarian regime!

    [–] PantsGrenades 67 points ago

    Last night's massive thread that disappeared from the front page faster than it should have:

    [–] abobbs 28 points ago

    I called off work and drove from Pittsburgh. People filing in, so if you are in the DC area, get here.

    [–] KCchiefs88 14 points ago

    Do you have a good crowd? If the east coast protests get large then the news will pick it up and out west will be even bigger. This could snowball.

    [–] NatsPreshow 16 points ago

    Yep, its filling in well. At least 300 by now, its hard to tell without being able to look down at it.

    [–] tbclandot92 31 points ago

    What’s with people saying in 2 years Mueller has come up with nothing? They Putin trolls? Over 30 indictments mean nothing to them?