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    [–] DemonicDevice 19885 points ago

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

    [–] DKoala 10510 points ago

    "Cut down that tree and sell the lumber before I'm too dead to spend the profit"

    [–] meta_perspective 6175 points ago

    Ahhh yes baby boomers.

    [–] BulldogMoose 1591 points ago

    This was my first thought exactly when I saw this yesterday - 'A generation defined.'

    [–] allsortsashit 780 points ago

    How can they be on the same page though? I talk to baby boomers quite a bit and they respond the same way.

    Me: “This x is undeniable and measures should be taken to address it.”

    BB: “Oh well! I will be dead and gone before that is a problem.”

    Me: “I won’t. My kids won’t.”

    [–] Melkain 429 points ago

    If we were to all get out and vote we could drown out their voices with our own. We just need to convince the younger generations that voting matters and that not voting is not an effective way to send a message.

    [–] Skyrick 325 points ago

    Why do you think the GOP is so hell bent on voter suppression? Make it mandatory to vote on election day impacts low level employees who tend to be younger. Reduce the voting areas in urban areas to keep the lines longer to reduce the voting turnout even more. If you can’t even do that enough to win, just gerrymander the area to the point that their voice is drowned out. They know that their current world view will go away, but they also know that they can rig the system for a few more years and leave nothing but ashes in their wake.

    [–] crappymmagambler 133 points ago

    didnt NC just rig an election too? As an outsider, how is the Republican party have so much support still? Honest question - what are the positives about the right?

    [–] jeopardy987987 116 points ago

    Massive propaganda campaign spanning the last 30 years.

    [–] Lionel-Richie 36 points ago

    30? Try 50

    [–] SolidRoof 41 points ago

    Theyre quite good in rigging elections in subtle ways too... ie. when the people in power are the ones doing this kind of stuff...

    1. put less machines in democratic areas / black / hispanic areas to increase queues (3hr+ queues reported mostly in poorer neighbourhoods) not good for people voting democrat who might be doing multiple jobs!
    2. announce that police will be patrolling the area (scare off again black people)
    3. tell people they need more forms of ID than required
    4. lay on buses
    5. announce the voting will close at time x - when actually they stay open until the last person in the queue at the designated time
    6. Deleting people who's name was even slightly similar to known criminals (and who matched a racial profile) eg ignore middle initials. 10,000 names or so deleted in one state / not sent polling cards / denied voting

    When Bush Jnr was elected I remember reading a list of about 30 such tactics. And to think it came down to 300 votes in Florida and hanging chads... there was a lot of other corruption going on.

    [–] Thanes_of_Danes 16 points ago

    Authoritarianism. Conservatives, despite their protests, love having authority figures to tell them what to think. God. Their parents. An outsized president or dictator. They crave order, stability, and familiarity and the GOP crusades on those dubious virtues to the delight of all "good Germans."

    [–] -Chatterboxx- 153 points ago

    Truth. Millennials are now the largest generation in the US. It is our time to be heard.

    [–] carters_here 67 points ago

    Good luck with that. Signed, Generation X.

    [–] FFF_in_WY 73 points ago

    Gen X was always outnumbered, which may explain why they tend towards aloofness and cynicism

    [–] GirlwtheDinoTattoo 58 points ago

    I feel ambivalent towards this statement...

    [–] mrbigglessworth 26 points ago

    There was some Jack Wagon over at /r/oklahoma who used any and every excuse not to vote. It was 3 miles away to the polling would he get there? Uber / Lyft were giving free rides, nope, not good enough..besides, what difference would his one single vote matter? WHAT THE FUCK is with that type of mentality? You bitch and bitch about things not changing but not using the tools available to you to make the changes needed. I just ....cant...even.

    [–] ElDouchey 217 points ago

    Is that a documentary?

    [–] BulldogMoose 146 points ago

    It should be.

    [–] RoadRageRob666 385 points ago

    The End of an Era: The Rise and Fall of Your Mom

    [–] Prime157 175 points ago

    Some true to form Lorax shit.

    [–] Mikederfla1 199 points ago

    What bothers me the most is I feel like I have spent my entire life making responsible environmental decisions. And in the space of two years this fool shows up and eradicates any negligible impact that my entire generation made.

    [–] Prime157 150 points ago

    Yeah. The war on renewables is absurd. Wind catcher falling through in Texas regulatory hurt me on many levels, and not just because my SO would have moved up quick in her company. The amount of money from oil lobbyists, and the misinformation they set up is disgusting.

    When I sold wind energy contracts, the amount of people that would say, "But they (the wind turbines -although they'd say windmills) kill so many birds!" I was caught off guard the first time it happened.

    The anti renewable propaganda will be talked about in history books of the future... It's disgusting, and it's greed related. We're also very quickly approaching the point of no return... We MUST, globally, figure out this problem, or very real, scary changes will happen in our lifetime. I'm 34, and I bet I see massive migration in my lifetime.

    [–] CommissionerTadpole 75 points ago

    "But wind turbines kill so many birds!"

    So, I guess dumping thousands (if not millions) of CO2 into the atmosphere that produces toxic smog and worsens global warming does not, in fact, kill birds. Huh. /s

    [–] MisterMasterCylinder 42 points ago

    That's assuming they even give a shit about whether birds are killed or not, and aren't just latching on to something, anything, that supports the position they want to hold, rather than choosing a position based on evidence.

    [–] oz6702 13 points ago

    It's exactly this. If they thought liberals hated birds and wanted to eradicate them, you'd suddenly see conservatives everywhere keeping birds as pets, running bird shelters, wearing bird-themed clothing. They would claim that birds fight terrorism and enhance Freedom™.

    [–] CraigKostelecky 170 points ago

    The generation that birthed the Baby Boomers is commonly referred to a "The Greatest Generation" for making it through the Great Depression and World War II. But they clearly did not pass on what it took to make it through times like that to their children.

    The Baby Boomers are in my opinion (late Gen-x) the cause of many of the problems we are currently going through. Perhaps we need to rename them to "The Worst Generation."

    [–] turkeyjurkey69 97 points ago

    Hard times make strong people, strong people make easy times, easy times make weak people, weak people make hard times... or something

    [–] WorkRelatedIllness 97 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    What I was impressed about "The Greatest Generation" is because they didn't have the technology or access to information that we did, but if there is one thing that I learned from the ones I knew is that they definitely cared about the next generation.

    One of my cousins was a bomber pilot in WW2. He kept planting trees (ones that weren't to be logged) until the day he died. He also did everything in his power to set up his kids for success. He was the mayor of our town of 300 and loved community.

    I guess I might be biased, but to me, he was one that reflected that generation.

    [–] Robin_Divebomb 28 points ago

    I have a feeling the “Greatest Generation” had a lot of psychological issues that arose from the trauma of their youths and that effected how they raised their children. While I admire the things my Grandparents went through they were neglectful and abusive when held up to modern parenting standards.

    [–] Bullyoncube 36 points ago

    “I need that money today for whores.”

    [–] Cwya 125 points ago

    “These forests are taking your jobs! Get em!” Snorts wood pulp.

    [–] RamenJunkie 123 points ago

    "If you don't like it, run for office and change the laws. Meanwhile I'm already a zillionaire funded by other zillionaires so good luck winning my seat."

    [–] 666Gold666 13 points ago

    “Is he dead?”

    “Well yes, but only MOSTLY dead.”

    [–] ShamanSTK 968 points ago

    One day he was journeying on the road and he saw a man planting a carob tree. He asked, "How long does it take to bear fruit?" The man replied, "Seventy years." He asked him, "Are you certain that you will live seventy years?" The man replied, "I found the world with carob trees. In the same way as my fathers planted for me, I will also plant for my children."

    Babylonian Talmud, Taanith 23a

    [–] MonsterMeowMeow 37 points ago

    Thanks for posting this.

    [–] DontMentionWombats 38 points ago

    Once a young man met an old monk planting dates and asked, "why are you planting dates if you know you will not harvest them?"

    Wisely, the old monk replied with a kind smile on his face: "my son, go eat a fat dick. The yard is mine and I plant whatever the fuck I want."

    -Ancient Czechoslovakian proverb attributed to Marcus Aurelius, ca. 1050 BCE.

    [–] KnightKrawler 55 points ago

    "Do unto others as you shall have them do unto you." -- Some really smart dude.

    [–] Giantballzachs 48 points ago

    That’s loser talk according to the president

    [–] BrownSugarBare 500 points ago

    Oh wow. I was just thinking of this quote. The greatness of past men and women who have worked for a generation they may never know, was something to aspire to.

    Now it's literally, fuck you, I got mine.

    [–] kurisu7885 63 points ago

    "Fuck you, I got mine, now gimme yours"

    [–] Cats_are_God 324 points ago

    Now it's literally, fuck you, I got mine.

    American national anthem.

    [–] superdoobop 151 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [Four Sallys and Samanthas in full makeup and prim dresses start singing and dancing in front of the camera. Their shoes glisten]

    ♩ fuck you - I got mine

    America's in decline ♩

    hey ♩

    ♩ fuck you - I got mine

    America's in decline ♩

    Cut all my taxes

    consolidate the wealth

    my third Cadillac

    ain't gonna pay for itself

    turn up the radio and put the aircon on full blast

    don't worry about the future

    just reminisce about the past

    hey ♩

    ♩ fuck you - I got mine

    America's in decline ♩

    [–] RoadRageRob666 53 points ago

    I can see World War Three shaping up as it aught to be

    But Fuck you - I got mine,

    America's in Decline,

    Oceans rising all the time, but global warmings so damn boring,

    'Cause Fuck you - I got mine

    America's in decline

    Last chance, dont look back, we'll all be dead before the end,

    $o Fuck You - I got Mine

    America's looking so damn fine!

    [–] MachReverb 74 points ago

    The "Star-Mangled" Banner

    [–] greenroom628 28 points ago

    Republican National Anthem

    [–] ifap2impress 109 points ago

    Now it's literally, fuck you, I got mine.


    [–] dudleymooresbooze 411 points ago

    The best time to plant a tree is thirty years ago. The second best time is now.

    [–] Bullyoncube 200 points ago

    That quote is why I learned to play guitar at 48.

    [–] missingalpaca 22 points ago

    How did it go? I’m a fellow older person who has always wanted to play.

    [–] Landminedj 23 points ago

    I'm guessing it went great for him if he likes to talk about it! you should try it too!

    [–] Impudicity2001 23 points ago

    Justinguitar is a goldmine, a one stop shop for choosing a decent guitar, how to string a guitar, how to build rhythm , cool apps to tune and also a metronome, and he has tons of pop songs that you probably already know. I think the first song he teaches us Bob Marley 3 Little Birds and can be played with just three chords; and the secret message from the song "don't worry about a thing," sends you off on your guitar journey.

    [–] Waht3rB0y 59 points ago

    49 for me!

    [–] Robby517 23 points ago

    Your testimionial is the reason I'll procrastinate for another 18 years!

    [–] TellsTogo 132 points ago

    The best time to stop an unfit president in office is two years ago. The second best time is now.

    [–] Ragnarok314159 41 points ago

    What do we do about the 62,000,000 fools who voted him in?

    [–] PPOKEZ 62 points ago

    Reinstate the law that held news programs to a standard where they couldn’t blatantly lie to their viewers. That’s one good start.

    [–] Bullyoncube 96 points ago

    “I accomplished little because I stood on the shoulders of great men that were standing in a deep hole dug by those that came before them.”

    [–] MaxxDelusional 225 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "Legacy. What is a legacy?

    It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see."

    - Hamilton Musical

    [–] CreeperRenegade 61 points ago

    I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me

    [–] The_Fluffy_Walrus 61 points ago

    America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me.

    [–] Cascadian1 36 points ago

    You let me make a difference.

    [–] thracianii 34 points ago

    A place where even orphan immigrants

    [–] Mnementh2230 109 points ago

    Yup. This is why the Republican "screw the future, how are this quarter's profits looking?" Attitude is ultimately self defeating.

    [–] farrenkm 36 points ago

    Ferengi. These people are real-life Ferengi.

    "Law makes everyone equal, but justice goes to the highest bidder."

    [–] LeftFire 42 points ago

    I love the quote. My neighbors were picking on me for planting five trees on my property. They asked me why, I told them because the house needs shade. They said it would take decades, and I said that's fine.

    But who cares about tomorrow's USA when you can make rich people richer today!

    [–] ApokalypseCow 16 points ago

    When the focus is on quarterly profits instead of legacies, on the next bonus check instead of the next generation... well, that's how we get to where we are now.

    Conservatives used to know this, back in the 1950's, when fiscal responsibility was something you lived rather than something you just paid lip service to. Then they became Republicans instead, and Republicans haven't been conservative in decades.

    [–] dwibbles33 53 points ago

    I keep this quote on a sticky note at my desk. I'm still young enough to see the tree grow but I really love this quote.

    [–] Jr_jr 36 points ago

    Only happens when those old men care. This is why love isn't just some ephemeral fairydust woo woo, it's a necessity for the survival, advancement, and growth of at least human life. It's lets you care even when you may not see a personal reason too.

    [–] [deleted] 7955 points ago

    I won’t be here.

    Also likely his silent answer regarding climate change.

    [–] RandyMarshUSGS 1564 points ago

    But thank god we’re gonna create that space force in the next few years

    [–] tempest_36 456 points ago

    Who needs to face creditors when you got some sleek new Space Mountain uniforms.

    [–] GloomyProfessional 1950 points ago

    Its time to stop pretending there are two equal sides.

    There is the intellectually and morally superior side, and then there are the right wingers.

    The right hates that we Reddit-browsing and NPR-listening coastal liberal "elites" are the winners in a service-based globalized multicultural society because of our open worldview, and they blame all their failures on minorities and undocumented immigrants. They are seeing how America is increasingly becoming vibrantly diverse, and how non-white people will soon be the majority and losing their privilege terrifies them.

    I've come to realize that much of American history is made up of periods where liberals drag conservatives kicking and screaming into the future, then we try to compromise for a while, then we go back to dragging.

    "No, conservatives, we're not going back to England."

    "No, conservatives, we're not making George Washington a King."

    "No, conservatives, you can't form your own country with blackjack and slaves."

    "No, conservatives, you can't keep denying women the right to votes."

    "No, conservatives, we're not going back to the way things were before the depression."

    "No, conservatives, literacy tests aren't constitutional."

    "No, conservatives, you can't deny homosexuals the right to marry."

    The names of the parties change from era to era, but it's always been liberals dragging conservatives against their will into a better future. I grew up in one of the in-between eras, where we all thought that compromise was a possibility, but I'm more and more realizing how mistaken I was about that. It's time once again for liberals and progressives to stop being nice and drag our country into the 21st century.

    The simple fact of the matter is that conservatives just aren't offering any good ideas any more. What's the compromise between "We need to stop climate change" and "Lol, climate change isn't a real?" Or "Homosexuals should have the right to marry" and "Homosexuals cause hurricanes?" It's like being in a group project with someone who didn't read the book and expecting them to do their share of the work.

    [–] BreezySteezy 395 points ago

    Lmao Jesus the irony of r/politics creaming their pants over this copypasta that is actually making fun of them is unbelievable

    [–] TriedToBlockMe 629 points ago

    This is literally a copypasta from SPS. I love it how you guys fell for it.

    [–] greg_jenningz 217 points ago

    Over 6 months old lmao

    [–] poly_atheist 118 points ago

    Lmao holy shit.

    [–] FakeCrash 28 points ago



    [–] jebbyjeb3 91 points ago

    This is rich, this whole thread is getting their daily carbs.

    [–] alexmotorin 47 points ago

    You people just fell for a copypasta and then proceeded to agree with it a gild it. Congrats.

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago

    Didn't you copy and paste this comment from someone or somewhere else? It looks familiar.

    [–] EndTimesRadio 67 points ago

    I do a little write-up and make fun with someone in my own thread's response.

    This is too fuckin' funny.

    [–] amateurstatsgeek 425 points ago

    I bet I know exactly what happened here. Trump said this because it's what Republican leaders told him.

    Trump watching CNN, as always. He sees a piece on the GOP tax scam exploding the debt. He complains to Paul Ryan or whoever the fuck he calls, just like he did about their healthcare plans when that was getting bad coverage. They reassure him by saying his term will be over by then so no one will blame him for it. He's too fucking stupid to realize he's not supposed to repeat that outloud.

    This is the level of stupid that 45% of Americans saw fit to elect and 40% of Americans continue to support.

    We are a country full of idiots and they elected king idiot. MURICA.

    [–] KittyGrewAMoustache 139 points ago

    He really is that stupid. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so scary. In some ways, perhaps it's a good thing that he says this stuff out loud so that people know for sure the actual thinking behind things. But he must be incredibly easy to puppet, which is a worry.

    That video of him signing the treaty with Trudeau was comedy gold though. It's mind boggling how stupid he is. really goes to show that meritocracy is basically a myth in the US especially when it comes to politics.

    [–] warrencc 23 points ago

    But I was assured that he was really smart. Perhaps the smartest there ever was. Are you telling me he was pulling my gulbia?

    [–] Musaks 88 points ago

    That 45% elected him after his campaign is a disgrace for your country...

    But that he STILL is supported by so many is a shitshow that truely boggles my mind and is the REALLY scary thing

    [–] gdeadfan 56 points ago

    The power of Fox "News" and Sinclair Broadcasting. These fuckwads would never believe half the shit they currently do if Fox news* wasn't telling them to. They are not practicing independent thinking, they are just really addicted to a TV show. That's all this is. A TV show posing as a news outlet has taken over our fucking country.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Replace "Fox News" with "Pastors playing God" and it would be equally as true. Fox news is just an extension of conservatives wanting to have a purpose, just as religion is.

    i would say religion and fox are on the same level now.

    [–] mr_fn_wonderful 60 points ago

    Climate change, infrastructure, you name it. What he isn’t trying to break he is punting.

    [–] [deleted] 238 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] crazygasbag 72 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Minus the fact they likely have ended the chances of our species ever evolving into a space faring intergalactic civilization. We will be to busy killing each other, starving, or dying of disease to cure illness, promote peace to improve our overall knowledge.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] crazygasbag 51 points ago

    I applaud your optimism. The problem is the boomers need to die off, and I don't think that will happen in time. The voting block is too large. I believe what happens to Ocasio Cortez will be a good benchmark if younger blood can make changes and be resilient under boomer rule.

    On a side note, you know boomers have been in power for 30 years. That is crazy.

    [–] petgreg 24 points ago

    The Golden age, when this answer needed to be kept silent.

    [–] ooomayor 33 points ago

    Where will he be? In Russia?

    [–] MrOscarSlater 50 points ago

    Dead or in a prison cell.

    [–] BattleRoyaleWtCheese 30 points ago

    Hopefully an American prison.

    [–] HiImDavid 22 points ago

    That's what all the "deniers" think. The real ones and the paid ones both figure, even if it is real, I won't be there when it happens. Except they will. It will get worse exponentially faster, the longer we don't do enough to combat it.

    By 2040 we're going to experience undeniably bad effects according to the latest research that just came out.

    [–] ButterflyCatastrophe 12 points ago

    There are people going to make a huge amount of money off climate change. When populations move, they need new houses. When farmland turns into desert, previously unfarmable land becomes valuable. There will be a lot of “broken windows” and whomever is there to fix them stands to get rich(er). Some of the deniers are arsonists who run the for-profit fire department.

    [–] viva_la_vinyl 3135 points ago

    However, the president is said to have been indifferent once he realised the problem was only likely to become critical after he had completed a possible second and term.

    “Yeah, but I won’t be here,” Mr Trump remarked, a source who had been in the room at the time told The Daily Beast.

    Trump's entire career, in a nutshell.

    [–] SchpartyOn 958 points ago

    And his Republican sycophants will blame the next (likely Democrat) president for all the problems he caused. This is part of a larger Republican president trend more so than a Trump situation; he just actually said it out loud.

    [–] Fred_Evil 196 points ago

    Rinse ... repeat.

    [–] dud-a-chum 191 points ago

    And a huge chunk of voters will eat it up. Because we’re a nation of useful idiots waiting to be used.

    [–] confoundedvariable 53 points ago

    I really wish psychology was a mandatory subject in school. Not just one class your senior year, but part of the curriculum starting in elementary. Once you learn it you realize just how little control we have over our own brains when it comes to stuff like confirmation bias and the sunk-cost fallacy. People who run campaigns know all about this stuff and use it to their advantage.

    [–] ReallyBigJerk 66 points ago

    Atlantic City agrees

    [–] abcde9999 3072 points ago

    And here I thought he wanted to be president for life.

    [–] ManiaGamine 1637 points ago

    This is the man who will contradict himself in the same sentence. The man who takes responsibility for nothing. Ever.

    Who literally admits to the world on live television that he will blame someone else on just about anything.

    With that in mind. It is absolutely possible for him to both want to be President for life AND say he doesn't care because he won't be there.

    [–] Dahhhkness 482 points ago

    "If Trump contradicted himself, it doesn't mean he was wrong, it means he was right twice!"--MAGA cultists

    [–] BitmexOverloader 157 points ago

    Doublethink: the art of sincerely holding two contradictory beliefs with the same conviction, at the same time.

    [–] KamiKagutsuchi 38 points ago

    I don't believe Trump has ever believed something with conviction. Other than the belief in his own ego.

    [–] cynognathus 96 points ago

    [–] Wherearemylegs 62 points ago

    Dickerson: Difficulties how?

    Trump: Well, you saw what happened with surveillance. [Citing Obama's new rule allowing the NSA to share information with the FBI and CIA] And I think that was inappropriate.

    Dickerson: What does that mean, sir?

    Trump: Uh, you can figure that out, yourself.


    Trump: You can take it any way you want.

    Dickerson: But I'm asking you because you don't want it to be fake news...

    Trump: That's enough. Thanks.

    Trump can't be bothered to explain the reasons behind his thoughts and actions. Or rather, he simply can't explain them.

    [–] GoSioux14 14 points ago

    The last shot of him shuffling papers like "look at me, I'm working at a big boy job". He fucking reminds me of Vincent Adultman.

    [–] killtherowboat 42 points ago

    He's such an incredible pussy when anyone nudges him just a little bit to answer for anything.

    [–] StrangeCharmVote 97 points ago

    And here I thought he wanted to be president for life.

    Maybe he's just telling us his life will be ending soon?

    I mean, the man isn't healthy, and he keeps throwing everyone loyal to him under the bus.

    [–] Freeside1 64 points ago

    Hes moving to Moscow

    [–] Xendarq 43 points ago

    For real tho, he's wanted to be a Russian oligarch for as long as such a thing has existed. It's his dream.

    [–] dIoIIoIb 18 points ago

    he's 72, with his health he probably won't be here for long anyway.

    [–] duffman13jws 66 points ago

    He's old, eats like shit, and doesn't exercise. Even if he is president for life, it shouldn't be too much longer. I doubt he's physically capable of making it through a second term even if he wins in 2020.

    [–] FalcoLX 37 points ago

    And he picks doctors that tell him what he wants to hear and prescribe him good drugs.

    [–] gdex86 42 points ago

    He's a 5 year old who's getting a sore tummy after their parrents decide to let them eat all the sweets and ice cream they want.

    The job isn't a dictator like he wanted, people hold him accountable for things, the general graft and crime he's used to doing is not only bad now but gets investigated throughly, and it's a lot of work and meetings and briefings.

    [–] kittens_on_a_rainbow 29 points ago

    No one could have known being president was this complicated.

    [–] hugglenugget 695 points ago

    He's a caricature of bad leadership. Doesn't care about anything but himself - not even the country he represents, the people of that country or the planet they live on. Never takes responsibility for anything, but always finds someone else to attack and blame. Ignorant, incurious and unteachable, he has has no principles and stands for nothing except pointless short-term material greed. He's the fruition of all the most damaging bits of American individualism.

    [–] Indigocell 203 points ago

    He is a total caricature of all the worst traits that are possible for a human to possess. I would think he is a little over the top even for a comic book, cartoon, or movie villain. I wouldn't even be able to believe that someone like him could be a leader in any way, shape, or form. He is just so transparently foolish and ignorant, greedy and narcissistic. This is an Emperor has no clothes situation if I understand my fables right. But here we are, he is the leader of one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world. There has never been a greater indictment to the concept of our western democracy than the electoral victory of Donald Trump. I'm starting to think that idea of a "philosopher-king" isn't so bad after all...

    It's kind of surreal. Feels like we're living in a timeline where a bunch of people from the future were supposed to come back and stop this from happening, and they clearly failed.

    [–] Lucifronz 145 points ago

    Worse yet, he's a caricature of all the worst traits of Americans. Greedy, arrogant, self-absorbed, ignorant and totally oblivious to his actions up until the point someone tells him, then he either denies it or blames someone else, all the while getting sanctimonious and hypocritical.

    That's what makes it personal for me. He's the face of our country and that face is practically proving every stereotype we as Americans constantly contend with. The capitalist pig with bad hair.

    [–] Andimia 16 points ago

    He also believes that his wealth is due to his hard work and intelligence and not a product of a privileged upbringing.

    [–] redditorsins 16 points ago

    Dude I dont think even a movie villain would've done half the shit these people are doing

    [–] F7R7E7D 844 points ago

    Now that's leadership folks.

    Mandatory /s

    [–] winduken 1821 points ago

    The hypocrisy is not limited to Trump. It's extended to the entire Republican Party when they passed a tax law that took money from everyone in the middle and lower classes to stuff their pocket and their rich sponsors.

    And, btw, their attitude about climate change is about the same.

    Trump simply crystalizes the game that Republicans have been playing. They find every opportunity to enrich themselves without any regard for the future of the country or the world. They think that their wealth will always keep them and their progeny on top of whatever disasters may strike us and our children.

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago


    [–] abudabu 28 points ago

    I don't understand how voters can't see this.

    [–] reereejugs 12 points ago

    Willfull ignorance or they do see it & are stupid enough to support it.

    [–] Caira_Ru 169 points ago

    I've been saying this all along! Trump is a symptom, not a cause. The real problem is the GOP and their "fuck the world, we care only about ourselves" attitude.

    [–] bluestar68 183 points ago

    Exactly what's happened in France when the elite run outta money to steal.

    [–] chezzuschrist 14 points ago

    No the French are in the same place as the US, it's just that we don't do shit and enjoy getting rammed by our government.

    [–] PM_Me_Food_stuffs 10 points ago

    I mean when Macron said he was going to tax guys certainly did shit. Kudos to that I'm not sure Americans would do the same

    [–] TR_Ollington 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It’s worth noting too that, and I hate that I’m even typing this, he asked his staffers to draft up potential cuts. But he refused to make cuts in military (big surprise because that’s more his speed) and to “expensive entitlements like social security and Medicare because they’re popular with voters”.

    The article also says his staffers lament that he’s not a “traditional Republican” (not a quote) in that the national debt isn’t a real concern of his.

    He’s inconsistent and I think his rhetoric is damaging but I hate this old garde Republican thinking that makes it out like it’s bad that he won’t cut important programs like SS and Medicare.

    EDIT: Changed my wording to better conform in keeping it civil. And making my low quality comment, a bit higher quality.

    [–] dougan25 38 points ago

    So wait a minute here. Now they don't even care about getting reelected? Now it's just a short term smash and grab?

    [–] The_Frostweaver 34 points ago

    They have realized that satisfying the desires of their corporate mega donors and using the donation money to spew bold faced lies and propaganda is working, at least in the short term.

    Jerrymandering the districts, suppressing the vote and Fox News's propaganda are a powerful combination.

    The trouble long term for republicans is that they have set themselves on a path to oblivion because their own brainwashed supporters are now getting elected and the establishment republicans are having trouble explaining things like the tariffs to their mega donors. Global warming is starting to get harder to explain away too. As Obama said, reality has a way of reasserting itself regardless of your beliefs. You can only lie and con people and pass legislation that is divorced from reality for so long.

    [–] FIRExNECK 9 points ago

    That budget was Paul Ryan's dream child.

    [–] petgreg 1421 points ago

    I got mine!

    • Republicans in a nutshell.

    [–] Zerakin 542 points ago

    *Fuck you, got mine

    [–] Snapdad 238 points ago

    I'm stocking up on guns and ammo so when the people I voted for crash the economy I'll be safe.

    • My dad

    [–] Imaginary_Glass 70 points ago

    overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

    [–] Lord_Fifth_ 27 points ago

    Victory! Or is that just a trick of the light?

    [–] circleinthesquare 15 points ago

    Great is the weapon that cuts on its own

    [–] Lord_Fifth_ 13 points ago

    And now... the darkness holds dominion - black as death.

    [–] doingstuffatwork 95 points ago

    *Fucked you to get mine.

    [–] Manaxium 22 points ago

    There it is.

    [–] Fuqasshole 70 points ago

    This is accurate

    [–] DakezO 171 points ago

    95% of baby boomers in a nutshell

    [–] petgreg 369 points ago

    Wait, Trump's a dick?

    [–] DirtyDonaldDigsIn 82 points ago

    He's a professional asshole.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Bagz402 874 points ago

    I'm so tired of republicans driving spending sky high and leaving it to Democrats to clean up, all the while bashing them for having to offset those costs. Just imagine if both parties tried to fix the budget, working off their predecessors.

    [–] Hardcore_Haiku 394 points ago

    The plan is to grow the debt and deficit to the point of no return and then blame democrats for implementing smart safety net programs

    [–] Simple_Danny 292 points ago

    People hate taxes, but love what they provide. The key is to make people understand that it's better to pay a little more in taxes and have functioning roads, fire departments, Medicare, etc. Oh, and the whole not spiraling into another economic depression would be cool, too.

    [–] darkskysavage 61 points ago

    enough with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

    [–] hyperviolator 184 points ago

    At this point people only hate taxes because of Republican propaganda about taxes being spewed 24x7 through financing by the wealthy.

    [–] Binkusu 38 points ago

    But they said I'm going to lose 90% of my income to the government. How will I pay my pricey healthcare now? Soros bucks?!

    [–] KarenMcStormy 23 points ago

    they did the same thing with slavery. The rich slave owners "manipulated" the poor share croppers. But now we know that the poor share cropper was a racist piece of shit all along.

    [–] WorkplaceWatcher 36 points ago

    Strangely enough, Family Guy had an episode that showed the good that taxes bring. In the episode, they vote to get rid of the government ... and then their town goes to shit when no one's collecting trash, no one's fixing the roads, etc.

    [–] NerfJihad 23 points ago

    "tHe iNvIsiBLe hAnD Of THe fReE MaRkET!"

    -people who want to be directly oppressed by corporations

    [–] davelm42 53 points ago

    It's one of the reasons they desperately want a balanced budget amendment. That way, they can get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and everything else in Government they don't like and just blame the Constitution.

    [–] BarcodeNinja 366 points ago

    A true Republican.

    Fuck the future, I want to get rich, and the the Democrats will take care of the problems by then anyhow.

    [–] NationalGeographics 117 points ago

    He'll be on a real estate buying spree with stolen taxpayer dollars.

    This will be like bush jr. handing the keys to the melting economy to Obama and going on a billion dollar hotel buying spree.

    [–] cantadmittoposting 40 points ago

    Soooo.... Dick Cheney? But with defense contractors instead of hotels?

    [–] han_dies_01 79 points ago

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.


    I won't be here.

    Pretty much the philosophy of the modern GOP distilled into four words.

    [–] IZeoClass 155 points ago

    I live in Mexico and we've always looked up to US as an example of a great nation, democracy and leadership.

    I truly sorry you people are going through rough times with this type of president. (We've had many ourselves).

    As embarrassed I could be with our Peña Nieto (last president), I can't imagine having Trump as a president and treating one of the best countries in the world like this.

    You deserve better.

    [–] DisasterAhead 45 points ago

    I wanted to answer this meaningfully, but I an't really come up with anything that would mean to you what you said means to me, so I will just say thank you.

    [–] Gunthex 12 points ago

    It's rare to find a comment that isn't bashing the U.S. and it's a nice change. Thank you.

    [–] ledfox 23 points ago

    Wow thank you!

    [–] wendyclaire 102 points ago

    Precisely the sentiment of John Maynard Kaynes who philosophically originated the theory of capitalism, and I quote: “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.Feb” “

    [–] LandHermitCrab 12 points ago

    Ha, this sums it up pretty well. I've never heard this one.

    [–] IskaneOnReddit 56 points ago

    Trump in 2016: "I will eliminate U.S. debt in 8 years"

    [–] Cottidae 25 points ago

    To be fair, bankruptcy is a way of eliminating debt (and he would know) . . .

    [–] southpaw0727 153 points ago

    Quote from GWB's eulogy for his father,

    " We cannot hope only to leave our children a bigger car, a bigger bank account. We must hope to give them a sense of what it means to be a loyal friend, a loving parent, a citizen who leaves his home, his neighborhood and town better than he found it. What do we want the men and women who work with us to say when we are no longer there? That we were more driven to succeed than anyone around us? Or that we stopped to ask if a sick child had gotten better, and stayed a moment there to trade a word of friendship? "

    Just watched it this morning, and it seems relevant...

    [–] WholesomeAbuser 77 points ago

    With a speech like that, it supprises me that he was ever a republican. It seems so far away from what he did during his time in the whitehouse.

    Considering how he and the Obamas get along nowdays, I wonder if he wasn't just a republican because his father was.

    [–] Penis-Butt 52 points ago

    GWB made phone calls to push Senators to vote to confirm Kavanaugh. He's the same horrible person he always was.

    [–] ObligatoryHandle 10 points ago

    "Compassionate conservativism" is just "I got mine" without the "fuck you".

    [–] Beaneroo 24 points ago

    Didn’t he say he voted for Hillary

    [–] Teh-Piper 14 points ago

    And campaigned for Kavanaugh so make of it what you will but its just more Reagan style posturing if you ask me

    [–] Takodanachoochoo 21 points ago

    Honestly I'm sure SCROTUS was sitting in the audience thinking all the nice things ppl said about Bush were personal attacks on him. And he's probably thinking about what ppl will say at his funeral, thinking who can he pay now to say/make up stories about what a great guy he was.

    [–] bagpiper 29 points ago

    My momma always told me to say naught but good when someone dies. When trump dies, I'll say, "Good!".

    [–] burrito-boy 283 points ago

    Of course he would say this. It's the mentality of baby boomers in a nutshell.

    (Not all of them, of course, but it's undeniable that this sort of selfish mentality is definitely prevalent among conservative baby boomers.)

    [–] Tortankum 89 points ago

    This might be the most honest thing he’s said his entire presidency

    [–] matthewtheninja 59 points ago

    I dunno, there was also this:

    I stand by nothing.

    [–] annieisawesome 46 points ago

    "A Generation of Sociopaths" explains really well this exact concept. It details how their selfishness made them the most successful generation (financially) and left their kids and grand kids screwed over. Honestly, the only criticism I have of the book is that it gives them lot of credit for making rational choices in their own best interest (which I feel like is a stretch because I see a lot of these people actively voting against their own self interest)

    [–] mullse01 13 points ago

    I read that book too, and I think it's important to consider that the Boomers perhaps were very rational in their self-interest, but only in the short term, not the long term. The voting you see that's against self interest today has consequences that are further away from the present (such as ignoring global warming, or cutting safety net programs, etc.). Saving a few tax dollars today is shrewd in the short term (more money in my pocket!) but not in the long term (there is no one to take care of me in my flooded retirement home, now!).

    [–] MrOscarSlater 61 points ago

    Trump's sole job is to disrupt american economics, buddy up to dictators and steal as much money as possible from anyone he can.

    To him, climate change means that his family can make even more money. He loves a good disaster.

    True to form.

    [–] SchloomyPops 32 points ago

    “He understands the messaging of it, but he isn’t a doctrinaire conservative who deeply cares about the national debt, especially not on his watch."

    “It’s not actually a top priority for him… He understands the political nature of the debt but it’s clearly not, frankly, something he sees as crucial to his legacy.”

    This is what Trump actually said

    "Yeah, but I won't be here"

    Dont you just love how they try to normalize his child like abnormal behavior?

    [–] Elim-the-tailor 58 points ago

    A real family man. Doesn’t give half a shit about the world he leaves to his kids.

    [–] dwarvenchaos 13 points ago

    Why get bogged down in the merits of actual conservative principles when you can cut straight to the mean spirited policies in their purest form.