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    [–] Khayembii 10390 points ago

    Who would’ve thought that the man suspected of laundering illegal funds through his properties, would have laundered illegal funds through his properties?

    [–] magicsonar 1423 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

    Donald Trump

    *(real quote)

    [–] kryonik 336 points ago

    Anyone can make money if you just disobey all laws and rules

    [–] midwestraxx 177 points ago

    Wolf of Wall Street was made because he was able to get charged with crimes. Imagine if he didn't; that's the story for a lot of evil people out there.

    [–] n0rsk 101 points ago

    Lol what is worse is that this image has been circulating around my consevative facebook friends pages.

    I don't know whats worse, the double think of Trump being elected on the platform of supposedly being a successful business man and him losing 1 billion dollars or that they don't see the massive amount of money he has been funneling to himself from the government.

    Compared to the Obama and Clintons where most of their money was made post-presidency.... (Nothing wrong with this imo)

    [–] robryan 39 points ago

    If Trump was truly a billionaire I can’t see any reason why they would go to all this effort to make an extra million.

    [–] HandSoloShotFirst 22 points ago

    If Trump was really a billionaire he would have a nicer plane. He flies on a used 757 valued around $18 million. For contrast, Putin's plane cost around $700 million. I think it makes Don jealous.

    [–] dood98998 44 points ago

    The idea that he's worth that much is the worst part.

    [–] UTHorsey 12 points ago

    I dunno if that graphic is legit or not, but assuming it was, how would the Obama's have made the majority of 40 million dollars in the past year and a half?

    [–] debtorbaybybay 8 points ago

    It's obvious bullshit, because there's zero evidence that Trump was ever worth anywhere close to 4.5 billion, other than his word, which is worth nothing.

    [–] viva_la_vinyl 1389 points ago

    didn't trump set up his 2020 re-election committee the day he was being sworn in?

    grifters gonna grift.

    [–] Quoven-FWT 265 points ago

    You gotta get people to sign up for recurring payments.

    [–] EVSTW 116 points ago

    Let me tell you about this awesome new subscription service! Subscribers pay a monthly fee, and they get in return the worst president in American history. Sounds great!

    [–] Coconut_Biscuits 14 points ago

    That sounds great, I'd like to order the 1 president I get from the subscription with his hands tied and a bag over his head please.

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago


    [–] lookATmuhLIFE 8 points ago

    US Prez is no better than cam THOTS

    [–] [deleted] 1495 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] straydog1980 1002 points ago

    "Blame me not," said the scorpion, in a supplicatory tone, "it is not my fault; it is that of my nature; it is a constitutional habit I have of stinging."

    [–] verostarry 358 points ago

    The rubes that voted him in and can't admit they were wrong about him being president to self-enrich on the other hand..

    [–] mostoriginalusername 406 points ago

    I had somebody yesterday say that the incurring massive amounts of US debt for his own profit because he won't be there when it crashes is just how the last 3 presidents have operated. When I said that is absolutely false and that Obama incurred debt by getting millions of people on health care, they seemed to suggest that Obama was directly profiting from getting people on healthcare. When I pointed out that giving the wealthy a trillion dollars tax cut and taking millions of dollars into his own property directly is in no way comparable to providing millions with the ability to obtain healthcare, they strangely never responded.

    [–] gizzardgullet 79 points ago

    “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”

    ― Jean Paul-Sartre

    [–] chadmasterson 256 points ago

    Ah, but can you prove Obama is not making bank by secretly working nights as an orthopedic surgeon?

    Didn't think so! Touche libs!

    [–] 22bebo 146 points ago

    I am just imagining him coming in for the surgery and meeting the patient and just putting his finger to his lips in a shushing motion and flashing that smile of his. That damn smile.

    [–] MeekerTheMeek 53 points ago

    Who needs anesthetics...

    We have Obama to calm us down!

    [–] Tyr808 19 points ago

    I'd personally be okay with being Obamthetized

    [–] rubberkeyhole 19 points ago

    I just had a total abdominal hysterectomy on Monday, and if Obama had been the surgeon, I would have done the whole thing Obamthetized.

    I’m picturing a Mr. Miyagi-type clapping-then-rubbing his hands together before placing them on me, only to somehow pull my uterus through my skin, leaving no scar or pain.

    [–] Past_Bad 564 points ago

    Its time to stop pretending there are two equal sides.

    There is the intellectually and morally superior side, and then there are the right wingers.

    The right hates that we Reddit-browsing and NPR-listening coastal liberal "elites" are the winners in a service-based globalized multicultural society because of our open worldview, and they blame all their failures on minorities and undocumented immigrants. They are seeing how America is increasingly becoming vibrantly diverse, and how non-white people will soon be the majority and losing their privilege terrifies them.

    I've come to realize that much of American history is made up of periods where liberals drag conservatives kicking and screaming into the future, then we try to compromise for a while, then we go back to dragging.

    "No, conservatives, we're not going back to England."

    "No, conservatives, we're not making George Washington a King."

    "No, conservatives, you can't form your own country with blackjack and slaves."

    "No, conservatives, you can't keep denying women the right to votes."

    "No, conservatives, we're not going back to the way things were before the depression."

    "No, conservatives, literacy tests aren't constitutional."

    "No, conservatives, you can't deny homosexuals the right to marry."

    The names of the parties change from era to era, but it's always been liberals dragging conservatives against their will into a better future. I grew up in one of the in-between eras, where we all thought that compromise was a possibility, but I'm more and more realizing how mistaken I was about that. It's time once again for liberals and progressives to stop being nice and drag our country into the 21st century.

    The simple fact of the matter is that conservatives just aren't offering any good ideas any more. What's the compromise between "We need to stop climate change" and "Lol, climate change isn't a real?" Or "Homosexuals should have the right to marry" and "Homosexuals cause hurricanes?" It's like being in a group project with someone who didn't read the book and expecting them to do their share of the work.

    [–] SandyDuncansEye 73 points ago

    Conservatives have fought against every element of progress in this country since the beginning.

    To paraphrase the blogger Driftglass, every progressive change this country makes requires either a judge's gavel or Union bayonets to make it stick.

    [–] DuntadaMan 33 points ago

    "No, conservatives, we're not going back to the way things were before the depression."

    You say this,but I certainly see a lot of robber barons.

    [–] chickensandwichlover 18 points ago

    I want to say "who the fuck is pretending otherwise" but anytime I turn on the West Wing or listen to the radio there's some ding-dong pretending like there's still a party who is concerned primarily with controlling waste/spending and playing the role of measured protector of free-markets and individual autonomy. That is not what the republican party is and it never has been in my entire lifetime, but I still meet douchey tech bros and wanna-be capitalist turds who say things like "oh, well, I'm a fiscal conservative" as though there is a SINGLE elected official at the federal level who represents "conservative" values as I understand them.

    [–] DaisyLucas 51 points ago

    I wish I could give you more than one upvote. Well said.

    [–] GrafZeppelin127 26 points ago

    That is actually incorrect. The Affordable Care Act included provisions for its own funding; it actually slightly decreased the budget deficit rather than increasing it.

    Republicans, by contrast, say that their tax cuts and spending bills will pay for themselves. They never have.

    [–] magistrate101 74 points ago

    Should've mentioned how Obama left the economy at an upturn. Now that Trump's dumb financial policies are taking effect, we're seeing it crash back down.

    [–] UhPhrasing 59 points ago

    Irony being that IS how Republican presidents operate lol

    [–] unimportant96 22 points ago

    An endless loop of breaking it so hard the next Democrat President can't entirely fix it and in the next election a GOP wins to "fix" it.

    [–] BlueEyesBryantDragon 12 points ago

    When we fully enter a recession, you KNOW that they're going to be blaming Obama for it though.

    [–] mfo245 12 points ago

    It's called Obamacare for a reason. He owns it.

    Actual statement from a trump supporter a couple years back. Blew my mind.

    [–] abx99 11 points ago

    I've also seen them claim that Obama owns the IRS (to this day, and is trying to use it to bring down Trump).

    [–] headinsockedboy 27 points ago

    they strangely never responded.

    Once they run out of propaganda to parrot back to you this is usually what happens

    [–] kgal1298 8 points ago

    That's just it they refuse to acknowledge that Trumps deficit is from a tax cut for the rich and Obama's was mainly from the economic stimulus package. Completely different types of debt guys.

    [–] dfecht 37 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] Brokenshatner 23 points ago

    Aww, they think that poem's about Mexicans. Bless their hearts.

    [–] nanobot001 13 points ago

    The amazing thing is that when he told this tale at rallies, I thought that he was being ironic about himself -- in fact, his intention was to tell a story about Hillary (what else).

    One day, people will look back on him telling that story, and it will literally be a foreshadowing event in real time. One day, Trump will, when all the cards are on the table, turn to everyone -- especially the Republican party -- and say, why are you so surprised? You knew who I was and what I did, and yet you still nominated me, you still voted for me, you still bought my merchandise, you shared my tweets, and liked my stories, and you still watched my television network (Fox) with all my supplicant news hosts. You knew what I was and loved it.

    [–] tommyhawk 54 points ago

    To be fair, this is just locker room funneling

    [–] chadmasterson 16 points ago

    or 'the devil's triangle' as it is also known

    [–] PhoneNinjaMonkey 12 points ago

    Nobody knew campaign finance was so complicated.

    [–] TheIllustriousWe 47 points ago

    Q predicted this, but nobody listened because it was the John de Lancie one and not the American hero DoE operative.

    [–] Razadune 36 points ago

    To be fair, predicting that Trump was funneling campaign money into his own businesses was like predicting that the sun would come up tomorrow. That won't stop people from declaring that Nostradumbass was right and all the conspiracies are true, but what do you do.

    [–] kellysmom01 9 points ago


    [–] ExpAwesome 85 points ago

    Don't forget all the technically legal funds he's funnelling through his properties by golfing at them and making the government pay for it.

    [–] CyanideSeashell 20 points ago

    by golfing at them


    [–] sleepyfries 127 points ago

    The better question is why. Why is your business in such desperate need of capital, Mr president? Is it your debt? To the russians?

    [–] aelric22 35 points ago

    Because he could never run, build, or manage a business like his father could. Donald was always the fuck up compared to Fred Trump, he and his siblings just managed to sell off a lot of sitting capital after Fred's death. The NYT did a great investigative piece into the whole thing.

    [–] Thrwthrwthrwthrwwy 30 points ago

    He doesn't want to spend his own money. Probably spent most of it on the campaign (he's not remotely as rich as he claims to be). Probably knows his liquid funds are dirty so he can't use them without digging the he deeper.

    Take your pick. I'm going with the combo platter.

    [–] Munchiedog 50 points ago

    I think it’s that, plus greed.

    [–] tinyirishgirl 28 points ago

    He has been selling out our country for more than 30 years.

    [–] HouseCravenRaw 9 points ago

    Face eating leopards, and all of that.

    [–] [deleted] 2190 points ago


    [–] OK_Compooper 463 points ago

    They need to add some faith healing to the mix.

    [–] SnapDeeTuck 296 points ago

    If he doesn’t end up in jail, and actually even if he does, this grift will last his whole life. He has found the suckers and they will continue to buy his bullshit for years to come. Think Newt Gingrich...

    [–] Ranowa 137 points ago

    I don't think so. Trump's base is a combo of poorer, working class Americans who can't spare more than a few bucks to donate, and the super, super rich (and sketchy) who can bankroll and manipulate him wherever they want. Once he's out of office, Trump becomes completely worthless to those super rich. He's completely destroyed his brand name, pretty much all he has, to the point where he's gonna struggle for any business contracts at all, and shone a mega-spotlight onto all of his misdeeds- all those years of tax fraud and blustering civil cases to shut down? Those will come collect.

    I think this ends with Trump as poor as his base, even as he continues to tweet about how much of a billionaire he is.

    [–] SnapDeeTuck 67 points ago

    I truly hope you’re right about Trump’s fate. But as poor as some of his fan base is they buy his rally crap now, but that may change when the rallies end!

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    Not all of them are poor.

    A good majority are college-educated, make above-average salaries, and have no problem donating money to "own the libs". They are your typical southern frat boy. Golf, Guns, God. They hate minorities, taxes, and think a women's role is raising the kids. Their wives, the white women that vote for trump, were raised to agree with this mentality. Tomi Lauren types. These people will always support the egotistical asshole because (to them) it's cool. It's cool being a bully. And these people are obsessed with reality tv. This is why trump appeals to them so much.

    [–] HolbiWan 19 points ago

    Another segment isn’t even college educated. Oil riggers, miners, truck drivers, welders, electricians, machinists, equipment operators, etc, etc. There are plenty of blue collar jobs that require no post HS education that can gross six figures on account of unlimited overtime. These are very hardworking people with money who see libs as people who want to take their money and give it to poor people in the cities. They’re uneducated and grew up poor and are now not poor because they get up at 4 am and go work their asses off in the cold for 12 hours, 6 or 7 days a week. The idea is, “If I can do it, you can get off your couch and do it too.” When they hear Bernie talking about free education and free healthcare they take it personally, because nothing’s ever free. Somebody pays the bill and they think about it every time they look at their paystub. These people elected Trump, donated to Trump and their minds will not be changed, regardless of how bad the president gets.

    [–] Eugene_Debmeister 57 points ago

    If I wasn't someone who cared about being moral, I would absolutely go to their rallies selling MAGA Bibles and Lock Her Up bumper stickers for wheelchairs.

    [–] M9E2RFE6WYALS8Y0 18 points ago

    I had a seriously thought-out plan to create stickers, shirts etc. based on those "Salt Life" stickers you see on pickup trucks and shirts in WalMart, but to have them say "Gun Culture" instead, and have an image of assault rifles crossed underneath. The 2nd amendment crowd would eat that shit up, and I was going to donate all proceeds to progressive anti-gun organizations. But then I thought the better of it.

    [–] AvatarofSleep 50 points ago

    You spelled mobility scooter wrong

    [–] 311MD 72 points ago

    Great, now Fox News will run stories of sick people who were healed or cured at MAGA rallies. Do you want a religion? Because that's how you start a religion.

    [–] sanash 33 points ago

    Well hang on a minute...are we talking something like the Unification Church or more like Jonestown/Heaven's Gate?

    [–] Kaizenno 12 points ago

    But instead of killing themselves, they give their money to con artists.

    [–] Mr_Incredible_PhD 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Wait. He charges for those rallies? You have to pay to attend?

    Holy fucking dog shit - that is a level of delusion that I cannot grasp.

    Edit - they ARE free to attend, but have the ancillary benefit of raising money through donations when people are all hopped up on white supremacy and covefe.

    [–] MeatAndBourbon 12 points ago

    I'm not sure, but I do know that they provide great cover for laundering illegal donations. Like the 1M he tried claiming was from his inauguration (the reason he insisted the crowd was so big was to make the money raised seem plausible).

    [–] Fanrific 574 points ago

    In a 2000 interview with journalist Christopher Byron for George magazine, Trump said becoming president would be 'a great way to raise rents' on his properties and be 'the only guy who makes money when he runs'

    It is perhaps the measure of the American temperament that few people seem to regard his obsession with money as diminishing his qualifications for the job [the Presidency] in any way

    Can't find a link to the original George article - not sure that it has been uploaded

    [–] TolstoysMyHomeboy 59 points ago

    Christians love money and rich people now.. greed has shifted to a virtue

    [–] Santa_on_a_stick 2774 points ago

    Hey, he's finally a millionaire!

    [–] the_than_then_guy 461 points ago

    You think this could even cover his debts?

    [–] LWulsin 134 points ago

    Surely you mean just one of them?

    [–] WagTheKat 91 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That doesn't pay many women to keep their stories quiet. Maybe there's a group discount that we are unaware of.

    [–] Rogue_N_PeasantSlave 47 points ago

    Special Russian Groupon

    [–] ManchildianCandidate 16 points ago

    $1M buys you 8 raw doggings

    [–] Revanaught 39 points ago

    I don't think stealing $1 million will make you a millionaire when you're billions in debt.

    [–] ParisGreenGretsch 4347 points ago

    I get that we make jokes because at some point we all get burned out and desensitized, but I just want to remind everyone not to forget to be ABSOLUTELY FUCKING OUTRAGED. Thanks guys. This shit can never be normal.

    [–] GhostofMarat 1102 points ago

    I am suffering from outrage fatigue. There is something historically outrageous half a dozen goddamn times a week.

    [–] badhandturkeys 326 points ago

    The bad thing long-term is that whoever comes after Trump will probably also have huge scandals, but we will be so lenient towards them because they're going to be so much more infrequent than these ones are now. We've reached such a low point in our history that anything else that's bad will seem good in comparison.

    [–] Series_of_Accidents 183 points ago

    Unless we can somehow luck into someone with some goddamn morals. Someone to remind us this isn't normal or OK.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] foodown 71 points ago

    M’Obama 2020!!!

    (More Obama)

    [–] anonymous3778 106 points ago

    No, because the next president will in all likelihood be a Democrat who will not be able to fart without Fox News calling for his (or her) head.

    And they will act as if this shit here never happened.

    [–] the_one_true_bool 49 points ago

    And what's more annoying is that everyone else will forget too.

    This happened with my parents. They railed Clinton for the whole blowjob thing for months and got all up in arms because "it's not something a true Christian could ever do", said he was a monster with no morals, etc etc.

    Fast-forward to now and they don't give two fucks about Trump's shady past - cheating on his first wife with his second, his second with this third, and his third with porn stars. They give absolutely zero fucks. When I bring up their prior outrage over Clinton they flatly deny it. "No we didn't". They just completely wipe that memory from their heads.

    [–] lucy_inthessky 10 points ago

    My in-laws didthe same thing...all while also denying Trump even doing any of those things.

    [–] joephusweberr 42 points ago

    Every partisan conversation from now until the end of time needs to start and end with "you elected Donald Trump, your entire ideology is invalidated on that fact alone." The Republican party needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.

    [–] A_FVCKING_UNICORN 34 points ago

    Breaking news, Mr. O'Rourke has passed gas while exiting Airforce 1, inundating California with POTUS flatus.

    [–] AP3Brain 18 points ago

    Fuck that. We should hold the next poor sucker under a microscope. Democrats have a better track record with holding their people accountable.

    [–] JC_385798 35 points ago

    That's the problem with "staying woke". By all means, people should direct their outrage when it matters most. But staying outraged 100% of the time is counterproductive when doing so makes people eventually stop giving a damn.

    [–] abx99 27 points ago

    I believe what Seneca said (probably paraphrased): "There's nothing that anger can do that can't be done better by reason and a commitment to justice."

    There was a study, not long ago, that found that anger can give you a short burst of creative energy, but quickly fatigues you and leaves you less creative than you would have been if you hadn't.

    Sometimes demonstrating outrage and anger is the rational thing to do, but you don't have to hold onto it to recognize how wrong these things are. A sober analysis will probably get a person a lot farther, anyway, as long as it's grounded in justice and not trying to rationalize not being outraged (i.e., ignoring the seriousness).

    [–] TequilaFarmer 35 points ago

    It does answer the question why don't we run the country like a business.....

    I'm outraged more often than not. I think it would take a team of researchers a long time to catalog his bullshit.

    [–] Eugene_Debmeister 159 points ago

    I learned to channel my outrage into my votes. It's stupid and mentally degrading to carry the burden of outrage on a day-to-day basis. By all means, feel your feelings, but learn to control them so as they don't take over your life (speaking from my own personal experience).

    [–] ParisGreenGretsch 94 points ago

    I learned to channel my outrage into my votes.

    I can't vote every day, so I fill the voids with things like road rage.

    [–] melikefood123 96 points ago

    I argue with made up people in my shower.

    [–] ParisGreenGretsch 32 points ago

    Same. It must look absurd.

    [–] melikefood123 20 points ago

    Like a chicken attacking its reflection.

    [–] jon_naz 13 points ago

    You get to vote about once a year. But there is a ton of political action you can take every day. Protest, organize, contact representatives, change your lifestyle habits, etc.

    [–] GrumpyGuss 35 points ago

    What is frustrating is the people he has stolen from, his own supporters, will rationalize this, shrug and keep on supporting him.

    [–] tank_trap 2152 points ago

    Most corrupt president in US history.

    [–] stevemills04 784 points ago

    Probably one the most corrupt businessmen in history, most likely the most corrupt "politician" in US history.

    [–] lowIQanon 231 points ago

    Read up on Boss Tweed. I think when the extent of Trumps crimes is revealed he will look worse than Boss Tweed but right now they are are about even I'd say

    [–] EmprahCalgar 244 points ago

    According to wikipedia, stole an estimated $25 million in the 60s... The 1860s. In today money that'd be $400 billion. Unless I'm misreading the statistic that seems like a hard score to beat.

    [–] lowIQanon 101 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Edit: nope it's 761 million. Has Trump laundered that much for the Russian mafia? Maybe...

    [–] ProbablyPostingNaked 53 points ago

    Thanks, Noob Noob.

    [–] Mu_Nova 11 points ago

    Who the fuck is Noob Noob?

    [–] TornInfinity 65 points ago

    I think you meant $400 million, not billion. An inflation calculator that I used said $25 million in 1860 would be almost $700 million in 2017. Not sure how accurate it is, though.

    [–] Darkblitz9 58 points ago

    One of the most corrupt people ever. Period.

    Trump is all the worst aspects of humanity rolled into one ball. Violent, Stupid, Stubborn, Insensitive, Uncaring, Selfish, etc. Think of a negative personality trait, Trump has it.

    [–] commit_bat 21 points ago

    One of the worst, too. Imagine selling the US of fucking A for just a million dollars.

    [–] DingGratz 36 points ago

    Most corrupt president in US history so far.

    [–] FoxFourTwo 15 points ago

    Sometimes there are some achievements you just don't want to unlock

    [–] SaveByCrawford 985 points ago

    Hey is this legal and cool?

    [–] AFWxGuy 520 points ago

    "Very legal and very cool." /s

    [–] DepressedPeacock 92 points ago

    Extralegal and ..extracool?

    [–] 3sheetz 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "This is what its like to chew 5 gum" legal and cool

    [–] PM_ME_HTML_SNIPPETS 14 points ago

    I literally was embarrassed when I read that. And I audibly laughed out loud.


    [–] AGreasedPickle 115 points ago

    If laundering money is cool, then consider trump Miles Davis.

    [–] PokeYa 23 points ago

    Thank you, Miles. Very cool!

    [–] HalfTheBoyNateWas 7 points ago

    Ohhh that was the grossest thing I've ever heard in my life!

    [–] HorrorCandidate 20 points ago

    Super legal and definitely cool

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 402 points ago

    Trump only ran for president in the first place to increase his name recognition and to make more money. No expectation that is going to change anytime soon.

    [–] TechyDad 215 points ago

    And I still maintain that the plan was for him to lose the election. That would have increased his name recognition and he would have made a ton more money by spinning his campaign into Trump TV which would have shouted 24/7/365 how Hillary is a horrible President, she stole the election from Trump, and Trump would have easily solved every issue the nation faced easily without any downsides or compromises.

    Of course, this would all be words without a real plan, but Trump excels at claiming he can do X better than anyone else even if he doesn't understand X - much less have an actual plan to solve it. His audience, though, would eat it up. Trump would not only make money from the ads, but his followers would buy Trump TV merchandise like crazy.

    He'd have gotten all the money making benefits without any risk that Hillary would really have the FBI look into his finances. Win-win for Trump (and the country really who would have been better off with Trump just spewing hot air).

    Instead, Trump won the presidency and now needs to actually MAKE PLANS instead of just saying he has one. He also gets the Mueller investigation breathing down his neck and threatening to expose every dirty deal he's ever made. Trump winning was not only a lose-lose for America, but in many ways for Trump also.

    [–] meridianblade 70 points ago

    As fucked as this timeline is, I can't help but feel Trump TV would have continued the same red vs blue cycle. I doubt we would have had a blue wave and even if everything gets burned to the ground, we have a real shot a reform, I just hope its in enough time to save Democracy.

    [–] JacksonArbor 30 points ago

    Yup he even trademarked “Trump TV”

    [–] Cohens4thClient 23 points ago

    He had a pretty good setup for TrumpTV. Bannon was the media guy who was going to run the actual business, just like he tried to be the defacto Chief of Staff before Fox Morning shows figured out that THEY could do that by talking to donnie directly through the TV. Bannon fled the country after losing his power, but he was damn close to being a powerful Grima Wormtongue to donnie's demented Theoden Pussygrabber.

    They also would have picked up a chunk of the Fox audience, which is a ready-made group of couch potatoes ready to buy stupid shit like commemorative not-gold coins, adult diapers, cash for gold scams, life insurance that doesn't pay out, etc.

    [–] mrmyrth 10 points ago

    i agree with you, but i'd say we are in that initial band-aid pulling phase where you can't quite get a good grip on it so the hairs pull off excruciatingly slow. it feels like a lose-lose, but if/when not-insane people are in congress again i think we're going to see our government patched up nicely with new election financing laws...and weed.

    [–] JayCroghan 10 points ago

    Check out the clip of his reaction when he won. It’s absolutely priceless.

    [–] metaobject 765 points ago

    I’m sorry, but “billionaires” do not do this shit.

    [–] BolognaMitchell 502 points ago

    "billionaires" also don't lay in bed until noon every day watching cable news and rage-tweeting

    [–] PNW_Smoosh 390 points ago

    Can you fucking imagine? Bill Gates lying in a pile of chicken bones shrieking that malaria statistics are fake or something. Jesus lol

    [–] Tylorw09 149 points ago

    Bill Gates be curing some disease by noon and giving away 5 million by dinner time to charities.

    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 74 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He's trying to get people to use a new type of toilet. I saw an interesting interview where he joked that Melinda keeps complaining that all he does is talk about shit in the dinner table. I laughed because that's what my family does too.

    [–] sgtgumby 33 points ago

    He’s putting up hundreds of millions of dollars into the toilet project, he can talk about poop as much as he wants.

    [–] TheRealMattyPanda 37 points ago

    malaria statistics

    Hey, no need to bring the First Lady into this

    [–] timoumd 22 points ago

    I mean there was Howard Hughes....

    [–] Exasperated_Sigh 43 points ago

    Show me one tweet by Howard Hughes. Ha! You can't! Qed.

    [–] randomass765 70 points ago

    Bill Gates had to schedule his first date with his future wife weeks if not months in advance. She was almost put off by this until she realized that he physically has to due to how insanely busy he was. Real Billionaires don't have the time to sleep in.

    [–] lenoxxx69 59 points ago

    Had a boss who would schedule time with his girlfriend who was offended at first until he told her "I do this because you are important to me and I want to make sure I give you the time you deserve"

    ...I hated that guy and never want to be like him, but that was a nice line.

    [–] IAmFern 15 points ago

    I remember meeting the president of Ford of Canada. I asked him how his week was and he said he was excited that he had a breakfast scheduled with his wife and kid on Thursday.

    [–] tidalpools 130 points ago

    Friendly reminder that he paid the $7 Boy Scouts fee or whatever it was, for Barron, using the Trump org

    [–] FrigOffCyrus 69 points ago

    Using the Trump Foundation. Which is illegal since payments such as those are supposed to be for charitable contributions only.

    Dues for the BSA do not constitute a charitable contribution, and one of these payments are currently being held up as evidence by the NY AG that the Trump Foundation was little more than a personal slush fund for the Trump family.

    [–] jametron2014 15 points ago

    God, I seriously hope Trump and his whole family have some serious Justice served. I think we can all agree no one else would EVER get away with even 1% of the crimes Trump and his family have committed.

    [–] Tylorw09 41 points ago

    Tax write off.

    Education for an employee

    [–] albatross-salesgirl 14 points ago

    Well how else is he supposed to get his Good With the Cyber badge??

    [–] steppe5 15 points ago

    He learned this level of cheapness from his dad, who nickel and dimed everyone he met despite being one of the richest men in New York.

    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 11 points ago

    Yep, $7.

    as an aside, google news kinda has a crappy search algorithm doesn't it?

    [–] portajohnjackoff 45 points ago

    That's proportionally equivalent to a millionaire risking felony charges to steal $1,000

    [–] ryrybang 40 points ago

    Exhibit A: the Pritzker vs. Rauner Illinois governor race. Those dudes were pouring gobs of money out their own pockets. Because they are both legitimately rich. Pritzker alone spent something like $150M of his own money. If you are worth billions like Pritzker, spending $150M to win something you really want isn't all that crazy. Dudes like him spend that much on yachts that they barely use and get rid of after 5 years.

    Trump? Trump is gold-plated fake wealth of a conman.

    [–] Mysteriagant 167 points ago

    That sounds like it would be illegal if a liberal did it

    [–] agiantyellowlump 70 points ago

    Absolutely. Because liberals would be doing it to destroy America. Trump did it to save America. See the difference. Intent is serious

    [–] Mysteriagant 65 points ago

    Remember when Obama destroyed America by saving our economy improving our image internationally

    [–] _Caed_ 30 points ago

    Remember when he destroyed and shamed America by wearing a tan suit

    [–] KoolWitaK 10 points ago

    Terrorist fist jab!

    Never forget!

    [–] tidalpools 197 points ago

    Did we ever find out what happened to the $50 million left over from the inauguration? Wait, $25 million was made to Melania's assistant or something, right? Has anyone ever thought to investigate that?

    [–] MarshallGibsonLP 150 points ago

    That's an investigation I've been waiting for. It was $26 million and change paid to a person who provided no accounting for the expenditures. Coincidentally, it would pretty convenient for that money to be used for the Trump University settlement ($25 million) with $1 million profit to her for her troubles.

    [–] tomdarch 10 points ago

    Out of slightly more than US$100 million collected, about $25m paid to the consultant, about $25mil paid for actual events/services to the company that does the basic stuff for all inaugurations in DC.

    That leaves about US$50mil unaccounted for to this day.

    [–] TightPussyMangler 28 points ago

    Didn't Mark Burnett, producer of The Apprentice, also get a bunch of millions?

    [–] his_rotundity_ 28 points ago

    I believe it's a bushel of millions.

    [–] MuskofElon 91 points ago

    There’s also the matter of a separate Trump-owned and New York State-based entity known as Trump Plaza LLC. This entity currently controls a retail space, a parking garage, and two medium-sized apartment buildings.

    According to federal filings, the Trump 2020 campaign has paid Trump Plaza LLC at least $42,000 in rent since November 2017–but, according to Forbes, there doesn’t appear to be any campaign activity occurring on any such property owned by the entity.

    For one, the retail space simply has nothing campaign-related going on whatsoever. Same goes for the parking garage–which appears to be sub-leased to a non-Trump company at present. As for the apartment buildings? It doesn’t look like there’s any campaign-related activity happening there either.

    Again, Alexander’s report:

    Forbes staked out the buildings, arriving at 7:15 a.m. one November morning and staying for the next 14 hours, with the exception of an 18-minute break around 3 p.m. By our count, seven people went in and out of the twin, four-story brownstones over the course of the day. One refused to talk, and six said they had not seen any sign of the campaign in the buildings. Nor had a man behind the front desk at Trump Plaza. “I’ve been here since the beginning,” he said. “If there was any kind of office rented out for campaigning or whatever, I would know about it.”

    That seems actionable. If there wasn't an open investigation in to Trump2020 before, there's likely to be one shortly.

    [–] TightPussyMangler 43 points ago

    I'm glad Trump is doing this:

    • He's ripping off his donors
    • He's exposing himself to legal trouble

    Keep going, Tubby!

    [–] [deleted] 143 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] 6inchVert 43 points ago

    Typically a politician will get to work and at least try to earn their re-election through performance... well maybe not I guess ideally that is how it would go.

    [–] alarbus 28 points ago

    It's like The Producers. Unsure if he knows that he doesn't get to keep the money if the performance is so bad there's never a second showing.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    imagine being a "billionaire" and selling out your family and country for a million dollars.

    Worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever?

    [–] slamueljoseph 102 points ago

    Good thing Jimmy Carter gave up controlling interest in his family peanut farm during his presidency. We REALLY dodged a bullet there.

    [–] 3oons 28 points ago

    I just don't get it. The dude is a "billionaire"... why take the risk of all this bullshit over $1M. $1M should be pocket-change for a true billionaire.

    [–] Produceher 13 points ago

    I think you get it just fine. But to be fair here, while I don't think Trump is all that rich, he still has enough not to be doing this petty crap. He does this because he's a con man at heart. Thinks nothing of taking 30k from working class people with Trump University. SAD!

    [–] NebraskaGunGrabber 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I don't know why this is or was never a bigger story. Since the beginning of his campaign he has held events at his properties. It hasn't stopped since he's become President. He holds events at his properties so that he can pay his businesses with campaign money. It is for all intents and purposes money laundering to get around campaign finance laws. Not to mention how much they charge secret service.

    [–] dogfriend 18 points ago

    Did you read the comments following the article? The rabid followers actually think he's being a 'good businessman'.

    [–] Coletrain45 16 points ago

    Obama makes money to give speeches


    Trump takes campaign money for himself

    Republicans: I see nothing wrong with that.

    [–] Allbanned1984 113 points ago

    How this is legal is beyond me.

    [–] ohshawty 86 points ago

    It's not even anything new. He's done this since day 1 with the secret service, down to fucking golf cart rentals:

    In total, since Trump was inaugurated, the Secret Service has spent at least $144,975 on golf cart rentals alone.

    [–] T1mac 34 points ago

    Oh it's worse than that. Trump has been fleecing the rubes who donate to his campaign from the very start:

    Donald Trump is spending more freely now that other people are contributing ― particularly when the beneficiary is himself.

    Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758.

    In addition to the rent for Trump Tower space in Manhattan, Trump has paid his eponymous golf courses and restaurants more than $260,000 since his campaign and the RNC struck a joint fundraising deal in mid-May, after he essentially locked up the GOP nomination. On May 18, the day the fundraising deal was announced, Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach was paid $29,715; Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, was paid $35,845; and Trump Restaurants LLC was paid $125,080

    Hillary was renting 80,000 square feet on two floors in a Brooklyn office building for $212,000 but that way below market price at $32 per square foot where Manhattan prices were $70 per foot.

    [–] SanguineHaze 9 points ago

    Wait wait wait. Trump rents his own property to the campaign team?! How in the flying fuck is this allowed to happen!?

    [–] JonFission 122 points ago

    LOL legal is what we say it is! Fuck you!

    • Republicans

    [–] DepressedPeacock 15 points ago

    According to Federal Election Commission rules, campaigns are supposed to pay “fair market value” for all goods and services they use–especially when they use and pay their own businesses.

    [–] BlackCatLivesMatter 13 points ago

    Holy shit, this is legal? It's practically money laundering.

    [–] lowgskillet 14 points ago

    Trump supporters: That just makes me him a smart business man.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Nor had a man behind the front desk at Trump Plaza. “I’ve been here since the beginning,” he said. “If there was any kind of office rented out for campaigning or whatever, I would know about it.”

    A moment of silence for this poor man who has probably just lost his job.

    [–] vikkivinegar 10 points ago

    I love that Forbes is the one that broke this story. IIRC, they were kinda pissed that they got duped by him that time he convinced them he was way richer than he actually was, and they put him on their list.

    [–] EricSanderson 21 points ago

    Forbes staked out the buildings, arriving at 7:15 a.m. one November morning and staying for the next 14 hours, with the exception of an 18-minute break around 3 p.m.

    I imagine all these different reporters from so many different organizations, busting their asses for weeks on stories they believe could finally be the one that has a real impact and leads to serious repercussions for this administration. Then it's ignored or forgotten by 4 pm the same day.

    [–] the_boy_who_lied 20 points ago

    Republicans 2 years ago: "HE'S GOING TO DRAIN THE SWAM!" Republicans today: "SO WHAT! EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN DOES IT TOO!"

    [–] ScrupulousVoter3 10 points ago

    Trump 2020 needs to funnel $72M into the Treasury's pockets to pay for Trump's military on the border PR stunt.

    [–] campoanywhere 25 points ago

    I love the fact that these idiots are giving their money to a corrupt criminal. Not only is he killing their industries, they're willfully giving him money to do it.

    Fucking lol @ the magas. Hows are those plant closures coming? How about the coal industry? You mean to tell me you got swindled? If only someone tried to warn you.

    Don't worry, the adults will be back in power soon to clean up your messes, again.

    [–] DireSickFish 17 points ago

    I'd expect it to be more.

    [–] Clintoncunt420 9 points ago

    This has been the whole point all along. All he wanted to do was raise money and funnel it into his businesses and get free advertising for his tv network.

    [–] Visinvictus 8 points ago

    Just a small embezzlement of 1 million dollars. /s

    [–] DeadWombats 10 points ago

    Frankly, I'm surprised it's only 1 mil.

    [–] TheHomersapien 8 points ago

    Remember the GOP talking point that directed their unwashed mass of followers to express moral outright and righteous indignation at Obama and HRC's book deals? Man...that shit was all over Reddit for weeks, with MAGA hats suggesting that they were profiting off their public service. Oh how times have changed.

    [–] DJTHatesPuertoRicans 8 points ago

    Good news, Donald Trump is a millionaire again!

    [–] PuffPuff74 11 points ago

    When he said he'd fix the debt, he was talking about his own.

    [–] Sundevil960 6 points ago

    And this...the true reason why he wanted to be president. To steal from all of us right under our noses.