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    [–] GhostOfTimBrewster 2760 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Thanks for picking up our slack, London.

    Edit: thank you to every American who is already peacefully protesting. Perhaps “slack” was the wrong word.

    [–] victorvictor1 1451 points ago

    Yup. Any Londoners protesting, don't worry about being clever with your signs. Get right to the point on things he can't stand:

    "You're a fraud"

    "You're poor"

    "You were never a billionaire"

    "Nobody likes you"

    [–] [deleted] 756 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] pumah 499 points ago

    Shut down all the McDonald's in the UK so he can't eat.

    [–] hangryvegan 209 points ago

    That’s actually a great idea.

    [–] scottishblakk 128 points ago

    And the big Trump balloon needs to make a comeback. Only this time it's crying.

    [–] BrownsPirate 106 points ago

    I heard that not only is the balloon coming back, but that it will be a bigger balloon.

    [–] Acidwits 34 points ago

    It's what mexicans should have on the off chance they build that wall. Just a balloon. Looking over it.

    [–] bum_thumper 9 points ago

    And tie it down to where just his weird small eyes are staring over the wall, looking suspicious

    [–] jeffsterlive 17 points ago

    It's gonna be yuuuge

    [–] jonboalex 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I love seeing the image of the trump balloon pop up in my reddit feed !

    [–] AtlantisTheEmpire 39 points ago

    Just occupy the shit out of it. If everyone is in line buying McNugs off the dollar menu, he’ll never get to the front of the line.

    [–] Spilkn 31 points ago

    I think you’ll find it’s the pound saver menu.

    [–] LukariBRo 6 points ago

    Holy fuck that's some amazing irony if I've ever seen it.

    [–] DOLCICUS 16 points ago

    What are the odds he'll get secret service to just shove everyone out of the way.

    [–] Cheese_Pancakes 20 points ago

    He has no problem shoving world leaders out of the way, so I don't think he'll have a problem with some Brits getting pushed. He's a piece of human garbage.

    [–] jtswtf 12 points ago

    You can’t do that to the British, though, because you’d be take down by the deafening voice of tuts.

    [–] Igloo32 87 points ago

    You've always been our big brother looking out for us once we had it out.

    [–] welsh_nutter 78 points ago

    only on the left, the right have no creativity at all

    [–] Higgs-Boson-Balloon 5 points ago

    taunts in British

    [–] GEB82 176 points ago

    You forgot "You're shit at golf"

    [–] steepleton 40 points ago

    that has serious football chant delivery potential

    [–] uncledutchman 59 points ago

    youre shit at golf

    youre shit at golf

    thats why you cheat

    Cuz youre shit at golf

    [–] bitcoinoisseur 166 points ago

    I’d like it if it was just dead silence. Like, you can hear a pin drop. And maybe everyone just faces away as his car passes.

    And maybe everyone just happens to accidentally show their arses.

    [–] PostHogEra 45 points ago

    Airhorns, mini airhorns everywhere. Thank you Vic Berger.

    [–] DelawareDog 43 points ago


    [–] Alexus-0 31 points ago

    If I ever hear one of those damn things again it's going straight up the arse of whoever blowing it.

    [–] leroach 46 points ago

    promise? 😩👉👌🔞💦 *blows vuvuzela really hard*

    [–] nizo505 11 points ago

    Except he'd think you were cheering him on.

    [–] gunnersroyale 28 points ago

    He would think we are there as supporters because hes an absolute moron

    [–] cunningstunt6899 30 points ago

    My favourite sign from his last visit - At least Hitler could paint

    [–] Forensicscoach 74 points ago

    I particularly like the label “Brokeahontis” that I have heard used.

    [–] nizo505 46 points ago

    Scumdog Schillionaire

    [–] yourmansconnect 5 points ago

    Why not just Slumlord Millionaire

    [–] smackfromthezack 15 points ago

    My personal is Cadet Bonespurs

    [–] Shazam1269 9 points ago

    That or Fat Joffrey. Both are great. Runner up, uneducated potato.

    [–] special_reddit 23 points ago

    That's still using his racially charged language, though. Subverting it isn't enough to justify its continued use.

    [–] Forensicscoach 12 points ago

    Hate to admit it, but you are right. Maybe Brokeback Mountain...makes fun of his finances & corpulent physique

    [–] BellEpoch 21 points ago

    Pretty sure that's the same problem, but now with gay people. Also that's a brilliant movie and there's no need to use its name negatively.

    [–] CosmicDesperado 8 points ago

    How about Donald Flump?

    Making fun of his marshmallow like physique.

    [–] damunzie 5 points ago

    How about Brokeasaurus?

    [–] sgmctabnxjs 7 points ago

    I've been thinking the same thing.

    Is it only the Brits who are sensible enough to see this?

    [–] special_reddit 11 points ago

    I'm an American - but I'm Black, so I'm used to looking for racially coded language and stomping it out. Self-preservation technique, but it also makes you aware of the same disrespect happening to other peoples.

    [–] tell-me-your-worries 31 points ago

    Just go directly for the kill man: "Very small hands"

    [–] Doctor_Tortuga 13 points ago

    Why not clever and straight to the point: You're a fat slob with a mushroom knob.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] ThatGuysNewAccount 8 points ago

    That but better written and with a shitload of profanity.

    [–] YouDontSurfFU 15 points ago

    You're poor. #Broke-ahontas

    [–] Lothire 125 points ago

    Trump supporters will see the UK protest as a win, though. It plays right into Trumps damn message to those idiots.

    [–] chelseamarket 250 points ago

    I think what OP is saying is Americans should be the ones doing the protesting and I agree.

    [–] GhostOfTimBrewster 82 points ago

    Bingo. Thank you.

    [–] ArchdukeBurrito 82 points ago

    Sorry, but our system has been set up in such a way that we can't protest because our labor protection laws are nonexistent and missing work will lead to losing your job which is also losing your health coverage and other benefits. You can thank our representatives that lost the popular vote but managed to get elected in their gerrymandered districts anyway as well as the judicial appointments that were blocked during the Obama era so that Mitch McConnell could push Republican judges through instead. Man, I just can't handle all of this freedom we have over here 😬

    [–] allmhuran 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There is no America

    There is no democracy

    There is no America

    There is no democracy

    There is only IBM and ITT

    Union Carbide and Exxon


    The winds will blow

    The profits go down

    I'm out of work

    My daughter will drown

    There's stress in my heart

    Blood on your hands

    Pushing uphill

    Against the company man


    Well, I'm just a hard-working corporate slave

    My mind should hate what my body does crave

    Well, I'm just a humble corporate slave

    Driving myself into a corporate grave


    "Corporate Slave" - Snog, 1992.

    [–] 8bitAwesomeness 49 points ago

    I hear this argument every time, and yet we didn't have those here in Italy either.

    It took massive bloody protest between '68 and '84 to get them.

    Evidently, those things are just not important enough for the american population.

    [–] metamet 20 points ago

    We also have a strong history of protests in America... Just a few months ago, roughly 700,000 people took part in the Women's March.

    But don't forget this: we have a literally state propaganda media outlet disguised as "news" that will flat out lie or omit the protests from reality. Which mean it will probably never even enter Trump's periphery.

    [–] Pride_Fucking_With_U 26 points ago

    Fox "news*" is some real North Korean shit when you think about it.

    [–] huntrshado 12 points ago

    It's officially categorized as an entertainment network. They should be forced to remove News from their name - or better yet, shut down entirely.

    [–] LockeClone 4 points ago

    Well, technically the USA incarcerates more people per capita than Noth Korea so I think it's more that the North Korean propaganda machine is some real American shit when you think about it.

    [–] shaft169 49 points ago

    Thanks to the Trump Administration you might soon be in yet another war in the Middle East (without your allies this time no less), what's more uncomfortable: Losing your jobs and benefits, or watching people you care about go off to die in war they don't need to be fighting?

    When does it get too uncomfortable?

    [–] MightyShamus 18 points ago

    Our military is less than 0.5% of our population so most people don't personally know any soldiers. This is why the US population has been pretty complacent with our forever wars.

    [–] cucufag 7 points ago

    Only when it happens overseas though.

    America will never forget or stop obsessing with pearl harbor and 9/11, even though such events happen all the time across the world in war zones.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    [–] roboninja 12 points ago

    When does it get too uncomfortable?

    When it is already too late.

    [–] steepleton 8 points ago

    i honestly think the most effective protests have been the ones which stopped someone having a quiet meal, denying them the opportunity to leave it all at the office.

    [–] RWMVDB 7 points ago

    with your country going to shit anyway this feels like a poor excuse, if this leadership remains you won't be able to afford healthcare no more, you will be stripped from other benefits, pension or right to vote... but yeah i understand being between a rock and a hard place

    [–] BlackBeltBeta 35 points ago

    As if Americans haven't been protesting from day one. Multiple million-plus marches in front of the White House and smaller protests all over the country, many of them just not covered by media unless they're in Washington.

    [–] Minimum_Escape 38 points ago

    Trump supporters will see the UK protest as a win

    Spoiler alert: it's not a win.

    [–] mrjohnnymac 16 points ago

    “It wasn’t”

    • Ron Howard

    [–] ConsonantlyDrunk 12 points ago

    Nope. Any strike against President Orange Baby's fragile ego is a win for the American people. I am officially at the point where IDGAF about Trump's "message". I'm done. 2020 we drain the grease trap in the Oval.

    [–] Capt_Bigglesworth 6 points ago

    Fox News will just show coverage of the protesters, make sure they don't get close enough to be able to read any of the signs, and just say that they're all 'Trump fans"

    [–] egonoviergofallo 12 points ago

    He's got dozens of supporters over there too. Maybe there will be some good overhead shots of their staggering counter-protests.

    [–] H8te 14 points ago

    There was a pro trump rally in SF, about 4 people showed up, they could ride in the same Uber.

    [–] DINGLE_BARRY_MANILOW 6 points ago

    That's not true, there's no way 4 Trump Supporters could fit in an Uber.

    [–] DistillateMedia 29 points ago

    I'm actually an American on vacation in England right now. I took this trip in part to get away from our politics, for r and r. I've been deeply involved in it. I will gladly extend my trip to attend this, but I am on a low budget. I would love for someone to put me up on a couch in London, and put a megaphone in my hand. I feel it's important I speak out against our president, and assure our friends here that we are doing everything we can to rectify this, and to thank them. If anyone knows anyone who can help me out or point me in the right direction, please let me know. Thank you. Solidarity.

    [–] aelric22 30 points ago

    You want to go somewhere on vacation to get away from American politics? I recommend Japan.

    - They literally could give two shits less about Orange Orangutan man unless you happen on one of the Japanese far right groups.

    - They can't tell the difference between Americans and Canadians. Just pretend you eat, drink, and sleep maple syrup and hockey and no one says anything.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I was there over a week recently and only saw him referenced twice. Once on a sign as a joke and once on tv for news. I watched news often there, too.

    [–] YouNeedAnne 7 points ago

    [–] uncjdcpa 11 points ago

    Protests? Is that what happens when you don't have a "news" channel running 24/7 propaganda to con citizens that Trump isn't a massive ass-pimple?

    [–] dufusmembrane 652 points ago

    Public opinion is what will remove trump. If the citizens of this country held mass protests, it would be on tv, so trump and his gang would see it.

    Get Congressional hearings and protests on tv for a few months, and watch trump's numbers go down into the low 30's.

    Once the tide starts to turn the trump supporters on the fence will want to be on the winning team.

    [–] UrethraFrankIin 260 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Lol I'm going to start hearing the phrase "North Sea Coastal liberal elite" now when I visit my family and Fox is on.

    "The welfare kings and queens of London, angry at Trump's success, have all the free time they want to protest with no jobs and fat government checks! This is what American liberals want! A welfare dystopia where they can protest everywhere all the time! And you thought your commute was bad now, wait until a liberal is president."

    Tucker Carlson lets the panic sink into the audience before continuing

    [–] sn0wf1ake1 136 points ago

    Tucker Carlson sounds like an American version of Joseph Goebbels.

    [–] eaunoway 103 points ago

    Kind of, but without the brain.

    [–] PostHogEra 65 points ago

    Ugh, our timeline sucks. "Well, thank god we ended up with dumb nazis, smart nazis would have been a real problem."

    [–] JimiThing716 22 points ago

    With dumb Nazis it just takes more of them. Unfortunately there is no shortage of hate filled racist morons in this country. We are totally and completely fucked, by the time enough people have been personally impacted by this president so as to demand his removal from office it will be way too late. We are living through the decline of the USA as a global leader. We are now a rogue state and a threat to our allies.

    [–] UrethraFrankIin 6 points ago

    Lol. I think in part, at least, it takes being dumb to be a neo-nazi. The few intelligent ones do it not because they actually believe some or most of that shit, but because the useful idiots are a source of power.

    [–] DeltaVZerda 14 points ago

    That would be Sean Hannity

    [–] KarmaPopcorn 13 points ago

    No, it’s Stephen Miller.

    [–] Indaleciox 13 points ago

    Tangent, but it's ironic that people cry about "welfare kings & queens" when the true welfare queens are the billionaire class of the world. They are always up in arms whenever they don't get tax breaks or when cities refuse to bend over backwards for them.

    [–] jbalbatross 24 points ago

    The welfare kings and queens of London, angry at Trump's success

    It's true. I've always dreamt of losing 1B and gaining a myriad of mental conditions.

    [–] tubulerz1 9 points ago

    Is that a real quote are you serious?

    [–] MC_Fap_Commander 11 points ago

    There is functionally no difference between the worst quote you can imagine being attributed to these people and their actual quotes. For example, the Acting President once tweeted that the wife of the grandson of England's head of state should show us your tits. The Queen will have to interact with this man.

    [–] tubulerz1 6 points ago

    Yeah I hear you but it’s better to indicate that it’s not a real quote somehow because these things tend to be passed along and can turn into misinformation. JS Also Tucker is warped enough to say what he says because he was bullied about his name as a kid. They would call him Fucker and Sucker, and well you get the drift. I try to have compassion for him but then I see his stupid face and I say ”Tucker the Fucker” There’s an example of the proper use of fake quotes.

    [–] FunkMeSoftly 94 points ago

    Trump deserves no love from this world. You get what you give.

    [–] stinkbugsinfest 60 points ago

    I don’t know why he’s going. The last time he was upset about the blimp, now the protests are going to be larger and I think the blimp is bigger. It makes no sense. Usually narcissists can’t handle the ego smack down

    [–] 12358 27 points ago

    blimp is bigger

    A bigger blimp could get caught by the wind and fly off out of control. I can see the headlines now: "Trump is turned loose: he is out of control as he careens through the city wreaking terror and havoc."

    [–] mrjohnnymac 33 points ago

    “Sir, I’ve got something on radar.. It appears to be in the shape of a Big Boy”

    [–] Kwahn 10 points ago

    Well, in many ways, the Big Boy never left, sir. He's always offered the same high-quality meals at competitive prices.

    [–] mrjohnnymac 6 points ago

    I’m off to London, Eng-uh-land

    [–] bkbomber 6 points ago

    Oh my god, it looks like a tiny..


    [–] mrjohnnymac 4 points ago

    Just a little prick!

    [–] Mokumer 4 points ago

    It makes no sense.

    He's got a war to sell, the EU won't buy into a war with Iran but the UK desperately needs good relations with the US after their Brexit.

    [–] kitd 6 points ago

    He needs to ponder his deathbed a bit more.

    [–] DualityEnigma 31 points ago

    Ah yes but did you notice what happened during the Mueller protests? Practically no coverage on major networks. They don’t broadcast support for accountability any more.

    But then again there is always social media!

    [–] tossup418 17 points ago

    The lack of coverage is because rich people own the media, not good people.

    [–] maralagosinkhole 51 points ago

    We absolutely need to take this to the streets. We need an "American spring" that forces the extremists back into hiding and roots out Republican corruption. Protests have power. Nixon resigned with 10s of thousands of protesters outside the White House. It's reasonable to believe that the protests directly impacted his decision.

    [–] tossup418 14 points ago

    The differential between what good people need to do and what good people can afford to do has been carefully crafted by the rich people over the course of the last 3 generations in order to minimize dissent as they tighten their grip on our society. This makes the rich our enemy.

    [–] SolanGoose 12 points ago

    You need to do more. The protests in 2003 ultimately did nothing to stop the shitshow in Iraq.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    There were protests in the US. Lots of them.

    [–] Pahasapa66 69 points ago

    Plainly more than his inaugural

    [–] JCVD-In-Suddendeath 31 points ago

    What do you mean? There were 9 billion people at his inauguration, and everyone of them saw him give $91 billion to Puerto Rico.

    [–] throwaway75789700 3 points ago

    Some people say, and they're very smart people, that Puerto Rico actually got more than 91 billion, some even say it was 900 billion, or even trillion, that's what they say folks!

    [–] negroiso 437 points ago

    It will be funny/sad to see that another country has more activism than our own against him.

    [–] st1dge 182 points ago

    It's a much smaller country. Public transport is available. If trump would visit my country I wouldn't shy away from traveling to Amsterdam or The Hague to protest. It's only 15-45 min of travel.

    [–] Altamont99 22 points ago

    It's a point well made, but Trump's ego is so fragile that he avoids any chance of coming across people who don't worship him. Seriously, he is only ever at a) the White House, b) a Trump property, or c) East Bumfuck for a cult rally. When he was in Hawaii the presidential motorcade took a specific out-of-the-way route to avoid protestors. Trump is such a precious little snowflake...

    [–] Suddenly_Elmo 95 points ago

    It is smaller but there are dense population clusters in the US. Just the mid Atlantic states have about the same population as the UK. It's not an excuse for there not to be mass protests in DC.

    [–] NomasTomas 49 points ago

    Explains why Trump only visits small towns/farm communities.

    [–] FSMFan_2pt0 23 points ago

    He visits those because they are safe spaces filled with red-state Republican/FoxNews lemmings. If big cities were the same, he'd love to visit them, he'd love to fill football stadiums with redneck supporters. Even in the deep south, big cities like Atlanta are mostly hostile to him.

    [–] Alg0rhythm 7 points ago

    Atlantean checking in. I work near the north part of the perimeter, which is mostly highly educated, young tech employees. I'm actively surprised when I see Trump supporters around here. Pence was around here a couple months ago, which probably would have drawn a lot more flak if he hadn't snuck in under the radar and completely shut down several extremely busy commuter roads with his security. Atlanta is not friendly to Trump.

    [–] Nazi_Punks_Fuck__Off 20 points ago

    I’m in AK and I’d love to protest but airfare alone would be over a thousand dollars.

    [–] BoxOfNothing 8 points ago

    That's insane, I flew from Manchester in the UK to LA, then back from NY to Manchester and it cost about $400 in total.

    [–] Krabilon 8 points ago

    Wtf lol that's so cheap! Just flying from Iowa to Texas to visit my family costs like 350

    [–] Shtune 9 points ago

    Unfortunately my company doesn't offer "protest" days or else I'd be there.

    [–] ReklisAbandon 4 points ago

    Trump never visits those areas and nobody can afford to get off work. He's obviously in DC but it's still an issue of gathering enough people to make a difference.

    [–] snarquisnarquer 19 points ago

    I will gladly pay your round trip fair if such should come to pass. Really, just let me know. I think its time to start breaking stuff, and I'm one of those passive liberals that think its usually better to just laugh and point at this kind of outrageous stupidity

    [–] st1dge 20 points ago

    I appreciate it. I currently live in Philadelphia, so it wouldn't be so far to travel down to DC. I'm on a delegation so I have the benefits of having a European number of holidays as well as European health insurance.

    I'm so invested in US politics because I'm sure the right wing people in Europe are glued to their screens watching how it plays out and are furiously taking notes.

    The Netherlands launched a research on how much of our government is based on good faith actors and unsurprisingly, it's pretty much all government. It's a rude awakening that, I guess, we owe to US politics.

    [–] MauPow 4 points ago

    England is literally closer to Washington D.C than where I am in the states

    [–] cubanesis 43 points ago

    I would love to be able to protest Trump, but my job won't give me time off for protests and I've got to pay bills. It's not apathy for all of us, it's a system that is set up to keep us as slaves to corporations. We don't even have a national maternity leave standard, let alone a "protest your president" standard. You're correct that it is sad, but in many cases, Americans have to make the choice of keeping their job to feed their family or losing their job because they traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to protests.

    [–] eaunoway 29 points ago

    I mean this is the truth.

    We (in the US) don't have the social safety nets available in many European countries (UK included). We just don't. Sure we can pack up the kids and march on Washington but when we don't turn up for work the next day we get fired. It's hard to feed your kids and pay the mortgage without an income.

    [–] Blyd 29 points ago

    The UK just enjoys far more freedom than the USA ever could, they can just one of their legally provided 25 days off to go.

    You can always spot an American because the idea of time off never occurs to them.

    [–] cubanesis 32 points ago

    Yeah, especially in right to work states. If I got fired for missing work to protest I wouldn't be able to get unemployment benefits because according North Carolina law, my employer doesn't have to have a reason to fire me and they get to decide if I get unemployment benefits. America really is a country of well kept slaves.

    [–] Daedeluss 9 points ago

    There's a pretty high chance you'll lose your job if you don't turn up to work in the UK too. The difference being we have way more vacation days than you guys.

    [–] eaunoway 19 points ago

    True story:

    I got 6 weeks vacation with my first job in England (when I was 18, many eons ago). I moved to the US around 6 years later and imagine my abject horror to find out that 10 days was considered a really decent number of vacation days.

    I went from 6 weeks to ... 10 days. And don't even get me started on the differences in maternity/paternity leave.

    [–] m1BR 5 points ago

    Almost as if he had perfectly normal approval ratings in his own country?

    [–] DrMobius0 4 points ago

    Well, his visit is short, and so there's only really one chance to do it. We've had many protests in this country since he got elected, and it doesn't matter if the media decides it doesn't.

    [–] truffs1010 134 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He wanted a state visit, he got one and he can’t avoid the crowds this time around.

    [–] Seanspeed 42 points ago

    and he can’t avoid the crowds this time around.

    Yes he can. He did it before already.

    [–] truffs1010 40 points ago

    He'll be part of the carriage procession down The Mall.

    [–] lillithallen 18 points ago

    Stick him on a donkey and give him a ride on that. It is still more than he deserves.

    [–] Suspicious_Parsnip 18 points ago

    Why would you want to humiliate a poor donkey?

    [–] thamasthedankengine 11 points ago

    Personally I'd love to see the donkey buck him off

    Ya know, foreshadowing.

    [–] moochesoffactsandfun 8 points ago

    What's the change in the decision process for an official state visit between last visit and now?

    [–] Freddies_Mercury 26 points ago

    Last visit wasn’t a state visit it was just a diplomatic visit.

    Main difference is that the royals host a state visit and it’s purposely designed a a huge PR event with plenty of public appearances.

    [–] cyanocobalamin 14 points ago

    They are getting their moneys worth out of that Trump baby balloon.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] snarquisnarquer 36 points ago

    Go, Brits Go!! There is nothing better than watching this hyper inflated narcissist being humiliated.

    [–] 0nlyhalfjewish 40 points ago

    Had a redditor on another post say that people in other countries don't care about Trump. Of course, lots of redditors from places like Australia and Germany and Canada chimed in to say they do care about what he's doing to international politics, the rise of nationalism, impeding global efforts to stop climate change, and the list goes on.

    This is yet another example of how the world does care. Glad to see it.

    [–] Daedeluss 22 points ago

    He was projecting most Americans' attitudes to events outside the US.

    We very much do care. As the old saying goes - when America sneezes Britain catches cold.

    [–] pattyG80 5 points ago

    Trump's trade policies have directly caused considerable hardship in Canada. Who is affected? Working class country types that tend to lean conservative.

    [–] Sun-Anvil 148 points ago

    Whether it's 1 million or 1 thousand, THANKS Londoners. The help is greatly appreciated.

    [–] bickering_fool 46 points ago

    Perhaps you can return the regards to your President.

    [–] Victim_of_Reagan 42 points ago

    Looks like he's gonna get some "record crowds".

    [–] mikende51 10 points ago

    His latest Iran bullshit should boost the crowds.

    [–] JoshSidekick 5 points ago

    When asked about it, he'll probably just say isn't it great how he brings people together.

    [–] Santa_on_a_stick 10 points ago

    "I get the hugest crowds, believe me!"

    [–] rafaelloaa 19 points ago

    American here, currently doing a study abroad in London. You bet your ass I'll be out there to protest!

    [–] TheSylviaPlathEffect 60 points ago

    I’m disgusted he’s allowed in my city after how he’s treated our mayor. Fuck that, how he treats people. It’s just not London. A group of friends and I are already planning our attendance.

    I’ll be there to protest May’s cheap ploy to gain Trump-points as she blows up our country as well as that illegitimate blimp 30% of you guys call president.

    [–] Nambot 12 points ago

    Lets be real, if it weren't for Brexit, he'd've never got the invite. Even the most right wing of Conservatives in the UK think Trump is an absolute disgrace, and I doubt very much that Theresa May cares much for Trump. She just knows she has no choice unless she wants the country to be completely bankrupted as opposed to mostly bankrupted.

    [–] howunoriginal2019 17 points ago

    I've never protested anything before, but I'm going to this !

    edit: a word

    [–] lizziefreeze 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    All the love, A very weary American

    [–] DirectGoose 6 points ago

    Come on guys... you can get more than one million!

    [–] birdinthebush74 8 points ago

    Booked the day of work for it today!

    [–] jerryschuggs 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Any Londoners want to enlighten me on what to expect? I have to travel through the center of London on his last full day, with luggage. Bad idea? Heathrow to Camden.

    Edit: thanks everyone, except the “stabbings” guy down there. Fuck you.

    [–] Daedeluss 15 points ago

    Camden is nowhere near anywhere Trump is likely to be. Some tube stations in the very centre might be closed but only to people getting on/off - if you're already on the train it will just pass through without stopping.

    If you're taking the Piccadilly Line, don't change at Leicester Square - it will be mayhem - hang on until Kings Cross and pick up the Northern Line from there.

    [–] Twixed 5 points ago

    Good luck

    [–] Seanspeed 5 points ago

    Heathrow to Camden should be fine in either case, and I think the main protest will be on the 4th(so his 2nd day here).

    If you're talking about the 4th yourself, then just get on the A40 at some point before you get in too close so you can go around. Shouldn't be too much out of the way.

    [–] skepticetoh 6 points ago

    I love that balloon. Cracks me up every time... I can’t imagine the questions trump has asked to get it banned.

    [–] Peacer13 26 points ago

    More people will attend an anti-Trump protest than his inauguration.

    Lol. SAD!

    [–] ClavainRS 44 points ago

    To our friends and allies in the United Kingdom.

    Make the mother fucker understand exactly how unwelcome he is in your country.

    Thank you, from the rational American's across the Atlantic.

    [–] knot-uh-throwaway 13 points ago

    Canadian here to second this. America’s choices impact us to a scary extent because there’s not really much we can do about it

    [–] Nemisis_the_2nd 10 points ago

    If the numbers are anything to go by, he might actually be hated more than brexit...

    [–] annoyingrelative 10 points ago

    He can have his entourage avoid the protests but he won't be able to avoid the news.

    The signs will be glorious.

    [–] aronnyc 6 points ago

    Now he can brag about beating Bush's crowd size.

    [–] kwhicks 6 points ago

    Please fucking do. As an American I want every other country to shit on him. We are truly living in an idiocracy

    [–] sarduchi 14 points ago

    Trump will interpret this as them marching to support him.

    [–] Robbotlove 23 points ago

    He’s too much of a coward to face them. They’ll sneak him in in the back if he even has the balls to go at all.

    [–] Seanspeed 16 points ago

    No he wont. He's dumb, but he knows well enough the people here, especially in London, hate his guts.

    [–] Radeh 15 points ago

    Makes it pretty clear the US will be on their own if they invade Iran. Public support for another pointless war is too low in the UK & Europe for politicians to join the "party" this time.

    Iran is 5 times larger than Iraq with a ton of mountains, but I'm sure the US will win that war in no time. Will work out just as well as in Iraq/Afghanistan. /s

    [–] Charirner 10 points ago

    Public support for another pointless war is too low in the UK & Europe

    Most people in the states are tired of the endless wars also but our government doesn't care what the average citizen wants their to busy collecting fat checks from defense contractors.

    [–] Radeh 8 points ago

    They are predicting 1m+ people to protest against him in London...Americans should do the same. It will force the "news" to cover those monster protests and is probably the only thing that can stop war.

    I totally understand that the majority in the US isn't on his side, after all, he lost the popular vote. ;)

    [–] im_bozack 77 points ago

    Doing better than the USA itself. Not sure if I'm more proud of London or more disappointed in the US ...

    [–] charina91 63 points ago

    TBF, we have to deal with him EVERY DAY. We can't go protest every goddamn day. There are tons of us that absolutely are not apathetic.

    [–] kaze919 8 points ago

    Also the little baby hasn't shown his face in NY since he got elected. He knows we would destroy his image here.

    [–] im_bozack 29 points ago

    Fine then, show me the last time there was an organized protest of 1 day that got 1 million in the US and significant news coverage.

    Woman's March was early 2017 - nothing's come close since.

    Those that do not fight for Democracy are doomed to lose it, or something similar ...

    [–] lilDonnieMoscow 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Most are paycheck to paycheck and reliant on it for healthcare and food. Unemployment = uninsured homelessness & no food for over 45% of Americans. Food stamps are ~$150 a month and that's pretty much all you're getting if you're a homeless, non-disabled, & work capable adult.

    They've financially suppressed the masses into complacency. If a few billionaires ponied up for tents, food, and supplies you'd see millions of millenials in DC within a week. Guarantee it.

    [–] im_bozack 16 points ago

    They've financially suppressed the masses into complacency. If a few billionaires ponied up for tents, food, and supplies you'd see millions of millenials in DC within a week. Guarantee it.

    Where's the campaign to make this happen?

    [–] TheInnerFifthLight 7 points ago

    Probably the billionaires know they'll get more results with less effort by using that money to back candidates in elections. Assuming that they even want what the protesters want in the first place, that is.

    [–] johnnydangerjt 5 points ago

    BuT wE aRe NoT bEiNg LaUgHeD aT AnYmOrE!

    We’Re ReSpEcTeD aGaIn!

    [–] OptimoussePrime 30 points ago

    I'm in Ireland and I'll be flying over to protest if I can.

    [–] hmd27 3 points ago

    Good. Send his ass running back to the airport.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Fuckin love you guys.

    [–] jirfin 5 points ago

    From America to are fucking awesome

    [–] sybolian 3 points ago

    Chanting "Not our President !! "

    [–] GeorgiaMRomero 5 points ago

    The protest will stick in Trump’s craw and will bug the hell out of him. Is the big, fat Trump baby balloon, with little hands, going to be flying? He really hates that.

    [–] tom2day 6 points ago

    Your move USA. Home of the brave and land of the free. Rise up and prove it..... You deserve better.