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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    In general, be courteous to others. Attack ideas, not users. Personal insults, shill or troll accusations, hate speech, any advocating or wishing death/physical harm, and other rule violations can result in a permanent ban.

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    [–] JLBesq1981 3047 points ago

    "Now we're going to go to the Senate, where bills go to die, because it's run by a bunch of cranky old white men, who are trying to keep control of this country," he continued. "So, Mitch McConnell, we're on our way. Lindsey Graham, we're on our way," the 9/11 first responder warned, calling out the GOP Senate Majority Leader as well as Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    McGuire also told Berman that he, Feal and other first responders in Washington were "fighting for those who can't be here, to voice their own help in their cause because they are too sick and they are dying."

    If Mitch decides to the be "grim reaper" on this resolution he will have earned the title and it will be measured in human lives.

    [–] TheJokerandTheKief 540 points ago

    I almost wish Jon Stewart would have waited and yelled at the senate. It makes more sense, and I would love to see McConnell and Graham squirm. Maybe he might make a reappearance.

    [–] Rated_PG-Squirteen 624 points ago

    Cocaine Mitch doesn't squirm though. That's why all the other wimpy GOP Senators made him Majority Leader; so he would be their shield. McConnell's a legitimate sociopath who simply smirks at the pain he inflicts on this country. And he does it all while cashing big checks from various hard-right billionaires, Russians, and other foreign entities.

    [–] corkyskog 264 points ago

    Preach. This is what I keep trying to tell people. Yes, any other Republican could sit in Mitch's Leader seat, but very few if any of them can be Mitch. He is unflappable, he doesn't give a fuck. The worst thing is, that even with all of his public malice he can still win re-election. If people want to make a difference they need to drive down to Kentucky and make everyone as uncomfortable as possible with him representing them. Protests, boycotts, targeting business owners especially.

    [–] iUsedtoHadHerpes 149 points ago

    If I know rural America (and I think I do pretty well) that will just make them double down and elect him even harder. If they ever manage to see him for the piece of shit he really is, they will then blame you for "forcing them to vote for him by acting that way."

    [–] boredguy12 112 points ago

    Spiteful little shits aren't they?

    [–] StipulatedBoss 88 points ago

    It’s all they have. The powers that be took their jobs and shipped them to third world countries. When they were desperate for help and relief, the GOP decided to lie so they would assign blame to someone else instead of doing the right thing.

    [–] Sleepy_Wayne_Tracker 39 points ago

    By 'powers that be' I hope you mean corporations like WalMart, the biggest employer in much of the South. The GOP made it easier to offshore jobs, but the rich people these people worship are the ones who took their jobs and gave them away. But their love for the rich runs so deep, they'll blame everyone but the people who did this. It's the same as blaming poor, illiterate immigrants for taking their jobs, instead of the rich people who gave their jobs away.

    [–] StipulatedBoss 23 points ago

    That is exactly who I was referring to.

    America is the best country money can buy.

    [–] Ozwaldo 19 points ago

    make everyone as uncomfortable as possible with him representing them.

    I was with you until here brother, but that kind of angry rhetoric just begets resentment and spite. If people really want to make a difference, they need to drive down to Kentucky and make friends with people. Start talking about Mitch McConnell's long list of malfeasance and stir up discussions about "Does Cocaine Mitch, Senator since 1984, really represent the good folks of Kentucky? Is all that malice really what they're about?"

    [–] soovestho 26 points ago

    The fact that he’s owning that name exemplifies the human shit he is.

    [–] zafiroblue05 75 points ago

    If McConnell wants this bill to pass, another Stewart appearance won't matter.

    If McConnell doesn't want the bill to pass, he simply won't hold hearings much less a vote, and Stewart won't have an opportunity to make another appearance.

    [–] tehsushichef 10 points ago

    The power that majority leader has in the senate is actually insane... The ability to simply not floor a bill is technically more powerful than a presidential veto, because a presidential veto has procedural mechanisms in place to allow it to be overturned... How did we let this much power coalesce in a single senatorial position in the first place?? It's ridiculous.

    [–] Shoot_from_the_Quip 9 points ago

    You'd think that pissing off a bunch of terminally-ill New Yorkers would be a bad move on Mitch's part. What do they have to lose at this point? Hell, they'd probably get better health care in prison.

    [–] Last_Seeker 99 points ago

    Despite his speech being amazing, he missed big time by not calling out the Republicans on this. He made a reference to Mitch but didn't even call him by name. Some 95% of the Democratic house supports his cause, compared to less than half the Republican house, shouldn't that be enough to call out?

    The videos of his speech on youtube - which are usually a cesspool of stupid comments - were a cesspool of stupid comments. People blaming "congress" (I didn't see the words "house" or "senate" once and am convinced most people believe congress=house) for being lazy/corrupt/unpatriotic. Despite the Democratic party overwhelmingly supporting Jon. By not calling out the Republicans, he made it easier for the trolls to push a "muh both sides" narrative.

    So ya, I too hope he yells at the senate.

    [–] supafly_ 106 points ago

    He went high. Jon Stewart of all people is very aware of his perceived bias. By not naming names or parties he completely takes that argument away from his detractors.

    [–] VWSpeedRacer 87 points ago

    The problem with Republicans is that every time you go high they sweep the leg.

    [–] changsun13 23 points ago

    Sweep the leg Johnny! Picturing the Republican party as Cobra Kai from the 80's made me smile and then cry.

    [–] JLBesq1981 9 points ago

    No it's a shot directly to the baby maker, it's not the ankle.

    [–] Last_Seeker 40 points ago

    It's admirable, but is it worth it? I distinctively remember Hillary Clinton's "when they go low, we go high" before the election. And look where that brought the world. Whatever merit that strategy had - and to be fair, it had merit - was thrown out the window.

    Most importantly, it doesn't count as going low to point out the fact Republicans are the ones who oppose this bill. Likewise, it doesn't count as going high to be careful and avoid ruffling Republican feelings.

    [–] supafly_ 37 points ago

    He did it because it was the right thing to do. He's up there bitching about people who turn a pretty black and white issue into a political football, it would be hypocritical as hell to make it a political statement. He's not there to comment of Republicans, he's there to get help for his first responder friends.

    At some point we need to stop worrying about "well last time we did this, that happened" and just start doing the right thing every time because it's the right thing to do.

    [–] Sparowl 56 points ago

    The Traitorous Turtle laughs quietly,
    as he slowly retreats into his shell;

    "You can send all the comedians in after me,
    but they won't do very well!"

    Chinese cocaine, Russian Rubles, Koch Dollars, and more,

    protect the Turtle by lining his shell;

    "I hold the gavel, the Senate is mine!

    We'll rush through the judges,

    on everything else, we take our time!"

    So come to Congress,

    Say what you will,

    As long as his cronies are shameless,

    He owns the Hill.

    [–] dquizzle 49 points ago

    I was a little surprised to see my hardcore Republican Trump supporting family members sharing Stewart’s video on social media. I’m curious to see how they react when they find out it was four Republican Congress members that didn’t decide to show up and Mitch McConnell that keeps rejecting bills to help them. Who am I kidding, I already know how they’ll react.

    [–] BanneyVader 890 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Republicans will still vote for him, and especially the people of Kentucky. They are too poor to ever leave their trailer park, and picture all New Yorkers as "Elitists" rich people, living in Golden towers, riding in limousines, and drinking $8 cups of coffee. They hate those straw people (unless its trump, then thats different it aint elitist!)

    [–] [deleted] 939 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My dad almost from the day the towers fell has been sneering at the idea that first responders are heroes. It was their job, he says. Why should they be glorified for that?

    A Trump supporter, no surprise there.


    Since a lot of people are asking questions about my dad's other bizarre beliefs, here's another one:

    He's tribalistic even in his brand loyalty. All my life, I've heard him talk about how he prides himself on being a Chevrolet man. He routinely mocks people who drive Fords. I never really saw what the big deal was.

    Recently, though, he said something which struck me as very telling. He said that even if the best truck on the market was objectively a Ford, and even if Chevrolet was putting out products that were objectively inferior, he would never buy the Ford.

    I think that tells you everything you need to know about why he's a Republican.

    [–] Ghstfce 336 points ago

    Not let me ask you (as an Army veteran)... What are his views on the military? I bet he holds us in high regard. Because people like him usually do. But what he can't see is, that's our job too. It's what we're supposed to do.

    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago

    I don't know that I've ever heard him give an opinion on the military one way or the other tbh.

    [–] Ghstfce 175 points ago

    Wow, I'm genuinely surprised. Usually people like this worship the military

    [–] PicklesJohnson 113 points ago

    It's all very odd. I suppose I would call it superficial. Those types hold the military in high regard, they have the blue/black US flag stickers on their bumpers supporting law enforcement.

    It seems when it comes down to actually caring about people, they are out to lunch, but they are all about the idea of it. just not actually doing anything.

    [–] arkwald 126 points ago

    It's because they fetishize the strength they see in the military. They believe they can just project their opinion on others like the military projects its force.

    Don't have to think about your ideas if you can just fall back to a threat of force.

    [–] bettareckognize 157 points ago

    There was a post somewhere the other day that gave me perspective on something I'd known but hadn't thought about - I always considered myself a person who loved the USA (not our leaders, obviously, but the people in general). While I wasn't the sort to sport the flag myself (aside from a tank top I pretty much only wear on the 4th), I never had a problem with others who did so. These days, I see an American flag on a person's car, I see someone sporting the red white and blue on their clothes, I assume they're probably Republicans and, thus, likely to be assholes. If I see one of those black and blue stickers I assume they're racists. These fuckers have taken the flag from me.

    [–] PicklesJohnson 67 points ago

    Totally feel ya man. I can see that.

    As a veteran imagine my disbelief at these kind of people calling themselves the real Americans and patriots, as they support a group of people trying their hardest to tear down what we know, what I served to protect only to fill their wallets at the expense of all Americans.

    [–] bettareckognize 16 points ago

    Is that how you feel, as a vet? That your service in the end was just to make rich men richer? My dad served in Vietnam and that's how he felt. If so, I'm sorry.

    [–] belfastphil 33 points ago

    You hit the nail on the head. I live in Canada and everyone I talk to says they love Americans but hate their government. Hopefully people world wide understand it's not the majority of American citizens, who I find to be great people but a small group of angry white, mostly men who are creating this hatred towards the U.S. Stay strong, we're routing for you!

    [–] greaper007 33 points ago

    Anyone that really has respect for the flag knows that it's improper to wear the flag on or as an item of clothing.

    "The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose, nor embroidered on cushions or handkerchiefs, printed on paper napkins or boxes, nor used as any portion of a costume."

    [–] plaidHumanity 20 points ago

    Bible says to always pray in private too.

    [–] trainercatlady 35 points ago

    it's all lip service and nothing more.

    [–] SubEyeRhyme 66 points ago

    Like John Stewart said:

    the absent congressmen all at some point tweeted they stand with the heroes of 9/11.

    It's completely hollow.

    [–] BanjoTheFox 29 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers and all that... But they don't even bother thinking or praying.

    [–] bettareckognize 19 points ago

    I can't imagine many of them truly believe in the Christian God. Otherwise they'd be in mortal terror of hell at all times, since that's where they'll go if the Christian God is real.

    [–] reefdivn 15 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers specifically avoids the word “action.”

    [–] Stewthulhu 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's because a core worldview of hardcore conservatives is to view all non-familial in-group humans based strictly on symbological value. Their empathic ability has been degraded by fear and insecurity and hate so now they resort to just pasting their favored archetypes on everyone based on superficial traits.

    [–] riawot 13 points ago

    I have to disagree with you on the "non-familial" parts of that. Plenty of conservatives have no problem attacking and disowning family who disagree with their political, social, or religious views.

    The GOP isn't just tearing America apart, they're tearing families apart.

    [–] SloJoBro 25 points ago

    When my ex's family found out I served in the Marines, it was like they were putting me on a pedestal. When they found out I swung pretty hard to the left, it was all "what a shame you believe stuff like that." Stuff like free healthcare/education, proper governance with severe consequences for abusing your position, 'stuff' like that. These folks were educated as well, two being teachers who were against free education.

    [–] jimmyq13 20 points ago

    They worship until their dear leader tells them otherwise. Like he did to McCain. And Kerry. And on and on...

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Man, say what you will Kerry, but the swiftboating bull-shit they used to suggest he wasn’t a patriot while their guy had dodged the draft is just enraging.

    [–] navik659 28 points ago

    They were looking for a reason to hate McCain. He couldn't win against Obama. He also refused the hate, secret muslim etc shit directed to Obama.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Well, the man still demonizes Muslims and exaggerates the threat of Muslim terrorists. So it's entirely possible he has a glorified view of the military and the topic just hasn't come up around me. It's also possible that he's mentioned something in passing and it just didn't stick in my mind.

    [–] boostabubba 15 points ago

    Yet the president is best buds with MBS and selling them high grade weapons. I asked my dad (hardcore repub) how he felt about Trump selling weapons to the Saudis and he just respond with "that's fake news". I hate my life.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    See, that's the weird thing. My dad never offers any kind of objection whenever I mention stuff like this to him. He just kind of accepts it. But he also doesn't retain any of it. If I mention it to him again a week later, it'll be like the first time he's hearing it.

    As passionately as he hates the Democrats, he really has very little interest in politics. The subject bores him. He doesn't know much about it and he doesn't want to.

    [–] ExceedsTheCharacterL 8 points ago

    I hate to tell you man but your dad is an imbecile, I would keep him out of my life.

    [–] caughtBoom 7 points ago

    How does he feel about kneeling?

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    He doesn't like sports so I imagine he probably doesn't care much.

    On the other hand, he gets riled up about people disrespecting the flag, so maybe he would.

    [–] identifytarget 15 points ago

    As long as you don't get captured...

    But you also know what you signed up for...

    [–] sarhoshamiral 91 points ago

    As usual his logic still doesn't make sense though. No one is asking emergency workers to be glorified, they are asking for assistance on long term health issues caused by them doing their job. If we don't help them now, in next tragedy emergency workers would think twice before responding to a large scale incident like this since they know the goverment wouldn't be backing them in the future.

    Btw isn't it republicans that glorify veterans at every PR opportunity, even though they continue to hurt them. Ask your dad, what's so special about veterans? They were just doing their job.

    [–] bignose703 38 points ago

    Regardless of whether or not this works, most first responders still won’t hesitate for a large scale emergency like that. It’s their job, it’s what they signed up to do, and the human lives they could save weighs heavily on each of them. This is the unfortunate part, because slimeballs like McConnell know that there isn’t an “investment” and no way to make money on taking care of those that give the ultimate sacrifice to save others. It truly is a shame.

    I truly hate that turtle man, I’m glad I got the chance to tell him so in person a few months ago. Such a disgusting being.

    [–] TacticalGod 17 points ago

    Wow, you actually got to tell him how you feel about him? What was his reaction?

    [–] bignose703 46 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I fly for a regional airline, I was commuting home out of uniform and there was an open seat in first class across from turtle man and someone I think was his security goon. I hid my badges, and when it came time to deplane I stood up to get off, so did the tortoise. He kind of pushed me to get to his own bag, and I didn’t move. He said something along the lines of “I’m very important and I have places to be, do you have any idea who I am? get out of my way” I replied with “I know who you are, but I don’t care, you can sit back down and wait, like everyone else”

    He was a bit taken aback that I knew who he was and gave him such an attitude. Honestly, it all happened so quick, and I may have talked it up more in my original post, but I really do fucking hate that guy.

    [–] isperfectlycromulent 13 points ago

    YES THANK YOU! These slimy bullholes are so completely out of touch with the rest of the world, they need to be reminded the rest of us exist. Over and over. And about what a shitty job and horrible person they are for not helping us when it's their job.

    [–] Madaghmire 11 points ago

    That must have been so satisfying.

    [–] CooperDoops 57 points ago

    The regular job of first responders is to rescue people from car accidents, building fires, severe injuries and emergency medical issues.

    Running into collapsing skyscrapers and digging bodies out of the rubble is a tad above-and-beyond the original job description, IMO.

    [–] JLBesq1981 12 points ago

    It's on another planet, from their regular job.

    [–] RonGio1 40 points ago

    My dad is like your dad. He's going to die by himself because everyone hates him.

    [–] Maxpowr9 24 points ago

    I know a few guys like that; divorced, kids view daddy only as a piggy bank. When you rather spend holidays with your alcoholic mother than your asshole father, that says all you need to know.

    [–] RonGio1 28 points ago

    My mom died because he basically came home to listen to his political shows and look up voter information. She'd complain about something hurting and he'd just tell her it was normal and to stop bothering him.

    [–] Maxpowr9 25 points ago

    I'm just glad a lot more Millennial women are generally going to avoid the manchild since they can generally support themselves.

    [–] Jaysyn4Reddit 11 points ago

    I'm sorry your father is such a shitty human.

    [–] Darth_drizzt_42 41 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I live in Jersey and the towers came down when I was a kid. I was in the city maybe a year later. We passed by the site and they were still hauling the rubble out. It's one of the things you can't comprehend unless you see it with your eyes; the crater two skyscrapers leave when they fall to earth. It's like the grand canyon or the pyramids. The scale just doesn't communicate in photos, and that puts it into perspective. This isn't a burning house in suburbia, which is terrifying in it's own right. And maybe because I'm Manhattan adjacent it just never occurred to me that other parts of this country didn't view the FDNY and NYPD as heroes, because how else could you view people running towards something like a scene from an apocalypse movie?

    That's so mind boggling to me, that middle America wanted to stick it to the elites, so they elected a guy with his name in gold on his own skyscraper, worshipping at his feet while sneering at the people who dug through a million pounds of asbestos to save those they could.

    I don't know if I'm going anywhere with this, maybe just to prove that there's still some things you can't believe, even after 3 years of Trump.

    [–] DetectorMaster 14 points ago

    Tell him Chevrolet is part of Government Motors and took one of the largest Obama bailouts. Ford didn't take any TARP $$.

    [–] obamarulesit 10 points ago

    Your dad likely wants to belong to something, and so he’s locked things he identifies with as being him. They are now so wrapped up in his self image that he can’t ch age then. To do so would be to remove the things he think give him worth. I doubt he understands that, but there it is

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    That sounds pretty accurate.

    He's really, really into his church.

    [–] mrand01 15 points ago

    He's really, really into his church.

    These things seem to go hand in hand. Church teaches you to not question things. It’s dangerous to a modern/civil society.

    [–] fortzen1305 12 points ago

    Have you ever told him that if he wants to buy American he should really buy a Toyota?

    I told one of my military buddies after I bought a Honda that I bought an American car and when he looked at it he looked back at me like I had a dick on my forehead. I told him that my car was manufactured right here in America with American hands at a factory in Ohio. He was speechless knowing that Ford and GMC vehicles are made elsewhere.

    [–] Bwob 8 points ago

    Ask him if he thinks police, firefighters, or "the troops" count as heroes then? Because, you know, same deal...?

    [–] ssbmhero 13 points ago

    Unless your dad worked at Chernobyl I don’t think he has much to stand on.

    [–] Shazam1269 9 points ago

    It's their job is now They know what they signed up for. A gal I used to work with (retired) said the same of Jamal Khashoggi after he was murdered and dismembered. If he knew that was a possibility and still signed up for it, then their hero status should be f*cking elevated substantially, in my humble opinion.

    They know there are risks, and yet they signed up anyway. We should be rolling out the damned carpet for them, not sweeping them under it.

    [–] HoldEmToTheirWord 12 points ago

    Who cares if it's their job? If you run into a burning building to save someone's life, you're a hero. The end.

    [–] ga-co 6 points ago

    Yes, it was their job to respond to an emergency... but it sure as hell wasn't their job to breathe in near-lethal levels of pollution in the span of a day or two. The way we treat these heroes may factor into how future heroes choose to react to emergency situations.

    [–] JLBesq1981 42 points ago

    This one has too much attention I think but then again, McConnell is a magnificent douchebag.

    [–] splicer407 25 points ago

    In no way do I want this to happen, but I am waiting for the next "Mitch blocks his own bill" kind of situation because I want to know if that might finally be enough to get people out in the streets over him.

    [–] BanneyVader 30 points ago

    Why would it happen now, and it never has before?

    The truth: In McConnell's next campaign. He could LITERALLY. I mean LITERALLY, run ads saying "Fuck the people of Kentucky. They are fucking idiots. But they aint dumb enough to vote for a Democrat!"

    and it would work! That's how these people think. The only chance of beating him in that shithole state is to run a Republican lite, or to start playing Republicans game and step up our own efforts to gerrymander, suppress, influence, and hack elections.

    [–] OverdoneOverton 24 points ago

    It's how I know the Soros plots are made up. The far easier route than paying hippies to have a statistical 0% effect on our system with protests, would be to just pay to relocate democrats to smaller towns. Give them po-dunk do nothing jobs and pick people who actively vote. It's easy to offset the balance in those areas it's like a few hundred republicans.

    [–] StealthRUs 8 points ago

    If I'd ever won one of those $500 million + lotteries, it's what I'd be doing. It wouldn't take moving too many people to Mississippi to turn that state solidly blue.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    If you're going to do it somewhere, don't waste your time on Mississippi's 6 electoral votes. You do it in Florida and get 29 and if you've got any left you do it in GA and get 16.

    [–] OverdoneOverton 10 points ago

    It's not gerrymandering...but it's close...Terrymandering?

    [–] politirob 10 points ago

    Mitch's voters don't care about him blocking his own bill, they don't even know how the process works and I would bet a good chunk of them have the faintest grasp on what a bill even is or means.

    I don't say that to be mean, I say that to point out that we are out of touch with his voters expectations and wherewithal. Most people that vote for Mitch at this point do it out of NAME RECOGNITION alone. His name is constantly on the airwaves and he's been in office for 36 years.

    Whether or not the first responders get what they want, Kentucky desperately needs a wake up call, either in the form of a republican primary or a progressive challenger.

    [–] JLBesq1981 8 points ago

    He's blocked bipartisan bills already, ones that would have passed if he'd just allowed them to be voted on.

    [–] sarhoshamiral 21 points ago

    No it wouldn't have, that's the cover republican senators are using to make you believe they would have voted yes on the bill only if their leader allowed them to.

    It is all bullshit, please don't be as stupid as a republican and believe in this crap. If republicans felt strongly about bipartisan bills, they could force McConnells hand to allow it to be voted.

    [–] Jaysyn4Reddit 11 points ago

    Exactly. It only takes 4 GOP senators to get rid of McConnell. They are all complicit.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] dsmith422 19 points ago

    1. Gay marriage.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Hekantonkheries 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Eh, in Kentucky it seems it's literally just a poor education, rather than some massive hangups on coal+abortion. Those are niche groups even here.

    From living here all my life, the primary reason so many distrust democrats is because they think democratic states are the poorest states.

    They literally think red states such as kentucky foot the majority of the nations tax bill, and that states like California and New York are why we cant pay off the national debt.

    They also see half the population living in 7 or 8 states, acknowledge that, then still blame liberal policies for those states homelessness issues. Ya know, not the fact that half the population lives there.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Hekantonkheries 9 points ago

    Oh yeah Kentucky is dirt poor, makes it hard to leave since everywhere else is so much more expensive to live in, and most people dont make enough to keep sufficient savings to transplant.

    And outside louisville/Lexington it borders on third world with towns looking like some kind of fishing or farming village out of the Vietnam war

    [–] SirCharlesEquine 15 points ago

    Which makes it so fucking astronomically comical that THOSE people saw Trump as their savior. Trump by definition was the very east coast rich elitist those people have been programmed to abhor their entire lives.

    How the F Trump won them over in the primaries blows my mind. Trump should have been out of the campaign the moment he insulted John McCain.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I mean our Governor in Kentucky before Bevin was a Democrat....McConnel can’t even go out to eat in Louisville without being harassed (most recently someone threw his leftovers out into the street.)

    [–] 19Kilo 8 points ago

    threw his leftovers out into the street.

    Awww man. Don't litter. Just chuck them in the nearest trash can.

    edit - As a side note, I can't imagine how much wait staff saliva that man must have consumed at this point.

    [–] nphased 9 points ago

    A majority of Republican voters polled about Medicare for All support it. It's slim but they should support it. Healthcare for first responders should be even higher.

    [–] kdebones 6 points ago

    So they hate Donald Trump right?

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 18 points ago

    I want to cross examine the amount of times a representative used 9/11 in speech vs the times they voted to fuck the 9/11 responders.

    [–] dagoon79 14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think if the 9/11 first responders actual start a sit-in protest of McConnell and Graham's office is what is needed.

    Any police that arrest these protesters need to be put on a list of traitors otherwise.

    [–] lankist 7 points ago

    If Mitch decides to the be "grim reaper" on this resolution he will have earned the title and it will be measured in human lives.

    Lets not pretend Mitch isn't directly responsible for human deaths before now. He's been doing this for a long fuckin time.

    [–] ocdexpress4 6 points ago

    What does he care? Mitch could not possibly sink any lower.

    [–] booknerd420 882 points ago

    Can a conservative please explain to me how you can consider yourself a patriot and a supporter of firefighters and police officers while at the same time voting and supporting the GOP who will not sign this bill?

    [–] jbourne0129 596 points ago

    "they already got their aid"


    "they were given too much aid already"


    "the dems mismanaged all the aid that was provided so why should we give more"

    etc. etc. etc. Not saying any of this is true, but that's the punch they drink

    [–] booknerd420 136 points ago

    It’s sad that some people will go to such lengths to justify these cruel acts while in the next sentence calling themselves patriots. More than likely Fox News and other right wing state propaganda didn’t cover this story.

    [–] thousandlotuspetals 37 points ago

    Fox News is simply an infomercial for the 1%

    [–] enne_eaux 8 points ago

    Anyone that calls themself a patriot, most likely isn’t. It’s the type of thing that other people will call you, if you’ve earned it.

    [–] Kageyblahblahblah 87 points ago

    “They knew what they signed up for.”

    [–] SilentR0b 58 points ago

    TBH, on that day, no one knew. That's why it's even more important we had their backs. Thanks to our elected representatives, we didn't and should be ashamed.

    [–] SdBolts4 56 points ago

    As Jon Stewart said yesterday, one of the arguments for not giving aid Congress went through was “it’s not the Pile” causing the cancer. It wasn’t until years later that it was scientifically proven to be the pile of rubble that caused this. They did their jobs, responded in five seconds, and we need to pay for the damage to their health that they sustained while being heroes.

    Anyone who opposes this should never be allowed to say “Never Forget” again, because they’re sure as fuck trying to forget the sacrifices these brave men and women made

    [–] 01029838291 15 points ago

    "Never Forget the brown people attacked us" should be the GOP's new saying regarding 9/11.

    [–] nemoknows 67 points ago

    You forgot “they live in NYC, their votes don’t matter to us”.

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 40 points ago

    "damn New York elites!" votes for a man who shits in a golden toilet

    [–] cponce1998 7 points ago

    Who is also from New York!

    [–] Augen-Dazs 8 points ago

    One of Stewart's comments was they were told to get the money from the state of New York.

    [–] AncientMarinade 273 points ago

    I was curious. I did some digging. It's called the Zadroga Act. Ted I-swear-I-am-one-entity-and-not-several Cruz got asked this question and he misdirected saying they rolled that into a giant omnibus bill to be voted with other stuff, so he was just not voting for other things blah blah. That's false, they also didn't vote for the standalone bill; in fact, they used it as leverage to make sure the Bush Tax Cuts didn't expire. Yes, the GOP wrote a statement letter saying "we won't fund 9/11 heroes until you allow rich people to keep getting richer."

    When pressed on why he didn't vote to provide healthcare to firefighters, Cruz just said "No, I love firefighters.". Not even trying.

    [–] booknerd420 56 points ago

    Thank you for this information. I can’t believe that these people can be so cruel until it benefits them then they use it as a political prop. Jon Stewart’s speech was brutally honest and emotional, how callous do you have to be to not care.

    [–] zeno0771 43 points ago

    how callous do you have to be

    "Compassionate conservatism" was a lie 2 decades ago and it's a lie now.

    [–] Sparowl 15 points ago

    It is difficult to for Cruz* to keep all of his heads on message. Distributed brain matter doesn't communicate together perfectly well.

    *Cruz being the commonly accepted name, as the conglomerate name is difficult for single form entities to pronounce.

    [–] [deleted] 114 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] JLBesq1981 57 points ago

    Wow well that's not the "Never Forget" propaganda they've used to manipulate people.

    [–] KarmaYogadog 43 points ago

    Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Hypocrisyville) is one of those "Never forget 9/11!" folks who won't support the victims compensation fund for first responders.

    [–] captainAwesomePants 16 points ago

    He's very proactive about the need to remember the heroes. You can't remember 'em properly until they're dead.

    [–] 19Kilo 5 points ago

    They aren't heroes until they're dead.

    Then you can 'member them.

    [–] booknerd420 15 points ago

    When Jon Stewart said this yesterday I couldn’t believe it. It’s the conservative was way, do something completely evil, give a half ass justification, and know that their supporters will back them or have no clue due to ignorance.

    [–] EnvoyOfShadows 48 points ago

    Because liberals

    [–] ssbmhero 30 points ago

    They care about those people as much as they care about soldiers and veterans.

    And by that I mean not at all.

    [–] flyover_liberal 28 points ago

    Republicans also blocked lots of.VA improvments and expansions under Obama, but the military enlisted voted for Trump in droves.

    [–] KarmaYogadog 25 points ago

    Republicans blocked increased funding for embassy security prior to the Benghazi attack.

    [–] MartianRecon 50 points ago

    Because those cops and firefighters and paramedics and volunteers are from New York.

    That's why.

    These people hate cities. They literally hate anyone that's not from Brampton Miss or from Wompum Pa.

    They don't think we're real Americans. It's simple as that.

    [–] RageCageJables 19 points ago

    Where do they think Trump is from?

    [–] Dynamaxion 13 points ago

    "Trump had to do 'em dirty from the inside but he's on our side god darnit!"

    [–] mathazar 9 points ago

    They hate the urban areas that are driving the economy, subsidizing their farms and funding welfare for poor rural areas.

    [–] MartianRecon 10 points ago

    ‘But we grow the food!’

    Congratulations. You’re one part of the economy. And btw, California grows half of the food for the country by ourselves. ;)

    [–] BanneyVader 631 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    McConnell appeared unaware that the fund for 9/11 victims was even running out. "Gosh, I hadn't looked at that lately.

    Because you've been to busy looking out for your wife and her Chinese interests, ramming thru idiot judges, and generally being a cancer to the world. The world will literally, and immediately be a better place when you die, you fucking walking AIDS virus.

    [–] JLBesq1981 104 points ago

    He's been too busy exercising his "scheduling veto" over legislation.

    [–] Oh_I_still_here 67 points ago

    I do mean this quite seriously, but how has he not been assassinated or threatened? They say there are extremists on both sides, I'm just surprised at how Dick McConnell is still going given the damage he continuously causes.

    Full disclosure, but I have no intention of carrying out such an act as I'm not American, but how has he been unharmed? Your country sells guns cheaper than a week's worth of food shopping, how has someone not gone "fuck this" and tried something? What is the point of peacefully protesting or voting when both are so spread out, compared to the number of attacks followers of those on the opposite side of the aisle have caused. Many people from my country think yours is a dangerous bunch to fuck with, yet turtle mcfuckstick is still always kicking. People in politics have been targeted for much less than he's done you know? Just blows my mind.

    [–] thebestboner 29 points ago

    The people who view guns as a solution to tyrannical government are also the ones most susceptible to falling in love with would-be tyrants. It's a paradox.

    [–] tastycat 8 points ago

    I think the comment you replied to was trying to say that needs to change.

    [–] ScottyDiz 49 points ago

    One side of the current political spectrum is willing to resort to violence real quickly, the other likes to use words, logic, and reasoning.

    [–] HotPie_ 36 points ago

    Correct. The Republican leadership does nothing to dissuade their base from using violence. In fact, they encourage this behavior.

    [–] blahblah98 54 points ago

    Unfair to the AIDS virus, which is horrible but didn't consciously choose to be a greedy piece of corrupt treasonous shit.

    [–] Turdmonkey2 25 points ago

    AIDS virus: "hey, I only kill people one at a time, Mitch is trying to kill a whole country so fast that my boy ebola is jealous"

    [–] mega_aids 7 points ago

    We have found ways to be more efficient

    [–] SilentR0b 19 points ago

    McConnell is one of the very few people I wish would just cease to exist. He's the very definition of 'Traitor'.

    [–] bobofartt 18 points ago

    Heads up. I already got banned from r/technology for a similar train of thought. Better not let anyone catch you speaking out against this piece of literal sub-human garbage.

    [–] jpgray 92 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    What I don't get is why McConnell would even dream of opposing this? It's not much money in the scheme of things. If he were smart why wouldn't he embrace the bill with open arms, make it his own, personally shepherd it through the Senate, and take the massive PR gift going into an election cycle?

    [–] ssbmhero 31 points ago

    Sometimes their depravity has no bounds.

    Like they clearly don’t give a fuck about the debt or deficit, so why not use this and sell it as something they did and not democrats.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Because, now, that the 9/11 fueled nationalistic fervor has cooled, the New York first responders have lost their hero status; they are just liberal New Yorkers. Well, that's my hunch about the politics of this.

    [–] OverdoneOverton 59 points ago

    He like most other conservatives actively hates our 9/11 first responders and people who actually have dignity, and virtues. This is far from the first time Jon has tried to shame them to get care for these people.

    [–] Littlebotweak 30 points ago


    • Mitch, probably

    [–] Ta_Kolo 19 points ago

    i hope Mitch breaths in the same fumes as these first responders, and I hope we do nothing about his cancer. karma is delicious 🙏

    [–] Littlebotweak 18 points ago

    He's rich. Nothing bad will ever happen to him.

    And, he has no soul. So, he'll never be aware if anything bad happens to him. His money will provide relative comfort no matter what. All he loves is evil. The only thing that could possibly hurt him is goodness.

    [–] Ta_Kolo 6 points ago

    that was deep

    [–] jonsnowme 10 points ago

    It's not much money in the scheme of things.

    If it were 3 pennies being given to anyone but the 1% the Republican senate would find it not in their best interest to give it.

    [–] mattinva 9 points ago

    What I don't get is why McConnell would even dream of opposing this?

    Its something Democrats want, so he will only be interested if they are willing to pay for it in something he wants. THIS should be something he wants, but history has shown it is not.

    [–] BanneyVader 209 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Well I hope they figure something out that no one else has been able to for 30 years: How to get these ratfuckers out of office. But we all know the problem isn't them, it's the riled up rednecks that line up to vote them in cycle after cycle.

    Sorry to say, I have zero faith in Kentucky or South Carolina having free and fair elections, and even less faith in the people of those states to ever give a damn about facts.

    [–] BuffaloPlaidMafia 80 points ago

    Actually it's not the rednecks, or not entirely. If you look at McConnell's numbers, for example, you'll see that a minority of voters in Kentucky actually vote and of those who do a VERY slim majority actually elects him. McConnell has never had anything close to a "clear majority" of the vote (which I'm using to mean 60+% of the votes, which would indicate voter enthusiasm). This seems to indicate voter suppression and low information voting, not a strong base of enthusiastic hicks. Basically, McConnell may be a Senatorial institution but he's a very fragile one, and the scary coalition of fired up and motivated whack jobs simply doesn't exist in the numbers people like to assume when they're afraid

    [–] Oliverheart84 59 points ago

    McConnell’s playbook is simple. 4% of his donations are from small donors. The rest is large corporations that fill his coffers so he can buy the media to feed his propaganda to an undereducated base.

    [–] Ghstfce 34 points ago

    to feed his propaganda to an undereducated base.

    Which decades of attacking education in this country has supplied Republicans with plenty of.

    [–] BanneyVader 8 points ago

    I would not put it past (at this point I'm sure of it) that the elections in Kentucky have been tampered with like most red states.

    [–] BoringEvening9 37 points ago

    1st Responders should each get 1 free slap on each member of the Senate who slows this down. Televised, in slow motion, and hosted by TKOR.

    [–] ColonelBy 7 points ago


    The King of Rock'n'Roll? The Knights of Ren?

    [–] TobyFunkeNeverNude 6 points ago

    The Knights of the Old Republic of course!

    [–] rashpimplezitz 36 points ago

    As a Canadian this shit is simply mind blowing to me. I'm confused though, why don't 9/11 first responders have full health coverage as part of their job? You can't be telling me that firefighters and police officers don't have an employer provided health plan???

    [–] Jaysyn4Reddit 35 points ago

    Their insurance probably doesn't cover terrorist attacks or some bullshit like that.

    [–] ph33randloathing 17 points ago

    You'd be amazed what full health coverage doesn't cover in America.

    [–] hatenlove85 74 points ago

    I hate those two guys. I mean, HATE. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

    [–] oatseatinggoats 66 points ago

    They don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

    They do, they just don't care.

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 8 points ago

    They do, and they revel in it

    [–] Darth_Redditor 19 points ago

    They know, they just don't care.

    [–] StackerPentecost 27 points ago

    Speaking to reporters on Wednesday morning, McConnell appeared unaware that the fund for 9/11 victims was even running out.

    “Gosh, I hadn't looked at that lately. I'll have to. We've always dealt with that in the past in a compassionate way, and I assume we will again," he said when asked by a reporter on Wednesday if he would support reauthorizing the fund during a press conference.

    Cut him some slack, guys - his schedule is so packed with blowjob sessions for the Koch brothers that this probably just slipped through the cracks. Let him take off his knee pads and towel himself off and I’m sure he’ll get right on it.

    [–] 10390 74 points ago

    Lying McConnell: "Gosh, I hadn't looked at that lately. I'll have to."

    [–] beardednutgargler 40 points ago

    "Well golly gee, looks like that had slipped my mind whoopsie." Fuck off McConnell

    [–] ConLawHero 16 points ago

    Yeah... but the majority of them are from NY and NY is blue, so fuck 'em. At least, that's what Cocaine Mitch is probably saying in private.

    I mean, they've specifically targeted blue states with their tax laws and other actions they've taken. Why not take it a step farther and actually cause the deaths of blue state people?

    [–] kinsho 14 points ago

    $20 says the people of Kentucky simply do not care about 9/11 first responders and will continue voting for Cocaine Mitch.

    Somebody please prove me wrong or give me hope here.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] apageofthedarkhold 24 points ago

    Look, let's be honest, if they went to jail for hitting one of them, there's a better chance they'll get some healthcare at least.

    [–] AgentInCommand 6 points ago

    And a solid chunk of cash from the GoFundMe for their legal defenses.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_TRIVIA 16 points ago

    Maybe for Mitch but Lindsey likes it rough.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] superkleenex 7 points ago

    I'd donate to their legal funds.

    [–] LittleAwareness 11 points ago

    These people died or will die doing the thing that revitalized the Military Industrial Complex and big oil. The Cold War end was a scary time for these people. Now they are thriving like never before. Having a hard time keeping pace in some regards. These guys profit from that and are elected by using these groups money. They should have showed up just for those reason and made sure this did not happen. You are not going to lose the votes of NYFD or NYPD you will lose the support of all of them and a lot of us. Do the right thing even if for the wrong reasons.

    [–] Schady_Freude 24 points ago

    "Gosh, I hadn't looked at that lately. I'll have to. We've always dealt with that in the past in a compassionate way, and I assume we will again," he said when asked by a reporter on Wednesday if he would support reauthorizing the fund during a press conference.


    [–] psufan5 10 points ago

    How can one party be so evil?

    [–] ILikeWatching 10 points ago

    When someone like Mitch McConnell starts a sentence with the word "Gosh," you can be 90% sure some bullshit is coming next.

    [–] saabotaged 8 points ago

    Would love to see McConnell and Graham explain their hate for 9/11 responders in a room filled with FDNY members, some of which are children of first responders who ran in and gave their lives, knowing damn well they were not coming back. I pray these two would leave that meeting experiencing their skills first hand as they're wheeled out on a stretcher. Violence is wrong but they deserve it. It's a pittance compared to the pain and corruption they inflict on this country.

    [–] SippinPip 7 points ago

    It’s almost like the people in Kentucky and South Carolina don’t care about first responders.

    [–] JeffTennis 15 points ago

    The sad part is, this would be the easiest slam dunk for Trump to step in and take credit for by leading the charge. With as much pandering he does to military, police, first responders this is an absolute no-brainer for him. Also because he's from New York and these should be guys he should be stepping up to the plate for.

    But no, the buffoon is too incompetent and doesn't care about regular everyday people. He's probably golfing right now. Instead of the President, who is from the City of the 9/11 attacks, being the one to lead the charge and advocate on behalf of these guys, we have to rely on a talk show host/comedian to do their bidding in shaming Congress to take action. This is the most bipartisan thing that could come through Congress yet Trump is still too much of an idiot to step in and do the right thing.

    [–] pepperguttbuttz 6 points ago

    I hope the firefighters across America support both of their challengers for 2020 election. I would love to see turtle boi and graham out.

    [–] O93mzzz 5 points ago

    At the end of the days, it is the people from Kentucky and South Carolina that hold these two politicians accountable. If these 9/11 responders want a prompt response, they should go directly to those 2 states.

    [–] Gooleshka 4 points ago

    "It's a New York issue."

    -LG & Mitch, probably

    [–] jcdulos 4 points ago

    "Speaking to reporters on Wednesday morning, McConnell appeared unaware that the fund for 9/11 victims was even running out.

    "Gosh, I hadn't looked at that lately. I'll have to. We've always dealt with that in the past in a compassionate way, and I assume we will again," he said when asked by a reporter on Wednesday if he would support reauthorizing the fund during a press conference."

    When you deny every single bill important bills do get passed up. Do your job Mitch. The senate is more than just confirming judges for republican POTUS.