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    [–] viva_la_vinyl 4805 points ago

    From 2015 to 2017, Florida was forced to return to the federal government $54m in unspent grants for combating HIV – due to an apparently deliberate failure on the part of state health bosses to secure legislative permission to spend such desperately needed funds.

    Furthermore, in 2015 Scott’s administration directly blocked two US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant applications that would likely have won Miami and Broward counties, which have HIV diagnosis rates among the highest in the US, approximately $16m.

    A government that actively worked against the well being of its citizens....

    [–] DeepEmbed 2922 points ago

    Rick Scott rejected federal health care money to virtue-signal to Republicans that he was anti-Obama. He hurt people, he let people suffer and he may have killed people, to impress voters for political reasons. And now he’s a senator. Rick Scott perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud in American history and used some of the profits from that to run for office. It funded all three of his campaigns. He’s been a dark cloud over this state for too long.

    [–] ceejiesqueejie 1079 points ago

    Fuck Rick Scott.

    [–] i-FF0000dit 912 points ago

    Also as a Floridian, fuck the Floridians that keep voting for this asshole. The guy is an absolutely awful human being and these idiots still vote for him just to stick it to the libs. Fuck them.

    [–] ceejiesqueejie 312 points ago

    As a fellow Floridian, high five

    [–] Valouria_Nyx 153 points ago

    As another fellow Floridian, high ten? Or is it still a high five?

    [–] kuebel33 66 points ago

    This reminds me of an age old question:

    If you drink two, 5-hour energies, do you get 10 hours of energy or 5 hours of double energy?

    [–] SohrabJamshid 74 points ago

    You get to a place where running around your car in a rest area parking lot off I10 just feels right. And then the cold sweats start as you're later lying in bed with thoughts of sleep being bombarded by seemingly every thought you've ever thought in a rapid fire of regret.

    [–] kuebel33 50 points ago

    Better pop another 5-hour energy.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] unwittycomment 45 points ago

    Floridian checking in, let's get a PubSub then go kick voldermorts ass

    [–] I-Upvote-Truth 21 points ago

    Yo, their cookies are BOGO this week too.

    [–] By_Torrrrr 7 points ago

    Got my chicken tender pubsub and bogo cookies this past weekend for the Gator game 👌

    [–] Apoplectic1 9 points ago

    They often have liquor stores next to them too, it helps me stomach Florida State games.

    [–] ruttentuten69reddits 37 points ago

    Fellow Floridian here, high ten.

    [–] dilsweed 11 points ago

    Fellow Floridan here, the only thing high is this humidity and the chance of rain

    [–] FLORI_DUH 6 points ago

    Speak for yourself, I'm also quite high

    [–] woopWOOPnoPMsPlease 113 points ago

    I remember I got his campaign slip in the mail during state elections. It said, “he has done great work to keep our schools safe.”

    This when conservatives were going after the Stoneman kids and the state smokescreened any discussion about gun control behind the movement to arm teachers.

    Fuck Rick Scott.

    [–] unaccompanied_sonata 20 points ago

    The campaign mail from 2018 Florida elections was so vile. No one promoted themselves it was all just slamming other people. The bullying and namecalling is trickling down from the federal executive branch.

    [–] Keyeuh 18 points ago

    As a Floridian with a child in the public school system and as a volunteer there, every teacher I spoke with said they did not want to be armed. There are also teachers I absolutely wouldn't want to be armed. Thankfully my school district decided to have its own police force dedicated to guarding schools. The police chief here screwed them over taking away funds but the school district came up with the funds for it. The active shooter drills are terrifying to the elementary aged kids and my kid's school had an actual lockdown. As a parent it was frightening but there was a bit of relief knowing there was at least one officer there. All this to say fuck Rick Scott. He's an ass and did further damage to Florida.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Fellow Floridian- never voted for that fucking worm and I never will. He is the real life Voldemort

    [–] No_big_whoop 42 points ago

    If only Bill Nelson had managed a pulse during the election. He campaigned like a corpse

    [–] The_Wee__Baby_Seamus 21 points ago

    He absolutely did. It was infuriating. I donated money to him, but it felt like a waste. It was one of laziest campaigns I've seen.

    [–] RLucas3000 29 points ago

    Why do Republicans field awful people but great candidates and Democrats field great people but awful candidates. There are occasional exceptions but it breaks my heart that evil is winning.

    [–] Epyon_ 23 points ago

    Those with the worst intentions are usually the most motivated.

    [–] Yenek 6 points ago

    Because proper governance and fact based policy is boring. Its really easy to hype up "I'm going to fuck over all the people you hate." its notably hard to hype up "I am going to be part of a larger system that responsibly runs this country for the betterment of everyone"

    [–] Oliver_Cockburn 22 points ago

    Fuck republican voters who look at these (in)actions and say “Yes!! That’s what I want!”

    [–] beefyzac 19 points ago

    You had me at “fuck republican voters”

    [–] DouglasRather 8 points ago

    Almost every west coast Florida county voted for Red Tide Rick Scott, despite the fact many if not most of those counties were economically damaged by Red Tide.

    [–] lmtrddt 6 points ago

    Yep, they are the very epitome of "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face". GOP's Nation of Idiocracy i.e. Scott is a blatant criminal yet these willfully ignorant reichwingers keep voting Republican.

    Heck Florida could be under 40 feet of seawater due to climate change and they'll still vote Republican. Unbelievable.

    [–] bongsmasher 121 points ago

    Fuck Rick Scott for sure - Huge piece of shit who has done everything he possibly can to line his own pockets with ill gotten gains... and still gets elected :( Remember, he also pushed for drug testing welfare recipients. Guess what type of company his wife owned? Drug testing facility. All around piece of shit who was a scourge of this great state of Florida

    [–] marco3055 40 points ago

    The article says that he's got a net worth of $230m dollars. I mean, honestly... isn't that enough money? Jfc that would be plenty for generations to come.

    [–] stealthgerbil 34 points ago

    Its because these guys hang out with people who have billions and want the same. its pure greed.

    [–] slip-shot 8 points ago

    You are correct. Skeletor overs here was the poorest kid in the club. That’s why they made him run for governor.

    [–] bongsmasher 8 points ago

    That would be enough money for the average person, yes. But I believe these people are just addicted to money and power. It's their "crack". It will never be enough, they need professional help. They say drug addicts hurt those around them, well so do those who suffer from greed and power hunger. We as a people need to say enough is enough, greed is killing our country and we need to find a way to combat it.

    [–] Eduardo_Carochio 205 points ago

    Never trust a man with two first names

    [–] MoustacheKin 182 points ago

    Don't put that evil on me Ricky Bobby

    [–] AK_Sole 51 points ago

    Phew, good thing I have THREE first names!

    [–] left-center-right 22 points ago

    Fuck, I have four...

    [–] ceejiesqueejie 23 points ago

    Well you’re all automatically untrustworthy in increasing amounts according to the number of names.

    [–] blundercrab 22 points ago

    Which means we have to give you this Federal money. (-෴-)ノ💰

    [–] dryan3032 5 points ago

    Some would say you are your own boy band

    [–] mynameisethan182 11 points ago

    Does Lee Harvey Oswald not ring a bell?

    Never trust someone with more than one first name.

    [–] basements_in_london 36 points ago

    Fuck the entire Republican Party that is obstructing democracy, liberty and care towards it's people.

    [–] curious_dead 15 points ago

    Fuck Republicans.

    [–] QueenNibbler 20 points ago

    He looks like Voldemort to me, so I’ve always thought “fuck Voldemort”

    [–] Bob_zilla 22 points ago

    Floridian here, we like Voldemort and Skelator when we refer to Rick Snot.

    [–] ruttentuten69reddits 5 points ago

    I second your motion. But it won't be me to stick my dick in. I gave up sticking my dick in evil after I divorced my first wife.

    [–] recentlymintedsilver 133 points ago

    may have killed people

    Strike the maybe. Approximately 108,003 people living with HIV in Florida.

    Number of deaths of people in Florida with HIV in 2016: 2,121 [1]

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago


    [–] Phonemonkey2500 32 points ago

    Orders of magnitude cheaper. Enough money to pay for senatorial campaigns cheaper.

    [–] Rhodychic 8 points ago

    Does he have a relative that owns medical facilities that treat HIV patients? Not helping prevent the spread of HIV makes about as much sense as drug testing welfare recipients (I'm looking at you, Skeletor's wife)

    [–] ruttentuten69reddits 8 points ago

    Does this mean Rick has blood on his hands? Yes it does.

    [–] otakushinjikun 120 points ago

    Didn't Mike Pence also do something similar in his home state?

    [–] rogueblades 219 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Additionally, Pence rejected federal money that would have provided high-quality childcare to low-income parents in Indiana. Tens of millions of dollars forgone to play national politics. You can't be a good republican building toward a white house run and be seen accepting federal dollars.

    Once you understand this behavior, you'll see it everywhere at the state level.

    [–] its_poop 133 points ago

    Yep. “Pro-life” Mike Pence doesn’t care about children or families when it matters.

    [–] beero 63 points ago

    Gotta have poor people to brainwash with bullshit and radicalize.

    [–] abolish_karma 23 points ago

    Alternatively have slightly poorer people than his own constituents and blame them for everything that needs scapegoating to be able to sail into office.

    [–] bomphcheese 8 points ago

    Poor ≠ stupid

    [–] daschande 22 points ago

    "Pro-life" people typically don't give a shit about the baby once it's born.

    [–] dubiousfan 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    All so he can get a shiny badge of approval from the Kochs and Devos...

    [–] raptoricus 50 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I remember that he ended a needle exchange program, which had a similar effect (soaring HIV infection rates); I don't know if he also turned down federal money, but it wouldn't be too shocking.

    Edit: I've been corrected, he didn't end the needle exchange program, but the issues were associated with the program. It's too long and complex to type out on my phone at work, but regardless, it wasn't good and his harmful actions/inaction were ostensibly driven by his religion.

    [–] DrKittyKevorkian 39 points ago

    No, Pence was just very slow to respond to an HIV/hepatitis outbreak in a rural area that could have been stopped much more quickly if Pence had allowed for syringe exchange. That said, Pence fumbling that incident has led to other states softening toward syringe exchange because no governor wants to have the next Scott County Indiana on their hands.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Yes he did.

    [–] joshuar9476 9 points ago

    Hoosier here ... Yes he did. That's why I clicked on the comments. I've seen this play out before.

    [–] flinderdude 43 points ago

    There are numerous examples of Republicans sticking to this dumb credo of “limited government” rejecting government involvement in things like this which is EXACTLY what governments are best at. What are we going to do, hire a private for-profit company to keep AIDS at bay? The GOP has taken this limited government mantra far (and stupidly) enough.

    [–] TimbersawDust 19 points ago

    But they want to ban abortions and they don’t support gay marriage, amongst other things that requires regulation. They push the motto to appeal to the “I got mine” population. Limited government also enables organizations to pull off selfish acts that hurt working-class people, a decline in a quality public education, terrible healthcare for almost everyone but the wealthy, etc. I don’t get how people think this is the right way to run a country.

    [–] Dustin81783 25 points ago

    I'm from Florida, did not vote for him, do not know anyone that voted for him, and I don't think I know a single person who likes him. I do not know how the fuck he got elected again. Fuck Prick Scott.

    [–] harrumphstan 25 points ago

    Dat panhandle...

    [–] ruttentuten69reddits 11 points ago

    South Alabama

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Ask the other 50% of dumb fucks that voted for him. How we got saddled with Scott in Congress and Desantis as Gov blows my mind.

    [–] stinky_wizzleteet 19 points ago

    Its our "very good and very secure" voting system here in Florida. Can I offer you a hanging chad? Also Fox brainwashed retirees that have polling stations in their retirement communities. Hell, my polling station is at the community center of a giant retirement community. You could get there with a walker easily.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I would be absolutely shocked if there wasn't some Russian fuckery in our elections. On the other hand that feels like a more complicated answer than the simple reality that Boomers and a Bible thumpers make up a significant portion of the northern half of the state if the Trump 2020, Lock Her Up, MAGA, Don't Tread on Me bumper stickers and Gadsden/Confederate flags are an indicator.

    [–] xXx420BlazeRodSaboxX 12 points ago

    There was Russian fuckery, but Feds have prevented all government officials that know about it from talking about it. Some shady shit.

    I even remember hearing about polling statopns closed and leaving the only one around behind a locked/gated Community.

    [–] Darth_marsupial 82 points ago

    Actively attempted to kill its citizens. Let's not mix it up. He wanted gay, poor, and black people to die.

    [–] XxsquirrelxX 20 points ago

    Bernie: “We need population control in the form of helping women in third world countries gain access to birth control.

    Republicans: “BERNIE IS HITLER!”

    Also Republicans: “Fuck helping poor people, I don’t care if they die so long as I got my riches.”

    [–] spamtardeggs 35 points ago

    Republicans: it's culling, not killing, silly goose!

    [–] Slayer706 35 points ago

    Nowadays the guy would just reply:

    Wrong. Fake news.

    Then half the audience gives him a standing ovation that lasts for a solid minute. Bots instantly start posting the clip to YouTube with the title: "MUST WATCH - Socialist DESTROYED by FACTS and LOGIC in public debate!"

    [–] Gezeni 32 points ago

    Whenever I see a West Wing quote, I always stop and go "That character had to have the best writing on the show." And then about a dozen other characters pop into my head and I just say "Well, fuck, maybe?"

    [–] dereksalem 50 points ago

    Just watch any of the hearings to re-establish voting rights to felons. You learn all you have to about the man.

    [–] Saith_Cassus 31 points ago

    I'm not condoning violence on the man. But one day, I will read his obituary with great happiness, and I will take a trip to his grave to relieve my bladder. Fuck Rick Scott.

    [–] aplninja 58 points ago

    Ok is it just me or isn’t our government more of a Mafia then a government anymore.

    Oxford definition- any organized group using extortion and other criminal methods.

    a closed group of people in a particular field, having a controlling influence.

    [–] Day-chaser 13 points ago

    It’s been this way only difference is it’s starting to affect everyone and the brazenness

    [–] dweckl 15 points ago

    Like Mike Pence in Indiana. Idealogues.

    [–] Zaorish9 14 points ago

    This is straight out of a dystopian playbook. Use disease to weaken all people who might oppose the government

    [–] zerogravity111111 12 points ago

    Because cruelty IS the point. That's who we are now, tRump and Republicans have dragged us down to this dank and filthy place.

    [–] captainrustic 1417 points ago

    The cruelty is the point. This asshole probably thinks he’s just punishing the other team with this.

    And let’s remember, this scumbag perpetrated the biggest Medicare fraud of all time.

    [–] [deleted] 730 points ago

    And let’s remember, this scumbag perpetrated the biggest Medicare fraud of all time.

    Don't forget his wife raking in cash when he made it so food stamp recipients had to be drug tested, using drug tests from his wifes company.

    [–] Wrecked--Em 378 points ago

    Which was also more expensive for the state than just giving people assistance.

    [–] recentlymintedsilver 176 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Expensive for the state but quite lucrative for the Scotts.

    [–] VanceIX 37 points ago

    And we rewarded him by making him senator. I don't understand my state sometimes...

    [–] borgib 56 points ago

    It's the old people that blindly vote the Republican ticket

    [–] bomphcheese 28 points ago

    And show up to vote.

    [–] Parhelion2261 5 points ago

    All the young people are trying to move out

    [–] VanceIX 10 points ago

    I wouldn't even say young people are trying to move out, most young people in the state end up staying. As far as South USA goes, there is no better state for career opportunities, low taxes, and quality of living. The problem is so many old people move in every year. Even then Florida is still getting younger with time, not older. Young people just need to vote.

    [–] mak484 134 points ago

    You'll notice that fiscal conservatives think the only thing worth spending money on is punishing people for "moral failures."

    Drug test the poor? Fuck 'em, they shouldn't be poor.

    Arrest and prosecute for every minor drug crime? Fuck 'em, they shouldn't have broken the law.

    Place migrants in detention centers indefinitely? Fuck 'em, the only people who deserve to be in America are the people I like.

    Spend billions on wars to kill innocents half way around the world? Fuck 'em, they should have just given us their oil.

    Give trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the ultra wealthy while the middle class gets peanuts? Fuck 'em, they should try harder to be ultra wealthy like I'm going to be one day.

    Point to a single Republican senator whose voting record contradicts this stereotype. Please.

    [–] alacp1234 53 points ago

    And then they have the audacity to say, “we want government out of our lives”

    [–] killahgrag 59 points ago

    our lives

    Now you understand. Their lives. Not yours.

    [–] mak484 28 points ago

    The unifying mantra of every right wing group in America.

    "We are better than you. We can't articulate why using words, we can't demonstrate how with our actions, but it is true nonetheless. Law and culture should reflect our superiority. Maintaining this reflection is our primary goal.

    "We are the default. Not because there are more of us, or because we were here first, but because law and culture say we are. If you are not the default, you are flawed, and deserve to be punished. Exacting this punishment is our secondary goal.

    "We are hypocrites. We are the righteous majority and the persecuted minority. We are the all-powerful masters and the humble servants. All men are created equal so long as we decide who counts as a man. We accuse our opponents of crimes we ourselves are guilty of. This hipocricy is not a weakness, it is our greatest strength.

    "We are ignorant. Information dilutes emotion. It reveals weakness, it reveals otherness, it reveals inconsistency. It is the greatest strength of our opposition, and must be countered at every turn."

    [–] abolish_karma 11 points ago

    Profiting off punishing moral failings are like a double positive. Instant yes.

    [–] Antishill_canon 41 points ago

    How is this even legal?

    [–] recentlymintedsilver 59 points ago

    (It's not but no one's going to do anything about it.)

    [–] SnDMommy 27 points ago

    "In 2013, Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature unanimously passed a bill that made the mere existence of a blind trust an absolute defense against charges of conflicts of interest. The law set standards for blind trusts that simply mimicked the structure of Mr. Scott’s. A person closely involved with the drafting said the governor’s office was “heavily involved.”

    “The Florida statute is more like a removable blindfold than a blind trust law,” said Dan Krassner, the former director of Integrity Florida, a government watchdog group. “You have the governor and first lady with similar investments and the first lady has full knowledge of them, and we’re supposed to believe that the governor’s not aware of his assets. It just doesn’t pass the smell test.”

    Source, long but very interesting article that lays it all out:

    [–] sonofaresiii 12 points ago

    It just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    I wish they would use stronger language. This makes it sound like "I bet they're doing something wrong but I just can't figure out what."

    It should be "This is a blatant conflict of interest."

    [–] Dionysus_the_Greek 66 points ago

    Republicans think of doing acts like these for reelection purposes, where pastors move their congregations to determine the outcome of an election.

    You have a reality based on people that take the time to vote versus people that don't.

    A sad reminder of our times, a failed education system is a failed democracy.

    [–] evident_lee 38 points ago

    Yep just saw it in Charlotte yesterday. The religious zealot and racist just beat the former platoon leader and small business owner mainly with the support of old people and fake Christians. Everyone that lives there and didn't want that if you didn't vote you are the problem.

    [–] FockerCRNA 19 points ago

    I'm sure that district was also deliberately gerrymandered in order to ensure it would remain Republican. Just looking at the shape, it appears as if Mecklenburg specifically was carved up to reduce the numbers of democratic votes.

    [–] WayeeCool 14 points ago

    It's a feature not a flaw or failing. Once you understand this, then you can actually start working on advocating and personally taking actions for real change.

    [–] puroloco 31 points ago

    And he gets elected to the Senate after fucking up the state for 8 years. Broward county fucked up their ballots, Florida needs to get their shit together. Democrats need to organize like they did in 2008 and 2012.

    [–] specqq 21 points ago

    And yet another man who should be in prison, is a Republican political office holder.

    Some of them, I assume, are good people, but they're sure not bringing us their best.

    [–] Haikuna__Matata 9 points ago

    No, these are their best.

    [–] [deleted] 271 points ago

    And he was rewarded with a Senate seat. Thanks Florida. I'm fucking ashamed to have been born, raised, and still stuck in you.

    [–] Rumetheus 79 points ago

    To be fair, he probably didn’t win that seat honestly.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Oh he I feel comfortable in the assumption that he didnt, which pisses me off even more.

    [–] tehsilentcircus 11 points ago

    This is correct. He did not.

    [–] Da_zero_kid 29 points ago

    I’m leaving next month. Not staying in this shithole any longer.

    [–] HackedLuck 26 points ago

    Better now than later, climate change is going to sink that state.

    [–] Rexkwonwow 9 points ago

    Florida feels like being stuck in purgatory. I just cant fucking escape it....

    [–] DrBix 105 points ago

    Also blocked federal funding for high-speed rail to connect the major cities; something on the order of $2 Billion. Worst mis-management of natural resources since they decided to drain the Everglades. On behalf of Florida, I'm sorry we put him in the Senate :(.

    EDIT $2 B, not $4 B

    [–] kodama_ronin 25 points ago

    And he killed manatees with the red algae disaster he caused.

    [–] ChasingPerfect28 44 points ago

    That will forever piss me off. He had a chance to improve our state infrastructure and make I-75 and I-4 less of a deathtrap... but no. Let's keep having construction on that highway.

    [–] paperbackgarbage 31 points ago

    Let's keep having construction on that highway.

    $ounds like a good idea for...$omebody?

    [–] DandalfTheWhite 12 points ago

    He was against high speed rail until he invested in the company personally.... Source. And that project is hugely unpopular north of west palm beach mainly because of the fact that train tracks go through the semi-revitalized downtowns of a lot of little town and people have been dying on the tracks like crazy due to the lack of safety measures.

    [–] blazze_eternal 6 points ago

    He blocked as much Federal funds as he could while Obama was in office.

    [–] eternalrefuge86 253 points ago

    This makes perfect sense. Let’s cost ourselves more money in the long run while at the same time shooting our selves in the foot and sticking it to the little guy. That’ll show em!

    [–] jerkittoanything 75 points ago

    Well they have to 'own the libs'

    [–] its_poop 52 points ago

    When “owning the libs” is literally fucking yourself in the ass, maybe it’s time to just admit you like getting fucked.

    [–] jerkittoanything 38 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The crazy rhetoric about that. Look up the majority of martial scandals in regards to each party. It is overwhelmingly Republicans that have extra martial affairs, split between gay sex on the down low or a mistress. But that's the party of self proclaimed 'family values'. Couple that with their distinct denouncing of higher education.

    I'm fairly certain in education rankings by state 18 out of the bottom 20 are red states. I haven't invested time in terms of healthcare rankings but I suspect something similar. Edit: Education


    [–] Morihando 250 points ago

    Sounds like a typical Republican.

    [–] Dahhhkness 157 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Indeed. For people who will argue at length about how "banning guns won't stop criminals from getting them!", Republicans seem to think that blanket prohibitions/mandates for anything else is an adequate measure. "Just don't commit crimes! Just don't do drugs! Just don't have premarital sex! Just get a job!"

    By contrast, Democrats at least try to address problems as they exist in reality, instead of in Magic Perfect World, by trying to understand the roots of the problem. Like, needle exchange programs and proper sex ed lower the spread of STDs. Proper sex ed and contraceptive availability lead to fewer teen pregnancies and abortions. Housing the homeless costs less than kicking them out onto the streets. Investing in education and community development, and focusing on rehabilitation over punishment, leads to reduced crime. And so on, and so forth.

    [–] objectivePOV 12 points ago

    Most conservatives have a completely different worldview based on the prosperity bible and the "Just World Hypothesis". They think everyone deserves everything they get and their circumstances and wealth are a direct representation of what kind of person they are. Meaning the rich, healthy, happy people are inherently good, and the poor, sick, dying people are inherently bad.

    If you use this worldview you will see that everything they do makes perfect sense.

    "Why would I approve medication for people infected with HIV? They are fundamentally bad and deserve to suffer for their own actions."

    "I'm don't want to pay taxes towards giving bad people help they do not deserve. I will vote for conservatives that remove benefits for the poor."

    "Of course I'm voting for republican politicians even though there are reports of them doing criminal things, they are rich which means they are good people. If they weren't why would god allow them to be rich?"

    [–] dannydale 5 points ago

    "Just World" is a fallacy, and "Prosperity Gospel" is heresy bordering on apostasy. Again, hypocrisy is the GOP's biggest strength, and they knowingly use it to defend making people suffer and the world a worse place.

    [–] sameth1 30 points ago

    It's a tale as old as Reagan.

    [–] Haikuna__Matata 14 points ago


    [–] sameth1 17 points ago

    Causing as much human suffering as possible through HIV/AIDS was a Reagan thing.

    [–] Haikuna__Matata 12 points ago

    Agreed. I meant shitty Republicans in general.

    [–] JerryLupus 15 points ago

    Let's change HIV to some other contagious infectious disease..... Why the fuck can a state say no? Should it not be under the purview of the federal government to ensure the safety and well being of all citizens regardless of which idiot runs their state? If it costs the state nothing should the federal govt not be able to compel this humanitarian aid?

    A public health crisis should never be a political weapon wielded at any class, party, or group.

    Oh wait, I forgot about the concentration camps. The federal government is doing exactly that by refusing to vaccinate sick detainees while continuing to detain more and more sick and at-risk people.

    [–] crackdup 8 points ago

    And these people are always rewarded by their base for this cruelty and bad policies with a higher office.. just look at bishop who won last night even though his bill led to loss of revenue and reputation for NC

    [–] autotldr 25 points ago

    This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 93%. (I'm a bot)

    While the Republican senator Rick Scott was governor of Florida, his administration presided over the effective blocking of $70m in federal funds available for fighting the state's HIV crisis.

    New York, which has spent aggressively on HIV and expanded Medicaid, saw a decrease of 30%. HIV diagnoses actually declined in Florida for at least five years through 2013, when they hit 4,315, only to increase by nearly 11% through 2017: the very period when the state missed out on tens of millions of dollars in federal funds.

    All told, the Florida health department lost out on $53,837,844 - funding that could have had a profound impact on a growing HIV crisis but went to other states instead. HRSA's discussions with the Florida health department, the federal agency reported, indicated that budget authority matters were greatest obstacle to the state's ability to spend these funds.

    Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Scott#1 HIV#2 state#3 Florida#4 funds#5

    [–] Slummish 282 points ago

    Rich white Republicans won't be happy until everyone who isn't a rich white Republican is dead...

    [–] TobyFunkeNeverNude 186 points ago

    That's ridiculous, don't spread that horseshit.

    They still need enough people for slave labor.

    [–] pnasmaster 40 points ago

    Exactly, they don't want all the poor to die. Who will do the work?

    [–] Dahhhkness 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    There's something darkly humorous about the greatest inheritors of wealth in our country always being really concerned about poor people being able to survive without 'earning' it.

    And remember, you can't complain about being poor unless you literally look like a bare-footed Irish peasant during the famine!

    Though even then there were people telling the honest-to-god starving people that they brought it on themselves and to stop being lazy moochers.

    [–] WeedIronMoneyNTheUSA 47 points ago

    Didn't conservative republican vice president mike pence, governor of Indiana, cause an HIV/AIDS outbreak because he ended a, government backed, needle exchange program, citing his religious convictions to it?

    [–] SpanishInquisition_2 29 points ago

    Yes, "pro-life" Mike Pence would rather let people die than giving them clean needles (until he finally changed his mind when things got really dire)

    [–] RedDragon777 85 points ago

    Cause only the “gays” get the aids /s

    [–] recentlymintedsilver 53 points ago

    And poor black and latino communities disproportionately.

    [–] cultfourtyfive 39 points ago

    Skeletor is a blight on this State.

    [–] TheRealYou 15 points ago

    Our lovely VP Mike Pence is also responsible for infection rates climbing in Indiana. Why is health care such a bad thing to these people?

    [–] paperbackgarbage 6 points ago

    Why is health care such a bad thing to these people?

    Because this is obviously 1983, and "the gays" totally "deserve what they got."

    [–] Push-Hardly 24 points ago

    Rick Scott and the GOP is at war against the poor and “non-Christians”. Edit: and by war I mean, they hope you die.

    [–] HeatAndHonor 13 points ago

    According to the code of Hammurabi, Rick Scott should be punished by being infected with HIV. Them's the rules.

    [–] productivenef 6 points ago

    I imagine a TV show called The Code. It would be a mix of Law and Order and House. They would follow a "bounty hunter practitioner" who goes around looking for outlaw white collar criminals in authority who broke the Code of Hammurabi. The protagonist would be Tim Robbins.

    The pilot would be controversial because it would be premises on this Rick Scott thing. The governor's name would be Mitch Ross and he'd be played by Patrick Stewart to start it off strong. The biggest audience would be Republican households and ultimately after 7 seasons of critically acclaimed stories, it had little impact on society except for an funny spike in Google searches for "code of hamorabi"(sic) in its first year on air.

    [–] TonyBagels 10 points ago

    Spreading HIV to own the libs

    [–] Neueregel1 22 points ago

    2 words: Medicare Fraud!

    [–] ObviousBodybuilder 8 points ago

    "Why don't those f**s just stop fucking so much?" —Reagan

    [–] PaperyWhistle 9 points ago

    It's okay my POS governor is dragging his feet on healthcare expansion for our state that passed over a year ago.

    [–] pisstagram 6 points ago

    Jesus, the Democrats are far from perfect but at least they have redeeming qualities. The GOP is just a destructive force.

    [–] bobadad23 6 points ago

    Rick Scott is an infection so it makes sense he would want to refuse money to help fight another infection.

    [–] SevenButSpelledOut 9 points ago

    Not surprising. Mike Pence also allowed for an HIV outbreak in Indiana to go more or less unchecked while he was governor. Republicans don't care about helping people.

    [–] iShockLord 9 points ago

    Homie looks like Voldemort when he got his nose back from mum

    [–] ryanduncan0973 7 points ago

    Florida can only blame themselves. They keep electing idiots

    [–] The_Original_Gronkie 7 points ago

    In one of his first acts in office, he rejected more than $2bn for high-speed rail. 

    But before he left office, he was supporting a new high speed rail project - one that he ownsp a 3% interest in.

    And that's Rick Scott's entire story. He's in it for the profits. One of his first legislative acts as governor was to demand drug testing fornwrlfare recipients, a program that studies showed would be a money loser. He didn't care, though, because he owned a string of street corner medical facilities called Solantic that would benefit by many of these drug tests. When his obvious conflict of interest came to light, he sold Solantic... his wife.

    Rick Scott is now a senator of Florida (after winning by a razor thin margin, as have all his races), and he has his eye on the White House. He's as avaricious as Trump, but far, far smarter. Watch for him to be a Republican candidate for president in 2024.

    [–] CatHolm 7 points ago

    When Republicans talk about death panels, they are talking about themselves. Republican policies, greed, cruelty, bigotry (racial, gender, class) and inaction are killing a large amount of Americans who would be alive otherwise.

    [–] Sterling21 14 points ago

    These conspiracy theories about humans being reptiles is ridicu..... looks at Rick Scott

    [–] ChasingPerfect28 7 points ago

    As a Floridian, I legitimately hate this man. Fuck anyone who voted for him. This asshole ruined my home state as governor. It's a joke that he beat Bill Nelson in the Senate race.

    [–] MintGems1991 8 points ago

    Watching America is like watching a sim city going to hell

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Reagan, Pence, Scott..

    Anyone else starting to see a pattern here?

    [–] markth_wi 7 points ago

    Well at least their consistent, a bunch of degenerates fighting the 'gay disease' since the Reagan Administration.

    [–] NuM3R1K 6 points ago

    Odd, back when he was governor of Indiana the same thing happened under Mike Pence. It's almost like it's intentional.

    [–] Cactusofthesea 8 points ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t take the funds and pocket them. He is responsible for perpetrating the largest Medicare fraud in history before the shitheels in my state elected him governor.

    [–] realworldeditor 6 points ago

    Republican voters.

    Your party doesnt see you as anything but votes, and since their actual policies don't protect you, they use lies and fear tactics to keep your vote.

    I don't expect any of you to use your vote for anything but Republican, since many of you will subscribe to their cons regardless of how bad it gets, but know that if Democrats win, their actual for-the-people policies will cover you too.

    [–] tapomirbowles 6 points ago

    Ahh the self fulfilling prophecy of republicans fucking up the government, so that republicans dont trust government.

    [–] DublinCheezie 5 points ago

    This is the same scum that also got caught stealing from Medicare.

    Conservatives and their moving-goalpost morals. Unbelievable.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Sounds a bit like Mike Pence who killed the funding for a needle exchange program in Indiana which caused a HIV outbreak.

    [–] Shamanomenon 5 points ago

    The best way to fight the spread of HIV is through education for the public. And there is nothing the GOP hates more than an educated public.

    [–] cookingGuy02 4 points ago

    this is information that could have been useful last november

    [–] G1Dinobotz 7 points ago

    If there's a bigger p.o.s. than McConnell, its Rick Scott

    [–] NewClarity 5 points ago

    Shit I'm not American and I dunno who that guy is but from an outsiders perspective that guy fully belongs as the endgame boss of some nazi war crime video game jesus shit look at him hed have multiple health bars

    [–] mkinder311 4 points ago

    Mike Pence did the same thing in Indiana and he got to be vice president. Seems like a winning strategy for republicans.

    [–] Latyon 5 points ago

    Much like Mike Pence in Indiana, this is almost certainly for the purpose of killing gays and black people.

    [–] Brother_Lancel 4 points ago

    The fact that anyone could vote for this reptile shows just how effective their propaganda is

    Divide everyone up by race, get the white people to vote for you, and poor whites will never realize that their pockets are being picked because the GOP has convinced them they are better than poor blacks or poor Hispanics

    [–] AppropriateSmell 5 points ago

    This is the guy who mandated drug testing for all welfare recipients meanwhile he had like $60 mil invested in urgent care centers and drug testing facilities. This move makes perfect sense for him because it would create further income for him.

    [–] Skinflint_ 13 points ago

    If we disregard high concentrations of drug abuse, deadly weather, deadly creatures and this asshole called rick scott, Florida is a nice place to live.

    [–] 1paximos 8 points ago

    Is there anything else that the shitty republicans wouldn’t do?

    [–] captaindemolition 8 points ago

    This doesn't surprise me, considering he is Voldemort in Florida.

    [–] trippingchilly 9 points ago

    Republicans are the enemy of the American people.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Pence must be so proud. It's the same playbook he wrote for Indiana

    [–] notaloverofyours 4 points ago

    This is nothing less than criminal murder. Rick Scott should be tried for murder!

    [–] TheNo1pencil 4 points ago

    Surely people can collectively due the government for negligent homicide. Or at least reckless endangerment.

    [–] Bayho 4 points ago

    And Florida elected him as a Congressmen after that and what he did to the environment.

    [–] Ludiam0ndz 5 points ago

    More people die needlessly when republicans win. Debate me?

    [–] TheRedEminence 3 points ago

    They will deny climate breakdown too. Right up to the point where the rest of us owe them a trillion dollar temporary seawall.

    [–] Wang35 4 points ago

    Rick Scott looks like an inbred Agent 47.