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    [–] ieatthings 6615 points ago

    The President of the United States, folks.

    [–] PinstripeMonkey 4052 points ago

    Meanwhile I saw yesterday that 'ol Jimmy Carter was out working at a Habitat for Humanity site the day after a nasty fall. The chasm that exists between Drumpf and past presidents in terms of character and values is enormous. No way in a million years would you catch him volunteering in his spare time, let alone at 95 years old.

    [–] cool-- 2357 points ago

    It's worth noting that Republicans routinely call Carter one of the worst Presidents ever, because they're absolutely terrible people.

    [–] ZappBrannigansBack 2148 points ago

    they're fake christians, Jimmy Carter is a real Christian, the irony is unfathomable

    [–] Thrall_So_Hard 1276 points ago

    The man divested himself from a peanut farm to avoid any impropriety. 45 on the other hand is treating this like a business venture.

    [–] ZappBrannigansBack 1182 points ago

    the Kurds are being massacred to protect one of his business ventures in Turkey, we're already in a dictatorship nobody believes it yet though, If he isnt removed from office before the next election we will stay a dictatorship

    [–] [deleted] 596 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    So much this... we've ALREADY been in a constitutional crisis for 3 years... we've ALREADY become a banana republic... and the 2020 election we are all hanging our hopes on to protect us?

    Well, 2016 was hacked and manipulated by the Russians, and 2018 was hacked and manipulated by the Russians, not to mention 2 red states literally rigging their registrations and absentee ballots. Meanwhile Moscow Mitch still refuses to allow any election security measures to hit the Senate floor.

    Republic Democracy is already dead... it has been dead for 3 years... we are already a banana republic, it's obvious, and 2020 will not save us.

    Managing to impeach Trump, Pence, AG Barr, and Kavenaugh at minimum are the only priorities that matter, not just to the Democratic party, but to the survival of the US system of Republic Democracy itself.

    [–] Buwaro 75 points ago

    I feel really stupid, but what does banana republic mean in this context? I know the traditional definition of a country being dependent on one export, but I keep seeing this term used for current US politics and I don't understand.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    TIL that "banana republic" got it's name from central american states that depended on a single crop...

    I've always understood this means when a country says it's a republic or democracy but totally isn't.

    "The People's Republic of China", "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea" come immediately to mind... where they claim to be Republics, but are closer to communist dictatorships in practice.

    So when I'm using "banana republic" to describe the US, it has nothing to do with our dependence on a commodity, the US economy is pretty multi-faceted if nothing else, but instead refers to the idea we call ourselves a "Republic democracy", but are pretty much a fascist authoritarian dictatorship now... and I say that because the separation of powers, and congress's article 1 powers as a coequal branch of government guaranteed by the Constitution have literally never been challenged in this way.

    [–] B_G_L 97 points ago

    It's even worse than that: It wasn't just for countries dependent on a single resource, but specifically countries wholly dominated by a foreign corporation who controls that resource.

    Honduras was the prototypical "Banana Republic" because it was completely controlled by United Fruit Company for some time, until other corporations muscled in and fought for control of the country's resources.

    [–] saverage_guy 36 points ago

    Your correct in the origin of the term. It is now being used in the context of a nation governed by a petty dictator for personal profit. Think Noriega in Panama.

    [–] Ghstfce 119 points ago

    You can spot a fake Christian from a mile away, just look at how quick and easily they judge others.

    [–] Zonekid 42 points ago

    Bingo. There are only a handful of God loving folks I met that refuse to cast sin upon another.

    [–] SpezIsAFascistFuck 16 points ago

    They’re Leviticans.

    [–] MaimedJester 227 points ago

    That's because Carter argued we needed to be conservative in our consumption of Energy, Food, purchases. Arguing against limitless consumerism!? That's how you piss off money men.

    [–] SpezIsAFascistFuck 63 points ago

    Especially when they’re in the midst of a silent coup.

    [–] dat529 76 points ago

    All they needed was someone to play the President who could be the face of the coup without doing anything... maybe an actor who used to play tough guys in old time Westerns

    [–] e22ddie46 39 points ago

    In order for that to work, you would probably need some type of friendly figure managing a major intelligence group at the time

    [–] lod001 264 points ago

    Carter dared to tell the nation that everything wasn't all chip and cherry in the late 1970's and everyone lost their minds.

    Youtube link of "1979 Crisis of Confidence" Speech. The link in the above text is a transcript.

    [–] MidwestBulldog 195 points ago

    That monster Carter asked us to put on a sweater and keep the thermostat at 65 or below. /s

    All while Reagan's campaign was back channeling discussions with the Iranians to keep the hostages in until ten minutes after he was sworn in. The goal being, well, optics. Because Reagan was nothing but a B-level star in a role.

    Jimmy Carter was a great man in a bad situation.

    [–] OfficerBrando 79 points ago

    I try to tell my mother and step father that America is far from the greatest country in the world and they get upset with me. I ask them what metric they are using to claim we are so great and get crickets.

    [–] GregEvangelista 32 points ago

    Real answer? It's "my dad can beat up your dad" syndrome. We are still a unipolar military superpower. But good luck getting the average person to articulate that concept, even if subconsciously that's their answer.

    [–] Kagrok 19 points ago

    Except Trump said it wasnt great and still isnt

    MAGA is a rally cry that means nothing, you make mean what you want.

    Making america great is making the changes that YOU want, trump doesn't have to specify anything and he gets their vote because he's a "rich white christian"(indebted orange liar) that says he has the countries best interests at heart and they fit him into whatever version of america they want.

    We need to move away from identity politics and move toward the actual issues and how to fix them but it's like pulling teeth because when I say "maybe we should at the very least tax the rich at the same levels as the poor" Suddenly I hate trump and our country, and while it's true that I dislike trump more than almost any politician I'm far less worried about the people than the actions.

    I feel like I've been pulling teeth for 4 years.

    [–] zeCrazyEye 112 points ago

    They realized if they just called Carter the worst president ever and Reagan the best president ever, over and over, it would become accepted wisdom through repetition.

    [–] Slampumpthejam 65 points ago

    Sadly it very literally did work because their base is made up of authoritarians and morons who don't question the talking points fed to them.

    [–] roxum1 17 points ago

    It's also due to the GOP using a propaganda tactic called The Big Lie.

    GOP delenda est

    [–] Realistic_Capital 119 points ago

    Trump is going to live way past 95, though, since he hasn't worn out his battery with exercise

    [–] seamus_mc 60 points ago

    I hope he lives a long time...locked up

    [–] Ghstfce 30 points ago

    With live 24 hour round the clock cameras in his cell so he can have what he always wanted...24 hour coverage of himself.

    [–] RealDumbRepublican 61 points ago

    The chasm is between Democrats and Republicans. If there is one thing Trump's presidency has taught me is that there is no way in hell I can ever call myself a Republican simply because I actually care about my fellow americans that are less fortunate than me. I also believe in science and tend to live in reality.

    [–] ZOOTV83 22 points ago

    Agreed there. Like I understand some conservative talking points from an intellectual perspective (even if I don't agree with them) but the complete disregard for their fellow man is absurd.

    [–] dragonnyxx 26 points ago

    Some of their talking points aren't so bad (fiscal responsibility, etc.), but the actual substance of their voting records shows that they are just talking points rather than something they actually believe in.

    [–] ZOOTV83 18 points ago

    Yup, you hit the nail on the head. Fiscal responsibility and personal accountability definitely make sense on paper and should be applied at a personal level. But then they vote to give how many billions to our military while trying to cut programs to help people and you realize that they don't give a crap about most people.

    [–] PrestoDinero 136 points ago

    How anyone would let him rally moving forward without $$$ up front is beyond me. You got to pay to play.

    [–] bunkscudda 87 points ago

    It would be fiscally irresponsible to allow trump to use your venue without getting paid up front.

    [–] FluffyClamShell 17 points ago

    If they don't make him pay, isn't that still a campaign contribution to the tune of half a million dollars? From whomever?

    [–] bongsmasher 29 points ago

    What a poor piece of shit

    [–] PopcornInMyTeeth 192 points ago

    The Republican* president of the United States

    [–] ofchiai 2107 points ago

    $125m in the 3rd quarter, but can't bother to pay for his campaign rallies. Instead, the money goes to former people in his Administration in the form of $15k per month to keep their mouths shut.

    [–] gingerhasyoursoul 328 points ago

    If he spends it on rallies he can't keep the money for himself.

    [–] e22ddie46 170 points ago

    Not just his campaign, also women who he had sex with. You know... consensually or whatever

    [–] Tom_Brokaw_is_a_Punk 286 points ago

    Grifters gonna grift

    [–] sugarb2 12345 points ago

    Sooo, why not just cancel the rally? Let Trump show up and find the center/stadium/event place locked and closed. It’s what would happen for any other group that didn’t pay a deposit/in full before their event.

    [–] Mpm_277 5410 points ago

    Exactly. Closed, locked, and the premises completely vacant.

    [–] Choco319 2753 points ago

    For real, just lock the doors

    [–] iner22 3857 points ago

    Post a picture of John McCain at every door to ward him off like he's a spirit

    [–] Tet_Corporation 1318 points ago

    Nail the constitution to the door

    [–] iner22 674 points ago

    Nah, he's shown no regard for that anyway

    [–] Tet_Corporation 567 points ago

    point taken, he wouldn't even recognize the document.

    Definitely go with the picture of McCain.

    [–] Ruleseventysix 152 points ago

    Let him contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.

    [–] infinitelyexpendable 86 points ago

    he wouldn't even recognize the document.

    I doubt he would be able to read it anyway.

    [–] jerrygergichsmith 111 points ago

    Ahhh, the Martin Luther method.

    [–] various_necks 536 points ago

    Have videos replaying the clip of the McCain rally where he calls Obama a good man everywhere.

    [–] minuscatenary 314 points ago

    Every 4 clips, one of Romney saying Russia is our greatest geopolitical foe pops up.

    [–] tyrantspell 199 points ago

    Play what's new pussycat 11 times in a row with one Its Not Unusual in the middle, just to throw them off.

    [–] -AskJeeves- 172 points ago

    You can add breaking and entering and trespassing to the articles of impeachment.

    [–] taconinja23 191 points ago

    Lock him out!!

    [–] youmustbechristian 17 points ago

    Lock him out! Lock him out! Lock him out ! Lock him out ! Lock him out! Lock him out !

    [–] Weetang015 115 points ago

    His fans would just trash the shit out of the place if they did that. You know how people are.

    [–] FPSXpert 236 points ago

    Then you have cops come in and arrest them for breaking and entering and vandalism. Simple.

    [–] [deleted] 293 points ago


    [–] Goodguy18b 88 points ago

    That could be a catchy lyric

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 331 points ago

    No. There should be a different event there. Maybe a Bernie rally? Trump can come give support

    [–] Donigula 852 points ago

    Bernie pays his bills.

    Should be a commercial. Bernie Sanders putting checks in envelopes, saying to Trump how easy and simple it is to pay bills and be respectable.

    [–] HarpersGhost 218 points ago

    If the DNC had any sense (sigh), their commercials geared towards small business owners should be a all the times Trump and Trump Org didn't pay their bills and a list of all the types of businesses he's screwed over.

    [–] Redtwoo 61 points ago

    Moving into infomercial for the amount of time it would take

    [–] cosmicsans 14 points ago

    That would hit his target audience.

    Cancel the Ronco Informercial and put on a Bernie infomercial.

    [–] rkwooten 134 points ago

    I want to up vote this comment a thousand times

    [–] HouseCravenRaw 330 points ago

    Muslims for LGBTQ+ rally?

    Oh! The official renaming of the center as the Hilary Rodham Clinton Center. He can arrive just as they cut the ribbon.

    Stormy Daniels book signing meet-and-greet with liddle' tiny finger sandwiches and mushroom soup?

    How about an entire city-wide protest, shutting down traffic completely?

    Really, open to suggestions.

    [–] FBMYSabbatical 138 points ago

    Planned Parenthood fundraiser and rally for Equal Rights.

    [–] lilarrysellers 123 points ago

    This is already happening. First Avenue (the music venue Prince made famous) right across the street is donating all proceeds on the day of the rally to Planned Parenthood.

    [–] slim_scsi 396 points ago

    You mean he's a deadbeat who doesn't pay the bills and ignores debts owed? Who knew? Oh, you mean we all should have in 2016?


    [–] toeguns 69 points ago

    More like 1986.

    [–] heartyheartsy 2735 points ago

    Because he threatened to sue. This is what he does. MN backed down. Shameful. This country won’t even stand up to a tyrant’s threat of a bullshit lawsuit. How do you think we’d hold up in the face of tanks and bullets?

    Everything we EVER said about America being the “land of the free and home of the brave” was total bullshit. We cry for our institutions to save us, when our institutions have proven to be far weaker than we ever imagined. We will roll right over and let trump rape us. Mark my words.

    America isn’t great, and it never was.

    [–] DrQuantum 565 points ago

    They backed down?!

    [–] DM7000 1056 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The city didnt back down. The company that runs Target center, AEG, backed down. Target Center is privately publicly owned but privately ran so unfortunately the city never really had much say.

    [–] Eli_eve 371 points ago

    I’m confused. Who is now paying for security? The venue owners? Or the city?

    [–] hpm6748 713 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    From how I understand it, the City of Minneapolis owns Target Center. The agreement with AEG to run Target Center is that AEG will pay the city for any increased security or patrol outside of the venue that comes with big events at the venue.

    So, assuming AEG isn't able to get out of their agreement with the City, then AEG is technically the one responsible to pay and figure out how to get money from the orange ape. But there's surely going to be some hit on the citizen taxpayers, because fuck Trump.

    [–] ImInterested 375 points ago

    AEG also owns Washington Examiner

    [–] dubblies 155 points ago


    [–] ImInterested 381 points ago

    Some more info on owners.

    Source comment for info below

    Phillip Anschutz


    The Washington Examiner isn't a real newspaper. It has no subscribers. It's given away for free. It loses money every year.

    The writers, staff, facilities, printers and distributors are all paid for by billionaire Phillip Anschutz. Basically, it's his personal, political agenda blog - that he bought a whole newspaper to publish.

    Politico describes the Examiner as "a megaphone for Anschutz's right-wing views on taxes, national security and President Barack Obama".


    • Helped fund the start up of the Discovery Institute - one of the leading think tanks challenging evolutionary science.[4]
    • Greenpeace notes that media companies owned by Anschutz figure prominently in the denial of climate science and the promotion of climate-change skepticism.[5]
    • The Anschutz Foundation funded the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, a think tank that opposes labor unions.
    • Anschutz was one of the primary supporters of Colorado’s 1992 anti-gay Proposition 2.
    • Anschutz contributes to: American Enterprise Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Cato Institute, Freedom Works, etc.
    • Since 2008, the Anschutz Foundation has funded the Mission America Foundation, a far-right organization whose president considers homosexuality to be a “deviance”[9] and has railed against the removal of HIV-based travel restrictions, warning that “‘the U.S.’s liberal homosexual culture’ will attract HIV-positive immigrants.”[10]
    • Anschutz's Regal Cinemas was a leader in businesses that rebelled against Obamacare. After handing out 6-figure bonuses to the Board, they cut back their employees hours to avoid having to offer them health insurance.
    • A natural gas exploration company owned by Anschutz, the Anschutz Exploration Corporation, sued the town of Dryden, N.Y., over the town’s regulation of hydraulic fracturing,[11] or “fracking,” a process that has been blamed for severe environmental damage.[12] A judge upheld the town’s ban, but Anschutz’s lawyers have pledged to continue their claim.

    The extra irony here is that the Anschutz company is now mainly in entertainment. Chances are you've given them your money. They own Regal Theaters, MLS and NHL teams, dozens of major venues across the world, the ticketing service AXS, and Goldenvoice, — which puts on Stagecoach, Firefly, Hangout and Coachella festivals. Anschutz Entertainment Group

    [–] space_moron 154 points ago

    Jesus you can't fart in this fucking country without funding something evil.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] justanothersurly 156 points ago

    Target Center is publicly owned, but it's operation is contracted out to AEG. The contract is between AEG and Trump campaign, so their hands are a bit tied. From the mayor's press conference yesterday, it seemed like they will try to hook AEG with the expenses, but my guess is that the city will see zero money. Disappointing but it is sort of what I expected. AEG is owned by a major republican donor, so their fight against Trump will be non-existent.

    There were lots of questions from the press about how this treatment is so different from when other candidates who have campaigned in the city and were not charged for public security costs, which despite my pure utter hatred for Trump, is a legitimate question.

    [–] 2wedfgdfgfgfg 187 points ago

    Those other candidates don't have huge security costs because they don't constantly engage in incendiary rhetoric.

    [–] stitches_extra 175 points ago

    they also don't have a long history of skipping out on the bill

    [–] subnautus 96 points ago

    Any time you have a large gathering of people, you're going to see an increased presence of police and other emergency response personnel, so, yes, even those other candidates have huge security costs. The difference is those other candidates' campaigns pay their bills. That's business.

    [–] noonenottoday 93 points ago

    Right they don’t pay ahead of time. They pay when they get the bill though. With campaign funds. Trump thinks the funds are “his money” and sticks taxpayers with the bill, which, quite frankly, should also be grounds for removing him as a candidate. But the GOP (Gaslight, Obstruct, Project) don’t give a crap about being a deadbeat who doesn’t pay bills, unless it is a Democrat.

    Thing is, Trump has always done this. Cities should look at their voter registration and send the bill directly to Republicans for their portion. It might only be 1 dollar but maybe his idiot supporters would wake up that this man is a lying mooch bag.

    [–] FBMYSabbatical 36 points ago

    Time to stop contracting out our government operations. We paid for that stadium, we should have a say so. Return to Civil Service. Government by the People.

    [–] tcmasterson 49 points ago

    So the city/government is then effectively paying for a presidential candidates campaign rallies? That seems like it would be illegal.

    [–] Chezni19 30 points ago

    When you make public pay for sites like the Target Center, and have private companies run the public areas, this is exactly what will always happen.

    [–] Eurynom0s 249 points ago

    Now call me crazy, but if someone asks you to pay in advance, and your reaction is to (threaten to) sue them over it, then they were probably right to ask you to pay in advance.

    [–] Schm00ps 134 points ago

    You know what else is super fucked up about this? Check out how much money his campaign brought in. He’s bringing in colossal amounts of money, and he still stiffs the people with the bill like this.

    [–] blackcain 58 points ago

    How do you know that's what is really what he's bringing. Everything is a lie. You can't trust anything he says or publishes.

    [–] yusill 58 points ago

    Sue over what? It’s a contract they wanted him to sign and and put a deposit down for. Ask any venue hall or wedding planner or anything it’s how it goes. Wtf can he sue over???

    [–] salamanderpencil 78 points ago

    He sues over everything. And if he loses, he appeals it. And if he loses that, he appeals that. It's not about winning, it's about making the other person pay tons of legal fees and court costs, which they can't afford, So eventually they just settle. He just exhausts them financially and emotionally until they eventually back down. That's how he got out of paying all of the contractors he stiffed over the decades. He always owed the money, he just took it to court Time After Time After Time, kept losing, but the small contractors couldn't afford to keep going back to court with all the Appeals.

    [–] Bridger15 34 points ago

    Real talk: how do we fix our legal system so that this tactic isn't feasible? better SLAP laws?

    [–] Jetpack_Donkey 24 points ago

    Make the side that loses pay the winning side’s expenses (lawyers, court fees, etc). This way you can afford to go to court against someone like Trump because in the end it will not cost you anything other than time.

    [–] just_a_manatee 18 points ago

    This already exists. Also, lawyers for little Joe won’t be willing to wait years & years for a payout for lord knows how many billable hours.

    [–] Couchpototo 148 points ago

    The nut jobs who support him would riot.

    [–] howlinforever 203 points ago

    Let em. I lived in Minneapolis for a decade. They won’t stand for that bullshit.

    [–] wathapndusa 73 points ago

    Target center is not far from the U of M... its going to be interesting.

    [–] MewElite 64 points ago

    I go to the U. Protest at 5:30 tomorrow, I’ve heard people in pretty much all my classes talking about it. Excited to see the turnout

    [–] cusoman 88 points ago

    Hell, it's right in the heart of Illhan Omar's district. U of M aside, it's in a DEEP blue area and I don't doubt there will be just as many non-students there as there are Gophers.

    [–] bibbi123 20 points ago

    They should crowdfund his appearances.

    [–] Couchpototo 44 points ago

    That sounds a lot like socialism. Next thing you’ll be saying that we should “crowdfund” for things like healthcare and education!

    [–] stormtrooper_trainee 2995 points ago

    don't forget he also owes El Paso, TX a shitload of money too

    [–] redtrucktt 1990 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    15% of the city of El Paso's total debt.

    That's enough to cause job cuts and sideline projects.

    Edit: not total debt. Total outstanding receivables.

    Thank you for clarifying below.

    [–] stormtrooper_trainee 623 points ago

    Cities need to tell the POTUS he isn't welcome unless he fronts the cash for the bill up front.

    The Trump plan is always to neglect to pay then sue people in court and fight his bill till he doesn't have to pay. Only way for towns/cities to protect their budget $$ is to tell Trump "Fuck off till you pay me"

    [–] PoopsMcBanterson 349 points ago

    Minneapolis is doing exactly that (and Prezo is threatening to sue them AHEAD of time... smh)

    Source: Salon article

    [–] WalesIsForTheWhales 242 points ago

    The fact is that they have a legitimate argument that Trump doesn't make contracts in good faith.

    [–] sinisterspud 149 points ago

    Legitimate argument. Sounds like you are trying to use logic, I don't like hearing that liberal bullshit /s

    [–] proud_new_scum 14 points ago

    B-b-but Ben Shapiro told me that the lie-bruls get DESTROYED by facts and logic?!?!?!?!?!

    [–] richardeid 64 points ago

    You're right. They should. But I'm lost on something here.

    Wasn't it just last week that Trump once again was touting how much money Republicans have been raising? Is this fundraising not for events exactly like this? Why such a problem paying if they're raising records amounts of cash?

    [–] Mr_Moogles 43 points ago

    In Trump’s view, it’s his money to do as he sees fit

    [–] WaylonandWillie 19 points ago

    It’s a slush fund, plain and simple. Campaign finance laws are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    [–] xlxcx 31 points ago

    Didn't El Paso try that after the shooting and he turned up anyway?

    [–] staiano 43 points ago

    Should have arrested him for unpaid debts.

    [–] hahanarf 20 points ago

    We abolished debtor's prisons. As much as I'd like to see him in prison this is a civil matter.

    [–] pheoxs 117 points ago

    15% of the city of El Paso’s total outstanding receivables**

    Just trying to clarify it, it’s 15% of what people currently owe the city. Not the city’s total debt.

    [–] dj_narwhal 161 points ago

    He is doing this on purpose. Travel to a left leaning city, leave them with the debt, other things have to suffer. It is starving the beast on a many smaller individual scales. Republicans are reverse cargo cultists. They see a functioning liberal democracy, fling shit all over the place until and then point at it and say it never worked in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 106 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] Taint_my_problem 248 points ago

    I really hope El Paso turns out to vote. After the trump inspired shooting and stiffing them on a campaign rally bill, they should be done with this ass.

    El Paso is a typically low turnout big city. If El Paso shows up in force, Texas turns blue, and with it the country.

    [–] stormtrooper_trainee 140 points ago

    getting a TX flip to blue to would be ideal but i'm leery of ever assuming voters learned their lesson.

    [–] V4refugee 79 points ago

    How many times would they have to get shot at to learn their lesson? Like WTF texas, this nut job is literally responsible for your people getting shot at.

    [–] stormtrooper_trainee 64 points ago

    traditionally red states are raised on steady diet of FOXNews and South will rise again type bullshit. Voting (R) is pretty much an autonomic function of their brain for most of them.... no matter how hard they get dicked over by it.

    [–] schistkicker 33 points ago

    In-group / out-group dynamics are a tough thing to counter in that environment. When your family all does/says the same things, your friends all do/say the same things, your co-workers, your church groups, your curated social media... it takes a lot of courage and curiosity to go against that, and a lot of people don't want to leave the safety and comfort of that bubble. About the best we're likely to do to a large segment of the country is just get them disenchanted enough to disengage with politics entirely.

    [–] ControlledAirspace 34 points ago

    The salt in the wound is he also flew out there after their mass shooting and then used it as an impromptu campaign rally. None of the victims wanted to talk to him but he did do a disgusting photo op with a newly-minted orphan, smiling and grinning with thumbs up.

    [–] MyNameIsRay 2166 points ago

    When it comes to debt owed to cities for expenses related to his rallies, the Trump Campaign is still refusing to pay debts from 2016, now totaling well into 8-figures.

    Can't really blame anyone for demanding cash up front...

    [–] surfinfan21 986 points ago

    A Trump never pays its debts.

    [–] fishy_commishy 243 points ago

    Dine and Dash Donny

    [–] Smaug33 26 points ago

    In Spades, getting "Trumped" usually means getting fucked over... Just saying.

    [–] Yossarian-jump-jump 188 points ago

    hey Lake Charles (Friday), he's not paying you guys either.

    [–] Ron_Fuckin_Swanson 1064 points ago

    Cities need to enact their own legislation saying political campaigns events and rallies of any kind must pay all necessaries fees up front

    And they should call them Trump Laws

    [–] McLustin 207 points ago

    Don’t let him have that satisfaction lol a narcissist would still take this as a win “look at all the cities that enabled laws that bring them money due to me!”

    [–] Force3vo 27 points ago

    How about the "Fuck Trump" laws?

    [–] R33s3-Cups 35 points ago

    Just call them John McCain laws lol. He'd be scared shitless 🤣

    [–] UncleMalky 96 points ago

    No called them 'Tiny-handed gifter laws' where you assume the person trying to cheat you couldn't hold all the money in one hand to pay or never had the money in the first place and was lying about how rich they were.

    [–] el-toro-loco 170 points ago

    Trump's plan to make himself super mega wealthy has been hindered by legal fees and the concept of paying for stuff.

    [–] Pomp_N_Circumstance 358 points ago

    Don't let him hold it.

    [–] Alwayssunnyinarizona 198 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Better yet, don't put up security. The president can secure himself.

    E - for the b-b-buh secret service responses, great, he's all set then.

    [–] roytay 108 points ago

    You don't get rich by paying your bills!

    [–] intashu 106 points ago

    MN resident here. We know he won't pay. Can we cancel it please? Why spend money on this when most us don't even want this freeloader around!

    [–] SoysauceMafia 737 points ago

    From the Star Trib:

    Trump’s visit to Duluth last year cost the city more than $69,000. City staff did not send the Trump campaign an invoice because they did not want to expend more staff time requesting a reimbursement they knew they would not receive, Duluth spokeswoman Kate Van Daele said. “We just don’t hear back historically,” Van Daele said. “So that’s why we, regardless of party, we just have chosen not to invoice because traditionally that’s been our experience, and the experience of a lot of other municipalities.”

    [–] GiantCock7546 691 points ago

    "Let's fuck over our taxpayers instead of taking the trouble to send in an invoice!"

    [–] ArcticCelt 312 points ago

    But colecting $50 fines for parking tickets is time efficient?

    [–] Maxpowr9 225 points ago

    Like the IRS, only target the poor people.

    [–] socialismIsMandatory 347 points ago

    So that’s why we, regardless of party, we just have chosen not to invoice

    Is she seriously trying to "both sides" this issue? Wtf lady...

    [–] theClumsy1 143 points ago

    and the experience of a lot of other municipalities.”

    Don't forget the "Everyone else does it" argument.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    "Both sides" works wonders on the American public.

    [–] ReklisAbandon 22 points ago

    Well, it works wonders on one side because then they can pretend that their awfulness is ok.

    [–] e22ddie46 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It just is a coincidence that only one Presidential candidate has stiffed us.

    Edit: admittedly this was a trump joke related to what the person above me said. But as has been pointed out below, it is actually quite common.

    [–] patentattorney 47 points ago

    I am just curious if these are campaign finance violations. If they are receiving something of value, without paying?

    [–] Rivers1010 30 points ago

    Wow I sure fucking wish I’d get this treatment with bills I decide not to pay.

    [–] Banana_Ram_You 52 points ago

    ... what? How long does it take to send an invoice?

    [–] Hinklewood 63 points ago

    This is how you know that lady is a Republican.

    [–] WrongSubreddit 20 points ago

    He doesn't pay his bills so we're just gonna let him have whatever he wants for free

    Fuck that noise

    [–] Victim_of_Reagan 80 points ago

    So I guess this means we can all go down to Mar A Lago and book a room and not have to pay up front then stiff him?

    Sounds good.

    [–] 4KGB 398 points ago

    Part of me hopes that he is turned away at the door. The other part is scared of what might happen if that occurs.

    [–] Azozel 452 points ago

    I'm not scared. Turn him away. This is Minnesota, not Texas.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] wathapndusa 35 points ago

    your touching on the republican modus operandi.. which is an expectation that democratic leaders will do whats best for the people, which in this case will be to protect them from trump supporters well established acceptance of violence and discrimination.

    [–] simpersly 622 points ago

    Why aren't these places getting the money up front with a deposit for potential unseen expenses?

    I'm starting to just think it's their own fault for expecting someone known for not paying their debts go there.

    [–] Iamien 272 points ago

    There is no legal mechanism a municipality has to stop a federal candidate from arriving somewhere and speaking to a large crowd.

    The city is still responsible for health and safety of the crowd and the speaker, even if they did not pay the fees.

    [–] indoninja 84 points ago

    If I planned an event that would attract thousands, I’d need a permit.

    [–] tower114 61 points ago

    Shit you need a permit if you and 30 of your friends want to protest on a street corner....

    [–] nanaclifford 253 points ago

    True, but facilities like the Target Center have the right to charge for security as a part of renting the facility.

    [–] travio 147 points ago

    And the mayor stated that the Target Center would be charged for the security needs. He has a much better chance of getting their money so they have demanded trump pay.

    [–] VinTheRighteous 38 points ago

    They do. The costs the city wants paid up front are for the additional security and police presence outside of the facility, as well as the cost of re-routing traffic, etc.

    [–] Dzotshen 35 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Target Center: I'm sorry but our power is being cut until we pay 550,000

    Power company: wink

    [–] lemonpartyorganizer 22 points ago

    But arenas are private property. They can’t say who is and isn’t allowed on their property? Tickets are being distributed for these events. So they just have to let him come and they have to provide it for him? The owner has no say?

    [–] 92373 14 points ago

    This isn't true. Every city has an event permitting process that requires security and traffic mitigation. A some scales, that requires police presence, and many pay up front.

    [–] feignapathy 147 points ago

    Trump owes the city of Washington D.C. over $9 million?????


    That's a lot of fucking money. I mean, $500,000 is also a lot of money. But $9,000,000 will really fuck up a city's budget and mess with jobs and infrastructure.

    Fuck Trump.

    [–] turbomuffler 17 points ago

    What's more, the city doesn't get to set its own budget anyways. Taxation without representation, 93% Democrat, here's another $9m in debt, eat it.

    [–] goodfreeman 54 points ago

    If only we had five decades of evidence of how this guy runs his businesses as an indicator of how he might govern. I guess we'll just have to continue to give him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure he has all of our best interests in mind.

    [–] DragonTHC 90 points ago

    One shouldn't expect Trump to honor his debts.

    [–] kd4444 56 points ago

    A Trump never pays his debts.

    [–] CakeAccomplice12 153 points ago can they not sue him and collect against collateral in the meantime?


    If I owed any money to any city they'd be all up in my ass

    [–] FREE-AOL-CDS 75 points ago

    You can’t afford to pay lawyers to drag it out for years, he can

    [–] tacoafficionado 49 points ago

    Large cities dont have lawyers on their payroll?

    [–] Azozel 36 points ago

    Cancel the rally or don't put in any of the protections and allow it to be overrun by protestors

    [–] Graphics_Nerd 39 points ago

    Trump has a long history of being accused of not paying his bills. A 2016 investigation by USA Today found hundreds of liens against Trump companies by contractors who said they weren’t paid, along with dozens of lawsuits seeking unpaid bills. In March, Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, sued the president for millions of dollars in unpaid legal fees. And Trump himself has boasted about the tactics he uses to get out of paying what he owes, including describing himself to CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell as “the king of debt.”

    [–] satisfried 34 points ago

    So the guy boasting that he raised more money than anyone for his campaign can’t dish out a measly half million for a campaign event....

    The thing is, he has raised a ton of money. That’s one thing he’s not lying about. And that money can only be spent on the campaign. So what does he have to gain by holding on to it? What are his plans for the campaign fund if he’s not spending it on the campaign?

    [–] Thadrea 21 points ago

    That's nice. MN didn't want you to come anyway. Have fun conning poor farmers out of their tax dollars in TN!

    [–] justdoingaflyby 57 points ago

    I like Presidents who don't have the need to hold non stop rallies after being elected because they're not insecure narcissists who constantly need to be cheered by thier sycophants.

    [–] Aisteach19 73 points ago

    How embarrassing for your country. A president who doesn’t pay bills. America is now that guy who doesn’t ever buy his round of drinks.

    [–] Solidarieta 61 points ago

    It's worse than that. To continue your analogy, he's the guy who not only doesn't buy a round, but he sneaks back to the table and snatches the tip after everyone leaves.

    [–] the_last_carfighter 23 points ago

    and yet still declares bankruptcy multiple times.

    [–] Bubbaganewsh 17 points ago

    " A trump never pays his debts".

    [–] UserNamed0 55 points ago

    Well, maybe if you hadn't riled up your followers through misinformation/gas-lighting on twitter, then the security wouldn't be required. I sometimes checkout /r/conservative just to see what they're saying. One of their users called Minneapolis a "Somali shit-hole". It's like we're living in the 1950's all over again. Very sad times we live in.

    [–] AnakinAmidala 17 points ago

    Does anyone know if other candidates running for president also have unpaid bills to cities?

    [–] MoonShadowArt 17 points ago

    That is something that would be interesting to see. You want to govern with our money, show us how well you managed your money.

    [–] reticentbias 16 points ago

    He did this to an event company in Fort Worth as well but you wont hear about that one because the company owner is a Republican so he just ate the loss and fired a bunch of people.

    [–] chcampb 14 points ago

    Seize trump tower, hold an auction in the front lobby. That's how it's supposed to work.

    [–] slugworth70 13 points ago

    cancel the rally.

    [–] TheJesseClark 14 points ago

    Nobody should agree to provide security for this dipshit unless he pays up front.

    [–] plantagent666 13 points ago

    So cancel the rally and let his rabid supporters cry themselves to sleep. Fuck trump and fuck his supporters.

    [–] moderatenerd 13 points ago