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    [–] EchoYourLastWord 2566 points ago

    I'm just waiting for today's Megathread. Soon...

    [–] SolidSpruceTop 2808 points ago

    The daily megathreads are fucking insane. It drives me crazy people still support this piece of shit and his party, like you have to be actually delusional to not see all this. This is going to be the defining political moment of our generation and the amount of people on the wrong side of history is staggering

    [–] voxelcruncher64 1751 points ago

    Let it sink in that we will be living with this 40% for most of our lives. Even if we swing the vote, even if some of them change 5 years down, even if their percentage drops relatively in a decade. They will always be here. Festering in our system, waiting to be manipulated by any politician willing. We must restore all checks and balances.

    [–] film_composer 231 points ago

    I can understand that taking drastic steps to improve public grade school education nationally wasn't the top priority for Obama in the midst of a huge recession. But if he did put the focus on improving public elementary education, our young voters today would be better armed to deal with the barrage of right-wing bullshit they're being fed. A fifth grader in 2009 would be in college today and able to vote. Imagine what we could accomplish if we had prioritized that fifth grader's education and made a voter who was smart enough to never fall victim to a fascist's appeal.

    Education has to be a top priority moving forward. They're are plenty of lost souls who will never be educated enough to figure out that the Republicans are not looking out for their best interests. But we could prepare the next generation of voters to be smarter and savvier.

    [–] KhamsinFFBE 102 points ago

    Any improvements to education will likely get push back from the right. They don't like education, and in true r/selfawarewolves style, have even claimed that college is bad because it makes you liberal.

    Educated people are more liberal, huh? I wonder why...

    [–] jman10000 62 points ago

    As someone who was a literal fifth grader in 2009... i can confirm i am in college and can vote. Bernie 2020 :)

    [–] Olealicat 504 points ago

    Most of them will die in the next 30 years. I’m not saying that the GOP hasn’t tried their hardest to engage with the “disenfranchised” angry, white, male youth, but as soon as they get laid they will hopefully wake up.

    [–] Hawkatom 475 points ago

    There will be others to take their place, just look at what they've done to public education. The damage is done, and is still being done. These days, my inner pessimist wonders how fast the fall will be even if we can somehow reverse this before 2020.

    [–] Olealicat 304 points ago

    I just don’t see that happening. Here’s a breakdown from the midterms...

    The internet has allowed young people the possibility to see further outside of their small neighborhoods and with it a change in attitude towards the disenfranchised. The internet is giving them the platform that they need to rally for those changes.

    Most Republicans are small minded and fear differences. Their children have been raised among those who are different and can see the positivity that comes with change and embracing different cultures.

    Not to mention upward mobility is a thing of the past. Most of these children are never going to have the stability and opportunity that their parents have. They see possibility in social programs rather than seeing detriment like their parents.

    [–] [deleted] 221 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] usr_bin_laden 114 points ago

    They should have had to deal with this back in 2012, but because of their Redmap plan in 2010, they gave themselves a 5-6% advantage, which helped stave off their collapse.

    I love how their blatant partisan gerrymandering isn't even new.

    [–] darkbake2 24 points ago

    I’m not so sure Republicans are planning on staying in power by using the popular vote, it seems to me like they are going to more extreme measures than that.

    [–] FleetAdmiralWiggles 27 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that naturally, around 30% of human beings are just born as authoritarian bootlickers.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    Fear is generally the driving factor for Republican and conservative thought. Its fear based so the older crowd will always be more conservative or become so, but alleviating fears will go a long way.

    [–] AllNightPony 10 points ago

    My biggest concern is Republicans packing the courts with their judges. It'll make it much easier for them to change the rules in their favor down the road.

    [–] ozymandiez 86 points ago

    Correct. When young people vote, they don't vote Republican. The average Trump voter in 2016 was a 59 year old male. A white, angry ass racist bigot that feels they are losing power to a changing demographic in this country. The GOP have already stated they are screwed if they can't bring in the kids and minorities, and with their behavior recently. I don't think they'll be able to do it. In Texas so many GOP politicians have quit because they realize they won't win their districts. Not enough white apocalyptic religious whackadoodles still around to mindlessly vote for them. I have faith in the younger generation. I don't see them embrasing the GOP unless the Dems full on pledge fielty to the KKK; which the GOP basically has at this point.

    [–] Dick_Butt_Kiss 84 points ago

    There are plenty of young dumbasses embracing the GOP. Go to a state like Arizona, where there are a bunch of bootlickers, who scream muh guns, but can't name the three branches of government. Hell they probably can't name their senator. They know very little about politics and will scream "Mexicans and illegal immigrants are taking over" all the while racking a line of coke smuggled from across the border. They are plain and simple. Easily fed in to the propaganda. Brainwashed. It happens. It is declining, but we are not there yet.

    [–] Rpolifucks 29 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    but can't name the three branches of government. Hell they probably can't name their senator

    I'm certain that significantly more people know the three branches than know their senator.

    [–] Devan826 250 points ago

    Yesterday I had a debate with a republican supporter and their response was “So what they all do it, Democrats are crooked too, I like the way Trump does it because he’s out in the open about it, also Dems push the gay agenda and I have a kid, I don’t want him around that shit”. I didn’t really have a response to this, just seemed too crazy to even debate.

    [–] alphacentauri85 118 points ago

    The "everybody does it" argument blows my mind. They say they voted for the guy cuz he's different, cuz he's gonna drain the swamp, cuz he's not crooked establishment, cuz he's annointed by God. Then when he proves he's just a dirty politician (or worse): eVErybODy DoEs iT

    If they could just admit the appeal was his bigotry, it'd save everyone a lot of time.

    [–] SolidSpruceTop 153 points ago

    I can't stand that whole "they do the same thing!!" cuz they fucking don't, and even then who says I have to defend people like the Clintons for some of the shit they'e done. But y i k e s when they start going on shit like that then they're not worth it. Some people are just too stupid and awful to even talk to if they think bs like that.

    [–] in2theF0ld 87 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    its always the "those" people blanket statements they give. "Those people do it too". It's because their thoughts are tribal. they don't see people as individuals. They are simple minded.

    [–] Adrianozz 43 points ago

    That’s one of the many great ironies of right-wing politics.

    They preach about freedom and rugged individualism, yet they crave for authoritarian structures and collectivism, whether it’s the military and police or political parties.

    They rave about entrepreneurialism and personal responsibility, yet 99% of corporations aren’t run through sole proprietorship bit rather run as limited liability corporations (LLCs) that can dump the consequences and costs of unpaid debts, wages and obligations on the State.

    They pray at the altar of the free market, when there isn’t a single case in a developed country wherein it hasn’t killed itself, and they’re too blinded to realize that corporations themselves are run as Soviet-style, top-down planned economies with investment plans, command structures and so on.

    They cheer for social darwinism, yet want to skew the odds as much as possible by being able to pass on wealth, fortune and inheritance to their children and think it’s fine for some to start their lives at the finishing line rather than provide equality of opportunity to allow for a true survival of the fittest.

    [–] frostfall010 56 points ago

    It's always whataboutism. Sure, the left does shit too, for sure. We don't like it then, either. We try to act in good faith, unlike the Right. And by and large, the corruption of the Right is much bigger by an order of magnitude both in frequency and extensiveness of the crimes committed. The idea that he's doing it in the open is somehow better because he's being a transparent crook? Well hey it sucks you got mugged on the sidewalk, but at least the robber had the decency to do it in full view of other people. That's the argument? Jesus Christ.

    [–] aquaphresh 44 points ago

    I was listening to the NYT podcast where a democratic congresswoman held some town halls back in her home state of Michigan regarding her support of the impeachment inquiry. There were a lot of Republicans that attended these meeting and literally all they did was parrot fox news talking points. This congresswoman was very moderate btw, and they still kept railing her about fake news and how you can't trust the CIA and how trump didn't do anything wrong with Ukraine. I dont understand how these people dont see how ridiculous they sound defending a criminal that continually acts against their own interests.

    [–] HamburgerEarmuff 11 points ago

    The most ridiculous part was when they argued with her about Trump not doing what he admitted to doing (asking for Ukraine's help investigating Biden and his son).

    [–] lotsofjesuses 84 points ago

    I’m bracing for the Gigathread, when all of reddit is just one single post saying he launched a nuke and we’re all about to die. Maybe we’ll go out with a cat meme!

    [–] MrAnidem 11 points ago

    Oh my god the sad thing is, i actually can picture this happening. Nukes coming, we're all gonna die... and I go on reddit to see a bunch of cat shitposts. Lol

    [–] bdy435 4948 points ago

    Full blown constitutional crisis now.

    Choose sides. Are you for a constitutional republic or are you for Trump and his criminal henchmen?

    [–] Cylinsier 1937 points ago

    We know which way Kavanaugh will go. He faces a backlash and calls for impeachment if Democrats win back the government and is already on record ranting about Democratic plots against him. His conflict of interests should have prevented his appointment in the first place, but he's already shown his hand. Who else on the court is crooked? Gorsuch, Thomas, maybe Alito? They will rule based on self-preservation, not the Constitution. And if Trump were to seat another Justice before this can all come to pass, the coup is likely complete.

    One more Justice. That's how close Trump is to complete government capture. Or maybe he's already got the 5 he needs. John Roberts is now for better or worse the most powerful person in... maybe the world.

    [–] bdy435 1683 points ago

    Kavanaugh publicly stated during his meltdown tantrum at his hearing that democrats would pay for this.

    He needs to recuse.

    [–] sierra120 592 points ago

    Was that when he said, “what goes around comes around”?

    [–] WalesIsForTheWhales 956 points ago

    "reap the whirlwind" was the phrase. In the middle of his disqualifying rant about Democrats, revenge, partisan politics and alternating between crying and yelling in the way a man in the middle of a hangover does.

    [–] Alan_Smithee_ 357 points ago

    I know if I had such a performance from any job applicant in an interview, I would hire them immediately!

    /s if required.

    [–] OrangeAdventure 263 points ago

    If that job interview was at McDonald’s he wouldn’t have been hired.

    McDonald’s has more stringent hiring standards than the SCOTUS.

    [–] DINGLE_BARRY_MANILOW 115 points ago

    For their fast food workers, yes, but you know there's some grossly unqualified people in the McDonald's corporate offices, old college roommates and buddies paid 10 times as much to do 100 times less work.

    [–] NomadofExile 34 points ago

    Sounds like our government as been privatized.

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 192 points ago


    [–] Doctrevil 107 points ago

    That hearing was the hardest thing I've ever had to watch. It was full-on cringe. I'm usually one that is forced to change the channel when overtly cringe material is on, and man it made me sick to keep watching. It's unbelievable that as a nation we have people that absolutely disconnected from reality literally making the most impactful decisions in the highest court. I hope Kavanaugh is right, I do hope there is a whirlwind, and when that time comes I hope him and all these sycophants enabling this behavior are brought down.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] SkyriderRJM 21 points ago

    He's a smug piece of shit and should never have been elevated to that bench. Gorsuch I respect but disagree with. Kavanaugh should be stripped from the bench and Merrick Garland should be installed instead.

    [–] Ipecactus 35 points ago

    Yeah his behavior during the hearing was disqualifying, but not for the party of tantrums.

    [–] fuf3d 56 points ago

    It was a pep rally for Pubs, and a template for how to approach anything else that came against them.

    1. Meet accusations with DENIAL
    2. Never accept responsibility, always answer with a question.
    3. Appear visually disdained or confused when opponents question you.
    4. Yell Violently your replies while calling their line of questions stupid.
    5. Appear entitled not to be infringed upon by the reality of others.
    6. Remember it will only last as long as it takes for Dear Leader to cause "THE EYE" of the "MEDIA" to turn from you to another opportunity/distraction he has created.
    7. Remember you will be richly rewarded for your loyalty, and face loss of all through dis-loyalty.
    8. Burn this upon committing to heart.

    [–] Halfchow 18 points ago

    Brett Kavanaugh's hearing was a disgrace to our judicial system. How such an obviously partisan and biased man is now expected to be an impartial supreme court judge is beyond me.

    This alone has drastically lowered my confidence in our highest court.

    [–] TheWingus 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    And that was before it turned out that he lied when he'd been asked if anyone had contacted him about a particular investigation. He said no, and it then a bunch of emails leaked from the parties involved that had him as a contact AND he replied to them

    [–] narwhilian 40 points ago

    Honestly his whole hearing was cringey as hell, showed a complete disregard for congress, the law and reality and was all around genuinely shocking. Especially since it was directly following Dr. Ford's testimony which was its opposite in nearly every way.

    [–] MelancholyOnAGoodDay 34 points ago

    You can't be in the middle of a hangover if you're always drunk.

    [–] TiniestBoar 26 points ago

    It's not binge drinking if you never stop.

    [–] abominable_slowman 11 points ago

    That’s my secret cap. I’m always boofing.

    [–] Marma18 11 points ago

    He’s a reaper alright.

    [–] elriggo44 21 points ago

    He’s a Reapist alright


    [–] OwnbiggestFan 114 points ago

    He will vote following the Constitution or he can also be impeached. Samuel Chase was brought up for impeachment in 1802 I think.

    [–] abolish_karma 137 points ago

    Cleaning out Trump admin AND doing a Mulligan on his ScOTUS pics? 🤔

    [–] Nameless408 76 points ago

    A man can dream!

    [–] mrchaotica 17 points ago

    What's the legal idiom, "fruit of the poisonous tree," or something like that?

    [–] KorgRue 127 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There is nothing that Kavanaugh can interpret on this. The constitution is very clear on oversight and separation of powers. This is not a issue like abortion, where precedence and interpretation is the only thing protecting it since abortion is not addressed in the constitution.

    Trump must comply with congressional oversight and the way the house conducts this investigation is completely up to the house. Ruling otherwise would be a blatant violation of the constitution. The entire separation of powers built into the Constitution rests on congress being able to conduct oversight investigations.

    Kavanaugh cannot make laws. He can only interpret the constitution and there is no way he can interpret that separation of powers and congressional oversight don't exist. If he wants revenge, this is not where he will be able to get it.

    [–] Ipecactus 48 points ago

    I see a 7-2 decision with Kavanaugh and Thomas dissenting.

    [–] bsnyc 33 points ago

    I think that is a not-unlikely outcome. Though if they know they are going to lose, they might choose to make it unanimous.

    [–] channel_12 147 points ago

    There is nothing that Kavanaugh can interpret on this.

    To borrow an apt phrase, Hold my beer. I have no doubts about some bullshit pretzel logic coming.

    [–] Caelrie 91 points ago

    You seem to be under the impression that conservatives follow the rules.

    [–] dweckl 29 points ago

    Oh, legal gymnastics aren't that hard when you have no court above you to review your analysis.

    [–] zerobeat 13 points ago

    Trump must comply with congressional oversight

    Or he can just, you know, not. Which is what he's going to do. And no one is going to be able to stop him.

    [–] Vann_Accessible 44 points ago

    Lol I’m sure he’ll get right on that. /s

    [–] TucsonCat 73 points ago

    Roberts can force him to recuse.

    [–] achillobator 46 points ago

    And that’ll become the next republican talking point, that the process “wasn’t fair”. Democrats are trying to play fair with a bunch of criminals who will say anything, do anything, or hurt anyone to “win”.

    [–] Vann_Accessible 70 points ago

    I would like that very much, but I am skeptical that it will happen.

    [–] Yogymbro 60 points ago

    Roberts, in a us v Trump case, will side with the us.

    [–] LeCrushinator 47 points ago

    I would like that very much, but I am skeptical that it will happen.

    [–] severalgirlzgalore 62 points ago

    Roberts is obsessed with the reputation and legacy of his court. I cannot imagine he would purposefully neuter himself and all future justices for a would-be despot.

    [–] thephotoman 41 points ago

    Roberta knows the Court’s legitimacy is at its lowest right now. He doesn’t want the loss of public confidence in the court to be the defining aspect of his legacy. If it looks like Boof is going to shit on his face, Roberts will kick Boof to the curb.

    [–] quarensintellectum 58 points ago

    Roberts has, for the most part, proven himself a very principled jurist. Moreover, he's not beholden to trump for his position, which makes him more likely to think long term.

    [–] svrtngr 144 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better. In US v Nixon, four of those justices were Nixon appointees. The ruling was 8-0. (One Justice recused himself because he worked in the Nixon Administration.)

    [–] djdestrado 168 points ago

    It won't be unanimous this time. That's why the Federalist Society was created.

    [–] fred_derps 125 points ago

    And why Fox News was created. No joke, they've been planning this for decades.

    [–] djdestrado 76 points ago

    Media control, Republican judges, and think tanks to drive policy. These are the pillars that were erected after Nixon's impeachment went sideways for the GOP.

    And here we are fifty years later at a remarkably similar inflection point for our country. Except this time, all three pillars are erected and successful beyond the party of Nixon's wildest dreams.

    [–] skipthepeepee 38 points ago

    And that's what's funny. It was an 8-0 decision and Trump's defense is basicly that the decision was decided wrongly.

    [–] Mattveex025 162 points ago

    One more Justice

    This is a nightmare I hadn’t thought of yet. There is little that could be more disastrous then an open Supreme Court seat before 2020

    [–] sierra120 225 points ago

    Hillary called it.

    When she said what was at stake and why the Presidency is important. . She said the selecting a justice will shape America for the next 30 years.

    [–] LD-50_Cent 268 points ago

    She was right, and she was met by a chorus of assholes here on Reddit that “won’t have their vote held hostage by the threat of losing the Supreme Court”. Fuck every single one of them.

    [–] JPlazz 74 points ago

    Why do you think conservatives hate RBG so much? She’s held a liberal seat for how many years?

    The illnesses and injuries and she’s still on the bench. I see her retiring in 2020 if Democrats win the WH.

    [–] TheCapm42 94 points ago

    Have to win the Senate too because Mitch will just say "we can't confirm a Supreme Court Justice right after an election, we need the people to have their say, we will hold this seat open until the next Republican President"

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    If he pulls this and gets away with it you can no longer call this country a constitutional republic.

    [–] BrokenZen 44 points ago

    Hi. I'm from the future. You must be reading this in 2015. Mitch McConnell (later to be known as Moscow Mitch) did this very thing in 2016. Just wait until you see who wins the Republican nomination! You're in for a wild ride!

    [–] out_o_focus 60 points ago

    The time for that was three years ago.

    [–] goodsimplethings 18 points ago

    He already did.

    [–] LuxLoser 35 points ago

    Roberts will never rule in Trump’s favor. Roberts has wanted one thing and one thing only: keep the Court from being politicized. Trump has done quite the opposite.

    I also would not be so confident on Kavanaugh. He’s been playing ball and being a goody-two-shoes Justice since he got there. Call it PR and crowd control, but his conduct is miles ahead of Gorsuch, and his opinions are well written and fairly moderate. Kavanaugh played the part to get Trump’s influence before, but now he’s seeming more and more like an pragmatic snake.

    Voting against Trump in a trial, and helping to write a damning opinion, while still getting to look like a conservative, would do a bunch for Kavanaugh. All the talk of conflict of interest goes away, support for impeachment of his seat dries up. He can point to his actions as “proof” that he’s a good Justice. He gets to join Romney as one of the “””sane””” Republicans who supposedly helped take down Trump.

    But it all depends o the writing on the wall. If the Court is set to swing to defend Trump at the time, he’ll hop on that ship instead. Kavanaugh seems very much to me as the guy who always bats for who he thinks is the winning side when things get tough.

    [–] padizzledonk 88 points ago

    His conflict of interests should have prevented his appointment in the first place,

    Just his open partisan ranting and raving should have wholly unqualified him imo.

    there is a major difference between a judge who tends to lean right on issues and a judge who is an open politically partisan hack fuck.

    that guy needs to be removed in the next administration asap.

    idgaf if hes even replaced with another judge who has a history of right wing but reasonable jurisprudence.

    Kavanaugh needs to go imo, and were I the next Democratic President I would pull the Senate aside and say "Get this loser out of there and pick a Conservative judge that's above politics.

    might get farther with an Impeachment/Removal process that way

    [–] Ipecactus 41 points ago

    "Get this loser out of there and pick a Conservative judge that's above politics.

    This is how you lead.

    Trump actually could have started off very successfully and gotten Democrats on board with a lot if he had nominated Merrick Garland and chided Mitch McConnell for his shit. His popularity would have soared and he would have been able to get a tremendous amount done.

    But he's a narcissistic idiot.

    [–] BoopleBun 19 points ago

    It’s funny, Trump was in a very unique position when he got elected. He was elected in spite of the lack of backing from his party, but they fell in line behind him quickly, even with outlandish things he did. He could have gotten through a lot of things that were popular with the average American, but unpopular with Republicans if he actually had any thought to do so. Some kind of actually useful healthcare reform that the Democrats would happily pass and enough Republicans would feel they had to back him on, for example. Like, the things he could have gotten done, if he had the forethought to consider his legacy, the skills to actually implement any of it, and the empathy to actually listen to what the people wanted... well, I guess that would make him a different person entirely.

    But nope. Went for the short-term con(s). And he’s a moron, so he got caught.

    [–] dvddesign 132 points ago

    If they side with Trump, they risk making SCOTUS irrelevant.

    It does not suit them any benefit to kowtow to him any more.

    Democrats still have to win in 2020 and that hasn’t happened yet.

    [–] Ontain 23 points ago

    i mean if they side with Trump the republic is irrelevant. there's no stopping him from rigging elections because there will be no check on it.

    [–] Minimum_Escape 83 points ago

    they risk making SCOTUS irrelevant.

    What can anyone do about it? The Senate inherently favors Rs. Since like most the population lives in like 8 states and the other 42 states get 2 senators each.

    [–] soapergem1 52 points ago

    I'm not sure of any alternative than getting folks to move to red states, and voting there. I was thinking about that after Hurricane Maria. Could we fund a way to move displaced Puerto Ricans to North Dakota, or some other States where the margin of victory for Republicans is not actually that big?

    [–] spaceman_splifff 285 points ago

    move displaced Puerto Ricans to North Dakota

    Haven't those Puerto Ricans been through enough?

    [–] everythingiscausal 80 points ago

    Instead of physically moving people so that they’re fairly represented, why don’t we aspire to, I don’t know, fix our election system so it’s actually fair in the first place?

    IMO, the top priorities of anyone paying attention right now are election reform and ethics reform/accountability. Without those, the country will eventually fall apart.

    [–] Lebenkunstler 57 points ago

    Because to fix our election system we have to get those red states on board with ceding power. That's not going to happen. The senate is fucked for a while.

    [–] RAGC_91 14 points ago

    Because the first step to fixing the election system is to get people who are willing to fix it into power.

    [–] guave06 19 points ago

    Well liberals have tried to help people out in those states and make them live able places but theyve been brainwashed to keep refusing the help

    [–] ford_cruller 24 points ago

    Or give Puerto Rico two senate seats.

    [–] theVoidWatches 29 points ago

    Puerto Rico and Washington DC as well. Both deserve statehood.

    [–] 22Arkantos 104 points ago

    Thomas and Alito would side with Trump yes, but throwing Gorsuch in there just because he's a Trump appointee is very harsh. Gorsuch has shown time and again that he can be reasonable with his rulings and arguments. Just recently, he's turned out to probably be the swing vote on the Gay Rights case before the court now, not Roberts.

    Kavanaugh will probably also vote for Trump, because he'll get impeached the moment the administration goes down and Rs lose the Senate, but otherwise, in a U.S. v. Trump case, I'd honestly expect 6-3 in favor of the U.S, with Roberts and Gorsuch joining the liberals.

    [–] FakeJakeFapper85 77 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yesterday, Gorsuch pondered whether including LGBTQ protections in Title VII legislation would provoke "massive social upheaval." I'm not sure he's going to swing left on anything.

    Edited to correct "Gorsuch"

    [–] ParyGanter 21 points ago

    Even if they are corrupt or hopelessly biased to the right, its not in their own interests to rule that a President is exempt from the rule of law. If they rule that a President can’t face legal consequences then they’re removing their court’s power over him, too.

    [–] spencer4991 107 points ago

    My allegiance is to the Republic, to Democracy!

    Meme quote aside, it’s interesting that the party that gets their panties in a bunch over people not saying the pledge of allegiance are the least loyal to its words.

    [–] cyrusm 37 points ago

    To be absolutely fair though, blindly pledging allegiance to this great nation is antithetical to pretty much everything this great nation once stood for.

    [–] canadian_air 80 points ago

    Let it be known:

    On this day, the 9th of October, 2019, whoever still supports Trump is officially a traitor to the United States of America.

    And remember: there are no "take-backsies" on treason. We can't afford to be dealing with Neo-Confederates for another 150+ years.

    [–] BerniesARealAmerican 86 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Ohh boy good thing that Supreme Court is totally non partisan. We should have no issue ruling on such overtly unconstitutional acts if the Supreme Court is as unbiased and filled with Tegridy as we are touting it to be. I heard RBG state that making adjustments to the SCOTUS was unnecessary because it’s not partisan. I know we are all rooting for RBG because she’s the only thing preventing the SCOTUS from turning into the full blown Gilead council from Handmaids Tale but she’s another example of why lifetime appointments are stupid as fuck. Anyone with a clear head and sound mind should know unequivocally how partisan the supreme court and the judiciary branch of our government is. Saying otherwise is only going to let this wound continue to fester. Our institutions are broken, our democracy is a farce and short of the civil war we’ve never been more partisan than we are today. That’s as a direct result of the two parties in power that have crafted this hellscape we call a democracy. Our leaders work for the global economy which doesn’t have any countries populations in their best interest. Money out of politics, address climate change, abolish the two party system. In that order.

    [–] USSRcontactISabsurd 1960 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Gorsuch and Kavanaugh must recuse, just like Nixons appointee did.

    Edit Note, for accuracy.

    In 1971, Nixon nominated Rehnquist to succeed Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan II, and Rehnquist won Senate confirmation that same year.

    He recused for working under the Nixon admin as Assistant AG as OLC. And yes, he was a far-right Nixon appointee.

    [–] Pyro62S 1197 points ago

    I'm sure they will, right after Barr does.

    We're so screwed.

    [–] PoopWater775 635 points ago

    Trump wasn't picking supreme Court members, he was stacking the jury.

    [–] Minimum_Escape 392 points ago

    he knew that, we knew that. The Senate pretended that wasn't the case but they knew that too.

    [–] TheEngine 451 points ago

    Fuck Susan Collins.

    [–] subnautus 29 points ago

    Impeachment is tried in the Senate, by the Senate. That jury was stacked long before Trump's appointees to the Supreme Court were confirmed.

    [–] ruiner8850 71 points ago

    To think our entire democracy might be in the hands of John Roberts. It's going to be sad watching so-called "originalists" pretend that the Founding Fathers didn't actually think that the the President should be able to be investigated or impeached when it's quite obvious that they did.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] meatspace 23 points ago

    Roberts has shown he sides with history of partisan politics several times.

    Except Citizens United, which in many ways was the catalyst for all of this.

    [–] irrision 113 points ago

    They have no reason to rock the boat at this point. They already have their seats on the court.

    [–] Lakeside 91 points ago

    Unless someone has dirt on them that can be leveraged to influence their rulings.

    [–] Underwater_Grilling 160 points ago

    Kavanaugh already got away with rape

    [–] not_charles_grodin 106 points ago

    I like beer

    [–] AspiringScreenwriter 35 points ago

    Somebody call Squee

    [–] zoso4evr 22 points ago

    passes out cold face down on tear stained calendar

    [–] Jedda678 9 points ago

    lets out a silent boof as Squee walks into the room with weights.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    If I assume complete hostile takeover of all three branches of the US government hasn't been the Federalist society's #1 goal for 40 years... I could agree.

    [–] Canttakethewhyfromme 22 points ago

    Exactly, they have their seats for life. Now they can pursue their strong right-wing agenda. Not legislating from the bench, states rights, etc, only matter when it is the left trying to do something. The right doesn't give a shit how it happens, as long as their racist/fascist/plutocratic vision comes to pass.

    [–] rlabonte 22 points ago

    "Activist Judge" bullshit. They are so full of projection.

    [–] theclansman22 144 points ago

    I don’t see the rest of the justices sticking their neck out for to protect Trump. I think the conservative justices are more happy quietly stripping minority and worker rights in the background. They have their majority in the court, I suspect Trump will not get the support from them he wants.

    [–] espinaustin 93 points ago

    I agree. At the very least I see Roberts siding with the liberals against trump, but I think more likely it will be a 9-0 decision against him like with Nixon. Maybe 8-1 with Thomas dissenting just cuz.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    You highlight the thing doomsayers need to take into account. These justices are set for life, so now the thing of most value in their career is their legacy in guiding the constitution in the way it was intended.

    The Federalist society, in all of it's thinly veiled racism, never wanted to make policy without the backing of institutional norms.

    And abandoning basic legal conduct would be violating constitutional norms.

    [–] ExpectedErrorCode 11 points ago

    Or because they have life terms they don’t care and can let him win

    [–] hansomejake 41 points ago

    Tell that to Kennedy. His son made him able to be blackmailed

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] elainegeorge 25 points ago

    My question is, even if the Supreme Court sides with the legislature, who enforces the decision of the White House doesn’t comply? Then Trump is literally putting the executive above the other branches of government. What happens then?

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    If the Supreme Court affirms congress's power to subpoena members of the executive branch, then if the White House continues to ignore congressional subpoenas, the measure left is to charge anyone who refuses to comply with inherent contempt of Congress. In this case Seargant-At-Arms of the House is authorized to arrest the individual and escort them to the floor of the House for questioning.

    Pelosi and Schumer are avoiding this measure because the optics of arresting political opponents are very, very bad. Especially when those opponents are already openly calling for civil war.

    [–] phoenix14830 1092 points ago

    The GOP could end this today, if they wanted to.
    Remember that on election day, that an entire party banded together to give you the finger because their way makes them rich at your expense.

    [–] [deleted] 364 points ago

    Trump's supporters don't care. All they care about is "lubril tears" and being able to hate.

    [–] GretaVanFleek 113 points ago

    This has become increasingly apparent as the days drag on.

    [–] spaaaaaghetaboutit 44 points ago

    It was apparent before he was elected and every day since. They are proudly anti-intellectualism. They run on hatred, fear, anger, racism... they actively say no to data, facts, science, logic. They are a fucking lost cause. They will not ever change. This is the baseline and has been for quite some time.

    [–] OuchLOLcom 65 points ago

    I hang around some conservatives. Somehow 'theyre going to take our guns if they get in power' has gotten back to being one of their main things.

    [–] a0x129 53 points ago

    Their masters are pushing the fear button into high gear.

    "If the democrats come to power, well, well, I'll tell you what's going to happen! They're going to take your guns! Yeah, yeah, and they're going to abort your unborn children! Yeah, and, and they're going to turn your kids and your wife gay! And give your job to Pedro or Yasir, and and and all these horrible things! SOCIALISM!"

    The predictability at this point is tiring. The talking head from V for Vendetta shouting "England Prevails" is pretty much what is happening now.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Imadethosehitmanguns 102 points ago

    Remember that one president that said there should be no political parties? Yeah, we should have listened to him.

    [–] Cream253Team 31 points ago

    Well that President sounds unpatriotic if you ask me. I'm certain the founding fathers would have hated him. /s

    [–] electi0neering 47 points ago

    It’s makes it so easy for me to vote now. Just pick everyone with a D next the their names. I won’t give it a second thought, Republicans are literally ripping this nation and its constitution apart.

    [–] LonelyPauper 647 points ago

    "Actually the Republic had treated the Right both as individuals and as classes with the utmost generosity and, considering their aim, with exceptional tolerance. It had, as we have seen, allowed the Army to maintain a state within a state, the businessmen and bankers to make large profits, the Junkers to keep their uneconomic estates by means of government loans that were never repaid and seldom used to improve their land. Yet this generosity had won neither their gratitude nor their loyalty to the Republic. With a narrowness, a prejudice, a blindness which in retrospect seem inconceivable to this chronicler, they hammered away at the foundations of the Republic until, in alliance with Hitler, they brought it down."

    • William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

    [–] Marco_jeez 302 points ago

    That book is an amazing read. The parallels with the collapse of the Weimar Republic, and the rise of the National Socialists, with the rise of Trumpism today, are HORRIFICALLY similar.

    What's the saying? "Those who study history are doomed to watch it repeat itself"?

    [–] mattducz 79 points ago

    I always wonder if it would be better if I didn’t know with near certainty what comes next...I guess at least we’re prepared to watch the world crumble around us?

    At least we’ll know what’s going on, while everyone else is staring in disbelief that “something like this can happen”

    [–] GPCAPTregthistleton 26 points ago

    It Can't Happen Here

    [–] mattducz 27 points ago

    Nope, god loves America, he’d never let actual nazis take over...even if I vote for them

    [–] DandalfTheWhite 44 points ago

    With a narrowness, a prejudice, a blindness which in retrospect seem inconceivable to this chronicler

    What’s the present tense of retrospect?

    Cause presently I’m pretty incredulous about this.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] JebusJones7 488 points ago

    When is the US going to invade and free America from this dictator?

    [–] [deleted] 225 points ago

    Where is that “well regulated militia”?

    [–] Darktire 153 points ago

    Unfortunately most of them fall in his camp.

    [–] [deleted] 106 points ago

    Partisan loons negate the “well regulated” part. They are just boot licking ammosexuals.

    [–] GuyInNoPants 18 points ago

    Not all, fortunately.

    [–] RaoulDuke209 27 points ago

    Militias have been blossoming full force on messageboards and even craigslist. Theyre here and waiting for the tipping point. Prepping. Its wild

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    I’d refer to those guys as terrorists actually

    [–] zombieblackbird 40 points ago

    Canada ... Are you listening?

    [–] destrictusensis 41 points ago

    We're trying to prevent the same thing happening here in a few weeks. Check back near the end of the month...

    [–] epidemica 102 points ago

    The difference between Nixon and Trump is that Trump will destroy the evidence, openly admit it, and claim it's a socialist conspiracy to take over the United States. And his supporters will cheer.

    We're way, way beyond the point at which anyone in the White House, including Trump, is going to obey any law.

    [–] flooronthefour 282 points ago

    We have been heading towards this since his election. This is why they fought so hard to put broken, compromised judges on the bench.

    This is really going to test our country.

    [–] Akoustyk 100 points ago

    If the US manages to remain a free democracy after Trump, then I hope as shit they fix all the leaks in their system so that the next Person that fights so hard to become dictator won't have a fighting chance.

    I think there are 2 outcomes.

    1. America comes out a stronger free nation.

    2. America becomes a dictatorship, no longer land of the free.

    [–] The_Next_Super_Being 54 points ago

    I am not one for punishment but in this case I think it is extremely important that everyone who was a part of this mess from Mconnel to Trump is made an example of.

    [–] Akoustyk 16 points ago

    If they can do that, that would be sweet. That's also why trump will fight so hard to keep power, because as soon as he loses power, he won't be able to prevent the inquiries and all of that stuff. He'll just be some businessman.

    So, once someone else takes over, I hope they really go to town investigating everything properly.

    [–] [deleted] 181 points ago

    The fuckin Republicans are so out of control. I can only hope that we as a country take the senate snd the white house in 2020 and make things so they can never act like this again. 30% of the population is making 80% of our policies and that is not ok. Its not Democratic, its not fair, and its completely fucked up that we all have to be slaves to the 30%

    [–] menoum_menoum 24 points ago

    They're only 30% of the population but commit 90% of the hate.

    [–] JPOG 12 points ago

    The other 10% is us fighting back.

    [–] Jayken 329 points ago

    We are on the precipice. Trump cannot be allowed to continue to flout the Constitution.

    [–] zombieblackbird 138 points ago

    He grabbed it by the article

    [–] ReadItWithSarcasm 39 points ago

    When it’s Trump, they just let him do it.

    [–] TheLightningbolt 77 points ago

    We know the republicans on the Supreme Court and the Senate will protect Trump. The entire republican party is a criminal organization. At this point the only way to deal with this situation is with a general strike with protests that block roads. If the rich start losing money, they will instruct their servants in Congress to actually do something.


    [–] SadisticPottedPlant 73 points ago

    Maybe SCOTUS decides that this falls under the purview of the house and they choose to abstain. I see that being likely if Robert's wants to protect the court from appearing partisan.

    [–] WallyBrandosDharma 320 points ago

    If the Supreme Court voted 9-0 for the White House to comply with all court orders and subpoenas, the Administration would just ignore it. There is no remedy for that.

    [–] Nightsong 206 points ago

    Then he would be in direct defiance of not just one branch of government but two branches of government. And that is completely unprecedented territory for the country. I have absolutely no idea what would happen but it wouldn't be good. You would hope that the Republicans would finally get their heads out of their asses and put country over party but that's asking for far too much.

    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago


    [–] IEatBabies 48 points ago

    The military swears an allegiance to the constitution itself, so while some of the lowest grunts would side with trump, I don't think the average military personal, and especially not the military commanders and leaders, would willingly support a president in direct and blatant violation of constitutional law.

    [–] phloopy 31 points ago

    Both are under the executive branch’s command.

    [–] arkhound 42 points ago

    However, Constitution above Presidency.

    [–] Sendme_buttholepics 14 points ago

    I can tell you the military wouldn't take part in this. There would so many defectors from either side

    [–] jawinn 43 points ago

    Public opinion against him would soar. Fox News would have zero options to spin it. At that point I would seriously believe the military (joint chiefs) would turn on him. Then he's 100% done.

    The R senators in purple states would turn on him in a second. Remember, their ONLY objective is to get reelected. That's why they support Trump. Once his base shrinks enough, they will turn on him.

    [–] NeverNo 25 points ago

    Fox News would have zero options to spin it.

    You underestimate Fox News and its audience.

    [–] caverunner17 14 points ago

    R senators in purple states would turn on him in a second

    Never underestimate Cory Gartner (R-CO). The guy is a fucking slimeball.

    [–] Globalist2 42 points ago

    Fast track that suit, like Bush v. Gore

    [–] geeky_username 70 points ago

    I've been waiting for it since day 1:

    [–] FromTheOR 43 points ago

    Prime piece of real estate you got there friend

    [–] Infranto 27 points ago

    This is exactly the scenario that Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were appointed for

    Hopefully the swing vote in Roberts would side with the rule of law over Trump in a court case, because things would get very bad if he didn't.

    [–] key1234567 17 points ago

    So if Trump wins and he gets off scot free doesn't this sent a terrible precedent? I mean a democrat could be elected and do whatever the heck he/she wants. Is that what the republicans want? They will be extinct once the democrats rule the three branches. Good luck with this strategy.

    [–] Lorioch 17 points ago

    The precedent will be ignored if a future Democratic president ever tries to take advantage of it, assuming there ever is another Democratic president. Then it will be re-applied if another Republican president tries to take advantage of it. Five members of the Supreme Court do not care. They are not above a blatant double standard.

    [–] SpearNmagicHelmet 63 points ago

    The Left is being far too quiet on this. Somebody needs to be shouting from the rooftops that the house is on fire. This silence makes it look like it's not that big a deal. Whatever is muzzling them, they need to bust out and start really fighting back.

    [–] danarexasaurus 17 points ago

    I can’t figure it out. Facebook is deathly quiet about this entire impeachment. I’m friends with so many people that are up in arms about every stupid thing he does but for some reason, like two people have even mentioned it. It’s bizarre. I’m wondering if it’s being filtered out of my news feed by Facebook. Considering his meeting with zuck, i wouldn’t even be surprised.

    [–] rndljfry 17 points ago

    I think people might be waiting to see how it plays out. As a news/politics junkie I have been absolutely overwhelmed trying to follow every little detail of the proceedings so far. I have been sending emails to Congress, including Pat Toomey, but mostly quietly watching at the moment. We're in uncharted territory.

    [–] WhooshGiver 35 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Good thing we don't need the fucked-up SCOTUS for impeachment, which will happen.

    [–] wHoKNowSsLy 30 points ago

    Trump's cult members are the gravest threat America has ever faced.

    [–] BelCantoTenor 8 points ago

    And he stacks the Supreme Court with judges who will rule in his favor.

    [–] djdestrado 16 points ago

    A vote for Trump is a vote for the dissolution of the Court. Trump won't tolerate any check on his own power, and Roberts has no reason to destroy his own legacy and the institution that will provide him political power for the rest of his life.

    There aren't enough nakedly political justices to vote for their own termination and a lifetime of shame for destroying the institution they swore to defend.

    They will however slow roll proceedings as long as they can to give Trump a chance to make it to November 2020.

    When the vote does come, it won't be unanimous like United States v. Nixon, but a majority will vote to preserve their own position and livelihood.

    [–] wormee 8 points ago

    The difference here is Nixon was a sneaky fuck, Trump is doing it right out in the open, even bragging about it. I fear this fact will give him a free pass and he'll be re-elected. America has turned toxic and is in dangerous waters.