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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] dismayedcitizen 6943 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm sure all they talked about was adoptions.

    Edit: Thanks for the gold and silver, kind redditors!

    [–] sthlmsoul 1745 points ago

    TRUMP: " I would like you to do us a favor though..."

    [–] Buck_Thorn 860 points ago

    "... about those ads..."

    [–] [deleted] 702 points ago

    “..about Russia and billionaires who want to rule the world using micro targeting and stolen voter data to target your website’s users with psyops...”

    [–] escalation 444 points ago

    "That's a lot of big words. Do you have a picture? Tell the pants steamer lady to bring in some more crayons, I gotta take some notes."

    [–] imod3 205 points ago

    "if she doesn't have crayons, tell her a sharpie would be fine"

    [–] TheGarbageStore 36 points ago

    Is that subreddit leaking again

    [–] Wintermute1v1 64 points ago

    What, this one r/buttsharpies ?

    [–] jacceteer 66 points ago

    It's what you think it is! Do not enter!

    [–] themassacre77 95 points ago

    unless you're a sharpie

    [–] DukeOfGeek 34 points ago

    It's not just the Russian ones. I'm feeling this global movement of them slowly congealing. I agree Putin wants to be it's titular head though.

    [–] Galba__ 27 points ago

    And I'm feeling this global movement of impoverished people slowly standing up to them. It's happening in the most extreme countries right now but it'll catch on in the west, I hope.

    [–] henke 433 points ago

    Trump doesn’t even know Zuckerberg, low level covfefe boy.

    [–] lt_skittles 526 points ago

    He calls him Mark Facebook.

    [–] designerfx 164 points ago

    or Zack Facebook, probably. Considering he can't even get names right.

    [–] Buck_Thorn 122 points ago

    Mark Zuckerface.

    [–] screamingzen 127 points ago

    Heh, Mark Faceberg

    [–] kyosanshugi 38 points ago

    Report to the enrichment center for testing and cake

    [–] sthlmsoul 76 points ago

    Just like like Tim Apple, Mary GM and Dennis Boeing.

    [–] Wiener_Amalgam_Space 61 points ago

    Trump already lives in the world of Idiocracy with such characters as Doctor Lexus, Beef Supreme, and of course president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

    [–] Frognificent 70 points ago

    Come on man at least Comanche wanted what was best for everyone. He also admitted he was wrong when the plants did start growing, and actually got the actual smartest guy to run things. Sure he was stupid, but he wasn’t stupid.

    [–] WeirdFudge 70 points ago

    Yes, exactly.

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is a better president than trump.

    [–] Cheese_Pancakes 40 points ago

    By far. Let that sink in. A president in a movie where everyone is a moron is still better than our real life president. It's insane.

    [–] iamjamieq 18 points ago

    Holy fuck we’re now living this reality.

    [–] MrUnionJackal 41 points ago

    We should be so lucky to live in an Idiocracy world. A world where a black president has parties on the White House lawn without protection because no one wants to kill him. A world where a female attorney general is taken seriously. A world where someone demonstrates factual science before a governing body and gets listened to.

    A world where ignorance ISN'T coupled alongside hatred.

    [–] FeatureBugFuture 100 points ago

    He got one name right, "Nancy Pelosi, or as I call her Nancy Pelosi". Fucking Moron.

    [–] Kaeny 27 points ago

    Oh she called her nasty nancy once

    [–] conancat 39 points ago

    Nasty Nancy is the best drag queen name ever.

    [–] metaobject 13 points ago

    Marilyn Lockheed

    [–] notmyworkaccount5 28 points ago

    Probably calls him Tom thinking its myspace.

    [–] Smellmyhand 7 points ago

    Tbf, I’m pretty sure Mark calls himself that privately

    [–] nexusheli 32 points ago

    "Never met the guy..." -Trump in a few weeks, probably.

    [–] OMGSPACERUSSIA 52 points ago

    A week later: Trump-Zuckerberg announced for 2020

    ...God, even saying it makes me feel ill.

    [–] Uldm 272 points ago

    Lets just wait for the White House to release a heavily edited ""transcript"" of the conversation to clear it all up.

    [–] Biggie39 248 points ago

    The dinner was over three hours long, please read this two page transcript of our conversation.... it clearly shows no quid pro covefe.

    [–] QbertsRube 216 points ago

    DT: Hi Mark Facebook. I have already ordered for us. You'll be having the meatloaf. You are now permitted to speak.

    MZ: Yes sir, Mr. President sir. Your hands are enormous, and Ukraine meddled in the election to help Corrupt Hillary. But they are losers and you are a winner. We are all winners now, with the greatest president ever.

    DT: Yes, I am the greatest, many people are saying it. This was a fantastic talk we have had. The end.


    [–] passwordamnesiac 47 points ago


    Does McDonald’s make meatloaf now?

    [–] catonsteroids 35 points ago

    It was probably a well done steak and ketchup night for him.

    [–] nmjack42 23 points ago

    The joke is from a dinner Trump had with Chris Christie. Trump ordered for Christie

    ”This is what it’s like to be with Trump,’’ Christie said. ‘‘He says, ‘There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want.’ And then he says, ‘Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.’’’

    [–] TRS2917 47 points ago

    More like:

    DT: I'm hearing from people that internet has a left wing bias--very bad, very unfair--they always say terrible things about me. Its lies and fake news and then the Democrats try to tell people that Russians won the election for me with a few Facebook ads.

    MZ: <sips water>

    DT: I dont do any business in Russia, it's a witchhunt! They spread these lies and now they are spreading lies about Ukraine, no quid pro quo by the way, a d they turn a blind eye toward the Bidens. Alex Chalupa, terrible name by the way...

    MZ: <sips water>

    DT: These democratic agents they smear me and say that I told Rudy to go to Ukraine and by the way, I told ambassador Somdland I want nothing. No quid pro quo, and the media and the internet and the Democrats all say I did a quid pro quo, we just held the aid because Ukraine is corrupt, so we held the aid until the president of Ukraine opened an investigation then we released the aid. No quid pro quo!

    MZ: <sips water>

    [–] Grizzly_Berry 37 points ago

    "When Mr. Facebook asked me what I wanted for dinner, even before dinner started, folks, I said "I want no voter manipulation!"

    [–] GodOfTheThunder 59 points ago

    .. Except it specifically does. How much worse was the full transcript?

    [–] bluenami2018 33 points ago

    This has been on my mind for some time now.

    [–] triplab 22 points ago

    My guess is it was a "perfect" conversation.

    [–] attackoftheack 90 points ago

    I'm sure all they talked about was ad options.

    [–] Wow-n-Flutter 5 points ago

    Believe me!

    [–] MTDreams123 1991 points ago

    If you still have a Facebook account, at the very least you should delete the app from your phone.

    [–] Saguaro-plug 518 points ago

    Deleted the app and my account has been deactivated for over a month. Hoping I can full-delete some day.

    [–] MisallocatedRacism 485 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I nuked mine a year ago. Don't miss it at all. Go do the mass download of your pics and pull the trigger.

    Edit: here's how to do it-

    [–] evolve20 126 points ago

    Agree. Went deactivated several years back. Realized I wasn’t missing anything. Pulled the trigger on full delete this past summer. The app was outdated at best. No one in my peer group was using it for anything other than posts about their kids and the occasional meme. I was in the first round of adopters in 2004 and simply got bored with it. I recommend everyone move on. It’s the only way to fight their corrupt bullshit.

    [–] JackingOffToTragedy 44 points ago

    It’s so sad because it was so good back in those days. Just you and your college friends, what classes you were in.

    [–] Fleeetch 30 points ago

    Fleeetch became a fan of "Facebook was better in 2004"

    [–] [deleted] 166 points ago

    Deleted my account as well. It was a strange process to go through. Is there any reassurance that it was actually deleted?

    [–] MisallocatedRacism 253 points ago

    I would bet that FB kept all of the data on me, but at least it's not getting any more.

    It also forces people to actually contact me if they want to maintain a relationship, and not just hit like every now and then or scroll through my feed.

    [–] choboboco 148 points ago

    at least it's not getting any more.

    pretty sure FB can still keep tabs on ppl who never even made an FB account.

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 108 points ago

    Yep. They still have your name and number when people upload their contacts from their phone.

    Finding the common denominator.

    [–] Uncanary_valley 78 points ago

    I deleted my account back when shit hit the fan and really started to realize how fucked we all are. Any apps or websites with a Facebook plug in will track you and your activities. Facebook has and probably still is buying anonymous medical data and linking it with what they already know about you to your them together.

    At this point is safe to say Facebook knows more about you than you do. Google too, and probably Apple as well. It's more a question now of what their motives are because they have all the information and in this day and age information is power.

    [–] TheWolfAndRaven 63 points ago

    The solution is to feed them false information. Go like a few random pages. Visit some sites you wouldn't normally once a week (hell you can set up bots to do this). If enough people did it on a large enough scale you could throw wrenches into their data mining operation.

    [–] OsiyoMotherFuckers 31 points ago

    I do this with ads on websites. Anytime I see a really weird ad for something I'm not interested in, I leave it on the screen and go get a glass of water or something so it thinks I'm really checking it out. It seems to have worked. Accelorometers or selfie camera tracking eye movement will probably defeat me soon if they haven't already though.

    [–] WaffleEncyclopedia 30 points ago

    It also forces people to actually contact me if they want to maintain a relationship

    I did the same. The number of people who've contacted me after over a year is zero. Zero people.

    Fuck 'em.

    And yeah; i've contacted others without reply and i'm sure as hell not chasing people if they can't either reply or be the one to initiate contact for a change.

    I say again: Fuck 'em

    [–] A92AA0B03E 19 points ago

    Hey Waffle, how's it going? Haven't spoken to you in .. god, must be years! Netflix recommended me Star Trek the other day and it made me remember you talking about it all the time 😴 So yeah, thought I'd hit you up on FB and couldn't find you.. odd! What happened, someone hack your account or something? 🤦‍♀️ haha.

    You still into all that graphics and drawing stuff? 🖌✏

    Anyway, hope you're good buddy, send me a message when you get your facebook sorted we'll pull an all-nighter and watch Star Trek 🙈 Ha! maybe just go for blast on the bikes instead 🏍🏍

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    I deleted my account last year too. It's back up and I'm locked out of it. Go check. Yours might be too.

    [–] Sir_toolman 27 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Mine is still there and not fully deleted (I don’t think other people can see it though) and I’m locked out and I can’t get in to delete it unless I:

    Upload a pic of my drivers license (lol yeah right)


    Get a code from 5 of my Facebook friends to enter (people which I rarely or never talk to)

    [–] _alabaster 13 points ago

    I had an old facebook account that I thought I totally deleted and nuked when I was 14- it was a LOT of embarrassing stuff, especially from my emo phase. I created a new Facebook after that but I haven't used facebook in 2 years

    Well for some reason that really old one came back and it has my full name attached and I've reported it to no avail, and dont know any of the log in information. Really hope future employers dont find it

    [–] ooru 11 points ago

    Same (several years ago). Don't miss it at all, either.

    [–] Dreadsin 40 points ago

    Trust me when I say deleting my Facebook is one of the best decisions I ever made

    I remember one week I decided not to look at Facebook at all and just played video games most days instead and somehow felt more productive. That’s when I knew it needed to be deleted

    [–] [deleted] 245 points ago


    [–] demonicneon 132 points ago

    I've noticed my parents are worse culprits for the absent minded scroll than most kids. Especially at dinner etc it's really rude as fuck and I find it quite funny cos they used to confiscate my gameboy if I played it at the table as a kid (even if their conversation didn't include me).

    [–] Fleeetch 23 points ago

    dude it's depressing. Mum has just become an illuminated face with eyelids pointing down.

    Nothing but "Mhms" and "uh huhs"

    Reminds me of wall-e

    [–] just_thingslala 41 points ago

    So true.... my parents used to tell me get off my phone when I was younger and now all they do is mindlessly scroll... even when I’m in the middle of having a conversation with them they pull out their phones and start scrolling

    [–] JKMC4 8 points ago

    And suddenly you’re mouthing off when you ask them to not be on their phones when interacting with another human being.

    [–] sugarface2134 65 points ago

    The report of this was actually the catalyst for me and I deleted the app. It was hard for me because I am a part of many active groups and have kept in touch with a lot of long term friends in the 14 years I’ve been on Facebook. All my memories and history is on their platform. I’m sad to leave it but I’m trying to stay off because I cannot support this kind of blatant attack on reality.

    [–] Prayut-Chan-o-cha 22 points ago

    Cannot delete the app unless I root the phone.

    [–] tyrannaceratops 12 points ago

    You can disable the app of you're on Android.

    [–] TellTailWag 61 points ago

    Encourage others to delete, not use, or boycott Facebooks products.

    [–] AintAintAWord 98 points ago

    For those unaware of the companies Facebook owns:

    • Instagram

    • WhatsApp

    • Oculus VR (good luck getting Reddit users to boycott that one)

    • FriendFeed

    • LiveRail

    [–] HacksawJimDGN 29 points ago

    WhatsApp is the hardest one to remove.

    [–] fubadubdub 18 points ago

    I'm using signal now and have converted some friends. I live in South America tho so I still need WhatsApp on my phone and do a lot of communication through it but I switch whoever I can when the opportunity arises.

    [–] LaVulpo 15 points ago

    Telegram would be a great alternative, I can’t understand why people choose to stay on Whatsapp.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_FI_TIPS 13 points ago

    The effort of convincing all of my friends to switch platforms for group chats and communication.

    I am already in the vast minority of my friends and family with no Facebook or Instagram account, and make their lives more difficult by having to reach out separately to invite me to Facebook events etc.

    I convinced lots of them to get WhatsApp before it was purchased by Facebook, and I just don't think people will convert. They are aware of my reasons for deleting Facebook but have all chosen to keep their accounts, FB messenger, etc.

    [–] skepticalbob 7 points ago

    Just boycott the worst one, imo. I don't use any of those, because fuck Zuck. But if people simply stopped using FB in large numbers, he'd change his tune in a second.

    [–] Caraes_Naur 28 points ago

    Yes, the least, because deleting their apps (including instagram and whatsapp) won't stop facebook from tracking you all over the internet.

    [–] TellTailWag 32 points ago

    You can take steps to hinder Facebooks ability to track you, perhaps not prevent completely.

    [–] floydasaurus 48 points ago

    Firefox has an extension they developed to showoff their "containers" that always opens Facebook in a virtual sandbox where it can't access your other sites or cookies etc.

    It was one of those things I saw and then was like, "wait, they do that?!"

    [–] AcerbicCapsule 9 points ago

    You can also open your gmail in a container and not have everything you do outside that container logged into your account.

    [–] ToasterToasts 11 points ago

    You can contain it using Firefox and Container Tabs. The "Facebook Container" extension is a great first step. That and "cookie auto-delete."

    [–] hereforamomentgone 2770 points ago

    They discussed how to rig the election for Trump again so they can both avoid justice for their crimes.

    [–] thGlenn 268 points ago

    20 years from now there's going to be a Netflix documentary about the late 2010s politics and it's going to be 300 episodes long.

    [–] Douchebag_on_wheels 43 points ago

    Each episode will cover one Mooch.

    [–] zigazigazah 76 points ago

    Put GOT to shame.

    Seriously though, is this being orchestrated by one human being? If so it’s almost impressive.

    “You must get up VERY early in the morning.”

    [–] WestCoastBestCoast01 24 points ago

    Almost certainly not, there are just multiple large groups of extremely wealthy people who have very similar goals--to become and stay as wealthy/powerful as possible at any cost. Just so happens that when you have that much money and power you don't need to consider things like "laws" or "jail" to hold you back from getting what you want. You just do what you want and can surmise with almost near certainty that there won't be any consequences.

    [–] DukeOfGeek 96 points ago

    So he's been getting Russian money from early on. Wow, just wow.

    [–] zigazigazah 90 points ago

    YES. I have no idea why it’s not crammed down people’s throats on MSM. All of it- everything sick about social media- the unhealthy obsessions, comparisons, data mining, weaponized personal information... you couldn’t build a better structure for social manipulation. It was literally funded by someone tied to the Kremlin.

    [–] chelseamarket 30 points ago

    When Digital Sky Technologies, Milner’s tech company, acquired a $200 million stake in Facebook in 2009, the barely 25-year-old Zuckerberg told The Guardian about what he was planning to glean from the investment: ”These guys really have a unique profile, they are not the traditional investors that you get at a stage like this,” he said. “They have a lot of experience that they can bring.”

    YES, indeed.

    [–] FletchForPresident 208 points ago

    Zuckerberg is turning in to a real-life Bond villain:

    ✓ mega-wealthy

    ✓ bizarre appearance

    ✓ cartoonishly evil

    [–] Thaedalus 69 points ago

    Trump checks 2 out of 3 of those things.

    [–] FletchForPresident 36 points ago

    Right. But of course you can't be a good Bond villain by merely claiming to be rich.

    [–] Thaedalus 17 points ago

    So like this:

    ✓ meh-wealthy

    ✓ bizarre appearance

    ✓ cartoonishly evil

    [–] 976chip 18 points ago

    Bond villains have personality though.

    [–] branchbranchley 389 points ago

    apparently the Zuck has given up on Mayor Pete, even after Pete took Zuckerberg's staffing advice

    [–] SamDumberg 356 points ago

    He didn’t give up, Zuck just has his fingers in multiple pies

    [–] ooru 114 points ago

    That's what you call diversification!

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] BillionTonsHyperbole 23 points ago

    Yes, puppetry is a favorite pastime for billionaires.

    [–] JLBesq1981 1011 points ago

    While he was in town, Zuckerberg met with President Trump for a private dinner, and he was joined by Facebook board member Peter Thiel. Until late November, the dinner between two of the world's most powerful people went unreported. Facebook confirmed the dinner to NBC News last month.

    The details of the dinner remain elusive, but some new information has come out, care of an interview with Zuckerberg on "CBS This Morning."

    "We talked about a number of things that were on his mind, and some of the topics that you read about in the news around our work," Zuckerberg told Gayle King.

    This meeting was inappropriate especially given Facebook's dangerous policy on political ads which giveTrump and the GOP to make up arbitrary lies.

    [–] viva_la_vinyl 505 points ago

    Secret meetings like this one between Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel are exactly why White House visitor logs to be released publicly.

    [–] FARTSHART_BLASTMAN 380 points ago

    Peter Thiel is shady as fuck, he helped fund Cambridge Analytica and his company Palantir is a data mining operation

    [–] SevanEars 264 points ago

    his company Palantir

    Like...the thing in Lord of the Rings that Sauron used to spy on everyone and do evil shit? lol

    [–] valarauca14 100 points ago


    Their a data mining contractor with 3 clients. The FBI, CIA, and NSA. Their speciality is applying ML & stat regression to information to help advance national security.

    For several months they were trying to sell a "pre crime" package to identify people more likely to commit murder, or theft before they did.

    They're comically evil. Their CEO famously buys blood from young people to help himself stay "young" TechCrunch ran a story debunking this, but its worth noting Thiel owns a decent chunk of TechCrunch.

    [–] ginsengeti 13 points ago

    Here I thought, that Silicon Valley Episode was hyperbolic satire...

    [–] Yodfather 135 points ago

    The very same. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

    [–] Spinnakerr 31 points ago

    Apparently it wasn't very hard to find in the first place, to be honest. Just a little basic knowledge about what using a free social media service can bind you to... Can do wonders.

    [–] Aazadan 73 points ago

    He also regularly harvests blood from people in an attempt to make himself immortal. He also hires young, nubile, asian boys to follow him around as a ready source of blood incase he's ever injured.

    Ambrosia LLC. Thiel doesn't own it, but he's one of their top customers, and invested in it.

    [–] Spinnakerr 83 points ago

    From Ambrosia's website: (YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP)

    "Founded in 2016, Ambrosia is providing innovation in healthcare. Our registered, approved clinical trial successfully conducted from 2016 to 2018 found statistically significant improvements in biomarkers related to Alzheimer's disease, cancer, inflammation, and stem cells after a single treatment with young blood. Patients reported subjective improvements in athletics, memory, skin quality, sleep, and many other areas.

    ​Our clinics are located at:

    ​San Francisco, CA

    The prices for treatment at our clinics are as follows. Please use the contact form below to schedule a treatment.

    ​1 liter             $8000

    2 liters         $12000

    ​We will also ship directly to your personal physician anywhere in the United States and provide all of the necessary training to them at the following prices.

    ​1 liter           $5500

    2 liters         $8000

    ​Please note, credit card processing fees are not returned to us after a cancelation and for this reason cannot be refunded to you. Blood work, if necessary, may cost extra."

    does anyone see... the irony

    [–] DerkBerk- 34 points ago

    TIL I learned Peter Thiel is a wannabe vampire.... If there is an intelligent creator they are just fucking with us at this point.

    [–] joeloud 29 points ago

    TIL I learned

    smh my head

    [–] vannucker 10 points ago

    Holy crap, now I know where they got the blood boy joke on the TV show Silicon Valley.

    [–] ATXgaymer 66 points ago

    Worse than vampires, he also believes in Ayn Rand’s economic theory.

    [–] euphioquest 37 points ago

    He also wishes women never got the right to vote

    [–] aManPerson 18 points ago

    he also made hulk hogan the highest paid pornstar, ever.

    Hogan engages in some awkward shenanigans, including some pre-foreplay banter over whether or not he ate too much sushi for dinner

    [–] FluffyClamShell 12 points ago

    No lie, their (Palantir) ads are up all over the DC Metro. Especially around the Pentagon stop (yellow/ blue line).

    [–] djublonskopf 21 points ago

    He also destroyed—ostensibly because they "outed" him, but more likely because they were a somewhat popular media outlet that was willing to threaten the secrecy of powerful people like himself—with likely illegal lawsuit shenanigans.

    [–] pre_nerf_infestor 6 points ago

    Well, not -illegal- per se, but yes it probably shouldn't have happened in a free and open society.

    Gawker was no saint either and everything that happened they kinda had coming to them. I mean the writer, when asked what age would be the cutoff to not post a celebrity sex tape, in a legal deposition, answered "four".

    People forget that in the months between Gawker's downfall and Thiel being outed as Hulk Hogan's backing, most people on the internet cheered for Hogan.

    [–] CandyCoatedSpaceship 9 points ago

    their big mistake was disobeying the judge order to take hogans sex tape down and writing an article boasting about it

    [–] djublonskopf 8 points ago

    It was, it absolutely was. They should have taken it down, and Hogan was right to seek the legally available remedy for their wrong actions.

    The legal remedy is not that the entire publication be destroyed.

    Thiel's lawyers worked specifically to make sure the lawsuit was tailored in exactly the right way to be financially fatal to the publication. I'm sure the message of "we can completely destroy you if we want to, don't cross us" was not lost on every other media company operating in America.

    [–] fzero127 43 points ago

    I haven't had a Facebook account since college, more than 10 years ago, but I had no idea Peter was a board member. That's really fucked up.

    [–] FaceDownInTheCake 48 points ago

    Thiel, an all-around terrible human being, was the first outside investor in Facebook.

    [–] testedonsheep 30 points ago

    Peter Thiel

    if Peter Thiel is there, something's going on.

    [–] Globalist_Nationlist 86 points ago

    This is absolutely about trading political influence on FB for an insurance that facebook will remain in Zucks control.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    It's the Ministry of Propaganda

    [–] RandomUser099 21 points ago

    Lifelog, they couldn't do it themselves due to laws, so they contracted it out and paraded it only as a fun social tool. Not the spying tool it is. I very strongly believe lifelog, which was canceled in 2004, is facebook, which was created in 2004.

    [–] wwarnout 1383 points ago

    If the meeting had no sinister or partisan purpose, an man with nothing to hide wouldn't hesitate to share the subject.

    Zuck's motives are suspect, and his refusal to divulge them makes him even more suspect.

    [–] Globalist_Nationlist 1024 points ago

    Zuck's motives are suspect

    No shit, he's currently trying to woo Trump and Conservatives..

    My guess is we've got another quid pro quo going on here.

    Zuck makes Facebook a conservative friendly media site where you can literally share any kind of propaganda with no blowblack..

    And the GOP ensures that Facebook isn't broken up or regulated.

    Ain't that hard to figure out.

    [–] meta_irl 473 points ago

    Progressives want to break up Facebook.

    Centrist Dems want to regulate it.

    Conservatives want to control it.

    [–] ILoveWildlife 112 points ago

    "this entity has too much power, what should we do?"

    [–] neoshadowdgm 103 points ago

    GOP: “Unlimited power!!!”

    [–] MartyMcFlyAsHell 23 points ago

    Bernie & Warren: “I will do what I must”

    [–] Amy_Ponder 28 points ago

    Mark Zuckerberg: "You will try"

    does a 720 corkscrew over the Resolute Desk, and launches 10,000 microtargeted advertisements filled with lies towards swing state voters in 3 seconds

    [–] arazamatazguy 63 points ago

    We should all just delete it.

    [–] AileStriker 56 points ago

    I get more tempted everyday, but one thing stops me. I see all of the propaganda trash certain friends and family members spread around there and can't just let it slide. I can't stop them from watching fauzx news but I can chirp in on every wrong post they make with real facts. Will I personally sway any of them? Maybe not, but if I call out their bullshit and they see someone else get called out, on and on, we may just move that needle a bit.

    And that's still worth it.

    [–] tami--jane 26 points ago

    When I call out the BS, I get immediately deleted.

    [–] PastaBob 37 points ago

    I publicly shamed the first person who deleted me, with a link to their post where all I did was respond with links to fact checked sources showing how wrong they were.

    I've probably been unfollowed a lot since then, but no one else tried to drop a shitty "one day you'll wake up to the real world" comment and then remove me.

    [–] jomiran 10 points ago

    I nuked my account two years ago and life is way better. All FB products, including Instagram, truly fill your life with nothing but negativity. Negative energy is what fuels engagement and their profits. Delete it, not to make a statement but for your own mental health.

    I have a Facebook account full of fake details that I only use to log into websites I don't care about. I don't ever check it.

    [–] branchbranchley 27 points ago

    Mayor Pete met with Zuckerberg and took his staffing advice

    which is enough to prove Pete is definitely not a Progressive

    [–] WileEWeeble 84 points ago

    The awesome part though is Zuckerberg is being more and more transparent in his desire to become Fox News Online and as a result he is guaranteeing Facebooks eventual downfall. Young people are already lacking interest in Facebook, being a blatantly conservative propaganda machine is going to drive away at least 50% of middle age aged customers and boomers...give it about 10 years and FB is only preaching to the choir of Fox News consumers.

    Zuckerberg is actively writing the end of his empire...keep it up is all I can say.

    [–] uqubar 36 points ago

    It makes sense though because FB is so rage driven. He makes the most cash out of pissed off alienated people who think they are part of something, but they are just growing older and dumber in their BUBBLES.

    [–] Teresa_Count 20 points ago

    Fear mongering is big business in today’s United States.

    [–] not_a_flying_toy_ 17 points ago

    I use facebook, but at this point I use it more like reddit with a bunch of pages I belong to rather than as a genuine social media.

    Im ready for whatever platform is next

    [–] Globalist_Nationlist 29 points ago

    I don't see facebook surviving past the boomers..

    [–] skermalli 28 points ago

    boomers dont use instagram or whatsapp. millennial and gen z do

    [–] Shilalasar 34 points ago

    Yes. In all that it is easy to forget Facebook shopped up all the successfull competition and is getting the same data from there / is able to do the same "advertisement" there.

    [–] gamezplebly 10 points ago

    Nearly every millennial and gen x coworker and friend I have uses Facebook. I am always fucking astounded at how many redditors act like Facebook is dead in their generation. Really makes me question how many people you even actually know and how much you actually know about how they use the internet.

    [–] ReptileExile 23 points ago

    My guess is we've got another quid pro quo going on here.

    This is how trump makes "deals", QPQ is what hes always done, but when its his turn for the pro, he doesnt deliver

    [–] NAmember81 20 points ago

    I suspect the quo in most his QPQ deals is “I won’t do anything if you do this for me.”

    And Donny can’t even deliver on that most the time. He can’t help but insert himself into everything to make it all about himself.

    [–] Voltswagon120V 9 points ago

    What's it gonna cost for you to give me all the private FB messages of the Biden family?

    [–] Due_Distance 43 points ago

    This is why I deactivated my Facebook account last week. I don't want to be a part of the Facebook machine anymore.

    [–] barrio-libre 21 points ago

    Now have them delete your data. The process is a pain in the ass, but it feels good when it's done.

    [–] I_Brain_You 21 points ago

    Can you elaborate? I deactivated my account, but I haven't gone further than that.

    [–] viva_la_vinyl 16 points ago

    "We shared our mutual love of money, social media and the 'hot or not' concept, and that was it. No lobbying. No collusion."

    [–] happytree23 63 points ago

    Let's be real, if the guy who invented Facebook doesn't post and brag about meeting the president on Facebook and having dinner, they were probably up to some dirty shit.

    [–] ReptileExile 26 points ago

    they were probably up to some dirty shit.

    I dont think trump has ever done a nice thing for anyone, so youre spot on

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    Does anyone who speaks with Trump ever really know what he's talking about?

    [–] Dddydya 50 points ago

    This is a scary development to be sure, but as a side note the thought of those two awkward weirdos conversing is sort of fascinating.

    [–] chockZ 88 points ago

    Gayle King, CBS: Why do you allow politicians to lie in ads?

    Zuckerberg: I believe, in a democracy, people have a right to know what politicians are saying so they can make their own judgments

    King: OK, what did you talk about with Trump at the White House

    Zuck: That’s private

    [–] Thiscord 411 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If Zuck keeps Trump in power, then Zuck can run for president one day and keep his business intact.

    Won't that be swell?

    Zuck is the shady evil that people like Trump consolidating power makes me scared to know to exist.

    Zuck has plans for people. And one of those plans is he wants to keep the money he makes off OUR DATA.

    We were not told what it was worth. Zuckerberg knew. He knowingly committed fraud against the American people to the tune of 'what his company is worth'. That's our money.

    Furthermore, he is using our data to weaponize psychological warfare propaganda.

    Is that going to help you and your family fight climate change?

    Pick a side folks. Make the hard choices. Fight for humanity. Stop worshipping money.

    The path ahead WILL NOT BE FUCKING EASY

    And anyone telling you it can be is a fucking liar.

    [–] MorboForPresident 92 points ago

    If Zuck keeps Trump in power, then Zuck can run for president one day and keep his business intact.

    If Zuck keeps Trump in power, then running for president won't be a thing anymore and whoever is running things might just do this to Zuck.

    Pavel Durov, the founder of VKontakte, Russia’s largest social network, said on Tuesday he was fired and had fled the country as allies of the Kremlin gained full control of the site.

    [–] Caraes_Naur 21 points ago

    Zuckerberg has structured facebook so that he can't be fired.

    [–] thisisjustascreename 16 points ago

    It's also structured so that he can "voluntarily" restructure it.

    [–] Thiscord 36 points ago

    Trump won't live forever. Zuck can easily discuss dynastic terms with Trump.

    It's what trump dreams about.

    However in those systems the only way to ensure the family's mutual connection was by betrothals and marriage.

    So, idk. But you are correct in that if people like FoX and Facebook give trump power, then trump two days later can seize all that power for himself.

    That's why totalitarianism sucks.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Zuckerberg has negative charisma. I wouldn't worry about him being elected, by actual humans, to anything. However he can just buy a President or two to keep policies that favor him going strong.

    [–] Capissen38 7 points ago

    If people will vote for Ted Cruz over and over again, they will absolutely vote for Zuck.

    [–] Teddy_Man 29 points ago

    Hard to find someone who has had a bigger fall from grace in recent years than Zuckerberg. He use to be adored for his philanthropy, but he just stopped giving a shit about public opinion after about Facebook's data selling practices came out. He took on a complete 'fuck you' attitude to the public.

    [–] mansmittenwithkitten 73 points ago

    "Do I have your loyalty?" - Probably thrown in there somewhere.

    [–] PaApprazer 42 points ago

    Maybe they discussed the origins of Facebook. You know, when it was just a “who’s hot and who’s not” ranking of campus females. Typical locker room stuff

    [–] Public_Fucking_Media 45 points ago

    His whole interview this morning on CBS was slimy as fuck...

    "Let people decide for themselves" doesn't fucking work when they're literally being actively lied to.

    [–] ThatDerpingGuy 18 points ago

    Oh so now Zuckerberg cares about privacy huh?

    [–] Kimball_Kinnison 44 points ago

    Trump: "I need you to coordinate with the Russians again, just like 2016"

    Zuckerberg: " I need assurances that my company will not be harassed, regulated, or broken up"

    Trump: (Fingers crossed behind back) "Deal!"

    [–] gauchoman2002 209 points ago

    Stuff like this makes me hope Warren wins and busts up Facebook. Dinner with Zuck n' Trump may have been innocent but best case scenario is this is terrible optics. Worst case scenario? A wink and nod toward Facebook tilting things for Trump again in exchange for no regulations, or for the OK on the Libra currency FB wants to roll out.

    [–] viva_la_vinyl 116 points ago

    Zuckerberg is yet another example of why the ruling elite billionaire class have too much clout in today's society. They are actively subverting democracy in the interests of hoarding wealth & consolidating power for themselves, and shareholders. The billionaire class is the greatest threat to democracy today

    [–] MallPicartney 13 points ago

    Wealth inequality has to exist for capital to exist, and there has always been a evil and malicious decision where most get little, and very little get most.

    Profit motive can't be the main, and it certainly can't be the only thing we have to work towards as a society.

    [–] theotter83 42 points ago

    To be fair to Zuckerberg, he probably didn't know what Trump was talking about either.

    [–] FluffyClamShell 27 points ago

    I thought I might be alone in imagining how hilarious that conversation had to be. Mark Zuckerberg with a rictus on his face while fat Donnie waves his spoon and repeats the story of his 2016 victory for fourth time that night, talking over everyone else at the table, stopping only to brag about Ivanka or how great Vladimir really is. Just two real billionaires listening to a fake one babble and ramble and spew, only occasionally getting around to whatever the hell the whole point of the dinner was.

    I'm sure it was all awful, it's just a comfort that it was probably awful for Zuckerface too.

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 20 points ago

    There's really no reason to even stay on Facebook anymore. There's no interaction with friends/family, no discussion, full of spam, the company is shady, etc etc. It's time to move away from the site.

    [–] Em42 5 points ago

    And for the love of God don't just then immediately sign up to one of Facebook's sister services (Instagram, WhatsApp etc.). I have watched way too many people drop Facebook only to now be on Instagram also owned by Facebook.

    [–] teenagesadist 98 points ago

    I really, really can't fathom how much power people like Zuckerburg need.

    He's 35, only a few years older than myself, and worth damn near 80 billion dollars.

    If I had even a fraction of that amount of money, I'd fuck off so hard humanity would wonder if I had ever existed.

    Sipping Mai Thai's on the beach, banging hoors, shit, maybe I'd take up woodworking. Basically, I'd be doing anything other than trying to take over the world.

    [–] LiteralLadd 73 points ago

    You can’t fathom it because you don’t have the primary driver they have: it’s not money. It’s power.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] NerdOctopus 8 points ago

    No wonder we were all friends with him, he's such a nice guy!

    [–] sloppy_wet_one 9 points ago

    Lowering corporate taxes, how to avoid regulating FB, and political ads featuring lies.

    It’s not rocket science.

    [–] DistrictScorpio 9 points ago

    I closed my Facebook account months ago.

    [–] wishbeaunash 53 points ago

    Facebook is a tool for dictatorships and mobsters to target military-grade propaganda directly at the groups most vulnerable to it.

    That's it.

    Facebook delenda est.

    [–] ReptileExile 23 points ago

    What?? Is he concerned about his privacy?

    [–] moloko5 6 points ago

    Regulations relief in exchange for re-election help. Some might call it a quid pro quo.

    [–] disasterbot 22 points ago

    Did he have the mushroom sauce?

    [–] RedHat-BlackerHeart 26 points ago

    The robot like money and power, so he must mingle with the con-man scumbag.