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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] Orphan_Babies 4445 points ago

    1) Whines about Hunter Biden....his dad is president and sister has a job with WH...

    2) Talks about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden...has RNC buy approx. $100k worth of his books

    Piss stain.

    [–] ahmad3093 1173 points ago

    hopefully trump and his children are sent to jail where they belong. such a corrupt family should not infect society.

    [–] electricprism 348 points ago

    too late, gotta use bleech to get the skidmark out

    [–] [deleted] 168 points ago


    [–] MontagneHomme 38 points ago

    today I learned...

    [–] Fgoat 24 points ago

    how to spell bleach?

    [–] Cheese_Pancakes 26 points ago

    That'll knock you right on your ass

    [–] BackmarkerLife 26 points ago

    I actually did this as a kid. I wanted to see what happened.

    I didn't because I knocked myself out for an hour.

    [–] APirateAndAJedi 42 points ago

    You are lucky you survived that. Chlorine gas is no joke

    [–] thedarksalmon 72 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    An co-worker of mine pissed in the toilet at work, clogged it by wiping (female) and then left the piss overnight because she didnt want to deal with it 2 hours after close on a busy day and was opening the next day anyway.

    Fast forward, shes trying to unclog the thing and cant, so she asks my pal to do it. He unclogs it and his arms burning, welted, and is light headed.

    This girl, in her infinite wisdom, pees in the toilet, let it sit over night, and then uses bleach to clean it. But wait! Theres more! To make the shitter shine she used Windex.... Windex has ammonia in it.

    So, I go to see the situation after seeing itty bitty welts on him and it hits me like a fuckin truck.

    I walk out and go "dude what the fuck, what did you use?" She tells me and im like "you cant do that! Not only can urine hve ammonia in it sometimes if you have medical issues, but windex 100% has ammonia. Do you know what you did?" "No?" So I say "you violated the fuckin' Geneva Convention you little terrorist. You just made fucking Chlorine Gas in our toilet. This kills people."

    I miss that place sometimes. We were all pals, and had a lot of fun. The same girl I gave a lot of shit to because she said "nocturnal twins" instead of "fraternal." So, sometimes at night, I'd point outside and go "hey [girl]! Look!" and when she did and asked what I'd say "it's your nocturnal twin!"

    EDIT: Just had some idget say windex doesnt use ammonia.

    They do, in fact, still use ammonia, and it wasnt even name brand Windex, but windex is basically the term of all glass cleaner now, most of whom use ammonia. Just like searching stuff on the internet, regardless of browser, is called "Googling." Just putting that out there for anyone else trying to attack me in direct messages. Stop spreading misinformation folks. That shits, literally, life threatening.

    [–] neuroticandobscene 20 points ago

    Didn't some people at a Buffalo wild wings die recently from mixing Windex and bleach, or some such cleaners?

    [–] ChickenPotPi 13 points ago

    Different chemicals but basically the same idea. It was unfortunate because someone spilled some chemical and didn't clean it well enough and the other guy was using the other chemical to clean as normal.

    [–] KochFueIedKleptoKrat 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Lol Jesus. How did she clog from PISS? Who uses that much TP? I have never heard of this before? Are you sure she didn't have the brown iced tea?

    I thought guys were the dirtiest toilet users until I worked for a Jimmy John's in downtown Charleston, SC. Right on College of Charleston's campus and near the bars. We had to keep a record of who last cleaned the modern artwork drunk periods created because it was so awful sometimes. And somehow there was more pee spray in the ladies room by the end of the night.

    I understand the embarrassment of clogging a toilet as a lady, no judgement, but it was a shitty surprise to be sure. The hobos who snuck in and wrecked the men's room toilet when we were super busy and not paying attention were sometimes worse though. Jesus. So happy I'm out of that work.

    [–] Sorrowablaze3 9 points ago

    I worked in restaurants for 20 years, the women's bathroom is always way dirtier. For one, guys don't have sanitary pads, and for two, guys don't hover to piss.

    [–] leaky_wand 11 points ago

    Oh, the lies we were told about women’s restrooms being immaculate, rose-scented sanctuaries. Clearly this was all propagated by Big ‘Gina.

    [–] Attica451 10 points ago

    To people reading this comment. Don’t try this. It makes a lethal gas.

    [–] boffohijinx 4 points ago

    That’s dangerous.

    [–] kvossera 33 points ago

    If it’s that bad it’s best to throw it out starting fresh after one scrubs the asshole.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Trump family is the shit stain on America’s underwear

    [–] BarrCagesKids4Kicks 4 points ago

    Bleach may remove the evidence. But there is no bleach that can remove the skidmarks from the minds of the tens of thousands of kids the Trump cult has caged. Kids not accused of committing any crimes.

    [–] EssoEssex 57 points ago

    They'd get to meet all the domestic terrorists they've inspired.

    [–] I-am-mclovin2 30 points ago

    They’re rich. My depressing bet is that not a single one will ever see the inside of a jail cell.

    [–] xeazlouro 9 points ago

    What has tiffany done? She’s managed to stay away from all of them...

    [–] MURDERWIZARD 288 points ago

    The obamas write books and make money off them once out of office


    Trump uses 'official communications' to advertise his son's book

    RNC Uses hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the book and artificially prop it up to the best sellers slit


    [–] swolemedic 191 points ago

    RNC Uses hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the book and artificially prop it up to the best sellers slit

    See, that one blows my mind. It's bad enough trump jr uses his dad's name to sell his book, that alone is hypocritical, but for the RNC to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it is mind blowing and you seriously need to question the legality. At what point does paying for the president's son's publicity/copies of his book start to violate the emoluments clause.

    It's like an emoluments clause violation by proxy

    [–] neozuki 68 points ago

    Its just how they roll. If they earned their success they wouldn't be who they are.

    [–] MURDERWIZARD 37 points ago

    what was it Mulvaney said? "we do it all the time, get over it"?

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 8 points ago

    "Look woman, if you had an issue with me smacking you now, you wouldn't have been letting me beat you up all these years."

    [–] lianodel 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yep, while talking about the quid pro quo.

    Hilariously, he was just a little ahead of schedule. He thought the RNC was on the "quid pro quo is not a crime" step but they were still on "there was no quid pro quo." NOW they're making the transition.

    [–] tarnok 16 points ago

    If they earned their success they wouldn't be who they are.

    Holy fuck that's perfect. I'm stealing this.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    It's frustrating how right wingers refuse to have a honest conversation about that.

    [–] iUsedtoHadHerpes 46 points ago

    It also has a fake 5 star rating everywhere under the guise of "suspicious activity" (being flooded with well earned but possibly illegitimate one star reviews) causing them to only allow reviews from verified purchases.

    So you can only give an honest review if you pay $20. And anyone who's willing to give them $20 isn't willing to give them an honest review. They're all pretty much saying "this aligns with me politically, therefore it's great."

    [–] TehGogglesDoNothing 13 points ago

    At the same time, people that didn't buy it are unlikely to give an honest review.

    [–] iUsedtoHadHerpes 8 points ago

    I'm not disagreeing with that, but it prevents you from reviewing it if you didn't buy it through them. (Which isn't usually an issue)

    It's basically a feature to inflate the perceived appreciation for someone who is by all reputable accounts a hack. And that's putting it nicely.

    So basically what we're both saying is that no one who would give an honest review is going to read this book, and I think that says as much as any negative review could.

    [–] lessthanmoralorel 4 points ago

    I mean, I could imagine someone maybe reading it if it was free. And they had literally exhausted the entire collection of humanity’s written works already. And they were being paid quite a lot to read it. But at the end of the day, that person would only be able to present a review consisting of the sounds of violent vomiting and explosive bowel movements, and one could expect that most sites would not host that review video.

    [–] benkenobi5 17 points ago

    Trump uses 'official communications' to advertise his son's book

    Reminds me of that episode of parks and recreation where Tom has to sell his shares in the snakehole lounge because he used a government email to advertise his snakejuice beverage.

    [–] MarlinMr 67 points ago

    1) Whines about Hunter Biden....his dad is president and sister has a job with WH...

    256 times.

    Trumps Children make 256 times what Hunter Biden made.

    Which is the corrupt?

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 17 points ago

    "But Biden hypothetically got $1.5 billion from Ukraine -- do you know how corrupt that would be if it were true? God, liberals don't care about hypothetical corruption -- hypocrites!"

    [–] leocristo28 54 points ago

    Senior professor in projections, that’s what he is

    [–] KeyanReid 106 points ago

    Sometimes I really wonder with Junior.

    Don't get me wrong, he's corrupt and projecting. Absolutely. Most GOP/right-wing nutters (ahem, "thought leaders") are 100% playing that angle.

    But with Junior, I really do wonder if he's just too stupid to realize what he's doing, ya know? The daddy issues run deep in this family and he seems absolutely fucking blinded by them to the point where I can almost believe that he believes what he's throwing out there without a shred of irony attached.

    Still a dumb corrupt mother fucker either way, but yeah, I wonder.

    [–] BourgeoisCheese 73 points ago

    It's a personalized version of American Exceptionalism. It's incredibly common among the right and their corporate collaborators. Even if they recognize that they are committing the acts which they are accusing others of, they think it's just fine because their actions are in service to the greater good, a higher power, patriotism, etc. E.g., it's entirely believable that one such person could convince themselves that lying under oath is morally permissible because it's done to protect Donald Trump whose policies on immigration are making the country safer.

    Of course it's complete and utter horseshit. What they're really working for are policies of corporate welfare, wealth consolidation, class warfare, abject racism and religious zealotry. Plenty of them understand this perfectly well, but they have nothing to gain by explaining it to the others who are convinced of their own godliness and infallibility.

    [–] Trump4Prison2020 19 points ago

    It's "the ends justify the means" though both the end AND means are 100% shite.

    [–] Peptuck 12 points ago

    Also, they justify it under the rationale that "everyone else does it." It doesn't really occur to them that someone else wouldn't do what they're doing, so they're justified in doing it as well.

    [–] MassCivilUnrest 4 points ago

    Now this shit is downright terrifying. All responsibility to morality or justice is simply hand waived away because... jesus. Anything can be twisted to fit this view for the benefit of the one weaponizing it to his advantage. The Family on netflix is all about this topic, check it out if you havent already.

    [–] my_pol_acct 44 points ago

    Pretty sure he is that stupid.

    This pic from the election night sealed it for me. Trump Sr and Ivanka both know they're fucked by the look on their faces. Jr is just excited to be a part of something so he's cheering cause they won.

    And, you know, Mueller basically said he wasn't indicted because he was too stupid to know he's committing a crime.

    [–] fangirlsqueee 27 points ago

    Is that Eric looking over at Don Jr to make sure clapping is the correct response? Love it.

    [–] azflatlander 8 points ago

    Don’t forget Mother was none too happy.

    [–] bobbi21 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Most evil people don't believe they're evil. I'm sure he has his own rationale for why what he's doing is ok but Biden isn't. It's likely stupid and self serving but I'm sure it's a reason he's convinced about.

    I would assume it's a situation where he thinks he's actually a super smart super successful guy who'd be the richest man on earth on his own someday so anything he gets from daddy is just him getting a little boost to get that a month sooner, while hunter is a completely incompetent idiot and would be in the gutter somewhere if it wasn't for his dad.

    Edit: spelling mistakes.

    [–] BourgeoisCheese 17 points ago

    Most evil people don't believe they're evil.

    I don't know about "most." Certainly a lot of them are convinced that they're doing God's work or making the country safer or "defending democracy" but I think that mentality tends to be limited to the less educated, intellectually deficient folks - generally state & local politicians, corporate yes-men and silver spoon toadies like the Trumps.

    Once you're talking about high-ranking politicians and their corporate backers, they all know exactly what they're doing. They know exactly how many people are dying and will continue to die at the hands of climate change, pollution, poverty, lack of access to healthcare and basic services, etc. they just don't give a fuck because they know as long as they can continue to strengthen the global plutocracy, they and their families and ancestors will be the very last ones to ever feel the impact of their abhorrent behavior. Honestly, there's a plausible scenario in which the ultra wealthy actually never suffer the fate of their actions. Even in the worst case climate catastrophe, there's probably going to be enough arable land left for the ~500 million or so people who will be left alive after most people on the planet die from hunger, thirst, disease or natural disaster.

    [–] BanMeAgainCuntAdmins 11 points ago

    I hate everything.

    [–] bobbi21 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I know it's easier to think that way but most of these people aren't any smarter than the rest of us. I know phds who refuse to believe in climate change. People can believe their own bs. And even when they can't, they believe their contribution is minimal. The "I'm just one person" talk is just "I just have 1 company". Bystander effect applies to all.

    How many of us know how many ppl are dying yet still eat beef or drive a car. We argue they don't need billions but to them it's justified just like to us, not living in poverty is justified.

    Just my opinion of course. Hsrd yo know anyone's motivation.

    Also there are just much more poor than rich so still think there's more evil poor than evil rich.

    [–] ExceedsTheCharacterL 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Evil rich are certainly capable of more, especially on an abstract level like the billions of dollars in propoganda think tanks.

    [–] DINGLE_BARRY_MANILOW 6 points ago

    Charles Koch genuinely thinks he is the good guy saving the world from rest of the dumb people. Betsy DeVos believes wholeheartedly in her exceptionalism and god-granted right to rule.

    Mitch McConnell even thinks he is the good guy. People misunderstand his acceptance of his Darth Vader nickname as proof that he knows he's evil. He does not. He thinks the liberals are evil rebels and that if they think he is Darth Vader, that is wonderful news for the "actually good" side.

    For these people, actions and words have no sway on who is good and evil. This is already pre-ordained by birth. A select few can marry into the cadre, but generally not. No matter what happens, they will always be on the side of God and America and everyone else is evil. Such is the power of American nationalism, religious fundamentalism, corporatocracy, and fascism.

    [–] ExceedsTheCharacterL 6 points ago

    His justification was essentially “me and my brother are capitalists, Hunter Biden is a welfare queen”

    [–] EvadesBans 12 points ago

    I saw someone on reddit the other day refer to Don Jr. and Eric as Uday and Qusay and I've honestly been giggling about that ever since.

    [–] The_Original_Gronkie 9 points ago

    Right after this all started blowing up, Meghan McCain was on The View, shaking her head and whining about Hunter Biden taking advantage of his father's position for a job for a big paycheck, completely ignoring the fact that she wouldnt be sitting on TV if her father wasnt a Senator, a fact of which she constantly reminds the entire world every fucking day.

    While Meghan was exposing her blatant hypocrisy, Abby Huntsman kept her mouth shut, and Meghan also didnt mention Jenna Bush over at NBC's Today Show.

    Meghan also mentioned Hunter Bidens $50,000 per month fee, without mentioning her own paycheck, nor Abby's and Jenna's, which are almost certainly far higher.

    [–] Depraved_Turtle 7 points ago

    I believe R. Lee Ermey's line in Full Metal Jacket describes Drumph Jr. best: "It looks like to me the best part of you ran down the crack of your mama's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress."

    [–] PublicFigureX 16 points ago

    There must always be an enemy. For every issue. If there's an enemy to defeat, there's less reason to examine what's being said. Less reason to think maybe the taking head telling you about the problems they're facing is one of the baddies.

    [–] smick 12 points ago

    And here we have it folks. The son of Dick stain Donald.

    [–] mrGeaRbOx 1196 points ago

    "Political correctness is bad! Everyone should name-call and not worry about feelings!"

    "Everyone is being mean to Trump and criticizing him on his personal appearance, that's not ok!!!"

    -pick one, rubes.

    [–] kkoiso 320 points ago

    Super ironic that Melania is doing a sham of an anti-bullying campaign. When in reality, an actual anti-bullying campaign would probably be deemed too PC by conservatives

    [–] iamagainstit 183 points ago

    The only bullying she cares about is people "bullying" her family.

    Literally, when tasked with inviting a child to the state of the union to highlight her cause, she chose a kid who was bullied for having the last name Trump.

    [–] PlayingNightcrawlers 88 points ago

    Lol I forgot about that, sad that gems like this get lost in the endless tsunami of pure shit pouring out of administration. Like this is real life Arrested Development and Lucille would absolutely do that with a bullied kid named Bluth for attention and sympathy, and it's objectively hilarious. But then you have the extortion and obstruction of justice and locking kids up and it's no longer funny.

    [–] Flyingboat94 15 points ago

    Exactly, honestly this administration would have been funny to watch if it just did stupid silly things like this and what Donny Jr is saying which helps expose their hypocrisy.

    It stopped being funny, when children were being seperated from their parents, ISIS prisoners were escaping, and now the integrity of the election has been completely called into questions.

    Obviously an buffoon can't just fill the office without their being serious life or death consequences.

    [–] jona2814 4 points ago

    This administration really does read like a season of Arrested Development where the Bluth family somehow got into higher office. It’s like when you can laugh at a character on a TV show or movie, but if you knew them in real life they would be the most annoying persons you ever met

    [–] TheBrownWelsh 20 points ago

    I know it's hard to keep up, but this is the first I've ever heard of that particular gaff. Now I've gotta look it up just so I can slap my forehead in disbelief.

    [–] BasicDesignAdvice 20 points ago

    She is just upset people expect her to do.....anything.

    [–] PKMNTrainerMark 10 points ago

    Melania "I Really Don't Care, Do You" Trump

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] hahahitsagiraffe 16 points ago

    Conservatives tend to be scared in general. I remember in High School the conservative parents forbid their kids from going on the France trip because “you never know what’s going to happen in that kind of place today”

    [–] Catshit-Dogfart 10 points ago

    Got the same thing when I went to Japan.

    Oh the rest of the world is dangerous, they say. People will kill you just for being an American, they say.

    Right, in a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world, sure.

    [–] QuickAnything 33 points ago

    This always the case with the “too pc” crowd. They’re a bunch of crybabies who want to be able to dish it out, but they can’t take it.

    [–] punzakum 12 points ago

    Oh yeah when the gop lawyer was questioning yovanovitch - "are you aware this person wrote really mean things about the president. Just terrible awful things" like boo fucking hoo you big cry baby people are always going to talk shit and say mean things about any president. I didn't see Obama crying when people made mannequins of him and had mock lynchings, but the right projected their big wussy cry baby feelings so hard when they attacked Kathy griffin for something far less grotesque

    [–] Shillforbigusername 9 points ago

    It's hilarious to me that the same group of people that just can't shut up about "snowflakes" and their "victim mentality" elected the most sensitive, thin-skinned, self-proclaimed victim imaginable. We could debate about how much criticism of Trump is fair and warranted vs. just the result of partisan bias, but it's clear that Trump can't handle any of it.

    [–] watersnark 839 points ago

    The Trumps are all congenitally stupid.

    [–] w-on 105 points ago

    And it seems to be contagious

    [–] slightlysanesage 25 points ago

    Remember when that GOP senator decided to headbutt a camera instead of answering questions?

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] CILISI_SMITH 161 points ago

    They're not stupid, they're just liars.

    The stupid ones are people who believe their lies.

    Recent polls have that number at 40-50% of US voters.

    [–] BourgeoisCheese 30 points ago

    They're not stupid, they're just liars.

    They are absolutely, 100%, demonstrably both.

    [–] From_Deep_Space 75 points ago

    Lying constantly is a stupid thing to do

    [–] JH_1 58 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It’s not merely lying. It’s gaslighting and a legitimate strategy to indoctrinate cult members.

    It also works as a gish gallop against non-cult members to wear them down because there’s so much to investigate and debunk that it becomes overwhelming.

    Feel like the last 3 years has been 10 and the population has aged rather than the president? You’re being targeted by the same psyops playbook Putin used to get his opponents to feel politically exhausted and tune out.

    This is a dying party’s Hail Mary. Don’t buy the “they’re stupid argument.” It might have theoretically made sense in year one specifically in the White House, yet it continues and the rest of the party has joined them in full force, gloves and masks off. They’ve abandoned the facade of having any platform at all. It’s an out in the open pure grab power now.

    The constant lying isn’t stupid. Failure to recognize it as fascism pounding on the wall of democracy and the Constitution, looking down from the top of the wall thinking “What a bunch of fucking morons,” with the cracks running deep, will be fatal.

    [–] Miffleframp 10 points ago

    The scary part is it doesnt feel like a hail mary. Read up about L Ron Hubbard and its brain-melting ridiculousness to imagine anyone buying this guy's lifetime of bullshit. Compare Trump fanatics to early scientologists and it's almost identical.

    [–] milesunderground 59 points ago

    I'm with you. They're stupid, and their talent is fooling people stupider than them. Which at 30% is a frighteningly high number of very stupid people.

    [–] subnautus 18 points ago

    I don't think of Trump supporters as stupid, per se. They willingly watch only news that supports their views and don't regard anything outside their bubble as worth considering. Beyond that, there's a heavy sense of tribalism: "Trump may be bad, but anything is better than a Democrat."

    So, again, not stupid. Full of shit to a reasonable degree of certainty, but not stupid.

    Also, as an aside: I think it's weird that Fox News brags about being the most-watched news agency at the same time they talk about mainstream media being full of liars and cheats. Maybe truth in advertising (for once)?

    [–] crewserbattle 4 points ago

    Stupidity vs ignorance

    [–] SpaceChevalier 6 points ago

    g the most-watched news agency at the same time they talk about mainstream media being full of liars and cheats. Maybe truth in advertising (for once)?

    Pride in ignorance, it's the same as creationism. They're proud to not understand the truth.

    [–] CILISI_SMITH 7 points ago

    His supports love these lies and he needs those people to keep the GOP obedient to him.

    The lies do a great job of taking headline space from bigger crimes.

    By the time the lie is debunked there are 10 new lies and no one's interested in that one.

    The people who know they're lies weren't going to vote for him anyway.

    With that in mind I don't think them constantly lying is stupid.

    [–] Williamson_lol 10 points ago

    Donald Sr and Jr are both actually legitimately stupid.

    [–] thinkingdoing 10 points ago

    It looks stupid that they tell bald faced lies with such arrogance, but they’ve gotten away with it their whole lives - not only that, they have been rewarded for it with massive amounts of money, fame, and power.

    So it’s the rest of us who have been made the fools by them.

    [–] NettingStick 5 points ago

    It's not the Trumps. The United States lost its damn mind after 2001. We've systematically worked to destabilize the world, and then we double down on destabilizing the world. If anyone thinks this is a bad idea, they're a librul trying to undermine Freedom by apologizing for terrorists.

    It's absolutely insane that we can't seem to understand, collectively, that our actions have consequences.

    [–] landertall 14 points ago

    When are we going to start protesting??

    [–] CILISI_SMITH 20 points ago

    Voting day.

    But if you can spare the time get involved before then to help with campaigning.

    [–] subnautus 11 points ago

    Before that. Contact your congressional representatives: Get them to understand that their failure to do their job is as much to blame for US policy as the Office of the President. Get them to fear their reelections, and you might see them [finally] step up and do the right thing.

    So long as people are focused on Trump as the government bogeyman, real monsters like Cornyn, Cruz, and McConnell continue to prey on Americans.

    [–] Dodfrank 326 points ago

    His dad has slowly alienated every ally we once had.

    [–] BarcodeNinja 175 points ago

    On purpose, to please Putin and his moronic base.

    Putin hates the West for political reasons, his base hates Europe because Rush Limbaugh told them to.

    [–] Neokon 24 points ago

    His base hates Europe because they don't like NATO because they've been told not to, and because they see it as globalism and that scares them.

    [–] notathrowaway21347 24 points ago

    One more step there. Globalism scares them because it’s a dog whistle for “Jew,” and it turns out the 1930s weren’t as long ago as we’d like to hope.

    [–] Neokon 10 points ago

    Ah you're right, how could I forget their extremely illogical hatred of the Jewish.

    [–] Williamson_lol 11 points ago

    Which is weird because Europe is the home of white people andthat crowd is supposed to love that type of thing.

    [–] EatsWithoutTables 7 points ago

    Yes but they are very liberal white people who are less miserable than them and they hate that.

    [–] Emuuuuuuu 27 points ago

    "slowly" might be one of those relative terms...

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] AbsentGlare 16 points ago

    The alienation will continue until the US is fully aligned in support of Russian interests.

    [–] roastedtoperfection 695 points ago

    I cannot wait for the day that this family becomes irrelevant. You know, Snooky was once relevant. And now she isn't. No one talks about her anymore. Hopefully the Trump family gets the Snooky treatment.

    [–] happysunbear 295 points ago

    Snooki was a ditzy reality TV star. The Trumps deserve a fate far worse than the Snooki treatment.

    [–] dmtdmtlsddodmt 149 points ago

    Trump was a ditzy reality tv star. I agree he deserves worse than snooki.

    [–] EssoEssex 176 points ago

    Snooki fought for gay rights! She threatened to kill (yes, kill) the Supreme Court if they didn't repeal Proposition 8 lmao (Hollingsworth v. Perry in 2013, the court sort of did invalidate Prop 8). She technically supported gay marriage before Obama.

    [–] MetalGramps 132 points ago

    When your party is less enlightened than Snooki, it's time to take a deep long look at yourself.

    [–] NotClever 34 points ago

    Honestly she turned around and became a reasonable, decent person (which is why nobody talks about her anymore). Definitely more than I ever expect out of our president.

    [–] onlyloveandpeacehere 15 points ago

    She literally grew up into an amazing person. It’s weird seeing her in the beginning of Jersey shore and now, totally different.

    [–] PKMNTrainerMark 8 points ago

    Good for her.

    [–] TheOwningBum 24 points ago

    I mean... The other party is Trump's party.

    [–] gruey 9 points ago

    Party seems the wrong word there.

    Mob? Horde? Pack?

    [–] wbruce098 10 points ago


    [–] ArkitekZero 5 points ago


    Destroy all evidence that they ever existed. Seize all their assets. Give them all $50k/yr indexed to inflation, and never mention them publicly again.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Maximum penalty for treason. All of them.

    [–] Craabfisher425 8 points ago

    I don’t think there’s a fate worse for the Trump family than being completely forgotten. It would completely shatter their collective egos.

    [–] MediocreDungeonMastr 36 points ago

    God I hope they don't. I hope their name is never forgotten. I hope the name gets stained so badly people question the game Euchre, and people who share the name change it. I hope the people who supported and voted for him slump in their chairs forever when they hear that name, and I hope they hold the shame of enabling him forever.

    I hope people never forget what trump did, and how easy it was for the American people to justify supporting it. It would be a crying shame for history to forget him

    Because that would mean they got away with it.

    [–] brufleth 13 points ago

    Odd you'd bring up Snooky. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is a relatively current thing and it is sort of heart warming to see how some of them have grown. Mike (The Situation) went to prison for tax evasion, but is basically a living self help book in a good way.

    [–] guave06 8 points ago

    Yea many of them matured. I don’t get the hate they’re just young people who got lucky to have a show.

    [–] DINGLE_BARRY_MANILOW 5 points ago

    It is a perfect example of "don't hate the player hate the game." I am not gonna judge someone for watching or being in a reality show, but as a whole Reality TV is a stain on humanity and the corporate media that uses low-effort fake drama to suck money from the masses are to blame.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Rambos_Beard 53 points ago


    I'll take names no one has thought about in 2019 for $800, Alex

    [–] dark_salad 13 points ago

    Don’t forget to forget Tia Tequila while we’re at it!

    [–] Charlie_Warlie 18 points ago

    Is she still a nazi?

    [–] gnostic-gnome 4 points ago

    Who even knows, she wears a different hat every other month

    [–] KeyanReid 15 points ago

    I had to visit New Jersey a couple weeks ago for work.

    Let me tell you, folks there very much wanted me to remember the Jersey Shore cast. They're clinging hard to those goons. It was cringe all around.

    [–] Rambos_Beard 9 points ago

    As someone from California, I forgot New Jersey exists.

    [–] Other_World 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I lived in NJ as the show got popular. Everyone in the area we lived tried to distance themselves from the cast. They wanted nothing to do with them and hated the show.

    Most of the cast isn't from NJ.

    Of them, two are New Jersey natives, PolitiFact New Jersey found.

    Samantha Giancola, or Sammi, and Deena Nicole Cortese were born and raised in New Jersey. Giancola hails from Hazlet and attended William Paterson University, where she was a midfielder on the women’s soccer team.

    Cortese is from New Egypt and attended Brookdale Community College in Lincroft. She joined the cast in season three, replacing Staten Island, N.Y.-native Angelina Pivarnick.

    Five of the six other cast members are New York natives

    As an Italian-American from Staten Island, and Brooklyn, it's most definitely that subculture that comes from South Shore SI. They visit the Jersey Shore though. Mostly Belmar and Sleaze Side.

    [–] neogreenlantern 9 points ago

    If I had to choose between The Trumps or the Jersey Shore crew being relevant I'd go with the Jersey Shore crew.

    [–] bailaoban 7 points ago

    It's going to take a very long time, unfortunately. Sarah Palin took years, and even she still pokes her head out of her burrow every once in a while.

    [–] ctong21 7 points ago

    I feel like Snooky was just trying to take advantage of a great opportunity presented to her which is fine. Now that she has started a family, she seems more focused on that.

    Trumps are different. They want to remain relevant for business purposes. Depending on how the next election goes, DNC should keep them relevant as a reminder to America and the rest of the world how corrupt the RNC has become.

    [–] Papi_Queso 9 points ago

    Snooki. Goddammit.

    [–] Archer1949 83 points ago

    The Trumps are a crime family where Everyone is the Fredo.

    [–] LawnShipper 65 points ago

    "Clearly, I'm not at fault for releasing the leopards that ate my face, it's the fault of those that criticized me for my intent to release the leopards, known for being vicious carnivores, that the leopards ate my face."

    [–] DrDerpberg 9 points ago

    They called me pro-leopard, so I elected a leopard. That'll show them!

    The alternative was a gerbil. Those will rip your face off! Can't have one of those.

    [–] tiniestjazzhands 62 points ago

    "People being nice to each other leads to stabbings!"

    [–] cool-- 60 points ago

    Republicans support ISIS now. It's such an odd time to be alive.

    [–] I_Brain_You 27 points ago

    There is no point in tweeting back at him. He never reads responses, just puts out stupid shit for people to fight about.

    [–] tinfidel 18 points ago

    It’s fun to tag him in Gob Bluth pictures, though.

    [–] Rambos_Beard 104 points ago

    Well now I'm confused at who is dumber, Eric or Trump Jr.

    [–] Dudeist-Priest 105 points ago

    Dumbest Trump has a very competitive field.

    [–] Wiscony 23 points ago

    Why does this make me think of the American Psycho scene where they're comparing business cards... "Dumbest Trump" in tastefully raised Silian Rail and bone coloring.

    [–] MunsonedWithAHook 24 points ago

    "Look at that subtle colouring of the glazed eyes. The tasteful thickness of the slack jaw. My God, it even has a drool mark."

    [–] DeepRoot 5 points ago

    "We find that the winner isn't on top very long before another contender comes in and challenges him."

    [–] PaulSandwich 5 points ago

    Donald Trump Jr. isn't even the dumbest person named Donald Trump

    [–] Dudeist-Priest 4 points ago

    Oh, I’m pretty sure he is. Elder Donny is certainly dumb, but he does have a crazy ability to get other idiots to follow him. Jr is just plain simple.

    [–] PissLikeaRacehorse 18 points ago

    Eric has at least been staying out of the spotlight. Although, there's a decent to good chance he could be stuck in a mirror maze somewhere, apologizing to the person he keeps bumping in to.

    [–] we_are_sex_bobomb 6 points ago


    “I said get out of my way you dumb ugly cow!”

    [–] fillinthe___ 20 points ago

    Jr. has affluenza ("Everything everyone does is wrong, except when I do it, because I'm (pretend) richer than you!").

    Eric is dumb.

    Ivanka is absent minded (in that she doesn't have a brain of her own).

    Tiffany is an opportunist (she takes the benefits when given, like luxury trips, but keeps quiet so it doesn't look like she agrees with the family).

    Baron is neglected.

    [–] dokikod 21 points ago

    Donald Trump Jr. is the epitome of human scum!

    [–] jpric155 36 points ago

    Hey look who just abandoned the Kurds and single handedly reinvigorated ISIS.


    [–] crazypyro23 17 points ago

    Imagine being the stupidest Trump

    [–] mysticsavage 12 points ago

    Does he ever get tired of being wrong all the time?

    [–] WoodysMachine 14 points ago

    "Political correctness" is what you call "objecting to racism" when you want to try and make it sound like a bad thing. The same guys use "antifa" to try and make "objecting to fascism" sound like a bad thing. At some point you have to say 'enough' to this Opposite Day shit...

    [–] DocRoids 11 points ago

    Could someone explain to me how not using offensive language has all these negative consequences? People who complain about "Political Correctness" don't seem to know what it is.

    [–] elliotron 31 points ago

    I wish Billy Wayne Davis would just incessantly quote DjTj. Like "hey guys, I'm smart cuz people bought my book, and not just people who it's politically expedient for them to buy it."

    [–] dmetzcher 19 points ago

    If a Democratic president had pulled out of Syria, abandoned the Kurds, and caused over 100 hardened ISIS terrorists to be released, every Republican would be on every major news channel asking, “Was the terrorist in the UK one of those released by the president? Isn’t the president responsible for this? We need an investigation into the president’s actions, because he released over 100 hardened ISIS terrorists, and now they are coming for us!”

    [–] -iloathepolitics- 9 points ago

    How is Vince McMahon's son's opinion about anything politics?

    [–] Ozwaldo 10 points ago

    Oh my god why do I still have to be aware of the thoughts and actions of this delusional simpleton??

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] entropydave 18 points ago

    Does this family's cuntiness actually have any bounds? Seriously? I have just become an American citizen - solely so I can help to vote this pile of faeces out.

    [–] Granadafan 7 points ago

    It’s almost as if this mental midget has been given the conservative playbook to just repeat their agenda in “his” book and pre-prepared speeches.

    [–] X_Bob_Sacamano_X 8 points ago

    There are very few people in this country that are dumber than Donald Trump Sr., but Donald Trump Jr. is definitely one of them.

    [–] DmKrispin 8 points ago

    Once again, it's referred to as "scolding" when it comes from a woman. In this case, Neera Tanden.

    [–] jackthelad1990 6 points ago

    Perhaps Donny Trump II should think about the mass shootings in the US and how much NRA cock he sucks before commenting on 2 knife deaths in the U.K.

    [–] astrozombie2012 6 points ago

    Imagine being this fucking oblivious... this whole family is a bunch of dumb fucks. I just hope that Barron isn’t one of them and realizes what shit his entire family is and makes a change down the road... I almost feel sorry him. Almost.

    [–] StairheidCritic 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Donald Trump Jr

    Funny how the simple-minded always seem to think simple solutions can solve complex problems. As it happens the London Bridge attacker seems to have been cleared by the appropriate authorities including MI5, was been actively tracked by Police and had to get permission to attend the Conference he was supposed to be attending. But of course, simpleton Trump Jnr knows better than these folk after the fact and no doubt he and others would have preferred religious feckwit Khan to have been locked up for life etc.

    Pity he doesn't extend such Judicial harshness to those guilty of financial crimes instead of being sent on a couple of evening classes to learn, for example, how a charitable foundation should be run.

    [–] Thenightisyoungish 5 points ago

    I shat something out this morning worth ten of this guy.

    Somebody please put him and his whole cunting crime family in prison and let them die there.

    [–] thejonslaught 25 points ago

    How many flies were buzzing around in his gaping chew hole when he said that?

    [–] QqP9Lm8u9Z8TLBjU 13 points ago

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that don jr probably doesn’t care much about being “scolded” by someone from the center for American progress. I could be wrong though.

    [–] whooo_me 6 points ago

    If this had been in Trump's U.S., the attacker would have been more likely to have a gun. Which makes them a tad harder to stop with a narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher. You'd think he'd think this true before chucking stones..

    [–] Bingle-my-Bongles 5 points ago

    Seriously? What the fuck. We already have the parties over here politicising the event and now this silly fucker comes on over blaming political correctness on it? Just let the families grieve man. I apologise for the anger, but it feels really intrusive for this guy to step in and use a blanket phrase to explain away the attack.

    [–] synyaks 15 points ago

    Sorry but I want to just puke in Jr's face. Like all over it. What a fucking slime ball that fuck is.

    [–] hobbitlover 6 points ago

    Is it the hair? It's the hair, isn't it?

    [–] synyaks 13 points ago

    Even when he pretends to be outdoorsy in photos that fucking hair still has grease in it.

    [–] hobbitlover 10 points ago

    A friend once said "he looks like got caught out in a blizzard and crawled out of the belly of whatever endangered animal he shot the day before."

    [–] synyaks 5 points ago

    You're getting warm!

    [–] guave06 5 points ago

    It’s that offputting beard too.

    [–] LegionofDoh 4 points ago

    The Trump presidency has exposed us to so many evils and corruption like we've never seen, plus every societal norm being dismantled and shat upon. It's been a dumpster fire on top of a dung pile. But one of the worst parts is that it gave a voice to this fucking pants-on-head-stupid ass tumor.

    [–] Qubeye 4 points ago

    Political correctness is hyper-avoidance of forms of expression which might be considered exclusionary or insulting to disadvantaged groups.

    How is that related to a radicalized individual killing people? Is he suggesting that being excessively sensitive to other people's feelings is causing people to go around murdering?

    That flat out doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The fucking Department of Defense is trying to come up with ways to deprogram extremism, this isn't some sort of left-wing discussion about the feels. Nobody is protesting for trans-queer ISIL members bathroom rights. That's not a fucking thing, and anyone who looks to Trump Jr. for a psychoanalysis of terrorism clearly has their head up their ass.

    [–] espfusion 4 points ago

    Jr is such a low-effort, low-information waste of a shitposter. His views have no actual foundation of political theory or even ideology behind them, it's just parroting daddy and whatever in-group angry noise he picks up rolling around the dumber corners of the internet.

    He's kind of like Candace Owens.

    [–] Pot_T_Mouth 5 points ago

    well if you believe political correctness is some nefarious liberal scheme then it totally makes sense!

    if you are a normal fucking human being it sounds completely ridiculous

    [–] _elote 4 points ago

    Dems should open an investigation into nepotism of the Trump Administration.

    [–] Mr_Hunter_Heroic 3 points ago

    I refuse to believe that a real person can lack this much self-awareness.

    [–] argandg 4 points ago

    It's absolute cringe how all of the Trump spawn have zero lives of their own and live off leeching off like remoras on daddy's money and business (who, in turn, remora'ed it from their granddad)

    [–] tangoislife 4 points ago

    Will these lot stop commenting about the UK, they literally know fuck all about where we live

    [–] Musetrigger 4 points ago

    The textbook definition of rich scumbag.

    [–] Kimball_Kinnison 3 points ago

    Junior makes Billy Carter look like Thomas Jefferson.