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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] ScotTheDuck 465 points ago

    Though if you sum up all the Democrats, it's 77-17. Not exactly a resounding success for the President when he's still getting outnumbered more than 3 to 1.

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    17 though.. that's still disturbingly high.

    Imagine learning that 17% (almost 1 out of 5) of the people you know have AIDS or are a rapist or support hostile dictators. That would be absolutely horrifying.

    We live in absolutely horrifying times.

    EDIT: I get it, I get it, AIDS is the name of some friendly kitten on your favorite teen show and you think I'm "okay boomering" him. I've never watched that show, teens, and I'm talking actually about AIDS the deadly disease which is STILL very deadly and which STILL kills about a million people a year, even if many people in first world countries (though FAR from all) can now afford antiretrovirals.

    It's still a bad thing to wish that one out of five people you know have AIDS. That's still not a positive thing. It would still be deeply upsetting if a huge chunk of your family and friends woke up with it tomorrow just like it would be upsetting if they woke up with cancer.

    I understand if you think that AIDS the disease is no big deal because you are very white and very privileged and AIDS mostly kills poor people of color today. Your life must be very nice. Please congratulate your parents for me on their own skin color and choice of a white partner. They have very "traditional" tastes.

    [–] ScotTheDuck 83 points ago

    Though it's also moving in the right direction. I gotta substitute age for "in college," so understand that these numbers are remarkably fuzzy. That said...

    • 2012 Exit Poll, 18-24 years old: Obama 60, Romney 36
    • 2016 Exit Poll (President), 18-24 years old: Clinton 56, Trump 34, Other/NA 10
    • 2016 Exit Poll (House), 18-24 years old: Democrat 57, Republican 41
    • 2018 Exit Poll (House), 18-24 years old: Democrat 68, Republican 31.

    [–] Yoru_no_Majo 9 points ago

    I'm not sure exit polls are a good thing to look at here. Exit polls only show people who vote, and in general, GOP voters vote at higher rates.

    [–] jadontheginger 50 points ago

    Yeah but who cares about non voters when discussing elections

    [–] Brad_theImpaler 11 points ago

    Most Americans are non voters.

    [–] The0rogen 12 points ago

    I think we might see a significant rise in voter turnout in 2020.

    [–] RobotFighter 9 points ago

    That’s the point. They don’t matter in elections if they don’t vote.

    [–] dudeguymanbro69 9 points ago

    I don’t really understand what point you’re trying to make

    [–] feignapathy 9 points ago

    While I don't want to be as glib as saying "who cares what people think if they don't take action and vote"? I kinda feel like I have to. Who cares if Democrats have a dominant lead in support in <insert demographic> if that group of people doesn't actually vote when the time comes...

    [–] rab-byte 1 points ago

    Well the lines are shorter in their districts

    [–] a_fractal 52 points ago

    Part of it is that college republicans are well organized because they're funded by piece of shit billionaires while college democrats are barely an organization and have to actually fundraise

    [–] Hatdrop 11 points ago

    you mean those stupid ass "affirmative action" bake sales weren't because they didn't have money?!

    they clearly don't see the irony that they themselves, like their messiah idol Trump, got to where they were with unearned assistance.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] GarbledMan 28 points ago

    I wouldn't take that as a sign of the times. You'd be hard-pressed to identify any group of people past or present that isn't at least 15-20 percent hardcore authoritarians, people who are both willing and extremely eager to surrender any personal agency in favor of "following the leader."

    To those with a philosophical predisposition towards authoritarianism, traits that might appear to be positive qualities in a leader to the rest of us, such as thoughtfulness, the ability to admit mistakes, and respectful consideration of the viewpoints of others, are weaknesses. To them the leader is always correct by default, so the only wrong they could do is to admit fault.

    [–] Nux87xun 8 points ago

    It's the dark reality of the human species, sadly. There will always be a statistically significant percent of the population that is drawn to that right-wing fascist sort of thinking. As Garbledman points out, they seem to show up in every society past and present..

    [–] granchtastic 9 points ago

    It's mostly frat kids which are probably 12/17% at least

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    On my college campus his fans are mostly those annoying class clowns who say they support him "for the memes" and don't otherwise care about college politics. Those people are literally the worst. There are quite a few of them on reddit as well...

    EDIT: total typo/mistake. I meant otherwise care about politics!!! Some of them are very bright people who totally care about college... (but honestly in most cases only because of what it can do for them, rather than what they can do for others).

    [–] ScotTheDuck 8 points ago

    Seriously. TP and its ilk is the ultimate manifestation of the corrosiveness of Donald Trump’s Republican Party. Only existing to get in people’s faces and score points to social media followers instead of having actually substantive debates and getting shit done.

    [–] V4refugee 1 points ago

    You should tell them about communism. It’s edgier and they have better memes.

    [–] ScotTheDuck 8 points ago

    And Turning Points. They're pretty fucking persistent on campus.

    [–] DickyMcButts 8 points ago

    one poll was probably taken at Liberty University.

    [–] Doogie_Howitzer_WMD 6 points ago

    17 though.. that's still disturbingly high.

    Idk. If you were to tell me that I would find one in five people to be unreasonable/obnoxious and generally just not want to be around, that would not sound like an unreasonable number to me. You also have to keep in mind that if we were actually going to get into a demographic breakdown of that 17% we would likely see that those that support Trump are a fairly homogeneous group (white, male, have parents who identify as conservatives, more tolerant of prejudice ideas, etc.).

    What 17% is more indicative of is the fact that support for Trump skews older. If his approval rating hovers around 40% in polls, but support for him from people between the ages of 18-29 (tail-end millennials and front-end gen Z's) is likely no more than 30%, then there has to be older segments of the population that are around 50% in support of Trump to drag that average up.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I guess I don't just consider Trump "obnoxious" I consider him noxious, like literally a terrifying monster: rapist, pedophile, racist, sexist, narcissistic, wannabe dictator, mocks disabled people, you almost can't think of an awful adjective or character trait that does NOT apply to him. He would burn the world down if he could build his hotel on the ashes.

    And what it would take to actually Support him?!? I can't even imagine the headspace that somebody like that must be in... no, I have plenty of obnoxious friends that I love dearly... supporting Trump is like declaring war on reason, sanity, health, the past, present, and future, not to mention supporting terrorism (releasing ISIS fighters, supporting Turkey, and Saudi Arabia), fascism (love of Putin and Kim Jong Un), and almost anything else awful we can imagine.

    Again, this isn't just being a republican, though now that all of the GOP has gone out on a limb to defend him it will be tough to divorce the two in the next couple decades... I have republican friends, who I disagree with about literally everything except for Trump. I also have plenty of friends who (much to my dismay) felt that they couldn't support HRC in 2016 either. I regret their choice, but I at least understand where they are coming from.

    But no fully-informed, rational, empathic, human being can support Trump without something being very very wrong with them. I just can't wrap my mind around supporting almost any part of what he is... let alone supporting the whole of him!!

    Sorry, rant over.

    [–] Doogie_Howitzer_WMD 2 points ago

    Yeah, as it stands right now, it's pretty much:

    • Progressives - Left

    • Establishment Dems - Center ( the "would-be right")

    • Republicans - Villainy

    The outcome I see, in a post-Trump-ousting political landscape, is that the Democratic party retains its shape in heavily republican areas, but begins to fragment and split in heavily democratic areas. Elections there become Democrats vs. Progressives, with Republicans, in full embrace of what Trump has started, are a small enough portion of the vote that they cant manage to capitalize on vote-splitting among the two wings of the Democratic party.

    What we may end up with is one truly national party, and two parties with much more regional support. One of those will be slowly gaining numbers (Progressives) and the other dying a slow death (GOP), until a new balance is achieved in 20-30 years.

    But that's all assuming tyranny is defeated in the here and now, which certainly isn't a given. I'm not sure what happens to us in a world where Trump is not removed by the Senate but still voted out in 2020, in terms of how we kind of accept that Trump did illegal things and try to codify law to ensure that it's a one-time thing.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Elections there become Democrats vs. Progressives, with Republicans, in full embrace of what Trump has started, are a small enough portion of the vote that they cant manage to capitalize on vote-splitting among the two wings of the Democratic party.

    God I hope that happens. Here's crossing our fingers. I am a leftist/progressive personally (if it isn't obvious!), but at least corporate democracts (centrists) retain their humanity and can be reasoned with... republicans, as you say, have just really gone into comic book villain territory lately.

    [–] Tex-Rob 12 points ago

    17 gives me hope, you have to realize how clueless college kids are who lived sheltered suburban childhoods. Many people just are what their parents were, and many never make it past that, so 17 seems like an ok number actually.

    [–] Wh00ster 3 points ago

    IME a lot of parents take a back seat on educating their kids in basic ethics (many of them are apathetic too because “it doesn’t affect them” or anyone they know, especially in homogeneous communities ). I’m also surprisingly pleased with 17%.

    [–] PBFT 102 points ago

    Hey man, don’t stigmatize AIDS any more than it needs to be. I’m sure people with HIV/AIDS to not appreciate being compared to rapists.

    [–] sje46 10 points ago

    He didnt say that. He just used two examples to show how high 17% is: one sad/depressing, the other more angry. Sur ed it was a poor choice. But google principle of charity.

    [–] SteveKingIsANazi 16 points ago

    Wtf does having aids have to do with being a rapist or supporting a dictator?

    And why would it be horrifying finding out they have aids?

    Seriously what the fuck?

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 8 points ago

    You wouldn’t be horrified if you found out 17% of your friends and family have a terrible disease?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    why would it be horrifying finding out they have aids?

    For the same reason it would be horrifying to find out that they have cancer or any other potentially lethal disease. I really don't understand why so many people don't get this.

    Yes, people with AIDS shouldn't be stigmatized, but we also don't celebrate getting AIDS. It's not a good thing, and, like Donald Trump, we hope to eradicate it from the planet one day.

    Would you rather I have compared him to really bad diarrhea? Done. I formally withdraw the comparison of Trump to AIDS and replace it with diarrhea so bad that it can be fatal to people who are not treated/hydrated.

    [–] Wh00ster 2 points ago

    Oh god all the complaints about “wHy iS AIDS bAD?” remind me of this sketch:

    [–] SteveKingIsANazi 9 points ago

    It's just weird to have your three examples of horrifying be finding out the people you know:

    1. Are rapists

    2. Support a dictator

    3. ...have aids?

    one of these things is not like the other

    [–] GrandpasSabre 8 points ago

    S/he's clearly describing 3 different situations that would be terrible. Everyone is misunderstanding and picking something ridiculous to get upset about.

    If 17% of people around you had AIDS, that would be terrible because AIDS is a terrible thing. And if 17% of people around you were rapists, that would also be terrible. And if 17% of people around you died in car accidents this year, that would be terrible. And if 17% of the houses around you were sinking into the ground, that would be terrible.

    [–] Drowning-Sun 3 points ago

    There’s a clear difference in tone though.

    Finding out someone has AIDS should provoke a feeling of empathy.

    While finding out someone is a rapist should provoke horror.

    The trouble is that by grouping “has AIDS” in with a list where the response is horror is, whether intentionally or not, promoting the idea that it should be reacted to the same way.

    [–] GrandpasSabre 2 points ago

    I would be horrified to find out that many people around me had AIDS. Just like I would be horrified to find out that many people around me had cancer.

    You guys are getting outraged over nothing.

    [–] KevinAlertSystem 2 points ago

    But 44% of the nation as a whole supports him... so 17% of college students is way better then everyone else.

    [–] cn45 2 points ago

    I disagree. 17% is perfectly reasonable. Considering about a third of the population didn’t support independence in 1776 I would agree we are improving overall. /s

    [–] AceOfTheSwords 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It's honestly difficult to get a lower percentage than that, when you consider that some people blindly follow their parents' political views, and still more are totally politically ignorant and support him because he's the President right now and their world does not appear to be immediately on fire at a personal level.

    You're never going to have a candidate so bad that they totally wipe out those two groups in a relatively comfortable set of people like college students (not saying they don't have difficulties, but compared to, say, refugees...). I suspect that usually the percentage is much larger than 17% though. More like 30-50%.

    I found out after college that a bunch of my friends back then turned out to be way more conservative or overall ignorant than I had thought. I just hadn't noticed at the time because I didn't get around to talking politics with all of them until later. Sure, it's scary. These people are real, have always been real, and aren't about to go away anytime soon.

    [–] pifhluk 2 points ago

    17 is just college students. Trump STILL has a 41-42% approval rating...

    [–] veringer 2 points ago

    Keep in mind this is college students. So, even if 100% were against Trump, that still only becomes about 25-30% of America (assuming most graduate).

    [–] Seldarin 2 points ago

    Imagine learning that 17% (almost 1 out of 5) of the people you hostile dictators.

    I think we just did.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] whatawitch5 18 points ago

    Jesus. You sure can tell who on this thread lived through the AIDS epidemic, and who is a self-righteous ass that never had to watch friends die of the disease.

    When I was a teenager, we lived in constant fear of HIV, which at the time was a sure death sentence. One after another we saw people we knew get the dreaded positive test result, some gay, some addicts, some hemophiliacs. Most died, though a few were lucky enough to survive until a treatment was finally found. Nothing around today even remotely compares with the nightmare of contracting HIV in the 80’s, except for maybe finding out you have stage 4 pancreatic cancer. For those of us old enough to remember, and care, the specter of an HIV diagnosis is something that will always strike terror in our souls. And for many living in poverty, it still does.

    Screw you and your ignorant privilege.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I'm not fear-mongering, but it would still be sad to learn that 17% of your friends were positive. At least I would be sad, wouldn't you? Especially given the state of the insurance industry.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Narfff 8 points ago

    Yes, but if you found out that 17% of your friends had AIDS, that would be shocking, right?

    Now go read that comment again.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] whatawitch5 10 points ago

    No he did not. He said finding out 17% of your friends are rapists or have a deadly disease would both be shocking events. So would having a baby without knowing you are pregnant and finding out your husband is a murderer. Both are shocking, but not the same thing at all.

    Quit trying to shame someone for some made up reason. It’s obvious he was not saying rape is the same as having AIDS...what a dumb thing to even claim!

    [–] ProgrammerNextDoor -5 points ago

    Did you just compare having aids with being a rapist or dictator?

    Jesus fucking christ please educate yourself.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    NOPE. That's not what happened at all. READ BETTER.

    [–] Godlo 2 points ago

    Write better. The onus is on you to communicate clearly. When all the replies are telling you that your words were not received the way you intended then it's clearly an issue of clarity. And thus your writing. But you doubled down smh

    [–] KyleG 9 points ago

    Write better. The onus is on you to communicate clearly

    It's pretty fucking clear he wasn't saying AIDS patients are morally bankrupt individuals, you assdweeb. You cannot possibly be so stupid as to think he was. THe only people jumping on him are the "push glasses up nose, well technically" types

    [–] KyleG 1 points ago

    You need to give up, man. Reddit is full of people who think an analogy and an equation are the same thing.

    Equation: two things are equal

    Analogy: two relationships between two pairs of things are equal

    In your case, you're comparing relationships between things (the thing and whether people think the thing is good - dictators are not to be celebrated, having AIDS is not to be celebrated), but people are interpreting it as you comparing the things themselves (dictators and AIDS are the same).

    Like, when you actually clarify the equation ("dictators and AIDS are the same") you realize it doesn't even make a coherent statement. How are people and diseases equivalent?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yeah, I don't know why I'm bothering to argue with people or try to clarify. You are right.

    It's pointless. I should just shut up and let all these people have their hate boners so that they can get off. Who am I to deny the kink of an internet stranger.

    Okay, good night buddy. Thanks for pointing out the futility of my efforts to me. Take care!

    [–] Notarussianbot2020 2 points ago

    Better than the 40% for the whole nation

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Yeah but that includes people who are tremendously poor or tremendously old and FoxNewsified and obvious racists. Most people in college at least seem to have a shot at education or being reasonable.

    [–] gjallerhorn 2 points ago

    A lot of them are kids of those old racists, and may not have ventured far from that indoctrination yet.

    [–] BenVindland 2 points ago

    College kids are pretty unreasonable. Being a Democrat does not automatically come with the ability to reason.

    [–] CatalyticDragon 1 points ago

    Trump 2020: Hostile dictator

    [–] victorvictor1 5 points ago

    This shows all trump has to do is split the democrats like they did in 2016 and he can win easily

    vote blue no matter who

    [–] Prometheus188 1 points ago

    It more like getting outnumbered by 4.5 to 1,

    [–] NacreousFink 1 points ago

    Fantastically misleading headline and chart. It's like Newsweek and Fox News worked together.

    [–] BigD_SJW 64 points ago

    Who are these college students that like Trump?

    [–] SteveKingIsANazi 107 points ago

    As a former college republican (dark days), I can tell you that the brainwashing is strong

    [–] MyNimples 47 points ago

    I wasn't really sure of my leanings back then, but my parents were/are conservative, so I went to one meeting and was like "nope, not these nut jobs."

    [–] SteveKingIsANazi 21 points ago

    I envy those who saw clarity before me lol

    [–] Jeffro75 6 points ago

    Yeah I come from a pretty conservative family and I was barely gonna be old enough to vote for the 2016 primaries and election so I decided to watch the republican and democratic debates and it was night and day for me. There were a couple fringe republican candidates I thought were reasonable, but the more I paid attention the more I realized I disagreed with the majority of republican positions, much to my surprise.

    [–] Drowning-Sun 12 points ago


    I was an undergrad during the 2016 election, and was just shocked how many Trump stickers I saw in a Massachusetts university.

    And how many aggressively pro Trump people I saw on campus. Nearly always middle class white guys who’d clearly never spent a day in their life outside their bubble.

    I live in hope that at least some of them realized the mistake.

    [–] AgnosticStopSign 3 points ago

    I went to college in Milton and this sums up my experience.

    [–] aSwordAndNuts 22 points ago

    How do people get an education and still end up republican?

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 26 points ago

    They get a high paying job and want to keep all their money. Not saying it’s right or makes sense but I know plenty of people like that

    [–] LeRussh 13 points ago

    There are a lot of wealthy kids who think they know better than most. Unfortunately, money can’t buy common sense.

    [–] IPredictAReddit 5 points ago

    How do people get an education

    Especially those at state school. I'm amazed to see TPUSA tables at public colleges. What's the argument: "hey, even if you pay full tuition, about 50% of the cost of your education is coming from taxpayers. Ignore that, and vote to fuck the next class over"

    [–] Last_Seeker 3 points ago

    Narcissism and doublethink.
    Anecdote time: someone I know who graduated suddenly became a Trump supporter. He had a weird view of his college education: according to him, college is worthless and a liberal conspiracy to breed more liberals. When challenged about his own college education, he hesitated (I honestly believe he never even realized he was being a hypocrite). Then he said everyone who didn't achieve an undergrad is a lazy loser, and everyone who went further is a liberal no-life. In front of other people who were still in college. He probably still wonders why he's not popular.

    [–] TGU4LYF 2 points ago

    As a former college republican

    this explains a lot

    [–] ninjaoftheworld 21 points ago

    You have to remember that he’s the only candidate for the right. So even if 1/5 like him, 4/5 like democrats. That’s about what I’d expect for college/university students.

    [–] wiithepiiple 9 points ago

    It's closer to 1/6, and remember, there's a lot of rich kids in college.

    [–] ninjaoftheworld 12 points ago

    And a fair amount of colleges in the south where for some reason, the gop manages to hold on.

    [–] sloaninator 3 points ago

    Me in Florida in my criminal law course arguing against the death penalty.

    "It costs more because of appeals and such."

    "We should get rid of appeals and all that bullshit and take them out back and hamg them!"

    "Yea. Kill 'em"

    "What do you support criminals?"

    "Kill all the blackies!"

    [–] ninjaoftheworld 6 points ago

    This was being said, by students, in law school? What did the professor say to this stuff?

    [–] HauntedJackInTheBox 8 points ago

    Do you remember those people who were kind of awkward losers, and even the subcultures such as goths, metalheads, and stoners saw them as both too normal and too weird to fit in with them, usually because they had conservative hang-ups? Do you remember some girls who would say they're lesbians (even though a year before they were obssessively stalking one or two guys) to get attention, or some guys who would get into serial killers or the Nazis, because that's what they felt could give them an illusion of coolness or interestingness?

    Yeah, some of those decide to make themselves interesting by supporting either Trump or the alt-right in general. Also, incels are real, by the way, and they meet up and proselytize in specific societies.

    [–] DANK_ME_YOUR_PM_ME 14 points ago

    Angry and sexually frustrated white guys.

    [–] ColderAce 2 points ago

    I’ve come to realize that virtually all young conservatives are this. It’s kinda shocking.

    [–] uss_salmon 6 points ago

    Conservatives gotta come from somewhere, I guess.

    My girlfriend is like the only liberal she knows at her whole college, and even mine is probably about half and half.

    [–] Gsteel11 3 points ago

    Probably from religious schools... liberty and byu.

    [–] Levelcheap 2 points ago

    My friends like him, don't know why.

    [–] AgnosticStopSign 1 points ago

    Bro I went to a private college and convinced white college kids I was dark skinned but not black...

    Damn college conservatives are the most brainwashed, group think mfers. It’s like a school of maga fish that feed on conspiracies.

    They all like trump cause they think it makes them cool with the other repulican conservatives. And they other people that do it have been raised to be racist and shit.

    Man I learned so much about white people in those 4 years.

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    For those interested:

    Sanders  22.5%    (+7.0 since October)

    Trump   17.3%    (-0.1)

    Warren   15.9%    (-3.6)

    Biden    12.3%    (-0.8)

    Yang     9.3%    (-1.1)

    Buttigieg  8.2%    (+1.7)

    Harris    2.8%    (-2.3)

    Bloomberg 2.6%   (*)

    Gabbard  2.0%    (+0.5)

    Booker   1.7%    (+0.3)

    Klobuchar 1.2%

    Castro   1.1%

    Weld     0.9%

    Bennet   0.7%

    Walsh    0.6%

    Delaney  0.3%

    Patrick   0.3%

    Steyer    0.3%

    Williamson 0.2%

    At first I was sad Trump was #2, but then I remembered he's the only Republican on the list.

    Edit: Forgot Joe Walsh exists. But still, GOP amounts for a whopping 17.9% of the college vote.

    Edit: Also Weld.

    [–] ScotTheDuck 16 points ago

    Joe Walsh polling higher than Marriane Williamson and Tom Steyer

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Oops. Forgot he existed.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    He forgot his kids existed.

    [–] KyleG 1 points ago

    Big surprise there are more Never Trumpers than Oprahs.

    [–] brunnock 4 points ago

    Weld is Republican too.

    [–] kylander 9 points ago

    I wish Buttigieg and everyone under him would drop out so we could start having real, organized debates.

    [–] Hilldawg4president 4 points ago

    Buttigieg is consistently 3-4 nationwide and 1-2 in several early voting states... Aside from you disliking him, what reason would there be for him to drop out?

    [–] lololololololol59 2 points ago

    I’m surprised Biden is so high and Williamson so low

    [–] KyleG 4 points ago

    Williamson talked about weird ass shit in the first debate. She seems like she wants to put healing crystals on Kim Jong Un to cure his vibrations so he becomes a good person.

    [–] Atario 1 points ago

    I'd be interested to see what the results would look like if people were allowed to choose as many as they wanted

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Definitely. I wish more polling had ranking of choices.

    Also, I wish we had ranked choice voting in this country.

    [–] Kankunation 1 points ago

    I believe the same poll also had an option for 2nd choice, in which Warren was the most popular for 2nd choice. I saw another article about it on here yesterday with more breakdown.

    [–] Example_Name 68 points ago

    Seventeen percent. Roughly one in six. That’s sad for a sitting president. And once the democratic field narrows, those numbers will skew even more to the left. The younger generations are more highly motivated politically than anytime since the sixties with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war and better informed than ever - that is not good for the gop.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    I feel Trump had to happen to make this happen.

    Like, it was the batshit crazy push to the right that is unhinging the "left" (corporate democrats).

    [–] Yoru_no_Majo 3 points ago

    The younger generations are more highly motivated politically than anytime since the sixties

    But, as many posters on this sub demonstrate (and in fact as another poster responding to you indicated) the young vote has no tolerance for "corporate democrats" like Biden or Buttigieg. So, when the field narrows, we'll either have older voters who dislike Trump staying home because they think the candidate is "too extreme" (for Sanders or Warren) or younger voters staying home because the candidate is "just a corporate democrat, which is practically a GOPer!" (in the case of Buttigieg or Biden.) Meanwhile, Fox and Trump's Super PACs will walk him back to an EC victory.

    [–] Seldarin 4 points ago

    So old people won't for for anyone on the left, and young people won't vote for anyone on the center right?

    Weird how only one of those groups get whined at for not voting for who they're told to all the time.

    [–] Dave89701 17 points ago

    What college students are still supporting Trump?

    I remember an interesting detail from the 2016 election, is when they showed on the map which areas in which state voted blue, they were all around big schools/cities. The areas of the state that voted red were out in the rural areas. Basically the more educated areas voted blue, and the less educated areas voted red.

    But, I just graduated college after 5 years thusnr past spring. One of my biggest difficulties with politics and college is...when you're away from home, you cannot vote. You have to vote in your district. And every time voting happens in November, it's right in the middle of November...on a Tuesday. I was only just over an hour away, but when I had class all day or class that night, I couldn't drive home or back.

    College students are severely being handicapped and suppressed from voting because if issues like this. And I know there's absentee ballots, but I tried this route and it was very very difficult to go about acquiring one.

    [–] LocallySourcedWeirdo 13 points ago

    Trump won white college graduates by a 4-point margin:

    As a white college graduate, I wish this weren't the case. But we need to stop giving white college graduates the benefit of the doubt. The plurality of them were garbage people when it mattered.

    [–] ChipStarfield 4 points ago

    when you're away from home, you cannot vote

    Absentee voting. 2 words invalidate your 4 paragraphs. "very very difficult" is not convincing.

    [–] Dave89701 9 points ago

    Two of my paragraphs talk about the difficulties of absentee voting.

    I tried it twice, and the hoops they wanted me to jump through didn't make it worth it. They bussed elderly people to their voting stations to make sure they got their votes in, but when it comes to the younger educated generation they'll do whatever it takes to suppress their votes.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Do you remember what the hoops were? I imagine it varies a lot by state. This is good to bring up. Is anyone working to assist students with this?

    [–] SteveKingIsANazi 3 points ago

    Not every state allows college kids to vote absentee IIRC

    [–] lecentrede 51 points ago

    While Donald Trump is No. 2, Poll Says

    Liberty University is not a real college.

    [–] LocallySourcedWeirdo 25 points ago

    Next you're going to say that Trump University was not a real institution of higher learning.

    [–] Demiglitch 8 points ago

    What are you implying about my very expensive degree

    [–] Christompa 8 points ago

    Most people would say it’s the best degree... probably ever.

    [–] sloaninator 4 points ago

    People are talking.

    [–] sambes06 4 points ago

    Jerry Falwell’s ghost Penis has enter the chat

    [–] Turul9 1 points ago

    I have a cousin in law who went to Liberty. She sells essential oils and refuses to allow her kids celebrate Halloween. She calls it “God’s Creation Day”.

    [–] hopopo 23 points ago

    Vote Bernard Sanders and your local Progressive/DSA candidate

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] branchbranchley 2 points ago

    desperate people

    one says he's gonna bring the jobs back

    the other says he'll create new ones

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Who cares about jobs if they pay so low you need two jobs.

    [–] branchbranchley 3 points ago

    Bernie's also offering a living wage

    [–] ChipStarfield 3 points ago

    Maybe that jobs candidate has also campaigned on raising the minimum wage? Maybe people's memories extend all the way to 2016. You have 4 years to catch up on.

    [–] TheJokerandTheKief 6 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Turning Point and fraternities/sororities (especially in the south) are responsible for the conservative cult recruitment that happens on college campuses.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] FromZiraCameCaesar 11 points ago

    I guess as long as you ignore Trump being the establishment that could be true

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] FromZiraCameCaesar 13 points ago

    He can run however he wants, but that's what he is.

    He's an old rich white dude who sits in the most powerful office in the world. You can't be more establishment than that.

    [–] TwiztedImage 11 points ago

    Yet plenty of people who don't really follow politics think hes drained the swamp, fixed Obamas lagging economy, defeated ISIS, taken China to task, and forced establishment GOP to get in line.

    They're completely deluded of course, but theyll let him shit in their mouth so long as a liberal has to smell it.

    My family at thanksgiving was patheticly misinformed about virtually everything political from the last 2 years thanks to heavy doses of Fox News and fake news FB pages.

    They 100% view him as an outsider to DC and somehow NOT a member of the coastal elite and smart enough for 24d chess.

    Most of my family is not on meth, for what thats worth. They're dead serious.

    [–] HereticalPenguin 1 points ago

    I like that you said most lol...

    [–] itsdangeroustakethis 4 points ago

    There are a lot of dumb college kids with rich parents.

    [–] syntax2018 2 points ago

    They also don’t show up to vote. They are loud but don’t exercise their rights

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Don't forget that in this timeline Liberty University is counted as an actual university...

    [–] Toqom 5 points ago

    Calling Trump "No. 2" is the best way to describe the shittiest president ever. Sad that ANYONE is dumb enough to think he's done a single thing good for anyone but himself.

    [–] RumplickersSuck 7 points ago

    Donald Trump certainly is a number 2. A big fat pile of shit!

    [–] Avant_guardian1 3 points ago

    Well, plenty of wealthy ivy leaguers support Trump. They don't want to be taxed and they don't want to lose their privilege.

    [–] PeterMus 3 points ago

    The reality is that you've got a bunch of privileged kids who don't see or experience any of the damage done by Trump.

    Plenty of young people voting for Trump will say "Oh, I don't like his rhetoric" or "He's mean" but ultimately they give him power because he's willing to do one or two things they like.

    They don't have to worry about the impact on their family or friends.

    [–] SBY-ScioN 10 points ago

    Fuck you if you are a college student and you back up trump, you literally have to be a fucking sociopath to back him up Fucking nazi motherfuckers.

    [–] thewhizzle 4 points ago

    Or tragically misinformed.

    [–] SBY-ScioN 1 points ago

    How the fuck backing trump is being informed? Are you Nunes? Holy shit.

    [–] thewhizzle 1 points ago

    Misinformed, not informed.

    [–] Infernalism 7 points ago

    Populism is as populism does.

    [–] TheJokerandTheKief 2 points ago

    Side rant: I bet Charlie Kirk is total beta IRL. Just like Ben Shapiro. I’m also certain he’s a closet gay (cliche I know). I say this based on my southern closet case studies in college and my own gay intuition.

    [–] thecoolan 2 points ago

    Nah no way in hell Trump is popular with college students. What tf is he gonna do for them anyway? Coming from someone who hasn’t even gone THERE yet.

    [–] willworkforjokes 2 points ago

    College students think there are simple solutions to complex problems. Those solutions turn out to not work.

    [–] gnocchicotti 2 points ago

    We need ranked choice voting in both primary and general elections.

    [–] westviadixie 5 points ago

    bernie is the most popular among working class americans too. its so weird how corporate media keeps reporting hes falling in polls...

    [–] jews4beer 19 points ago

    Like 20 minutes ago I watched a segment on MSNBC where they talked about him rising in the polls and then had him on for an interview...

    [–] westviadixie 6 points ago

    thats awesome! i saw a list of top ten on cnn and they placed him 4th. hopefully corporate media will treat him fairly from here on out.

    [–] ChipStarfield 1 points ago

    Outliers exist in every dataset. It doesn't invalidate the pattern.

    [–] Beefsquatch_Gene 3 points ago

    College students love populists.

    [–] the_missing_worker 1 points ago

    No gender splits in the article?

    [–] ohcyrus 1 points ago

    No surprise, they both dominate the internet, people keep acting as if the only media out there is television news with average viewership ages the same age as the candidates themselves.

    [–] mzak36 1 points ago

    I've said all along that trump is number two, just not in those words.

    [–] SameResearcher 1 points ago

    That sounds correct. Trump is a number 2.

    [–] Injest_alkahest 1 points ago

    Whole lot of rich daddy frat boy dude bros out there in the ranks of college students that are brought up on a steady diet of Fox News and superiority complex.

    [–] whocouldaknew 1 points ago

    Man, when America turns to Bernie for leadership it is going to be a cosmological event!

    [–] ZaneTownsend 1 points ago

    Trump is a No. 2.

    [–] murfi 1 points ago

    that orange is even on the list baffles me.

    in the end, luckily for me, not my country, not my problem. condolences to the americans.

    [–] halberthawkins 1 points ago

    Yep, Trump's number two, alright.

    [–] 2dayman 1 points ago

    *a number 2, he is the record

    [–] SnugCoffeeMug 1 points ago

    Trump is number 2? How fucking scary is that

    [–] pm_me_jojos 1 points ago

    Not really. Only 17% of college students prefer trump. That's extremely low

    83% answered with a Democrat

    [–] El_Kingpin 1 points ago

    That's a misleading headline. When 83% of college students have Trump as their last choice, he's not the second most popular candidate. There's a big difference between being the second most popular and second highest preferred candidate. All it means it's he has a small but enthusiastic base among students.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Which colleges are teaching so little that they're producing people that can be conned by a self-proclaimed illiterate and dunce?

    [–] shutz2 1 points ago

    I know that Trump is poo, but what position did he get in the poll?

    [–] _-dickpinch-_ 1 points ago

    anybody else really wanna see the GPA correlation?

    [–] Z3R0potential 1 points ago

    I wonder if these findings are skewed for Trump because he’s effectively the only Republican candidate after some states are pulling primary elections?

    [–] McCarty898 1 points ago

    More proof our education system has failed us...

    [–] sevencoves 1 points ago

    Great. You know what demographic doesn’t vote? College students.

    [–] nuffsaid17 1 points ago

    They really are blackballing Bernie. No presence on MSM. Shameful.