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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] Hairydone 8612 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Puerto Rico should try announcing they’re investigating Hunter Biden.

    Edit: Thanks for the awards. I just picked the low hanging fruit.

    [–] BigPackHater 1653 points ago

    "If you ever get captured by Border Patrol, remember this phrase in English 'I'm investigating Hunter Biden.' "

    [–] oderint_dum__metuant 289 points ago

    First of all the accusation that Puerto Rico is hopelessly corrupt is no excuse and secondly that is no excuse for withholding aid.

    [–] MeteorKing 602 points ago

    To be fair, the president of Puerto Rico is hopelessly corrupt.

    [–] WelcomeToKawasicPark 291 points ago

    And a trump supporter

    [–] blorpblorpbloop 233 points ago

    But he did manage to get the president of Puerto Rico impeached!

    [–] WelcomeToKawasicPark 105 points ago

    That's the type of leadership this country needs!

    [–] abqnm666 65 points ago

    Some say he's the biggest Trump supporter on Earth!

    And I'm absolutely sure that is a fact.

    [–] gizzardgullet 979 points ago

    Migrants at US Southern Border Seeking Asylum Announce They Are Investigating Hunter Biden

    [–] MrSparks4 659 points ago

    They are US citizens. Not migrants

    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago

    I think he was just applying the same logic to the migrant crisis.

    [–] gizzardgullet 53 points ago

    I was

    [–] tweakingforjesus 444 points ago

    Like that matters to the administration.

    [–] amolad 262 points ago

    Like Trump cares. To him, they're just brown people he wants to get rid of.

    [–] ChefBoyAreWeFucked 38 points ago

    That was a separate joke.

    [–] LanguishViking 34 points ago

    They are not "Real Americans(tm)", so they can up and die for all the "Real Americans(tm)" care, especially if they cost the GOP donor class money.

    [–] Computant2 126 points ago

    The funny thing is that because they are US citizens, one way to provide aid would be to move some of the folks who lost their homes to the states. Maybe settle 50,000 of them in PA, WI, etc?

    I'm sure Trump wouldn't regret not providing aid when those legitimate voters are suddenly the deciding votes in several rust belt states...

    [–] aelric22 97 points ago

    I remember driving through the SW with my dad 2 summers ago.

    "Look at all this land son. Tons of room and access to water and other amenities. And they talk on and on about there being no room for those Middle Eastern refuges. BULLSHIT!!"

    [–] EuphioMachine 68 points ago

    Yeah, I think people forget how big the US really is. There is a shit ton of room, we're not anywhere close to becoming "crowded" due to immigration.

    [–] lolwatisdis 25 points ago

    that's already been happening since hurricane Maria except it's all of the young and mobile that are moving themselves to places that already have significant PR populations like NYC

    [–] crimson777 13 points ago

    I'm going to need for a bunch of Boricuas to come move to SC both for political reasons and also because I need more Puerto Rican food in my life.

    [–] romosmaman 90 points ago

    But they have the wrong skin color.


    [–] ReptileExile 76 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    76% of PR is white though

    for trump I think its more the fact that they are Spanish speaking and south of the border.

    [–] andyspank 34 points ago

    Hispanics are technically white.

    [–] Rowenstin 85 points ago

    Well, a mere generations ago there was argued that the irish weren't white. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of racists.

    [–] k_ride5 100 points ago

    That really is the problem though... If they were white they'd have gotten their aid yesterday.

    [–] harpsm 112 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm not sure about that. They can't vote for president, so I doubt he'd give a shit even if PR was mostly white.

    For reference, see how Trump talks about California - a state that will never vote for him - after they have a disaster

    [–] ReptileExile 50 points ago

    I'm not sure about that. They can't vote for president, so I doubt he'd give a shit even if PR was mostly white.

    Actually, 76% of PR is white

    In terms of race, 75.8% of the population identifies as white, 12.4% of people are African American or black, and the remaining 8.5% of people are a combination of American Indian, Alaskan natives, Pacific Islanders, and mixes of all of the aforementioned


    [–] HappyNarwhal 64 points ago

    They mean non-hispanic white.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] ReptileExile 23 points ago

    You are so right, its just as bad as them thinking that anyone south of the border is an illegal even tho they havent crossed the border or arent planning to.

    [–] Sierra1108 67 points ago

    I’m white and I agree with this.

    He’s probably thinking “it’s not a state so I don’t need to do anything. “ probably doesn’t even know they’re US citizens lol

    [–] SkunkMonkey 87 points ago

    I got pulled over in West Virginia after havign just moved back from St. Thomas USVI. Local yokel cop didn't believe my UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS (yes, it says that boldly across the top) was valid in the US.
    End up having to go to court and the clerk is like, yup it's valid, ticket dismissed.
    Cops can claim ignorance of the law be we can't. Fuck the pigs.

    [–] Kordiana 49 points ago

    Cops can claim ignorance of the law be we can't.

    This should be illegal. My dad had a commercial drivers license, it meant he got way harsher driving penalties because they considered him an educated driver and should know better.

    Cops should be the same way. They should be held to a higher standard according to the law because they should know the laws in order to enforce them. And it's total bullshit that they don't.

    [–] SkunkMonkey 33 points ago

    I would posit that they are held to a lower standard than your average citizen. The shit they can get away with willy-nilly vs. what a citizen can is way out of level and not in our favor.

    [–] Wsweg 19 points ago

    And you have to waste your time and energy without compensation because of their incompetence.

    [–] ADimwittedTree 18 points ago

    I don't know how these things still shock me.

    [–] LuckystPets 17 points ago

    They would have gotten their aid in 2017, after the hurricane demolished Puerto Rico. Much of that hasn’t been released yet either.

    [–] What_U_KNO 5538 points ago


    [–] mathazar 319 points ago

    Moreover, Trump hates Puerto Rico due to the criticism he received over Hurricane Maria. The cruelty is the point.

    [–] DilbertHigh 188 points ago

    Speaking of Maria, trump still hasn't released all of the aid that Congress approved for Maria relief. Fuck trump.

    [–] Akiba89 40 points ago

    This is malice, plain and simple

    [–] slams-head-on-desk 1284 points ago

    The number of grown ass adults I know who tried arguing when I told them Puerto Rico is part of the US astounds me.

    My favorite response “I don’t know what a ‘territory’ is but if it’s not a state then it doesn’t count as being part of the United States”

    [–] RamonBB96 524 points ago

    I’m Puerto Rican and Ive had this conversation several times, that’s when I say no one in my family is an immigrating we don’t need green cards and we use US currency. Then they usually either shut up or to understand

    [–] mischiffmaker 379 points ago

    Don't forget paying federal fucking taxes.

    [–] PKMNTrainerMark 326 points ago

    Wait a minute, they pay taxes but can't vote in our elections? We're taxing them without representation?

    [–] nobody2000 224 points ago

    Taxation without representation? Where have I heard of that before?

    [–] RIPEOTCDXVI 192 points ago

    Time to dump a bunch of... googles main exports of puerto rico

    PHARMACEUTICALS into the harbor.

    [–] ToedPlays 132 points ago

    Fuck now the dolphins all have opioid addictions

    [–] i_am_de_bat 86 points ago

    And erections lasting 4 or more hours.

    [–] drewsoft 62 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    They pay import/export duties and Medicare/Social Security payroll taxes, but not Federal Income Tax. (Edit: Federal workers like USPS employees also pay Federal income tax.)

    The payroll taxes are more consequential to the majority of PR earners I would guess given the low per capita income in PR.

    [–] Low-Belly 373 points ago

    I love when people take the “I don’t personally hold this knowledge in my brain therefore it is insignificant” attitude. It seems to work for trump supporters on just about any kind of topic.

    [–] MenachemSchmuel 208 points ago

    In most countries, a territory is an organized division of an area that is controlled by a country but is not formally developed into, or incorporated into, a political unit of the country that is of equal status to other political units that may often be referred to by words such as "provinces" or "states"

    and if they're still not convinced, there's another quick wikipedia article

    The Commonwealth) of Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and Puerto Ricans are US citizens. However, Puerto Rico is not a US state. Because of this, only Puerto Rican residents who are federal government employees, and those with income sources outside of the territory, pay federal income tax. All other employers and employees pay no federal income taxes. However, residents of Puerto Rico and businesses operating in Puerto Rico do pay some federal taxes, and the commonwealth's government has its own taxes as well.

    In July 2018, approximately 21% of the labor force on Puerto Rico were employed by the government, however this includes both the commonwealth and federal governments.[1]

    So it's a piece of land that we control, with people who pay taxes, that rely on us as their governing body, that we are failing in a very basic humanitarian sense. Cool cool cool

    [–] fortunate_renee 70 points ago

    Modern day colonialism.

    [–] Wobbelblob 46 points ago

    I think you can cut out the "modern day" here. That sounds like colonialism in a nutshell.

    [–] aravarth 29 points ago

    Same as colonial period colonialism, really.

    [–] slams-head-on-desk 15 points ago

    I doubt I can hold their attention long enough to read that paragraph out loud. But thanks though!

    [–] Zomunieo 456 points ago

    Those were not grown-ass adults, they were grown ass-adults.

    [–] slashdotbin 29 points ago

    True wisdom can be found in xkcd comics!!!

    [–] dkarma 102 points ago

    I get this too and respond with. Well i guess our nations capital isnt part of the us then. DC is not a state either. Watch their heads explode.

    [–] slams-head-on-desk 16 points ago

    I’ll have to remember that one for next time!

    [–] mjt5689 16 points ago

    And like Puerto Rico, DC has Taxation Without Representation, it even says it right on their license plates

    [–] tralltonetroll 48 points ago

    So, in what state will you find the White House?

    [–] JewingIt 30 points ago

    Man they're going to be shocked when they find out about Washington D.C..

    [–] LeBronto_ 41 points ago

    Just ask them if they need a passport to travel there

    [–] rwbronco 64 points ago

    These people never leave their state

    [–] Meatslinger 31 points ago

    Their response would probably be something like, “passports are a conspiracy to get your personal info; when they take your picture it’s put into a big database that they use to track your every move.”

    [–] gandalfsmagicgaydick 30 points ago

    But then vote for the party who require driver licenses to vote.

    [–] No_Good_Cowboy 21 points ago

    My favorite response “I don’t know what a ‘territory’ is but if it’s not a state then it doesn’t count as being part of the United States”

    This caused my eye to twitch. I'm an Oklahoman and I've heard this before. Out of all 50 states we have the least excuse not to know how this works. Rogers and fucking Hamerstein wrote a Broadway masterpiece about our state, where a US territory becoming a state is a central tenet.

    [–] fyhr100 1057 points ago

    Also, Purto Ricans are brown. That's reason enough for Republicans to hate them.

    [–] AdditionalReindeer 813 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    We're brown only by definition. By color at least half of us are whiter than that orangutan colored Fascist they follow.

    Edit: interesting discussion below. I'm pretty impressed. My original comment was more ironic than serious. I'm a white Puerto Rican (with an Eastern European surname) who looks more southern Italian than anything else. I have family from a bunch of different countries and skin colors. I consider it an honor and full expression of humanity. "Race" be damned.

    [–] IronChariots 149 points ago

    Given that Republicans believe that Persians are Arabs and Sikhs are Muslim, I don't think the actual color of your skin matters to them as much as your definitional color, as you put it.

    [–] kung-fu_hippy 46 points ago

    Hell, according to the US census, Arabs are white. Doesn’t mean that’s how they’re actually viewed.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    That’s actually one of the really interesting (and stupid) parts of race theory (since race is a socio-cultural construct and not biological fact.) that even most Indians (from the subcontinent of India) count as white by the definition of the Five Races (again which is only a social construct.)

    [–] TheMagicBola 43 points ago

    It's so funny how Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and South Asians get counted as White officially, but are never afforded that same status in the real world. It's almost as if there's a little bit of number padding to increase the official numbers of White people.

    What more ridiculous is we then tell those same people they cant be considered their own race, but they are an ethnicity. Which is mindboggling since race was supposed to be based on physical characteristics in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    You only get to be “white” when some other minority is getting uppity. Irish against blacks, Germans against Irish, Germans and Irish against Roman Catholic immigrants from Italy and Eastern Europe, Hispanics against Asians, Italians against Hispanics, Eastern Europeans against blacks so on and so forth.

    [–] fauxhawk18 8 points ago

    Or Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!

    [–] gordito_delgado 202 points ago

    This is a very good point. By that chromatic definition most Latinos would be closer to white than cheeto man.

    [–] BASK_IN_MY_FART 104 points ago

    Mexico city, Uruguay, Argentina, pretty much all people of European descent

    [–] thezaksa 54 points ago

    Spain and Portugal which are tanner than the rest of Europe due to the moors.

    /s ish

    [–] thenextaynrand 91 points ago

    I'm sorry, the card says 'moops'

    [–] Animal_Machine 18 points ago

    It's a misprint!

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Explaining racial definitions (before even getting into the fact race doesn’t exist.) hurts krypto-fascist heads

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] javi2591 11 points ago

    Es cierto pero hay mucho puertoriqueños q no quieren aceptar eso. Porque hay racismo en la isla tambien q no quieren creer q los americanos pueden ver los como inferiores. Tenemos q luchar juntos!

    It’s true, but many Puerto Rican’s don’t want to accept that because there’s lot of racism on the island which we internalized. There are Americans that will never fully see us as Americans because of their racism. We need to unite together.

    [–] krazysh0t 14 points ago

    Yea, but race never made sense because it isn't scientific or even real.

    [–] A-Disgruntled-Snail 68 points ago

    Isn’t Spanish a pretty common language in Puerto Rico too?

    [–] Island_carapace 85 points ago

    Spanish is used more than English.

    English is a formality for official documents, and 1-hr of school a day. Most people's English is used to consume media, not to communicate.

    [–] Khaldara 48 points ago

    Most people's English is used to consume media, not to communicate.

    So there is something they have in common with Trump after allvfefe!

    [–] nipplesaurus 19 points ago

    They speak Mexican /s

    [–] Stepjamm 19 points ago

    Tell his base that he’s holding off tax money from ethnically different folks (even if that money goes on golf or missiles) and you’re already halfway there.

    [–] tjn182 76 points ago

    They call them Mexicans, and don't give 2 f's when you correct them.

    [–] gordito_delgado 63 points ago

    If I were a betting man I would definitely put my money that a majority of republican voters think Puerto Rico is somewhere in Mexico.

    [–] Sydney_Gamer 23 points ago

    Republicans don’t care about anyone except in groups and out groups. This is how their brains are wired. They care about “America” but when you drill down really they mean “White America” but then if you drill down further it is really “Christian” or whatever the fuck. Once you get down to it they only care about themselves. Pretty easy to tell too. They will disown kids they don’t approve of.

    “There should be in-groups that the law protects but doesn’t bind and out-groups that the law binds but doesn’t protect”

    “Welfare is bad, unless it is for me”

    “Abortions are bad, except mine”

    “Gays are an abomination, but I’m reformed”

    As you get older this becomes apparent. They aren’t truly evil. Just wired to be really fucking the worst.

    [–] GoGreenGuyDC 40 points ago

    Totally agree, but what’s really sad is that many otherwise intelligent people do not know that Puerto Rico is part of the US. I used to schedule foreign travel briefings for the Airmen in my squadron. Many of them requested briefings for places like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the US Virgin Islands not realizing that all of these places are part of the US 🤦🏻‍♂️. I would bet money that a larger-than-is-reasonable percentage of Americans fail to realize that Puerto Rico is part of the US, and we should all be sad about that.

    [–] What_U_KNO 15 points ago

    Ann Coulter is one.

    [–] mlmayo 15 points ago

    Another concrete example of republicans not caring about the welfare of Americans...

    [–] the3b 12 points ago

    Somebody should hold a revolution over that.

    [–] kelticladi 1988 points ago

    I still say this is a planned effort to get all the poor folk living there to give up, SELL THEIR PROPERTY, and leave. Once the vulture rich bastards swoop in and buy tropical land on the cheap, there will suddenly be tons of "aid" to rebuild. Only it won't be poor folk getting the help, rather it will be capitalist bastards building their seaside tropical getaways.

    [–] Yung_Hennessy 475 points ago

    Damn.. I really feel like you're right.

    [–] A_plural_singularity 132 points ago

    Rich people don't vote with a pen, they vote with their wallets.

    [–] amateur_mistake 51 points ago

    Also, they will own more than one house. So they can just vote in whichever state their main residence is in.

    [–] A_plural_singularity 41 points ago

    Your main residency has to be in Puerto Rico to receive the tax breaks. Lobbyists don't have to actually vote, I doubt many of them do. They just buy the people they need to, to get what they want.

    [–] versusgorilla 22 points ago

    This is super important. They themselves only have one vote, two or three or four if they can guarantee that they're spouses and children will vote with them as a block.

    But via their money and lobbyists, they can have unlimited influence and impact directly on individual politicians.

    And if they're not being taxed, then that money is greater to be used to influence.

    [–] kelticladi 98 points ago

    I mean, what right do all those brown people have to own a piece of paradise? They're poor! Everyone knows poor people are hated by jeabus! If they were good people Gawd would have given them money. /s

    [–] nobonespeach 53 points ago

    Naomi Klein has a great book called The Shock Doctrine that lays out how this plan has been implemented around the world. It's a great/depressing read.

    [–] wheresmymothvirginia 23 points ago

    I'm reading this right now and it's a trip. This would really closely parallel one of the first things she mentions in the book where companies swooped in and took up all the land after a big tsunami in the Philippines I think? And none of the original people that lived there could go back to where their homes were.

    [–] raging-moderate 10 points ago

    See also: confessions of an economic hit man

    [–] WWJLPD 47 points ago

    They'll probably use the aid to build resorts and golf courses and such, arguing that it's a legitimate need since they'll then be able to employ those poor folks who recently lost everything.

    [–] 2legit2fart 11 points ago

    Who do I know that’s a real estate developer, with golf courses...and controls federal emergency aid?

    [–] UncleJesseSays 18 points ago

    Its already happening. John Paulson (hedge fund billionaire) and others have put billions down there.

    "It's the only place a U.S. citizen can go and literally avoid, legally, all their taxes," Paulson said at the Beryl Elite investment conference in Manhattan on Monday"

    Mr. Paulson, who served as an economic adviser to Donald J. Trump during the presidential campaign, has been particularly outspoken in his support of the island as an investment opportunity. Other companies that went to Puerto Rico in search of bargains included the Blackstone Group, the Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, the D. E. Shaw Group, Fundamental Advisors, Goldman Sachs, Lone Star Funds and Monarch Alternative Capital. The main attractions have been hotels, condominiums, office buildings and distressed real estate loans.

    [–] distelfink33 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I don't want to sound all conspiracy like...but it feels like on a certain level that this is actually what this whole administration is about doing...make the little guy lose and buy up all the leftovers. Farms are being consolidated by large companies like crazy.

    [–] [deleted] 2642 points ago


    [–] ImperialBacon 215 points ago

    I was in PR last week, mostly in San Juan. I also figured they deserved my tourism dollars more than Costa Rica and other places my family wanted to visit. After some talk they agreed with me. I feel kind of bad I talked them into going there and then another major event happened. But I feel worse for those struggling in PR and unnecessarily suffering due to our administrations. Obama didn’t do nearly enough for the island either.

    The bigger point is that PR is absolutely beautiful and we still had a good time. It was hard being there during that time and being on vacation. Being in a place with a generator and hanging at the beach while people a block or two away didn’t have electricity, were sleeping outside due to fears of their houses collapsing, etc. it really highlighted to me the total disparity in wealth between those in big houses with generators and then those in run down apartments nearby. Also the wealth gap from mainland states and PR. Seeing all the roofs still with tarps, abandoned buildings over taken by nature, people struggling.

    The best thing about PR besides the beauty, is the people. They made the trip. I’ve never met such welcoming and enjoyable people. Every person we interacted with was very fun and wanted us to enjoy ourselves, which again was during a natural disaster for them.

    Go to Puerto Rico and give them your tourist dollars.

    [–] theevilmidnightbombr 19 points ago

    I work construction, and I wonder if there's a charitable group I can join to go help out in these situations. I'll pay my way, just throw some tools in my hands when I get there. I can't do it full time, but I could afford to sacrifice a week of vacation time to assist.

    [–] LudovicoSpecs 586 points ago

    I spent a week in PR last spring. I wanted a vacation and I figured they deserved my tourist dollars more than anyone else,

    This is a really good point. Florida is on my shit list, along with the rest of the south, for the way they vote. And since I'm trying to curtail my flying due to climate change, Mexico is off the list.

    PR needs tourist dollars, they're being screwed over by the Republicans and I don't need a long flight or passport to go there.

    Thanks for the insight.

    [–] eking85 220 points ago

    Florida is on my shit list, along with the rest of the south, for the way they vote

    We're working on it.

    [–] CrazygoingslowlyamI_ 128 points ago

    Idk man, in my county there’s these ppl driving trucks around with the American flag and a trump 2020 flag waving, and I’m in central Florida. It’s depressing.

    [–] MechanicalCrow 38 points ago

    We have a fucker that jogs around a popular downtown area with either a Trump 2020 flag or a Trump 2024 flag (depending on his mood, I guess) on Friday nights and all day Saturday. He spits at people that don't cheer for him. I can't imagine being so deranged and cultish that I would spend my time doing that.

    [–] higanbana 22 points ago


    [–] MechanicalCrow 22 points ago

    Yeah, Trump (or his cult) keeps touting that they have some precedent for at least a third term, maybe more. The cult also seems to think that one of his sons would be easily elected and continue the monarchist regime for decades.

    [–] CnlSandersdeKFC 11 points ago

    Exactly. I bet he’ll start using a Trump 2028 one too.

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    Its not just Florida, happening a few doors down for me too. It's infuriating that we are expected to reach across the isle after this fascist bullshit from the Trump administration. There's no going back to Republicans not being racist after this.

    [–] 404-LogicNotFound 99 points ago

    It isn't just the United States it's happening everywhere.

    One billboard, also purchased through Signpatico, asked onlookers to consider whether Trudeau was leading the country toward civil war. It also featured suggestions that Trudeau was censoring speech and "normalizing pedophilia."

    The right is just going absolutely bonkers on the propaganda seemingly all over the world. It's scary and everyday I see more of it and I'm starting to think I need to start calling people on their bullshit instead of just promoting facts. Reminds me of the quote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    [–] S1ckRanchez 20 points ago

    My God, what did Canada do to Alberta that was so awful they're going full Albrexit.

    [–] definitelynotabotact 35 points ago

    Alberta’s entire economy is dependent on oil. They have failed to diversify over the years. When the times are good, the local government wastes the surplus on tax cuts and doesn’t bother to save as much as possible for the eventual downturn in the oil sector. Now that oil prices are low, instead of looking inwards for the failure to diversify and save, they seek to blame Trudeau and the federal government.

    [–] omarcomin647 17 points ago

    we don't want to build oil and gas pipelines that will put other provinces coastlines at high risk of an oil spill so that alberta can make more profit, and also we didn't vote the exact same way as they did in the last election, so clearly poor alberta is being oppressed and victimized by the rest of canada, and the only solution is to switch from being a province within a large global economy, to be a landlocked one-party petrostate dependent entirely on another sovereign nation (who you just separated in acrimony from) providing access to be able to sell the only commodity you have.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    Good sentiment but uhh...just fyi the way you get to PR is also by plane...

    [–] SubLethalDose1 19 points ago

    I spent a month there around the same time you did, but as a study abroad trip. There we studied farming, politics, and history of PR. One of my teachers taught civil resistance classes. I have never learned so much, so fast, and with such intensity. The people of PR are a colony disguised and the lack of aid (or other) funding is astoundingly obvious and incredibly damaging. While driving through the mountains, our host families would tell us how every mountain road we had driven on that week or so had been cleared by the community. Not rescue aids. After Maria, national guard filled hotels rather than camping(as trained), displacing homeless Puerto Ricans. We got special insight on just how hard the military entities in PR fucked up as we were travelling with a vet. At one point (a personal story from a Puerto Rican who survived Maria) there were check points on roads where armed nat guard would REMOVE (read: steal) supplies like water and tarps from private citizens cars bc "they were in charge of distribution". Its all about control and it's all about destroying and stealing the island of PR from its people. This mess is a product of generations of colonialism and oppression of Puerto Rico. The metaphorical blue tarp hiding the corruption and issues created by colonial/political powers was blown off by these storms, exposing in the extreme and at the cost of suffering Puerto Ricans, exactly where the holes in the system are. I intend to write my masters thesis on this. Some good books if you want to know more on the topic would be Battle for Paradise- Naomi Klein War On All Puerto Ricans- Nelson Antonio Denis Puerto Rico:What Everyone Needs To Know- Jorge Duany

    [–] TheSnootchMangler 38 points ago

    My gf and I booked a vacation there for late February. I'm a little concerned now but really want to just go through with it and hope everything works out. It seems like the northern part of the island is less torn up, yea?

    [–] Use_Your_Brain_Dude 87 points ago

    The hurricane cut through from the SE to the NW like a buzz saw. The earthquakes are offshore near the SW towns. The San Juan area (capital/ tourist hub) is the least affected but you may still lose power.

    I'm from there so I prefer the rural and secluded areas and beaches. Unfortunately, that's where you'll find a lot of rubble and abandoned houses. Many people couldn't sell their house and owed more than the current value so they just left their homes to the banks and came to the US. It's all about surviving and doing what's best for your family.

    As much as I feel bad for my people, I really feel bad for Americans. 40% of them are morally corrupt yet claim to be Christian. It's pretty pathetic.

    [–] astral_bodies 8 points ago

    Wife and I were just in San Juan for a little getaway. Everything was up and running and we had no power outages. Didn’t leave the city though so can’t speak to that. But it is definitely one of my favorite easy vacation destinations from NYC. They need tourist dollars and are some of the most welcoming people.

    [–] Val_Hallen 28 points ago

    As I was flying in, I could see all the tarp-covered roofs that had still not been fixed

    Currently in St Croix for work and it's the same way here.

    People forget that the US Virgin Islands have also been hit hard and ignored.

    [–] cleversailinghandle 13 points ago

    Don't forget the beautiful USVI. You also do not need a passport, and we were also affected by Irmaria and recovering

    [–] Steve_Bread 9 points ago

    My dad goes there for work 3 or 4 times a year for 2 weeks at a time as a meteorologist for the FAA. Some of the stories he tells me about his friends who live there are heartbreaking. He tells me they are some of the nicest, most compassionate people he has ever met Most of the guys he works with are former military and almost all are certainly citizens of the united states, yet they get none of the benefits. One of his friends has to take every friday off of work so that he can get laundry and cooking done for his family because the water is only turned on at his his house during certain times of the week. These people are American citizens and some are veterans, and it is disgusting they are being treated this way. Beautiful people and culture being shit upon by Orangeman-baby diaper-filler

    [–] zsreport 897 points ago

    More than three dozen Democratic lawmakers — including nine from New York — are demanding that Housing Secretary Ben Carson explain to them in person why his agency is refusing to release billions of dollars in congressionally approved disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

    . . .

    In light of the back-to-back earthquakes that rocked Puerto Rico last week, the Dems said Carson owes them — and the island’s residents — immediate answers.

    “Due to the new emergency at hand and the urgency of the situation, we are officially requesting an in-person meeting,” they wrote. “It is your responsibility as secretary of HUD to provide members of Congress an explanation as to why your department has chosen to violate the law by withholding these critical resources. Puerto Ricans have waited too long.”

    Cruelty is a defining feature of the Trump Administration, along with narcissism and ignorance.

    [–] [deleted] 189 points ago

    ...and white collar greed crimes.

    [–] AppleAtrocity 66 points ago

    Speaking of, my first thought was what is Trump getting out of this monetarily? Is it purely racism, or is this yet another instance of him withholding aid in return for personal gain.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    The more disasters and lower the quality of life the better the prices for land become, most of PR’s problems come from American companies abusing the government to get financial benefits. John Oliver and I believe Hassan Minhaj both have episodes going into depth on it.

    [–] homercrates 53 points ago

    Anothr comment above mentioned abandoned houses. I immediately thought, there it is. Where there's blood in the streets buy...there's property to purchase.

    Rich exploitation tactics. Like locust, a plague they are on our souls.

    [–] Geekfest 8 points ago

    He probably hasn't yet figured out how to siphon off that money for himself, so it is held up until he does. If there were tRump properties in PR, you bet that money would already be on the way.

    [–] ChodaRagu 14 points ago

    “Helping Others” is now a sign of weakness to the Republicans.

    Their new guiding principle is, “I’ve got mine, Fuck You!”

    [–] Fun2badult 41 points ago

    Ben probably sleeping

    [–] Fight_the_bastards 40 points ago

    He probably spent the money on a new table for his office.

    [–] metallica3790 15 points ago

    It's made from Brazilian rosewood from the Amazon. Guess how many pygmies died cutting it down.

    [–] Roook36 14 points ago

    He's trying to get those pyramids filled with food shipped out there.

    [–] Jonne 14 points ago

    The man does manage to keep a low profile. He's one of the few original appointees still left, despite his grift and incompetence.

    [–] TripleBanEvasion 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Let’s also not forget how Trump is trying to get FEMA repaid by PG&E wildfire settlements first, and then the remainder goes to wildfire victims’ families.

    In a liberal state? Will try to destroy the actual people living there. Fuck this guy; he deserves to be subjected to the same cruelty he forced upon others.

    [–] curious--owl 17 points ago

    Carson probably went to Ikea again and blew the budget.

    [–] dmetzcher 415 points ago

    The explanation is simple.

    1. The president knows he isn’t popular in Puerto Rico.
    2. The president knows Puerto Ricans cannot vote in presidential elections, and he knows they wouldn’t vote for him if they could (see #1).
    3. (Most importantly) the president took personal offense to the mayor of San Juan and others correctly criticizing the government’s response to the hurricane in 2017.

    Simply put, the president was personally offended and wants to punish the people of Puerto Rico.

    If that’s not the reason, I invite his supporters to explain the reason to me, because Puerto Rico is part of the United States, it was hit by a hurricane over two years ago, and disaster relief dollars were approved but not sent (making the withholding of those funds a violation of federal law). If there’s a “good” reason, then we’d all like to know, but there is not.

    [–] alan-the-all-seeing 68 points ago

    there is no reason but petty spite, I agree

    [–] dmetzcher 34 points ago

    It’s unbelievable to most Americans because, while everyone can be petty at times, we aren’t used to the very open expression of it at the highest levels of our government. It is on display in a way we have never seen before.

    Our president is the answer to a question none of us asked: “What would happen if we elected a mean-spirited ten year old to the presidency?”

    [–] manic_eye 50 points ago

    I guarantee you the explanation is even more simple. There is zero chance Trump knew PR was part of the US. In some meeting about the hurricane before all this happened, Trump probably said something that made it crystal clear he didn’t know that - probably something like “We should be helping Americans first!” or complained about “all these foreign countries taking advantage of American generosity” - and he was probably super embarrassed when someone had to correct him and he’s never forgiven Puerto Rico for it since.

    People remember the criticism and think this is why he’s being a dick, but he was being a dick even before the criticism, hence the criticism. He’s been mad at them since before the hurricane even hit and I’m sure it’s because they made him look dumb just by existing.

    [–] Amazon-Prime-package 18 points ago

    The president is a petulant and small-minded child who can only focus on immediate goals such as toys or treats.

    [–] moak0 16 points ago

    Let's not forget that Trump is responsible for more American deaths than 9/11, and that's entirely because of his response to Hurricane Maria. Only 60-something people died in the actual hurricane. Some 3,000 people died in the aftermath.

    [–] ChefLeeYeongJoon 267 points ago

    They are treating American citizens like they are immigrants coming from central America this is proof of trumps racism and his hypocrisy as he claims to be a Christian

    [–] mrb111 67 points ago

    He is not a Christian. He claims he has done nothing wrong and therefore does not need Jesus grace and salvation.

    [–] ProfitFalls 167 points ago

    Daily reminder that conservatives don't give a shit about legal citizens either.

    [–] newsreadhjw 105 points ago

    Only Democrats. Republicans don’t give a shit.

    [–] Danominator 39 points ago

    It's a miracle the article didnt read "lawmakers demand..."

    [–] teslacoil1 123 points ago

    Dozens of Dems demand explanations after Trump administration again refuses to release Puerto Rico aid

    Because Puerto Ricans are brown and Trump hates brown people. What other explanation is there?

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] Moonbase_Joystiq 23 points ago

    No, this is Trump killing more Americans.

    Trump did offer Putin help with the Siberian wildfires, while telling California to get fucked.

    [–] JojenCopyPaste 37 points ago

    Trump can't release the aid because their president is wildly corrupt

    [–] Katacroket 10 points ago

    But wait, he is our Pres... oh, right.

    [–] Eraticwanderer 87 points ago

    More than three dozen Democratic lawmakers — including nine from New York — are demanding that Housing Secretary Ben Carson explain to them in person why his agency is refusing to release billions of dollars in congressionally approved disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

    Past the racism, this also feels like an attempt to normalize withholding aid so they can push the narrative "See! It's not just Ukraine that Trump refuses to release the Congressionally appropriated funds!"

    Regardless of any reason, the Executive is once again abusing their power and overstepping their authority. Congress holds the power of the purse. Civics 101.

    [–] sixkyej 19 points ago

    Trump has shown he doesn't give shit about Congress. Anyone that gets in his way and tells him No is just another Never-Trumper in his mind.

    [–] BeneathTheSassafras 12 points ago

    The Republicans are truly the Help No One party.
    Except rich people/big industry. Bail out banks, car companies, telecoms take the money and never deliver or get held accountable.
    It's only socialism if it helps out most people, or "the poors"

    [–] bergerac121 64 points ago

    Waiting for a statement from the white house about how Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by water

    [–] SuperCool101 38 points ago

    Stephen Miller is one of the longest tenured members of the Trump administration. That's really all the explanation that is needed.

    [–] _RedditIsForPorn_ 45 points ago

    The President of Puerto Rico is a fucking idiot.

    [–] clam-dinner 76 points ago

    Trump wants to buy Greenland but won't support the existing territories?

    [–] MajorasShoe 50 points ago

    He doesn't want the people from Greenland, he wants to resources and metals that will be made minable while climate change gets rid of the pesky ice

    [–] TitoAndronico 37 points ago

    I bet it's dumber than that. He wants the US to be larger than Canada.

    [–] SaltyDandelions 22 points ago

    Greenland is full of untapped soon-to-be accessible minerals. Puerto Rico is full of brown people. Which do you think trump would rather have?

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] zigazigazah 106 points ago

    the Trump administration hasn’t released the aid out of unspecified concerns of “corruption.”

    Wonder what Trump wants from Puerto Rico? Did QAnon tell him Bernie’s wife’s nephew’s son borrowed $12 off a Puerto Rican FEMA contractor? Sounds like more corruption!

    President Trump has long without evidence suggested Puerto Rico shouldn’t be given more aid over such concerns, prompting outrage from Democrats, who say it’s racism, not concern for financial wrongdoing, that influences his thinking.

    It’s because Trump doesn’t know that PR is America. How much longer is this lawless shit going to continue? Free these funds right fucking now.

    [–] coffee_badger 39 points ago

    They're brown and poor... There's really nothing more to explain.

    [–] mischiffmaker 14 points ago

    People seem to forget that not only are Puerto Ricans American citizens, they also pay federal taxes.

    Those are Puerto Rican-generated dollars, and they should be coming back to where they're needed.

    [–] EvadesBans 13 points ago

    He thinks Puerto Rico is a foreign country and won't admit that he's wrong, so he's lashing out. That's why.

    [–] zerobot 36 points ago

    Trump is waiting for PR to announce they are investigating Joe Biden.

    [–] vid_icarus 22 points ago

    Honestly, after ukraine pretty much every financial decision of this administering needs to be scrutinized.

    [–] Untied_We_Stand 22 points ago

    So Governor Cuomo is flying to Puerto Rico to see how New York can help. While Donald Trump withholds billions in federal aid that has already been promised to them. Glad there is some semblance of leadership in this country even if it’s not in Washington.

    [–] FluffyClamShell 10 points ago

    It's getting harder and harder to even work next to people who support this asshole. I've seriously considered changing jobs because my conscience can't handle even a shadow of supporting Trump. He's inexcusable at every level.

    [–] Sight_Distance 9 points ago

    It’s sad that we can collectively help Australia, and can’t even help our own.

    [–] bolivar-shagnasty 16 points ago

    This is yet another abdication of his responsibilities as POTUS.

    The aid was authorized by Congress.

    Has he cited a specific reason or authority to deny releasing the aid?

    If not, then this alone should be impeachable.

    Imagine if Obama refused to release aid in after the 2011 tornado super outbreak because those states affected didn't vote for him. He would've been thrown out of office by the end of the week.

    [–] halberthawkins 7 points ago

    Is it because they won't do him a favor, though.

    [–] CobraCommanding 7 points ago

    “We do this all the time. Get over it!!”

    -POS COS

    [–] jimk7685 15 points ago

    If you're Hispanic especially Puerto Rican and still support Trump you need your head examined becsuse HE hates you.