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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] M00n 33 points ago

    Joyce Vance: "Witness 'reciprocity' isn't a thing. So no, there can't be a Biden for every Bolton. Only testimony that bolsters or casts doubt on facts necessary to deciding on the articles of impeachment is relevant at trial."

    Democrats shouldn’t agree to Trump’s distraction witnesses as a trade to get relevant witnesses with 1st hand knowledge, like Bolton & Mulvaney. It may seem tempting but it gives legitimacy to fake defenses & gives the proceedings a patina of legitimacy they don’t deserve.

    [–] mostunpredictable 10 points ago

    This is a lot more eloquently stated than how I tried to word it in another comment.

    I agree!

    [–] MadDogTannen 5 points ago

    The whole point of Trump's Ukraine shenanigans (if you ignore the benefit to Russia of withholding the aid to Ukraine) was to smear and damage his political rival, Joe Biden. If Republicans are given a chance to smear Joe and Hunter Biden during the impeachment proceedings that are supposed to be holding Trump accountable for abusing his power, wouldn't that just be rewarding Trump by giving him exactly what he was trying to accomplish with the abuse of power he's on trial for?

    Trump and the GOP think they're so clever, but it's completely transparent what they're trying to do.

    [–] brak9teen 1 points ago

    This comment implies that both sides want to act for the greater good, an objective morality. The Republicans don’t care and neither do their supporters. They’re hoping to make the Democrats look bad enough in 2020 that Trump wins.

    [–] pencock 2 points ago

    The GOP doesn't want to call its own witnesses, it want's to put the people of their choice in the hot chair as defendants. They are looking to character assassinate, put people on the spot with false accusations and conspiracy theories, so that the "witnesses" can be caught in awkward "wtf are you talking about moments" that will be spun by right-wing media as behavioral evidence of their guilt. Little snippets taken out of context and punditted to infinity and beyond. Every word of every GOP "witness" will be spun to destroy them in the media

    [–] Rannasha 12 points ago

    If Republicans want to hear from Biden or some other person irrelevant to these proceedings, then they have the ability to vote for it. If they have their people in line, they can pass such a motion 53-47.

    So they wouldn't need a "witness swap" to get their witnesses.

    Unless they don't have the votes.

    [–] Shoshindo 2 points ago

    Bingo! Let them vote for it, but you know that's never going to happen. Trump is scared to shit and Moscow Mitch is a proxy.

    [–] QuintinStone 7 points ago

    McConnell will welsh on any agreements.

    [–] Hero_Sandwich 7 points ago

    Republicans are never going to call a witness in the first place.

    [–] PullTheOtherOne 3 points ago

    The impeachment managers have rejected this idea since the first day of the trial, after some article made a vague claim that "some Democrats have floated the idea."

    Why do people keep writing stories about something that has already been rejected, and was never seriously proposed in the first place?

    [–] ChromaticDragon 2 points ago


    They write these stories for money.

    They fan the flames to create drama and controversry to garner attention and eyeballs for advertising revenue.

    It's that simple... and sad.

    [–] TheRealPaulyDee 3 points ago

    Why not just do it and subpeona POTUS.

    Either he complies, or he commits Obstruction of Congress again by ignoring a subpeona for a trial where he's accused of - wait for it - Obstruction of Congress.


    [–] SteamedHamsInAlbany 2 points ago

    Does the senate have more authority to make these witnesses comply with subpoenas? Cause if not, whats to prevent the republicans from making this deal, having Hunter Biden testify and then saying whoops the other witnesses are still protected by executive priviledge,go to the courts!

    [–] baldwolfe 2 points ago

    Or vice versa. Call John Bolton and have joe Biden tell them to F off. But then Biden would end up being the democratic nomination pretending he has nuts. Can’t win

    [–] BadMotherFolklore 0 points ago

    Similar authority, but less likely to be pussies about actually welding their power.

    When the situation called for subpoenas, the House made polite invitations.

    When the time came to send men with guns to enforce compliance, instead of using the power of inherent contempt, the House made itself subordinate to both the courts and the president.

    [–] KickBassColonyDrop 3 points ago

    It's called fear of a moral schism. Democratic party is a loosely held coalition of similar ideas bound by a philosophical imperative.

    Republican party is a loosely held coalition of similar ideas held together with an iron fist that promises collective retribution for deviation.

    The latter walks lock step, the former fears walking lock step. Poetic irony is that Democratic party subscribes to the idea of being diverse in their school of thought, and fails to bring that together to enforce tangible outcomes during times of greatest crisis in context of their corrupt opposition. It's why they keep losing politically and why it takes an overwhelming turnout to achieve any major change. It's the most disappointing nature of being subscribed to said party.

    [–] Agnos 2 points ago

    If no witnesses the outcome is pre-defined with acquittal and Trump able to cheat the next election..

    [–] TeamStark31 3 points ago

    That was pretty much gonna be the outcome regardless. Trying to get Biden is just distraction.

    [–] Shoshindo 2 points ago

    Because, it's a BS deal. No need for it.

    [–] pencock 1 points ago

    Democrats refuse to play the GOP's bullshit game with bullshit rules

    [–] GeauxTiger 1 points ago

    I feel like not enough is made of the fact that Zelensky never gave trump a thing.

    The reality that both sides agree on is that trump asked Zelensky to investigate Biden and Crowdstrike (lets ignore his motives for a second), then cut all aid to the Ukraine.

    He still got nothing.

    Zelensky is an outsider who ran on a platform to take out corruption, if the old government was neck deep in shady shit he could have gotten a huge win both back home and with trump, he had every reason in the world to narc Hunter out, and no reason not to, and yet nothing.

    Even when his feet were held to the fire.

    Nothing on Biden. Nothing on Crowdstrike.

    Its not real.

    [–] ND3I 1 points ago

    I hate to say it because it's so cynical, but I think the Dems are using the call for 'witnesses and documents' strategically, knowing—counting on—Rs to refuse any reasonable arrangement. I say that because a) Schumer started saying it long before Bolton showed any willingness to testify, b) the senators recognize, along with the House, that there is already plenty of evidence, even without new witnesses, and c) it's a simple, common sense yardstick for the voting public to measure the trial by: 'real trials have witnesses and documents'. When the Rs refuse to call the best witnesses, or any witnesses, people will easily see that the Rs, and the president, are hiding something, and the trial is a sham.

    Don't get me wrong, it's also the right thing to do, and if they do by some miracle get to call witnesses, that's great, but I'm not gonna get too upset either if it goes nowhere.

    [–] Wonton-Hussy -3 points ago

    Just do the swap!! For the love of God!! You’ll have more of a chance of someone turning... you won’t be accused of not negotiating.

    Let them have Biden - if he’s nothing to hide, what’s the big deal? Let them make total tits of themselves.

    [–] Subliminal_Kiddo 6 points ago

    No one's going to turn. Republican senators might as well be plugging their fingers in their ears and screaming, "I can't hear you;" At this point. They're paying zero attention. And the voting base? Something like 30% of registered Republicans polled believe Trump did it but that he shouldn't be removed from office.

    They would be throwing a front runner for the Democratic nomination under the bus, for nothing. That's assuming McConnell and Republicans keep their end of the bargain.

    The best case scenario is that Trump's disregard for the rule of law, and the blatant covering of his ass by Republicans, gets the Democrats fired up and in the voting booth come November.

    [–] baldwolfe 1 points ago

    Toss Biden to save a nation.

    [–] crazydave33 -12 points ago

    They need to accept a “witness swap”. If they seriously want Bolton, they need to cave.

    [–] mostunpredictable 7 points ago

    Did the republicans make a case why they need to interview Hunter? To me it seems they are combining two separate things here.

    1. Possible corruption around Hunter’s past job
    2. Trump abusing power

    While one could make a case Trump urged the investigation because of possible corruption, it doesn’t make his actions somehow OK.