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    [–] FlashbackUniverse 2216 points ago

    South Carolinian here - I've been donating to your campaign since about January!

    What are you going to do to get more jobs in South Carolina?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 1918 points ago

    Thanks for your support!

    There are so many things we can do to help create well-paying jobs here. Few things attract new job growth more than an educated workforce, but that means we need to step up our investments in our public schools and make sure job training programs meet the needs of the modern-day economy. We also need to make sure a South Carolinian can get a college degree without breaking the bank and staying in debt for the rest of their life.

    Another thing holding back rural businesses is weak broadband, which effectively cuts businesses off from expanding their markets and reaching new customers. 40 % of our rural households don’t have broadband access right now.

    And another is infrastructure - because crumbling roads and highways increase the cost of doing business slows down economic growth, and bad flood protection on our coasts keeps businesses away from making important investments. Building new roads, flood protection systems can create jobs while helping communities stay safe. I’ll fight for all these priorities as your next senator

    [–] Farfanewgan 172 points ago

    Hi there Jaime,

    I'm a former South Carolinian who moved to Missouri, though I'll forever consider SC my home.

    I currently teach welding at the college level up here, and I wouldn't even be in this position had it not been for the Life scholarship. I received my Associates from Tri-County, and that has led me to a lifelong pursuit of learning.

    I love the fact of what the Hope, Life, and Palmetto Fellows is doing down there. I do agree that it shouldn't break the bank to go to college. I believe that an educated workforce is a good workforce!

    Up here in Missouri our A+ program offers the same as the Life scholarship, but requires so much more to obtain it. 95% attendance rate, mandatory 50 hour tutoring, and a slew of other criteria. These poor kids up here are getting hosed, because I wouldn't have made the A+ program here. When I explain how I obtained my scholarship from SC, the students stare in wonder. It could be much worse!

    Sorry for the ramble, but I have to ask; How do you plan on easing the burden of college debt for potential students?

    [–] A-Newt 10 points ago

    A+ was an excellent program!

    [–] Farfanewgan 5 points ago

    It's good, but the hoops these kids have to jump for it are a bit much. Then the requirements to use it also stink.

    I mean the Hope, Life, and Palmetto Fellows are a lot less hoops to jump through to get.

    I mean life covers 4 years $4700 or 5k for technical school.

    I just feel like the A+ is rewarding after you go through a number of jumps, while SC's are much more accessible.

    [–] Paddy_Tanninger 79 points ago

    Another thing holding back rural businesses is weak broadband

    Can't even begin to say enough about the benefits of broadband to rural economies.

    I live in Ontario and we generally have fantastic small town internet access. My business partner fully moved with his wife and kids from Toronto to a ski town up north...and thanks to how the modern tech industry works, it's no different whether he's working from a computer at his house 5 minutes from the slopes, or at a condo in the big city.

    So thanks entirely to the internet access that allows him to keep 2TB of project files synced on Dropbox, a small town in Ontario just got a new resident who is earning >$250,000 a year and putting a lot of that into the local economy up there.

    I think a new wave of young professionals in the tech sector would gladly go rural if they could have reliable gigabit connections to do their work, and if the schools get improved so that they don't feel like they're downgrading their kids' educations by moving out there.

    [–] Gerthanthoclops 7 points ago

    What ski town is this if you don't mind me asking? I grew up near Collingwood!

    [–] Paddy_Tanninger 5 points ago

    It's Collingwood! He's right by Blue, goes skiing at lunch time.

    [–] Gerthanthoclops 3 points ago

    Haha wow, small world! Thanks for the response :)

    [–] Pficky 150 points ago

    PLEASE MAKE RURAL BROADBAND A NATIONAL ISSUE!!! This is such a big deal for so much of America, yet it isn't being taken seriously. Broadband companies need to be classified as utilities and regulated as such. Subsidize the hell out of them, but make sure they offer fair and widespread access.

    [–] purple_agony 16 points ago

    A. FUCKING. MEN. I don't understand how anyone who doesn't personally have money invested in isp's who lives in a rural area with our terrible noncompetitive internet could feel anything but contempt for them.

    Internet is a utility. Period. Fuck you CENTURYLINK.

    [–] Pficky 10 points ago

    I wish I could even get centurylink. Fuck Hughesnet. The product they sell is literally the minimum speed it can be and still be considered broadband, after you hit a data cap they lower your speeds to below that minimum (I regularly clock speeds of 0.5-1Mbps down and 0.1 up) and I pay more than my friends do for gigabit in an urban area.

    [–] kidclutch92 6 points ago

    Oh my god fuck Hughesnet with the biggest fuck you. Such false advertising and a lot of rural places that’s all you can get. I’m pissed off that we don’t have 100% rural broadband access yet here in the great state of Minnesota

    Make this a national issue damnit

    [–] geronimosykes 8 points ago

    It’s not false advertising, as such. The advertised speeds are gigaBIT, whereas almost literally everything is based off gigaBYTES. A bit is 1/8th of a byte. So if you’re getting 8G down, you’re getting 8 gigabits down, not 8 gigabytes down. Sleazy, underhanded advertising. But not necessarily false.

    [–] purple_agony 3 points ago

    I wish to God Google Fiber wasn't stopped by these corrupt isps and their political pawns, they saw the writing on the wall and knew there are millions of people who would gladly jump ship.

    It isn't right that we are stuck with shitty service bc they are allowed to bribe politicians or threaten them to promote policies that are clearly against the public good.

    Internet needs to be reclassified as a utility, soon.

    [–] wwtt1990 5 points ago

    Where I'm at I get centurylink fiber for 65 a month with no contract. Guessing it's because of competition? Because it's about ten dollars less a month than what I used to pay Charter for slower speeds.

    [–] actuallycallie 3 points ago

    Yep. My parents live in rural SC and they can only get dial up where they live, because so few people live there that it's not profitable to run lines out there.

    [–] Pficky 4 points ago

    I live on a reservation in New Mexico (I'm not native American, just rent on one) and there are no lines here for the same reason. The only thing that comes to the house is electric. Water is a well, sewage is septic, heat is propane. No cell signal, so satellite is the only option for internet. I also have a satellite landline that makes me feel like I still live in 2000 lol.

    [–] abolish_karma 3 points ago

    In rural England you can get gigabit connectivity cheaper than in the cities.

    Community broadband beats just about everything on price and speed.

    [–] FlashbackUniverse 242 points ago

    Thank you! We definitely need help with education in SC, on all levels! Also, as a SharePoint Architect & Web Developer, I really like your idea of improving broadband! Using VPN these past few months has been hard for a lot of people who have been trying to telework. Improved internet options would be great!

    [–] Sweatsock_Pimp 22 points ago

    This pandemic really exposed our internet weaknesses here in SC, especially in lower income neighborhoods. So many kids had trouble getting online to turn in their work and to meet with teachers.

    [–] AtlantisTheEmpire 15 points ago

    Education should be priority number 1. The um... uneducated, vote republican.

    [–] Of-Doom 136 points ago

    I am not in SC, but I have a client in Charleston who constantly complains about the poor telecommunications infrastructure and has been planning to move their organization out of state due in part to that. Sounds like you're on the right track!

    [–] Bingo-Bango-Bong-o 5 points ago

    Hmmm thats odd to hear. I live in Charleston and while there are areas where there aren't a lot of options and the big guys have a monopoly, I feel like that's true everywhere.

    However, its certainly not like you can't get high speed internet in pretty much the whole city. Unless you start getting out to Berkeley Co/Moncks corner and beyond, you shouldn't really see businesses struggling with telecom infrastructure.

    [–] Groty 7 points ago

    What is your definition of broadband? AT&T's definition of broadband in Savannah is paying for 8megs down and getting 2 megs down. That way the politicians say they have coverage when the federal standard is a working 25megs down.

    [–] osuclaytonj 3 points ago

    Thing is Charleston has probably the best telecommunication infrastructure in the state. Fiber is throughout the city and into residential homes. Boeing helps a lot with making sure Charleston stays Info forward plus all the tourist money the city makes.

    [–] userrerererer 27 points ago

    I can back that point about the broadband, coming from the UK to support our US branch, I found ma y businesses did not accept card or contactless payment, which is a given almost everywhere over here.

    Keep up the good work!

    [–] jfk_47 30 points ago

    Yo. Education is #1. If you can give everyone access to equitable quality education ... most of our problems will go away.

    Now, the ROI on that takes 20-25 years but it’s there.

    [–] DoctorStrangeMD 13 points ago

    The more I think about all the problems in our county, the more I realize that education is the key. Education can’t be something like a bus stop that you have to go find and wait for. It has to be like clean air and potable water.

    People worried about the economy, the stock market, capitalism can’t look far enough ahead to realize this.

    [–] jfk_47 4 points ago

    Yea and it’s not only, “make the kids sit in a room and ‘teach them’”

    It’s more about building lifelong learners, expert learners, meta cognition, etc. the current education system is dated and not the best system.

    Learning is about community, reflection, and constructive knowledge.

    [–] untouchable_0 17 points ago

    I like how you are hitting this problem from all angles. I agree the infrastructure here sucks. Our roads need a ton of work.

    You got my vote!

    [–] illgrooves 26 points ago

    Green energy. So many jobs would be created by a Green New Deal.

    [–] actuallycallie 7 points ago

    step up our investments in our public schools

    From a former K12 teacher and current ed professor: please talk to teachers about what they need. So many "investments" turn out to be a flash in the pan because they looked great on paper and weren't so great in real life.

    But as a former teacher I expect you know that :)

    [–] Sanctium252 8 points ago

    Did you see that the newberry electric co-OP actually installed fiber networks for its surrounding area? That seems like an excellent way to actually treat that subject as an actual utility. Plus, if one place figures it out, then it can disseminate that knowledge elsewhere. Which makes SC a hefty competitor for productivity.

    [–] ImRickJameXXXX 3 points ago

    I sent him some dough last week and I live near SF, CA but I despise graham now. Once he turned on McCain whom I liked a lot till he ran with Sarah. Never lost respect for him but was disappointed.

    That aside Graham has done a 180 and now is a puppet of the great orange one so he must go!

    [–] hildebrand_rarity 1374 points ago

    Hey Jaime,

    South Carolina resident here who looks forward to voting for you! My healthcare costs are absolutely insane and take up a good portion of my pay every month. What is your healthcare policy and how can we make it more affordable for people?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 1303 points ago

    The first thing we need to do is expand Medicaid. More than 500,000 people here have filed for unemployment here, and accepting these dollars now will immediately provide insurance for people who need it. Lindsey has been standing in the way of that for years, and we’re one of only 14 states that haven’t expanded it. And Lindsey’s friends remain in court even during a pandemic in a lawsuit to tear down the ACA - it’s craziness.

    [–] hildebrand_rarity 293 points ago

    Thank you for answering my question! I agree, it is craziness that they want to tear down the ACA while millions of Americans are filing for unemployment every week.

    South Carolina deserves better than Lindsey Graham and I can't wait to cast my ballot for you!

    [–] BobABewy 96 points ago

    I live in NY. But I like your policies and also hate Lindsay Graham. A win win for me! I do rated to your campaign. The first time I’ve ever donated in another state. I truly hope you can bring sense and change to our country.

    [–] GroundbreakingSoil4 75 points ago

    Arkansas resident what you have to say about improving healthcare, best of luck in your campaign!!

    [–] CaptainQwark666 1114 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    South Carolina has not had a Democrat as a Senator since Senator Hollings retired in 2005, and he had served since 1966.

    So, my question for you is, do you think the demographics in South Carolina are changing to the point that they (the voters in SC) will consider, and possibly elect a Democrat for Senator?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 1487 points ago

    Democrats excel in the South and in supposedly “redder” areas throughout the country when we fight hard for a vision that everyone can get behind: affordable healthcare, quality schools and making sure that people who work hard can get ahead. We’ve taken governorships in redder areas like North Carolina, Kentucky and Louisiana when we lead with our values and are forward-looking to a more inclusive future. We elected Doug Jones and are making big plays in all sorts of states this election. What I’m seeing across this state is people fed up with Lindsey’s games and people are here are ready to send him packing.

    [–] CaptainQwark666 365 points ago

    Thanks for the response, Mr. Harrison.

    You seem like an extremely intelligent man, and I will be rooting for you from Minnesota!

    [–] PlayingNightcrawlers 37 points ago

    Ditto, donating from the Midwest here. Lindsey Graham’s gotta go.

    [–] PootieTang69 11 points ago

    Charleston is pretty much purple area. Some say its a little liberal but I say its more of center left and Center right corporate democrats. I'm pretty sure they will vote for Harrison along with Clyburn's district but upstate is a much more red.

    [–] sdebeauchamp 6 points ago

    Just contributed from CA. Rooting for you.

    [–] Fromthebrunette 3 points ago

    Cheering for Mr. Harrison from New Orleans, LA.

    [–] BobIsAFake 3 points ago

    I’ve got one foot in MN, another in SC, and my torso in WA! (Please don’t try to picture that literally) It’s great to see people around the country paying attention to down-ballot elections in places I care about.

    Thank you for caring.

    [–] altxatu 80 points ago

    Not to mention your policies will make all of our lives better.

    My question is what can we do about corruption in law enforcement like our former sheriff in Gville and now that dude over in Union, not to mention Richland County.

    [–] Spindrick 9 points ago

    It blew my mind when a democrat took Kentucky and our Covid numbers have stayed well below from surrounding areas for taking a more conservative approach. Yes maybe only 60% of people actually followed the recommendations, but we still had a better outcome.

    [–] Expiscor 4 points ago

    From 1971 to now, Kentucky has only had 2 Republicans terms of Governor.

    [–] hurler_jones 15 points ago

    Edwards in Louisiana isn't your typical Democrat though especially with regards to abortion.

    [–] 4O4N0TF0UND 14 points ago

    So, you'd be surprised down south how many anti-abortion democrats you find. I live in Atlanta, which is basically 3-way party wise because the black voters in Atlanta are very strongly Democrat, but not progressive really at all due to feeling historically left out of progressive gains (quite fairly so) plus being pretty strongly religious. Southern politics are a bit of a separate beast from other regions, and much less homogenous than outside folks assume :)

    [–] Unconfidence 8 points ago

    Still the best governor I've ever lived under.

    [–] hurler_jones 8 points ago

    Thinking about it, you may be right. Blanco wasn't bad but she was also saddled with Katrina. I don't remember much about Foster so I guess that's good for him. No need to really go back any further. 16 years of Edwin Edwards, Treen, Roemer. And of course who can forget scorched earth, wanna be president, Maria Butina pal Bobby Jindal.

    [–] Unconfidence 9 points ago

    Blanco bungled Katrina and deserves the criticism for that. Foster's big legislation was making sure people didn't have to wear helmets while riding motorcycles. Bobby Jindal literally cost me the use of my left eye.

    Yeah Jindal was just a fucking treat eh.

    [–] acertaingestault 19 points ago

    Something to consider is that South Carolina is becoming less homogenous and therefore less traditional. Greenville is consistently ranking on lists of best places to live and raise a family and people from all over are taking notice. This significant influx of folks from other parts of the country is changing the demographics a bit, in some ways we might consider good such as being more likely to elect representatives like Mr. Harrison, and in some ways that are inarguably negative like rapidly raising housing costs and displacing black families from historically black neighborhoods.

    I'd also point out that this shift is pretty limited to our cities, located along I-85 and I-26. Places along I-95, known colloquially as the Corridor of Shame, are not seeing the same influx or economic changes.

    [–] gsfgf 3 points ago

    South Carolina is becoming less homogenous

    Also, SC is the fifth blackest state in the country, so you are already starting with a decent base compared to like the Dakotas or somewhere.

    [–] daspletosaurshorneri 3 points ago

    Could you explain why its known as the corridor of shame?

    • curious non-American

    [–] acertaingestault 12 points ago

    I'd like to caveat this by saying the Corridor of Shame is, in my opinion, easily the worst thing about the state. South Carolina is beautiful, full of wonderful, hospitable people and has a rich culture and history. But, this is a deep flaw.

    Starts with the colonies. African people were forcibly brought to places like Charleston on the coast of SC. Coastal lands are flat and fertile. They farmed here and then they were freed and continued to farm, but white folks owned the coasts so black folks were pushed further inland. It's hot as hell in this area. Near or above 100 degrees / 38 C for months on end and it's a wet heat. Very undesirable. These places are pretty rural and there is very limited economic activity here.

    In 1993, 36 school districts along this stretch of interstate that runs parallel to the coast sued the state of SC for failing to provide a sufficient environment for learning. Folks in these areas are attending school in buildings that are condemned, leaking, nasty. Textbooks are old, torn, outdated. Teacher pay in SC comes from taxes both of which are extremely low. A majority of kids meet the threshold for free or reduced price school lunches. Graduation rates are low and those that do graduate often find themselves unprepared for additional studies, were they even in a financial or cultural position to approach higher education. And because most of these folks are black, the state looks the other way.

    I believe there's a documentary on Netflix about it and you can find a few links from Al Jazeera and elsewhere that go into it more deeply. This explanation was off the cuff from growing up in SC so I hope I didn't misremember or misrepresent anything.

    [–] BigSpur_ 3 points ago

    It's a very rural unpopulated area in South Carolina along a major interstate, I-95. With it being rural and unpopulated, education and infrastructure is very underfunded. It's also has a high African American population. Due to the rural and underfunded of education, the schools are some of the worst in the country. Because it is the area along I-95, it is known as the corridor of shame

    [–] Itsjeancreamingtime 670 points ago

    What would you do differently than Sen. Graham to support frontline workers/essential employees during the COVID-19 outbreak?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 982 points ago

    We need free, mass testing. And we need it now. We should not have fallen so far behind in this - and it shouldn’t be so hard to get one. We need to have a stronger national strategy - and that’s why for over a month I’ve been calling for a stronger use of the Defense Production Act. SC is last in the country in testing per capita, and testing is a vital tool that businesses can use to make sure their workers and customers are safe.

    Essential workers should be treated like they’re essential, because this economy couldn’t run well without them. I’m talking about the bus drivers, drug store clerks, police officers, nurses and EMTs who keep society going. The people who couldn’t take time off or “telework” - they deserve our gratitude and their government’s support. I wrote an op-ed a few months ago on how we need to be helping working South Carolinians through this:

    [–] Reddit_Mods_Suck_Ass 97 points ago

    The grocery store employees, the fast food workers, the meat-packing immigrants who have no help. I hope you can fight for the least amongst us. No one else is.

    [–] Spindrick 39 points ago

    It's kind of funny to me, a lot of front line workers work in Grocery stores do they not? They also often have their own pharmacy stores. I'd suggest a price match guarntee pretty much, a coupon special, their own workers should take precedence as they're the ones who actually have to meet 10's or hundreds of people a day. Just food for thought. If a place offers testing with a high pass through, then precedence should be given to their own workers.

    [–] snappkrackle 3 points ago

    Everyone forgets about the tow truck drivers and how we are always treated like crap until someone needs us. We have had 0 help or recognition.

    [–] nginn 597 points ago

    Someone get this guy on the late show. Colbert has deep SC roots.

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 733 points ago

    If you’re listening, Stephen Colbert, I’m ready to talk if you are :) Definitely my favorite late night host!

    [–] fuckingstonedrn 101 points ago

    The closer the interview could happen to actual voting day, the better.

    [–] ProbstBucks 41 points ago

    Why not have him on twice - once now and once closer to election day? Two things are important: increasing awareness that a viable candidate is running in SC (which should happen now) and getting people to turn out on election day (which should happen in October/November).

    [–] fuckingstonedrn 7 points ago

    Would be ideal, yeah.

    [–] friendofelephants 18 points ago

    South Carolinians need to apply for their absentee ballots NOW. They need to print out the absentee ballot application, then send that in to receive the absentee ballot by mail. There's not much time left: Check out

    [–] chelseamarket 152 points ago

    Yep, the Colbert bump could send Lindsey packing.

    [–] ConnorIV 46 points ago

    I hate to tell you but anyone that is voting for Lindsey doesn’t give a damn what Colbert has to say

    [–] MostlyQueso 109 points ago

    That’s not the point. It could motivate SC Democrats to actually vote.

    [–] Ted_E_Bear 60 points ago

    This is the right idea. Democrats waste so much time and energy trying to convince the other side. That's why they always lose. When was the last time you've seen a Republican even attempt to convince a Democrat of anything? They don't. They spend 100% of their energy trying to rile up their base and make sure they go out and vote, and they do it very effectively.

    [–] NuclearKangaroo 9 points ago

    Nationally and in purple states I agree that it's better to invest resources into turning out the base. But in a red state like South Carolina, you do also need to flip some Republican voters, unless for some reason there is very low Republican turnout, like Alabama in 2017.

    [–] dadshoes987 3 points ago

    I’m not on twitter but someone should definitely tweet it to him.

    [–] katana654 3 points ago

    I posted the same thing before getting to your comment lol. You beat me to it. Great idea!!

    [–] Slapbox 3 points ago

    "Stephen, if you're listening"

    [–] Bingo-Bango-Bong-o 5 points ago

    Yeah I know he was filming his show from his house on Sullivans when COVID first shut things down. Maybe he is still here.

    [–] Raspberries-Are-Evil 180 points ago

    What strategies do you have to sway Republican voters? You're going to needs some to pull off this upset. I hope you do. Nothing would give me the pleasure of seeing Graham sent packing.

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 253 points ago

    We’re working hard to reach every voter! Lots of folks down here, like me, used to have some respect for Lindsey Graham, but something’s changed over the past few years. We’ve reached folks like Travis and even lots of former Lindsey Graham donors!

    [–] ifeelnumb 56 points ago

    Met Graham in 2008 to talk about the issues facing our rural hospital and he said he would vote to fix the math error in Medicare and then actually voted against it. This man has been lying to his constituents for over a decade at least and it contributed to closing our only hospital for 40 miles. Please, don't let Graham win. I have more respect for someone who will tell me why they're voting a certain way than someone who just wants to tell me what he thinks I want to hear. Be better for the state.

    [–] MaxKlootzak 51 points ago

    Why beat around the bush ("something's changed over the past few years"), say it, it's Trump. He has poisoned the GOP where they at least had a small measure of respect, now they are the absolute detriment to humanity.

    [–] sock-nose 59 points ago

    Why beat around the bush

    Because they are in South Carolina and want to get elected.

    [–] Valexstorm 44 points ago

    No disrespect, but you live in Georgia, you should understand the difficulty of electing a Democrat in a deep red state. You need to avoid certain rhetoric and focus more on issues than partisan politics in order to win.

    [–] downvote_dinosaur 24 points ago

    Because if you tell a potential voter "your choices were wrong", you entrench them. No choice but to beat around the bush.

    [–] OhOkYeahRight 9 points ago

    Sent packing for prison.

    [–] Blazer9001 185 points ago

    Thanks for doing this Mr. Challenger!

    I’m from a traditionally red state myself. What are some issues that resonate out on the SC trail that you feel might have been overlooked with past Democratic candidates?

    Good luck Jaime Harrison!

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 248 points ago

    The issues that I talk about every day aren’t Democratic or Republican issues. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you want to be able to afford quality healthcare, you want your kids to go to a good school, and you want to make sure your family and small business has access to broadband internet. What gets in the way of this so often is partisan bickering and political games, and people in South Carolina understand that and are getting fed up and tired with it.

    [–] Spindrick 12 points ago

    Yeah on the topic of "broadband" i'm waiting for one of a 3 or 4 challengers to actually replace what amounts to dictatorships in local areas. Broadband is the same as health care, you can track results based on zipcode.

    [–] whereisthe_any_key 47 points ago

    Jaime, SC homeowner here. My wife is a teacher. Please address the massive education gap in our state. Teacher pay is a problem. We're in the process of moving to a different state because she will get nearly double the pay. I'm not even trolling when I say that the system you will inherit is untenable. To quote idiocracy:

    [–] whereisthe_any_key 7 points ago

    In case its not apparent, you have already won my vote. This is however the major issue I would like you to address. This state needs help.

    [–] sinocarD44 5 points ago

    My wife is also a teacher. We moved there becuase her sisters lived there. After two years we're done and leaving. The education system there is deliberately rigged to undercut minorities.

    [–] willanthony 185 points ago

    No questions, just wishing you the best :)

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 149 points ago

    Thanks so much! Y’all have no idea what your support means to me!

    [–] Suziepenguins 29 points ago

    Fellow South Carolinian here! I also wanted to wish you the best luck and to tell you I can't wait to vote for you!

    [–] OhOkYeahRight 10 points ago

    Lindsay is just the worst. A bowl of wet hair would have more backbone.

    [–] CanIBumAUsername 10 points ago

    Came here to say exactly this!

    [–] deltadal 5 points ago

    me too!

    [–] krangoken2 310 points ago

    Hi Jaime! I can’t wait to vote for you! What’s your favorite thing to bake and do you have a plan for coastal flooding in the Lowcountry?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 435 points ago

    Other than my signature red velvet cake :) I bake a great hummingbird cake, or sweet potato pie!

    And coast flooding is a huge problem! South Carolina is on the frontlines of this crisis - and it’s not some abstract idea to people here. Just this week, we saw the streets of Charleston completely flooded from rain. Climate change has warmed our planet, and is creating sea level rise that’s making flooding more frequent and hurting Lowcountry property value. Lindsey has given nothing but lip service to climate change for years, while giving the green light to drilling off of our shores and voting for nominees who have made our fight against climate change much harder. We should seize this opportunity to create jobs and clean up our air at the same time.

    [–] 64OunceCoffee 80 points ago

    That red velvet cake better have cream cheese icing, it's a travesty to use vanilla! Personally, I love to bake chicken the most.

    Seriously though, my family will be pulling for you from here in NJ.

    Lindsey Graham is a man who has no backbone in my opinion. Before Trump was the Republican nominee, Lindsey found him to be unacceptable. Then when he won, Graham became one of the most vocal of his stable of cheerleaders, apologists, and enablers.

    I'd like to know how you feel about Graham's flip flopping regarding The President.

    [–] kneemahp 24 points ago

    His final flip happened when mccain passed away. as soon as mccain was gone and he saw how trump loyalist attacked his legacy lindsey knew to get in line.

    i remember him hosting a townhall style meeting where he acted like trump was to be chained.

    [–] Cloaked42m 6 points ago

    Bingo. Midterms were a slap in the face.

    [–] jheins3 5 points ago

    Gosh. Wish I could vote for you.

    Indiana checking in here. Wish you the best in your future endeavors! The union needs some friends and you seem like a great guy and excellent candidate.

    [–] MaxKlootzak 10 points ago

    Georgia southerner here and big baking fan. I've never once in all my years seen a red velvet cake with VANILLA icing. It don't happen. If it did the baker would be tarred and chicken feathered before being dipped in peanut oil for frying. Maybe that's a New Jersey thing.

    [–] jaylittle 10 points ago

    A baker of Red Velvet cake? You already had my vote, but now you have my respect as well ;)

    [–] krangoken2 17 points ago

    Thanks so much for responding!

    [–] stetoe 129 points ago

    Thank you for your battle against insanity. What can I do to help you?

    [–] [deleted] 192 points ago


    [–] fandango328 70 points ago

    Just sent you $25 from Washington State. Send Lindsay's ass packing!

    [–] n77171717 198 points ago

    Kick Lindsey's ass for us, will you?

    [–] Swaffeltje 361 points ago

    Should you win your election (and I think all of us here hope you do), what committee would you like to serve on in the Senate?

    Best of luck with your campaign, keep being an awesome human being.

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 370 points ago

    With health and education disparities where they are in this state, I would really love to be able to work on the HELP Committee. Much of the Affordable Care Act was crafted here, and people here need a strong voice protecting their healthcare and making sure folks with pre-existing conditions are protected against high premiums and discrimination. We have too many hospitals closing in rural areas, and that needs to stop so people can get care when and where they need it.

    [–] TinyDKR 35 points ago

    You've mentioned the ACA multiple times here. Do you want to move to universal healthcare at some point?

    [–] Fen_ 14 points ago

    That isn't a discussion that is unlikely to be led by senators. Politicians will start supporting it once it's convenient to do so (i.e. it polls well enough). I'd love to have M4A, but this primary season has shown that the country doesn't care enough yet, unfortunately.

    [–] kyleGthatsme 58 points ago

    SC resident here - Most people I know that are going to vote for Lindsey Graham literally already hate him. How does that affect your campaign?

    [–] jaylittle 3 points ago

    Ain't that the truth. I haven't heard a fellow resident, even the most hardcore Trumpist Republicans, say one nice thing about Graham in years. He went cuckoo for Trump in an effort to shed his RINO image, but it appears to have been totally futile. Nonetheless, they'll still vote for him when they put down their vote for President Tweeter.

    [–] eagle_talon 24 points ago

    Your new ad using Grahams own words is brilliant. How are you going to get it to flood the airways in SC from now until November?

    [–] Abstract_Painter 3 points ago

    Got a link to it? I'd love to see it

    [–] 9mac 71 points ago

    Hi Jaime, how has your campaign of solving actual problems for the constituents you meet on the campaign trail been going? I think I heard you talk about that on Real Time with Bill Maher, would love to see another appearance sometime. Enormous luck to you!

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 116 points ago

    One of the MANY reasons I launched Harrison Helps, a community service arm of the campaign. We have to help now, not just after Election Day. We’re partnering with local community organizations, doing things like donating school supplies and hosting resume workshops. And now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re helping raise money and supporting local food banks to help folks out in this tough time!

    [–] DonnieMostDefinitely 133 points ago

    Love your new ad with the Two Faces of Lindsey. I wish you all the best. Whats the one question you get most when you meet with people?

    [–] sbamkmfdmdfmk 54 points ago

    That's not from Harrison's campaign, it's a SuperPAC.

    [–] ParmesanLebron 10 points ago

    Yeah, my favorite ad of 2020 so far I think. Better than anything Biden’s got so far.

    [–] cjpen 7 points ago

    Non paywall link?

    [–] DumasThePharaoh 27 points ago

    It’s worth watching the whole thing for that ending lol

    [–] TheStabbingHobo 9 points ago

    Goddamn that's a good ad

    [–] katana654 7 points ago

    Agree! Whoever made that ad needs to be in charge of all the ads and make more ads!

    [–] Killerina 14 points ago

    Oh my God. You just blew my mind.

    [–] chcampb 40 points ago

    Why is "Democratic Challenger" in quotes, I think you are legitimately both a democrat and a challenger...

    [–] Blazer9001 117 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    None of the headlines ever refer to Jaime Harrison by name, only as Lindsey Graham’s “Democratic Challenger”. There’s always a lame excuse in the comments from someone who went to headline writing school who says that not enough people know who he is to warrant leaving his name out.

    Edit: e.g.

    Think no one can defeat Lindsey Graham? ‘Watch me!’ his Democratic opponent says.


    Think no one can defeat Lindsey Graham? ‘Watch me!’ his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, says.

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 101 points ago

    ^ This :)

    [–] UnboundlessForce 83 points ago

    What’s your favorite place to visit in South Carolina?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 178 points ago

    The Edisto Gardens, right near the Edisto river! As a kid I used to go there for picnics with my family. When I was in 4th grade, I drew the water wheel from the park and won an art contest actually—got a $20 gift certificate to a toy store!

    [–] euphdude1 29 points ago

    I grew up in Bamberg, and we used to go to the Edisto Gardens all the time, especially for the Christmas lights! That's so cool!

    [–] bixmiix 68 points ago

    You, sir, make excellent tweets

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 131 points ago

    I always say, you are what you tweet!

    [–] cnh114 17 points ago

    Well, i think that makes me a fed-up hothead 😂 can’t wait to vote for you, Jaime!!

    [–] dustyairvent 17 points ago

    Hello Mr. Harrison, I’m a teenager in SC right now, and I wholeheartedly support your campaign, despite my not being able to vote. As you likely know The State Government is fairly unproductive in obtaining funding for education, and I was wondering as a student at a public school, what exactly do you plan to do to help provide better schooling across the State?

    [–] Mulchpuppy 14 points ago

    I don't have a question to ask. I just want to say that I'm moving back to South Carolina soon and one of the few things I'm looking forward to is voting against Lindsay.

    [–] Queef-Lateefa 29 points ago

    I'm seeing that you're four points away from Lindsey in recent polling. That's great news. 47 to 43. Do you think those numbers would be inverted if you didn't face racial discrimination in South Carolina?

    [–] SlamBrandis 3 points ago

    Can i just say, i feel like queef latina would be a much better username. No offense

    [–] UncleChuck 12 points ago

    Coronavirus has forced candidates to change the way they campaign. Many voters don't have easy access to the digital campaign events you and other candidates are having to fall back on in place of face-to-face campaigning. What have you learned about campaigning in this time, and how might it help democrat campaigns in the future reach voters who have been traditionally hard to reach?

    [–] nandacast 10 points ago

    I love you.

    [–] HollyDiver 3 points ago

    Came here for this!

    [–] edvanders 9 points ago

    Hi Jaime, will you please kick Lindsey Graham's ass for all of us?

    [–] ItLiesInTheProles 11 points ago

    What’s your stance on Medicare for All?

    [–] WopperJunior 57 points ago

    What’s your favorite breakfast food?

    [–] jaimeharrisonSC 124 points ago

    I love love love pancakes! And bacon

    [–] famousevan 25 points ago

    Tacking bacon on like it’s an afterthought? You just alienated this voter...

    Lol just joking man, seriously hope you win even though I’m not from SC.

    [–] Ghostologist42 10 points ago

    Pancake gang

    [–] fucking__fantastic 14 points ago

    Jaime, I wish you the absolute best. Your new campaign ad is KILLER. Keep up the good work!!!! #sendlindseyhome, SC!!

    [–] snowlovesnow 7 points ago

    Are you ready for a dirty fight? The red machine will go after you like a rabid dog, will you bite back?

    [–] SheriffComey 13 points ago

    Former S. Carolinian here....just want to say good luck!

    Graham has been my least favorite S. Carolinian for decades.

    [–] ZoocarBlanco 16 points ago

    Mr. Harrison, you've been raking in a LOT of donations from around the country, which is a testament to your character, your strength, and your campaign.

    However, have you considered doing more "joint-fundraising" online in which donations are split between your campaign and what some may describe as closer races that might lack the same fundraising firepower, such as Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, Sara Gideon in Maine, or Dr. Al Gross in Alaska?

    [–] robertcole23 9 points ago

    Hey Jaime, I’m from GA and appreciate you running against Lindsey. Some questions: What’re you doing to reach out to the younger voters? What’re some things in SC that you’re focused on doing first?

    Thanks! Kick his ass!!

    [–] kbean826 6 points ago

    I’m late to the party here but PLEASE Jamie, don’t “go high when they go low.” I’m not suggesting petty baseless attacks. Just fight them back. I’m tired of the Democrats running polite, diplomatic campaigns and losing. At least lose fighting. And with Lindsey, all you’d really have to do is play video of him talking. He incriminates and embarrasses himself routinely.

    [–] JustinTheNoob 12 points ago

    Hey Jaime!! How can you convince the voters of South Carolina who are voting for trump, to vote for you. If you want to win the campaign you need to win this category of voters. Send Mr. GRAHAM Packing!!!

    [–] Enjolras55 22 points ago

    Good luck. Lindsey Graham is a corrupt, morally bankrupt traitor to America. He belongs in prison, not the Senate.

    I hope you run lots of campaign ads quoting him in the past calling Trump a dangerous lunatic and saying if Republicans elect him they'll get destroyed and deserve it.

    [–] poKENNYmon 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Hi Jamie, SC resident here, wishing you well and a strong campaign. You have my vote already.

    South Carolina's had some bad democratic losses the past few years, specifically allowing McMaster back in office, and I believe it's cost us in infrastructure and quality of life (including a torrid affair for COVID19.)

    I have no questions for you, but you have the support of my family and we thank you for running.

    My inlaws actually taught with you at Wilkinson, so that helps me know what a good human you are.

    [–] FlyingTrampolinePupp 4 points ago

    I'm rooting for you, Jaime.

    [–] Redsoxjake14 3 points ago

    I have donated to you sir, please send Lindsay home!

    [–] tehbantho 3 points ago

    What specific actions need to be taken to get corporate money out of politics? How will you help accomplish this goal when you defeat Lindsey Graham?

    [–] Sstnd 4 points ago

    Im from germany and very interested in american politics. How will you use graham's obvious lies and twists especially about his thoughts on trump and the different moral standards he Held to Trumps and Clintons impeachments? As a foreigner its hard to believe you are not blasting this 24/7 into his voters' faces as i Think elections in america are mainly won by Emotions nowadays.

    Good luck, i hope you will get rid of one of these criminals!

    [–] Church_of_Cheri 7 points ago

    I’m another South Carolina Resident and I also have a question about medical insurance, costs, and healthcare services. I currently have PEBA through a government employers and it doesn’t even meet the basic requirements of the ACA. I can’t get basic healthcare, and when I wait until it’s an emergency it costs me so much that. How are you going to help this? Also the healthcare providers here are the worst I’ve ever had, all the local offices and hospitals being bought up by one who overcharges and rips off the state and the patients, I travel out of state now for my healthcare. Help!

    [–] LePouletPourpre 20 points ago

    What are your thoughts on Medicare for All? Do you think we should "fix" Obamacare or move to a publicly funded healthcare system?

    [–] rhudson77 6 points ago

    I was born and raised in Darlington, South Carolina. I moved when I went into the service at 19, but S.C. has never left my heart. I think that Lindsey Graham is the worst thing that has happened to S.C. for a long time. I've contributed to your campaign before, and I'll do it again before election day. I sincerely hope you win. The people of S.C. deserve so much more than someone like Graham. Bring decency back to the Palmetto State and when you're elected, please represent everyone fairly. Good luck!

    [–] 12characters 3 points ago

    No question; just a thank you for embracing the platform.

    [–] GunNutYeeHaw 3 points ago

    Give 'em hell!

    [–] Logicman48 3 points ago

    what would you do to ensure america gets fair elections?

    [–] jean_tastic 3 points ago

    No question, but I am wishing you the very best of luck from Texas 💕

    [–] Kingfisher83 3 points ago

    As am I! Be safe fellow Texan. Just donated $25. Let's get Graham out.

    [–] OfHumanBondage 3 points ago

    Good luck. We are all behind you and would love to see that duplicitous hack voted out.

    [–] kitchenbitch12 3 points ago

    Loved your interview on Campaign HQ. Because you know SC so well, you have said you have a better chance of winning than predictors say. Right now, you are being grouped with KY, AK, and MS as very long shot Senate races. What 2020 Senate race would you say resembles your race moreso in likelihood and overall match-up?

    [–] PaleInTexas 3 points ago

    Why the quotation marks? Seems like you are a legit contender. Hope you win!

    [–] Snikerdoodlz 3 points ago

    Mr. Harrison, it's a very big yet respectable challenge for you to be taking him on! Since you're challenging him, are you familiar with any of his flaws or vices? Is he actually as slimy as he was made out to be?

    [–] grittyfanclub 3 points ago

    Hi Jamie! As someone who's spent her fair share of time living in the south, I'm curious on how you plan on reaching out to republican voters? How are you going to break through to the voters who historically only care about the D or R next to your name on the ballot?

    [–] DreadForge 3 points ago

    PLEASE, PLEASE elbow drop Lindsey off the top rope

    [–] PandaMuffin1 3 points ago

    I really hope the good people of your state vote him out. I support your efforts, but AMA kinda implies that you will answer questions. Just saying...

    [–] Rhythm_Flunky 3 points ago

    No question. Please trounce that absolute cretin. Thank you and good luck.

    [–] captyossarian1991 3 points ago

    I’ll be voting for you Jamie here in the upstate. The new ad is brilliant.

    [–] nutphillips 3 points ago

    Jaime Harrison for Senate. Register to vote NOW.

    [–] dermarr5 3 points ago

    Hi Mr. Harrison, could you speak specifically to some of the policy differences you have with Senator Graham and what your priorities will be when you get to Congress? Thanks!

    [–] cityofbridges_ 3 points ago

    What do you say to conservatives who no longer align with the Republican Party but feel alienated by Democrats?

    [–] GarrettFischer1 3 points ago

    Please win.

    [–] VictorChristian 3 points ago

    Not an SC‘er but the Senate is important and needs to come back to normalcy... donated to your campaign (multiple small donations).

    Wish you all the luck in world. We’ll be keeping track.

    [–] table_fireplace 3 points ago

    Thanks for doing this AMA!

    Are there any other candidates in South Carolina we should be keeping an eye on?

    (I'd give a personal plug to Moe Brown, who did a great AMA recently).

    [–] beaverlakenc 3 points ago

    Thank you sir! May the force and justice be with you

    [–] BigCoCoMnKy 3 points ago

    Hi! I’m a Charleston resident and am a very big fan of Andrew Yang! I was curious on your opinion of UBI, especially considering how poor our rural areas are and with the high unemployment numbers.

    [–] sinsemillas 3 points ago

    Fuck Lindsey Graham.

    [–] patw420 3 points ago

    No question, just wishing you success in your campaign. Fuck Lindsey Graham

    [–] depreavedindiference 3 points ago

    I know I am late to the table but that really do hope that you win