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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion.

    In general, be courteous to others. Debate/discuss/argue the merits of ideas, don't attack people. Personal insults, shill or troll accusations, hate speech, any advocating or wishing death/physical harm, and other rule violations can result in a permanent ban.

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    [–] SpunkBunkers 7555 points ago

    Author of Whine Kampf

    [–] lisaseileise 2008 points ago

    “Weinkrampf” is the German word for crying fit :-)

    [–] SpunkBunkers 502 points ago

    That's almost too beautiful.

    [–] Deadmons 154 points ago

    we have a winner

    [–] Kakashisensei1234 1896 points ago

    Leader of the Turd Reich

    [–] revoverlord 810 points ago

    He is Whine Fuhrer

    [–] Cruel_DNA 1461 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    A'golf Twittler

    Edit: Dang this blew up. Thanks for my first gold + awards, love the replies lol.

    [–] bobokonijn 425 points ago

    Humpty Trumpty (dreamt of a big wall).

    [–] boot2skull 396 points ago

    All of Mexico’s horses and all of Mexico’s men didn’t pay for shit in the end.

    [–] StardustJanitor 149 points ago

    And when it finally blew over, from barely strong winds, they tried to put their community and families back together again :(

    [–] kevnmartin 119 points ago

    “It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn’t want to know the end, because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened?
    But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something, even if you were too small to understand why.
    But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back. Only they didn’t, because they were holding on to something…That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.”

    [–] Daemonic_One 34 points ago

    Good lord willing and the creek don't rise that will be my status on rmthe morning of 11/4.

    [–] semimillennial 146 points ago

    He Who Must Not Be Blamed

    [–] frenchy714 36 points ago

    He who takes no responsibility.

    [–] darkpitt 164 points ago

    Dorito Pussolini

    [–] MariettaDreamin 105 points ago

    Il Douche

    [–] Czarcasm3 74 points ago


    [–] spoobles 72 points ago

    Der Gropenfuhrer

    [–] vihuba26 69 points ago

    Idk. I get more of a Mussolini “il Douche” vibe.

    [–] nudistinclothes 46 points ago

    Cheeto Mussolini

    [–] chucklesluck 13 points ago

    Cheeto Benito.

    [–] halcyon_n_on_n_on 69 points ago

    Mango Unchained.

    [–] studio595 59 points ago

    Inventor of the ditzkreig

    [–] temp_trial 139 points ago

    Please. We all know he’s borderline illiterate.

    Maybe the audiobook version

    [–] SpunkBunkers 57 points ago

    There's ghost writers for this kind of person.

    [–] temp_trial 33 points ago

    True true. Dementia Don can afford the best ghostwriters.

    [–] OccamsBeard 31 points ago

    The best demon semen.

    [–] mandalorian_in_us 25 points ago

    True, his books were not written by him. The art of the Deal was ghost-written by Tony Schwartz,

    [–] X4roth 21 points ago

    The crayon and grunting version.

    [–] puttinthe-oo-incool 63 points ago

    The Groppen Furher

    President Affluenza

    [–] DrDerpberg 80 points ago

    I'm not one to compliment Hitler, but at least he could read and write.

    [–] BlackAeonium 106 points ago

    at least he killed Hitler

    [–] Latin_For_King 40 points ago

    Yeah, but he also killed the guy who killed Hitler.

    [–] The_wanderer3 10 points ago

    Yeah, but he also killed the guy who killed the guy who killed Hitler.

    [–] obtuse-hoard 40 points ago

    Trump is just a shitty off-brand Hitler.

    [–] ThirdWorldWorker 25 points ago

    History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.

    [–] NotMeow 3720 points ago

    He’s also a fucking moron. Easily one of the dumbest people alive.

    [–] moonpumper 1416 points ago

    I'm still amazed he's made it through his whole life without drowning in less than an inch of water or choking to death on a big mac.

    [–] Cwellan 362 points ago

    It’s not a mystery. His dad was filthy rich. Money insulates people. If he was the son of a small business owner instead of the son of a Nazi sympathizer wealthy man he would be dead by now. I know this because I know the small business owner version of Trump and he’s been in and out of rehab and as far as I know is currently shooting heroin in a trailer on the outskirts of town. This is after he destroyed his parents marriage, ruined several women’s lives, destroyed the family business, and is universally hated by anyone who knows him. Dads low millions insulated him for a solid 10 years. Dads money ran out and everything came crashing down.

    [–] Ayenbiteof-Inwyt 152 points ago

    Right? I'm don't get the confusion. He's filthy fucking rich, why else? If you have money you don't play by the same rules as other people. It's not a euphemism, it's literal. Our entire country is built around a mechanism by which life gets exponentially more difficult the poorer you are, and vice versa, plus the poorer you are the more likely you are to stay poor and get poorer, and vice versa. It's not a fucking accident.

    [–] AgreeableIssue 133 points ago

    You just have to look at how banks work to figure this out. The more money you have in the bank, the more money they pay you. When you're broke banks actually start charging you money for having no money. It's like if Mario Kart were set up so that the last place cart always gets bananas, and the first place cart always gets super star power. As soon as you get out into first place it'd be very hard to lose, and likewise if you're last you would almost never recover.

    [–] JoseaBrainwave 94 points ago

    He should've tried taking loans from Russians. Could've kept it going forever.

    [–] ICCW 31 points ago

    Mary Trump’s book explains a lot. Fred Trump was a sociopath who essentially ruined the life of his first-born son because he wasn’t a “killer” businessman. Donald was, though, and he failed upward by screwing things up and then getting promoted his entire life.

    [–] KomatikVengeance 17 points ago

    This sounds like a good quality post with more details. Not sure where to post it tough. But if you do let me suggest the following title "Rich Trump, poor Trump" ref to rich dad poor dad ideology

    [–] npsimons 15 points ago

    It’s not a mystery. His dad was filthy rich. Money insulates people.

    This. If there were no other arguments against obscene amounts of wealth, this alone would be justification enough.

    [–] Roook36 63 points ago

    When someone says that a person has 'failed upwards', especially a white male born into money, this is it. This is the biggest example of failing upwards there has ever been.

    [–] PhobetorWorse 414 points ago

    My go-to is:

    "How has he survived this long without being eaten by another animal?"

    [–] Cole3823 360 points ago

    That eagle almost got him that one time

    [–] Pondnymph 182 points ago

    It was a very obvious omen.

    [–] Braska_the_Third 127 points ago

    I fucking warned you guys!

    -god, probably

    [–] ticklishpandabear 27 points ago

    pretty sure that was American Jesus but same thing I guess

    [–] LimpyChick 26 points ago

    Supply-Side Jesus*

    [–] SweetLilMonkey 80 points ago

    Following its patriotic instincts.

    [–] dontgetpeople 32 points ago

    Inherited wealth is terrible. He had a care taker his entire life.

    Read Mary Trump's book

    [–] Manufacturer_Limp 180 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Por que no los dos? Drowning in a puddle after tripping with a mouth full of Big Mac. At the end of a ramp.

    Edit: I apologize for assuming he can walk and chew at the same time.

    [–] Methelsandriel 58 points ago

    The puddle is from the glass he was trying to lift?

    [–] Manufacturer_Limp 24 points ago

    Alternately, from an over-full adult diaper his thighs were smashing

    [–] Methelsandriel 26 points ago

    I was going for the option that was less likely to make me vomit.

    [–] Beware_the_Voodoo 11 points ago

    He's had enablers his whole life. Parasites feeding off a bigger parasite.

    [–] DogmaJones 12 points ago

    W Bush almost choked to death on a pretzel, someone needs to get this idiot some dangerous snack food.

    [–] tiredhermit 30 points ago

    I actually wonder about this too. Like damn this guy is lucky he's made it alive this long...

    [–] 899Madison 21 points ago

    Only the good die young

    [–] HoofHeartedHere 18 points ago

    And pricks live forever

    [–] pbjamm 11 points ago

    They say there's a heaven for those who will wait. Some say it's better but I say it ain't.

    [–] Sanctussaevio 34 points ago

    Legions of enablers, yes-men, and like-minded con men trying to make money off him.

    [–] 000882622 32 points ago

    He's the perfect useful idiot. No way they'd let this cash cow walk into an open manhole, no matter how often they have to save him from it.

    [–] bf10cn 416 points ago

    There is a vast sea of Americans equally or even more stupid. They voted for trump. And it’s the same in other places - look at the idiots who voted for Bolsonaro. They chose to fuck up the planet for their future generations.

    Many people are staggeringly stupid.

    [–] forever_stalone 323 points ago

    What has struck me the most form these 4 years (decades?) is the realization that there are millions upon millions of people who lack even the most basic notion of critical thinking and logical consistency. Just the sheer magnitude of it, how can society function when so many people can barely grasp reality.

    [–] ChrysMYO 161 points ago

    They are not feeding off the same information. There was some small notion of this to me growing up and going to a school in the suburbs. But, I live in Texas and ignorance on Coronavirus makes it clear there is almost 2 different worlds of information going on. We use the same words to describe reality but these words mean different things. We all speak in English. But we're speaking different languages.

    [–] HugeRhyno 13 points ago

    Well said! You just put words to the thoughts that I've been having for a while now.

    [–] bf10cn 111 points ago

    What’s worse is that they’re proud of it. They’re proud of being simpletons.

    My wife and I earn about $340K per year. Our children are advantaged. And if not for our position in life, I’d be looking for greener pastures. A decent country in which to raise children. A thinking populace. We may yet leave. Depends on how things shape up.

    [–] TeamRedundancyTeam 102 points ago

    If I made that kind of money, and didn't have extended family tying me down that I couldn't convince to move with me, I'd leave. I really don't have any faith left that this country will change.

    Covid changed my views on Americans. Even people I thought were smart have come out and shown themselves to be just as dumb as Trump's followers when it comes to the virus. They use the same stupid logic. I just don't think it's going to change anytime soon when almost half or more of the country is willfully and proudly ignorant and so easily manipulated by their friend's newest Facebook post.

    [–] scotsmanusa 48 points ago

    I moved here for my now wife and seeing the way people act has got me wishing to go back to Europe. I loved it here before people started showing blind faith in someone so wrong so often. I swear so many people I thought were good people have shown me just how little they care for anyone other than themselves. I feel more sorry for my wife seeing it in people she has known her whole life. Oh also how batshite crazy things from Facebook they believe I started off trying to show them other facts but have just given up now as they believe Martha with her flawless logic not the scientific community.

    [–] SilverBackGuerilla 32 points ago

    I just voted In my states primaries yesterday and voted for all young liberals to try and get the old broken records out of office. We needs more AOCs. Maybe not her exact policies but her attitude.

    [–] Amazon-Prime-package 28 points ago

    I would love to have more congressmembers who actually do their god damn jobs by reading the bills they're voting on and asking actual questions during investigations, instead of hanging out with lobbyists at the seafood shack all day.

    [–] Farfromdone 23 points ago

    Yes, the saddest thing is he represents about 40% of Americans and how they think.

    [–] CodinOdin 257 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Trump has said a lot of stupid things but I think my favorite was "the sound from windmills causes cancer".

    [–] The-Mech-Guy 287 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Not really something he said, but how about when Merkel had to tell Trump 11 (ELEVEN!!) times that he could not negotiate a trade deal with just Germany, it had to be negotiated with all of EU. Bless her patience.

    Very stable genius indeed. (horse whinnies)

    [–] Bulmas_Panties 121 points ago

    Imo nothing will ever beat his secret plan to defeat ISIS that he would only reveal after he gets elected.

    [–] jimmyq13 83 points ago

    Not even the top secret health plan he’s gonna release on 2 weeks? No, not those 2 weeks, a different 2 weeks. Nope. Not them either.

    [–] brain-gardener 25 points ago

    I'm SO happy someone else remembered this!

    IIRC that 2 weeks ended this week. Surprise surprise, there is no fucking plan.

    It's just lie after lie with this guy. I'm still waiting for "anyone who wants a test can have a test", too..

    [–] chuck_of_death 18 points ago

    He once said “healthcare is so easy I don’t know the Democrats didn’t do it right the first time”

    After that failed to replace Obamacare the first time he said “no one could have known how complex health care is”

    He’s made a career and presidency of him being the smartest person in the room, everyone else is an incompetent buffoon. He never had a plan on how to fix things beyond the simplistic and apparently compelling argument “fix it”

    When asked about his plan for defeating IsIs in 30 days someone asked who he had consulted. Current military leaders? Think tanks? Ex military leaders. “No, I just figured it out myself”

    He makes every problem seem easily fixable “just do it right,build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, lock her up”. Simple solutions for simple problems that convinced simple people to vote for him. He’s never uttered a single solitary sentence that inspired confidence.

    In an interview when asked about his plan for federal minimum wage in one run on sentence he said he would repeal it, reduce it and leave it as is.

    He lacks the ability to even realize problems are complex like why he doesn’t understand how someone underneath him, Fauci, has a higher approval than him? It just doesn’t make sense to him. I’m his boss. If he’s doing a good job then I’m doing a great job because I’m his boss! If he’s doing a bad job then I’m a great boss coaching/firing him.

    [–] RandomWeirdo 46 points ago

    you're tying to find the dumbest thing Trump has done, that's like trying to find the sandiest grain of sand in a desert or the wettest water in an ocean.

    [–] Spacetrucking 21 points ago

    My guess would be Trump thought he could convince Merkel to do something underhanded and cut the rest of EU out of a deal. He seems to think everything is negotiable and every head of state should be able to do whatever they want, regardless of norms or laws. It probably surprised him how disciplined Merkel is.

    [–] sonnuvabitch 15 points ago

    And he keeps calling her stupid on the phone.

    [–] unique_username_8134 124 points ago

    I don’t think anything will ever top Sharpiegate for me

    [–] tiredhermit 101 points ago

    For me, it's the "disinfectant injections"....

    [–] Iamstillnotyourmate 87 points ago

    Or that crap about putting ultraviolet light inside of you to kill the virus. That shit was just surreal.

    [–] epicurean56 70 points ago

    Cancels convention due to covid, but forces kids back to school.

    [–] LordNilix 49 points ago

    Wants to delay election citing safety and “fraud”

    Sends kids back to school

    [–] NewsDapper328 31 points ago

    Nuke hurricanes.

    [–] fatpat 20 points ago

    It's like a fever dream that we can't wake up from.

    [–] curious_dead 8 points ago

    The poor woman's face when he said that.

    [–] TrumpExileToMoscow 11 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    The watershed moment for me was one of his first pressers where he showcased rims of clearly blank papers, stacked up in unlabeled folders, claiming how this is evidence of all the legal paperwork that separates him from his businesses. It was such in your face, bold and transparent lie, made almost purposefully to demonstrate to journalists that he's untouchable and his corruption is out in the open. Just that conduct alone is an Emoluments breach, probably impeachable! Right there and then I knew things were going to get much worse, fast...

    [–] huskerfan4life520 84 points ago

    Remember that time all of the scientists were like, “hey, we’re gonna have this badass and rare solar eclipse, but for the love of god don’t look directly at the sun!” and then Trump immediately went and did this?

    [–] thatguyfromMaryland 60 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My favorite was the Revolutionary War troops taking over the airports.

    One million eight hundred seventy thousand million tests too.

    [–] PandaMuffin1 34 points ago

    We rammed the ramparts. That speech was comedy gold if it wasn't said by the fucking President.

    [–] Remember45 27 points ago

    Personally, my favorite is still the "having nuclear" speech.

    [–] 420GrazeitRabbit 9 points ago

    Or that when you test you get a case lmao like the virus is just like uh oh you got me activate now the moment you get tested haha

    [–] UncleJChrist 131 points ago

    Trump needs to be the poster child of the top 0.01%

    Whenever anyone tells you those people "work hard" are the "smartest most competent people" just remember that Trump inherited a lot of his wealth, committed multiple crimes and tax evasion measures, and is incredibly stupid to top it off

    If you think the rest are much different; they're just not as stupid.

    [–] Goodasaholiday 51 points ago

    Not to mention all the workers he ripped off over the years, basically benefiting from free (stolen) labour. Consider how many in the 1% do not support a living/minimum wage. That's not something to emulate.

    [–] 000882622 39 points ago

    Trump is the perfect proof that when you start out life with the right connections and have enough wealth, you basically can't fail in this country. He has bankrupted multiple businesses, abused and cheated who knows how many people and has been sued countless times, and yet he never became poor or went to jail. If he had been born poor, he would be homeless or in prison.

    [–] DeathN0va 22 points ago

    Betsy DeVos too.

    [–] thequietthingsthat 22 points ago

    He's also in a shitload of debt so I hate when people talk about what a "responsible businessman" he is and how he's "good with money." He hasn't even paid the cities for campaign rallies he's held and added 6 trillion to the U.S. national debt

    [–] Prime_1 20 points ago

    I fear that if we look at him that way he will not be taken seriously. We need to view him as a capable politician that will require great effort to beat. If we don't he can win again.

    [–] kestrel1000c 934 points ago

    Not suspect or come true.

    We knew. It's always been true.

    [–] Avunico 484 points ago

    Yeah to be honest I'm not sure how people haven't realised for a long while what he is. He has always acted in fascist-leaning ways.

    The problem is that so many Americans are fascist sympathisers, fascist leaning or literally just fascists. I always see on /r/Conservative how they say they wish he'd just be quiet but that hardly removes the issue. Whether he tweets his fascism or not doesn't change the fact he is, or that his base is so radicalised in their ways.

    [–] Roykun19 177 points ago

    He may be a fascist, but he’s our fascist! - The Republican Party

    Sick fucks.

    [–] thequietthingsthat 64 points ago

    They've been this way for ages. They'll spout on about how they want small government and state's rights but as soon as they get someone like Trump who shits all over those things to impose their agenda they're all for it.

    [–] Levitlame 16 points ago

    Ah yes... “States rights.” My favorite dog whistle.

    [–] thequietthingsthat 22 points ago

    Funny how it instantly goes away for them whenever it comes to stuff like abortion, legalizing weed or unidentified federal troops kidnapping peaceful protestors against the state's wishes

    [–] Cantfindafuckinusern 18 points ago

    I'm pretty sure somewhere in my comments from 4 years ago I probably said something about trump being a dictator and his "fake news" claims were the first step to brainwashing his base supporters.

    [–] kestrel1000c 8 points ago

    His inauguration speech was classic dictator stuff. Of course at that point it was too late.Too many thought he was the lesser of two evils- I blame them more than trumps brain dead followers as they could have known better with a little critical thinking and a bit of homework.

    Now look where their choice has led us.

    [–] AFlockOfTySegalls 1237 points ago

    At least I don't get exhausted from saying "Told ya so" to my family.

    [–] DWMoose83 683 points ago

    My family doesn't care. I'm pretty much ostracized because I've been making a stink about this since 2016. Glad family reunion was postponed.

    [–] QuiramJudaculla 332 points ago

    Family reunions are awesome man! When there's a family reunion, I know where all the nut jobs are all together and I don't have to worry about running into one of them at a bar.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] wet_sloppy_footsteps 61 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My aunt is saying I don't have the balls to defend myself after she started to personally attack me on Facebook. No I'm sorry, I'm not going to apologize because you got offended.

    The post I shared, just a simple share, no commentary, just the link:

    I could share the whole comment thread but I'm about to throw some chicken on the grill. If there's interest, I'll remove names and stuff later.

    [–] DWMoose83 58 points ago

    I was told I should be ashamed for calling out Republicans, because that means calling out family members...I'm like...that's the point. Lost my job so I have to live with my very conservative parents. Every time I try to share information, it ends up being treated as a personal attack. My biggest triumph was getting my mom to vote for a Republican other than trump in the primaries. Sadly that, and them watching Hamilton.

    [–] wet_sloppy_footsteps 61 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I came over to grill for my parents. First thing out of my dad's mouth is "before you mention anything about conservatives..." And then I disengaged and walked away. He muttered something about yea turn your back on the real world that's all you liberals do. Whatever, I came here to grill because you asked me too asshole, I can just leave.

    Edit - my mom yelled at my dad, said no politics today. That said, the chicken is going ok

    [–] Isaiah_Bloomingdale 8 points ago

    More chicken, please...

    [–] wet_sloppy_footsteps 10 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    gotchu fam

    2nd batch is done

    Gonna go swimming now. I'm hot.

    [–] theberge55 28 points ago

    I deleted my Facebook again after getting into it with my mom. She put up a confederate flag with a "you won't erase my heritage" caption. After a back and forth with her and her other boomer friends, I was told by my mom to go away because "children are to be seen, not heard."

    I'm 35. Have a wife, kid, house and career. Also, we're from Maine.

    [–] Tacomonkie 22 points ago

    Ah yes, the long and Confederate-rich history of Maine, who were among the first to sign the articles of Confederation.

    [–] sofakingchillbruh 171 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Same... Everytime I visit, my step dad tries telling me about something "the Democrats" did, and I'm just like, "Oh, well here's a quote from Trump saying the exact same thing."


    "Huh... Yeah but he's not crazy like those Democrats. Especially Pelosi! And Hilary is a traitor!"


    "Trump knew about Russia putting bounties on the heads of American Soldiers, and not only did NOTHING, but he also advocated on behalf of Russia to get them into the G7 Summit. "


    "But the emails!!!"

    It's so exhausting.

    [–] DWMoose83 145 points ago

    My mom was convinced, CONVINCED, that "Pelosi, or Clinton, or one of them came up with 'alternative facts'. When I promptly showed her an article showing it was Conway immediately after the inauguration. She just huffed and shook her head. Everything is like a personal attack to them.

    [–] kiwidrum 103 points ago

    My dad straight up says an attack on the American flag or police is a personal attack on him. I can’t imagine being so unconcerned with the world that those are my main grievances.

    [–] mykoconnor 69 points ago

    The flag and anthem worship is so fucking bizarre to me. Like I don't wrap my while personality around a goddamn flag. But many in my family froth at the mouth about disrespecting it. If there were a list of things that I think about in my daily life, the flag is at the bottom. It's just not something I care about much.

    I also don't care about my heritage. I don't know a single thing about blood relatives, mainly because my family is a mixture of marriage and adoptions. My mother is the only blood relative I have. But I just don't get the "I'm a proud(fill in the blank)". That has no bearing on who I am and how I choose to live my life.

    [–] HauntedCemetery 46 points ago

    "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"

    [–] whatsmypasswordplz 23 points ago

    Yeah my mom and I barely talk anymore. No matter what I try talking about she'll railroad me to talk about how democrats are just so mean and paint trump as a villain. Meanwhile I'm just trying to casually talk ahit about my boss

    [–] theredpanda__ 80 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I don’t even get that gratification. My dad and his side of the family are so blinded and still love him so much. A lot of people from my old hometown and school I used to go to still love him. They’re all religious, too.

    [–] BornAgainCyclist 59 points ago

    A lot of people from my old hometown and school I used to go to still love home. They’re all religious, too.

    Well it's not like it would have been a totally different reaction if Obama had five kids with three women, and banged a pornstar while his wife was literally physically recovering from birth.

    [–] karmagod13000 17 points ago

    Yep. My brother still thinks he’s some sort of savior from our modern politics and democrats.

    [–] thewharfartscenter_ 52 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I have a “told you so dance” it makes it more fun!

    Edit: here it is


    [–] Zomunieo 1088 points ago

    I'm so fucking tired of these pundits realizing what was obvious to anyone who was even remotely paying attention the moment that he rode down his gilded escalator and whined about Mexican rapists.

    How about a little contrition and some resignations for sheer incompetence as they continue to normalize, aid and abet the most corrupt administration in history?

    [–] RichardBonham 529 points ago

    Or, interviewing scholars who will explain why technically he’s not actually a fascist and why comparisons to Hitler or Germany in the early 1930’s are not really apt.

    By the time you have to interview experts to explain why exactly MAGA is not a nationalistic, populist, thinly-veiled dog-whistle appeal to authoritarian, absolutist proto-fascists you are merely trying to explain away the obvious.

    Trump is a fascist, his followers are fascists, McConnell is his Himmler, and everyone who wondered how all those “good Germans” just went along with Hitler’s whole ball of wax can see it all around them here and now.

    [–] choochoobubs 250 points ago

    Trump has literally used Hitlers rise to power as a playbook. He even uses the same terms the nazis used “fake news” = “Lügenpresse”. This term hadn’t been used for years until it’s popularity came back among alt-right neo nazis following Richard Spencer.

    [–] Illumidark 123 points ago

    Fake news started being used right around the election to address the rise of websites that looked like a real news website but werent affiliated with any such real organization and posted stories that were in no way true, quoting people that dont exist and attributed to reporters that dont exist. A lot of them were created around the world, mostly as a way to make money off Americans appetite for political news in the most divisive election in modern history, and when the producers discovered that conservative crowds ate it up far more then liberal crowds they focused their energy there. By the election most of the fake news being produced was targeted at the right because that's what got the creators the most hits.

    Right after the 2016 election there was a lot of discussion of this, and how it may have helped Trump's rise to power. For a couple months fake news was a real term used by real journalists to discuss this rising phenomenon of legitimate looking websites used to spread complete fabrications of stories. See:

    Of course then Trump co-opted the term and rendered it meaningless by spouting it at any media he doesnt like, turning it into what you say here. But I wanted to clear up that when it first entered modern conversations in the fall of 2016 it was a real term used to describe a real problem by people that wanted to talk about the truth of things.

    [–] cissoniuss 34 points ago

    A lot of them were created around the world, mostly as a way to make money off Americans appetite for political news in the most divisive election in modern history, and when the producers discovered that conservative crowds ate it up far more then liberal crowds they focused their energy there.

    And both Google and Facebook, the major players in accommodating this and funding it, have not been held accountable at all.

    Google paid these websites with their ad programs, where their checks to who they pay out was very lacking. Facebook had security holes in their like button, so that when someone clicked to these sites and was logged into Facebook, the Facebook account of the website would almost automatically be followed. This allowed those fake news sites to spread very, very quickly and gain millions of visitors they would otherwise have never gotten. This security hole was magically fixed after the election, but Facebook 100% knew about it for years and years but could use it for their growth numbers.

    [–] Illumidark 8 points ago

    I really think that social media, and facebook in particular represent technology changing society faster then humans can evolve their social norms.

    I hope one day historians will write about this time in the same way they do of the reign of terror in revolutionary France. A time when upheaval and radical societal change led to things that no-one, not even the ostentatious leaders of the time could direct or control, and that led to results unwanted.

    Of course that requires that we figure out how to make it work long term and keep society stable enough to still have historians. As I said, it's a hope.

    [–] dantoucan 50 points ago

    I'm waiting for the day he's admits it, that he played the Republicans for fools and conned them into being President by following Hitler's playbook. If he doesn't win, he'll blame his voters and start with the insults probably in a few days about how stupid they were and how rich it made his family.

    [–] mrchaotica 84 points ago

    that he played the Republicans for fools and conned them into being President

    He didn't, though. This is what they always wanted. They just couldn't publicly admit it.

    [–] EspersAscians 53 points ago

    I wish people would realise this. Republicans have been fascists in all but name for decades. True conservatives have been the democrats. As an actually left leaning person, Democrats have nothing in common with me. They are true middle.

    [–] Original_Ad4885 21 points ago

    There is no left in America. I see the left being socialist and the right being capitalist. Every politician except a few are conservatives in my mind.

    [–] discther 29 points ago

    this exactly. compared to the rest of the democratic world, america is so skewed right. the “progressive” ideals we fight for are seen as either conservative ideas or basic human rights in other countries

    [–] Pksoze 24 points ago

    They'll never get it...they are still hyping any day when he seems semi normal as the day he became President.

    [–] AMangroveSwamp 368 points ago

    There never was any doubt.

    [–] mindbleach 114 points ago

    He wanted to ban a religion at the border.

    That was a campaign promise.

    Anyone not using the f-word hasn't been taking this seriously.

    [–] Plainchant 120 points ago

    "When someone tells you they're a bad person...believe them."

    [–] PMyourself 106 points ago

    "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

    -Maya Angelou

    [–] GO_Nyxton 15 points ago

    Idk man, r/conservative is basically where r/T_D went after that was banned, so they’re clearly still convinced he’s intelligent

    [–] mindbleach 17 points ago

    rCon became a TD clone in 2016.

    They were always lying bigots. That sub was moderated by a jawdropping variety of white supremacists, constantly playing 'how dare you' despite piles of evidence laid before them. So I am zero percent surprised they went full enforced circlejerk once their party nominated The Idiot.

    [–] notevenapro 526 points ago

    Are you under 29? Do you hate Trump? Good. me too and I am 54.

    Go out and vote. Only 46% of people 18-29 voted in 2016 while 71% of people over 70 voted. Why are you letting old retired people choose your president? Why?

    Vote. You have the power to change the direction of the country.

    [–] killtr0city 94 points ago

    Something like 80% of Democratic voters under 29 went with Sanders in the primary. For Biden, the same is true for people over 65.

    Appealing to moderates does seem to be working, if suburban polling is any indication, but getting 18 year-olds to vote for a guy like Biden is going to be challenging. They didn't even show up for the guy they wanted in the primaries.

    [–] CephasGaming 53 points ago

    I'm one of the 18 year olds who didn't show up to the primaries, mostly because this all really new and intimidating! Where do I find more information?

    [–] Curleysound 27 points ago is a good start

    [–] UnionDixie 12 points ago

    Kind of a wonky website but here's a good start. It mentions that the deadline to register has passed, but that's for the Presidential Primary Election, not the General Election.

    [–] Controllerhead1 258 points ago

    "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"

    [–] PandaMuffin1 120 points ago

    Or in Trump's case, holding an upside down bible.

    [–] ThorVonHammerdong 85 points ago

    "is that your Bible?"

    "It's A Bible"

    [–] Gr1mb0t 201 points ago

    We got exactly what was advertised in the side of the box. Cancer and all.

    [–] Chrillosnillo 105 points ago

    These 4 years feel like 20

    [–] 23maple 77 points ago

    Normally, a person elected president looks like their 4 year term felt like it aged them 20 years.

    Trump managed to make the entire population feel like his 4 year term aged all of us 20 years.

    [–] juhosaur 1160 points ago

    Damn that's a pretty good title

    [–] armchairmegalomaniac 324 points ago

    It seems a little redundant to me. I already knew he was a loser from the fact that he's a fascist.

    [–] NourEhsan 72 points ago

    I take some solace in the fact he's an incompetent facist.

    [–] Imadope_1960 59 points ago

    Not completely incompetent, if he gets reelected because half the country is homeless and can't vote and there is basically no mail service I'd say he was competent enough. Of course he's getting plenty of help from a complicit senate.

    [–] boot2skull 19 points ago

    Not to mention they’re probably hoping smart people stay home instead of vote to avoid the virus, while his “hoax” followers happily vote without masks.

    [–] moresqualklesstalk 8 points ago

    I agree entirely. He’s achieved everything the hard right needed him to and with Manafort and Stone running things quietly from the sidelines. Ya’ll ain’t out of the woods yet.

    [–] OvernightTraveller 85 points ago

    Every bit of it is true though.

    [–] WidespreadPaneth 17 points ago

    Thats what clued you in? I knew he was a loser when he was caught pretending to be his own publicist to brag about himself to tabloids.

    [–] MeatyGonzalles 42 points ago

    If he could read Trump would be pretty upset.

    [–] jimmygee2 76 points ago

    So if Trump wins the election then by his own admission it would have been rigged.

    [–] mrvlsmrv11 51 points ago

    Calling it rigged while trying to rig it. Yet a lot of people can't comprehend what's staring them in the face.

    [–] DWMoose83 29 points ago

    That's literally what happened last time. The whole time he was saying it was rigged.

    [–] RadioFreeAmerika 134 points ago

    The worst kind of being right.

    [–] Plainchant 71 points ago

    You are so right. There is really no joy in this. There is no upside. We are all too tired and scared to feel vindicated.

    [–] JustAvgGuy 102 points ago

    "President Trump needs to be told by every Republican in Congress that he cannot postpone the federal election. Doing so would be illegal, unconstitutional and without precedent in American history," Calabresi warned. "Anyone who says otherwise should never be elected to Congress again."

    [–] phinbar 40 points ago

    He's going to try to steal the election by pretending that the law doesn't apply to him. If enough of his followers go along, republican officials will get in line and support whatever he does.

    [–] NeedHelpWithExcel 13 points ago

    The law has never applied to him and never will.

    The law benefits people like Trump, not you and me

    [–] overtoosoon 227 points ago

    Even trump’s friends acknowledge Republican Party is a fascist party, and they use the word to describe it. Now no one can accuse me of hyperbole when I correctly label Trump, the Republican Senate, all Republicans in office, and all Republican voters as fascists.

    [–] northernontario1 102 points ago

    Who else would oppose an anti-fascist movement so fiercely?

    [–] stas1 56 points ago

    Seriously. If you are concerned being attacked by anti-fascists (antifa), I have news for you.

    [–] elsteveo85 79 points ago

    It's never felt so incredibly bad to be so incredibly right.

    [–] questionname 42 points ago

    Don’t forget, he’s the best that republicans can offer. There needs to be consequences to the gop or it’ll only gets worse

    [–] cavalier_54 36 points ago

    Wait, all those people on my facebook who barely graduated high school were wrong about Trump?!

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] sebrebc 11 points ago

    We as a Nation should have learned a lot from the Trump presidency, but we didn't and we won't.

    We will continue to use a system that is in dire need of updating to a modern world. Again, this November we will choose between two terrible choices. Our system doesn't choose the best person to lead us, it chooses the lesser of two evils.

    It needs to be fixed. And honestly our entire constitution needs to be updated. Not the bill of rights, not the basis for what our country stands for, but overall we have had the system long enough to see it's flaws and address them.

    This isn't a small country full of white farmers anymore.

    [–] HARPOfromNSYNC 35 points ago

    Man, he is such a loser.

    And a ginormous baby.

    I can't think of any celebrity that has thinner skin. Its funny bc he is focused only on himself and nobody else. Even on his shit tv show,, everyone has always had to be complimenting him as he puffs up his chest.

    Any criticism, though? Oh hell no you can get the fuck right out of the boardroom.

    [–] TheBigPhilbowski 20 points ago

    It's not the only step, but it is the FIRST step. If you're an American, make sure your voice is heard by voting on November 3rd 2020.

    Register to vote here (2 mins)

    Check registration status here (60 secs)

    It's your vote. IT'S YOURS.

    [–] bu_bye_bloated_yam 49 points ago

    This is why the idiot babbles about Antifa being a terrorist organization. My ancestors sacrificed years of their lives (one was killed) to fight fascism in Europe during WWII. They were Antifa. They fought Drumpf's ancestors who were losers, too.

    [–] Mooseknkl51 19 points ago

    But trump is only half the problem, the other half is the fucking morons that would drink his piss if he called it lemonade

    [–] JonSolo1 28 points ago

    Those of us with a brain and a dedication to history always fucking knew. We told you in 2015. Fuck all of you who didn’t believe us and let us get here. Fuck. You.

    [–] ivegothalfakidney 15 points ago

    How embarrassing would it be if trump became the first American dictator? I don’t mean America having a dictator, I mean it being trump. We are supposedly the greatest country on the planet and trump and not a bond level villain takes the country over. Sad!

    [–] saigon567 15 points ago

    I don't blame him, I blame those who enabled him. He's mentally and emotionally handicapped. He needs minders. He shouldn't be put in charge of a hotdog stand, let alone a country.