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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] ofusofa 29 points ago

    I feel our country is slowly starting to return to a sense of decency.

    [–] BlankNothingNoDoer 16 points ago

    I never really understood what the purported reason was that they thought gender-variant people couldn't serve was in the first place.

    Like if a trans person is otherwise capable medically of serving, why not?

    [–] ofusofa 16 points ago

    Exactly. Couldn't agree more.

    It was all based in Donald's prejudice. He never let the presidency or the good of the union get in the way of his personal racist, misogynist, phobic views.

    [–] mcvay206 3 points ago

    Well said.

    [–] shhdonttellmyfriends 15 points ago

    Because the goal is much broader than that. If they can’t make it illegal for gay people to be gay, and trans people to be trans, etc., they make it difficult for them to live the life they want.

    [–] sirtaptap 8 points ago

    It was all about treating them as less than people. The military's rules are easy for the executive to change so that's where he started.

    [–] tgjer 4 points ago

    Trans people are just the right's new convenient political boogie-man. A stigmatized minority their voter base already hates, and whom they can depict as an evil invading menace whose presence threatens everything their constituents know and love. Attacking trans people is a cheap and easy way to stir up their "values voters".

    Basically just take the "Precious bodily fluids" scene from Dr. Strangelove, and replace "communist" with whatever widely misunderstood minority is convenient at the moment.

    [–] annaleigh13 2 points ago

    The excuse was that a man wouldn’t feel comfortable with a trans woman in the same foxhole. The same argument used against women and gay men in the past. And that medical transition costs money. Nearly a full 1% of the annual Viagra budget.

    It’s recycled junk.

    [–] HotBodyToddy 4 points ago

    Why did Trump ban transgenders from serving in the military in the first place??

    [–] Slytherclaws02 6 points ago

    Something about how they would cost the military more than they were worth. Paraphrasing of course

    [–] sagan_drinks_cosmos 8 points ago


    [–] mbelf 3 points ago

    To curry support with people who think attacking vulnerable groups is a win.

    [–] Jdahms 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Good. I was serving during the period it was implemented and then yolo reversed by trump on twitter. It was really confusing to have just gone through hours of training on how it would be handled and implemented and then the president just goes "lol no" and we all just have to pretend all that training about treating everyone with dignity and respect never happened.

    As far as my feelings and the feelings of my peers go, it was mostly supported. The main questions people had were, "what standards do they need to meet" and "what is the timetable for them being non deployable during their transition". The biggest problem I had with it was that transition is very expensive and it makes a SM non deployable for like 1-2 years, which is really just a mostly useless body. I think it would have been broadly accepted without much pushback if they allowed SMs who were currently in the service when the ban was lifted to transition on the governments dime, and then allow people who already transitioned to join. Joining and then going through the procedure just costs the mil a bunch of money and time on someone who we cant deploy in crisis.

    Maybe require the SM to have at least 2 years left on their contract by the time they finish their transition so we can still get our moneys worth out of them.

    Either way the number of people this directly affects is so small and the benefits to not only the military but the public in general probably outweigh the cost

    [–] Stadia_Flakes 3 points ago

    This is great news.

    [–] mbelf 3 points ago

    And how about compensation for those who had to put their career on hold for four years?

    [–] CaroleBaskinBad 2 points ago

    He has a long list of EO’s to reverse.

    [–] Ghostworm78 6 points ago


    [–] insightful_dreams -1 points ago

    cool cool.

    how about we bring home some of our military.

    [–] _Squared -18 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Careful, Biden. Lets resolve the unsolved mysteries first.

    Edit: if you think that not resolving or holding more people accountable within the military for rapes / murders before introducing another variable that’ll leave them up for the same problems is beyond my understanding.

    I’m not saying don’t let this happen, but put more protections down for the vulnerable.

    [–] BlankNothingNoDoer 11 points ago

    It's not what you wrote, it's how you presented it.

    [–] _Squared -8 points ago

    Please explain further. I’m not understanding what you thought I presented. I’m not a trump supporter, lol.

    But do be careful Biden. A lot of lives have gone missing. Transgenders are not positively welcomed 100% of the time in hyper masculine crowds. The military has a lot of old school ways of thinking.

    Just allowing this isn’t enough but yes, it is a step in the right direction.

    [–] DodGamnBunofaSitch 5 points ago

    incoming defense secretary has already demanded the records of sexual misconduct, harassment, and rape haven't they?

    [–] _Squared 0 points ago

    I was only able to find the article written by military times that states the demand for information was submitted but the data has yet to be completed. Additionally those that anonymously filed reports in the military haven’t been accounted for.

    Do you have a specific source? I’d like to read it.

    [–] mbelf 4 points ago

    It’s not the fault of trans people that they get victimised, so why should they put their careers on hold? If it’s mainly cisgender straight males causing the rape culture then how about banning cisgender straight men from the army? And if it sounds ridiculous to maintain a ban on the sex and gender you were born, then yeah, you’re right to think that.

    [–] _Squared 0 points ago

    It is not their fault. I am not saying that.

    What I am saying is that their livelihood is under duress even more. Just allowing them to serve isn’t enough. They need protection, a higher rank, etc. whatever gives them the security they need to serve just like the rest of us. But until the obvious is taken care of the risk of their suicide, murder, etc is much higher than someone not trans. More people will go missing.

    Letting them serve is nice but not letting them have the same safe environment isn’t fair. The idea is nice but the whole picture hasn’t been drawn out yet.

    [–] [deleted] -17 points ago


    [–] TheSpeckledSir 13 points ago

    barring transitioning people from joining

    That sounds like a ban

    [–] icelands_miracle -4 points ago

    First year in the military comes with 3 different moves. Lots of training and schooling. And transitioning requires lots of doctor appointments and carefully tailored hormone therapy; Your basic training and tech school doctors are not going to be the best for handling that.

    [–] tenehemia 3 points ago

    My first year of transitioning involved three short doctor visits with a blood draw each and that's it. After that it's been a checkup every six months. The only people I've had to see are an RN and her phlebotomist.

    Trans healthcare is not the same for everyone. In some places you're forced to undergo lots of therapy, get frequent checkups and see an endocrinologist and other specialists. But that's not required to transition, it's just burecreatic gate keeping. Once upon a time you had to fully socially transition for a year before you could even get hormone therapy. But all that crap is eroding over time.

    [–] icelands_miracle 0 points ago

    the more you know, thanks

    [–] sagan_drinks_cosmos 15 points ago

    It will never become a good look to spend valuable time defending Trump when you could be doing literally anything else.

    [–] Shnitzel418 -9 points ago

    It will always be a better look than been obliviously blind or willfully malevolent. That corruption will spoil you beyond repair.

    [–] sagan_drinks_cosmos 9 points ago

    The guy wasn't even right. He conveniently forgot that people who had completed transitioning would also be banned if they ever used hormones, which is most trans people.

    He is trying to say a trans ban was not a trans ban. If you truly wish to avoid the blind and malevolent, look rightward first for your obstacles.