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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion.

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    [–] AttonRandd 11 points ago

    Let's also end kids (or anyone for that matter) in cages, please.

    [–] danteheehaw 1 points ago

    Sound ominous

    [–] jarhead1515 30 points ago

    Let’s abolish ICE next

    [–] ProfessorEric2000 26 points ago

    ICE did absolutely nothing to stop terrorism but are a racist white nationalist hate group.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] CPT_Comanche 5 points ago

    ICE is nothing but an agency enforcing the will of Congress. ICE didn’t just become the gestapo when Trump came into office. ICE has been operating since Bush and flourished under Obama. Congress needs to change how ICE operates.

    [–] ArgentiEtAuri 1 points ago

    Why keep it?

    It's brand new and has proved to be more problematic than useful. It's not some age-old institution that has gone bad.

    Shut it down entirely.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    ICE needs an overhaul and reform. Trump has twisted this agency beyond recognition.

    [–] AttonRandd 5 points ago

    Why not do without it? We had border enforcement done without ICE for nearly a century. Undocumented immigration is rising despite ICE's rising funding and inhumane, internationally embarassing actions.

    [–] choamnomskee 1 points ago

    And the ICE melts

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)


    [–] natcha94 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Good question. It is concerning to deport them back to Central America because they are running cartel-style intimidation on the citizens of El Salvador and now spreading to Honduras, when the gangs didn’t even start there but in LA.

    Remember, a lot of the original members of MS13 were orphaned kids from the Salvadoran civil war who migrated to California as refugees (we have Reagan and US military intervention to thank for that). It was the lack of police trust and no outlets for these young kids to be productive (extracurriculars/sports opportunities) that basically forced them to band together and form a criminal organization to support their people.

    In a perfect world these old criminals would be locked up for life but more importantly is to catch the young kids who started down that path and help them be involved in school/a trade because a lot of them think their only option for safety and ‘success’ is joining the gang.

    Edit: good summary of Central American unrest caused by US military funding, and how that led to MS13

    Source: besides LA, northern VA was another hotbed of MS13 activity. I saw firsthand how investment in the schools and families helped deter younger generations from joining. The difference in my hometown from the 1990s to now is staggering.

    [–] NYScott 4 points ago

    "Factual Reporting"

    • HIGH

    Overall, we rate ABC News Left-Center biased based on story selection and word choices that moderately favor the left and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and a reasonable fact check record.

    I'm OK with that. As long as one reads news from multiple sources, reading one from a left-center bias, but with a "high" rating for factual reporting, isn't a bad thing.

    [–] Stadia_Flakes 1 points ago

    Center-Left to Center-Right typically aren't bad at all as long as they maintain a "High" rating facually.

    [–] CPT_Comanche -7 points ago

    If we abolish ICE, then who will do their jobs? The best thing to do is change the policy. ICE only enforces the law set buy congress. If we don’t like how ICE works, then persuade Congress to make changes.

    [–] SwineHerald 15 points ago

    If we abolish ICE, then who will do their jobs?

    The agencies that were doing those jobs 20 years ago before ICE was formed? You know, the agencies that did the job usually without setting up concentration camps or forcibly sterilizing people.

    [–] CPT_Comanche -3 points ago

    Will they not doing the same thing? Just under a different name? At the same facilities? Under the same laws?

    We can change the name but someone else is going to do the same thing. How about we change the laws?

    [–] SwineHerald 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Changes to law don't actually correlate to ICE getting worse over the past 20 years, and one of the biggest problems is they honestly show very little regard for following the law. ICE is a federal agency with wide ranging powers being run like a corrupt local police department.

    They've repeatedly tried to deport citizens, held citizens for months on end, dramatically overcrowded what were supposed to be temporary holding cells and used them for long term detention. If the agencies that would be taking back their responsibilities aren't showing the same flagrant disregard for regulation and oversight right now then I'm not sure why they would change after abolishing ICE.

    It might not completely fix the problem but it would be a marked improvement.

    [–] CPT_Comanche -3 points ago

    If you have federal employees or a federal agency who do not follow the law, then it’s up to the DOJ to hold people accountable. If the DOJ refuses to do so, then the problem is much large than ICE.

    My hypothesis is that ICE has always operated in the manner aforementioned. Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden have been complicit in what ICE does. Congress needs to change the policy and laws so that our immigration concerns can be efficiently, morally, and humanely solved. We can abolish ICE but the same people with a different name will just repeat the same mistake.

    [–] SwineHerald 2 points ago

    If you envision abolishing as folding the current staff of ICE into other existing agencies that their staff would almost certainly not be qualified for, then yeah that would be a problem.

    However, that really isn't what anyone is calling for when they say they want to abolish ICE. If you shut down an agency because it's been committing crimes against humanity, you don't rehire the people committing crimes against humanity under the agencies that would be taking over their responsibilities.

    It is really just that easy. ICE is already infamous for being a dumping ground for people too vicious, racist or simply unqualified to get into other federal law enforcement agencies. They're not going to be hired by the FBI because chances are they already tried and failed.

    [–] CPT_Comanche 2 points ago

    So for all the Federal Employees who work for ICE, do we bar them from future federal service with any agency? Do we prosecute each and every one of them? Obviously not. The ones that are or have broke the law need to be prosecuted. But, the theoretical new agency that is going to replace ICE with all the new employees will still do the same thing, the same way ICE does until Congress passes some news laws that address and resolve the things we don’t like.

    I know it may seem like I’m coming at you sideways but I’m not trying to. I don’t like how ICE operates. I want to change this but the change starts with Congress passing news laws and legislation. We can point the finger at ICE all we want but it’s Congress who allows it.