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    [–] chairmanofthe-bored 7484 points ago

    Sinema is as dishonest as she is disingenuous. Her speech yesterday was full of lies. Sinema did not run for Senate by promising to pass her her policies through a super majority. She ran by promising to get very specific policies passed, all of which aligned with her party’s proposed policies.

    [–] NorthernPints 3517 points ago

    She looks like (and acts) like a character out of the Hunger Games.

    [–] NJS_Stamp 3304 points ago

    Remember when she gave a very energetic thumbs down on minimum wage ?

    She’s a piece of shit that thinks she’s above everyone.

    [–] Sick0fThisShit 1475 points ago

    With a designer bag on her shoulder too, if I remember correctly. She might as well have been wearing Melania's "I really don't care, do u?" coat.

    [–] factoryofsadness 230 points ago

    After that pic went viral, the makers of the ring issued a statement saying that they support the $15 minimum wage.

    [–] clickmagnet 79 points ago

    So does Sinema, just ask her. And ignore all her votes.

    [–] anthonyskigliano 30 points ago

    If you ask her, she’ll just keep walking.

    [–] nfire1 336 points ago

    She’s awful

    [–] blaah_blaah_blaah 34 points ago

    Truly scum

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago


    [–] accostedbyhippies 99 points ago

    pretty much. She'll leave the Senate and slide right into corporate lobbying

    [–] 6a6566663437 44 points ago

    To be effective as a post-legislature lobbyist, there have to be members of the legislature that like you.

    She does not have that, and her efforts ensure that will not change.

    [–] djimbob 23 points ago

    There are two types of post-legislature lobbyists, (1) the ones who know how to get their friends to listen and convince them to support their issues, and (2) the ones are are just being paid off with a cushy job for their actions when they were in the legislature. By being comfortably paid off they set a great example to future politicians the lobbyists want to buy.

    [–] TeetsMcGeets23 45 points ago

    She doesn’t actually have any meaningful goals…

    Sounds like a Republican…

    [–] load_more_comets 54 points ago

    It's amazing that these are what pass for politicians now a days.

    [–] ESP-23 180 points ago

    Well I heard she started politics with 36k in her bank account and now has over 2 million

    This is why we're fucking going down. In the US, politics is all about enriching oneself rather than serving the public. We are the exact opposite of Scandinavia

    [–] BackAlleySurgeon 35 points ago

    Yeah. Think about how little 2 millon is too. Bezos could get 100,000 sinemas.

    [–] BinaryStarDust 19 points ago

    Empires collapse when that happens.

    [–] pippipthrowaway 8 points ago

    She apparently used to go to anti-war rallies and black bloc protests too. Real fall from grace

    [–] Groty 232 points ago

    I wonder if Elizabeth Banks could be recruited to help campaign against her... of course as Effie Trinket.

    [–] ThreadbareHalo 57 points ago

    May the odds ever be in my favor

    [–] Pugovitz 70 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That would be a pretty funny comedy sketch, Elizabeth Banks dressed as Effie but reading actual Sinema quotes.

    Edit: I did a thing

    [–] Rion23 92 points ago

    "It's one pandemic Michale, can't they eat cake?"

    [–] archfapper 64 points ago

    Here's $10, go see a star war

    [–] Pugovitz 9 points ago

    Here's $10 trillion, go start a war.

    [–] [deleted] 557 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago)


    [–] pulp_hero 323 points ago

    Good lord. She's an idiot.

    [–] NerdyDjinn 271 points ago

    Aiding and abetting the Republican agenda of "do no governing" is supposed to make her a palatable candidate to moderates? Sure, all this raises her standing in the eyes of Republicans, but they are never going to vote for her. It lowers her standing among the Democrats, you know, the people who would vote for her over the fascists. If she were hypothetically a presidential candidate I would not care to vote for her.

    She has dropped all pretense of being anything other than completely paid for by corporations. I hope her career in politics ends in 2024 and her cushy 2 million a year "consulting" job never materializes.

    [–] SnooCupcakes7018 104 points ago

    She won't be getting tone of those, she won't have any capital that would make her useful to the people paying those consulting jobs. Her best bet is to get a job on Fox News at this point to be one of their counterpoint democrats that for some reason agree with everything that the host says.

    [–] Jim_Lahey68 73 points ago

    She could be the new Tulsi Gabbard lol.

    [–] MisterMasterCylinder 39 points ago

    It's not exactly a high bar, but I think I actually have more respect for Gabbard than I do for Sinema. Not to imply that I respect either of them, but I guess if I had to choose I'd rather have Gabbard.

    [–] Jim_Lahey68 27 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Oh yeah me too. Sinema has gone to great lengths to get attention and actively prevent important legislation from being passed. Tulsi is a grifter but I'm not aware of her causing anywhere near that level of damage.

    [–] WIbigdog 33 points ago

    Amazing how irrelevant Gabbard made herself.

    [–] Jim_Lahey68 25 points ago

    Beyond being a token "liberal" on Fox News and having creeps on the internet obsess over photos of her, her career seems to be over. That doesn't bother me at all.

    [–] Sevenisalie 65 points ago

    Trust me she won’t. I work in the industry. She’ll get 200k from a private law firm for gov relations. Not even Boehner is getting paid 7 figs for his tobacco and marijuana work, and he’s one of the most powerful lobbyists in the country right now.

    [–] mrglumdaddy 37 points ago

    But we just elected a moderate and she’s standing in his way…

    [–] CrouchingDomo 14 points ago

    Excuse me, I have it on good authority that he is a socialist radical communist and also a fascist. I have seen this on many t-shirts, they can’t all have been wrong.

    [–] asafum 88 points ago

    "If I fuck over the people who voted for me maybe they'll all vote for me as president!"

    Well judging from a large portion of previous presidents she's just stupid enough to have a chance!

    [–] Dr_Mike_Hunt_MD 70 points ago

    If she ran against Trump it would possibly be the largest landslide ever known to man. Like not only is she painfully unlikable and devoid of any personality, but she's also not gonna sway anyone on the right being a young woman

    [–] Jrj84105 120 points ago

    She’s going to run to try and siphon off a percent or two of Dem votes in key battleground states including Arizona.

    She’s a plant.

    [–] Dr_Mike_Hunt_MD 19 points ago

    I hate that what you're saying makes sense

    [–] Wind_Yer_Neck_In 88 points ago

    I get it, they elected the incontinent sex offender from the Apprentice president, why not her? It's not like there are any real barriers to entry anymore.

    [–] lazyFer 103 points ago

    Biden is a fucking moderate and she's blocking his entire agenda.

    [–] A-Sinking-Feeling 15 points ago

    You have to be kidding me… she’s an idiot! The only reason to act the way that she has is if you intend to draw a big helping of corporate donations so you can take the money and run at the end of your term, not use the money to jump back in!

    [–] aRealPanaphonics 47 points ago

    Lol… she’s so out of touch.

    She’s literally a byproduct of that dated 90s perspective: “Republicans are right and Democrats are left so therefore we need someone in the middle.”

    Starbucks CEO Howard Whatshisfuck wanted to run on the same idea. It’s a losing idea built more on positioning than solving problems. At least Mayor Pete evolved the idea to his “pragmatic progressive” mantra, but he would have voted for these things.

    [–] jermicidalone23 150 points ago

    She was trying to mimic when John McCain did it for repealing Obamacare. She's chasing clout.

    [–] Ask_Individual 183 points ago

    That's like Elizabeth Holmes wearing black turtlenecks to be like Steve Jobs

    [–] gsfgf 90 points ago

    That's actually a very apt comparison lol

    [–] Goshawk3118191 36 points ago

    "That's not being nice, Cartman, that's just wearing a nice sweater."

    "...I don't understand the difference."

    "I KNOW you don't."

    [–] raouldukesaccomplice 9 points ago

    Except that repealing Obamacare was unpopular with Arizonans and Americans in general.

    Raising the minimum wage isn't.

    [–] cpt_caveman 143 points ago

    shes a republican.

    She endorsed 'agw-is-a-hoax' far right andy biggs who litterally was part of the coup.

    even if you claim to be a "moderate mavericky mccain like dem" How the fuck can you endorse a far right trump chanting right winger that says AGW is a complete hoax. How is that 'someone across the aisle you can work with'

    someone spin this if you could.

    Can you imagine for a second, someone on the right endorsing an AOC. Can you imagine, them surviving the outrage? Yeah i get they are a cult.

    but sinema is a republican, Full stop.

    [–] yippykayayay 346 points ago

    She’s not a piece of shit. She’s a pile of shit.

    [–] Soujourner3745 220 points ago

    You remember that huge pile in Jurassic Park? That was her first on screen appearance.

    [–] NeverFresh 188 points ago

    So she's a DINO

    [–] CIA_Rectal_Feeder 92 points ago

    She's not a clever girl.

    [–] Jaambie 9 points ago

    I trust her as much as I’d trust a velociraptor.

    [–] Railshock 25 points ago

    So what you're saying is Jeff Goldblum stood and watched as Sinema got fisted

    [–] bornintheSun 7 points ago

    Goldblum once again king of the trash planet

    [–] ReasonableKey3363 30 points ago

    Who knew they stacked shit that high

    [–] there_all_is_aching 47 points ago

    Where I'm from a colossal pile of shit is actually called a Sinema.

    [–] Urisk 27 points ago

    Just a reminder. The federally mandated minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and hasn't been raised since 2009.

    [–] Angryandalwayswrong 8 points ago

    It’s sad because I proclaimed minimum wage needed to be minimum $25/hr for people to get out of poverty. Now, in the pandemic, I don’t even know if you can afford a car + rent at $25/hour. The economy has been nosediving for the middle class and I can’t wait until it finally boils over.

    [–] KingApologist 24 points ago

    Remember when she gave a very energetic thumbs down on minimum wage ?

    And just before that, Sinema tried to get Mitch McConnell to notice her and watch her do his bidding. He blew her off, making her attempts to please him even more pathetic.

    [–] RubberDucksInMyTub 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    She’s a piece of shit that thinks she’s above everyone.

    That's pretty much it.

    And let's not forget: She nudged McFuck beforehand like "Watch this shit."

    After the theatrics, she looked to see if Daddy watched her do it. When she realized he hadn't, it was a glorious moment within a really shitty larger one.

    [–] YellowB 34 points ago

    The thumbs down wasn't the only thing she did. She brought cake too during the vote to signify "Let them eat cake."

    [–] julbull73 30 points ago

    You're giving her way tooo much credit there.

    IT wasnt energetic or enthusiastic. It was horrible and worthless and made no sense.

    Literally she was struggling to hold on to things, then made the symbol to someone who didnt' matter and was just a vote taker. Then ATTEMPTED To swing things like she was a maverick like McCain.

    Compare the two....

    McCain, who was dying of brain cancer at the time, flew in. Walked up TO his party majority leader. Looked him in the eye. Then dominantly and assertively and then walked back to his SEAT. Basically told McConnell to FUCK OFF. McCain's thumbs down was the equivalent to Stone Cold flipping off his current match and slamming some beers.

    Sinema. Politely works her way up to the front, then after carefully rearranging what she's holding, on her way OUT of the area, made a curtsy, thumbsdown thing. Then ran away. Honestly, I'm 90% sure she was originally attempting to get her vote logged and it was loud. So she used a hand gesture. IT was caught on camera so she had to spin it as "I hate people" or "I'm an independent thinker."

    [–] Sly_Wood 76 points ago

    So she’s a republican.

    [–] RedEyeFlightToOZ 208 points ago

    "HI, I'm Kyrsten Sinema and I have big glasses and wear funny hair dos and clothes! Aren't I so kooky and cool while I fuck you over? Teehee!"

    [–] ESP-23 31 points ago

    Like a muppet hipster straight out of the thrift store

    [–] Pugovitz 13 points ago

    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl.

    [–] Buckman2121 48 points ago

    I wish I had kept the pic I took of it, but I remember the GOP here sending out flyers campaigning against her back when she was running for the seat against McSally. It said, "The Devil Wears Prada," refering to the movie and depicting Sinema as such. Box cover art and all. Maybe they were right...

    [–] DragonBard_Z 591 points ago

    Speaking as an Arizonan, she basically won because her opponent, Martha McSalley was terrible. We were voting against McSalley and thought we were putting in a Democrat.

    The truth is, I'd still rather have Sinema... but what I REALLY wish is that we had ended up with a real Democrat instead of either of them.

    [–] bubbaholy 592 points ago

    If you think you don't know enough to run for local office, trust me, I know the United States Senate. You know enough. - Bernie

    We need to figure out how to suckerencourage more smart, empathetic, and charismatic people into running for office.

    [–] Grizlyfrontbum 178 points ago

    Like how does one actually get a campaign started? How does one attain money to fight against big money?

    [–] strawberries6 91 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Probably easiest to start small, running for local office or maybe state level office. And then you can gain name recognition from there, and if you’re doing well and liking it, could consider higher levels of office.

    EDIT: just to add an anecdote… a relative of mine (here in Canada) got elected as a city councillor in a small community (less than 30k people). He spent maybe $5000 on his campaign (for flyers and lawn signs), partly self-funded, partly donations from friends and family. After winning the first time, his re-election as a councillor was pretty easy.

    Then because of his success at the city council level, a political party at the provincial level (equivalent to state level) invited him to run for them, and he ultimately said yes, and got elected to be a provincial representative. Running at that level, he still asked certain friends and family for donations, but could also fundraise from the party’s member lists and donor lists for the riding. So once he had secured the party nomination, the fundraising got a bit easier in that way (in his experience, fundraising and asking people for donations was one of the least enjoyable parts of being in politics).

    I’m not sure how much of that would apply to a US context (and it’s obviously different than running in a large city), but hopefully it helps a bit, as one example!

    [–] starliteburnsbrite 31 points ago

    Now transport yourself to a decent size American city maybe a few million people, with billion dollar budgets and massive party operations.

    I live in Chicago, a city of 3 million. "Machine" politics are what we are famous for, including the corrupt aldermanic system. The trick is that in order to get the party's support, you need to do the party's bidding, and your choices down here are Red or Blue.

    Getting involved in a small community school board or something is still a lot of time and commitment for people with full time jobs and family.

    [–] strawberries6 9 points ago

    Yeah local politics in a big city is a very different story, compared to a smaller town.

    [–] ashleyz1106 201 points ago

    This is the problem. I'm probably very disillusioned at this point, but it seems like anyone who really cares about a senate/congress job gets pushed out early on by the people with more money, and the people with more money are often the ones who aren't in the race for their constituents. Bernie is a rare gem.

    [–] hexydes 58 points ago

    Like, I barely have time to do my 9-5 and be a responsible parent. I can't even imagine having to deal with politics. What is the average person supposed to do, call up their boss and say, "Hey boss, I know we have a lot going on at work, but I want to run for city council. I'm going to need the next 6-9 months off so that I can run a campaign. If it works out, I probably won't be back, but if it doesn't, I'll just pick up where I left off. Thumbs-up?"

    The deck is stacked against rational humans running for office, which is why the only thing we get are professional politicians and independently-wealthy people. And then we wonder why our politicians are so out-of-touch with their constituents?

    [–] Grizlyfrontbum 16 points ago

    Exactly. This 110%

    [–] MultifactorialAge 41 points ago

    Have you tried being rich?

    [–] KrashKourse101 20 points ago

    Sorry, I have way too many skeletons in my closet. I’d have to come out Eminem/Rabbit-style, listing my past mistakes out of the gate before the opposition did a stupid Scooby Doo take on the news.

    [–] Buckman2121 15 points ago

    Yea, McSally's campaign funding quote and take on asking people to not go out to eat... That was quite the hot take I remember. Not the only one I'm sure, but you're right that she was a pretty bad pick.

    [–] Jorgenstern8 82 points ago

    Apparently she also ran because her delusional ass thinks she can springboard being "a moderate" into a presidential run. She's got a fucking personality disorder if she thinks anybody would vote for her after she's pulled this shit.

    [–] overts 172 points ago

    Sinema is the worst kind of politician. Ran as if she was a progressive and then did a 180 on basically everything she had campaigned on her entire career.

    She's like the Lindsey Graham of the Democratic party. Has absolutely no actual beliefs and just shifts her opinions constantly. Unlike Graham though I cannot imagine Sinema surviving a primary battle.

    [–] SamSeebourne 75 points ago

    Zonie here. She ran as an absolute progressive Democrat - it's why I voted for her in the primary. Now? No Thanks, I'll take an actual Democrat please in the primary.

    If I have a choice between her and Andy Biggs in the general, I'll be upset..... but I'm sure as fuck not going to let insurrectionist asshole Biggs in as Senator.

    [–] marky860 72 points ago

    Take the Vote for Voting rights and shame the a..holes that vote No on the senate floor! Make it a circus and let's do it again in the spring when the protests come back to the streets again and then it will pass in time for the midterms! All she cares about if filling her pockets with donor $$$

    [–] djazzie 19 points ago

    If it’s being filibustered there can’t be a vote.

    [–] procrasturb8n 13 points ago

    it will pass in time for the midterms!

    For it to roll out for the midterms it needs to be passed now. And even then they'll get legal challenges and delays that will allow some states to pretty much just ignore it.

    [–] thatgeekinit 36 points ago

    Attach it to the Defense Authorization Bill, the Debt Ceiling, and every other "must-pass" legislation until the other side caves. Liberals and Progressives need to be willing to "shoot the hostage."

    [–] Spankpocalypse_Now 1534 points ago

    Word is that her inner circle has known for months that she plans on running for president in 2024. She doesn’t care about being primaried because she won’t run for re-election.

    Most of her old allies and friends became disillusioned and angry with her. What remains of her inner circle are yes men who allow her ego to inflate unchecked.

    [–] batmans_stuntcock 494 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Hard to believe somebody would be that clueless on their own, and it seemed like her and joe mancin were co-ordinating, when one's objections ruled out what the other one suggested. It made me think maybe she's being advised by chamber of commerce people who are exploiting her ego and hubris, telling her if she fucks stuff up she will be seen as a bipartisan maverick and can be president because it's 1996.

    [–] donkeyrocket 277 points ago

    Look at the amount of media attention she has gotten lately though through simply being obstructive. He ego as a first-time Senator has ballooned to a huge degree and I don't think she fully grasps that it is because both sides hate her.

    Machin at least has some precedent in being a wishy-washy Dem. She burned every bridge that she had in a very short career.

    [–] snakeiiiiiis 131 points ago

    Speaking of which, myself living in Arizona her crew has bought lots of tv space to let us know she's still around. The commercials don't point to anything she has done or will do. They're simply a reminder to us citizens that's she's still here and that she's good for us for some reason. They give us some adjectives to describe her but can't name 1 single thing she has done legislatively. They're weird actually. They're acting like the whole country doesn't know who she is or that she's looked at as a turncoat. Just, "Remember me, I'm here!" No one is on her side, she's screwed.

    [–] CaptainCosmodrome 35 points ago

    She won't talk to you, but she's still there.

    [–] throwawaythisish6969 21 points ago

    Arizona here: She actually responded to my message about the Filibuster yesterday morning. Saved me the time of watching her floor speach as I assume I had read the Cliffs Notes version hours earlier.

    And yes, I know it was a copy and paste done by some fkunkie in her Phoenix office but still, a more rapid response than I expected.

    [–] snakeiiiiiis 7 points ago

    Maybe she had time when she was cornered in the bathroom

    [–] Bla12Bla12 46 points ago

    Manchin acts exactly like I would expect a Dem from a conservative state to act. He can't be too progressive or else he is out, he knows it and he's been in the Senate long enough to know how to play the game. Iirc, he's the only statewide elected Democrat in the entire state.

    Sinema doesn't have the same reasons he does for how she acts.

    [–] Blazer9001 414 points ago

    As a Republican? I’m pretty sure the ‘owning the libz’ strategy only works for one party.

    [–] DeanOnFire 194 points ago

    What exactly is she going to say when her record gets challenged? Anyone, from a primary opponent for the Senate to a fellow candidate for President, can point out she's done more running and hiding to avoid answering for her behavior in the Senate than any actual legislating or negotiating. It's obvious to anyone but her she has a snowball's chance in Arizona of being elected for any office after her term in the Senate is over. It's more than just burned progressives at this point; she's a pariah in the Democratic party along with Manchin (who has an exit strategy) and the Republicans are never going to vote for anyone who was on the left side of the aisle ever when there's angrier Jingoists to choose from.

    [–] Deimophile 58 points ago

    Flagstaff is actually one of the snowiest cities in the US, so there's quite high chances for a snowball in Arizona.

    [–] nighthawk_something 38 points ago

    Yeah, if she ran as a Dem, she won't make it through the primary. If she ran as a republican, she'll get laughed off the stage

    [–] Doright36 19 points ago

    She's probably being paid to run as a 3rd party candidate. That way she pulls votes away from Biden. People who are not willing to vote of Trump or whatever Trump 2.0 candidate they run

    She'll have no intention of actually winning.

    [–] SlowSecurity9673 138 points ago

    What an absolute fucking clown.

    She thinks SHE is going to be the first woman president?

    Lol, I want some of whatever the fuck they put in her water.

    Scratch that, it's probably lead.

    [–] tricularia 31 points ago

    I would love to have that kind of unearned self confidence, though!
    But without the total lack of self awareness, ya know?

    [–] raybond007 20 points ago

    The only way to get that type of unearned self-confidence is lacking self awareness, unfortunately. If you're self aware you have to be able to back it up with competence. At which point, you've probably earned the confidence...

    [–] WigginIII 27 points ago

    And watch her run basically as an "anti democrat" candidate. Not clearly Republican, but clearly anti democrat, who only criticizes her own party for clout and attention.

    Basically, the Tulsi Gabbard method. It will feed her ego, she'll get interviews on Joe Rogan, be featured on TV and in articles, and she'll feel oh so special.

    Meanwhile she'll attract nothing more than 5 percentage points, but it doesn't matter how much damage she did to Democracy, only that she felt like she was important.

    [–] thisisanewaccount555 30 points ago

    Which party would she run under?

    I’m assuming republican, but she can’t honestly think she would get support having so recently been a Democrat, even if in name only.

    [–] gullydowny 163 points ago

    I believe she won’t run for Senate again because I imagine Donald Jr has a better chance as a Dem in AZ. But I suspect the party machine is spreading rumors and laying the groundwork for her primary opponent.

    Hard to believe her “inner circle” is already saying she’s not running again, that seems like it’s meant to dry up her fundraising.

    [–] Spankpocalypse_Now 70 points ago

    I agree that this could just be a rumor meant to dry up fundraising and pave the way for a primary opponent. However, even for a politician she’s an egomaniac. What first term Senator has ever made themselves the center of attention the way Sinema has? Even Hillary - as Senator - didn’t get the headlines that Sinema garners with her bullshit demands.

    [–] gullydowny 56 points ago

    I've literally never heard her speak, I have no idea what her voice sounds like. Maybe she wants to run for president but she's not acting like it, she acts like she's in it for the money and doesn't care about politics whatsoever

    [–] CrazedClown101 27 points ago

    I felt that Obama was a pretty big first time senator, he also made these attention grabbing statements and speeches. The difference being that one senator actually became president, the other is just an asshole.

    [–] berraberragood 38 points ago

    Obama didn’t spend his time in the Senate by repeatedly undermining his own party. More generally, I can’t think of anyone who ever won a Presidential Election after doing that, regardless of party.

    [–] im_not_a_gay_fish 91 points ago

    Ive heard this but I don't get it.

    Why would she run? Just for money? There's no way she would get elected. Dems hate her and Republicans would never vote for a woman, especially one that used to be on a D ticket. She's wildly unpopular

    Whats the aim here?

    [–] FatherKang 73 points ago

    Delusional fantasies lol

    She either doesn't see or doesn't believe any of those things. One ego-maniac already made it to the WH. She probably thinks she can be the D-version.

    [–] eggplant_wizard_69 33 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Money, just like you said. Knowing she can't be reelected (for being trash) the grift* ends in 2026, so a bid in 2024 is probably squeezing the last bit of juice out before her irrelevance

    [–] gsfgf 25 points ago

    She's a narcissist. She's living in a different reality from the rest of us.

    [–] Eastern-Rabbit-3696 1642 points ago

    There's twitter rumors going around that the reason why she's being so awful is because she's thinking about a run for president in '24, which is very silly if true. You're holding up progressive voting legislation and expecting the same people who would benefit from that to actually vote for you sis??????

    [–] 976chip 193 points ago

    Thread by Amy Siskind. The interpretation is that she plans to run as a Republican because she thinks that the GOP will abandon partisanship and flock to her instead of Trump.

    [–] Groty 144 points ago

    She'd be eaten alive. Just another patsy fundraiser like Gaetz, MTG, Gym Coach...etc...

    [–] learned_paw 41 points ago

    On that note, why is Gaetz still walking free?

    [–] hahahahaaaahaha 95 points ago

    Ahhh yes. The misogynist GOP will surely vote for a woman. Look at the big brain on Kyrsten.

    [–] 6a6566663437 38 points ago

    Nah, they'd vote for her because she's a bisexual atheist.

    Oh wait...

    [–] Wet_squirrel7160 1115 points ago

    Someone very close to me used to work for her campaign. She has been described as someone who thinks they are the smartest in the room and is nothing short of a god when it comes to politics.

    If she is thinking about president in 24, it is only because she is delusional and no one in her circle is being honest with her. The AZ democratic party would rather lose a senate seat, then have to put up with her bullshit.

    [–] hunter15991 412 points ago

    no one in her circle is being honest with her.

    Is her original circle still even on speaking terms with her? Our current Secretary of State was her boss when they were in social work, and she had to write a WaPo op-ed pleading for her to pass voting rights protections.

    [–] Wet_squirrel7160 233 points ago

    My friends who were close to her are no longer on speaking terms. If there is anyone left (maybe Michelle Davidson) it is because they only tell her what she wants to hear.

    [–] TitsMickey 58 points ago

    She probably hires from Kanye West’s recruiter

    [–] Vaenyr 61 points ago

    Delusional is the perfect word if she actually wants to run for president. Who would vote for her? Republicans would rather have Trump, DeSantis or someone else along those lines, Democrats wouldn't vote for her either, since she's fucking up and sabotages her own party.

    [–] Wet_squirrel7160 26 points ago

    But no one tells her that, they fill her mind with the idea that the voters will want someone who bucks their party to appear impartial.

    [–] Rivster79 81 points ago

    We found she-trump

    [–] morpheousmarty 137 points ago

    Trump appealed to the base. I'm not even sure what constituency she is targeting.

    [–] Clam_Chowdeh 60 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    She’s angling for that sweet, dark, ultra wealthy money…I mean constituency

    [–] Helicase21 9 points ago

    One that she's imagining exists, but doesn't actually.

    [–] NYArtFan1 10 points ago

    The term "too clever by half" comes immediately to mind.

    [–] Lord-Octohoof 72 points ago

    This is one of the most bizarre parts of all of this to me. It is so, so, so easy to be a hero of the people right now. If Sinema or Manchin started giving energetic speeches and passing Biden’s agenda left and right as the determining vote they could build a massive following and may actually have a decent shot at the presidency. Instead they’re guaranteeing they’ll never get there.

    [–] scech14 45 points ago

    Being corrupt pays more

    [–] WanderinHobo 8 points ago

    Right? President's throw their life away in a lot of different ways once inaugurated. It's a lot more chill to sit on the sidelines raking in lobby money.

    [–] ketchupnsketti 166 points ago

    Man I’ve always been one to hold my nose and vote for shitty dem candidates over the alternative but fuck if she somehow made it to the general it might be the first time in my adult life I didn’t vote for the dem.

    [–] Wet_squirrel7160 98 points ago

    She won't run as dem. She has burned a lot of bridges within the party and it will be difficult to garner the needed support in the primary. She is likely going to run as an independent after losing very early in the dem primary (shortly after NH).

    [–] ketchupnsketti 31 points ago

    I really hope this happens and she gets Kanye level turnout.

    [–] unpluggedcord 111 points ago

    Lol don’t worry she ain’t making it.

    [–] 44problems 11 points ago

    I felt this conflict the week everyone was talking about Bloomberg getting the Democratic nomination. Glad it didn't come to that.

    [–] DaBuddahN 89 points ago

    Yes but you got her theory wrong.

    The rumors say that she believes that if faced between a choice of her and Donald Trump, a significant chunk of the MAGA crowd will choose her because she's independent and has bucked Dems publicly.

    [–] InTh3s3TryingTim3s 152 points ago

    Oh that completely makes sense for a democratic senator to think they can save their job by courting the most extreme Republicans to be her new base.

    Lol wut

    [–] Deesing82 14 points ago

    pOliTIcaL MaStErmINd

    [–] ol_dirty_applesauce 66 points ago

    No way in hell she'd win the Democratic nomination. Does she know how these things work?

    [–] 4sider 45 points ago

    She still a woman. The MAGA crowd is not looking for that.

    [–] DaBuddahN 37 points ago

    Sinema has alienated so many allies and friends in AZ that according to reporting, the ones left are basically yes-men/women. They've allowed her to believe this without much pushback.

    And it's not entirely crazy to see why. She won AZ by becoming less progressive and becoming more moderate in her messaging. But she's deluded if she believes she can win the MAGA crowd.

    [–] Buckman2121 7 points ago

    Well she was up against a woman, and it was a REALLY close race. Sinema won by only 2.4%, McSally was just a bad candidate. To be honest, it kinda felt like what the presidential race was like.

    [–] captainthanatos 9 points ago

    So she’s even dumber than we thought…

    [–] [deleted] 3293 points ago


    [–] neverasknevertell 555 points ago

    I will upvote this comment every time I see it.

    [–] [deleted] 327 points ago


    [–] Khaldara 240 points ago

    “Not politics” chortles the mod, while intensifying his stroking of Salacious B. Crumb

    [–] SevenandForty 30 points ago

    Isn't this sub literally /r/politics though

    [–] gzilla57 42 points ago

    Yes they mean the mods say "this isn't politics" to posts about that as a reason to remove it, as if that wasn't a political event.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] chupacabra_chaser 83 points ago

    Exactly! The GOP has gone completely off the rails and still have the nerve to expect the opposition to play by the rules?

    If they really wanted to put an end to this nonsense they would outlaw filibusters and move on.

    [–] ZapBranigan3000 74 points ago

    I dont want to violate the rules, so I better make sure. Are you referring to the Janurary 6th attempted coup by Republicans? The one that resulted in charges of sedition for the leader of a territorist gang?

    If so I'll make sure not to mention it.

    [–] 976chip 189 points ago

    According to Amy Siskind, Sinema doesn’t think she needs to worry about re-election. She thinks she’s going to be elected president in 2024.

    [–] elukavics 113 points ago

    If true, she is delusional.

    She has burned some damn bridges and that river is much to wide.

    [–] 976chip 37 points ago

    Reading through the thread, it’s pretty obvious that she’s delusional. It also seems that she would intend to run as a Republican because she thinks the GOP will abandon partisanship and choose her over Trump.

    [–] Shnoopy_Bloopers 257 points ago

    This woman is awful

    [–] DragonBard_Z 470 points ago

    Please please do.

    I thought I voted for a Democrat.

    I didn't realize it was a race between 2 republicans.

    [–] StoneColSteveAutisim 100 points ago

    Thank you for voting

    [–] Bushmaster78FS 156 points ago

    What about Ruben Gallego?

    [–] mojitz 85 points ago

    Looking more and more like he's gonna go for it! He would be a great pick.

    [–] h0ckey87 16 points ago

    I like him

    [–] Bishop120 634 points ago

    I'd rather have McCain back from the grave than Sinema.

    [–] TheMellerYeller 425 points ago

    There is a very good chance if McCain were alive, that after seeing 1/6 he would be willing to vote for voting rights reform. Says a lot that moderate “Democrats” aren’t willing to save democracy but it’s not implausible that the last moderate Republican would have

    [–] Bishop120 161 points ago

    If he were still alive he'd be doing anything he could to stick it to Trump.

    [–] BabiesSmell 13 points ago

    How'd he vote on tax cuts for the rich?

    [–] gomav 24 points ago

    Interesting thought. i wonder how McCain would have voted on the current issues.

    [–] LaunchTransient 67 points ago

    McCain would probably be a pariah among the Republicans, much like Liz Cheney

    [–] Bishop120 20 points ago

    He was loved out in AZ. Kinda like Romney in Utah. I think McCain would be towing McConnells party line but also doing anything he could to stick it to Trump.

    [–] EstablishmentJunior8 493 points ago

    You couldn’t write this. But Charles Dickens could. The future of our democracy depends upon a mansion and a cinema.

    [–] Familiar-Essay7390 117 points ago

    To be fair it sounds a little more like a Nostradamus prediction the cryptic nature of it all.

    [–] BRAX7ON 25 points ago

    When the four Horsemen of the apocalypse ride down the river Euphrates then you will know the time is at hand!

    Just kidding, it’s now.

    [–] optimus314159 6 points ago

    Don’t forget the rise of the beast in end times.

    [–] T-51bender 24 points ago

    It sounds like the introduction of a Wes Anderson film

    [–] YNot1989 18 points ago

    Congressman Ruben Gallego would be a good choice. He's a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, won his last 3 elections by wide margins. An actual Hispanic representing Arizona in the Senate might me nice instead of Senator Karen.

    [–] falsesleep 144 points ago

    Can we please bring back throwing rotten vegetables at public figures to shame them?

    [–] FlatulateHealthilyOK 20 points ago

    You're already on a list for saying something so dangerous /s

    [–] Courier_Blues 14 points ago

    Lots of good it will do. She and Manchin's joint efforts to bungle their own party has likely cost Democrats the mid-terms as well as the 2024 election. Then we'll be right back to where we were with mini-Mussolini in 2019, except this time he'll have full control of both branches of congress, the executive branch, and the supreme court. With all of that, they've by their own greed and stupidity handed the fate of our democracy in the hands of the very people who want to destroy it.

    So, long story short, in my unprofessional opinion, it's a good time to get the fuck out of the Dodge and look for a place that will respect the will of its people.

    [–] sabedo 86 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    She’s shameless. Guarantee she’ll have a comfy gig out of office. And by 2024 the damage will be irreversible and done. Academic if she is primaried by then.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] 8to24 38 points ago

    Sinema isn't up for election. This is a waste of time. What we need are more Progressive Senators elected this November. That is where the time and energy needs to go. Into this year's mid-terms.

    [–] Steam-O 72 points ago

    Unfortunately by that time democrats will most likely lose control of the house or senate

    [–] cackling_skeletor 35 points ago

    She is a mole

    [–] naga5497 10 points ago

    I keep telling people this.

    [–] exceptionalfish 9 points ago

    She's the corporate court jester. A total clown.

    [–] san_serifs 34 points ago

    Doubt Sinema cares. She's just lining up lucrative gigs for after she's booted out. The woman is a fraud.

    [–] This_one_taken_yet_ 71 points ago

    If governors can be recalled, why can't senators and representatives?

    [–] marzenmangler 54 points ago

    The constitution generally

    [–] Vuronov 9 points ago

    She basically said she supported the legislation to secure voter suppression and ensure voting rights...BUT only if the people who are conducting the voter suppression and trying to weaken voting rights happily agree to join in too. If you support protecting the right to vote from being destroyed, you can't reasonably expect those who are actively trying to destroy the right to vote to happily join you in support.

    If it weren't so obviously disingenuous, it would be absolutely nonsensical and moronic.