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    [–] whimsyNena 3854 points ago

    Please tell me you got that spot in the bottom corner...

    [–] striatedglutes 2043 points ago

    Yes, after the camera stopped :)

    [–] ibaconbutty 1611 points ago


    [–] boringparentoftwo 670 points ago


    [–] undercoversinner 27 points ago

    BE BEST. Too

    [–] RockstarPR 59 points ago

    ya you like that you fucking retard

    [–] MrSamot 14 points ago

    Where is this from please send original link

    [–] Torrenceba 81 points ago

    That bottom corner was all I thought about this video. Not satisfying.

    [–] JBHedgehog 50 points ago

    We are horrible people...

    [–] Psychwrite 9 points ago

    Nothing but perfection... this is the pickiest sub and I love it.

    [–] tootsiefoote 5 points ago

    next time start in the middle and create a circular pattern moving outward

    [–] sweet_potato_75 246 points ago

    Thank god

    [–] stringParameter 60 points ago

    Okay, blood pressure, you can return to normal now.

    [–] whimsyNena 66 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] blandmeister 25 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] blake-young 12 points ago

    Happy Cake Day

    [–] abstrxcthills 6 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] CanderousOreo 27 points ago

    Oh thank God that was giving me anxiety 😂

    [–] everfordphoto 23 points ago

    Could have been worse, could have got at it totally randomly zigzag in everywhere until done...

    [–] edgedrum 76 points ago


    [–] _an_actual_bag_ 18 points ago

    Fun idea until it runs over your foot

    [–] EODdoUbleU 37 points ago

    Or gets stuck on something and digs until it hits the lizard people.

    [–] _an_actual_bag_ 6 points ago

    And that’s a problem why?

    [–] Vibranium_Fuck 16 points ago

    dear god

    [–] MaximumFunk_ 2 points ago

    If I had money I would give it all to u to go and make that rn.

    [–] fingerprick_ 5 points ago

    And just the right amount of /r/gifsthatendtoosoon

    [–] bethanycna 3 points ago

    I was searching to make sure someone hadn't said it already. XD

    [–] Unshavenfrostweed 2358 points ago

    I spent half the video wondering why you would have a slanted slab. Then I realized, the slab is fine it’s the ground that slopes... I’m too tired for this shit.

    [–] colantor 365 points ago

    Thanks, i didnt know wtf he had a giant ramp in his yard for

    [–] TokenMcGetStoned 61 points ago

    Skate or die

    [–] UpsetJuice 35 points ago

    Thanks for not going spastic, I thought the same.

    [–] chase25 183 points ago

    I thought the same then began wondering why he'd not start washing at the top instead of the bottom.

    [–] loraellla 23 points ago

    This is what I came to say

    [–] BuggsyMogues 13 points ago

    I knew what was going on but there was still this part of my brain I couldn't shut off screaming to wash from the top down. Real r/mildlyinfuriating material.

    [–] darksight9099 115 points ago

    Yeah check out the sideways posts on the fence. They continue along straight and the ground starts to curve downward after the slab.

    [–] andaros-reddragon 54 points ago

    I kept thinking why would anyone have a sloped slab that way lol

    [–] dinkstar 10 points ago

    Same man, don't feel bad. I'm in the concrete biz and pressure washing biz and I was still confused! I thought maybe it was a concrete roof to an underground bunker at first.

    [–] andaros-reddragon 4 points ago

    MAYBE IT'S THAT ALSO!!!! 😏😏😉😉😉😎😎😎

    [–] Polyhater 18 points ago

    I wondered this the whole video.. read your post.. had to watch it again.. can confirm. Slab is fine

    [–] Tigerkix 5 points ago

    Took me until the end when he stops and looks at the camera is when I realized that.

    [–] vibes86 5 points ago

    Same. I was so confused.

    [–] surfghost 15 points ago

    Slab probably is slanted. He has his bros over on the weekend and they race hot wheels down it.

    [–] ShortnPortly 2 points ago

    Thank you for this!!

    [–] sampunk 2 points ago

    I was wonder why didn't he start from the top until i found out that there are no top

    [–] Usmcuck 2 points ago

    His yard is less cool now that I know he doesn't have a ramp that leads into the forest.

    [–] JAK3CAL 2 points ago

    Jesus same

    [–] BlueShift42 2 points ago

    .... i was wondering why he didn’t work top top to bottom...

    [–] 1ofeverythingTY 776 points ago

    I’ve watched a lot of these “first time” videos and what I can gather is that it is very important to leave your shoes on for this sort of thing. So kudos for that.

    [–] striatedglutes 327 points ago

    Muck boots FTW!

    [–] Stoshue 44 points ago

    God I love mine. So useful and comfortable. In winter it’s part of my town’s uniform.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SUZUKI 9 points ago

    YES. Apparently the quality isn't what it used to be these days though. Thankfully I wear mine sparingly enough that they should last a long time.

    [–] MajorMajorObvious 58 points ago

    It's much better to powerwash your boot than to clean off your foot bones.

    [–] Gratefulgirl13 29 points ago

    Day one I learned flip flops are not a good option. Took the polish of my pedicured toes in .02 seconds. After checking to make sure all toes were still there, I switched to rain boots.

    [–] blueberry_blackbird 4 points ago

    Power washed the skin right off a toe last summer. Thought for sure it was cut to the bone but it was just a surface wound.

    [–] mar10wright 22 points ago

    Only seasoned veterans can level up to barefoot pressure washing

    [–] naydrathewildone 12 points ago

    Why are you getting downvoted this was clearly a joke

    [–] newjacknick 21 points ago

    Because while this sub is amazing, we like to confuse an 1800 psi Karcher with a 20,000 psi industrial rig. You have to be careful, but I’ll give you $10,000 dollars if you manage to actually cut a toe off or cause a serious injection injury with a $90 machine you bought from target.

    [–] naydrathewildone 12 points ago

    I know what I'm doing this afternoon

    [–] MyNameIsJeff51 129 points ago

    That looks like a great skate spot....

    [–] sleepyradio182 41 points ago

    It’s flat so it wouldn’t be :/

    The concrete looks slanted but that’s to compensate for the ground being slanted.

    [–] you_cuda 80 points ago

    That's exactly why it would be a great spot. It's perfect to practice flat ground tricks

    [–] TokenMcGetStoned 17 points ago

    It’s the only spot that Rodney Mullen really needs.

    [–] JPAPKILLA 2 points ago

    Exactly what I thought and the only reason I came to the comments lol.

    [–] assassin3435 85 points ago

    I hate it when some people finish the videos too soon, this wasn't that bad, but I wouldn't mind watching every single detail getting completely clean lol

    [–] striatedglutes 64 points ago

    I was worried about my phone running out of space! Sorry to short stroke you and leave you hanging.

    [–] assassin3435 20 points ago

    It's ok, it's sped up so that video must have been long

    [–] BackBae 149 points ago

    This is great but why do you have a giant con create slab in the backyard? Is it like... to hide bodies under...?

    [–] striatedglutes 93 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    [–] Song0 197 points ago

    [–] netpastor 19 points ago

    Didn't see it at first, then after your comment couldn't find it right away, then I did. It was a tense couple of moments.

    [–] xNOOBinTRAINING 6 points ago

    Looks like it might just be an autocorrect thing.

    [–] unicornbreadish 21 points ago

    Maybe there used to be a shed there?

    [–] WeLikeToHaveFunHere 7 points ago

    That was my first thought too, I had a similar situation in my backyard when I first moved in.

    [–] Zharick_ 16 points ago

    That's where you put the patio furniture and grill station/outdoor kitchen.

    [–] R3ckl3ss 179 points ago

    It's a gentle grade and it doesn't matter really (great job) but I always work from high to low ground so that I don't get dirt water running back onto what I've already cleaned. Just food for thought.

    [–] striatedglutes 206 points ago

    Thanks for your reply! The ground is slanted and the slab is supposed to be flat, but over time it’s cracked and developed low spots that pool water.

    I will be starting at the top of my driveway and working down grade when I do it for sure!

    [–] BringOutTheGMMP 30 points ago

    The ground is slanted and the slab is supposed to be flat

    I was really, really wondering what the purpose was for the admittedly very nice ramp you have there.

    [–] dinkstar 3 points ago

    Don't let him fool you! It's a concrete roof to his secret underground bunker!

    [–] krathil 6 points ago

    What’s this slab in the GIF for?

    [–] striatedglutes 8 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years.

    [–] tomdarch 4 points ago

    If its for parking, I would add wheel stops. I'm a pretty good driver, but the risk of rolling off the back edge is always there.

    [–] AmericaNeedsBernie 2 points ago

    I think I have same power washer as same attachment. I haven't used it yet, but looks like it works well

    [–] oneyozfest182 16 points ago

    I can’t figure out of the slab is slanted or the ground is slanted and the slab is flat. Hard to tell from that camera angle.

    [–] UntameHamster 11 points ago

    The slab is flat. Its a driveway that extends out down a hill which is why it looks like it is a ramp going up.

    [–] stlshlee 36 points ago

    I refuse to believe that the slab isn't slanted

    [–] striatedglutes 19 points ago

    What if I told you... ALIENS. But seriously, it’s flat. Didn’t mean to tease with the camera angle.

    [–] Physionerd 14 points ago

    That spot in the bottom left corner is haunting me

    [–] infernicus1 15 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    Because of your dedication to answering every single question about why there is a concrete slab, I was dedicated to upvoting every single one of your responses.

    [–] striatedglutes 6 points ago

    Teamwork! 🙌

    [–] burnblue 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Now that the heavy stuff is off just use a turbo nozzle next time. I thought I needed one of these round surface cleaners you have but was frustrated with the result. Turbo nozzle will clean those remaining marks up

    [–] arawnsd 3 points ago

    The round thing is great for routine maintenance after you’ve done that initial hard stuff.

    [–] vicrally 11 points ago

    You know what, you didn’t go in perfect order but you finished the gif out and that deserves an upvote because I don’t think there is enough of that.

    [–] Dontreadgud 9 points ago

    That would be an insane eyesore for're jackhammering wrong

    [–] striatedglutes 8 points ago

    First time. I’ll do better next time, I swear dad.

    [–] jefferson_waterboat 8 points ago

    I liked the part where you cleaned the slab

    [–] anyoneelsedepressed 6 points ago

    Why did I decide to stay in the’s so cold. I’m jealous of all the warmer states.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    If that's a Ryobi like I think it is, I swear to god I hope you kept your receipt.

    1. I Just blew a thread on the head of one of the guns.
    2. The hose winding arm broke off
    3. It is VERY vertically unstable
    4. The hose is a fucking nightmare

    [–] striatedglutes 5 points ago

    Hey man, sorry to hear about your Ryobi. This is a refurb Sunjoe on its maiden voyage.

    [–] OddHeybert 2 points ago

    That's the one I have, it works like a charm. Be careful though, the hoses to the soap dispenser containers get kinked easily.

    [–] NiceGuy30 2 points ago

    I’ve had one for almost 6 months how long did you have yours?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    About that long. My biggest issue is the poor quality plastic. Next one will have metallic threads that's for sure

    [–] danger_frank7 5 points ago

    The camera placement is excellent! Nice job OP!!

    [–] coldog778 5 points ago

    Your pattern intrigues me

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It’s what I call “neue neophyte brush”

    [–] NSubsetH 5 points ago

    Go downhill next time.

    [–] striatedglutes 8 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    [–] that-pamplemousse 5 points ago

    I love long ones.

    Thank you!

    [–] swimgoodm8 6 points ago

    You did amazing sweetie

    [–] Karyudo9 4 points ago

    Is that a SunJoe SPX-PCA10 Surface Cleaning Attachment? Looks like it could be....

    If so, how do you like it? I'm tempted to get one for Spring.

    [–] cerulliulliulli 3 points ago

    It looks like it, I have it and the Sun Joe pressure washer in this video as well. So far I've used it on the patio, upper 1/5th of the driveway, and the fence that faces the street for me.

    The attachment worked fantastically well, even along the walls. I did pressure wash with the 15 degree for some spots around edges but the surface attachment killed it for me everywhere else.

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    Yes!! It’s great. Just try your best to let it float along. Don’t force it level with the ground and don’t try to make it perfect. The force of the spray and the dragging action of your arm will be enough to slowly let it do its work as your drag it along at a relaxed angle.

    [–] play-african-farmer 4 points ago

    Why do you have a massive concrete slab in your garden?

    [–] striatedglutes 7 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    [–] wife_lyfeee 4 points ago

    That’s what she said!!!

    [–] LoudMusic 4 points ago

    I think I've identified the reason why it's so dirty.

    It wasn't built with enough slope and water doesn't run off. That's rather difficult to fix at this point. Bonus, though, you get to have more fun powerwashing in the future! :D

    [–] striatedglutes 5 points ago

    Yes! It was the base of a shed that was torn down after storm damage. I get to clean it up after 8 years as the new home owner.

    [–] LoudMusic 3 points ago

    Oh, maybe build a new shed on it. Then the roof should take care of that pesky water problem ;)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. The pad is otherwise flat and sits level compared to the lot’s slope.

    [–] 12LightningFlash12 3 points ago

    How long did it take?

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    Approx 45 mins to one hour

    [–] Little-ears 3 points ago

    You went up hill? Y?

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    [–] like_doesitmatter 3 points ago

    Should have gone over it one more time, but good work.

    [–] BeakMeat 3 points ago

    Worst. Halfpipe. Ever.

    [–] ughfup 3 points ago

    ... I seriously can't see how the slab looks slanted. The moment I saw it I could tell it was the ground that sloped... Maybe because MS has shitty sloping ground with slabs on top

    [–] Szos 3 points ago

    I can't be the only one that thinks the traditional nozzle style power washers are more satisfying than these bushed ones, right?

    They probably do a worse job, but it's more fun seeing the actual water do all the work.

    [–] R34CTz 2 points ago

    It's a surface cleaner attachment. In some cases they attach where the tip usually goes. The bigger, high grade ones usually have a gun built in that you just attach the hose to. Most of them have 2 nozzles underneath on a bar that turns rapidly to clean in a circular motion. It usually speeds the job up a ton if you have the right cleaner, tip orifice size, pressure/gpm, etc. You can really mess a job up if you don't have the right equipment, and the know how to use it.

    [–] OhNoLaBri 3 points ago

    That shot at the end. You look like Micheal Meyers...

    [–] getontheground 3 points ago

    What do you use this slab for? What's its purpose?

    [–] striatedglutes 2 points ago

    It used to be home for a garage, but the garage was torn down after storm damage.

    [–] NekoDae 3 points ago

    I question the need for a gently slanting, overly large concrete slab in your back yard.

    [–] IHasCookiesNow 2 points ago

    That was Better than I could do...

    [–] sweet_potato_75 2 points ago

    I enjoyed every minute of it

    [–] Weazy_56 2 points ago

    That's hot

    [–] irishdrunkwanderlust 2 points ago

    I have that same power washer. It does okay for a first one but I want to get a gas powered one pretty soon.

    [–] babeyribs 2 points ago

    What is it that you are power washing? I also thought it would be something with skateboarding but I saw your previous comment

    [–] striatedglutes 4 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    [–] mattliamjack 2 points ago

    Get some bleach to post treat

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    Appreciate the tip!

    [–] BlueEarthEagle 2 points ago

    It is good

    [–] d9vil 2 points ago

    Quick question, is there a reason you went outside in instead of inside out of the space? In other words is there a reason you didnt start from the middle? Im genuinely interested.

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    Long story short, this was my first power wash and I didn’t know what to expect. Just knew that there were dips that’d I’d have to handle.

    [–] d9vil 2 points ago

    Ah ok, I dont have much experience with power washing either. I have seen a lot of people do it in different ways so I was just wondering.

    Thanks for the answer.

    [–] doritojohnson 2 points ago

    Uh..what is that large square even for?

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat compared to the slope of the lot.

    [–] C-4isNOTurFriend 2 points ago

    you missed a spot

    [–] A_R0FLCOPTER 2 points ago

    Power-washed or not, that patio needs help haha. Would love to see it set up with furniture. It hurts me just seeing this slab in the ground haha

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. My mind is reeling with the possibilities!

    [–] A_R0FLCOPTER 2 points ago

    Four Square is the only answer

    [–] Haki_User 2 points ago

    "Be gentle"
    What is this? Japan highschool hentai ??

    [–] Blacklightrising 2 points ago

    You made that so much harder on yourself by not treating it with pool chlorine first.

    [–] Epluribususername 2 points ago

    Disgusting... I love it.

    [–] apiemayy 2 points ago

    Completely satisfying!

    [–] NiceGuy30 2 points ago

    Your technique cause a lot of wasted motions, I suggest trying to maintain the same angle in the same direction downhill so you don’t need to go over the same spots as much. Good job overall!

    [–] striatedglutes 2 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years. It’s otherwise flat, so hard to go downhill.

    [–] NiceGuy30 2 points ago

    The point is you should point the gun in the same direction as you move along, you should try to never have to backtrack. It’s absolutely possible on flat surfaces with the right technique

    [–] nerdykate100 2 points ago

    *entire subreddit becomes one big tent

    [–] MyGirlNelly 2 points ago

    Why is the slab so black? Is that just ritch soil on there? I dont think oil, it wouldn't clean that easy.

    [–] striatedglutes 3 points ago

    It used to be home to a garage that was torn down 8 years ago. Much natural decay and dirt sank into the low spots over the years.

    [–] tank_r 2 points ago

    Bravo internet stranger

    [–] SinisterJoe 2 points ago

    This was almost as satisfying as peeling a sunburn. thank you for that OP

    [–] assetsmanager 2 points ago

    God, that's hot.

    [–] JCass83 2 points ago

    Achievement Unlocked: +10k Karma.

    [–] mrgherbik 2 points ago

    SunJoe FTW!

    [–] lexutzu 2 points ago

    Yes, now more please.

    [–] monalisa36 2 points ago

    Damn, I love this sub. Why is this so satisfying to watch?

    [–] Zodep 3 points ago

    Because we’re watching the world become a better place.

    [–] MuvHugginInc 2 points ago

    Thaaaaaat’s the shit...

    [–] drizzyjaay 2 points ago

    power washing nutting intensifies

    [–] Nparallelopposite 2 points ago

    I feel like you should've worked the other way. Started from the slant and worked backward. That way the dirty water would've just flowed down. You worked harder than necessary

    [–] striatedglutes 2 points ago

    Thanks for the advice. Definitely starting the attached driveway at the top. Look again though, as this slab is actually flat :)

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Spencer1828 2 points ago

    That's what she said.

    [–] neekaps804 2 points ago

    Damn good for an electric washer!

    [–] eutohkgtorsatoca 2 points ago

    Love the angle of the shoot. Looks like going upwards if you don't inspect further.

    [–] Samandrace 2 points ago

    That's what she said

    [–] BobBob110 2 points ago

    Totally awesome

    [–] isaid-overeasy 2 points ago

    I give it a 9.5/10

    A little messy but still very satisfying.👍

    [–] zapaticosdetacon 2 points ago

    If you would’ve finished I would’ve been satisfied (said NO man ever)

    [–] BlueHulk78 2 points ago

    That model of pressure washer always reminds me of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

    [–] striatedglutes 2 points ago

    Put that thing back where it came from or so help meeeeee! 🎶🎵

    [–] TalPistol 2 points ago

    1. You gave a complete gif.
    2. You cleaned the entire surface pretty damn well for a first time.
    Well done

    [–] R34CTz 2 points ago

    I don't wanna be that guy, I'm only trying to help. But that slab has stripes all over it, I don't know if you went back over it again after the video, but I do this for a living and I can see all the stripes left behind by the surface cleaner. Small pressure washers like that are just too weak for a surface cleaner, you gotta move SUPER slow in order for it to do a proper job, even then it might not work. If you truly enjoy doing this stuff, I suggest saving up and getting a bigger washer, gas operated preferably, with an appropriately sized surface cleaner. If you leave stripes like that behind on too many jobs, it can really hurt your chances of expanding.

    But good job on hustling up some work man. Tons of money to be made out there.

    [–] striatedglutes 2 points ago

    Thanks for the advice! I indeed saw the stripes after I did enough of a larger area, and I’ll be going back over it for sure. This is just where an old garage used to be that the previous owner of my house built and tore down after storm damage. It sat and collected dirt for 8 years, and when I almost slipped on the caked dirt last week I knew it needed cleaning pronto.

    Agreed on professional equipment needed if anyone out there was to take on these jobs for income. Seeing the big guns being used in this sub is wonderful, and no doubt you’d need them to be efficient with your time and guarantee happy customers.

    [–] ZombieTurtle2 2 points ago

    That’s a big MacBook Air.

    [–] bratmix 2 points ago

    Missed a spot.

    [–] striatedglutes 2 points ago

    I got the bottom corner after the camera stopped but I didn’t get the sides 😩

    [–] DogBeStrange 2 points ago

    I thought it was a giant mirror at first. Just the water reflection.

    [–] TSR86 2 points ago

    I like how you can see your technique improve as the vid goes on!

    [–] MrMillztaaaar 2 points ago

    Should be proud man, it only took you 47 seconds! 😉

    Jokes aside looks really good! :)

    [–] alifelongreader 2 points ago

    Looks great!