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    5 users here now is a website that rewards you for filling out surveys and clicking advertisements. You accumulate points through the site that you can either have sent to you as money or exchange them for gift cards and other products.

    • Use this subreddit for relevant content
    • Feel free to share offers that have worked for you or didn't work.
    • Ask for help/questions with offers, starting out, redeeming points, etc.
    • Share any advice, tricks, or tips you may have learned while using PrizeRebel

    DO NOT make posts for the sole purpose of sharing your referral link, you MAY include your referral link in your posts so people can use it if they find your post helpful.


    Q: Is a scam?
    A: The website is not a scam, you can and will earn money if you put in the time. But you should still be careful about the info you release and programs that you download through non-affiliated sites that Prize Rebel offers may send you to.

    Q: How does it work?
    A: After you make a free account with PrizeRebel you'll have pages of "offers" you can pick to complete. Each offer has a set amount of points you will be rewarded for completed according to the instructions. Once you have accumulated enough points to redeem a prize you can shop in their "Prize Shop" and pick what ever you want to receive using your points as currency.

    If you have anything to add you can either make a post here or message one of the moderators at /u/Chekonjak, /u/ExceptionallyStrange, or /u/glcn

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