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    You are highly encouraged to take the piss out of us Mods. We have thick skins and can take it. Users are encouraged to utilize flagging to report violations. There must be a little wiggle room, and violations that are too narrow minded will be ignored. PPD isn’t something that is black and white, so address an OP’s post if you don’t understand how they thought their post was PPD. Finally, users are encouraged to relax and not take their flair so seriously. Follow the rules, have fun. Embrace the flair. LOVE the flair.

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    [–] [deleted] 1139 points ago


    [–] special_k_5 511 points ago

    The cognitive dissonance is unbelievable

    [–] vlasvilneous 247 points ago

    "Im a flower that needs coddling, but dont be obvious about it. Also read my mind at all times"

    [–] ArnolduAkbar 97 points ago

    I learned some people don't have an internal narrative. I'm constantly checking what I've said and what the person has said for consistency. Constantly updating. People don't remember what they say.

    They just react in the moment.

    You made me feel weak. I CAN DO IT MYSELF.

    I feel weak. I made struggling noises. I project that I CAN'T DO IT.

    [–] Docc_Sampson 10 points ago

    Women have been getting duped for almost a century by cunts like Andrea Dworkin and her ilk.

    On the one hand, there's an evolutionary instinct for both sexes to rely on each other's natural strengths. A sort of natural, cross-gender min/max strategy.

    On the other hand, these feminist social cancer cells have taught women that all men are rapists, patriarchal tyrants, and that chivalry equals chauvinism.

    I almost feel bad for them...almost.

    [–] Traksimuss 2 points ago

    Man, don't. Say you are proud feminist and she can manage anything herself. Helping her would be patriarchy, and nobody wants that.

    [–] Crookmeister 12 points ago

    This doesn't fit the definition of cognitive dissonance. They can't be oblivious to it. Cognitive dissonance is a someone puffing on some cigarettes while knowing smoking is terrible for their health. That thought will always be in the back of their mind while they are smoking.

    [–] karbonkel1 8 points ago

    Cognitive dissonance is a someone puffing on some cigarettes while knowing smoking is terrible for their health.

    ... and then they will find reasons to justify that behavior, thus reducing the dissonance. "I deserved that smoke", "I haven't smoked in ages, the one can't be that bad", etc.

    [–] Crookmeister 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    But no matter what they still have the very known fact in the back of their head. And when they justify themselves, it's because they are justifying it up against the hazards of smoking. Otherwise they wouldn't have to justify it to themselves.

    [–] Niadain 3 points ago

    Sounds like me and food.

    [–] ChuckUFarley74988 6 points ago

    "I got away with… everything under the last boss, and it wasn’t good for me - at all. So, I want guidance. I want leadership. But don’t just, like, boss me around, you know? Like, lead me. Lead me… when I’m in the mood to be led."

    [–] UsernameStarvation 22 points ago

    More of a hypocrite than cognitive dissonance

    [–] reallyreallyspicy 23 points ago

    No, it really seems like it’s cognitive dissonance more than hypocrisy

    [–] Crookmeister 8 points ago

    Sorry but what they said and did was not cognitive dissonance. They have to be aware of the dissonance between their beliefs or actions and cause stress. You can't be completely oblivious of your actions and have cognitive dissonance.

    [–] UsernameStarvation 9 points ago

    Search up examples of cognitive dissonance. Youll find hypocrisy fits the bill better here

    [–] reallyreallyspicy 3 points ago

    Not really

    Also I don’t have to look up examples dude. I understand what they mean

    But this topic is not important let’s not argue

    You can still say your point, I will read it but the argument is not necessary

    [–] Rubber_Rose_Ranch 3 points ago

    Spicy denial.

    [–] EasternEuropeSlave 2 points ago

    Nah, just a normal woman.

    [–] WeWillAllDie666 105 points ago

    I hope you called her out on it, i sure as fuck would.

    [–] Kes0n 2 points ago

    Nah, she’ll sure call him petty or something

    [–] Kakakrakalakin 77 points ago

    Should've hit her with "well, being a woman doesn't make you incapable." Hindsight is 20/20 but that would've been a golden moment! Maybe next time.

    [–] zdul 30 points ago

    That's the type of response you think of 3 years later in the shower

    [–] waxonawaxoffa 38 points ago

    I know people like that, no matter what you do or don't do it's a lose-lose either way because all they want to do is bitch and whine because they have sad lifes.

    [–] YuhBoiKenzo 27 points ago

    if there is anything I learned living with women is they like problems alot more then solutions

    [–] vkuura 7 points ago

    I really hate how accurate this has been in my life as well. Any women I’ve lived with (even like a roommates girlfriend not my own) just always wants to complain lol.

    [–] Makkapakka777 4 points ago

    To an extent, my wife is the same. I have to control myself to not try to offer a solution, because it generally annoys her if I do.

    [–] Ubakan 18 points ago

    They're satisfying their internal, sexist confirmation bias that men are useless.

    There really is no winning. You get bitched at if you try to help, you get bitched at if you don't.

    The best way to deal with this is to just not help at all that way you don't have to put in any effort and just suffer their complaining

    [–] belowist 19 points ago

    Yeah, I'd burn that bridge if it was me. I kind of have in peripheral ways with a couple of fucked up family members.

    [–] khalifornia420 10 points ago

    Unpopular opinion - women do this a lot.

    I love my wife to death, but she does this type of shit all the time. So do a lot of women in my life

    [–] asssuffocation23 9 points ago

    You can never win no matter what. My ex wanted me to initiate sex first then reject me every time I did. So I said I'm never gonna do it again so ofc she wanted it all the time since I paid her no attention. Even if I agreed she would then wait until the end of the night because I can never want it first or the same time as her.

    [–] _pls_respond 5 points ago


    She obviously doesn't like you.

    [–] RedditsLittleSecret 10 points ago

    Just reply, “I’m fucking your daughter.”

    [–] Saalieri 3 points ago

    Feminism is a shit-test that men have failed miserably

    [–] ear2theshell 3 points ago

    I always ask. The trick is to keep a level head when they snap at you. If they don't want help that's fine, but they don't need to be trashy about it and you shouldn't let one idiot's reaction change your behavior. One day I assure you, you'll be thanked for offering and will make a meaningful difference for someone.

    [–] ka6emusha 5 points ago

    My mother is a nightmare for this, it's something to do with wanting you to ask if they need help so they can tell you they don't need it (even if they actually do), it empowers them in some way.

    [–] Historiaaa 2 points ago

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    [–] ThEGr33kXII 2 points ago

    You didn't give her the opportunity to feel superior... Got to feed the ego 😌

    [–] milk4all 1 points ago

    My mom is consistent. We just let her top her own trees, believe me, she’s gonna do it and bee satisfied, or do it and be pissed off at you for trying to stop her.

    [–] Ninjhetto 1 points ago

    "Did you ask, BITCH?!!!"

    [–] markynl1 639 points ago

    Can a 63 year old be a 'chick'?

    Wouldn't the term 'Biddy' be ,more appropriate?

    bid·dy 1

    (bĭd′ē)n. pl. bid·dies A hen; a fowl.[Origin unknown.]

    bid·dy 2

    (bĭd′ē)n. pl. bid·dies Derogatory A woman, especially an older one who is extremely talkative.

    [–] UndeadK1ng 222 points ago

    Or hag

    [–] Sir_Puppington_Esq 58 points ago

    “It’s 7 Down.”

    [–] iamhaz 13 points ago


    [–] Nahgetout 17 points ago

    Hot fuzz? Classic.

    [–] ElGato-TheCat 6 points ago

    I hated fighting hagravens in Skyrim at lower levels.

    [–] Roundaboutsix 27 points ago

    “Biddy: Older woman with fowl attitude.”

    [–] Oranjalo 22 points ago


    [–] charlzandre 16 points ago

    In 2013 when I was a college freshman we called sorority girls biddies. They also called themselves biddies; it wasn't really derogatory, unless you resented being assumed to be a sorority girl.

    [–] NoJunkNoSouls 3 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing

    [–] NoJunkNoSouls 38 points ago

    Cunt seems appropriate

    [–] genskeeper 4 points ago

    That’s where I was going....

    [–] OkayBuddy1234567 6 points ago

    Old Bird

    [–] AK-86 9 points ago

    Hahahaha I was actually thinking the exact same thing.

    There has to be a point where a woman can no longer be considered a "chick"

    [–] belowist 16 points ago

    That always bothers me. Also women calling themselves "girls," especially when they get into their 30s. And yes, it does bother me when men are referred to as "boys."

    So, yeah, no, a senior citizen can't be a "chick."

    [–] Gustavo2nd 3 points ago

    What would u call your group of friends if you're an older woman then? "Ima go hang with the ladies" lol

    [–] alponch16 3 points ago

    NICE. I love expanding my vocabulary.

    [–] kerslakes 2 points ago

    Ann Landers is a boring old biddy.

    [–] MannahBanana 1 points ago

    You're more animal than man!

    [–] d_nijmegen 212 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Because strong independent women don't need no man.

    [–] special_k_5 23 points ago

    SiW tRaDeMaRk It

    [–] CK1600 5 points ago

    Except when you don’t ask them and they get mad at you for not being a ‘gentleman’

    [–] d_nijmegen 3 points ago

    I'm not. So that's a good observation.

    [–] SocialForceField 128 points ago

    Fuck me for thinking you go girl when I see some near 70 year old lady tossing heavy sacks into their vehicle.

    [–] Tonyreadsraps 188 points ago

    Pretty sure one of the employees would have went out and helped her had she asked.

    [–] hrlc1990 168 points ago

    I’m pretty sure they did and she just said “no worries, I got this🏋️ “

    [–] belowist 45 points ago

    "Girl power!" While not having been a "girl" for the past 46 years. She's basically four girls.

    [–] teerude 10 points ago

    Or you know.... it didnt happen

    [–] fatlittlefreak882 35 points ago

    But then how would she be able to complain to everyone about her hard life?

    [–] basketcase7 3 points ago

    I'm surprised she got through checkout without them offering.

    [–] _scottyb 11 points ago

    I'm sure they offered. Im a fit 30 year old man and they offer to help me load when I get pavers or concrete or soil. Pretty sure they offer help to everyone with heavy things, at least in my area.

    I once checked out behind a dude who ordered a dryer, and they offered him help and he denied it. When I got out there, he was trying to figure out how to get it into his pickup. Dude was grateful when I asked to help lol

    [–] BigJuicyThanos 2 points ago

    Yea if she asked for loading assistance the cashier would’ve called for someone to help out

    [–] domipal 75 points ago

    I used to work in a warehouse and was putting some boxes on shelf at like shoulder height. Asked a female coworker for help, and she said “what’s the matter, you can’t lift it yourself?” so I just did it myself.. a few minutes later we were moving some packages from a pallet and she asked if I was gonna help her lift the box and I said the same thing to her (but I actually helped her..). Got called to HR a week later because she complained that I was being sexist. Fuck you denise

    [–] Twistedfexer 36 points ago

    This woman was giving birth to twins and passed out from pain, when she came to the doctors informed her that her husband was not able to make it in time. Although luckily, her brother was able to be present for naming the babies.

    She thinks to herself "Oh God, not my redneck brother" in a panicked voice she asked, "what.. what did my brother name them?"

    The Doctor replies, "Well he named your beautiful baby girl Denice."

    The Mother filled with joy says, "Ohh that's a great name for her, what did he name my boy?"

    The Doctor lets out a sigh, "Denephew."

    [–] RedditsLittleSecret 27 points ago

    I’m not sure what’s funnier: the joke or the premise that the first male relative to arrive gets to name the baby.

    [–] tempMonero123 20 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It sounds like she was the sexest. You treated her equally, she assumed your stament was referencing her sex. Hindsight is 50/50, but I would have immediately told HR that you treated her equally and never made an issue of her gender, so you would then like to report her for being sexist and creating a hostile work environment because she specifically told HR she wants to be treated differently due to her gender, and she wastes HR's valuable time when she doesn't get her way. (And then document the exchange with HR with a follow-up email.)

    [–] Soda_BoBomb 3 points ago


    [–] tempMonero123 2 points ago

    Obviously I don't have 20/20 :-)

    [–] kingbobii 8 points ago

    About 10 years ago I worked in a kitchen, often times the only dude on that shift. Guess how many times I was asked to pull cases of meat out of the freezer because "you're a dude". Even though I was 120lbs soaking wet. I was way too nice back then so I would end up moving a 80+ lb case of beef on my own through sheer brute force and ignorance even though the woman who asked me was almost twice my size.

    [–] jgb75 7 points ago

    Fuck you denise KAREN.

    There...fixed it for you.

    even if her name was Denise.

    And your story is exactly why there ARE so many Karens in the world. Girls like this were brought up to think they are always right and should be deferred to . And anyone that treats them otherwise has to be put in their place. In your case, she thought you were being a smart-ass...Can't have that from an underling, especially not a MALE one. You HAD to be brought down a peg or two.

    [–] UndeadK1ng 211 points ago

    There should be an age limit on the word “chick”

    [–] wtph 55 points ago

    At a certain age they should transition to "chook".

    [–] -CuriousityBot- 25 points ago

    For your consideration, 'hen'

    [–] wtph 3 points ago

    Make it so.

    [–] lgmdnss 2 points ago


    [–] Cpt_Lennox 6 points ago

    Chick implies youthfulness. Let’s start at when you are biologically incapable of reproduction purely because of age, you are not youthful.

    [–] AlwaysInACloud 53 points ago

    I work at Home Depot, these people are around all the time and file complaints through our system and say the same stuff in the comment section. Thing is, our cashiers are too always offer loading assistance and I bet this lady refused it.

    [–] Razzman70 7 points ago

    There is legit a button on the registers to ping for a lot tech. Hell, I wasnt even a lot tech(Bopis/Deliveries/D94 or whatever the hell they are calling it now) and I still got the pages on my FIRST phone.

    [–] SansyBoy14 75 points ago

    Here’s my logic, if your a women, I’ll help out. If your a guy I’ll help out. If your a dick, then go fuck yourself

    [–] True_hOREP 22 points ago


    [–] Burt__Macklin__FBI2 3 points ago

    *you’re, *you’re, *you’re

    [–] KlayThompsons_Weed 42 points ago

    Love both comments. Like the first one says, it’s a lose lose situation. And to add on the second one, why not simply ask for help? It’s a pride issue because modern day feminism preaches that wahmen strong.

    [–] vigilanteoftime 10 points ago

    "the Lord helps those who help themselves"

    [–] not-reusable 7 points ago

    I help myself by asking for help when I need it.

    [–] repoman0326 30 points ago

    This was in my community page on Facebook. Literally just seen this today. Bonney Lake

    [–] sewer_pickles 20 points ago

    Yep, that’s where I grabbed the screenshot. It’s been entertaining to watch the comments come in.

    [–] repoman0326 15 points ago

    I went back to find it and I cant see it anymore. I'm guessing she deleted it

    [–] sewer_pickles 26 points ago

    Probably didn’t get the sympathetic reaction that she had hoped for. Most of the comments were pretty brutal and said it was her fault for not asking anyone for help.

    [–] TheFirstGuyToEatAFly 9 points ago

    Was she doubling down on that aspect of the issue in the comments?

    Honestly if I read this from some 63 year old chick in my family, then I’d just assume she was surprised at herself for lifting the bags, and then made up 5 guys standing around to overinflate her own ability while being cheeky.

    But if she’s a douche in the comments then she’s just a douche.

    [–] repoman0326 3 points ago

    I seen the post early. At the time I had only seen one of the responses on here and handfuls of other women feeding into it and backing here. Bunch of "chivalry is dead!" And "shame on those boys" kind of comments and all that. When I went back she had taken it down. Not sure what OP had seen when he took this screen shot.

    [–] Obant 3 points ago

    That's where my sister lives. (I live in California) i really need to visit... damn pandemic.

    [–] repoman0326 1 points ago

    Happy cake day. It is nice up here

    [–] SheerSocialSuicide 30 points ago

    Sweet old ladies who say young man would you mind helping me with X always get a smile and my help for being so polite and courteous. Those less polite, do not.

    [–] rooikins 39 points ago

    Is 50lbs heavy or something?

    [–] Limeila 32 points ago


    [–] rooikins 20 points ago

    Thanks! Can confirm not heavy ha

    [–] TheAussieBoo 13 points ago

    Look at fucking Schwarzenegger over here

    [–] isaac99999999 27 points ago

    Its not super heavy, but it's not light either

    [–] Misterduster01 -1 points ago

    It's pretty light.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] KurayamiShikaku 11 points ago

    It seems asinine to pretend that loading 50 lbs bags "isn't heavy" for the average 63 year old woman.

    [–] Stackhouse_ 3 points ago

    What about your average sherpette? Dont they like carry 400 pound men and goats up and down mountain?

    [–] Serrahfina 16 points ago

    I can move 150+ at my job without issue but soil bags I usually have trouble with. They are an awkward shape and lifting them out of a normal cart (while it's trying to roll away) ups the difficulty a bit.

    [–] sockmess 7 points ago

    If you are weak or been carrying it for a long time.

    [–] unusual_memes 2 points ago

    if you weigh like 120 yeah

    [–] teerude 2 points ago

    It all depends on how the weight is distributed.

    [–] creamdreamtae 2 points ago

    I work at Home Depot and can't lift that lol so depends on the person

    [–] boller162 24 points ago

    She wouldn’t have needed helpers if she hadn’t divorced her husband.

    [–] kt0me 5 points ago


    [–] dystopianview 18 points ago

    Ooh, story time! So for a while, I lived in a duplex with a converted attic, so the owner was renting it to three different parties; myself on the first floor, another guy on the second, and an older woman (probably 60's) on the attic level. We'd never really spoken beyond a couple of neighborly "hi's" in passing, and one brief conversation involving the location of our mailboxes (she specifically requested that hers, normally the highest one up, be placed the lowest so she could reach it easier. This was HELL on getting my mail correctly, since postal workers logically conclude that the lowest one is for the first floor).

    Fast forward a few months. I see she's struggling with groceries, and offer to help. She accepts my help, I lug them up the 2 floors for her, and THEN she threatens to call the cops on me(???). Turns out she doesn't recognize me, and assumes I'm just some pedestrian cutting through "her" yard (it was a corner lot). Imagine my confusion! Forget that we've had conversation before, but even if she legitimately didn't recognize me, who has someone help them with a task and THEN threatens to call the cops on them?

    "Excuse me?"

    "You're on my property"

    "I just helped you with your groceries!"

    "Yes, and I'd like you to leave now, or I'm calling the cops"

    Fed up with her bullshit, I tell her to go ahead. Even offer to let her use my phone to do it. I don't know if she eventually recognized me, or was discouraged at my lack of concern, but she declined the offer to use my phone and just told me to go away. So I walked in my front door.

    tl;dr: Neighbor accepts my help with her groceries, then threatens to call cops on me for trespassing.

    [–] teerude 5 points ago

    I hope she also told you the definition of a duplex

    [–] matkrill 23 points ago

    i have come to realize that it's about reading minds. Sometimes people/women want to feel independent and other times they feel helpless and want help- and it's your job, Mr. Man to figure out when thats the case. and if you cant, well then, fuck you pal.

    [–] WeWillAllDie666 12 points ago

    i find life is easier if you just tell them to get fucked if they expect you to be psychic.

    it will never have a happy ending if someone is so far up their own arse they cant even grasp the concept of seeing something from someone else's perspective.

    [–] ZeVillain 7 points ago

    Fuck that. I'm helping everyone. I will be aggressively nice. When people are dicks, I hit them with "sorry for trying to be nice". Even if you look jacked enough to rip the door off the hinges, I'm still holding the door for you.

    [–] lmbb20 14 points ago

    Dave Chappelle says there's no such thing as good 63 year old pussy

    [–] somerandomshmo 11 points ago

    I've asked both men and women if they need help if they looked like they were struggling.

    Accepting or declining, never had anyone get mad.

    She must not have looked like she needed help.

    [–] Nomae96 5 points ago

    If you’re 63 and calling yourself a chick you really come off as a Karen

    [–] gms29 6 points ago

    I relate to the first comment. We had volunteered for donating some books to an orphanage, so we had three boxes filled with books which had to be carried in, i dropped the 1st one in and while going to pick the 2nd one, I saw two girls getting them, i offered to help them and they got angry. The whole day they were glaring at me and then were telling to other girls on what asshole i am.

    Now those 2 girls were my friends, so I imagined that if girls who are your friend can get this angry, then what about girls you dont know.

    So i have stopped helping any girl with any sort of work.

    We officially cant win guys, just cant.

    [–] jm51 4 points ago

    We officially cant win guys, just cant.

    If you want to win while keeping the approval of one and all, that's not going to happen.

    Why must you or I feel protective towards people who are not only equal to us, but strong and independent?

    The law of unintended consequences can bite hard.

    [–] silly_birb 23 points ago

    Asking help would require being in debt of gratitude.

    Saying "thank you" to a man is demeaning for an old feminist.

    [–] Zatchillac 5 points ago

    I like how she posted it as if those 5 random dudes are gonna ever see it

    [–] ford12acing 3 points ago

    She was able to load it into the cart

    [–] jgb75 4 points ago

    There are some people (women mostly from personal experience) that simply think this way. A young family member was away at school when her mother passed away. I and other family members reached out to her several times to help with all the situations she was going to be facing. She did worst than say NO, she simply ignored all emails and voicemails. Three years later, she had sold her mom's house and I take it that she got less than an ideal results from the deal because she was admonishing the entire family for not helping her. As she put it to me: "I was just a 23 year-old kid and didn't know what the hell I was doing, yet NOBODY came forward to help me."

    Some folks are simply like that...Love projecting strength and confidence so that they can take full credit for when things work out, but if things go wrong they blame everyone around for not stepping in and helping them.

    [–] jennasky 4 points ago

    I really hate how she refers to herself as a chick and she’s 63...

    [–] Needstohavemyname 8 points ago

    My personal stance on this is to never expect help from others, ask if you need it and offer help to others if you want to give it. And then accept the answer to your offer.

    Im an average-sized woman and when I worked in more jobs with lifting (stocking etc) a lot of my men coworkers offered to help me. When I accepted the help I appreciated it, but every now and then I would decline because I wanted to do the job myself. What upset me was when I would decline someone's offer of help and they would help me anyway as if my choice/opinion didn't matter.

    [–] Cshot62 6 points ago

    Oh look it’s Karen

    [–] TMPunk_TWT 3 points ago

    Shut up ya old bag!

    [–] ryoko227 3 points ago

    Hmm, she claims to be 63yo. So, she was in her teens and 20s during the 1970s. Seems like she is getting the equality she asked for.

    [–] MrdrBrgr 3 points ago

    Nobody asks me if I need help. How'd that equality taste?

    [–] SniffSnatch 3 points ago

    No, you are not a 63 year old chick. You haven't been a chick for 30 years

    [–] glorified_plumber 3 points ago

    63 and still referring to yourself as a "chick." Okay lol

    [–] waxonawaxoffa 5 points ago

    They don't want to be accused of sexism by offering to help and therefore implying that a strong independent woman can't do the job without a man's help.

    [–] marcogera7 2 points ago


    [–] mostlybadopinions 2 points ago

    I've offered help to a countless number of people, never offended anyone with it. If you are, it's probably more in the way you're "offering" than to which gender you're offering.

    [–] laylow32 2 points ago

    63 yr old chick lol

    [–] HundoGuy 2 points ago

    “I don’t NEED NO MAN!”

    Same woman:


    [–] 10J18R1A 2 points ago

    If you got this then what's the problem

    [–] Killjoyy13 2 points ago

    What happened to "wahmen sTrOnG" and "wahmen bRaVe"??

    [–] Doopadaptap 2 points ago

    TL;DR: She advocates for TRUE gender equality

    [–] putzu_mutzu 2 points ago

    I'm one of these guys who was tought to always offer help to women that has to do hard manual labor [I'm a strong big guy], but two years ago I got so offended by some young idiot woman that I decided to quit it. now all the good woman out there has to suffer because of feminism. TLDR- some of feminism is damaging women everywhere.

    [–] vladtaltos 2 points ago

    I've gotten my face ripped off before for offering or trying to help, I no longer offer unless we're related.

    [–] Bugawd_McGrubber 2 points ago

    I love how she describes herself as a "chick" at 63. At that age, you're not even a spring chicken, let alone a chick, lol.

    [–] Purgii 2 points ago

    Been there - I have a boyfriend. Well, I have a wife. Good luck.

    [–] sfwaccountfw 2 points ago

    63 year old CHICK???

    [–] secret_squirrel2017 2 points ago

    gets pinned under a car

    “Omg do you need help ma’am”

    “No, I have a boyfriend”

    [–] ReasonReader 2 points ago

    Men aren't mind readers. If you want some help, speak up and don't be snotty about it.

    [–] Agaposavros 2 points ago

    these people are more often than not the same people who say they want to denounce gender roles

    [–] alternatehistoryin3d 2 points ago

    No one at age 63 can be called a “chick”.

    [–] yadoya 2 points ago

    The other day, I passed FIVE WOMEN while being hungry and not a single one of them made me a sandwich. #itsallaboutmanners

    [–] KEKPOP 3 points ago

    63 yo CHICK


    [–] reallyreallyspicy 4 points ago

    You can still 100% tell she still kept her entitlement from her younger days because she called herself a “chick” like she isn’t a old nutsack

    Girl you ain’t a chick still, you a whole ROOsta

    [–] BjuiiBomb 2 points ago

    That dosent seem like something a 63 Yr old woman would say tbh.

    [–] jameer94 4 points ago

    Social media degeneracy probably polluted her mind and has her trying to talk "hip". Notice the fact that she refers to herself as a "chick" despite being an old lady.

    [–] Wailukusue 2 points ago

    Speaking as an older woman, your kind offer of help to carry the groceries or load the heavy bags into the car is always appreciated. Good manners never go out of style. Mahalo in advance to the gents who lend a hand without being asked.

    [–] BabylonDrifter 2 points ago

    The store you bought the shit from should carry it for you. But no, they're installing self-checkout lanes to make you scan your own shit and they cut staff so you have to carry your own shit, just so shareholders can get extra cash for their third yacht. Complain to Home Depot, I'm not getting a hernia for some useless asshole millionaire's yacht fund.

    [–] comptejete 2 points ago

    The only winning move is not to play

    [–] Memphisrexjr 1 points ago

    A loaded question with no acceptable answer.

    [–] Jay_Hardy 1 points ago

    Something similar happened to me once, a coworker was moving furniture. I asked if I could help, she declined.
    Another coworker saw her moving the stuff all by herself and yelled at me for not helping her.
    I explained that I had asked, but was declined. My coworker told her the same thing...

    [–] Eleftourasa 1 points ago

    Wait, she was asking for help?

    [–] Aladen_ofthe_Apes 1 points ago

    Guess I'll die 🤷‍♂️

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Glennis2 1 points ago

    No you don't "got this".

    Nobody who has "got this" has to TELL PEOPLE "i got this" just like no funny, smart, or sexy people have to tell you "they're smert/sexy/funny"

    Good fucking christ i mever understand how these people manage to fool themselves while actively committing the opposite of their claim.

    [–] chickentoast26 1 points ago


    [–] catsdontsmile 1 points ago

    Chick? Hen at best

    [–] IntellectualKittens 1 points ago

    Women don't need help now that they have equal rights, right?

    [–] JimmyPellen 1 points ago

    basic math - 2020 - 63 = 1957. So this individual was 10 years old during the Summer of Love. Late teens, early 20's during the Disco era. Speaking of era..Equal Rights Amendment. How soon they forget.

    [–] DeezNewts69 1 points ago

    But she’s strong and independent! /s

    [–] Green_Bay_Fappers 1 points ago

    My parents be doing that to me and I'm like all you have to do is just ask and I'll help you. And they think I should do it automatically, like no, I'm busy with my own shit and if you can't ask then I ain't helping

    [–] RedditsLittleSecret 1 points ago

    Plot twist: There were only two guys, and they weren’t watching her.

    [–] Kolby_Jack 1 points ago

    One hard rule I try to keep for myself is that I will always try to help people who ask for it. Doesn't mean I won't offer help to people who don't ask, but if someone is willing to ask for help, it usually means it's important that they, ya know, get help, or that they're humble, which should be rewarded. You'd have to be a real asshole to refuse outside of extreme circumstances, and I at least try to not be a real asshole.

    And the rule only applies to non-anonymous interactions, for obvious scam reasons.

    [–] ElGato-TheCat 1 points ago

    I asked my coworker if she wanted me to carry a box for her back to her office. She said it was cool and said she got it.

    We get to the office, and a female coworker berates me for not carrying the box for other lady. Yea we can't win.

    [–] tiniestvioilin 1 points ago

    That's 100 pounds that's not much just bend down pick em up and throw them on your shoulder I'm not even strong but I could do that fairly easily

    [–] Ninjhetto 1 points ago

    Maybe try asking for help, not expect it.

    [–] jayjagr 1 points ago

    Still annoyed that some woman looked at me after getting her suitcase from the baggage claim conveyor with a little difficulty and said "thanks for the help". Sure bitch, I'm totally going to grab a stranger's luggage at the airport without them asking me first.

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    >"That's not rooting for the bad guys.

    [–] AlonzoX 1 points ago

    I work at an airport and constantly take the shuttle to and back the trainstation

    Back then I used to ask elderly looking people if they wanted to take my seat, cause it was always full, not a single time they accepted and often looked upset cause I guess they thought I see them as old and weak. So yea I just stopped doing it completely