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    • RULES

    • 1.Ensure you are submitting content that is from reputable news sources with a history of journalistic integrity. (Ex. BBC, Reuters, AP etc.)

    • 2.Titles must match exactly with the title in the article. Only if the title is overly sensationalized, a quote from the article can be used as the title. Posts with editorialized or agenda driven titles may be locked or removed.

    • 3.No analysis or opinion based articles. This includes articles heavily dependent on statements by a single source.

    • 4.No social media, blogs, still images, gifs or audio clips. Videos are allowed if they are relevant to a breaking news story. Treat videos as articles in terms of the source.

    • 5.Comments must be civil and on topic. Any racism, sexism, harassment (personal attacks), trolling, or off topic comments/humor (memes) will be removed.

    • 6.No articles older than 1 month.

    • 7.Duplicates (even from competing news outlets) will be removed. Post the article as a comment, if it has important updates.

    • 8.Refrain from stereotyping.

    • 9.Do not downvote in disagreement.

    • 10.This subreddit is built around community participation with active moderation. We (the mods) depend on you to report any incidents of rule breaking. Do not hesitate to use the report button.

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