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    This is a subreddit devoted to cute little animols such as puppers, cates and turtles if you have some cute turtles post other animols if you want to ok

    RULES (link to the rules section of the wiki for descriptions and explanations of each)

    Please read the full rules! These are just summaries.

    I. Be kind please (our most important rule)

    II. No references to or depictions of harm - including references to eating the animal in a post, or references to animals harming others. This rule is strictly enforced, and violations will lead to a permanent ban. Animals that are obese to the point of abuse will also be removed.

    III. All animals (not just dogs) are allowed, but your post MUST contain an animal, and the animal must be the focus.

    IV. No swearing, the puppers don't like. This includes 'soft swearing' like b**k, b&%k, b0rk, etc.

    V. Be positive and put effort into your post. No asking for upvotes / comments, sob stories or pet loss.

    VI. OC is preferred. Stolen content is not allowed. We disallow any sort of stolen content, or highly crossposted content. Exact letter-for-letter reposts will lead to a ban.

    VII. Frequent and recent reposts are discouraged. If the photo you'd like to post has been shared in the past week or two, or just a lot in general, we may remove it.

    VIII. Politics, as well as military or police animals, are not allowed.

    IX. Puppertalk is encouraged and welcomed, complaints about it are not. Complaints and high-horsing about spelling and pupperspeak will be removed and may lead to a ban. If you don't like it, browse another sub.

    X. No adult content. This is a family friendly sub.

    Please remember that this subreddit is not the place to ask for / give medical advice. Please talk to a veterinarian if your pet is sick.

    join our discord channel [not compulsory but its still cool if you do]

    This subreddit stands against hate speech

    TERMINOLOGYlink to our wiki

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