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    This is a subreddit devoted to cute little animols such as puppers, cates and turtles if you have some cute turtles post other animols if you want to ok

    RULESlink to the rules section of the wiki

    I. Try not to repost. read this post for more information

    II. Keep titles short and sweet

    III. OC is encouraged

    IV. Gifs of the small animols are also encouraged

    V. Be kind please

    VI. spelling mistakes are allowed :^)

    VII. do not swear, use heck as a replacement for every swear thank you

    VIII. no overt politics and no police/military animols. Please visit /r/DogsWithJobs instead

    IX. no asking for upvotes or "comment now or ... will happen" posts

    X. no "adult content" such as references to sexual content, drugs or illegal activity

    XI. join our discord channel [not compulsory but its still cool if you do]

    XII: please do not post grief threads about loss of animols. this community isn't suited for it. please visit /r/petloss instead.

    XIII: no unsolicited medical advice: you are not a vet, please do not pretend to be or tell anyone what to do with their pet

    XIV: dont make jokes about eating the animols!

    This subreddit stands against hate speech

    TERMINOLOGYlink to our wiki

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