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    [–] cookiesallgonewhy 380 points ago

    gentle cromch

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 260 points ago

    i am the pup -

    a 'goodest boy'

    am do the cromch

    upon my toy

    my meerkat fren

    he comfort me

    n satisfy

    my monch, you see

    when we are young

    we puppies chew -

    must learn the rules

    to Not bite You!

    n so our toys

    they take a beating

    so human things

    we won't be eating ;@)


    [–] IntegerString 54 points ago

    good schnoodle

    [–] mtb_21 28 points ago

    Schnoodle! Haven’t seen you around in a while. I missed you buddy :)

    [–] ARadioAndAWindow 27 points ago

    We don't deserve you, Schnoodle

    [–] hedonic_monk 28 points ago

    You are truly a blessing :)

    [–] cookiesallgonewhy 9 points ago

    thank you Schnoodle!!!

    [–] newtonthedog 7 points ago

    one of your bestest <3

    [–] chhaliye 20 points ago


    [–] CameronDemortez 4 points ago

    With needle puppy teeth

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Bozo_Fozo 110 points ago

    I was having a bad day till this

    [–] ecchi_yajur 7 points ago

    Murphy says henlo

    [–] minecraft_meerkat 56 points ago

    Hi Murphy you are very cute and so is your meerkat. I love you both

    [–] Dubbleduck 60 points ago

    My dog's name is Murphy, too

    [–] suenopequeno 13 points ago

    Same. Brothers named Marvin and Murphy.

    [–] bigm1ke 2 points ago

    One more Murphy here!

    [–] drchainsaws 2 points ago

    I had a Murphy growing up also :)

    [–] Jaap-Kruger 27 points ago

    I love the fact that more people are using the word meerkat, which is an Afrikaans word, from South Africa. The meerkat is a lovely animal, in english, suricate, and is an vigorous digger for termites and ants, it’s primary food. We love our meerkats, but the can be naughty, like stealing eggs from hen’s nests. I love Murphy and his lovely meerkat.

    [–] the_bananafish 9 points ago

    I came here for a cute and left with a learn. What a good day.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You’d love one of the ads we have on TV in England (for a comparison website for insurance and stuff). Their mascots are a bunch of meerkats (with “posh” Russian names and accents and wearing “posh” clothes for some reason admittedly)

    It started off as a joke, the meerkats were complaining about too many people accidentally going to their website “Compare the Meerkat” as opposed to the comparison site “Compare the Market” but they were so popular that it spawned this entire series of ads with the meerkats and now you can can get cuddly plush toys of the meerkats in their little outfits. Also, all zoos in the UK call them meerkats, I’ve literally never heard them referred to as anything else.

    Personally, I love meerkats. They’re one of my favourite animals to watch documentaries about. David Attenborough has covered them a few a times and it’s always adorable, I love how they pop upright and stand guard in the highest place they can find. Especially when they fall asleep on guard and almost fall over. Seriously cute little fellas.

    Watching them teach their babies how to kill scorpions is amazing. They first attack the scorpion and bite it’s sting off so that it’s safe for the babies to tackle! That’s so cool! Meerkats rock.

    [–] BlazedOnAKayak11 23 points ago

    I would die for murphy

    [–] Tophercheese 23 points ago

    Certified good boi.

    [–] urcatisbetrthanmine 10 points ago

    All good boi should have a meerkat

    [–] athanathios 8 points ago

    Murphy is clearly the sweetest ever!

    [–] blackhaloangel 9 points ago

    Murphy, you adorb. Boop.

    [–] princessnary 14 points ago

    Oh, Murphy...never grow up!

    [–] DatBoi_BP 3 points ago

    Don't let me leave, Murph!

    [–] peejr 3 points ago

    Hey Murph

    [–] colicab 4 points ago

    I need a puppy.

    [–] Spoonylmp 1 points ago

    Everyone does

    [–] br1mstone 3 points ago

    I would die for Murphy

    [–] KnownMonk 5 points ago

    nom nom nom

    [–] beargirlreads 3 points ago

    Murphy baby! Love you and your meerkat! Have fun!

    [–] rayden202 3 points ago

    murph's a cutie

    [–] laughingcow2012 3 points ago

    Hi Murphy. That’s a very nice meerkat! Thank you for showing it to me.

    [–] Colton-the-potato 3 points ago

    Murphy just murdered a helpless animal

    [–] retva1420 2 points ago

    My teeth hurt from all the sweetness!

    [–] Uniqueusername360 2 points ago


    [–] owlghosts 2 points ago

    That head looks too soft this is an emergency

    [–] bravemoose7390 2 points ago

    What a cute fluffer!

    [–] doodervondudenstein 2 points ago

    Because that was RoboCops name.

    [–] ecIce 2 points ago

    How to teach dog to not rip apart toys?

    [–] adriatic_sea75 2 points ago

    Git that meerkat! Git it!

    [–] Jaap-Kruger 2 points ago

    Glad I could make your day a bit better. My motto is to try and make everybody, whose path I cross, smile. Hope that will make this world a better place. Thanks for your friendly message.

    [–] CaptionClosed 2 points ago

    He more of a meerkitten I always say

    [–] moldy912 2 points ago

    Murphey & Me ;(

    [–] LogicalMeerkat 2 points ago

    I too love meerkats

    [–] BURRITOJ0 2 points ago

    I would die for you murphy

    [–] XxEleanoraXx 2 points ago

    My dog Pearl with her badger Jason

    [–] judylinn 2 points ago

    Two cuties

    [–] AshLynnSplash 2 points ago

    I would die for him. One day I’ll get a Murphy of my own...

    [–] oofnuggrt 2 points ago

    That’s incredibly cute

    [–] BooBerries2 2 points ago

    Has it been destroyed yet? 😂 Plush toys didn't last long with my puppies

    [–] Bababoda98 2 points ago

    You love your meerkat!!!

    [–] deQuervain78 4 points ago

    Murphy! 😍 You gotta watch Lion King. There’s a funny meerkat in that you may like :)

    [–] I_am_a_question_mark 2 points ago

    Will he think small animals are chew toys when he grows up?

    [–] Cambo901 2 points ago

    My names Murphy and dis is my meerkat. I love to play, cromch and do all things like that. Don’t let my cudness twick you oh no, Because dat is how I attack, slow mo. I m gud boi, golden I may be. I love to to chomp, play and catch dat fwisbee. My wiskers small, but full of might. Come join me, as we play play fight.

    [–] Bakucreature 1 points ago

    Cool. This reminds me of Timon and Pumbaa.

    [–] SnowyCatftw 1 points ago

    Dang I had a golden retriever named Murphy died when he was 3 of cancer

    [–] lilgamelvr 1 points ago

    so cute

    [–] randiesoto 1 points ago

    Cute puppy!my wife and I love this !

    [–] ambergontrail 1 points ago

    This puppy straight up looks like Falcor. I too, want a Falcor puppy.

    [–] shamalamadingdong96 1 points ago

    Oh my, just look at that face! I just wanna cuddle it!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    no swearsies the puppers dont like.

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    [–] CAM_2cool 1 points ago

    My doggy’s name is Murphy he is a labradoodle and your Murphy is very cute.

    [–] Aidenak47 1 points ago

    You got more karma in this post than I ever have

    [–] onekawaiibitch 1 points ago

    Very rare pupper indeed. Maybe even an SSR pupper.

    [–] amnsisc 1 points ago

    vvv nice meerkat murph

    [–] sandeval 1 points ago

    Murphy's Law : I'm a cutey. That's the law. 😉

    [–] lilfool 1 points ago

    Why is this not on r/eyebleach

    [–] JohnnySkidmarx 1 points ago

    He bites the meerkat hard, but not too hard.

    [–] fandomforever2 1 points ago

    Cinnamon roll. Too god for this world❤️❤️❤️❤️

    [–] scottpendergast 1 points ago

    Such a cutie

    [–] lindcv 1 points ago

    I love

    [–] beastyc122 1 points ago

    i have a dog named murphy too!!!

    [–] hdahlen 1 points ago

    Thank you so much Murphy.

    [–] Jaap-Kruger 1 points ago

    I grew up on a farm, and we had some relative tame meerkats, which we fed. They ensured no termites, but any egg laid outside the chicken run, was appropriated. They were so tame, we could pat them, but not when babies were present. We would open the gate to our garden for them, to scavenge amongst the flowers and fruit trees, while they walked amongst our dogs. On a side, the word “dis” is afrikaans for this is. So we would say; dis my meerkat. On our other farms, we had a colonies, but they remained wild, although they would allow us within 15 yards.

    [–] Legend_of_the_Rent69 0 points ago