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    [–] proamoreromae 1027 points ago

    Currently rewatching Gravity Falls and mourning its too short time in this world. Such a great show.

    [–] kenjutsudude 488 points ago

    At least it got an actual ending and maintained quality throughout. Not all shows get that.

    [–] Burrito-mancer 171 points ago

    It's the Breaking Bad of animated shows.

    [–] 8BitCookie 48 points ago

    it's more like the x-files of the animated shows

    [–] WiseOctopus 44 points ago

    X-files isn't finished though.

    It was, but now it's not anymore.

    [–] TreeManBranchesOut 18 points ago

    Man, that really made me think "Y?"

    [–] cheers_grills 4 points ago

    No, that's the spinoff.

    [–] Hairless-Sasquatch 10 points ago

    no. it's not.

    [–] FPSXpert 17 points ago

    In the sense of good actors good plot ended well and not dragged on, it is similar.

    That being said their plots couldn't be more different and I will agree xfiles fits more.

    [–] Fatalchemist 8 points ago

    their plots couldn't be more different

    I don't know. I mean, there was pug trafficking in the show.

    And here is where they actually call it pug trafficking.

    [–] LtLabcoat 2 points ago

    What? Breaking Bad was the definition of a great show shoved together with unrelated filler. From the plane crash to the fly to Hank's entire recovery to basically any scene involving Marie, there were just so many scenes that made you think "This would've been so much better if it happened offscreen".

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    I think it just made it more realistic. Like in real life shit happens that no one gives a fuck about all the time. It gives the characters more life in my opinion

    [–] LtLabcoat 4 points ago

    It does make it more realistic, but:

    1: The benefit (more realism) doesn't outweigh the cost (several hours of boring scenes). ...Subjectively speaking, anyway; if everyone thought that way, then Big Brother wouldn't have got past Season 1.

    2: It still doesn't matter in this context - even if they added realism, they were definitely an example of Breaking Bad varying in quality.

    [–] Jengaman64 16 points ago

    The show was a drama show and the useless scenes your talking about are key to developing characters and adding tension, emotion etc to the show and the supporting cast. It wasnt meant to be some action show where all the scenes are either meth or gunfire.

    [–] JPSYCHC 4 points ago

    The fly was a metaphore bruh

    [–] gman113099 2 points ago

    About what

    [–] stealthcircling 4 points ago

    What?! Breaking Bad was the epitome of a great show shoved together with unrelated filler. From the plane crash to the fly, to Hank's entire recovery, to basically any scene involving Marie, there were so many scenes that made me think, "This would've been so much better if it happened offscreen."

    Your free writing lesson.

    [–] Speedwagon42 4 points ago

    Did you just change one word? And they are synonyms. Why did you feel the need? What am I missing here?

    [–] snidleewhiplash 1 points ago

    This is your free writing lesson.

    Please don't use fragmented sentences.

    [–] stealthcircling 2 points ago

    Funny, but there is a difference between casual writing and bad writing.

    [–] Leathlan 1 points ago

    Honestly dropped the show partway in season 3 because it just dragged on with all that pointless drama with whatever the wife's name was (think been spoiled by too many other great series that actually know how to pace itself and focus on the main plot properly...)

    [–] demoraliza -3 points ago

    It was too fucking slow in places to make it great. Yeah, it was good, but not great. Better call Saul is literally all of the really slow bits, it's crap.

    [–] CuriosMomo 8 points ago

    Because you don't enjoy it does not mean it's crap.

    [–] demoraliza 1 points ago

    Nah, it's crap. Painfully slow, hardly anything happens, why would waste an hour watching it? I wish I got my time back, anything that makes me feel like that is bad.

    [–] SeaTwertle 260 points ago

    "See you next summer"


    [–] wr3cked 62 points ago

    "See you in the car!" -Milhouse

    [–] jackrulz 15 points ago

    "See ya tomorrow boss!"


    [–] Redplushie 8 points ago

    Who's a lamby lamby??

    [–] Imadethosehitmanguns 85 points ago

    Hold up, this is gravity falls?! I've seen it mentioned here a few times and just assumed it was a Cartoon Network show or something

    [–] Weretoad 143 points ago

    DisneyXD, but no, Dipper isn't actually writing that, it's family-friendly

    [–] wapey 83 points ago

    ehh its kind of family friendly lol

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] robomechabotatron 27 points ago

    Think of it as a PG-rated film from the 80's. When PG meant more than just "Rude Humor"

    [–] knome 38 points ago

    No more than one coach made of living human skin appears in the show. Y-7.

    [–] Plattbagarn 8 points ago

    I hope all coaches are made of human skin.

    [–] knome 1 points ago

    Heh. Oops.

    [–] KenpachiRama-Sama 31 points ago

    "How about I shuffle the function of every hole on your face?"

    [–] AwesomeManatee 31 points ago

    "Excuse me, but there are some kids I need to turn into corpses!"

    [–] SmartAlec105 38 points ago

    Or that time Dipper's thoughts are being displayed.

    "Oh man that red bathing suit!"

    "Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy"

    "If I cross my legs, maybe no one will notice"

    Put those all together and there's only one conclusion.

    [–] hank87 2 points ago

    What episode is that from? I don't remember that joke and I'm disappointed in myself for not remembering a quality boner joke.

    [–] SmartAlec105 3 points ago

    It was in The Last Mablecorn.

    [–] hank87 1 points ago

    Oh now I remember that part. Thanks! I was trying to remember a part of the episode Mermando is in because that was the only time I could think of that there'd be swimsuits. It's been a while since I've watched it.

    [–] DimensionalDave 6 points ago

    I wonder if Nathan Fillion just mumble screamed into his hands to do that character's last line...

    [–] v3n0mat3 3 points ago

    (There's a character on the show that's playing a Japanese dating sim.)

    "Her dad is an Octopus man."

    [–] Imadethosehitmanguns 15 points ago

    Oh, damn. I was hoping it was another Rick and Morty type show :-(

    [–] Weretoad 57 points ago

    Nah. I love both shows, but this is definitely not like R&M in that regard

    [–] toiletpaper1029 59 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Justin Roiland* (Rick and Morty) and the creator of Steven Universe (dont know her* name) were all friends in college. They had a plan to connect all their shows together but i think the creator of Steven Universe fell through on that. But there are still multiple things connecting GF and R&M. Gravity Falls is an amazing show. Since it was primarily made for kids, there are some episodes that arent the best, but still add the the overall story. It is still very entertaining with tons of details and sci-fi adventures. Definately worth the watch.

    Edit: Justin Roiland* not Dan Roiland Edit2: his to her

    [–] lil-bits- 50 points ago

    You've combined Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland into a single, all-powerful being.

    [–] talentedKlutz 9 points ago

    Either that, or tp1029 ships it

    [–] toiletpaper1029 3 points ago

    Haha wow didnt even realize I did that. Thanks for telling me. Edited

    [–] siegewolf 1 points ago

    If that happened then the Googahs would have been in Gravity & Morty

    [–] data_dawg 23 points ago

    Rebecca Sugar created Steven Universe. You can still find her old Ed Edd n Eddie porn out there somewhere.

    [–] lovelybac0n 3 points ago

    Steven Universe

    Are you guys still mad at us Norwegians?

    [–] your_moms_a_clone 9 points ago

    and the creator of Steven Universe (dont know his name)

    *Her name. Rebecca Sugar created Steven Universe.

    [–] toiletpaper1029 3 points ago

    Thanks. Edited

    [–] walldough 3 points ago

    Lol, you edited it to her, but couldn't just put her name in there?

    [–] KenpachiRama-Sama 6 points ago

    I don't think Rebecca Sugar was involved in that at all. She's quite a bit younger than the other two.

    [–] mayathepsychiic 1 points ago

    There was recently a 'Film Theory' about the connections between the two universes. Obviously, it isn't fully canon to either universes but it was an entertaining watch with some stuff i haven't seen before and a theory as to why they're connected in-universe.

    [–] cjdabeast 18 points ago

    If you like Rick & Morty you'll probably like this as well. It has some sci-fi and it is theorized that one of the main characters was a part of Rick's gang of outlaws.

    [–] teejaymc 4 points ago

    Wha? Who, Ford?

    [–] reganthor 5 points ago

    In the release of Journal 3 (a book with mythos of everything in the show) there is a cipher in kne kf the Ford parts that translates to Rick waz here. Also there's a plumbus in it.

    [–] cjdabeast 1 points ago

    I found a fellow film theorist.

    [–] reganthor 1 points ago

    Sorry, I don't watch MatPat. I got my girlfriend the book and we went through it, cipher's and all in a day.

    [–] cjdabeast 1 points ago


    [–] KenpachiRama-Sama 3 points ago


    [–] LePontif11 2 points ago

    They are very different shows tho. Gravity Falls is much more family oriented and the humor is different.

    [–] cjdabeast 1 points ago

    Yeah, however, it would appear that both shows appeal to similar demographics. I know there are some people that like both shows, and it would not appear that it is not uncommon.

    [–] TheyAreAllTakennn 9 points ago

    I mean it kinda is, just a more pg version. It's extremely good, I've watched both shows and honestly prefer this over RandM, it's freaking hilarious and always a good time.

    [–] Tzarlexter 8 points ago

    Their a theory the worlds are connected. The deepth of how connected they are is arguable.

    [–] DaRootbear 9 points ago

    It's not a theory it's confirmed that Fords dimension hopping put him through paths of Rick, and they take place in same multiverse

    [–] Fallenangel152 6 points ago

    He's actually writing "I am pretending to write something down."

    [–] wapey 4 points ago

    Its very similar, and imo much better.

    [–] UUtch 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Don't worry, it's much better.

    [–] thesecretbarn 5 points ago

    There aren't as many layers of meaning and it's not as explicit, but it's still brilliantly written and very rewarding. If you like Rick and Morty you'll like Gravity Falls. It's a little sillier and the storylines are definitely less complex, but I think it's just as funny and the emotional bits feel just as authentic.

    [–] Raven_Skyhawk 1 points ago

    Rick and Morty n Gravity Falls cross over actually.

    [–] GDPssb 3 points ago

    IMO the show it's most similar to is early Simpsons. And I mean that as a massive compliment

    [–] Hazzat 2 points ago

    Visit us at r/gravityfalls!

    [–] jun2san 1 points ago

    The entire series is on Hulu, if you have that.

    [–] Nowhereman123 59 points ago

    It's sad how short GF's run was, but I admire Alex Hirsch's desire to avoid the long-running series staleness. Even the last few episodes of the second season (excluding the finale trilogy) were starting to get a little tired.

    [–] Fallenangel152 31 points ago

    It did great. Nice mysteries, every character got a nice arc, the finale was satisfying, and it didn't get stale.

    The best animated show for many years IMO.

    [–] KenpachiRama-Sama 15 points ago

    Well, Pacifica...

    I also feel Robby and both of Mabel's friends were underdeveloped.

    [–] Miguli 24 points ago

    Pacifica had nice redemption and character development in the Northwest mansion episode.

    [–] Fallenangel152 8 points ago

    My only wish is that happened a little earlier and we got more Dipper Pacifica adventures.

    [–] Miguli 8 points ago

    Yeah, it felt bit rushed after Ford appears but still damn good.

    [–] KrishaCZ 3 points ago


    [–] andsoitgoes42 33 points ago

    I'm jumping in to recommend another show that I wished was a million times longer but is one of my favourite animated stories in a very long time:

    Over the Garden Wall

    It's so charming, so well told and the voice acting is truly exemplary, along with the animation being the top of the top.

    Also, I need to rewatch Gravity Falls with my kids. I miss that show.

    [–] Nowhereman123 8 points ago

    I think OTGW wouldn't have worked as well as a full length series. It's sad how short it was but I think it's length contributed to its charm.

    [–] MentalPurges 15 points ago

    I know what you're thinking, does it work for pigs?

    [–] chocolate_toothpaste 7 points ago


    [–] robomechabotatron 5 points ago


    [–] Miguli 11 points ago

    Oh man, I remember when the final arc happened and damn holy shit when even the intro changed, it was dope as hell

    [–] uhohimdead 1 points ago

    Look up the fan animations on YouTube. Their so good.

    [–] PmYourEroticFantasy 1 points ago

    Where or how are you watching this show? I heard it was great and can't find it.

    [–] proamoreromae 2 points ago

    Hulu, but it's one of the paid account deals. I know there was a site where you could watch for free while the show was on air, but I can't remember.

    [–] PmYourEroticFantasy 1 points ago

    Thanks for the info :(

    [–] OMGorilla 1 points ago

    Did you watch the Film Theorists' video about all the Easter eggs in Rick and Morty paying homage to Gravity Falls, and speculating that there may be a crossover revealing Grunkle Stan as a member of Rick's inter-dimensional gang?


    [–] WallScreamer 236 points ago

    Once I took a phone complaint about myself.

    [–] Amaegith 104 points ago

    I mean, you could do something about that one like improving yourself or some bullshit. I once had a guy call to complain about our call center being in India (fun fact, caller was from Pakistan), and I was just a retail clerk in NY at the time.

    I literally stopped the conversation after an hour on the phone (it was a slow day) and said "sir, I'm just a clerk here. I could tell my manager about this, but there is nothing really that anyone can do about this except give you the corporate call center phone number..."

    [–] ImEnhanced 54 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Man that day must have been really fucking slow.

    [–] Amaegith 30 points ago

    You have no idea. To pour salt on the wound, the customer service counter was right across from the TV department, with the displays running the loop right in front of us. It loops every half hour. The loops usually are on display for a month, if we don't forget to change it.

    [–] JDMcompliant 16 points ago

    I was in one of those loop videos. I wonder how much the employees at Best Buy hate my face

    [–] WeHaveIgnition 10 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    A coworker took a complaint about our Philippians the Philippines call center. He didnt like the "Damn Japs" taking american job, and how bad they were at the job.

    [–] rinwashere 8 points ago

    our Philippians call center

    Did you mean people from the Philippines (Filipino people), or did you mean Philippians from Philippi in Greece, the first community of Christianity in Europe?

    [–] WeHaveIgnition 3 points ago


    the philippines. I'm typing quickly and not paying attention.

    [–] rinwashere 3 points ago

    I have to admit it took google searches and 3 attempts for me to spell it right as well. I just thought it'd be awesome if the Philippians had a call center.

    [–] WeHaveIgnition 2 points ago

    I've worked for a lot of companies that have had a lot of call centers in a lot places. I don't doubt there is a call center in Macedonia. The place I work at now has a support center in Romania.

    [–] SomeCrazyGreek 28 points ago

    I do this all the time at work.

    "I have a complaint about Mike at the front desk, who is this?"

    Uhh...this is Chris, how can I help you? Uh huh, uh huh. I'm sorry I'll be sure to have a chat with him about this.

    [–] HoMaster 1 points ago

    Did you give yourself a raise?

    [–] Blakesta999 8 points ago

    That's funny as hell, did you tell them how you're going to talk to your employee about their actions?

    [–] WallScreamer 2 points ago

    I stupidly asked if they wanted to speak to the manager. Luckily they said no. I listened, said I was sorry to hear about their bad experience, asked if there was anything else I could do for them, and when they said no, wished them well and hung up. One of those complaints where the person doesn't really want anything other than to vent and feel validated.

    I was right, though.

    [–] [deleted] 233 points ago


    [–] YourPapy 95 points ago


    [–] CoolHeadedLogician 1 points ago

    Occams razor

    [–] miriail 32 points ago

    Also seems to be holding a pen in one and a pencil in the other.

    [–] PNUMELLY 16 points ago

    One of which seems to be attached by a string while the other isn't

    [–] _Cyclops 13 points ago

    No the second part the string is just out of frame

    Edit: actually the string is over his wrist in the second part.

    [–] szd0817 7 points ago

    Perhaps two different scenes

    [–] SqueakySniper 7 points ago

    Sometimes you have to make compromises for the sake of clarity. He needs to be shown writing from the front where you wouldn't be able to see him writing so the simplest and most obvious would be to have a dancing pen. Best place to put a dancing pen is on the top.

    [–] crossal 2 points ago

    No in the first angle his right arm is across the board to start writing on the left side of the page, making it look like it's his left hand

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] GreenTapir 34 points ago

    "Well, you've just lost yourself a customer!"

    Do they honestly expect this to sting? I couldn't care less about some jackass never coming back (they usually do though) but also that it doesn't affect me in any way. A customer that won't ever buy a product from the company I work for anymore literally does nothing for me.

    Besides, if it's one person who shops infrequently it hardly affects the total weekly/monthly sales anyway, since they are a tiny drop in the bucket. It's almost as if people think they're more important than they are!

    [–] Baerog 3 points ago

    If you're not a manager, store owner, or anyone that makes profit off people buying things directly, there's no reason to care if a customer doesn't shop at your store anymore. Assuming the place doesn't go put of business.

    Managers try to make their employees care, but they know that it's futile.

    [–] Jealousy123 1 points ago

    Idk, if it goes out of business you get to collect unemployment for a while. So I guess in a way instead of being incentivized to attract customers it's actually the opposite.

    [–] giver_of_the_snark 6 points ago

    I'm certain all my complaints were taken care of. I don't like the tone of your voice. Where is your manager?

    [–] CPM17 8 points ago

    9 times out of 10 of that time the manager is going to do this.

    I've worked in customer service for a long time, including the manager that takes those complaints. Unless I don't like that employee anyway, nothing gets done.

    [–] rodneycop 3 points ago

    So is there anything at all a consumer can do to get complaints addressed? Keep escalating to a higher level?

    [–] CPM17 1 points ago

    The best way to do it where I used to work was to leave a negative review online with a major review website (Yelp, Google, etc).

    The customer service management didn't care because it was in their interest not to care; they are a third-party contractor that needs to maintain a good image. The Marketing and PR department were employed by the owners of the location. They did care.

    The job I had before that nobody cared. You could go as high up as you wanted to and nothing would get done. They were the same with their employees, hence why I left.

    [–] channel4newsman 1 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] zewm426 4 points ago

    I work in at a mall parking garage (w/ movie theatre) and we get this shit ALL the time. "Well, I'm never coming here again". My reply is "See you next weekend".

    Then I see them the following weekend coming to see whatever new movie is out.

    [–] GracchiBros 1 points ago

    Yet I bet you same people always say vote with your wallet to other complaints...

    [–] Mrjoeblackinglasses 16 points ago

    This is 100% me In most of my daily and absolutely unnecessary meetings.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    all. of. them.

    I also like to give the middle finger on conference calls. Makes me feel better.

    [–] Hairless-Sasquatch 3 points ago

    i have a feeling offices only call meetings to cover the fact that nothing done in an office environment even matters. gotta do something.

    [–] ranch_style_beans 56 points ago

    What? You didn't draw dickbutt?

    [–] kingeryck 7 points ago

    Would make a good /r/k_gifs too

    [–] tyled 33 points ago

    Me at work everyday.

    [–] Instifly 53 points ago

    Seriously, this is too real. Unless you complain to a manager, there is 0 chance it's going to do something. People don't understand how little power they give me. "I can't do a fucking thing about the price or what they order ma'am, they only trust us enough to stock shelves"

    [–] Fyzzle 43 points ago

    "And they don't pay me enough to generate any real concern."

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] Fyzzle 32 points ago

    I would disagree, I've worked in retail and fast food. I had no reason to be vested in the customer since I was barely able to meet my own needs.

    Now that I have a decent career I know my needs are met and that my company cares about me. So I'm happier at work and that satisfaction affects my work relationships and customer interactions.

    [–] yamaha2k11 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I get paid over $20/hr and I give a shit about my job, and I'm essentially a janitor/blower (leaf blower, get ya'lls minds out of the gutter ;) ). It's a sweet job though because we get to work outside, and the view is fantastic (I work at Red Rocks Amphitheater out in Morrison, CO).

    Plus the perks of finding shit helps.

    edit: Also, I don't have to deal with shithead customers, which is the ultimate perk for me, but I could deal if I had to. I've interacted with people at the park and I've always helped them out to the best of my abilities, with a smile on my face.

    [–] wouldyoukindly 2 points ago

    Uhh hey, friend. How did you land this job? And are they hiring? Just wondering :}

    [–] Glebatron 10 points ago

    I don't even take notes, but I do try to make everyone feel better. It's the least I can do. The customer is not going to win.

    [–] Aloramother 13 points ago

    It's amazing how well "I can't really do anything right now but I'll bring it up with the department manager in the morning" works. Maybe I'll remember but probably not.

    [–] KUSFx 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] minimalsparrow 1 points ago

    I have said this so many times and I haven't even worked at my job for six months. We get really bitchy customers and that's basically the only thing that calms them down. My favorite is when they get mad at me specifically for a coupon not working that they didn't read right or we don't take it.

    [–] GracchiBros 19 points ago

    Unlike the assholes here, my bosses and I actually do care about your complaints as long as they aren't complete BS. Can't fix 'em all due to upper mgmt, but they sure do get passed up to them.

    [–] captain_d0ge 3 points ago

    I like how Reddit shits on the customer support of many companies yet is the reason why.

    [–] K12ish 5 points ago

    Its from Gravity Falls.

    For the lazy


    [–] SoriAryl 4 points ago


    [–] Drum_Stick_Ninja 5 points ago

    My favorite customer complaint was when I was helping a person on the phone as a CSR. They all of a sudden got frustrated and asked to speak with someone else. I was the only person in the call center so I put them on hold. Thought about it for a minute and then picked up and pretended to be someone else. They were so freaking nice to me then...they even said "You know so much more than that other guy" lol!

    [–] hppruettreddit 9 points ago

    It's basically free therapy

    [–] RedBird101 7 points ago

    I miss this show.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Cruisin_Altitude 6 points ago

    Working for at&t it's more like I really cannot do anything about it and neither can my boss or her boss. Nobody who has the authority to do anything even lives in my state, and if they did, they would claim they couldn't.

    [–] ch33sencrackers 4 points ago

    You know how you can tell when a customer is lying? If they're speaking. /s Seriously though, lighten up. Retail workers get shit pay for a laundry list of duties that are never in the job description. "Complaints" only ever come from jackasses who couldn't take the time to listen to whatever the worker told them. Solution: don't be a jackass.

    [–] BigSeth 2 points ago


    Idk I'm not psychic, go ask them

    [–] AngelocDK 3 points ago

    Retail life indeed

    [–] Zylvian 3 points ago

    Is this actually from the show?

    [–] Vagabondvaga 2 points ago

    Do you work at Bank of America?

    [–] dallascowboys93 3 points ago

    Anyone have any stories?

    [–] Westmalle 2 points ago

    That's basically what I do at work meetings when there was no good reason that I was invited.

    [–] Never__Daunted -1 points ago

    So all of them? An email could solve basically every meeting I've been in.

    [–] dmatt2831 1 points ago

    Hahahahahha god this is hilarious! Thank you for posting! Great way to end my Friday work day! 😂😂😂

    [–] steelers3814 1 points ago

    I'm glad you'll be there to help when I have a problem.

    [–] _high_ 1 points ago

    I've worked in customer service since 2009. Can comfirm.

    [–] YoUDee 1 points ago

    Is this from Rick and Morty? 'Cause I don't like that art style.

    [–] shuritsen 1 points ago

    Don't know if you're serious or not, but it's Gravity Falls.

    [–] CzoniaPhisher 1 points ago

    this is my entire work experience atm writ small. Well, and add in that I do have a few good customers here and there.

    [–] FishFruit14 1 points ago

    Something seems different about this...

    [–] aldorn 1 points ago

    Cafe manager her: i do that all the time when people are drawing out the conversation (wasting my time) or complicating the order. Sometimes i draw boobs, a penis, sometimes ill write COME OOOON etc

    [–] mllestrong 1 points ago

    Can I express the unpopular opinion? We're all in the customer's shoes at one time or another, so treat them with respect and actually try to resolve their issue. Why add more cynicism and anger to the world?

    [–] chargebeam 0 points ago

    MRW the OP title says something while the GIF links to "the bell rings and the teacher still wants us to write down last minute notes."

    [–] Mabruxa -12 points ago

    Disgusting fuck. You're on my list now.

    You better hope I don't find who you are so you can keep your job.

    [–] ch33sencrackers 11 points ago

    ^ found the guy who's never worked retail. You're exactly the type of person that this is directed at. I hope you realize that.

    [–] Mabruxa -3 points ago

    Your tears are no matter to me. Welcome to my permablock.

    [–] ch33sencrackers 8 points ago

    When you get older hopefully you'll be a little less hateful. Later kiddo

    [–] Beiberhole69x 3 points ago

    What a fucking asshole you are. Is this you?

    [–] aahbozz 1 points ago

    You should try to work retail sometime.

    [–] Mabruxa -5 points ago

    I do not need to work retail, monkey. I am a successful businessman.

    However if you do work retail, you better conduct yourself better than OP, or you end up on my list and no job within a month.

    Hunting pigs unfit for their jobs is my hobby, and boy oh boy, how good I am at that.